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Shared with Love and Gratitude

A Season

  • to everything there is a season, a time for every purpose under the sun. a time to be born and a time to die, a time to plant and a time to pluck up that which is planted. ecclesiastes 3:1-8

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Hi Kim!

Best of luck with this endeavor! I would miss you if you did not do something. I love your pictures, music selections and thoughts. I love your posts too about your pets as I am an avid pet lover. My spirit is always uplifted after your posts, which is why I keep coming back. Thanks!

Bluebirds and Butterflies

Lovely person and lovely photos! Such a talent! work your magic...turning love into photographs... Love you always, Kim


(((Kim))) My heart is bursting with joy! Love the photographs! You capture the light beautifully in every photo! You capture hearts with your honesty. Looking forward to seeing all of your images, and looking forward to hearing your thoughts.


Trish Rowley

Hi Kim, it's a new season and it's Beautiful enjoy!!! Love Always Trish xox ;)

Sharon Duffey

Dear Kim, You are an AMAZING artist with words, emotions, and the camera...which captures all the above and more. I adore "deardaisycottage" and it inspires me each day. Love the music, the photos, the comments..they way it opens up my mind to see beauty in my home and around me. I love your new site too! I do hope you will keep daisy cottage on as well, it is just too beautiful not to! And Maggie Mae and them, soooo fun to keep up with and enjoy. Seriously, you are excellent with photography, I would never guess you had not memorized the entire camera 'how to' book! I am turning "50" in July, and I want to start "oil painting" and "doing art" again after years of raising my own "baby swans" ;) Your sites inspire me...keep up this beautiful work. Will meet with you and the whole group (so to speak :) tomorrow. :) love...Sharon


Dear Kim,
I love your photos and the the music you've chosen. I can see your heart in this place, too. All the best to you on this path!

Hello Kim,
I am enjoying your lovely photographs and sweet commentary. As in Daisy Cottage blog, your heart and spirit shine throughout, thanks for sharing. peace


Hi Kim,

I'm heading out to the Mexican Carribean early tomorrow morning....and hopefully I'll have some lovely photos to share with you when I get back. I'm an amatuer photographer, to say the least, but with paradise as my subject, I should be able to get a few.

Have a good week, and I'll be checking back in when return to see what's up with the babies.

Love, Gloria

Barbara F.

Hey Kim thanks so much for your visit the other day! I was so thrilled that you stopped by. I am enjoying Ave Maria right now, I see you have put your heart aqnd soul into this new venture. I am sure it will be all you desire it to be.............and much more! xo


Hi Kim You are my sanctuary Love everything that you do Thank you :)

Suzanne in Boynton

Love your photos and the music. Gives me a feeling of peace and quiet joy. So glad your path has taken you to a place where you can continue to share with us.

Donna Scott

Hello Kim,
I love your new site. When I visit I am reminded of Carole King's lyrics from her song, Tapestry.

"My life has been a tapestry of rich and royal hue
An everlasting vision of the ever changing view
A wondrous woven magic in bits of blue and gold
A tapestry to feel and see, impossible to hold."

I see your pictures as tapestry and your words as lyrics. Thanks for bringing us along to see the wonderous magic of your ever changing view.
Love, Donna


This is an incredibly beautiful and peaceful place to come visit on those days that Life becomes crowded and overflowing. Thank you.


I love this new site and the music is divine. A slice of heaven! I am grateful that you are sharing your talents with us.

love, Ann


Beautiful pictures, they made me cry. I adore all animals and you have captured their beauty so well...a pleasure to have found


you have created an amazing place here...thank you!


Kim, you are truly an angel in my eyes! When the day has gotten the best of me, I just click on your site and meditate on your pictures and words. I also keep you in my prayers that you'll continue to be an inspiration to us all. I believe you are a God send to help us see the best in good and bad situations. God bless you and have a blessed week!


I really have yet to understand how your pictures capture a moment better than I can with my own eyes in person! You are truly talented in all that you do. Thank you for always being there.


Dear Kim, thank you so much for letting me stop dream...a good dream. Love, Boom


Beautiful! You have come into your own. xxoo


Oh myyyyyyyy.....I am in love with this new direction of yours, Kim. I just read every word and took in every photo. . . and I have to tell you how very moved I am. You just zero in to the moment captured in each photo in the most touching and meaningful way with your text.

What a gift you have. . . thank you for sharing that with us.


PS Best wishes to your son.

Terri Morse

Hi Kim! I'm really enjoying all of the beauty you capture with your camera. I'm so glad that you are happy in this endeavor. I love coming by to visit you. Hugs, Terri

Dena Palmer

You lift me up on those days when life has me down. Thanks Kim


Kim, WOW I am just catching up with you and your new adventure. How exciting! Your photography talent is awesome. You capture such beauty from the ordinary and I'm so happy to see more from you in this area...can't wait for your book of photography *wink* LOL Blessings, Marann


You have a wonderful way of pointing and shooting and sharing.
Thanks so much for including us in your "peeks" at your world.
Visiting you is a lovely treat I give myself each day!

Damaris Lucille Rodriguez

I was behind in reading my "Where Women Create" and just read the issue featuring which of course I had to go see. You have truly been blessed, thank you so much for creating and sharing such a beautiful place to visit. I am looking forward to reading all of your blog in the days to come. I can't wait to tell my daughter about deardaisycottage.
This new link is beautiful. A huge thank you for raising a son who has chosen to serve his Country, you should be very proud. I will keep him in my prayers. Take care and God Bless.
Damaris Lucille Rodriguez

Patty O'Malley

Love your photos and the beautiful, soothing music. Thanks for sharing the beauty of life.

Susie Lessard


Your new blog is magical. And the music you have chosen compliments your stunning photography perfectly! You have allowed the reader to see the grace and beauty of each subject. We all have a story to tell. The medium we choose to share our story is driven by the talent we were created with. May God richly bless you and those who look through your lens.


Kim, You're a very talented photographer, with a good eye, and a generous heart.
Jeroge in Canada

linda moczan

ohhhh - shawns words were precious ! tears came to my eyes.
god bless you shawn as you protect us all -
and thank you.

indeed kim - you are an inspiration to us all.
and thank you so much my dear friend!

~ linda


Kim ~ I just realized that you have a guest book. I am so honoured to sign your guest book. You are soooo talented and your pictures are just so inspiring. I will be back again and again just to view the lovely images that you create.
Thank you so much for sharing so much with us~!


Sandy Guderyon

Dear Kim, I am so happy to see this new site and I am a huge fan of Dear Daisy Cottage, too. A friend just asked me this morning if you were available and I told her about this site, which made her happy. The pictures are wonderful here and make me feel that happiness i feel when I visit your home in pictures. You are like an old friend, always there and always a comfort. The music is soothing and in a way, so loving, too. So, you're here, and we're here to go along with you wherever you go. Thank you for all the outpouring of your heart to give so much to us. Take very good care of yourself, Kim.
Love you big,
Sandy in California

Lynne McKaige

Hi Kim-

As strange as it may sound, I am totally in Love with your
Pumpkin Time Pic and am wondering if I can buy a print of it from you?

I can be contacted at [email protected]

Thanks so are a very talented Woman and one that I have silently followed for many years at Daisy Cottage and now here as well.

Take Care-Lynne


Hello - I heard about you in Tina Frey's blogging book. I went to Daisy Cottage and found you here. I love that even though you are not working on Daisy Cottage I still get to read it! Also, your new photo blog is beautiful. It's nice to see how things evolve and it all just works out. Thanks!

Susan Sebree

I was looking at your pictures with my Grammie and I loved EVERY one.They are so peaceful that we are going to take a nap! Jillian Sebree (4 years old)


I first found you in your Daisy Cottage Blog. After reading your blog over and over, I was so inspired to begin my own. Not nearly as good as yours, but I keep trying. I dabble in writing, photography, and painting. We have just moved to Va, and I'm still plundering through boxes. When I get settled I'll begin blogging again. I love your new blog too. The pictures are so beautiful. By the way I was borned and raised in Central Florida.


Hi Kim. I stop by everyday and love everything here.

Denise Mariano

Hi Kim,
I just discovered your blog and am sitting here with a quiet smile on my face. The combination of your photos and the music have brought me a few moments of serenity in an otherwise hectic day. Thank you for sharing your gifts. I am looking forward to visiting you often. Denise


Love your work..Merry Christmas to you and your 4-legged friends.
blessings Rm


Ima new follower to your blog and your pictures are beautiful! I love how you decorate your home too!! Keep up the good work and thank you for sharing with us! Merry Christmas!


Lovely blog, and beautiful pictures! Thanks for sharing! I have a blog I am re-vamping and reinventing too!
Happy NEW Year!


Dear Kim,
Every time I look at your Daisy Cottage site or now your beautiful Imagary by Kimberly site...I feel like I catch up with you just a bit! I love your pictures so much- and have always said you should have your own booth at Mayfair! Your eyes capture our tiny area of town in such a unique way and help me fall in love with living back by the lake! Shannon has grown to be a beautiful young lady- Sarah is now 16! On a side note, my birthday this year was exactly like yours- mom reached 44 then went to heaven, and this birthday I reached her I know exactly how you felt about your dad on your day! Many blessings to you and your family and all your loving creatures (at home and at the lake!). We must have a porch date sometime in 2012.

Barbara F.

It has been too long since my last visit, those three doggies are so adorable. I hope your holidays were happy (since your son was home they had to be!) and wishing you all the best for 2012. xo

Joanne H.

I just found your blog and it's making me feel really good right now. Your moments caught in a photo are exquisite and comforting. I just lost my Dad a month ago right before Christmas and grieving the loss. Looking at all this beauty is really filling my heart with joy and peace. Thank you.


Dear Kim, I cannot believe I never signed your guest book after all this time. You are lovely, this place is heavenly, your pictures inspire, your words create light, the music transcends, and each and every time I visit, I walk away looking up.
Need I say more? ;) Yes, I do.
I love your doggies and duckies...kisses, kisses, kisses. And last but not least, God bless you and every visitor who stops by.

Danielle @ Blessed Serendipity

Dear Kim,
I look forward to visiting you here. No matter what kind of day I am having, I always leave here with a smile. You capture life so beautifully and am an inspiration to me. Thank you for sharing the beauty with everyone who visits.



Dear Kim. I love the site, the music the beautiful and inspirational phrases and words. I can not say enough thanks for making this accessible to me. Mille Gracia, Many thanks, Maria

Patsy Cowart

Kim, I love your site. The photography is lovely.
Great Job! Patsy C

Carolyn Morgan

You have such talent, not only in your writing, but in photography as well. I so envy those talents. But I did see the beauty through your eyes. What a lovely experience!
May you always be so blessed!.



I love dear daisy cottage. I would like to receive e mails, but don't know how to subscribe. I love the pictures, the music the notes. Thank you for taking the time to share the wonderful adventures that take me to this enchanted site. Maria


Thank you so much everyone! Your kindness and support mean the world and overflows my heart.

Dear Maria, I believe if you click on "Subscribe in a reader" which is located right under where you clicked to sign my guest book you will be able to subscribe and receive email notifications. Thank you for your sweet words and interest!


Puddles n' Price

We are a mother-daughter duo. We have just started blogging together. It has been wonderful coming to your blog. The pictures bring such joy and a sweet time of sharing.
My other two girls love to see the pictures of the animals. How precious! I love the sweet eyes of your fur babies. Thank you! Lorrie 54, Sampson 26, Tabitha 13, and Peekaboo 5



It's so lovely to see you again, and I hope you've been well and warm. I've missed all your beautiful images and sweet words. I thought of you with a PING of longing-to-see on Thursday, when my husband came home with three pieces of tangerine Fiests---two wide bowls and a mug just like the one you had last year.

It serves lovely coffee, and BRIGHTS me, besides.



hi kim,
i was not feeling to well today, then i came over here, i loved every second feeling the overwellming love you create, thank you so much with all of my heart and soul, love ineke from holland ..


Hello Kim,
I first found your blog Daisy Cottage & it warmed my heart. I have to say Imagery by Kimberly is precious and I so appreciate your sensitivity. I have my own blog and tho' it was started for my online customers to have a glimpse of my little corner of the world, it has become more of a personal place for me to reflect & capture my own thoughts. So just wanted you to know I added one of your photos and tagged your website ~ hope that is okay! Thanks for reaching out to so many who just need a refreshing word & reminder that no one is ever alone in this lovely ordinary life. Blessings to you ;)

Melanie Nogawski

Hi Kimberly, loved your story about the Swans, so moving, it touched my heart. I have an art blog, and shared the story out there in cyber space...wanted to find a beautiful image of a swan, but was so inspired I decided to paint one. Thank you for sharing, I will be back for more inspiration!
Warm Regards, Melanie

Terri Morse

Hi Kim! I have just had the most wonderful time catching up on all of your wonderful posts. You continue to lift my spirits with the way you view the earth and all it's sweet creatures. Maggie and Marley are still just too cute for words and the photos of your son's homecoming with them made me cry (happy tears, of course!) Bentley is such a cute addition to the family. I love the photos of him and Maggie together in the doggie bed. I hope you are well. Hugs, Terri

Anita Marshall

Over the past few years I have often stopped by to see you, your lovely home and family. The Lord has given you such a sense of design and color and ability to communicate in a way that reaches many.I miss your Dear Daisy blog but love your Imagery by Kimberly-and oh yes,the music. May God richly bless you and yours!

Amy Jo

Hi Kim,

I just love your Dear Daisy blog. I went back and read every entry that you did there. What a peaceful, beautiful, and inspiring blog. I stayed up late several nights in order to get it done. I wish I would have found it sooner. :( I was sad that you were no longer posting there. But I do love this blog as well. I recognized your house from some of my decorating magazines.... So CUTE! I just wanted to let you know how much I have enjoyed everything you have shared with us.... I wish you many blessings and I wish that maybe one day you will return to posting on Dear Daisy Cottage ;) Amy Jo

Melanie Nogawski

Hi Kim, I love taking a moment of my day to visit your blog. Such beautiful images and stories. Thank you for sharing, it's an inspiring haven. Also Love your lake, a little spot of heaven! xoMelanie

Jeannie Sloop

Hi Kim,
I happened upon your site this morning thru Southern Hospitality and I am so glad I found it. The photos and the music just made my day begin in such a wonderful way.
I plan to visit often and journey with you in this great world of ours.

Bonnie Boyd

I start my day out with a prayer and devotion time. Then I connect with this beautiful site and I am in my happy place. These three things are my morning rituals (oops and my mug of coffee, of course). I still sometimes go back to Daisy Cottage, just to revist and look at your other lovely photos. God bless you and your family! Please give Maggie and Marly a hug for me!

Roz Cooper

Stunning photographs. I'm happy that I came across your blog yesterday x

Margaret Sullivan Waldhelm

I am so happy to have found your Daisy Cottage. Your photographs are breathtaking and your words so touching. Thank you for sharing your inspiring light. Margaret

Susan Zucchetto

I followed your Daisy Cottage and now the lovely and beautiful pictures. No matter how my day is going I fill my cup with tea or coffee.Then I sit and look at your photos and calm fills my heart and mind.Thank-you.....I hope all is going well for you and yours.


Kim, Your photos are beautiful and you have a kind heart. Thank you for everything and we can't wait to help you explore new ideas and possibilities with pictures.

Love, Your Duck Angels(:


wow where have I been your images & this place to visit & find such beauty & love is just what I need tonight. Bless you always special lady. xo Laura

Carolann Maccini

Kimberly, Your images are beautiful! I believe I got lost in every one. Your work is a pleasure and I am so happy I stumbled on your creativity and beauty through your eyes.

Connie Lenden

Kim - Your work is so lovely. Peaceful and relaxing.
You have a real gift and are using it so well.
You have made many of us so happy !

Thank you for that !


Nona Moran

Dear Kim, I look forward to seeing what Daisy Cottage contains each day. It is always enough to make my day and creat a big smile on my face. Thank you and God Bless You.


Kim....I miss you at DAisy Cottage....your images are amazing......I miss seeing pics of your sweet dog too!!


Kim, I so love your work it's amazing!! I too miss seeing you at Daisy Cottage!!


Beautiful pictures. Love the music. Miss you at the Daisy Cottage. Hugs.
Beckie in Brentwood, TN


I followed Vee's link to your site and have just spend delicious moments scrolling through your beautiful photos. Such peace and joy and feelings of thanksgiving settled upon me as I looked. I will be passing your link along to dear ones who need respite from troubles and challenges. Thank you for creating this site and sharing the beauty around you.


I still continue to follow your blog and still am amazed at how beautiful your photography is! Thanks again for making my days much brighter...God bless you!

Sandi ~ LoveFromCapeCod ~ etsy

Sweet Kim... I am in love with what your heart, spirit and camera lens captures in each and every one of your photographs....They melt my heart. Thank you for the beauty, peace and love that you bring to earth. It is so very, very appreciated...with Love From Cape Cod.... ~Sandi


Beautiful site, thoughts and images. Thank you for sharing.


Just wanted to say thank you Kim for sharing your God given talents with all of us.


Just signing in to your guest book because I never have!! but I have been visiting here for a while. Love all the little fuzzy babies you capture in your lens...I just thought I would tell you I LOVE Daisy Cottage. **I'll let you know I have gone back and been revisiting EVERY post since your first one!! (really!) I am enjoying it ALL over again. I'am up to June 2008. Savoring it all. So many blogs today kind of show the same things...but not Daisy Cottage...Never! It is so unique, and that's why I love it. Thanks for sharing all of your talents and spirit with so many many bloggy sisters out here. Hugs and Kudos and Blessings. Please don't stop!!!!! xoxo

Fran Watson

Came across your blog by accident this morning.What a joyful and pleasant accident it turned out to be.Love the cottage especially and the fuzzy babies are precious.The most beautiful blog I have ever visited.
Thank you for your beautiful work and photos!!!!!!!!!!


Thank you EVERYONE so very very much.


My Little Home and Garden

Dear Kim,

I've enjoyed looking at your photos on this site. I can certainly understand that this may well be where your heart is now, but wonder if you have any thoughts of reviving Daisy Cottage.

Wishing you well,

Rhonda Baldacchino

Dear Kim,
I have just stumbled on your blog. What a magical experience. I love your precious 'babies'. I have ducks and I get emotional if I lose one of the babies too. Thank you for sharing your world. A wonderful blog that I plan to visit to every day.


What a beautiful blog and I really love the music selection - Ave Maria is my favorite hymn. Thanks for sharing.

Katherine Cleland

Hello, Kim

Your website is so lovely. All of what I like. I just wanted to contact you for updates about the lake. This is the only place I could find for that.

But, tooling around, I found myself quite lost in it all--it is truly a place for respite and peace. I will have to visit it more often.

By the way, I like that the "Ave Maria" is played for Little One...Makes me sad but also happy for the memory.



Katherine Cleland


Just another thought. I, too, loved to visit your Daisy Cottage--reminds me of my own past cottage, memories to cherish now that I am 70 and those days are apparently past. We all need a Daisy Cottage to go to. So, as one of your readers has mentioned, I hope that you resume on it, as well.

Hope to talk to you soon.

Katherine, from the Lake

Rhonda Baldacchino

I read how you lost your father at 52. I too lost my father very suddenly at 55. It shattered my world. It makes us step back and think about what is important in this life. Your blog gives me that peace and serenity.

Visiting your blog feels like I am meandering down the garden path of life allowing me time to stop and see its natural beauty.
From one heart to another, thank you for sharing those magical moments.

Mary Ann Spingler


I love your blog, new and old. When I need a time out at work I will pull up an old post from Daisy Cottage and it puts me back into a happy place. Your photos are amazing.
Thank you for sharing your beautiful home and your beautiful feather and furry friends.
Mary Ann

Mary Howell Cromer

Is there a way to follow this site, i would like to~


Thank you everyone very much for your kind notes.

Mary, you may subscribe by clicking on the link below:

or clicking on the orange "button" on my site's main page that says "subscribe in a reader"

Thank you all!


Cheri Parker

Beautiful works. I am impressed by your eye as I have been told I should look at your work more often. I too love to look through the viewfinder of my camera and see it framed already before I click. Love your talents and that you share them with others.


Hi Kim, Every time I look at your photos, read your words, hear your music, I cry! I don't know why but you touch something deep in my heart and soul. Your little feathered friends are so beautiful and sweet..and what you said about Mother Nature is so true..we must always be thankful. Thank you! Margaret Zero
P.S. i LOVE Daisy Cottage also! :)

miss piggy alias jennifer leagan



Hi Kim,
Wanted to say hello to you and Maggie. Have been wondering about you for a long time, sweet soul.


Hello, I just stumbled across your blog and love everything that you have shared! I look forward to coming back....I love the beauty, the color, and the spirit of everything here:)

Vanessa Martinez

simply beautiful~


Would it be possible to have a way to subscribe via email? When I check the options, there are only news feed selections. It would be great if I could just subscribe via email:)


Kim-The pictures you capture speak to my heart. All of my best to you and Thank you!


I love love love your "new site" I remember when I read Dear Daisy Cottage all the time! I love your photos, you are beautiful and I love seeing your life through the lense!

Is there a way to follow your blog? I didn't see any link ups?



Most beautiful photographs and you are so inspiring. I can't seem to stop reading all your blogs.Wish I had found you sooner, but will continue reading. Thanks so much for your lovely outlook on life and living with nature and of course pets. I too have a beautiful loving dog.

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