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Shared with Love and Gratitude

A Season

  • to everything there is a season, a time for every purpose under the sun. a time to be born and a time to die, a time to plant and a time to pluck up that which is planted. ecclesiastes 3:1-8

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One of my favorite magazines...with one of my favorite bloggers! Such a lovely pairing and such a sweet giveaway! Thank you for the chance to win.

Fran C

I just love your blog. Each and every post is just beautiful. Thank you for the chance to win.


Loved seeing your creativity blossom since that happy day I found Daisy Cottage and you! Congratulations! 💕 Patty/NS

Jane Woods

Thrilled for you KIM!! and so proud!!


Oooo, me,me,me!!!! "M". Kidding! 😛 Such a deserved accomplishment my sweet friend. I'll wait for your first book. Signed,of course! 💛

Kathleen Grace

How wonderful to see you in print again! Please throw my hat in the ring, I would LOVE to have a copy :)


Oh, I won a giveaway, I think back in 08, on Daisy Cottage. Still have the magazine and the birds! Would love to win this too. Your blog is still one of the best around..
I especially love all the glimpses of Florida - have a friend from Melbourne coming in tonight for the weekend. We will talk about Titusville, Cocoa Beach and Melbourne and remember friends we've loved and lost.

Debi Blue

Love your beautiful posts. Always a ray of sunshine!

Julie Marie

So wonderful dear Kim... please disqualify me from your generous giveaway... as you know, I have my copy!... and I won your last giveaway of the precious Ruthie card and baby swan card... good luck to everyone else!... you are a most wonderful blessing in my life... every morning I tell Jack, my husband, that I am "going to the lake with Kim to visit Papa Goose and friends"!... as I linger over my coffee and instagram... I am blessed with a husband that loves nature as much as you and I do... he was so happy for you too and loved seeing your feature!... xoxo... Julie Marie


Always look forward to each and every post and would be thrilled to get a copy. Your posts are always such a day brightener for me....thank you!

Donna Bradley

How exciting Kim! Thanks so much for the opportunity to enter your giveaway! You just made my day! I love just everything you do. You share you heart and soul with every word you write and photo you take!


WOW!!!!! How awesome!!!! Congratulations!!! I am so very excited for you !!!!!! Hopefully I will receive that Sweet... sweet .... give away!!!! :) .... Thank you for sharing your Life with us Kim!!!!! It's such a joy to follow along with You and Daisy Cottage and the Lake-Life Dwellers!! .....

Mary Meadows

Wow Kim! So well deserved! Your photos are BEAUTIFUL! So very excited for you. Blessings.

Janet K.

So proud of you Miss Kim! It's so nice to see your work honored in that way and to include those beings you love so much makes it even more special doesn't it?! :-)


I would love to win your beautiful pictures! Thank you for the chance! If you lived closer I would meet you at the lake every whenever I could.


Oh, Kimberly...I would be more than thrilled to win this copy with your feature in it, plus some of your greeting cards! I think I said congrats in a previous post (or maybe it was on IG), but I'll say it again: congratulations! I am not surprised your feature was published. Your photography is amazingly gorgeous and your writing graceful and lovely. Thank you for the chance to win your giveaway! xoxo


Dear Kim,
Love, love your blog and your grand daughter.
What a joy to watch her grow. I know how much she means to you along with all your love for her.
As I have said over and over again love your art. God has blessed you with a wonderful talent.
Thank you for sharing.

Donna Meeker

Love this ......and you


So exciting Kim!!!
xo Kris


How exciting for you Kim! However, I'm not surprised since you are so talented :-)
Have a great day


This is always my happy place. congrats on the article!

lori powell

Congratulations my dear friend. You so deserve this. Your photos tell a story without the need of words. So happy for you!

Lynn A.

Congratulations. Thank you for bringing me joy every day.

Delaine Gabriel

Congratulations Kim,I am so proud of you! Your beauty is shining through!! <3

G from GA

How awesome to have such a gorgeous spread in Somerset Life! So proud and happy for you...and us to be able to share this with you. Don't worry, if I don't win your generous gift, I'll be sure to purchase my very own copy.

Beth K.

CONGRATULATIONS!!! Your piece of paradise deserves great publicity! Such a special place that you have shared so lovingly as only you can. Bless you, Kim!

Sherri P.

So beautiful! always!


Congratulations Kim. Beautiful pictures and special for you and your granddaughter!


How fantastic - congratulations Kim!

Lisa Ruff

That is so awesome! I want a chance to win! Hugz Lisa and Bear


How wonderful for you. I love your work...your pictures...and your beautiful words. Congratulations!

Red Rose Alley

Yes, I'd love a chance to win a copy of this magazine, Somerset Life! I'm so happy for you, Kim. Your greeting cards are so very special too.

love, ~Sheri


Simply gorgeous!!!


Wow!! That's awesome. Congrats!!



So happy for you.Can't wait to see the magazine. This makes quite a few for you doesn't it? One talented lady. Hugs from MO!!


Congratulations Kim, these pictures are the perfect image of you. So happy for you! xox :)


I love Somerset Life. Buy it often. Congrats.


I would love to win!


"And the Beat Goes On" ~ what a beautiful article in Somerset Life. Sincerely enjoyed your lovely photographs ~ inspired and moved by your words and grateful to read your closing sentence, "And as long as my heart keeps beating, I will keep sharing". Thank you, Kim, for sharing your heart and soul with us.


((((Catherine Elizabeth))))

Thank you VERY much for your kind and generous words and I am so happy you enjoyed the SL article! Thank you for sharing that with me .... so so sweet of you.



Warm congratulations on the article in Somerset Life. I am so pleased for you. I will look for this issue today.

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