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Shared with Love and Gratitude

A Season

  • to everything there is a season, a time for every purpose under the sun. a time to be born and a time to die, a time to plant and a time to pluck up that which is planted. ecclesiastes 3:1-8

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Spring has been delayed for weeks in my corner. Thank goodness I have yours to visit. It certainly has been a pleasant, peaceful, joyful one today!

G from Ga

Oh, how wonderful that you were there to see the cygnets with their mother(s)! What a blessing and a joy! How perfect that it was you who witnessed it. You who can appreciate it the most and who can share it with us so we can share the joy with you.

G from Ga

I got so excited about the swan babies that I forgot to mention how incredible the image of the crow and feather is. Amazing!

Judy L.

You once again have captured such beautiful photos.....what beautiful little babies. Thank you for sharing with us.


oh - the crow and the feather - I wonder what was going through his mind!
such beautiful babies !
god is smiling upon you for watching and caring and loving his babies - and all of his creations at the lake!
you my friend are so amazing!


You're a sweet heart...and we all love you.


You have ... again... captured their beauty... and grace... It amazes me every single time!! Thank you Kim... oh, and I'm sure I would have tears too.... God is good , and He does bless us in so many little wonderful ways!!!!

Red Rose Alley

Yes, we are here in spirit for eachother, and today Nel's doggy passed away, and we are all very sad. Jesse was the best dog ever, and the world was a better place cause he was in it.



Your photographs are elegant and beautiful works of art! I love each and every one of them! Have a wonderful day! Hugz Lisa and Bear

Beth K.

My heart runneth over with you! SO MUCH sweetness today. You and your blog are a precious part of my life. Thank you, Kim!


Awww you are sooo Precious ((((Hugs)))) it's a very grey and bleak day here but I was just given the biggest shot of Sunshine thanks to you. Luv ya!!! xox That Little Duck is sooo cute. I can't wait for my newest Grandbaby Ruby to be able to view your Beautiful pictures Kim I'm going to make it part of Nanna and Ruby time whenever she visits. Have a great weekend. ;)

Jenny L.

Your lake photos just get better and better. Swans have always been my favorite birds and being able to go to your site every day and see the swans and babies is such a blessing. I have to say though you have captured some amazing photos of the ducks too. Thanks for all your hard work bringing us all this happiness - even though you enjoy it so much, I am sure it is a lot of work.


Thank you all SO much. You are just awesome. You make my days brighter and sweeter and I truly do love you. Thank you!


Debbie from Texas you made me cry! You are so sweet and your photography shows your warm heart. Love visiting your site to see what you have seen each day! Makes me feel so much better, know matter what I am going through. Thank you!



these are Gods precious feathery friends to bring joy and beauty into our life- thank you for sharing and taking the time, i sure appreciate you kim - thanks again

love ya, maria - cottage feel


Oh, the babies are just so pretty.

Beth K.

Thank you for sharing all this sweet softness!!!


I don't think you need to "get a life" I believe you have a life; and a wonderfully fulfilling life it is. I wish I had your talents and your love for nature. It is a gift. Cherish it. Always!


Beautiful blessings. Love all the pictures. So grateful you share these Kim. I hope your upcoming weekend is fun and wonderfully blessed.


Oh, I love your randomness and the fact that you share it with us! It's all beautiful! And to be able to see and savor the beauty in all of the little or big things happening around you is something quite special.

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