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A Season

  • to everything there is a season, a time for every purpose under the sun. a time to be born and a time to die, a time to plant and a time to pluck up that which is planted. ecclesiastes 3:1-8

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Wow I can't believe she is a year old already! Summer Lynn and I like to eat cake the same way....just dive right in!


Oh Kim, she is just the most precious thing ever!!! Happy Birthday little Miss Summer Lynn. May you be blessed with many, many more. I am so thankful I get to watch you grow up into the beautiful young lady you are destined to be. God Bless.


these images of summer lynn and her special birthday event are the most stunning - beautiful photos ive ever seen . summesr lynn is abolutely gorgous. and no matter the weather - it truly was a memorable wonderful day for all! and you've been blessed!
((()))) me

Amy Jo

What a beautiful little girl! Happy Birthday Summer Lynn!!

Amy Jo


Happy Birthday to your sweet girl. LOVE that last shot!!

Judy L.

She is so beautiful and you have captured the most wonderful photos! Happy Birthday Sweet Girl.


Awwwwww... ONE ALREADY?? Happy Birthday to Summer Lynn!!!!
Such a gorgeous little one!!! Beautiful pics as always Kim... capturing the moment perfectly!!!


Oh how delightful! She is one darling little girl. I love the expressions on her sweet face and laughed out loud to see the one that almost says "I am a mess! "

Lisa Conley

Blessing to Summer Lynn.... what beautiful pictures.

Love, love, love.

~ Lisa ~

Red Rose Alley

Oh, these pictures are priceless. She will look back and see just what a sweet child she was. Happy Birthday to you, Summer Lynn, and a big kiss from Sheri.


Hope her birthday was as beautiful as she is.

Beth K.

Sweet, sweet Summer Lynn! Thanks for inviting us to share in the beautiful party!

donna meeker

just precious


Summer always makes me smile. Happy 1st Birthday sweet pea! I love seeing her pictures....such sweetness! ;)


Wow, what wonderful photos of her. Happy First Birthday to Summer. Looks like she had a wonderful birthday and I bet those who were there enjoyed it as well. I love digital photography and the wonders that our cameras can take in photos. I have not posted for almost a year and need to get back to doing so. Keep saying that and with the loss of music to use, pushed me away. It made my blogs though a photo site came along and pulled me in that direction. I just have to stop by here every once in a while as I miss Daisy Cottage though always know that I will find beauty in your photos and have a smile because of your posts.


Oh Happy 1st Birthday Summer Lynn Love and Blessings Always!!!! @~~<80)X xox Beautiful photos hope Summer Lynn enjoyed her 1st cake!!


Happy Belated Birthday to Summer Lynn! She is definitiely unique! She missed my birthday by one day. Thanks for sharing with us her "first birthday" - the pictures say it all. You are so Blessed to have such a delightful granddaughter to love, spoil and record her life in such beautiful photographs.


Such great photos of a beautiful little girl. I love the yellow flower on her head. Happy birthday Summer Lynn!




Happy birthday summer lynn. May You know that God holds you in His loving arms.

MJ Smith

What cute pictures! Your Summer Lynn is such a pretty little girl.


Thank you everyone SO much. You are so dear to us and we appreciate all of your kind wishes and love.


G from Ga

Happy birthday, sweet Summer Lynn. Looks like a beautiful day for a party. While your family was celebrating your first birthday, my family was celebrating my mother's birthday. Although she didn't quite eat her cake the same way as you, she enjoyed it just as much.

May you both have many joyful times in the year ahead.

Debbie from Texas

Oh my, she is so precious! I adore her expressions. I know that she has added a lot of joy to your lives. So happy for you!


Wow! One whole year! She's a beautiful little girl. This was a lovely post. She's brought so much joy to all of your lives. Loved every photo. She's your sweet little daisy. Love her expression in the last photo. Happy belated birthday!

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