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  • What I hope for my readers and for all keepers of the nest, is that they embrace their homes with their heart and all of the passion that it holds. I want them to know that they can decorate on a limited budget by seeing things in new ways; by rescuing the broken and transforming the ugly. I hope that they flaunt their favorite color and decorate their life with it. I hope that their homes feel like one giant hug that welcomes them each and every time they walk through their front door. More than anything I want everyone to have their own home-sweet-home dream come true! xo, Kim


Mary Johns

Love your site Kim... a childhood friend from South Dakota just sent it to me...I live in Missouri....

If you like fun, girl-talking stuff, check out my website. Along with another good friend we are The Sister Friends...
I think we need to check out doing this blogging jazz for The Sister Friends... looks good! ...and fun...

LOVE your pics and all the colors!! Fantastic!! Mary Johns

LOVE your music too...just now hearing
"Moon River" as I write this..ahhhhh....

Daisy Cottage

Thank you Mary!

Mary Johns

Ok I am HOOKED on your site...just absolutely charming...My South Dakota friend and I love it...

It's a gorgeous day in Missouri and my husband just opened our pool this he told me, "GO outside and enjoy your ocean today!"... going to plant flowers too...a day off from work.....

Carma Cochran

Hey!!! I just love this blog...found it today. I have one request. Angel Pie recipe. I have looked over and over and can't find it. The picture is absolutely beautiful and I'd love to make it. THanks again. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!!!!

Daisy Cottage

Thank you very much Carma!

I wish I had the recipe - but what I can do is ask the owner of L&L for it when I go back.. then I'll share it with every one!

Good idea!


M Gans

Where did you get the orange-ish couch that is in what looks like maybe a porch or sunroom in your home? It looks vintage and I love it!

Daisy Cottage

Hi M!
I found that sofa at Goodwill! It served its purpose and I liked it but my family SO did not! ;-) So it went bye-bye and I spent $10 on another one at a yard sale. It is more comfortable AND it is vintage too!


Hi Kim ! Since we can't get enough of you.. (well I know thats me for sure) can you someday share a typical day for you at the Daisy Cottage. From AM to PM? Nothing fancy just a typical day? Oh, that would be so fun. Probably a funny request but I love average days especially with you! xooxoxoxo Jen in Boise!

M Gans

Thanks for the info on the sofa! We live in a 1928 beach house just 3 houses from the ocean on Cape Cod and I love your beachy, relaxed style! I am, however, always hesitant to buy upholstered furniture at Goodwill, Salvation Army, flea markets, yard sales, etc., because the one time I did, it smelled like pee when I got it home!!!!

Daisy Cottage

Dear M,

Your beach house sounds LOVELY! And yes, the smell test is VERY important when thrifting.



Daisy Cottage

Jennifer, I just love you!!

You are TOO cute. And that's a great idea and I will try to do that. And these average days are our lives, true?? And thank goodness for that.



Where did you get the bath hand towel with the "Queen" quote? I need some to go with a gift I am giving. Thanks!

Daisy Cottage

Dear Rosalyn,

That adorable hand towel belonged to the homeowner on the tour. I wish I knew more to help you!


Lore D'Sa

Dear Kimberly,

I just love your blog site! You cheer up my days, through your charming photos as well as the way you poetically use your words. You really know the true and most important things in life; family and good friends you can depend on, especially on those stormy days. It's so valuable to know that you don't need a huge amount of money to be happy. Having good health, to love and be loved, and of course, a good cup of java in a oh so adorable vintage cup you found at a thrift store for $0.50!!!
Love, Love your music selection on your blog. Very dreamy!!!!

Your New Friend,

Lore D'Sa
Burnaby, B.C.

andrea bass

Kim, thanks for such a charming really put a smile on my face and inspiration to make my home just as cozy.


A question about advertising on your blog. Did you start off allowing advertisements on your original template? I'm so new to minutes new. Any advice would be great. I have Blogging for Bliss on its way, so hopefully a lot of my questions will be answered. I love your blog and so want to be like you. (Smile)

Daisy Cottage

Thank you very much Lore! What a sweet comment - I really appreciate it and I'm happy that you are my new friend!


Daisy Cottage

Dear Andrea,

Thank YOU! And thank you for putting a smile on MY face with your kind comment.


Daisy Cottage

Dear Tracey,

Thank you so much!

No, I did not start off with allowing advertising and have not had any advertisers on my blog except for maybe an hour and a half one day when I actually had a few up but I took them down. I think it is wonderful that bloggers can earn revenue through their blogs and completely support that - it just didn't feel right for me and my blog. So my blog is advertisement free, however I do support other projects and sites by including their buttons on my sidebar.

You will figure out what is best for you and isn't it great that we have all of these options? Blogging is an amazing journey and I hope you enjoy it as much as I have... oh and please come back and share your link with me!!


Linda Ferguson

I just love your blog! I have been viewing you for about 2 years and never written.You are so sweet and you live life as I envision by life should have been!! LOL What a different live I live.
Back on 11/04, Carma Cochran, asked about the recipe for Angel Pie. Don't know if this is the one, but,when you go to I found this one.

2 (9 inch) baked shells
3 egg whites
1 1/4 c. sugar
1/4 c. cornstarch
2 c. boiling water
1 tsp. vanilla
1/2 tsp. almond extract
1/2 c. coconut

Beat egg whites until stiff and gradually add 1/4 cup sugar. Cook until clear and thick, 1 cup sugar, the cornstarch and boiling water. Pour over beaten egg whites, stirring constantly. Add salt and extracts and 1/2 cup coconut. Pour into two shells and top with more coconut and whipped topping or whipped cream.
I use to find everything!! Try it you will love it.

Daisy Cottage

Dear Linda,

Thank you SO much for your VERY sweet note and I'm glad you are here and part of this blog! And how thoughtful of you to take the time to share the recipe that Carma asked about! I'm sure this is the one! Thank you so much!

And remember the life you were born to live can start now. Here's to YOUR life - just as it was meant to be.



Hi, I have a little girl yorkie, Izzie. She is my heart.
I also lost my little boy yorkie, Max, a year ago, he was 16 yrs. I was like you, I thought my heart would break, but little Izzie snuggled right into my heart.
My prayers are with you and Maggie. Keep your eyes upward and just Love little Maggie. Lana

Dear Kim,
Thank you so much for your wonderful, uplifting blog. I'm a bit new to this but I've become instantly addicted to starting my day with your blog opened on my computer (while checking my emails :o) so that way I can hear your perfect song choices!
As I've read from others, you (& your blog) inspire me and it gives me quite the push to thoroughly enjoy all the great & wonderful things & people around me. Your decorating vinettes are precious and I've been using your style as inspiration in my home! It's so fun to be a "girl"! :o) I don't feel right about "taking" all the joy this site gives me w/o giving something back ... so my gift to you is prayer and beautiful thoughts of you and your family having a blessed new year!
Big giant hugs, :o) Karen

Daisy Cottage

Dear Lana,

Thank you for sharing about your Max. God bless his soul. And thank you for your prayers about Maggie - from the bottom of my heart.


Daisy Cottage

Dear Karen,

What a kind and generous comment and I am so happy that YOU are a part of our Daisy Cottage family. Thank you for this very sweet note and thank you for the gift of YOU. I am SO glad you are here.


Lore D'Sa

Dear Kim,

I just thought you'd like to know, I was at the garden centre the other day, picking out some primroses I wanted to plant in my garden. There was a large selection of pretty vibrant colors to choose from. Guess which colors I chose? Yes, red and yellow! They reminded me of your warm and cozy home, not to mention, your beautiful soul.

Ciao for now!

Your friend,



Hi, Kim! I was just wondering - how did "Daisy Cottage" get that darling name?

Justine Cancryn

A very happy birthday to sweet Maggie who shares my granddaughter's birthday!


Dear Kim,

I recently discovered your blog and have been enjoying it ever since. I get lots of ideas from your photos. They provide such inspiration. I too, like to haunt thrift stores. One of my favorites is the Habitat Restore. We have had three snow storms this winter which is highly unusual for this part of North Carolina. The bright colors in your photos are a great antidote and you can almost feel the Florida warmth coming through.

Thanks for it all,

Daisy Cottage

Dear Lore,

That is awesome! How sweet of you to think of me!

Thank you!

Most definitely your friend,


Daisy Cottage

Dear Pauline,

I love daisies - for several reasons but mainly for their unpretentious and happy blooms. After sharing some of the name ideas I had with my friends on a decorating board shortly after we moved in and getting their feedback along with my family's of course, I decided to go with this one.

Thank you for asking! We almost went with Daisy Bungalow.


Daisy Cottage

Dear Justine,

Thank you! And Maggie thanks you too!

Happy Birthday to your granddaughter! How old is she?


Daisy Cottage

Dear Debbie,

Thank YOU very much for your comment! I am so glad that you are here with us. I'm glad that I found YOU!


Glenda Whippey

Dear Kim,
Only just discovered your wonderful blog, here in rainsoaked, dreary old England, and was feasting on the lovely pictures & encouraging words, when.... the archives disappeared! Was it something I said? Please, please, please put them back again, so I can soak up some of that Florida sunshine through my laptop. And your charming, whimsical personality, that shines through everything you do. Many thanks,

Daisy Cottage

Dear Glenda,

Ahhhhh - no worries! Peek under Daisy Cottage's photo at the top of my blog and you will see "archives&categories". Click on that and you will find them!

And thank you for your kind words! It is so nice to meet you!


Sally Hamilton

Your blog is delightful. A little break in my day I look forward to. Would you mind sharing with me who the artist is for your blog's music? It reminds me of a wrap-around porch on a hot summer day, sitting with friends, and sharing an ice-cold glass of lemonade. Thank you.

Daisy Cottage

Dear Sally,

Thank you so much!

The first song that you hear is by Mr. Acker Bilk. It plays in honor of my Dad and Tabatha.



What a charming site you have, I just love the music, its so relaxing, and your cottage is adorable. I just have to ask, does it sit behind west colonial drive in Orlando? It looks just like a duplex I rented in 1971. Thanks

Daisy Cottage

Dear JoAnn,

Thank you very much for your kind note! It is wonderful to meet you.

No, Daisy Cottage is not in Orlando ... but she is just a few towns away. ;-)


Tina Vanecek

Hi Kim, I just discovered your blog and I am enjoying it. I to have a passion for everything old, chipped and in need of a home. I was wondering about the home tour in your neighborhood. I live in Florida and was hoping to go. I've gone to the holiday tour in Flamingo Park many times and just love looking at the old homes and they way the owners decorate. I live in a traditional home and have 2 young children, people are always amazed when they come inside because my house is decorated with everything old from the furniture to the nic nacs. I don't dare buy something at Home Goods with made in china on it,I always hold out for something special from a flea market or antique fair. Someday when my kids are older I would love a little Daisy Cottage of my own. Thank you for opening up your home to all of us. Sincerely, Tina :)

Lore D'Sa

Dear Kim,

Hope your enjoying your time with "The MOPS"! I also wanted to wish you and your family a beautiful and blessed Easter! I tried to get onto the computer yesterday to with you all, but it's difficult when you have another three members of the family trying to get on at the same time!!!!!! Oh well, God bless and return back to us, (your blog family), very, very soon!!



Lore D'Sa

So sorry Kim, my fingers got tangled-up when typing my message to you. I not "with" you a blessed Easter, but most definitely "wish" you and yours one!



donna meeker

i love your blog,your cottage,your dog,your music,all your wonderful stuff- love it , love it,love it
thank you , thank you for sharing!! keep it coming!!!!!
hugs to you, donna


I just stumbled across you site yesterday and am hooked. I haven't accomplished much since. Love the bright colors and your yellow house is adorable.

Daisy Cottage

Dear Tina,

Thank you very much! It is so nice to meet you. Our neighborhood home tour is held every year in March. Stay tuned for the 2011 date! I hope your cottage dream comes true for YOU too... my children were older when we found Daisy Cottage.


Daisy Cottage

Dear Lore,

Thank you! I am so glad that you ARE a part of my blog family.


Daisy Cottage

Dear Donna,

Ahhhhh - thank you VERY much. As long as you all are here, I hope to be here too.


Daisy Cottage

Dear Judith,

Thank you so much! It is wonderful to meet you!!


sheila monroe

Dear Kim,
First of all I love your home it is so me I have a question maybe i'd call it a problem I have country blue counter tops in my kitchen can you suggest a color that would look good for my walls.Please help

Daisy Cottage

Dear Sheila,

Thank you! xoxoxo

Well let's see.. YELLOW would be lovely with the blue! Then you could add greens, and other shades of yellow and blue for accents. Try to make the blue of your counter tops only one of your kitchen hues - let it become a layer instead of a focal point. What do you think? For example in my dining room the faux fireplace mantel is painted in a baby/cornflower shade of blue and is against a yellow wall and in a room accented with punches of red, green, black & white, and brown.


veronica mackinnon

Kim, I love your cottage and have commented before but i was curious about where in central Fla. you are; i realize you need privacy about that; but the reason i wondered; several years ago; my husband worked for a utility co. here and he worked at crystal river 2 different summers and i was fortunate to go several times for a week or 2 at a time. We stayed in homossa most of the time and maybe one other place. I LOVED it there ! My favorite place there was K.C. Crumps. If you have never been it is a treat ! I hope you are near that area Veronica from N.C.


i am having trouble with the website- can't get into the archives, anyone else having troubles??


I also can't get to the archives! Aaaarrrggghhh! Haven't been able to for a couple of days now.


Kim, I can't seem to find a more current post to ask this on, but recently (August 2010) someone (you?) mentioned finding a copy of Country Home on the newsstand which indicated that it would begin publishing again on an every couple of months basis. Can you repeat that information? Where was the magazine found? thank you so much. One of your biggest fans.

By the way, having been into interior design and nesting for many,many years, your blog has given me the inspiration and the courage to experiment more with color, which brightens my world! thank you, thank you.


Love, Love, Love your site! It is totally awesome and so inspiring, relaxing...great place to be! I absolutely love the picture on the home page of the Fenton Silvercrest Spanish Lace candleholders. I have a collection of Fenton Silvercrest and love all of it! I will definately add you to my new site and you can count on me checking back with you! I am hooked! :)

Pam Mikel

dear kim: i'm no sure how i can upon your charming blog but thank heavens i did. i've found so much pleasure in your posts, the kind and thought inspiring words, the brilliant photos, and how you reach out to your "friends". it is such a joy for me, each day, to see what kim is up to. i hope you know how you fill our days with peace and smiles. hugs from texas, pam

holy land tours

I must say that your photographs are incredible! The colors are very inspiring! I love to travel myself, mostly I enjoy seeing new beautiful places, and your blog sure gives me a few new bright ideas for my next visits :)

Rae Lange (raerae)

do you have a decorating book published? I thought I saw a mention of that in one of the latest mags. If so, what is the name of it and where can I purchase it?
please...please....(fingers crossed) say you have a book out....
signed: Tennessee hopeful; raerae

Lynda G. Dishner

Miss Kim, I love love love your blog. Your house is beautiful and your colors are my colors. And they were my mothers colors also. I have just found blods and I love them, with of course yours being my favorite. I had knee surgery Aug 6, so for the last two weeks I have blogged your blog everyday. I'm almost thru the t's of your favorite blogs putting the ones I like in my favorites. One of your blogs is second time around and Hope is a friend of mine, the pics she show of our little town show the courthouse in it and that is where I work. Our shops here remind me so much of your things. You and I have the same taste in things and have some of the very same items. I have my mothers aprons hanging all over the kitchen too. Which she made her own aprons. Maybe someday I can send you some pics of my house, it isn't a cottage but the inside is my style. I don't have cabinets in the kitchen but homemade furniture instead that a elder gentleman made for me. Ole I could keep going but I don't want to bore you or make you think I'm nut going on. I think you are a beauitful lady outside and I think inside too from what I have read. Thank you for the beautiful pic too. Lynda

home [email protected]

work [email protected]

Lauri McIntosh

Dear Kim,

I really enjoyed your spread in Cottages & Cabins magazine. I love your white slipcovered wingback chairs and would love to have one in my bedroom. Can you give me some information on them. I would really appreciate it. Thank you.



Good Morning Kim,
It's a beautiful Sunday morning here in Port Jefferson, NY . . . an old fishing village on the North Shore of Long Island . . . just wanted to let you know we are both enjoying your most beautiful blog . . . my husband absolutely loves the music . . .and I enjoy everything else . . . thank you so much xoxoxo Maureen and Jerry


Dear Kim...You and Daisy Cottage never fail to delight! Your sharing nature brings such JOY and PLEASURE to each day! Thank you! I would love to know if the black and white plates you show with your white pumpkins in your Fall vignette are avaliable in retail stores or were they a 'find' during a 'treasure hunt'? ;*)

susan wilson

hi kim; you blog is my absoulute favorite. you are such an inspiration. i always feel better after reading and visiting with you each morning. thank you loads and loads. susan


hello, on your home page in the 3rd pic down there is a pinting of a woman who looks just like my mother. i was wondering if by any chance it is for sale? you see my mother passed in nov 2006 so i would really love this painting. thankyou dearly, shannon [email protected]

Patty Thompson

Hi Kim! LOVE, love, love your's the way I manage to get thru each day at work! It's my little oasis in all this madness. However, your post today, 12/2/10, sounds like you're not coming back after Christmas. Please tell me that's NOT true! Thanks! Patty Thompson, Texas


Hi Kim,

I emailed you a couple of times, but perhaps you've been busy creating more beautiful rooms for your delightful website. Stumbling upon dear daisy cottage a couple of weeks ago has been one of the happiest experiences in a couple of months except.....yesterday when my husband surprised me with some jewelry just because. I click on your website at least once a day. It' such a joyful experience to read your blog....look at the lovely photographs and hear about Maggie and what's happening in your life. You have been an inspiration to so many people including me. Reading your blog and looking at your photographs inspired me to try creating a blog. I have no idea what I'm doing, but it's a fun learning experience. Keep sharing your joy, your beautiful photography and yes, even the sadness that you feel when you miss your dad.

Best wishes to you and your family. Keep creating and sharing.


Hello Kim,
I love your site! I also love your choice of music... What is the title of the first one that plays when your page opens? I've never heard it before but I adore it! When I visit your site it is like visiting an old friend. Thank you.
Tina KY.

Daisy Cottage

Oh boy... am I EVER behind here... I will TRY to catch up and answer your questions soon! But dear Tina the first song that plays is "Stranger on the Shore" and is by Acker Bilk. It plays in honor of my Dad and Tabatha.


Kristy Tukis

Hi Kim, I am a huge fan of your blog and you inspired me to start my own blog. I hope that you will check it out and add me to your blog candy list.



Hello Kim,
I love your site!


Can you tell me the name of the first song playing on your blog and the artist playing it? I can remember hearing it from a red headed girl trying to learn to play it during a music lesson in the movie "Mr Hollands Opus" (it was one of my favorite moments in the movie).
Thank you


This is truly fabulous! I thought I'd look up "Dear Daisy Cottage", and what I stumbled upon is really fantastic...and fascinating to say the least! I'll definitely be peeping in from time to time to be absorbed in this great blog you share with so many!



maxine hilliker

Dear Kim
What a PLEASURE, KIM. To accidently wonder upon your beautiful site. GOD knew i needed it today. You can count me as a new friend, follower on your site. GOD BLESS AND KEEP YOU. It's awesome, and heartwarming to find simple pleasures still do exist.. Like going home, to find mom, dad rocking on the front porch. Looking up to say what took you sooo long. I've maker you at the top of the list. AMEN

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  • Kim I just wanted to thank you again for allowing us into your sweet home! I absolutely loved being there and looking around with you. Your hospitality and sweet spirit make the home even more beautiful! Thanks for reminding me that one day I too will have my "dream come true!" ~ Ida - MOPS Member

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  • "I would like to let you know what a joy it is to wake up each morning and read your delightful blog. I always feel as if you are speaking directly to me. Since I was diagnosed with an immune disease a year ago I wanted only to read positive and very inspiring blogs and your blog was the first I found. I think maybe the good Lord meant for me to find your blog and since then it has been nothing but smiles all around. I have tried very hard to stay positive about this disease and very up beat. I know that there is no cure and I have accepted this, but reading things with a positive message and filled with so much love helps. This is where you come in and I just wanted to say thank you from the bottom of my heart and to let you know how very much you and Miss Maggie are loved." ~ Grace

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  • "That hankie is like you and your blog Kim. In the middle of all of the other beautiful hankies, it's the one that stands out and makes you feel at home." ~ Rue

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  • "Thank you for your wonderful blog. I have been "lurking" but had to share with you how much you have helped me embrace the fun of decorating. I came to your blog looking for pictures to inspire me as I redecorate my house with cottage style. Today I was so tangled up in doing it "right" that it was really depressing me. I visited your blog again for some fresh ideas and came away realizing that there is no "right." Just me being me and enjoying my home! I am laying here in bed with tears in my eyes - tears of happiness that it is okay to be me and let that shine through in my house and what I wear and what I make with my hands. You are God's gift to me today and I thank Him and you." ~ Anne

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