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May 14, 2011



I turned 60 last year, the age of my father when he died. (30 yrs ago) This month, I am turning 61, the age my brother was diagnosed with terminal pancreatic cancer; the age of a cousin who died after fighting breast cancer for many years; the age that scares me. I have not voiced this to my family or friends...that would be too hard.
I am sending you hugs from my heart to yours.
Beckie in Brentwood, TN

Daisy Cottage


I love you. And I so understand.


veronica mackinnon

Kim, I understand where you are coming from. My sweet mother was diagnosed with ovarian cancer when she was my age[61] and died at 63. She had such a terrible time. You can't help but think about those things. I lost my brother at 55[ we were 14 months apart] and it was y yrs this month. I love the swan family. As i told you in a former comment; i got a lot of great pics from fla. last wk. Good luck whatever you do; but will be glad you will still blogging. veronica M.


You have brought tears to my eyes dear friend. Don't know what I would do if I couldn't come "calling" and visit for a while.I love you!!

Daisy Cottage


I love you.


I love you.



I've not been to see you often, but reading your post today, I'm so filled with hurt and care for you. I lost my dad two years ago, he was my hero, I'm sad you lost yours so young. You have so many caring and loving followers, I know we all will respect what you do, you just so what is good for you. We want what's best for our dearest friends, that is what friends are for sweet friend. I think being creative and moving on is awesome, we will all just follow you!

Hugs dear lady.


Daisy Cottage


I love you.


sweet pea

sweet kim, i too will be 52 in june. i had this idea that we have alot in common and now i know i was correct. you are such a gentle soul and it's ok to be at a crossroads. when we feel we are this place i think it means we are growing and stretching as women. find your wings, spread them and soar...



Ricki Jill Treleaven

I have visited your other site, and as much as I will miss Dear Daisy Cottage, I completely understand as an artist that one must listen when the muse speaks! Your images are a blessing to us all. I can't wait to see what the future holds for you, Kim. I am sure there are great things ahead because you are you. Your talent speaks for itself. Whether it is through writing (loved the article on the girly apartment in Canada), photography, decorating, or a combination of the above, I know that you will be successfully happy. I'm sure you will face your crossroads bravely and never look back.

Ricki Jill

Daisy Cottage


i love you.


Teresa in St. Paul, TX

I do not know about your personal crossroads, but I so understand your feelings about your father. I lost my father suddenly when he was 54 and I was 28. Of course, I knew that was too young for him to pass, but I didn't understand how young that really was until I reached that age. That was a very hard birthday for me, but I got through it and you will too. I told someone yesterday that even though I miss my mother terribly, I would give anything to see my father again ... and I gain comfort in knowing that I will. I will follow your blog or wherever you land in your journey!! Good luck and God bless.

Daisy Cottage


i love you.


Daisy Cottage


Thank you... more than you know... thank you.


Donna Rae Barrow

At the crossroads lies the hope of the undiscovered... go joyfully in the direction of your choosing. We will follow and enjoy the journey with you, sharing our own with you as we travel.

I have also lost my beloved Daddy. I also bear the scars of my many diagnoses and surgeries and moments too fast approaching the space between this life and the next. It makes my heart aware, every moment, of the sweetness of life.

Many blessings and much joy to you!

Daisy Cottage


I so understand. Yes...the sweetness of life. And YOU.


Julie Harward

So this site will be gone? I hope not. I will go to the other site though too. You know, I have come to love you and many other sweet sister bloggers too, and I KNOW that one day, as we all sit down in Heaven together, we will know and love one another. When blogger was having trouble the other day and shut down, I missed everyone and I thought..what if this bloggy thing was gone? And I felt so sad that I couldn't talk to my sweet sister/friends! I wish you well in whatever you do next...I love you sweet Kim. :D

Daisy Cottage


this site will NOT be gone. and know this...
i love you julie.


Pam Mikel

dear sweet kim: we'll follow where ever you go, as long as we know where you are. your images, as always so beautiful! your words, so inspiring. hugs and thanks for being you. i'll check, every day, for my daily love from kim....and know if you're not will be the sweeter when i do hear from you again. love from pam in texas...


dear sweet Kim..I feel your love and your pain have brought me such peace and understanding of my life by reading and feeling your life...thank you for sharing with me xxxx bettyann canada

linda moczan

and all of this time ive been encouraging you to write a book ~ im sure we all would LOVE having YOU be on our coffee tables - end tables - shelves - anywhere in sight !
and i know youd have a best seller - because you are so well loved.
im soon to lose our beloved mom - but weve been fortunate to have her here for 82 years.
she looked at me yesteray and although it was a horrid day for her - she smiled and said she had the best day ever. :)
and i know its soon - and then i will know abandonment and know exactly how you feel . so carry on with what makes you happy and content - enjoy the swans and the wonderful nature around you . and know we love you.......:) linda


Kim ~ I so understand where you are right now. I will be 53 May 30 ~ wow ~ where did the time go. I also lost my mother to cancer, she was 56 and I was 27. Seems like we have LOTS in common. Go for it girl ~ we only go around once and I will definitely see you on your other site ~ many blessings to you ;-)


Aww..... you got me teary-eyed Kim, I will miss your Daisy Cottage posts so much, but I know you "got to do what you got to do." I will be visiting you new site often. Good luck in your endeavor and I really do wish I could sit beside you on the grass and watch the baby swans. My love to you, from one who also has abandonment issues. Lana


Hi Kim
I think we all find ourselves at crossroads at different times in our lives and as a very wise relative told me, the only way through it is to go through it. Though I will miss this site, I will definitely visit your new one. Some days visiting your blog was the only bright spot in my day and I thank you for that. Blessings and peace to you always!


I have so enjoyed your posts and will keep coming back and will follow you to you new site.

I sure do understand your feelings in losing your
father so young. Though I did not experience it with either of my parents but with my Grandmother. She and I were very close and as a child I so loved going and staying with grandma on the farm. Most of my summers were with her. She passed when I was just 16 of a massive heart attack. My mom was just 34 at the time. I saw how it affected mom. I was scared to turn 52 as at the time they were doing a lot of testing on my heart. I just knew the same would happen to me.

I will be 65 this week and still going strong and just lost my mom a year ago next Sunday.Mom was just shy of 84. And my dad is still going strong.

I wish you all the luck in your new adventures and may God Bless you Richly.



So common this age thing and feeling particularly vulnerable at the age when our parents have passed. My daughter is already thinking about it and it makes me sad for her. I'd like to wave a magic wand and have all worries and sorrows disappear. You know, my dear, you do that for so many. It's an oasis of trouble free living to visit your Daisy Cottage. All the best with whatever you decide to do first. ;> Yup, it's true that I think you should do it ALL. Off to visit your new site. Does "Stranger on the Shore" play there as well?


I LOVE your new site! I'm putting it in my favorites now. WE ALL NEED TO CONTINUE TO GROW AND "BLOOM" ;) Life is about changes. It's about being happy and figuring out what makes you happy! GO GIRL!! :)


I would love to read a book penned by you and as for a Maggie calender..well YES!

Whatever path you choose, I hope it brings you joy, peace, and success. Love you, Kim! La


Oh, my friend -
You are not alone at the crossroads! So many are there or have been there recently. Follow your heart. It will lead you to the right path - and I will be here, listening and watching and waiting to hear more.

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

I think you can do it all, Kim, and I hope that you do! Your blog is one of the first I ever started reading, and you've inspired me so much in embracing color in my home. So, wherever you go, I will follow!


I love your new site Kim. It is already on my favorites. But I will continue to visit Daisy Cottage as well, whether you continue to post here or not. Would love to see you write a book.....or do the Maggie calendar....or any other creative venue your heart desires. I wish you the best whatever path you follow. I thank you for being you, for sharing with us and caring for us, and teaching me a great deal about life and love from another perspective. I am tied to you and Daisy cottage and Maggie and Marley forever, you have made such an indelible impression on my heart. I wish you the very best in whatever you do on your life's journey.
Much Love to you
Suzanne in Boynton


Your words and pictures are so incredile. I definitely see a book in your future. Perhaps a children's book about the swans and the one who passed away... what do you think? or about Maggie and Marley? No matter what you do, I know it will be fabulous- Just like you!!


Kim, I can relate so much to how you feel. I too will be 52 on my birthday. I lost my father when he was 42 and I was 21. I lost my darling husband when he was 47. Life is so precious, and that fact is only compounded by the sweet grandchildren that I have. It saddens me that they will never know their grandfather.

Being 50-ish must carry with it the desire to do more, to be more. I feel that I am at a crossroads too. I know that God has great things in store, but I admit I am a bit impatient. I pray for clarity for you and YOUR crossroads. May God lead your path.

Maureen d. Connolly

My Dad lost his Dad at 7 years old. And, ironically, my husband lost his Dad at 7 years old. They are two of the most precious men in my life and share so many of the same qualities. Somehow, I think this experience made them the great men that they are today. I too am 52. I think somehow maybe your loss made you the kindest, caring, special, person that you are. Can't wait to follow you on your journey Kim. Thank you. xoxoxoxo Maureen


I'm excited for you. I believe we all need to stand back at times and reexamine our lives and decide if they are on the path that we want them to be. Is what we are doing "enough?" Are we fullfilled? Do I need more - or less? You are showing maturity by recognizing yourneeds. I've had this sort of struggle since retiring as it really changed who I am. I'm still going through that and appreciate the inspiration I get from you.

As long as we still have you in some part of our lives, I'm happy!!!!


Sometimes in life we get a certain feeling or a certain thought about our life and the path that we choose to walk.
This year I will have my 40th birthday and I kind of recognize your story. But lucky us: most of the time we can choose which path we take and it will lead us to some new and fresh ideas. It can even bring you some new friends or it leads you to a new lesson to learn.


Kim, I to understand about our Daddy's. I lost mine three years ago from a heart attack. He lived a good life doing what he wanted to do.

You brought me through some tough times with your blogging and me sharing with the death of my son-in-law a year ago and my husbands two brothers passing within nine days of each other. These are happenings in our life that we have no control over so we go on.

The things we do have control over is left to us whether we want to do them or not. Whatever you do in the next chapter of life will consist of doing what you want to do. I pray God will be the head and you will follow His guidance in all things. Best of Luck!!

Love you!!!


Alice from Arkansas


You are an absolute gem, Kim!

May you find sheer joy wherever you go and whatever awesome undertaking you find along that journey!

I understand much of what you say - I was born in '59 too and lost my momma when too young..........and just had my first daughter get married recently..........and want to do and experience so much............all I can say is that you have been a gem to thousands of us for a long time - and t aking time off should never EVER make you feel guilty.

Just come on by whenever ya feel like it or when something awesome comes along, not because you feel you NEED to.

As for your photo site, whoo hoo - you are the best photographer and I can't wait to peruse that often.

God bless you and yours, see ya when we can.

Until then, may the wind be always at your back and may God keep you in the Palm of His Hand.


Michele from Ohio
PS Open invitation when it gets too hot down there, would love to have ya for as long as you may want, ok? I make a fine scone in the mornin!


Barbara F.

Kim-Kim-Kim, I am happy and sad at the same time! You were my first introduction to Blogland, I was immediately hooked, and you were one of my inspirations to start my own blog two months ago! If you ever find a few moments to visit, I would be so happy and honored. I visited your new place and it is so lovely, I definitely see a book in the making. Best wishes and every blessing while you continue on your life's journey. You truly capture and share God's handiwork with us in a special way, keep doing what you do. We will always be here to enjoy it. xo,

Sandi ~ A Cottage Muse

Life is meant to be lived happy and full...follow your heart...we will follow you with love and support!


thank you kim for so many opportunities and not letting life just slip away from me - thank you for keeping me sane at times i wouldn't and not able - i to have come thus far in a journey that i don't want to repeat - but, all in all thru God and Daisy Cottage i'm sane - thanks a bunch from the bottom of my heart - God Bless -

love ya, maria - cottage feel-


Happy to be stuck with you, Kim! Lovely photographs! I'm so glad to have you in my life!!


I was just thinking yesterday how you came into my life at a time when I needed you to. Daisy Cottage was a bright spot in some very dark days. I can't tell you how much I have appreciated that.

I will be 34 in June. I'm about to move my family far away and begin another part of my journey. I know it will be good. I'm sure yours will too.

Thank you. Hugs to you today.


Not totally, but I kind of understand your thoughts and feelings. Wishing you the best during your days, enjoy whatever you do! Will stay in touch, thanks for including a link to your new photo blog. :) God bless!

Debbie from Texas

Sweet Kim, we understand. I applaud you for your courage to expand on your dreams....I am 60 this year and I have so many dreams I would still like to come true. I don't have the courage you do because I am afraid to step out of my comfort zone sometimes.........I too have abandonment issues so I understand. I think when you are hurt so young for whatever reason, it changes you!!! You go girl!!!
You will be great in whatever you do!!

Andrea R.

Lovely blog. Good luck at your crossroad. A

Lynda Bee

I too will be 52! Sometimes I wonder if I'm really doing
everything I should and could be accomplishing ! I reflect
on my own life and I really think that life has been good!
Our journey take us on many paths. To thy own self be true!
That is what is important! Thank you for all that you have
shared with us. Also enjoy your daughter's big day which is coming up soon! I would like to tell you that she seems like she is a great young lady! You know she didn't get that way without the love and influence of a very loving and caring momma! Motherhood is such a great ride!
Happiness to all of you and many blessings in your journey!

Hattie Ligon

My dear Kim, This hurts my heart. (And that's selfish of me.) Your blog always gives me a lift. You have influenced me much. You awakened my love for cheery, bright colors in my own little cottage. Thank you for being part of my life. I wish you the best in whatever you do. And I will, definitely, be visting your new site to see the photography.
Love & Hugs,
As always,


I'm 52 also...and I see that many others that left comments are too. I believe that when we come in our 50's and 60's that we do find ourselves at a crossroad...thinking about what we have done so far and about dreams that we still want to do. I know that I sure have been doing some soul searching about what direction I want to take my blog and my small business at this time is my life...and trying to listen to what my heart is telling me. So I know that changes will be coming, but good ones.
Yes...follow your heart, dear Kim, and it will soar!!
ps. I've added your new site to my favorites list.

Trish Rowley

Kim, whatever you need to do you know we will always be here on the sidelines cheering you on because we love you, and you know what I have the same issues I just can't deal with loss. We were just told that our beloved Standard Poodle Beau has only a couple of months to live he has cancer just heartbreaking. Kim I would love you to write a book one day it would be awesome. When I think of you I think of Proverbs 31:10-31 you are truly a Proverbs 31 woman love you xox follow that heart and soar like an eagle ;) I'm all over the place but you know what I mean ;) going over to check out your new site (excited for you)


Dear Kim,
I don't know what else I can say, except that I understand and I will miss Daisy Cottage. But, I am looking forward to enjoying your new site! It is gorgeous! I struggle with the same "crossroads" issue you do (I'm 54) and abandonment issues, as well. So, as I said, I understand. Thank you for being there, Kim. It has meant so very much!

two crazy crafters

Kim, God will direct your footsteps and guide your path and He will NEVER abandon you! Twyla

Deidra Lowery

Kim, I have enjoyed your blog so much. I always feel like I'm home. Thank you for making me feel that way. I pray the Lord's blessing on you. You have a gentle spirit that is very hospitable. Just know that I also love you, sweet friend.

Barbara Anne

Dear friend, I will also miss your wonderful posts here. Will you please continue to take us on the neighborhood home tours and to Fancy Flea. Pretty please?!

You know, there's just never a good time to lose your parents. You're never, ever ready for that no matter your age and their ages. I lost my mother when I was 53 and it broke my heart. My MIL lost her mother when she was 77 (her mom was 96!) and it was a heartbreak for her then. Hugs all around!

How exciting to be at a crossroads and I hope the choices of which direction(s) to choose are equally delightful.

Thanks for the good times in the archives here and the good times to come!

Love and hugs!

Gail K.

Oh Kim, thank you for being a vessel of creativity. Your words and images have imprinted our hearts. May you ask God to fill your cup with His unfailing love each and every morning. Psalm 143:8. Joy, peace and inspiration to follow you on your new endeavors!


Oh, Kim, whatever you do, please don't remove this site even if you don't update. I just love how it transforms the atmosphere the minute I click on it. The music, the colors, and, well, dear Daisy. I think I'm gonna have to steal your music then. ;) Boo-hoo...sniff-sniff...not the same.

But I so understand. Us creative types are always evolving. Looking forward to the new as well.

By the way, I understand losing a father too soon. I lost mine to Alzheimer's in 2004, and he was love and humility personified so I still search for him in everyone I meet although I know I'll ever find another Papi.


Andrea Rayna

I found you last Friday.

Today your words spoke to my heart, and I cried.

Which makes it really hard to look like I'm working at work.


We will follow you, Kim, where ever the seasons may lead you, dearest friend. Wonderful photos, or exciting books, a journey no less, full of inspiration to us all. Your daughter is beautiful, just as her mom. The swans have really grown. Little Maggie, you look so adventurous in your pic! Such amazing pictures!! I have spent this time, inspired by you, planting flowers everywhere, since am permanently retired now. A little giggle, as I watch dear husband looking out casually at the many flowers that have been planted. Is that a little twinkle in his eye!
Love you,
Cindy From Okla.


I'm at those crossroads with you Kim. 58 and youngest just graduated from college. More than ever I feel that this is MY time. To not have to worry about my sons any more, unless they need me to. It's me, my husband, and two 5 year old collies right now. Good luck to you. I'll miss Dear Daisy Cottage. And if you decide to do a calendar, you better have some Marley photos in there!

Take care of yourself, dear Kim - and be happy.♥ We all love you dearly.

My father was 55 when he died, and now I am 58. It does make you think.


Hi Kim, I've never sent you a comment before, but I have been viewing your blog for quite awhile. I just wanted to thank you for sharing so much of yourself with others. I have so enjoyed your home tours and the beautiful photography on your site and of course your sweet spirit that permeates it all. Thank you again and may the Lord bless you and keep you and make his face to shine upon you and give you peace!


Thank you for sharing your life with us. It is positively lovely to look at the world as you see it through the lens of your camera.
I grew up in your neck of the woods, actually. For most of my life I lived in the Lake Hollingsworth area. Seeing the pictures of your swan family takes me soaring back to my childhood.
You are very loved and appreciated as you can see from all of the wonderful, heartfelt comments you get! I love your photo site, I will be frequenting it as well.

Bluebirds and Butterflies

My dearest Kim,
I will visit your other site and will enjoy seeing your beautiful photos. I just want you to know that I love you and will never forget your support and encouragement that you gave me with were the very first person to comment and hit the "follow me" button on my blog. I was SO HONORED that someone that had such a beautiful blog and so many followers would take the time to follow little old me.... I am still honored. You have given me wings to fly on my own blog, and I think of you each time I sit down to post. I visit your blog each day and will also be a follower of your new site, too. I can understand some of your feelings on losing your Dad and your upcoming birthday. June 1st marks three years ago that my dear mother passed away from Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma...then, in August of this year, it will be three years for my Dad whom I lost to Parkinsons right after my mom. I am now 56 years old and I can share something with you that has helped me to face each birthday with a happy smile----instead of focusing on how old I am getting and how each year is passing by quickly now---I always think, "I will never be this young again" It helps you to look at it in a different light. I am sure that your dear Daddy will be smiling at you on your birthday and sending you all his love. I know he is proud of you and the wonderful person you are. My suggestion to you is to wait until after your birthday has passed, if this is a fragile time, to make any big decisions. I would definitely do a book...Dear Daisy Cottage...would be a good one with photos from your blog and maybe even feature some of the postings. I know about 7,000 followers who would buy it----with me being the first in line. I love you, Kim! Happy upcoming birthday and see you at the "other site" each day! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo ((((((HUGS))))) Kim


Dear sweet Kim,
We are all here supporting and loving you through this process....just like you have been here to love, support and lift us up! God will guide your footsteps. It's evident that you have a deep abiding faith....I understand completely (just like many others who have posted) about abandonment issues, change, spiritual growth, and being at a crossroad. Planning your daughter's wedding, having another birthday....CHANGES. I think life is a process of grieving and letting go. Losing our parents, getting used to our children leaving the nest....beginnings and endings all bring change. I feel sad for a day or two when we drop my son, his wife, and grandchildren at the airport so they can return to Delaware after visiting us in Michigan. When my mother passed January 28, 2011 I felt lost. She was 84 and I was 53, and I'm missing her as I write this. Little girls are so blessed to have fathers who are present while growing up. I didn’t have a father present. I think it left a huge hole in my spirit that I’m stilling trying to fill-up. Actually, I think the human condition is feeling abandoned and lost sometimes.
On a lighter note....change is exciting and a wonderful opportunity! I hope you will still keep this site alive....I love looking at all the home tours, and hearing stories about Maggie and other happenings at the Daisy Cottage. The simple everyday inspiration and love that you share on this blog lift my spirit! We'll be here for YOU. I'd love a Maggie calendar, and whatever book you can bet it will be on my coffee table. There are no accidents in life, and I firmly believe in synchronicity! I found you on a day that I was feeling lost, down, and lacked direction. Your blog and inspiration helped me to open to the creative process again and I thank you!!!!! I'm off to visit your other site! Wishing you all the best!! Keep sharing and creating! You are loved by so many people!


Dear Sweet Kim,
We all come to this stage in our life when we have these thoughts. I lost my brother when I was 3, myDad when I was 21, and my mother when I was 31. My other three sisters have all passed away from 1989-2000. They always lived in California and I in the Midwest so we didn't see each other very often. I have no immediately family to turn too and have felt "alone" for years.

I am close to my DD but she is the only one. I missed so much of having somone to talk to or vent to without them thinking badly about me.

Our first time to meet was cancelled due to illiness and just bad timming and I thought I would get to meet you later. Unfortunately, my insecurities have surfaced again and I couldn't bring myself to call. You have done so much in these last four years and have accomplished so much. I am so proud of you and in awe of you at the same time. I am afraid of not measuring up to you. I know intellectually that is not the case but my emotions say otherwise.

I am so happy for your family and all that you have done in such a short time. You are an amazing/creative woman and a gifted writer. Your photography is awesome. I love the city where you live. I am still trying to become a permanent resident of Florida. DH and I feel so much better there.

In a few months, I turn 70 years old and that is definitely an eye opener for me. I know that my time here is short and I question what I have accomplished.

I love you, Kim! You have been my friend in cyberspace for many years and even before your blog. You have a beautiful family. May God Bless you ever minute of the day.

Connie, Indiana


go, do what you have to do...bloom and grow and travel the path you feel you must...but know that you aren't getting rid of us...we're here, there, where ever you are...your blog was one of the first I ever found and I couldn't believe how lovely it was. The other blogs I had found weren't as colourful or as I stuck around and I'm glad I did...I wish you all that you deserve and more. I wish you what you wish yourself and I know you'll find it...and so do you!! :)


It does seem like there aren't enough hours in the day to do all the things you'd like to do. I know I have the same problem. Your photos are beautiful.

I have loved visiting your lovely daisy cottage.

I hope things work out for you.

Donna Scott

Kim, I will miss Dear Daisy Cottage so much. I visit you daily. I will definately follow you as you travel in new directions. I hope you write a book. You are a wonderful writer. I would so love to have you in MY home every day. You have been a part of my life for so a long time. Reading your blog was like a daily prayer. Your blog helped me to be more centered, find my inner calm, and look at life with more color, texture and interest. My eyes were treated to a new adventure with every vist to Dear Daisy Cottage. Thank you for that. I really love you. Your friend Donna in Houston


Well Kim, it's not like you didn't give us any warning. And we'll all follow you....


Hugs to you, your other blog has beautiful pictures as well :) I know you will get things worked out soona and remember God never abandons us and Jesus never fails.



Aww Sweet Kim...I am older than you...55 this did that happen>?? LOL I still belive I am 25 or 30..but its been an adventure! I do know what you mean..lost my high school sweetheart husband at 23...& my dad died when he was 52..& I was so emotional the yr I turned 52! And my sweet mom 10 yrs ago..almost lost a sister last I do know how you feel..but you have given me SO much thru these yrs!!Your an amazing women..& if you have dreams you should follow them girly...I will follow you anywhere:)
On my bucket list is to meet you:) Many blessings
Hugs & Love..
Deb:) xoxo


Greetings, Kim... I was 19 when my father died. I'm 52 now, as you are. (He was 58 when he died of a heart attack.) I was an only child and my father was my right arm. My mother and I were devastated when he died of a heart attack. You shouldn't feel abandoned... but one feels what they feel. I felt LOST!!! And if I were someone else telling ME something, I'd say I shouldn't feel LOST. Both your father and mine are there, they HAVE BEEN there for us all of these years, watching out and helping us from above. But, trust me, I know how you feel... I know it's hard. --Plus, the AGE we are now, I don't know, it is some "transition period" or SOMETHING that I do NOT like either. ;)


Kim... I am back because it is so weird as I wrote my comment a short while ago, and I was then watching "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon" and who comes on but Randy Newman. And what does he sing? Something that truly moved me -- I had NEVER heard it before (but it's apparently been around a while). And Lord, it was like I was singing it about my Dad, and I think you will feel the same way, from what you wrote in your post. If you wish, please listen... I looked it up on You Tube to hear it again for myself and cried and cried... I think you will feel the same if you think about your Dad, as I did about mine...

lorraine lewis

Kim you are a beautiful soul. I felt it so much reading this heartfelt post. I wish you the sweetest of blessings dear girl. I will be 52 in October- we are almost twins! Take care and God bless you in your everyday journey.

Linda A Young

Dear Kim, Colorful, cheerful, Daisy Cottage was one of the first blogs I ever saw,and how I've loved those cozy visits, studied your clever, and cmfy decor using pretty, thrifty, vintage furnishings. I've visited you every time I get on the computer! You're the reason I started a blog, and I've truly felt your love, as if I really know you! You are adorable, and so admired for your shining example of seeing beauty in everyday life, everywhere in the world, and for sharing your love and your sweetness. I saw your new site, the photograghy is fabulous, but it's more than that, it's special because of your insights. the way you see things and how well you are able to convey your thoughts and feelings!I wish you the best as you explore new ideas. I pray you will feel as loved as you make us all feel!

Mary Lou

Dear Kim,
Daisy Cottage has been a refuge for me since I found it a few years ago! I am so glad it will remain, so return visits can be made when needed. Your new site is so full of wonderful images already. I love your photographs! Your love of beauty is so evident. I hope your efforts will be blessed, and you, in turn, will bless others.


I have loved your colorful blog and you since last April when I started my blog. I will be seeing you on your other site.


Well I love you too Kim! I can't say I won't miss dear Daisy cottage, but I understand wanting to try new things. I have been going through so many changes and the possibility of fulfilling long held dreams. My blog has suffered for it, I am not ready to let it go, but I know I have to follow my heart, and you do too. You're on my reader so whenever you post, I'll be here. God bless you Kim, and may you find success and happiness in all that you do!



I have never met you and you probably have no idea who I am. I have been following recently and I think this post made me shed a tear. You seem to be a beautiful person and I look forward to hearing more about your journey.


The best of wishes to you dear Kim.... peace be in your heart in whatever you'll do and whatever places life may take you....


I have really fallen in love with "Daisy Cottage", "Miss Maggie & Marley" and of course the keeper of the cottage.... You Kim!! You are one amazing lady and I so admire you!!! I am soooo hoping that you do not take Daisy Cottage away from us.... but I do understand moving on to where your heart calls. May the peace of God that passes ALL understanding be yours in every decision you make!!!! Terri :) ( that book idea would be sweet !!)


dear Kim
we all have paths to travel in life - I hope you find peace, love and wonderment on yours - you have helped me to travel a better path and I thank you for that....
Go where your heart leads and know that others wish you well even though you don't know who they are.


Hello dearest Kim,
I haven't been over to visit for a while, I have been busy helping my hubby in his business, doing the bookwork and the phone work and I have begun to sew again. For those reasons, I have neglected my friends.
Follow your heart, and we will enjoy whatever you do show us, you know we are your adoring public!!!
I love you, too!
Love and hugs, Cindy

Sweet Cottage Dreams

my dear friend....

you know i understand....and you know i support whatever it is you are doing.


take the high road and listen to your heart.
i know you do.

i adore you.
i love you.
sisters for life....


Kathy :)

Hello Kim,

I have been out West visiting my kiddos and Grand Furbaby lol.....

I think when you come right down to it we all have issues don't you think ? husband just had a b'day on May 14 and passed the age when his Dad passed away....he now joins his 3 older sisters and all hoped to pass that number and thank God they did !!!!

I have been with you since the beginning, I remember how afraid I was to comment LOL and now I am like a font !!! So I will share something personal with YOU too..... I'm shy!!! When I say this to friends they laugh, cuz I am a chatterbox, but ONLY if I know you and feel comfortable.

So count me in Kim for wahtever journey you take....I will follow...

God Bless,
Kathy :)

A Romantic Porch

Dear Sweet Kim, In 2007 I found your blog. When I found it I LOVED it and read it all the way back to the day you started it. I tried to post but it took me several times and I was nervous to leave a comment, so I would email you...crazy (I know).
You encouraged me to start my own blog. The day I publicly posted my first post, you added me to your Blog Candy list and immediately I started getting comments. Thank you so much.
I used to leave a comment on every single post. Just like so many families the hardships of life have held us in its' grip. We are small business owners and in order to survive we started yet a second business and I expanded (HUGELY EXpandEd) my fashion and design services. So with running 2 businesses and a F/D service and family life, there are times I feel like I don't have time to breath. Literally there are more immediate demands on my time than I can accomplish. I just keep saying, "put one foot in front of the other", "stay steady" "hold on to your hopes and dreams".
I have so many hopes and dreams and sometimes I'm afraid I won't accomplish them because I'm so busy keeping up with the demands of life that I can't focus on the things that I am passionate about.
I'm only telling you all of this to say that though I always commented on your posts before and of late, I haven't been, it isn't because I have abandoned you...I just can't keep up...but I do still read every single post you do and I will follow you where ever you go. I can't wait to visit your new sight.
I won't be 50 for a few years, but I have lost both of my parents. I think when we go through things like this and we see time ebbing away, it causes us to strongly evaluate the course of our life and how we spend our time. I know that is true for me anyway.
Sorry I have written a book here. I should have emailed instead. I'm so proud of you for being able to acknowledge where you are in life and I can only imagine there is so much left unsaid. Trust your feelings.
Jesus said HE would never leave us or forsake us.
Kim, I think the people who follow you and love you feel like you are their own personal best girlfriend. Take heart. Press step at a time.
Now I will go check out your new sight and try not to feel silly for all the things I have said in this comment after I hit publish and can't take it back! :)
Love, Rachel


Dear Kim,
I visited your site after reading about it in a publication, I was entranced! I immediately added it to my favorites. Whatever you do your friends will be there for you. Crossroads are a good thing sweetie. You are very talented, go for it! I will happily, merrily follow both sites! My sweet dad succumbed to pancreatic cancer 8 years ago at the same time I was diagnosed with breast cancer. God had to have worked it that way because I didn't have time to feel sorry for myself or think about myself, I was being strong for him. My husband was 12 years old when his 41 year old father had a massive heart attack, my husband became the Dad to is 4 younger siblings and has never been able to let go of his deep feelings of wanting to take care of the people he loves. His Mom passed away when he was only 26 and she only 51. Now that I am 53 I feel so fortunate to be here, I am truly thankful for each and every day that I am blessed with AND I just found out that I'm going to be a grandma and am so thrilled! Much love and big hugs to you have so many blog friends who love you and support you and encourage you...that is a true blessing!!!! xo


Best wishes to you in anything you endevor to do! Can't wait to visit your new site, but do hope you may continue to update this one from time to time. Five years ago I was 52. In the time since, I have become a grandmother to 3 children, adopted my dog,Maggie, bought a house, made some new friends, had some new adventures, and much more that I NEVER planned - it just happened as life went on regardless of me. May life bring you joy as you have brought joy to so many through your blog! Thanks!

Bess at Fixing My Thoughts

Kim, may God bless you richly in all that you do. Have really loved your blog, but so understand how a blog eats up most of a person's free time. I've even cut back trying to read and comment on blogs because I've just felt the need to be living life instead of only reading about it. Nevertheless, your's has been one of the best blogs to read. Best wishes for happiness and success, Bess


Happy B-Day & just know how inspiring you and your blog are- and relish in your genuine smile & happiness you spread daily.

Dana mercaldi

Kim, I have loved and adored your postings.
Dana Mercaldi

Esther sunday

I love you


kim thank you for all your blessings you have sent to all who love you ...the crossroads in your life are going to take you to the highest level ..and along the way you will still be doing the amazing thing called being you ..where ever you go... what ever you do always remember that somewhere in this land someone is thinking of you and maggie and your loved ones ..god bless you in all you do ! always your friend carol hall!


Always such a bright and cheery place here!


Rebecca Kuriluk


I also have 'abandonment' issues,as well as 'trust' issues...have from a very early age, so I understand completely. I lost my Mother, very suddenly, when she was 43...and I was 10. The morning of my 10th birthday was a Saturday and the last time I saw her. She was hurriedly putting on makeup and leaving for a scheduled hospital operation (a hysterectomy...I didn't know of at the time..) the following Monday. She died the following Friday. It's been 44 yrs. now and I'm about to turn 54, in early June. My birthday has always been bittersweet...

I lost my Father when he was 70, and I was 36. Cuter than cute story.... as he was in his last days we (his 6 adult kids...I know right? Hence, the hysterectomy attempt...) were assuring him that where he was going was to be with our Mother, and it was going to be sooo wonderful and that it was ok to leave......and he was silent for a few moments, then looked at us all and said, "Yeah, but I'm 70.....and your Mother is only 43!" Oh, bless his heart...bless his everlovin' heart...we gently explained his body would not be accompanying him, only his soul!!

Gosh, I miss them...

I love the music here on your contemplative, so tranquil...

There are no words for how I feel about your 'lil Miss Maggie, btw.....I'm glad you have her, I love her too.

Kim I hope you know how special you are...I think we would be great friends in RL, if only we were closer to one another. You have a standing invitation to the mitten state, anytime you I have a nice 3 acre escape-to-country-simpler-life cottage, and my main home is on the water! Best of both worlds!

Go follow your heart hon, and be well.

We'll be here when you get back...

Thank You for all the Giving of yourself and all the Love.



P.S....I have a grown son(30 this year)and a grown daughter,(26 this year)too...and have the same sentiments surrounding mine...I love them too much, so sooo very, very much....sigh. Their sperm donor abandoned us when they were 6 and 2....nice guy, eh?

Karma is alive and well, tho....


sending you hugs honey xxxx

Lore D'Sa

Hi Kim,

I lost my father to cancer on March 21st of this year. I saw him go from a strong, hard working man, who cherished his family and his garden, to a frail man. He was 78 years of age, much older than your dear dad. Regardless of age, I miss my daddy so much, I'll be 49 years old, this August. So my heart goes out to you.

Hold on to your memories.

Love You Lots



I know exactly what you are saying, I could have written this post myself. Take care and know how beautifully you have been made. Aloha, Connie


Well, I just found your blog today, but found it intriguing ESPECIALLY because I, too, lost my father when I was 24. He was 53. And I was just telling someone that I am almost as old as he was when I lost him (I'll be 51 in October).
This looks like a fun place to hang out - I'll become a regular.


Dearest Kim
I will miss you. You have been a special part of my life since I first discovered Daisy Cottage almost 4 years ago. Perhaps we will still meet one day when I am in Florida. I love the new site with your beautiful photos
Love Rhondi


Dear Kim,
My mom died in August of 2009. We found out she had cancer on a Saturday and she died five days later. She was my best friend and I was in such shock at the sudden loss. Two weeks later, while wandering aimlessly google, I found your blog and it became my "happy place" to visit when I was going through so much pain. Your blog has been a source of hope, comfort and happiness for me. Thank you! Irene

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