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February 07, 2011


Ricki Jill Treleaven

Poor Marley. I hope he gets his Get Out Of Jail Free Card soon :D

Suzy Miller

Awe. Poor babies...but a mother has to do what a mother has to do.
You have to discipline when necessary.
Somehow...I think they will be all the better for it, later in life.
In Marley's case...I predict, he will be out of hot the very near future :)-

Thanks again Kim, for making us smile!


Sandy McClay

Oh Kim....isn't funny how they just know that they have done something wrong???? Of course, if you didn't catch him at it, what can you do????? And Maggie, you need to quit being a tattletale! LOL LOL :):)

Carrie Merth

Our pup does the same thing... she is not suppose to be on my black couch. She gets caught and then she gives us her mournful "I am so sorry" look.


I don't know how you can look at the eyes of a dog, any dog, and not have them melt your heart! You should have seen the look on my Maggie's face when I caught her eating my coconut danish! Priceless!

Barbara F.

I think these two need their own reality show! The Real HouseDogs of Florida!! xoxox

Melesa Garrison

M & M make life alot more interesting, huh? They are too cute and I think Marley should get out of Time Out for good behavior! Maggie might need to go in for a while for being a "Tattle tail"


Just like kids,you turn your back for one moment and they have to try you on...


I wouldn't be able to resist those soulful eyes!


Missy Aslund

I loooooooooooooove it!!!!!!!!!!!!! So cute. You just can't stay mad for long, just look at those sweet faces.

Cats on the other hand have no conscience.


awwww I would just put a sheet or something on the couch and let him lay his weary bones on it poor thing. i would hate to have to lay on the hard floor all the time. bless his sweet heart. they make great doggie brushes for removing fur on furniture! maybe you could have a change of heart?

Daisy Cottage

Oh Melodie Marley is so going to love your comment!

The thing is he OWNS every piece of furniture in Daisy Cottage including our bed to lay on whenever he chooses. I just didn't want him on this green sofa because... well remember how much I paid for it? ;-)

But thank you for thinking of him.... what a sweetie YOU are.



I've given up on the dogs staying off the couches. I just run the vac over them. But my Husky gets in trouble when he pulls paper out of the trash and leaves little pieces in our bedroom. His sister tells every time.


Oooooooo how I LOVE those red mirrors! You just gave me some inspiration girl!


How funny. Our big dog who is like 70 lbs. is not allowed on the furniture but sadly our little dog is. She weighs in at 6 lbs. If you forget to put the dogs in their beds at night in our kitchen, you will find the big dog sleeping on the couch when she thinks no one is around. They are like kids.


Furry kids will be kids :-)


OMG Kim....Charlie, our Boykin Spaniel, the dog from hell, used to do the same thing to my white sofa...that's why it's now a red & white toile sofa!! He used to love to rub up and down the front until it was black...God love him, he's in doggy heaven now, but I sure don't miss that part of him! Maggie has saved your sofa...give her a treat!


Poor Marley ~ hope he get out of "time out" soon ~ Can't stay mad at that sweet face and the tattletale well she's just adorable as always...

I just couldn't be made at him ;-)


Whoops ~ I mean "mad" see I can't be serious with those two cuties (tee hee)


Not fair if Maggie is allowed on the sofa and Marley isn't. Marley is just a dog, he doesnt understand that he leaves more fur on the sofa than Maggie does. I agree with Melodie - put a sheet on the couch and let BOTH of them lay on it. Life is short, and that is just a $22.00 sofa, but Marley is irreplaceable.
Suzanne from Boynton


Poor Marley! He never gets the glory. :)


That sad....Now Marley you need to apologize and give mommy a kiss!!

Mary lou

Daisy. Were you up on there too? Just asking. Go give your brother a sweet lick.

Jennifer Hayslip

Precious puppy! Can't resist those sweet eyes! Love your red mirrors btw....


I go through the same thing with Bosco. He waits until I turn my head and then he jumps up there.

Maggie, it's not nice to tell on your brother....

pogonip@ Meadowsweet Cottage

I feel pretty sure that if Marley could speak, he'd tell you about Maggie's friend (Mr. Nobody) who came over and jumped up on the sofa before M&M could tell him that was against the rules! Yep, I'm good at making excuses for my pups too!

Susan Freeman

You can read so much from those expressive eyes can't you??

Susan and Bentley


what would we do without them...=D


Poor Puppy!!!.... but who could blame him with that beautiful sofa calling him and THAT gorgeous crochet afghan!!!! Did you make it???

Pom Pom

Maggie has the cutest little face. Do you have to be careful with her back? Oh, I love her! Marley is a softy, so dear.

Barbara Anne

Ah, dogs will be dogs and they all know comfort! The forbidden places are theirs when no one is looking. Yep, the dog hairs tell the tale!

What cheery and happy colors fill your pretty home!


Terri Driggers

okay... Marley and Maggie have just officialy made my day!!! Those two cuties are the sweetest!!! Kim.... how in this world do you discipline when you look into those great big beautiful eyes!!!!?????? SOOOOOOOOOOOOO precious!!!!! Thank you for sharing with us , Terri :)

Helen Louise

What sweet pictures, what a cute tail- I mean tale. My Sophie is now 91 y/o in human years and maybe couldn't jump up on the sofa anymore, at least not easily. She's a miniature schnauzer and was a rescue dog; actually she rescued me, not the other way around because she was my first dog ever to call my very own. Husband has had hunting dogs but they're not the same. She has educated me so much and opened my world over the years in ways you can't imagine. happy Marley can still make that jump. But I know you are! This was a delightful story today. Thank you again.

Bella StyleBook

A friend of mine had the same problem. She finally threw up her arms and gave in by placing old sheets over all her sofas and chairs. She simply removes all the sheets just before company arrives. This avoids her company from attracting fur on their back sides. I call it "Doggie Slipcovers."

Terri Morse

They always can make me smile. Poor Marley. I guess he got even by stealing Maggie's bone. I'd hug them both!


Poor Marley, he probably just wanted some attention. Who could stay mad at that face?

Send him over to me and he can lay on the sofa in my studio anytime.


Kimberly Padilla

What an adorable post! :)

Marley's sad face says it all... So cute and truly remorseful, both of them. Sweet post Kim, thanks for the lift, Donna


Even though Marley and Maggie are famous to me, Mom, you ought to start writing books and doing your own illustrations about "The Adventures of Marley and Maggie". They would be famous the world over, including their mom. Love from Okla, Cindy

Trish Rowley

Hi Kim, they are so sweet. My standard poodle Beau who is now 6 years old had a few months of lessons about not jumping on the Lounge, after the third month I gave up he now has his own chair and oh boy if anyone is sitting in his chair you should see it. If looks could kill lol. Have a great day Trish xox ;)

Erin Parker

Poor Marley. He can come and live with me.


I have given up on tough love. Dad loves the boys the best!
They could chew a wall down and he would say Atta boy!
I'm going shopping tomorrow and the boys can just enjoy the day without me. I just hope dad remembers that those potty pads have to be picked up more than once a day!

Maybe Marley wants to go with me!!!


Too adorable!!!!

Becky from Tennessee

HAHAHA!! Toooooo funny, Kim! I have to agree with Barbara F.
and Cindy..........Marley and Maggie need their own reality
show AND their Mom needs to write a book about life with
the famous duo!

Thanks,Kim,for brightening my day. Give the sweeties a big
hug from their biggest fan in Tennessee, please!


Angela Wasson

I absolutely adore your red mirrors. I've been collecting mirrors, and now I realize how much the white mirrors I have make an impact on my teal wall. It reminds me of your red ones.

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