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February 12, 2011


MJ Smith

What a special and adorable picture of you and your Dad. I was super close to my Dad, too. I still miss him everyday! Do something special in honor of your Dad today!


I'm so sorry that you lost your Dad at such a young age, Kim. I know how much you loved him from your posts. Those of us who have/had a wonderful Dad can be so grateful...who would we be without having had their love FIRST? On an unrelated note, I'm glad you still check in with us here with your posts. We need you. We really do. There just isn't enough love in this world. And BTW, Happy Valentines Day a little early.

Julie Harward

That is one great photo...look how he holds onto your little leg..protecting, loving. Dad's are such a gift aren't they...I can tell you this that I believe, he is near you and watches over you still. Families are forever. Sending hugs and Happy Birthday's...:D


So bittersweet, Kim! What a lovely tribute to your dad. Aren't you glad you had that close relationship?


That's just such an amazing pic of you and your dad. I love it.


and he would be so very very proud of his little girl!

Teacup Lane

What an adorable picture of you and your Dad Kim! You can see the special bond you had with your Dad...both of you look so happy. Happy Birthday to your Dad. My Dad passed at almost 73 and like you there isn't a day that goes by I don't miss him.

Trish Rowley

Hi Kim, one of my great loves and comforts in life is music. Both my Mother and Father were great lovers of music. They have both passed on now but I have to say that it brings me great comfort when I play the music that they loved so much. My Mum is always around me, I know because I'll hear one of her songs all day. I had a funny thing happen at Christmas my Mums Birthday is Christmas day and mine is the 27th all the week before Christmas people were sending me blue birds on cards, ornaments, my sister came over and said I have a song for you its from Mum the song is called gonnna find me a bluebird by Joyce Hahn it's an old 45 and she got me the original from America (she knew nothing about the other bluebirds at that time) even a little bird that sat on my fence for a week and just whistled all day so much that my neighbour commented on this tiny little bird that he had never seen or heard before with the beautiful song. So I know that Mum was around that week she sent me lots of Bluebirds of happiness and I know that your Dad is around you too. Only you would know those special little things that tell you Dad is here. God Bless!! Trish xox ;)


I can feel your sadness...I wish you had been able to spend many, many more happy years with him. I lost my dad in December. It never gets easier.


dotsie (aka podso)

One of the first post I remember reading on your blog was about your beloved dad. It's so good that God gave us memories ...


Dear Kim...there IS such an empty space left when a parent is no longer with us. I hope that space is and always will be filled with music!and memories!and love! I lost my daddy when I was fourteen, I will never forget that night. And yet I have my Mother~ who is enjoying her 83rd birthday TODAY!!! And she is still going strong;). We are blessed in soooo many ways~
Blessings to you today and always.


Happy Birthday to your Dad, Kim. Such a nice photo of you and him :)


I was with both of my parents when they passed away, a year apart. People look at me strangely when I tell them it was a gift to be holding their hands when they left this life. I think of them daily, of course. By the way, my Aunt is 94 today....we're celebrating with Chocolate Cake! Thanks for sharing with us.

Barabra Anne

On Daddy's shoulders! Is there a more glorious or safe place to be? I remember when my Daddy and the refrigerator were the tallest things in my life!

My Dad has been gone for nearly 28 years and you're right, there is a hole where he was. Life has never been the same for me either.

Big hugs!


I feel your pain...I lost my my dad last Dec. He was in the hospice room in the hospital and everybody left to go home for a bit but something kept me there and he passed with just me hanging on to his hand.....I was the closest to him and my daughter also. He was the father she never had. I hated that day and will never forget it! I, too, think of him all the time. Hopefully I will see him you will. 8>)


Oh Kim, my dad's birthday is tomorrow and he would be 88.
He made sure that I knew how to use tools and fix things.
It was expected that I keep everything clean and neat,
work hard, can and cook. You didn't really visit anyone because there was work. Miss him!


What a sad but sweet story of your never-ending love for you dad. I'm so sorry you lost him at such a young age.

My dad is one of those types that never show affection--no hugs or kisses, or rides on his shoulders. But to this day he is always teaching his us and the grandchildren something, wanting us to learn to make our own way in life and to learn to be strong. Even so I know he loves us girls in his own way. I'm lucky to still have him around--and a grand age of 80.

What a sweet photo you you and your dad!

Ricki Jill Treleaven

What a sweet, sweet picture of you and your dad. Simply precious! I hope you have an extraordinarily fun day today in his honor :D

Ricki Jill

vivian roberts

I know the feelings you are having I lost my Dad two years ago and it is never the same. And today is my first borns birthday, but I lost him when he was 6 years old. Thoughts will be with you as we both remeber someone special today. (HUGS)Vivian .....

Shannon Olson

what a precious photo, what wonderful memories. So sorry he passed away so very early. Happy birthday memories, God Bless.


My first trip to Daisy Cottage and my eyes well with tears. Both my parents died at a young age. My mother at 57 and my father at 61. The realionship between daughters and fathers is such an important one - all through life. Words though few coupled with the beauty of a black and white image speak volumns of the love you shared. Thank you so much.

Today is our son's birthday. Forty-one years ago I held him in my arms, alone (my husband was in the service and overseas during Viet Nam). I remember gazing into his little face, a tiny hand wrapped around my finger. I thought to myself, what will his voice sound like. He was and still is the love of our lives.

I'd like to invite you to vist my blog After reading your post today I think you'll enjoy my walk down memory lane. Again, thank you for a beautiful, tender, look into your life. Your music choices are absolutely perfect.

Hugs and Smiles

Dena Palmer

wishing you many sweet memories today. Birthdays in HEAVEN are really special though. hugs


Hi Kim

Wishing you wonderful memories!


Barbara F.

I was a Daddy's girl, too. We lost him 32 years ago, to cancer. He had just turned 59 on Dec. 22, and he died Dec. 26. Christmas was never the same for me, and still isn't to this very day. He definitely set the standard very high for me when looking for a husband. I am very spiritual and have deep faith and know, just not only believe, but know he is always close to me in spirit and one day I will see him in Heaven. God bless Kim, love is the connection, so know this too. xo,


Kept Promises are some of the most important things in life, as are Fulfilled Dreams. I think you Dad would be pleased and proud of your accomplishing both of these.



it's funny Kim, I too, say that my Dad was the first man I ever loved. My father is gone too, and I miss him so much. He was 46 yrs old when I was born, and I feel like I didn't have enough time with him, to get to know the man he was, not just the father. He loved was the theme tune to a show we used to watch in England...well, I watched the show, he listened to the music!! Such a loving post to your Dad... ♥

Tins and Treasures

Good Morning, Kim,
What an awesome picture of you and your dad. I hope it is in a frame somewhere?

And only, that's young. My dad died in 1988 at the age of 68. I think of him often too.

Have a wonderful weekend. Enjoy the special memories you have of your dad.

Take care ~Natalie


Hello dear Kim,
Your dad was only a few months older than my dad. He would have been 79 in May. He passed away when I was 32, it was a real disappointment, because I still needed his steady guiding hand and love SO badly. He was the first man that I ever loved, too, one of the few men that I have ever fully trusted, he was one of the good ones. He helped me to know that my husband was the man that I was meant to marry and he was right!
We will love our dads forever!
Love and hugs, Cindy


He is so handsome and has such a sweet, happy smile. Much of your lovliness must come from him. <3

Debbie Vierkant

What a wonderful pic of you and your Daddy, you both look so happy! I feel your pain in his loss. I lossed my sweet wonderful Dad Oct 9th 2o10 still very fresh. I think of him everyday too and my life was also forever changed the minute he slipped away, I was also by his side. Thank you for sharing this memory. You should celebrate today by doing something special that he would like. Big giant hugs to you!

Deborah Downing

This photo is so precious, Kim. I also adored my Dad & thought he was Superman!
You look so sweet & happy here.
Love, Deborah D


What a special picture of you and your Dad ~ such a wonderful memento. Hoping you have a sweet day filled with many memories of your Dad ~ He's smiling down on you beeming with pride~;-)


Such a beautiful moment to share..... thank you. Happiness is the time we share with loved ones, be it a minute or a moment.


Oh Kim I know how you feel.
But, we celebrated my mom's 92nd Birthday Feb. 10th. It lasted 2 days. Yesterday she wanted to go shopping and a little gambling at the Casino. We ate at a lovely rest. and the singer/piano player sang her the prettiest birthday song.
I wish your dad in heaven a beautiful birthday. I wonder if he ran into my dad yet : )
Love you
Love me


What a beautiful picture! Just loved it, a beautiful little girl with her handsome dad, who turned into a beautiful woman on the outside and inside too. I missed having a dad growing up, he was an achololic and he and my mom were only married a short time. I have a wonderful mother though, who started college at 40 years old and taught school for 20 years. She's my heroine. Love from Okla, Cindy

Debbie Masters

I could look at that picture for hours! It made me smile to see how much love and happiness shows from both faces.
I lost my father many years ago.......nobody like Daddies.
xox Debbie

Mary Helmke USA

"Precious Picture"

Linda Bloom

My mother's birthday too. She would have been 81. I also attended a dear friend's memorial service this morning. Your blog entry made me feel so much better - it is so uplifting, and the music is beautiful. Thank you!
I will soon be starting a blog of my own - pretty nervous! Have been lurking for a long time. Look for me soon at The house of beautiful dogs. Thanks again. Linda


I love that photo of you and your Dad. I can relate to what you are feeling.
My dad would have been 81 on Febr. 9th. I lost him in 2001
and then my Mom in 2005, just before I turned 50.
It is funny how much I think of them and enjoy the memories but I still feel the sadness, too.
I have faith that I will see them once again.
I wish you all the best, thanks for sharing this
photo with us.

Linda Evans

Oh Dear Kim....I so get the music and the story behind it and your feelings...I get it all.......when I first came upon your blog the music was the first thing that grabbed me....why? because it brought back many happy memories of my childhood, mom and dad and everything that means so much to me....I am 54 years young, and I get it now but wouldn't have years ago.....part of growing up and your daddy understood that.....what a wonderful story, thank you again Kim......smiling through the tears, Linda


What a wonderful tribute to your Dad! Obviously you had a great relationship bringing precious memories. Thank you Kim for including us on this special day. Terri


Oh (((((Kim)))) do you ever stop missing them? The pain isn't as intense but its like an ache in your heart that never goes away. My daddy died on Mother's Day 16 years ago. I love the picture, its great, reminds me of some of the pictures I have. My fave is one of my dad and me when I was about 2 and we were walking down a dirt road.

I was just thinking about him tonight when I was driving home from work, mostly because we just found out this week my mom has cancer. I've rearranged my work schedule so I can go to the oncologist with her. I'm a Peds Oncology nurse so I'm hoping I can help her understand things. Now if I can just make me understand this.

Judy A

Blessings to you on such a special, sweet day.

It's been nearly two years since my Dad passed. He is with me in thought and spirit, but it sure isn't the same as having him close, or seeing him and my Mom together. While I struggle, I know how adrift she feels.

Thank you for sharing such a personal part of your life. I too love the music you selected, honoring your father.

A toast to those we have all loved and lost, but hold dear until we join them again.


What a wonderful photo of you and your dad. I took flowers to the cemetery today for my dad...he passed away four days before 9/11. All of our memories of our dads are so very special, aren't they? xoxo Beth


Sweet Kim...My dad died at 52 also...miss him every day also...He had 3 girls..4 with mom..& every Valentine day he got his girls the cutest box of chocolate candy!
Sweet memories:)
Deb:) xoxox

Carol Adams

I had not read your post about the music on your blog altho I knew that Stranger On The Shore was connected to your daddy.
52 is just way too young. I'm so so sorry...
I LOVE that song...It has always touched my soul from the moment I found your blog. (I think each of your songs touches me, actually..:)For the most part, music touches my soul.
My Aunt Dot's birthday is also today & now I will always remember that!
Sending huge hugs to you! You know I think the world of you!


You're having so much fun in that picture. Wonderful. I'm sorry you lost him so early. xx

Susan Freeman

I know ... I know. I miss my Daddy so much too!! It's been about 8 months now that he has gone. It has not been easy and it never will be. My heart goes out to you right now!!

Lots of love,
Susan and Bentley

Mary Ann

What a handsome, handsome man, and a happy little girl! He's blessed to be remembered so well.

sweet cottage dreams

God Bless you, dear Kim....

you know - and i know you do - that your father is always with you. what a handsome father you have, dear friend! and look how adorable - how ADORABLE and HAPPY you are. each time i hear this song on your blog, i always remember the story of how your father gave you the album and told you that you may not get it now, but you will get it then. so beautiful......

happy birthday, dear kim's dad, happy birthday to you!!!

love you, sis,

ps: love the second song you have playing, too. it makes me think of my childhood, too...and the simple and happy days of our youth. sometimes i wish we could turn back time. God hears our prayers - yes He does. Dream sweet dreams, Kim.....i love you!


Happy Birthday Kim's Father. You have an amazing daughter. I wish you could see her now. You would be so proud. But, I have a feeling you were always proud and new how things would work out.

I want you to know your daughter has made an Acker Bilk fan out of me. My husband gave me one of his CDs for my birthday. AND, I was happy to hear Acker Bilk was one of my father-in-laws favorites. I never got to meet him, but I think of him every time I play that CD and every time I visit Daisy Cottage's blog.

So many people are thinking about you today.


I'm so happy that you had a wonderful father whom you loved and who loved you properly. That makes my heart leap for joy! I had a monster for a father, cruel and bad. Fear is what I remember when I think of him. Fear and pain. How very grateful I am to know that there are those who have enjoyed a father the proper way, the way God meant for it to be. I'm sorry your time with him was shorter than it should have been, but I'm so glad you can see his face and feel joy. What a gift. :)

Terri Morse

When someone whom we truly love leaves us, it creates a void that can never quite be filled. The warmth of our memories is the healing balm that can help us through our loss. I'm glad that you have those memories. I lost my Dad unexpectedly twenty-eight years ago. He was 46. I was only beginning to gain insight into the person he was. The joy I see in your face in that photo is so genuine and unguarded. I know you must treasure that. You have many friends caring about you. I pray that you find comfort in that.

Stephanie C.

What a wonderful photo! Bless your sweet heart for always thinking of him. It's so important to keep their memory alive. I was young and my mom only 53 when she passed, so I sympathize ... xoxo ...


Hi Kim,
My dad died when he was 52 also. I held his hand as he passed. I was 26. I am 40 now, still miss him every day. I know your loss and the hurt. What a beautiful photo. Have you ever heard, "Homesick" by Mercy Me? Google it and watch it. The song explains our hearts perfectly. Thinking of you.
Ann at the Bungalow


Dear Kim, I know just how you feel. My Dad would have been 103 on Feb 27. He was 45 when I was born and he lived to be 94. I still miss him. We were blessed to have such wonderful fathers.

Cindy lane

Sending hugs and understanding to you dear Kim. Even 10 yrs. after his death (early age also) I still feel overwhelmed with missing him. He couldn't speak for a few days before passing because his heart was failing and his lungs filling with fluid & he couldn't get enough air. He could only open one eye he was so weak. Right before taking his last breath he opened both eyes and looked at me, mouthed the words "bye, bye" and sweetly lifted his fingers on his left hand and waved. I think a big chunk of my heart went with him. A short time later my only brother whom I had cherished my whole life and was my best friend and protector also died at a very early age. I was with him, too. I don't know how my mom survived it all. She's 80 now and I'm so grateful to have her.I struggle daily. When dad could still talk he recorded an audio tape for us. His last statement was he was on his way to Heaven and would be waiting for me there and not to "let him down"...I'm trying so hard not to. I hope your pain eases. A friend from church told me "you wouldn't hurt so bad if it hadn't been so good" I should be so grateful for the time I did have with this awesome dad and brother. I am. I know you are, too. Godd bless you and your sweet, tender heart.
Cindy in Texas


Wow, you look like your Dad...spitting image I'd say!


Thanks for sharing your dad's birthday.

Thanks to him for making you the person you are today. :)


Kim, I love all of your post.This one is so nice,I too lost my Dad 2 years ago..your site is really nice.I am a designer in Dallas Texas and adore your blog


Our dads were born one day apart. My dad turned 79 on Friday, Feb. 11, and luckily, my family was able to get together in my parent's home to celebrate his birthday over the weekend. I know you must miss your father terribly.

Suzy Miller

Sometimes, more.
So, I will say less as I type in this little box.
I totally understand what you are saying.
Our stories are not so different, after all.

So, here's to our dad's.

We "get it".

Love ya sis,

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