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February 17, 2011



Well said sweetie :) Love ya too! Have a great rest of the week.

Julie Harward

I LOVE your hippy bag girl...and I have been doing my thing forever. One thing that did hold with me since the hippy days was that I cannot stand bras..only wear them when I have too LOL ;D

vicky morse

I love you cute hippy bag ! Sweet !


Oh this is a sweet post, Kim. It is liberating being our age, isn't it. And I now have the feeling that I'm *younger* than I thought I'd be at age 49. The actual number is a little creepy and the physical body changes are a bit of an adjustment but there is comfort in knowing that every other woman who lives this long (including my 80-something mom) has experienced the same thing. Oh, your hippie purse is caaauuuuute! It suits you.


Gosh, what wonderful advice Kim. I wholeheartedly agree... if we all dressed in our own unique style what a fabulously and wonderfully dressed world we would live in!

Trish Rowley

Well said Kim, I love your bag. When I think back to the plain ugly so called fashion over the years that I have worn (I think the 80's had to be the worst) gosh what was I thinking!!!! Now I like to be comfortable except for a few classic pieces that will never date fashion for me has gone out the window I'll wear what I like, and I like what I wear. Have a great day xox ;) Love Ya Too!!

sue silva

I love this!


Hoosier at Heart

Amen sista!! You rock that hippie bag!

Jana T

Very well said and such good advice! I've reached "that age" where what other people think about me is not important-----I'm being true to myself! Have a wonderful day in sunny Florida! Oh, and I love the hippy bag. I had a similar one in 1972. I'd love to have it now! :)


Love the hippy bag and you know what? I have just discovered the very same thing you are posting about ~ my inner hippy is happy I've let her out of the hippy bag! Yay ~ ;-)

Linda Evans

Morning Kim.....I just LOVE your blog....your are inspiring in all you always make my day, smiles, Linda


So true Kim! I can't be boxed in by other peoples expectations based on my age. In a lot of ways I feel more "myself", more free, than I did when I was much younger. You look beautiful, I can see you at 16 in this photo! It's time to bloom, not fade:>)

vivian roberts

Cute bag, you wear it well, and very well said, loves and hugs, Vivian

Jeanine Q.

I'm so glad that I taught it to my daughter too! She can pull off anything because she is wearing what SHE wants regardless if it's in or trendy or whatever. I'm still getting there, but really pursuing it!
Love your bag Kim and love the way you can be yourself!


I haven't visited in ages....but what a lovely message to come back to! This is certainly advice I must take to heart.


What a great message to us, and to our daughters and granddaughters as well! I'm at 'that age' and beyond, but never really did dress with the trends.

Love the hippie bag! You're so sweet in that photo!!!

You are so, so, so RIGHT!
I am glad to be in my 40's and comfortable in my own skin. I envy and enjoy my 16 year old daughter who embraces herself as is and wears what she wants, without worrying or caring what others think. She is amazing!
And we are so fortunate to have precious daughters...
Love your $1 hippy bag.
Have a marvelous day,
Donna ;D


Yea!!! This is just what I needed... a gentle reminder!!


Hello Kim,

Right on! What an awesome post you wrote! Love your photo!
What is age anyway? Isn't it just the passing of time?
It's our spirit what really counts...

Rock on!

~ Gabriela ~

Love your hippy bag - what a find!
I am being myself these days. I tried the gray hair bit and I didn't like it. I went back to "me" had my hair tinted back to red (which I have had since I was 18). I dress to please myself and still doing so as I turn 70. LOL
Love your blog - you have always been an inspiriation to me. I still have my red/yellow curtains in my kitchen - thanks to you.

Barbara Anne

Amen, sister!

I have a brown version of your hippie bag that I've had since 1970! I'm still anticipating the time when peace will rule all the planets and love will fill the stars.

Peace, y'all!


Love the purse and the picture of you, so darling!

You are great and so look forward to reading seeing your new post every day. I have a blonde daughter and so glad she is. Your girl looks beautiful with either, but I know how you feel.

God bless you, your family and animals!!!

linda moczan

you go girlfriend! ~ linda

Ricki Jill Treleaven

I am digging the fringe, Kim :D You are rockin' that fringe ;P

I hope you have a hippilicious day!!!

Ricki Jill

Barbara F.

Kim, I remember walking to high school with a similar bag swinging off my shoulder!!! The good old days, but at 56, I am still looking forward to much more! Wish I could rock the Christian Louboutins, but know what? Doesn't really matter in the big scheme of things! xoxoxo

sweet pea

wonderful message kim. when i wear my magnolia pearl here in florida i get lots of looks and i'm never sure if they are admiration or shock.

and i don't care.

when i was younger i wouldn't have had the nerve to do it. one of the blessings of getting older for sure. love the bag my friend.



Thats it I am going to pull out the dress and leggings today and wear them with my tall boots, such a chicken to fashion I am. I'll take your nudge to heart today. Thanks for the encouragement. Normally it would have been a jeans and blah black top day. I need to get back to the second hand stores and pick out what I love. Have a grand and fashionable day!


I love this post Kim! I think the best thing about being this age is being comfortable in who we are. :) There's nothing prettier than a woman who wears her unique style with confidence!



I agree with all of you.I think that we should always try to look our best and not save that special outfit for the right day.Today is the day!If you like it wear it.I am forever changed as of now.Thanks,Kim and the rest of you readers.

Angie Izard

This post makes feel so much better about myself! I am 48, closer to 49, and so sick of hearing how I should dress and wear my hair! You are so beautiful and inspiring! Thanks so much for making me smile today. Angie

Sarah  at meandmyyellowhouse

What's age anyway...I wish I had read this before yesterday when I cut all my long hair off...just because my mother told me that I was too old to have long hair anymore! :(
You look fabulous!


Wonderful and wise words, my friend.
"If God had wanted me otherwise, He would have created me otherwise." ~Johann von Goethe

Hope you are having a wonderful day.


This one was for ME! My attention to fashion has been sparse and nonchalant for almost all of my life, and I've dressed as I pleased for most of it.

And now. The now of invisibility, of reaching that age when I'm a passing zephyr in my cotton T's and shorts, my nice loose pants, my soft, floating shirts in almost any weather, unnoticed and of no consequence in my one-of-every color blabbed to the phone lady at Lane Bryant, as calling out the card number takes longer than choosing the clothes.

My comfortable, sweepy clothes, my nine-color clogs-to-match would dismay my blogging friends, but they suit ME, and I know they'd understand. Passing years attain a status of their own, and the living of them gives us license in our SELVES.

I'm delighted to see your endorsement of this freedom and this ease for women of any age---it's TIME.

Suzy Miller

Couldn't of said it any better Ms. Kim!!
Thank you from all of us "inner hippies"...We "know" what you mean :)-

Fifty is fabulous!
And Fifty "plus" is only the beginning :)-

Love ya,



You are absolutely adorable! Thank you for this post. I really needed it today. Rough day and your sunshine was what my soul needed.

Bloom baby bloom -- love this and love you!

Melesa Garrison

I needed this today as well...I'm 48 and have been thinking lately of how the yrs have flown by and I don't know how I'll handle 50, but our yrs are a blessing and it means we have a reason to be here and we might as well look cute while we are here, right?

A lady at church recently thanked me for wearing leggings, because she had been wanting to get some, but felt as if people would think she was too old. She went out and bought herself some leggings and said she wears them all the time and loves them.Isn't it sad that we let people dictate how we should present ourselves?

Kim, you look absolutely adorable and would look cute if you had a laundry basket tied around your neck, but thanks for this message this morning!

Go out there and Bloom, baby, bloom ;)


Well, you said it today sister... and so did the post by Melessa above me!! Thanks. And I think even though there are a few wrinkles to deal with I would rather be this age than 25-- I know that sounds always sounds like a lie when people say it, but I've truly grown comfortable in the last few years in this skin of mine... crow's feet and all!!
(((Hugs))) Kelly


This was part of my New Year's resolutions. So happy to read you agree with me, Kim! Affirmation is a good thing.

Lisa Sall



Well said!


Well said Kim!! Since turning 50 something has been unleashed in me - a new realization that it is OK to be me! That I can DO what I want WHEN I want and HOW I want. And it's ok. I too hope that my daughters don't wait until they are 50 to have this revelation.
And... you look FABULOUS!

Kathy Charniak

Love you and your precious post. Great reminder. 2nd time I heard today Be true to yourself. I am 58 and I am going to wear only what I like and decorate w what I like too. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Love fr ILLinois - Kathy C By the way you look tooooo cute.


could not have said it better myself....! From one hippie to another....!

Penny @ The Comforts of Home and Lavender Hill Studio

Amen sister!! I have been stuck in this plain classic style forever and I want to let my inner artist sytle out! I want to look I am going to start looking for funkified clothes when I shop from now on!

Lynda Bee

Ditto! My favorite saying "to than own self be true!"
I'm past 50, only barely of course! My kids are grown
and if I like something then I go for it! My hubby loves
me just the way I am . It's a wonderful life!
Have a great day and the weekend to come.

Dolores Lynn

I have been thinking the same thing recently! I am 55 and trying to figure out how to dress is so hard. I am now going to wear what I want. What freedom! Love the pic by the way. Dolores


Love the moccasin bag....think it was mine back in the 60's.

Have a blessed day.

Teri Metts

I love it! And I agree! Today I'm wearing my favorite shirt - a red, black and white tie dye number that is full and comfy! At fifty-five, I'm letting my hair grow longer again, embracing the gray, and learning not to care so much what others think. ;-)


Kim, This 54 year old says "Amen" to your post!

A homespun year

I think mine's the inner hippie...going to go for it!

Terri Morse

You look fabulous in that outfit! More power to you! From one soul sister who is about to hit the big 5-0 in May, I needed to hear that.


Yes, this 60 year old says, "Free" to be me. So funny, I made an appt. last week for today at "Due Sorella's salon to have nails put on, and polished with a bit daring color. Used to wear these years ago while working, now have been retired a few years and treated myself to them again. Love from Okla, Cindy
P.S. Love your purse, you are so pretty!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hello Kim,

Wise words - great advice! I love being in my 40's and pretty true to myself. Since I work in a professional office I tend to lean toward classic apparel when at work. All other times, I wear what I like and do not follow trends/fads. For the most part, I do so without worrying about what others think. If I am comfortable and I think it looks good, that is all that matters.

I love your cute hippy bag! Great picture!

~ Tracy


Hello dear Kim,
At 52, I'm still the old fashioned girl that I always was, only now I don't care if people like it or not.
Love ya! Cindy

Debbie Masters

RIGHT ON, SISTER! I so agree!
xox Debbie


Love this post. I'll be celebrating my 56th birthday in March. For me it's always a time of reflection..... looking back on years past with a grateful heart and the years to come with joyful anticipation. I was reading a blog last week and found a quote that touched my soul. " You aren't just the age you are all the ages you ever have been...."

Smiles :-)))

Kathleen J.


Wow - before I even started reading what you wrote I looked at the picture and thought "she looks no more than 16 years old, and I love that shoulder bag!" You could not be more right-on. Gotta do what makes you happy. Who says women of a certain age have to have short hair and be conservative. I'll wear jeans and sneakers when I am 90; and so will you too, I bet. Count me in as one of your soul sisters, Kim.

Debbie from Texas

Can't believe the timing of your post!! I just posted on my Facebook page about how I couldn't find anything to wear at the stores. They are all made for skinny, young girls. I do want to wear some of those things! :) Maybe I will now.....and be true to my "young" self.
Thanks for the inspiration, Kim.

Maya @ Completely Coastal

Good to hear!! Am turning 50 in less than a month..., and do catch myself thinking about this or that being age appropriate. Not often, just sometimes..., but I want to ditch it.


kim, you are so right on - i just looked at a bag the other day and it was right about the same size as yours and it had peace, love on it -i thought for a second no, i'll get leather but, you know what i'm going for it - peace and love here i come ~cool~ i love your bag - kim you sure spark a whole lot in us - thanks

love ya, -maria - cottage feel-

Carol Adams

I'm probably a tad older than you...56!!! woo woo..
You are adorable and I LOVE this post...(& the purse) I want to shout it from the rooftops..
Your daughter is soooo lucky to have you!

PS...Acker Bilk is touching my soul at this very minute....:)


It must be in the air~ The other day I looked on itunes.
I was going to download Hair. I saw the Broadway production and loved it. And just wanted to hear the age of Aquarius and all of the songs again.

Lois Lightweight

Go Girl that Hippy Bag is Tres Chic, I get so excited when I happen to find some hidden
gem, be it clothing or accessories, Kim you have excellent taste . =>)


Awww Kim....Your such a DOLL!! LOL & yes I am in the age your talking about..& I love it:) I soooooo wanted to be a "hippie" back in the parents said NO...& now...I think I can do what I want:) I must have a little hippie in hair is spiked & red!!! LOL Love it!!
Deb:) xoxo


I so agree with you! Twenty years ago, they would have said you had to cut your hair at forty and start dressing your age. Thankfully, we have all seen the light of that! Peace be with you, sister! xx


Peace and love...always. Kim, you look timeless!


Amen, Kim!

Pam Mikel

kim: you make me smile, then laugh out loud, then smile & feel really good. thanks for being so dern cool! i just love, love, love, the message here today, sistah. love my daily dose of kimmers....xxoo pam in texas


Funny thing! I had been just thinking about this over the last few weeks. Somehow turning 50 is freeing. BTW...I just love your new purse. Watch out that I don't snag it away from you ;)


Ooo I wish you were my friend. I find your blog inspiring and encouraging. I have conformed most of my life and been afraid to be myself. I am 53 and taking the first steps towards full bloom at last. Wish I had done it years ago!

Alison Gibbs

Kim what a great post. Oh to be brave enough to actually do it


I absolutely your adorable "Kim self!"

And you have kept yourself so nice and slender, everything looks so nice on you. Your prairie dresses and red cowboy boots is a fav of mine.

I toast your style, KM - you rock and inspire!

quilty chick

Kim I'm a little older then you :) but I embraced grey hair then decided to go the color route and was miserable the whole time just not feeling like myself-So I'm back to my grey pulling it back the way I feel most comfortable and I feel like me again. It is so liberating to not go with the flow and just be me. You are cute as a button as they say and inspire so many. Have a wonderful weekend and hugs to you. Marietta


Great blog gift to others. Would love to have had that advice at your age. 'It's none of my business what you think of me.' Love that saying. In just under 2 years I will be a 0 birthday. The following summer, I will go to England/Cornwall (possibly a one-way ticket) to see the other side of the world. That gives me time to divest of 'stuff' plan the trip and wallow in the wonder of it all. My hair is longer than ever and it's what I want. Blessings, Janet


Yep. If you pay attention to how you think you "should" be being, or dressing, or whatever, you aren't being yourself. Life's to short to be someone you're really not. Me, I'm a down-to-earth, creative cowgirl. :)


I'd like to think that at our age, we've developed our own style. Yes, we've acquiesed to certain maxims in previous years. But now we should be sure enough to know what we like and what we want to wear. So rock that hippy bag, girl!


I love this!! HECK YEAH!!

I needed a pick me up today, thank you Kim :)


Can I get an AMEN?!

This post is a perfect example of why I love you and why I always feel happier after a visit.


Love this post! I'm pushing 40 and having those thoughts, wishing I didn't care so much!

Tausha Salat

Your are so cute, LOVE that Picture!!!

sweet cottage dreams

You say it all so perfectly!

Yes, you know I am with you on all of this.
We have to be true to ourselves!

L-O-V-E the hippy bag! Makes me want to
turn on some Grand Funk or CCR!


PS: You wook maw-vo-less!!!

Patti VZ

Love it, Kim!! Thanks for encouraging us all!


Yipee, Kim! Thanks for the inspiration. I hope many of us take your advice - including myself!


Groovy baby, I dig what you are saying! I may be a grandma, but I am a hip grandma that's for sure! It saddens me to meet someone and find out they are younger than me, but look 10 years older. I'm not saying at all that I am young looking, but age is so much more than how your skin looks. Its an attitude, style, being happy! Thank you for giving us the permission to express ourselves for who we are on the inside....I certainly don't feel 53!

Carol T

Oh, I so agree!! Why did I have to wait to the ripe old age of 55 to figure that out? :)

And the hippy bag . . .too cute! I once had a bunny fur bag that I loved. And now I think . . .poor bunny. Seriously.


I agree...I have actually worn my rubber garden boots with my jeans and a sweater, of course with a nice pair of chandelier earrings..LOL! Aloha, Connie


Kim, I just love this post! I've had to come back and read it a couple times just 'cause it's something I need to hear. You're an angel!

Laura Locke

Thank you for this post. It's good to know I'm not alone.

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