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November 11, 2010



Congratulations to Vivian!
Love the yellow dresser ~ Have a fabulous time at The Fancy Flea ...wish I were there too :-)


I can see why you LOVE the Fancy Flea soooo much! Looks like they shop just for you;)! Have fun, wish I lived close, I know you would see me there! Have a fun filled weekend.....

Nooks & Cranberries

Imagine all the stories within each of those items! Happy family holidays gathered around an ornament-adorned tree, secrets told to a beloved doll...

What a fun source of inspiration on many levels!

Julie Harward

I wanna come too! That does sound so wonderful to me..have a great time. I was looking though a thrift/antique store the other day with my girls and I was telling them about you and your taste for home decor and they could not believe that a younger person would love older things...oh, they have so much yet to experience in life don't they?! LOL

Barbara F

Oh Kim I wish I could be there on Saturday! I'd love to meet you and see all those beautiful items in person. My friend Kathleen who lives in Florida (who introduced me to your wonderful blog)and I will have to plan a trip perhaps next November!!

Have a great day and enjoy every moment - and congrats to Vivian!



Gosh, has a year gone by so quickly? Thank you for a year of enjoyment and something to look forward to daily!


You are going to have the BEST time, Kim. Wish I could join you! I hope you find lots of treasures! And a big hooray to Vivian!



Oh how I wish I could be there, Kim. When I planned my fall trip to Florida, I checked to see when the flea was going to be held, but I was unable to get away from work this week. It looks like such a fabulous event.

I look forward to seeing it through your lens instead. Have fun! La


What fun - I wish I could be there! I LOVE that red bench ♥


Hope you have time to take some photos of the flea market. Sounds like there's something there for everyone.


Hi Kim,

I iwsh I had more advance notice of this wonderful
event, I missed the one in May, too!
I will try to make the next one!
I hope you have a great time Saturday

Barbara Anne

Congratulations to Viv!!

I also love the yellow dresser but don't have a square inch for it, oh, and I'm several hundred miles away, too.

You certainly make me wish I lived in your neighborhood. You have the best neighbors, wonderful homes, and alluring events in the area, I'm a bungalow and large front porch person.


Vivian Roberts

Omg, I cant believe I won I am so excited, thank you Kim. And thanks everyone for the congrats. Kim the flea market looks like it will be fun, fun!! Enjoy which I know you will, looking forward to see if we can get a peek at what you found. Thanks again, Vivian xoxo

Trish Rowley

Congratulations Vivian, I wish I could come to the fancy flea market, I know that you will have a great time Kim I am looking forward to the pics of all the wonderful treasures have a great day!!! Trish xox ;)

Bella StyleBook

Sure wish I could join the group at this happy little event. The place looks perfect for you Kim.

Happy Veteran's Day!
Jan @ BellaCasa


I wish I could be there. I suppose I will be there in spirit.


Wish I could be there, it sounds like such fun! I adore the yellow dresser...and the red bench (of course!) I'm glad you are going so you can show us all what we missed!


congrats to vivian - and kim - don't forget to take a pic of blueberry mike!!!! :^) can't wait to see pics of ALL that you see there.

Ricki Jill Treleaven

I like the name: Fancy Flea *giggles* I wish I could visit it. I love everything listed on the flier. Have a great day with all your buds, Kim, and buy some pretty stuff for the holidays!

Patty O'Malley

I wish I lived nearby to attend The Fancy Flea! I spotted that box of Shiny Brite ornaments and had a flashback to my childhood. My parents still have some of those ornaments that are placed on their tree every year. Congrats to Vivian!


Sure wish I could come! But Florida is a long ways from Oklahoma. (Sigh) Wished we had good flea markets here, but do have a fantastic antique store. Hope you get to take lots of pictures! Which reminds me I told my son, since my grandson would turn 13 in June, I'm paying for them to fly to Disneyworld and stay a week. Have been socking money away for this special birthday. Thanks Kim for all your pictures. Love the yellow and the red seatee. Cindy Okla


If only it were closer to where I live!!!! I have my copy of Where Women Create and I'm saving it for reading while I'm at a women