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November 14, 2010


My Blessed Serendipity Life

Thank you for taking me along to the Fancy Flea. I really enjoyed looking around. Good thing it was only a virtual tour because I saw many treasures I would of loved to of taken home with me.

happy day,

Barbara F

Kim what a wonderfal "visit in my head" I had with you this morning! I would have had a blast and definitely would have blown my budget! I recognized a few items that were very very similar to items in my childhood home ...brought back lovely memories for me. The young couple are so handsome together and I loved the little girl with the box of cupcakes and of course all the cute puppies! For the little black dog, I would suggest "Shadow" as a cute name. Thanks again Kim for letting us see the world through your eyes. xoxox


Looks like so much fun! As for the puppy's name, I will suggest "Mishka". It is the Russian word for Bear, and is the name of my nine year old puppy!


Beautiful pictures of beautiful things. I love the pic of the milk glass bowl with the shear fabric behind. Gorgeous.

Jana T

Oh what a wonderful day you had at the Fancy Flea! I so wish I lived closer so I could join in on the fun. Thanks for sharing all your lovely pictures. Each day I'm so excited to visit you and see all the pretty things you share with all of us. Thank you!

Shannon Olson

oh what a treat, lovely place. so many wonderful things to see! cute pups too. and I am thinkin'.......I need a cupcake!


Oh, Kim. I could not wait for this post. You did not disappoint! Thank you for taking me along on your beautiful day.

Alice's new puppy looks just like my little Bosco.

Have a wonderful week, my friend. La

Carrie Merth

Oh, my goodness. I could have had fun there. Just from the pictures I saw many things I would have loved to have taken home with me. I need to find something like that in my neck of the woods.... or maybe not... may be too dangerous for the budget.

The aprons, hankys, plates, glasses, broaches, and vintage beautiful!!


What a splendiferous day!!! Meeting friends, sunshine, smiles, and all those lovely treasures.

Please say you bought the pale green voile dress---just that one picture, and it seems you'd appear in a mirror, ethereal in that haze of gauze.

I covet the fluted pink-edged plate in the stack of dishes, and most loved the story possibilities in the little vignette of dresser-items. Those would be listed in an auction catalog as "Propery of a Lady," and would carry their history in their shine.

The Tablescaper

Oh MY! How did you choose??? Soooo many amazing treasures.

Bailey is adorable. And that cutey puppy, how about Indigo? He's so black, it's almost blue.

Just beautiful.

- The Tablescaper


Thanks for sharing, was almost like being there. Are you going to show us what you brought home with you now?


Oh, that's it! A certain friend of ours and I will just have to drive back there next year in my van and shop! Oh, my goodness!!! Great finds, great friends, great cupcakes and great cupcakes!!!!


I like the cupcake theme. Did you buy anything? Thanks for taking us along.


The best part of that whole wonderful day was meeting you, Kim. Thank you for always encouraging me!

Vivian Roberts

Thank you for letting us have a peek, looks like you had fun, glad you had a good day .....


Hi Kim,
It was great meeting you yesterday. You are even sweeter, kinder, more thoughtful and beautiful than your blog!!The Flea was fantastic and I wouldn't have known about it if it hadn't been for your wonderful blog!! I got the cute pink lamp (in one of your pics from the other day), a picture, the cutest cup and saucer bird feed and a bird figure. (Did you guess I love birds?).

Sandy @ Cottage Style Decorating

What a wonderful day! Thank you for sharing. I could just imagine being there with the warm sunshine and all those tempting treasures! I wish we had something like that here, but alas...even our garage sales shut down for the winter.


I really would have enjoyed a beautiful day like was rainy and cold here. What fun! Your pictures are beautiful! I'm so glad you had a great time, Kim!



I know they were just a suggestion in the pic, but I really liked the look of those cases.
Loved the red coat...and there it was again further down the pic gallery.
Go Jess! xx

Fay Marie Torzsok

Hi Kim

What beautiful photos. I envey all those who were able to go to the Fancy Flea. I saw so many nice things that I could have purchased. I'm sad, boohoo!

I think the little one should be named "Shadow", because that is what came to mind immediately and I noticed that Barbara though so as well.

Fay Marie


Wish I had been there instead of in the hospital. Fancy Flea treasures make my heart go pitter-patter. What did you get for Daisy Cottage, Kim?


Dear Kim,
I needed a little getaway, thank you. I will take all the blue and white china please. Sweet puppies' name, Jellybean.



Loved the flea market pictures. Thanks so much Kim for all the pictures. Know you all had a blast! Cindy - Okla

Susan Freeman

What a lovely tour Kim! I wish I could have been there, but since I could not, your virtual tour is the perfect substitute. I'm very found of names for puppies beginning with B ~ like my Bentley. I also like the names Bennett and Binkie. (I had a Binkie before Bentley).

Susan and Bentley

Jan @ BellaCasa

This truly looked like a most colorful day! Glad you all had so much fun and that the weather cooperated. Now...on to a puppy name. How 'bout Dan-O.


Well the cute pup looks like a little black bear. So I think if Yogi bear and his little bear companion named "BooBoo" as in "Hey, Booboo, let's get some pic-i-nick baskets!" So Maggie didn't get to go? hmmphh!

Barbara F

Hey Kim I posted earlier and suggested "Shadow" - just had another thought as I read through the different posts - how 'bout "Licorish" (Licorice sp?) :-) That little pup has inspired me!


Rhonda from Shellbelle's Tiki Hut and I were all set to go to the Fancy Fela even until I received a call late Friday telling me I needed to go into work Saturday. Maqybe next time. I see things in your pictures that probably would have come home with me! Love the adorable furbabies!

Thank you for the virtual tour!

~ Tracy



Once again, thank you so much for capturing the flea so beautifully. I don't have the chance to just stroll around the show and see it through the eyes of an observer since I'm in my booth or troubleshooting the other vendors. Without your great eye and ability of find beauty in all things, the show would not be the success that it is. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing the flea with your readers once again. Love you bunches.


Barbara Anne

What a glorious place to be yesterday! Do you know if one of us bought that wonderful yellow chest of drawers? I'd like to see your loot, too.

I also saw some things I'd love to have here and other things that were from my childhood.... sigh!

Mike and Jess are so cute together! May life bring them much joy!

Bailey is adorable and I suggest the name Pepper for the charming little black puppy although Shadow is another nice name.

Thanks for taking us along to Fancy Flea!!


Patty O'Malley

The photos of all the treasures are beautiful! What a wonderful way to spend the day! I once had a Pekingese like your friend's dog and we called him Mugsy.

Kimberly Padilla

What a fun time it looks like you had! I saw so many beautiful things I would love to have... the soup terrain, the handkerchiefs, the hutches... oh my - I would need a warehouse. Thanks for sharing your lovely experience. Blessings!


OMG!!! KIM!!! It is soooo fabulous!!! Every picture is eye candy for me as I mentally think of what I could buy and where it would go in my home. It is so very hard to find such treasures here on Vancouver Island, so I was certainly enjoying my guilt free shopping spree : ) Precious little pup will no doubt be graced with the perfect name soon. And Bailey, well, I am wishing I could snuggle into those soft fluffy ears (p.s. don't tell my Emma, she wants all the snuggles to herself!). Such a wonderful day, thank you for sharing.

living fairy

Hi, thanks for taking me along to see! did you buy yourself some new things:-) and o boy what a weather, here in Holland it rains and rains and rains, bleh!



Thank you Kim!
I'll have to walk through this again, and then send it to my stepdaughters who are so far apart and walk through it all over again with them. Nice thing to do on a beautiful fall day. XOX


Looks like a wonderful time. Is this held just once a year? I couldn't make it from Orlando this weekend. Love your fabulous pictures.

Debbie Horvath

Loved all your pictures!! Next year would love to come and visit!!

As far as the puppy, I think Coal would suit him to a tee!!

If you are ever in Hiawassee or Blairsville, you are always welcome at our home!!


What a beautiful day Kim, thank you for taking us along! This sweet little guy looks like a "Mr. Charlie" to me :o)

Erica Smith

Thank you, thank you, thank you! The Fancy Flea would not be possible without your support and friendship! I am so glad your readers were able to enjoy such a beautiful stroll through the show. I needed this virtual tour today! After so much packing, unpacking, anxiety and the rush of was so refreshing and relaxing to take a tour with you -- very much needed chicken soup for the soul.

Thank you again for your love, friendship and encouragement! You always make me smile!


Thank you for the beautiful flea market pics. So much to choose from and the weather looks perfect too!


Thank you so much for the lovely pictures of the Fancy Flea! So enjoyable!


Thank you for taking me to the Fancy Flea! I saw lots I'd like to purchase!!! We used to have a Big Flea around here years ago. Been years since they stopped. I still miss it!!


Oh what a lovely "trip" Kim. Thanks for taking me along with you. Beautiful pictures.

Have a wonderful week.

Alice from Arkansas


Thank you so much for stopping to talk; I had such a wonderful and inspiring time at the Fabulous Flea, the Fancy Flea, the Funky Flea! Still haven't remembered exactly where my train of thought chugged off to, but one of these days, I'll remember the end to that story - and of course I'll tell you :-) You are an artist, an inspiring photographer, and a beautiful lady! Hugs, Jane


So cool!!! So many things that would have been hard to pass up! Can't wait to see what You brought home;). If I had to name that sweet puppy after browsing thru this would Have to be Cupcake!!! lol...thanks for sharing your wonderful day.


So smany neat things! Thank you again for sharing them with us.

Can you tell me if the Fancy Flea is held the same months in the Spring/Fall? I hope to catch the Spring one.

Do you know if the yellow chest of drawers sold? I am sure it did but I can dream. If it didn't sell, can you tell me how much? I will be down next month.



Looks like so much fun. As for the puppy, she looks like a Swoozy to me.


My daughter got a really cute pair of earrings & a nice ring! Saw the new bride, didn't know she was married to Blueberry Mike. The olive trees were interesting too. Great weather for a wonderful outing! You seem quite taken with the cupcakes! Bailey is so cute & the puppy too. What kind of dog is he? He kind of looks like a Lhasa Apso or Havanese. I would give him a Chinese name.


Love the picture of the handkerchiefs. :)
I think they could call him Asher. Asher means happy and I think he looks like a happy puppy that will bring them lots of happiness. Have a great week!

pogonip@ Meadowsweet Cottage

The puppy looks very Sirius (Black, of course). Yeah, I'm a Harry Potter fan.

Thanks for the wonderful sunny walk at the Flea--I needed a little warmth on this chill November day!

The Kitchen Witch

Ooooh, they closed my local flea :( At least I get to look thru yours :) THANK YOU : )


I loved being able to go to the Fancy Flea with you. I just love all the beautiful things you photographed and your friends puppy, so sweet. It was indeed a beautiful day yesterday, here also. We do not have flea markets like this, but we do have a lot of craft fairs that have already started for the holidays. Thank you for sharing. I must ask how you get such large photos, as mine always come out small. Thanks,
Darlene in CA.


I enjoyed my trip along with you at the flea market. You didn't mention Southern Ladies - did you go this year? 'Our' mutual friend did not, she went on the same bus trip with me to the Houston International Quilt/Doll Festival. It was awesome, I recommend it to everyone. New Orleans was an experience, talk about stepping into another world. . . Blessings, Janet


Looks like a wonderful day for the flea. So many lovely things to be found there.

Blueberry Mike and his wife are an adorable couple.

Cute little girl and dogs, too. The pup is so sweet.


OOOOOooooooooooooooooo such eye candy!

OK, awesome pics.

Thrilled to see Mike again, and his bride is so cute in that hat I actually sqealled!

The cute pup should be named NERO, which is Italian for the color black. : - D

Thanks for taking us to the fleat mkt with you, Kim.


You truly captured the Fancy Flea experience! It was SO very wonderful meeting you, a dream come true. You are even more gorgeous in person!

LOL about the dog not having fleas, "not even fancy ones." You are a hoot.

The matching white "busts" on the third to last picture are now sitting on my book shelf. They are just lovely!

Kim, have a wonderful week!


oh, kim i just strolled down memory lane, so many treasures - and the precious little girl with freckles, so cute - congratulations blue berry mike and jessi - and the little puppy so cute and cuddley - maybe "sugar" he looks so sweeet?? - it's been a loooong day, thanks i needed this to end my day, lot's of fun this was a refresher indeed. have a great week!

love ya, maria - cottage feel-

Trish Rowley

Hi Kim, Thanks for taking us to the Fancy Flea Market with you it looked like a fine day was had by all so many beautiful things but the one thing that I loved is the cupie dolls I just love them. Blueberry Mike and his lovely wife Jessi look very happy and a beautiful couple. For that cute little puppy I think I would call him Sooty. Have a great day. Trish xox ;)

Sandi ~ A Cottage Muse

Thank you for taking me to the Fancy Flea with you...your photos are fabulous!! Mike and his beautiful new bride share the same bright smile ~ they make a stunning couple!


Kim ~ Thank you for sharing the Fancy Flea with us once again. Ohhhh the treasures to be had. Beautiful vintage jewlery, dishes and the hankies. Did you get that yellow Fiesta bowl? Congrats to Blueberry Mike. His new bride is adorable and He's as cute as ever.
I think I would name that cute little puppy Muffin. She's so sweet.
Thanks again for sharing your wonderful day!


lovely pics! congrats to Mike and his bride! and those cupcakes looked delish! the sweet young lady selling the autumn cupcakes was too cute - love the feckles! i think that sweet little black dog should be named GIBBS...
thank you Kim for the great pics as always.

sweet cottage dreams

Looks like a fabulous day with some nice weather, too!
Now what did you buy for YOU?

As for the little puppy....
how about Hannah?



As soon as I saw him I thought, "Pupcake"! Of course, it could have been the influence of the beautiful CUPcakes in your montage....

Melesa Garrison

Thanks for the virtual tour...Lots of fun and some fabulous finds. What did you buy?

We had the smartest and cutest schnauzer for 10 yrs and we lost him just a couple of months ago, he was my daughter's dog, but we loved him SO much. I would love to share his name...TRUMAN (perfect name for a perfect dog)

Loved the pics ;) Thanks!


Glad you had fun. The new puppy looks like a Raven to me.xoxoxo Lucy


Hello Kim!

Thank you, once again, for sharing all the Flea photos with us, I was planning on attending, but, sigh, my doc scheduled my surgery for that day! never fear, there is always next year! Once again, thanks for the color photos, they made me smile!
God Bless


Call the puppy.."Fancy" after "The fancy Flea"

great photos!


Oh what fun! Especially to run into Blueberry Mike again! That's AWESOME!!! My sister has a little black Shi Tzu that looks just like the one in the picture. His name is Syrus and he's a joy. Thanks for sharing the fancy flee! My favorite pictures were of the hankies. I love my vintage hankies :)


Oh Kim, what fun! So many great treasures! Aren't we lucky here in FL that our yard sales, rummage and antique sales are starting to really kick up now that the weather is getting cooler, (at least here in Palm Beach County) when in other parts of the country things are winding down? This is my favorite time of year. One of these years maybe I can even go to the Fancy Flea....

Kathy Charniak

Thank you for all the beautiful pictures. I enjoyed looking at everything and everyone. My favorite is that little brown dachsund. Next to Maggie and my Annie this is the cutest little dog. Also noticed many pics of CUPCAKES. Did you buy some? Kathy C fr ILLinois

Nancy Maisenbach

Mam oh man, was that a feast for the eyes! Love looking and it did not cost me a thing but I am going to have to find a flea market to visit in person soon. Thanks for sharing the day with us Kim.
XO Nancy M.

Kathy Martin

Oh my what lovely pictures and tons of treasure to behold! A couple of very cute pups too! What a fabulous post. Thanks for sharing your flea market photos....I just love hunting for goodies! :)


the thing I like most at you is that you make a looooooot of pictures! :) so that us, the mortals can really see the really cool stuff you've seen !


Wow, you guys really had some great stuff at the FancyFlea! Indiana used to be so good for events like this but I think it has dropped off. Need to try to get it going again, up here...what with the economy and all and I know people have to have lots of good stuff..I'll have to think on this...I'll display it if they will come!
When I saw the little puppy~ I said "Oh Honey". That is my vote for his name.


Oh! What fun it would be to go to something like that. I have never been to a flea market, and I don't think they have them in my city, either. WoW! They have such a variation of wonderful things.
Hugs, Cindy


As soon as I saw the puppy I thought he looked like he should be called yoda. I think that's how they spelled it on the movie Star wars!

Karen Schaefer

Your trip to the flea market looks fun, successful and wonderful. I would love to go to something like that! Cute puppies! I would name the black one Squirt! That's the first thing that came to mind.
Thank you for your wonderful blog. I love it!
xo, Karen

Suzie Christian

Fancy Flea is super! Love it :-) That adorable puppy's name is......."Elvis"....the hair is so Elivis like! tee hee!

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