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August 30, 2010



LOL! And here I thought I was the only one :) Love the colors of your dishes, so bright and happy and your photos are fantastic!


hey kim, so do i! just don't get into a habit of answering yourself. you know us women are multi-task and that's just the way we're designed. you can even make your dishes smile, now that's pretty darn good. i'm learning from the best. thanks kim - your one of a kind -

love ya, maria - cottage feel -


Of course I do! :-) Complete conversations, writing complete books, letters and much more!


Your pictures make washing dishes look fun. I have to admit to loving my dishwasher. But still have to handwash some things. And yea I have those conversations with myself.

Kimberly Padilla

Washing dishes is my favorite chore! And, yes, when my husband doesn't have the radio on in the kitchen, I get carried away with my thoughts too. :) You even make dishwater pictures beautiful! Blessings, Kimberly

Patti VZ

Just love looking at your pictures - such fun colors! Some day you will have to take all of us shopping with you. :)

Oh, and conversations are not just over washing dishes - how about driving down the road? Or waiting for the washing machine? or maybe even taking out the trash?


I love your pictures. I might have asked you before, but what kind of camera do you use. I am thinking of getting a new one. Thanks!


Kim, of course I have conversations with myself. I think all women do. I agree, we are multi-taskers and our minds are one step ahead of what we are doing. The best is reminiscing about the great time you had with your family during dinner, while you wash dishes. I have a dish washer but still love to do dishes and laundry!

Love your dishes and your pictures. They make me smile :)
Have a great day.


I have an hour commute to work. I do my best planning, studying, and daydreaming (scary, huh?) during that hour in the morning and afternoon.

Have a wonderful day, Kim! La

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

I always daydream while I'm doing the dishes! It's such a mindless chore, so I think it's only natural. I can solve several of the world's problems AND make a grocery list in my head, all while scrubbing the pots and pans!

Barbara Anne

Oh, yes! Count me in as a planner when my hands are otherwise occupied. My father always said that it's better to make mental notes on paper so I keep notepads handy for important things that pop into my mind!

Love your soapsuds and dishes! Great photos, as usual.



Of course I do that and I am pretty sure my lips are moving while I do it. My husband does it too, I *see* his lips moving!!

Patty M

Yes, Kim. Whole conversations...sometimes I even answer for the other person in my mind that I'm talking to. They always understand...always agree...and usually never have a different opinion. Life's a whole lot easier in my Please warn me if you send the men in the white jackets over to my house! Have a fun day, Patty


OMG! Only you, Kim would have thought that of taking a pix of dish water. :-). But, only you could make it look so pretty. I to have Fiesta but only Tourquoise and Sunshine Yellow with a few pieces of the "old" pink. I think I'll add to my collection.

I pray God's blessings on you this week.


Alice from Arkansas

Elizabeth Marchus

Hi Kim,
You are not alone! I talk to myself too, really I do! Since my dear sweet husband who I adore does not always hear me when I call his name, he knows its about his (honey do)list... LOL
Have a sweet day, big hugs~Elizabeth


Kim, when I do my dishes I actually think that I want a beautiful kitchen like yours!! So organized, colorful, and mostly, peaceful!!

Fay Marie Torzsok

Yes, dear Kim---you're not alone. I'm sure we all do.

Washing dishes does not call for a lot of concentration, so I think our minds start to stray on all the other things that are going on in our lives.....whatever they may be.

Have a good day!

Fay Marie


Oh yes, Kim, I completely identify with you! Things to do, "conversations," sorting out problems, thinking creatively, you name it ... CONSTANTLY. :)

The Lady of the House

Of course! I think us mamas all do. Our brains are every where at ALL times. Who needs new socks, the back door needs a new weather strip, need to call and schedule a doctor's appointment for little mr.'s next set of shots and then there is dreaming - hmmm... wouldn't this kitchen look cool with open shelving and hmm.. what color would go with this tile counter.... Dreaming, Thinking, Conversing - we have to do it for ourselves because no one else can keep up :)

Hugs & Happy Week, The Lady of the House


A morning shower wakes me up, but a little dish washing helps my mind get organized for the day! I do enjoy looking out my kitchen window, while washing dishes, and watching a butterfly pass by, a family of robins searching for a meal, or just looking at what happens to be blooming in my back yard. Happy dish washing to you!

Susie Sears Taylor

Yes, I love to daydream and plan. Although now I cannot remember the wonderful idea I had just moments before. I think my floppy disc is full!


Nope, not really- what I do is SING. I am either singing with about any housework task I do, or I whistle. All day. Every day.

My kids when little said they could ALWAYS find me in a store if we got seperated b/c of m y whistling. Just like Mom and Dad, who were great whistlers before me.

My old staff used to say if I wasn't whistling or humming something was terribly wrong.

Sheesh, who knew music could make me so predictable? Haha.

Anyway, you go right ahead and keep talking to yourself, Kim. If it gets you to come up with all your awesome artistic endeavors, we are ALL wanting you to continue doing just exactly what you have been doing.

And I just love how "happy" your dishes look. So much fun!


Luvin' the soapy dishwater :))

dotsie (aka podso)

Oh absolutely. I actually enjoy washing dishes, and that is one of the reasons!

Melesa Garrison

I think I save my conversations for the dogs when we go walking in the evening and they are so nice not to interrupt. They listen to my going on about whatever is on my heart and they listen to my prayers. I completely understand what's going on in your pretty, little head though. Surely everybody talks to themselves!

I just love the bubble pics ;-)


Im usually laying down in bed before going to sleep and plan out what I need to get done the next day. It makes me go to sleep lol.

I have a dishwasher too but lately I have been hand washing my dishes, my hubby says whats wrong with the dishwasher?

Love your colorful dishes!!!

Screaming Meme

You make my life better...Thank you for your lovely blog...I feel so much peace when I am here...:) Love, Meme

BTW...stop in and see my client's home...


ALL the time. Your photography is beautiful. Have a lovely day ~Michelle


All the time. Sometimes even when others are around. It's okay. They know me!

Lynn Paterson

Conversations with yourself can really make everything much clearer. I do my best conversing with self while I dust. My swiffer is a conduit to clairvoyance and problem solving enlightment. Things just come to me when my duster is in my hand....maybe it's something to do with getting rid of the dust in my mind too????

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions

Absolutely! I'll even go you one better. I have the conversations with myself out loud. : )


Does my mind wander! Yes, do this, do that. Need to do this and that.

Have you seen the quilt designed by Minnick and Simpson that goes with all of the fiesta ware? It is beautiful.
Red, and yellow and blue and all of the fiesta colors.
I saw it and thought of you!


I talk to myself all the time, especially when I am driving.


Sometimes i think to much, but i am trying to change things i try to remind myself that i like my surroundings to be the best they can be and that i do like doing what it takes to make it that way


Love your potholders and dishes! Yes, I talk to myself to and I also talk to my red birds when they come to their feeder as I sit on the back porch and the three bunny rabbits who eat the dropped seeds off the ground under the bird feeder. It's right by my back porch, so they know we are all family. Have a nice day. Cindy Okla


I just spent a whole day washing my fiesta ware and depression glass (nudged on by you) and had such a great conversation with myself. I had a friend who never had a dishwasher in her home and we had the best conversations over doing the dishes after a great meal. Love your dishes!

Debbie from Texas

I hate to wash dishes. That was always my chore as a child.
Seemed like they were endless with five of us kids!
So glad we have dishwashers now but ever once in awhile, I do like to wash dishes.......and think and dream.......:)


My mind accomplishes far more than I really do - but not while I'm washing dishes! Mine runs ahead of me first thing in the morning - and I have to go some to catch up with it!


I actually had a conversation with myself while you were talking! It went something like this:

"Oh, I love that she washes dishes by hand. Sometimes I like to do it by hand, even with an automatic dishwasher. It just feels good. I bet her soap bubbles smell nice. Mine smell nice. I wonder what dish soap she uses. Oh, I'm almost out, I should write that down. I need to get some today. Oh, well, maybe tomorrow. I love that she washes her dishes by hand." *happysigh*

Soooo, what dish soap do you use? I'm a Palmolive girl myself. They have the nicest scents!


Of course I do, just not out loud unless I'm alone that is LOL

I only wash the things that can't go into the DW, it was my job as a kid and I HATE it now....anything else but that.

Pls say a prayer that Hurricane Earl little girl has been in GA all summer and she is coming home for the week-end (Labor Day)....

All the best,
Kathy :)

Daisy Cottage

Prayers going up sweet Kathy!!!

And Jen!! LOL! Oh you made me laugh - thank you!
I use Sunlight. ;-)


Curtis & Sherrie

You know Kim I loved this post. My kids and wife have always thought that I was crazy because I like doing the dishes by hand!! Our house that we raised our boys in did not have a dishwasher so when we moved into this house 5 years ago and it had a dishwasher I was glad but a little sorry too. But alas I can stand at the sink look out the window at the creek, watch the clouds go by and all the while be productive and wash the dishes, it is somehow soothing to me.... crazy???? maybe but my kind of crazy!!
Blessings to you and yours
Curtis & Sherrie


I daydream all the day long...especially while doing dishes and, well...pretty much any housework! A perfect day for me is spent puttering about my home, totally content to be the only one home and dreaming, cleaning, baking and sewing all day long...
And, of course, I have conversations with myself, too...
(((HUGS))) to you, Kim...your blog always brings a smile and a bit of sunshine to my day...

Patty O'Malley

Oh Kim! I thought maybe it was just me. My mind always seems like it works overtime! I always do my dishes by hand even though there is a dishwasher right next to me! So glad I'm not alone in these thoughts (lol).

Trish Rowley

Hi Kim, I'm a Daydreamer from way back when I was at school if there wasnt a remark about me daydreaming then it wasnt my report. Thesedays I still daydream but mostly I have conversations with God and pray when I'm doing dishes or washing or dusting. In my house I have either a blind or shutter on the windows and each one of them represent a person in my family as I open them I pray for that person for the day and as I close them in the evening I do the same. Not sure if they would like to know that they are a blind or a shutter I've never told them that lol anyway you keep on daydreaming its a good thing. Have a great day Trish xox ;)


Hi Kim,

I have conversations with myself all the time, and sometimes even arguments ;) I'd like to say I always win, but I can be a lil' bossy.



Oh, I just love this post, as I do all of your post.
BTW, did you see that sweet smiling face in the second pic? You see, the one with the sweet orange and white checkered ribbon in her hair?

One Heart

You are most certainly not alone. ;) Beautiful pictures as usual.

Lisa Sall

I swear, you could make the toilet paper look gorgeous!!
Love your blog, thanks for sharing! My Max and your Daisy would have a great time together...they would probably discuss how crazy we are and the stupid stuff we talk about.


seeing that little glass with the red flowers reminded me that my mom had a full set like that. i say had cause after all we were little and not so careful. you brought back some great memories. i too think while i am washing dishes. its the perfect time. everyone seems to vanish from the kitchen when its time to wash :)


The brain chatter never stops. Oh if it would just wisper at night so I can get some sleep!

Barbara F

Oh Kim I daydream all the time.....and talk to myself, my two little birds, my loved ones in Heaven and sometimes my plants! I love to wash dishes and glasses and knickknacks - pots and pans, not so much! Great photos as usual. It is a blessing to find beauty and artistry in everything.


yes, I do, and I write essasy and blogs in my mind much more often than I write them in my many notebooks. sigh.

Vickie Snow

Oh, your dishes and suds look so lovely. It's like day-dreaming on a cloud. I'm afraid my sink looks like a swamp infested with industrial waste at the moment. Now, my brain chatter is nagging me to go clean it up this moment.

Southern Lady's Vintage

LOL! Yes of course! But I don't answer myself out loud, only in my mind.

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