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August 13, 2010



Kim, my dear, you are never a interruption, more like a welcome deviation. :)

Toni @ The Tattered Cottage

And to think I thought Marley was a gentleman! A gentleman certainly wouldn't tackle a lady....poor Miss Maggie! I'm sure he will change his ways after he has time to think while he is in time out.

Miss Kim....I love your posts:)
Toni ♥

Shannon Olson

too funny!


Looks like he's saying, "Who, ME???" LOL


oh my goodness,what a handsome love he is!



Now remember, there are always two sides to every story! Marley doesn't look that guilty to me and just because he has the evidence in his paws doesn't mean anything. Maybe it was planted there...that's it poor Marley was framed. Some other dog came into the house and tackled poor Maggie and in his effort to protect his sissy the big strong Marley retrieved the bone and was just about to give it back to Maggie when you walked in. Now...don't you think you owe that poor brave boy an apology. Don't worry...he will forgive. Just remember to error is forgive is canine!


Drawn to the Sea

How funny you should write this. I've been teaching one of my doggie girls to put herself in time out, for pestering the other girl & the bird.

sue silva

What a fabulous creature he is! Go easy on the boy, lol!



Awwww sweet story...... love it.

Take care!

Privet and Holly

The look on Marley's
face is priceless....
HOW do you put THAT FACE
in a time out???
You are a better woman
than I, my friend : )
Probably why all the
pooches in our family
are spoiled rotten!
Have a wonderful weekend.
xx Suzanne


Although he did something that he shouldn't have done, I think Marley is a very smart dog! That's what I love about dogs: they all have their own personality.
Love the picture, you almost feel sorry for Marley...
Have a nice weekend, xxx Nina.


How Sweet Marley looks (even though he's saying I didn't do it) and poor Maggie.
I'm sure Maggie will forgive Marley for his actions, although she's probably laughing that he is in time out.
What a sweet sweet furbaby.

Susie can you put that cute face in time out?

Thank you for my daily smile...



Marley says "Look she shouldn't have left it on the floor, I was just taking care of it for her and now you have put me in timeout. I promise I will behave next time. Since i'm a big boy maybe I just need two bones."
Hope you have a wonderful weekend with your furbabies.


That little devil! How could he pick on sweet Miss Maggie?

He is so handsome though. It's as if he's saying, "Who? Me?" What a pair! La


LOL! Sibling rivalry! We just gotta love our children with fur! :)


Seems like Miss Maggie knew you would take care of this! Don't you just love how our dogs talk to us?! Mine talk to me all the time. Nugget loves to tell me when Dylan is getting into trouble!

Kathi Layfield

Kids will be kids, even the furry ones!!!
Love ya, have a great weekend.


Too cute.....I'm sure he's really sorry:-)


Funny. He's so cute.

Barbara Anne

How funny! Do you need to surprise Marley with a footstool that gives little Maggie a boost to get on your bed - or would you prefer your bed not to be the tug-of-war field?!

I am reminded of our first dog, Punkin, who also had a bone she dearly loved and carried everywhere. One quiet day, we heard an odd "glusch" sound, followed by frantic barking. Soon Punkin appeared to lead us to the source of her upset. Once in the bathroom, we saw she'd wanted a drink from the toilet (yes, ICK!) and hadn't put her bone down first. The "glusch" sound was her bone falling into the water when she opened her mouth to drink!! This remembered scene still brings a laugh.

Thanks for the chuckle!



The look on Marley's face is precious! "What!?!" What's even cuter is the thought of Maggie actually running to get you. Hilarious!!!

Pom Pom

Oh, poor Miss Maggie. Does she need some doggy stairs?


Oh my goodness, look at that expression. Marley knows he's in trouble. Too cute :)



Too funny. It would be so interesting to be in their heads for 15 minutes. I'm sure Marley was pleased with his idea at the time.

Susan Ramey Cleveland

"It doesn't have her name on it." --Marley


Oh, you made me giggle... I had the same experience this week with my two dogs. I handed Winston a big new bone and handed tiny Greta a tiny new bone. When she turned around Winston did a scooting, sneeky, army crawl and started gnawing on Greta's tiny bone! He hadn't even touched his nice big bone, but well, he just had to have HER bone because it was hers! Stinker.
BTW I made your chicken casserole this week, for myself and my neighbor. It got rave reviews from everyone-- my kids loved it. Have a happy day, sweet Miss Kim:)


Ahh just give Maggie a new one......


Funny! Happens every day in our house. Love how Maggie came to get you. When Lady is outside and eating grass to help herself digest, her brother Husky thinks she is dying and comes and pounds on the deck door to get me to check on her. I have to reassure him that she will be ok and he might want to try that some time.


Funny, funny, funny. I've seen the same guilty look on my pups face a number of times like after chewing woodwork, paper, her get the pic. But how can we not love our furry friends. They bring us endless amounts of enjoyment.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Susan Freeman

Bentley is mediating for Marley and has assured me that Marley is very sorry for his actions and is requesting a big hug!!

Susan and Bentley


That is a gulity look if I ever saw one...just don't make him do his time out outside, way to hot today. Don't forget to tell him you still love him, I am sure he is sorry

Deb at Rabbithill

Received my morning chuckle!! Cute!

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions

Kids! : )


I think you need to call the Dog Whisperer in on this! Have a good weekend.

Love it!


You post the cutest things!

Melesa Garrison

I'm busting a gut here, too funny! Dogs definitely do have their own little personalities. I don't really think that Marley had a guilty look on his face. I think he looked like you were interrupting him. Lol (They are so very cute)
Hopefully, Marley will take this time to ponder his actions ;) Have a fabulous weekend, Melesa

Betty Jo

LOL They are so darn cute!! ♥


too cute i can't stop laughing too comical - oh, my gosh kim, you have the best - when i saw marley before i read the caption i thought - oh, busted, how funny - what beautiful memories that will be treasured and shared. have a fun day - i'll be attending a
"fearless women's conference" this weekend - i'll keep daisy cottage in my prayers - you are all great women - Praise God.

love ya, maria - cottage feel -


My sweet mother-in-law enjoyed having our little poodle visit her and her dachshund, Gretchen. She would give each of them a little piece of lunch meat -- Gretchen would drop hers on the floor, then retreat around the corner to watch our dog eat hers, then, of course, start toward Gretchen's. Gretchen would come tearing around the corner, snarling
as viciously as she could, and snatch the meat away. This happened time and time again -- they both seemed to enjoy their game!!!

Have a wonderful weekend --



How Precious our little friends are :o) My "Sugar Baby" is a very mischievous little puppy and we just adore her. I love your blog Kim :o)


Poor Maggie. Marley was teasing her. It looks like you resolved the issue though. Happy weekend.


Kim, I enjoy your sweet blog more than you will know. I look forward to hearing the delightful "Stranger on the Shore" music and reading your what you have to say that day. I've nominated you for the versatile blogger award - details are on my blog. Thanks.


This story cracked me up! But even more so was Dan's response to your story. Of course Marley was FRAMED. Hilarious!



Poor little Maggie! Guilty as charged, Marley! Maybe, next time Maggie you can get her bone and run and hide.
Cindy Okla


Sounds very much like the shenanigans that go on at our house! As my hubby says, "What one wants, the other has!" Enjoy your weekend. Warm wishes, pats & hugs. Patty

sweet cottage dreams

....and that little stinker......

ahh yes, he does look like he got his paw stuck in the bone jar!



I love it when you post pictures of Maggie and Marley! As Henry Ward Beecher said "dog is the god of frolic." And as you and I know, two dogs are better than one! Scritch both dogs for me, okay? And have a great weekend.


Well a guy's gotta do what a guy's gotta do. Busted Marley!



That is so funny! I also have 2 dogs one is so sweet and one is just plain nasty and barks all of the time.
The sweet one owns all of the toys and poor little Tuffy just can have one every now and then. Smokey is so sweet but when it comes to toys he will stand his ground!
If Tuff's barking bothers him too much, he will just quietly walk up to Tuff and bite him on the nose!
(And we are going YES!)

charmaine deadman

oh my god, that is the cutest post ever!! Hilarious, thanks for making me laugh! tsk tsk Marley!



Nottin' wrong with that I say. Oh sorry Maggie girl, but Marley never get's to be a star on mommy's blog. Ok I know, your much more photogenic, but give Marley the spot light today..that a girl Maggie. Now go grab 3 bones and hide them in little tiny spots where Marley can't see them, or steal them : )
Hugs from Claudie and the 7 dogs that always share...NOT.

Elizabeth Marchus

Hi Kim,
Just like a man to go over after what he wants! lol.
Have a sweet and restful weekens,
Hugs, Elizabeth

Alison Gibbs

A welcome interruption. Poor sweet Maggie



They are just like children, aren't they?


(And he sure DOES look guilty!!!)


God Bless Marley and Maggie both! And Kim, you and your family, too! I LOVE this blog and come here every morning to begin my day. I get a lot of inspiration here, too. Made your meatloaf the other night and have had it for dinner several times now and for lunch sandwiches, too, YUM!

Becky from Tennessee

Mom, I didn't do it.....Maggie gave me her bone, I promise!
I have been set up!!!.....Marley

Love this cute, cute picture of Marley! I,too, think he
was set up! :) Not that I think sweet little Maggie
would do anything like that!!!!



You are sure a great writer and photographer. I love what happened with your dogs. They are like children sometimes. Very cute. You made my day. I just wish I had more time to visit.

Lynn Paterson

This photo is priceless.......just like a kid with it's hand in the candy jar!


LOL His face would win a 'who me????' contest! He also has a face that surely couldn't be kept in time out very long.

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