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August 09, 2010


Angela Wasson

I'll be thankful for the time I spent with my kids. This was my weekend with them. Which was wonderful if not as eventful as the kids like at times. I'm unemployed and money is tighter than ever. Plus being stressed out by my divorce and the fact that my ex thinks he's in the right all the time. But anywho it was wonderful for the memories I made with my kids. Such as how Hunter loves to lay on me while he watches tv and him being only 4 works, soon he'll probably be too big. And how Catie is her silly self and mothering her baby brother.

My Blessed Serendipity Life

Nice pictures of your kitchen. I love how your colorful Fiesta looks in the open cabinetry. Hope you get your dishwasher fixed. How I dislike washing the dishes by hand. Hope you have a wonderful Monday.



Hi Kim,
I will be trying that recipe soon, sounds delish! My washer has been broken for 5 months so I can relate to your dishwasher being broken, we are getting by without it but it would be nice to have it fixed.
I wrote you a few days ago on another post you had. Not sure if you remember me or not but I was Bren's little Cottage, it was about 2 years ago that I stopped blogging due to going to Culinary School. I am glad your still blogging and making "Daisy Cottage" a wonderful home.
Take care :) Bren


We had a busy weekend here and beautiful (hot) weather. Saturday was our yard sale and it was great fun.My "no-longer at home" children, spouses and grandbabies all stopped by. That's the best!
I think the next time they stop we'll be trying that chicken sounds yummy!

I loved all your colorful ~ color-filled photos!


spent some time with my sister at the convalesant home, so good to see her - and speaking of bananas, went to visit my brother he has banana trees and he cut some down for me - there so sweet once ripened and have a slightly different taste from the chiquita bananas. any who, spent alot of time visting this weekend and enjoying every minute of it. so glad you're sharing the chicken recipe and i hope you share grandma's banana bread,yum - thank you. i've yet to own a rolling pin and sorry to hear about your dishwasher, bummer. have yourselfs a wonderful monday and God Bless - thanks for sharing.

love ya, maria - cottage feel -


Hi Kim,
I had a wonderful weekend. It was my special weekend as I turned 50 and am loving life :) I was able to have such precious times with family and friends and the rain even held off for us to enjoy time at the lake. Check out my blog for some fun pictures :) Have a great week!! Hugs ~ Laura

sue silva

Hi Kim,

Can you please post your grandmother's recipe for banana bread?


Kathleen Grace

I started the weekend with a potluck party for about 30 friends, children running in our yard and then sitting around a campfire in the summer night. Saturday, breakfast out with my sweetheart, puttering around the house, and SUnday church, lunch with my girls home and dinner out with my sweetie again to celebrate our 30th anniversary:>) Yup, It's been a good weekend:>)


Your colourful fiesta ware is a lovely sight. You are so right about colour. I'm glad you had a lovely weekend. We did too. I did the same, cleaned and fluffed on Saturday, hit a few yard sales and I did find some Treasures. The sweetest of which was a new place mat for my Mindy (Westie). It is lime green and white gingham with a pic of a westie in the corner. It looks sweet under her dishes. I also purchased a new pair of shoes for $1.00! what a score. Gotta love it... and a new pair of bedroom lamps.
Thanks for the pics and the yummy recipe on this beautiful Monday morning - I'll have to try it soon
PS My dishwasher works, but sometimes I wash the dishes just because I can!


I enjoy u're blog , thanks for sharing the chicken recipe, I think I might try it for dinner one night this week. Spending time w/ family is always a good time.

sue silva

Hi Kim,

Thanks for the lovely comments and for clearing that little matter up, lol.

You're very sweet!


Pat@Back Porch Musings

Hi Kim
Quickly popping in, this morning, to see how things are going with you. We have been here at the lake a week working on our bedroom makeover. Happily completed, I might add.

Hot and humid here in mid Missouri, too!

Now to my dishwasher comment. The entire time, J and I lived in the back pasture of the farm (1983 to 2003) we did not have a dishwasher. We have one now, but I don't think I would miss it, if I didn't have it. There is something satisfying about doing the dishes in the sink. Of course, when our bunch is "at home", the dishwasher is a nice appliance to have.:-)
Happy week!


I will try that chicken recipe...sounds good. I spent this hot, humid weekend inside....making and addressing the invitations for my parents' 65th anniversary party coming up soon....also trying to do something creative with their wedding picture. Love your dishes....

Penny @ The Comforts of Home & Lavender Hill Studio

That sounds soooo good Kim!

Well this weeking Mr. Comforts of Home and I went to a craft show in Asheville, then to the Biltmore Estates for lunch. It was a perfect weekend!


I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE coming to your house each morning. If a person was in a down mood he wouldn't be after seeing all of your color. If you ever decided not to blog anymore this ole grandma would sit down and cry. I don't think I have ever enjoyed a blog more...........JAN

Pom Pom

Fiestaware IS so cheery! Your dishes looks all happy in that cupboard!
I went to Anthropologie for the first time yesterday. Oh, I can see why people talk about it. I loved the dishes and stuff. My daughter said, "This is kind of a weird store." But, I loved.


I think I've got my dinner all planner out! I was already planning on making your sisters recipe for potato salad with my fresh from the garden potatoes, and your ideas for the chicken dish and banana bread sound like the perfect rounding out to the meal. Have a great day!!

Barbara Anne

Happy Monday to you, Kim!

Thanks for the two recipes. I have some bananas in need of a recipe so your Gran's recipe will be perfect. The chicken recipe also sounds scrumptious so will copy that, too.

What did I do this weekend? AMIL (angel MIL) and I made more peach jam and today we're making cantaloupe ambrosia jam. Can you tell we have more cantaloupes than we can eat or give away?!

I don't need any more dishes, but love your Fiesta ware!



As always my day begins visiting with you and Daisy Cottage. Kim, you are certainly a highlight in my day..and most of all a calming sweet inspiration for me...

I consider you one of my most delightful and sweet friend..



It just so happens I have black bananas sitting on my counter waiting to be made into bread. I will definitely try your Grandma's recipe tonight! OH! and the Chicken Cheese Bake looks good too!!!!!!!!
~~~~~~~~~Happy Monday to you Kim~~~~~~~~~~~

Susan Freeman

Your Chicken Bake recipe looks yummy! I know what we are having for dinner tonight!!

Susan and Bentley


On the way to a cookout at my son's home I spied a yard sale with furniture. Particularly a large scrubbed pine armoire. Since I have absolutely no place to put it I didn't want to stop, but my hubbie insisted. I managed not to buy it due to lack of space, but did buy a rather nice old top to a china cabinet that will become a bookcase in my upstairs hall or maybe in the dining room...decisions, decisions! Really, I couldn't pass it up, it was only $20. and I never find bargains!!


Happy Monday, Kim!

We had a beautiful weekend in Ohio. The humidity was down and it was a sunny, breezy weekend in the mid 80's.

Saturday, I made my first trip to the World's Longest Yardsale, which runs from Michigan to Alabama along Rt. 127. It was exhausting, but fun.

Have a wonderful week! La

sweet cottage dreams

hi sweetie,

yes, it is awesome to see color and i so love all of it in your home!

visited with friends on friday, worked on etsy listings all weekend, did laundry and played with the dogs.

love you,


Hi Kim! Loved the pic of your fiesta ware as it exactly mirrors mine in our kitchen, right down to the same cabinet. I knew we were kindred spirits. I had a great weekend, too, just hanging at home and going to the ballgame on Sunday with our oldest son and his wife. Love the visits from the kids.


Thank you for encouraging us to use color in our homes. Following you and your blog has changed me in a way that I have been surprised by. When we wake up in the morning my home is such a BRIGHT and HAPPY place to be!!! Terrie


Oh, this is funny. I took out my red and white check cookbook this weekend and there it is in your first pic. I have a bunch by Ina and Tyler Florence but the red and white check is still my go-to. I was looking for a new chicken recipe and there yours is on your blog and it looks yummie, gonna try it! I too bought bananas this weekend in order to make banana bread. They didn't have any over ripe ones so I have them in a bag to ripen quicker. I'm gonna check out your grandmother's recipe. I got mine from the internet but a recipe from a grandma definitely sounds better! In the meantime, I had to have something so I made a blueberry lemon bread. Yum. Your fiesta ware is very festive! I especially like the way the turqouise and dark green look paired together. :-) Hope you have a great day!

Enjoyed the all the pictures and I'll definitely going to try your chicken recipe. Is it possible to get the banana bread recipe?

The Lady of the House

HiKim! Your Fiestaware made me happy too! ;)
Love, The Lady of the House

Bella StyleBook

Grabbed your recipe and placed it on the fridge for later. Had a great weekend too...went boating and managed to bend the prop and shaft...$$$

Thanks for sharing.

Jan @ BellaCasa


Sounds like the best kind of weekend. I sanded my yard sale finds and painted Sophey's bookcase. AND I was just trying to figure out what to make for an ill neighbor and myself for dinner. This is perfect, thanks Kim!


Hi Kim! I soooo love your blog, your home is beautiful and you are too! (inside & out!) It is spooky how much we have in come, I'm a '59er too, and own a wonderful little doxie girl, Emma. I've ALWAYS wanted an old house with all the quirks, but have to settle for a new build that we are making our own with our touches. That is truly what makes a house a home. I too just hung out at home this weekend with the dogs and it rained here as well. My older doxie Sam HATES getting wet so he didn't have a very fun weekend : ( I told him - "Honey, the sun can't shine everyday!" He got extra tummy rubs and a nap on the sofa to cheer him up. Wishing you and yours a wonderful week. Warmest regards, Patty

Privet and Holly

Yummy post, from
beginning to end!
Lucky you to have
your family so close.
I'm out in the Pacific
NW visiting my parents
and having an amazing
time. Hope you are
enjoying these last
weeks of summer : )
xx Suzanne


Happy Monday to you, Kim. We hunkered in for the weekend too, with the same soggy and booming weather outside. I also spent a lot of time playing in Photoshop. Soooooo many things I still want to learn.......endless. Speaking of, I love the slight blur and the light edging on your photos. Super good! It goes without saying, but I'll say anyway. I always love your COLOR. I grew up on Fiestaware. I think that's when color really captured me. You are absolutely right--color is a beautiful gift.

Lynn Paterson

Your Chicken Cheese Bake receipe sounds a whole lot better than mine. I'll have to make it one weekend. Love the yellow pepper mill......looks really cute & sassy in your kitchen!

Melesa Garrison

Can I tell you how much I love FIESTA? I agree that the colors are fabulous! My dining room is red and my kitchen has splashes of red, green and colors! I thank you for the chicken recipe and it couldn't have come at a better time as I needed a meal idea for a friend that just had surgery...(a woman thing) I'm excited about the banana bread as well. Many Hugs Your Way;-)


Dearest Kim,
Your kitchen is so lovely, I love all of your fiestaware!!! Wow, so much color, my kitchen has no color and I think it is happy that way. Who knows, one day it (or me) may change it's mind, but as for now, it is monochromatic.
This weekend...we stayed home Saturday, but Sunday we drove to a city about 2 1/2 hours away and my husband preached at the church of some new friends of ours. It was wonderful and the people were so friendly, people who will be our friends for a long time, I think.
Thanks for another great recipe, I am going to try that one, too. I am making your chicken and cranberry salad for supper again tonight, it is a WINNER with us! Especially when the temps are in the 90's!!!! Yes, Canada does have HOT summers.
Good bye for now my dear friend,
Hugs, Cindy S



Thank you for the recipe.

And I think your fiestaware cupboard is the happiest thing I have ever seen in a kitchen.

I, too was born the year of Barbie....and a couple weeks ago went to Indianapolis to the Barbie Exhibit at their awesome Toy Museum. WOW was it every NEAT!!!




Greetings, I am copying your Chicken Cheese Bake recipe to try, minus the mushrooms though :) since I hate mushrooms. Thanks for sharing!
Best regards,


I am still lovin' my black and white tile in the kitchen. :)


Love all your color, darling girl. Can't wait to try the Chicken Cheese Bake. My weekend was spent playing with paints, art journals and collage--it was wonderful!


I want to get back to the tradition of Sunday family dinners like they used to do. That recipe sounds rock Kim.



cute post, love the colors too and yes, thank you God for eyes and beauty! Love the fiesta ware!

Trish Rowley

Hi Kim, yes I agree 1959 was a great year I just made it though being born on 27th December. I had a great weekend Saturday was cleaning and grocery shopping I was a little slow to start because it was a bit chilly but once I got going nothing could stop me. Sunday was a great day aswell I attend a wonderful church here called Hillsong which I have been going to for about 15 years and love it, on Sunday at my outreach church we had a guest speaker his name is Kevin Jacobson, he is responsible for the discovery of the Bee Gees bringing John Denver,Bruce Springstein, Michael Jackson and many many others to Australia and also a big force behind promotion of Australian Rock and Roll in the 50's and 60's his stories are amazing I could have listened to him all day, we have alot of youth in our church and over the next few weeeks the pastor has gathered people that have followed their passion and made it, this Sunday it is one of our great footballers I can't wait. Anyway apart from that it was cooking for the family and taking care of my Standard Poodle Beau who has been to the Vet with an earache but feeling much better after a week of antibiotics. Thanks for the recipies Kim I really enjoy them as I love to cook. You are Blessed to be a Blessing and that is exactly what you do everyday with your passion that's why I Love this place and you. Have a great day Trish xox ;)


sounds like a delish recipe - i also love the pic showing the red and white better homes and garden cook book. i got that for a wedding gift in longer married to that person but i stll have the book and have used it over the years. i have pages that are stained and bent from use. i have written notes on some of the recipes. and i have notes written TO ME from friends and lovers on those pages. i don't cook much anymore but i cherish that book and the words written in it.


Oh, that recipe is a keeper! I must try it.

Well, I've commented before that you made me brave enough to decorate my kitchen in yellow and red (the ONE room in the house that is all MINE)... except for the corner cabinet in the dining area that has all my girlie tea stuff. :)


Hi Kim, Love all your wonderful colors. I am so going to have to get me some colorful dishes.

I so love coming to visit your site it is always so happy and uplifting. I can't wait to try your Grandmothers Banana Bread and the Chicken Cheese Bake.


Deb and Hollie


I love your fiesta ware. It is so pretty with all the different colors. Always enjoy pictures of your colorful kitchen.

I collect cookbooks and love anything with a "vintage" or a name brand on it.

We drove home from Tybee and Savannah on Saturday. I always hate leaving there but I always enjoy coming around the curve on my road and seeing my house sitting there, waiting for my return.

Sunday we met my daughter and grand and took her back to school shopping, Tennessee had it's tax free weekend. It's so hot here still new shorts were part of the back to school shopping.

I will try your chicken recipe. That sounds great. I love a meal I can cook in one pan.

Audrey Pettit

Hi Kim!
My dear friend sent me an email last week telling me to come check out this cool blog she found because she knew that I would love it. And I do! I love it! And I love you and Daisy Cottage and adorable little Maggie! I've poured over your archives and spent hours reading you posts and perusing your gorgeous photos. Thanks for sharing your heart and soul with us and bringing a touch of happiness to daily life. I think I'm thinking differently after a few hours with you. ;)


Your chicken recipe sounds delicious! My daughter is at the beach with the family she babysits for, so we missed her, but my parents were here, so we enjoyed being with them. We did a lot of eating out, so that was fun. The weather was really hot, so I stayed inside most of the weekend. I bought a new car on Saturday. I always love a new car, but not the car payments. I will be going to the beach with one of my girlfriends on Wednesday. I can't wait! Then a week from today I help my daughter move back to college. (I hate to see her leave). I will stay and spend a week with my sister, so that will be fun! Love & blessings from NC!

Alison Gibbs

Kim what a great recipe. Simple and yummy too.
Must try it.


We had a nice weekend at home too, thank you for asking Kim. My dear Mom is visiting from Florida and I am loving talking with her and being able to hug and hold her hand whenever I want.

Your chicken recipe looks delicious and I'll make it some Sunday afternoon when the weather is cooler. Without air conditioning, we eat a lot of salads and grilled foods in the Summer, all expertly grilled by my husband.

Today the kids and I are off to shop with Memere in Lee, MA, outlets and Antiques and my Mom; oh happy day!

Love your photograph too, I could spend days fussing and fixing with photoshop.

Nancy M

Your week-end sounds wonderful!
Saturday my family got together for DH's birthday. There were thirteen of us and we had so much fun.
Sunday my oldest grandson arrived home after two months in Peru. He was on a medical mission. I am happy about that. My family had dinner together to honor his home coming.
That Chicken Recipe is a keeper. When I looked at your grandmothers banana bread recipe I noticed her handwriting looks like my mothers.
<3 Nancy M.

Rita May

I just did a cut and paste and printed the chicken recipe. It's very similar to mine. I haven't made it in a while, so good reminder. I assume you add s&p to taste. I'm making it this week. Here's a great tip for banana bread. I just learned this from a friend. Publix will give you their over-ripe bananas, because they just throw them away. Now you don't have to buy bananas just to let them turn brown, you can enjoy them fresh. I have a bunch in my freezer ready to go anytime.



Albeit late, I must tell you about MY weekend! As you know I went to NYC last week with my friend Colleen. When we arrived at the airport, our 1230 flight was cancelled until 730 that night. We were put on another flight right away and told that our luggage would arrive later that night. Well, after walking around NYC for a day and a half in the same clothes, we finally got our luggage!! Thank God I had a hat to wear! But, no make up...just a big pair of sunglasses to go with the hat! Then, on the way home Sunday, someone took our carry on right out from under our noses....but we got it back with all contents in tact on Monday...don't ask me. But, we did have a great time and the weather was lovely. Tis a vacation I will never forget! See you soon!


Kim. LOVE this blog. I come her every morning to start my day.
Have had to rethink my position on colorful rooms -- especially love your red kitchen. Now, could someone direct me to the information on the Country Living magazine that was mentioned here recently? Where did they find it, etc.


I made the chicken bake recipe tonight -- it was a HUGE hit here! Thank you for sharing it with us!!

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