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August 27, 2010


Patty M

Your books would be wonderful just for their looks but you have so many great titles, too. I think I've found myself a new muse at the thriftstore. Have a wonderful weekend, Patty


I am teaching my sons to love reading, after public school taught them it's a punishment for noisy classrooms full of children. ("alright you kids are being bad, get out your books and read something!")

My sons have read some amazing classics and just can't wait to get to their next book. Spent 2+ hrs at the dental clinic today and they read the entire time and on the way home. Such a gift to be able to read.

And such a gift to have such amazing titles as yours! I covet your Mastering the Art of French Cooking and your Pollyanna. *happysigh* Books form minds. Just amazing!


PS: it sounded like I was saying my boys were the bad ones. ACK! So sorry, but my kids suffered the consequences of a rough school/neighborhood. I couldn't bare thinking I somehow took their dignity via my post. They are my two gifts from God...young gentlemen that hold open my door, carry my bags and even kiss me still...even at ages that most boys think it's not 'cool.' Oh how I love them. :)


I love books too. I could never read all the books I have, but I still buy more. Oh well. And I love cookbooks too. I enjoy reading them, just like I would a novel. So fun!!! I love all your old books too. Love & blessings from NC!

Linda @bushel and a pickle

Love love books! We are moving back to the US from overseas and have chosen more than a few treasures to ship. My love gals chose quite a few!
Question about your Little Women. As a child I remember my mom reading my first "real" book to me. It was printed on paper with uneven cut edges and the illustrations were full page and smaller sizes with what must have been color pencil with black outline. The full skirted clothes were great. Is your edition by any chance similar? I have looked over the years but have not found any that resemble what I remember. Old book sites haven't helped as they don;t show the sample pages. Maybe my memory is has made it more wonderful than it was. But in my little girl eyes....:) Thanks for sharing.

Nancy Jane York

I sure do love book and collect them. I have some Pearl Buck in my collection and number 1-37 Nancy Drew's with dust jackets. Also have an old Gone With the Wind like yours.


Yea, I love books, new books, old books, cookbooks, craft books, all kinds of books.

I even did a post about my books:)

Linda Evans

OMG !!!!! LOVE the books !!!! One question though?????? When you get a "new" book, do you put it in a plastic bag and freeze or put in some bug spray? I am always afraid of creepy crawlies. Linda

Patti VZ

I am a bonafide they have a support group for people like us? :)

Pom Pom

Pollyanna. Yes. She was a smarty pants, a little ambassador.


I love books too, and we clearly love the same kind! I was recently told that printed books are on the way out. I don't believe it! People who truley love to read and who love books simply cannot give up the beautiful illustrations, the feel of the paper or the joy of physically holdng a book. Sure, I read computer screens, but real books are just easier on the eyes!


I absolutely adore my books. I have a series of Nancy Drew which I picked up at a yard sale this summer for $1.00! I especially love old books with some type of personal note or inscription on the inside front cover. I always wonder if they loved their books as much as I do.
Your books are wonderful!
Have a great day!


I love books too....have a small home with not much extra space so can't keep big collections unfortunately. I've loved to read since a small child....still my favorite thing to do in my spare time.


Love love love books! And of course this page!

Sandi ~ A Cottage Muse

Hi last few posts have been about some wonderful old books I have found at yard sales. My favorites are The Cheerful Cherub and Peter and Wendy ~ both first editions in beautiful condition!! Lucky me!!


In our world of "technology" with e-books, etc., it brightens my heart to see people still loving books. I never was much of a reader growing up and truly hated doing book reports in school. As I got older, I read more now than ever but still not what I would like, my attention span is not long. I wish I could sit long enough to really enjoy a book.

Have a wonder-filled weekend Kim.


Alice from Arkansas


I just bought old copies of Little Women and Pride and Prejudice to use as decor in my freshly made over bedroom. I have tons of cookbooks that I absolutely love.

Happy Friday! La


Books are my other passion/obsession aside from my house!
I have over 1000 & have read every one!
I am one for new technology but I like the feel of a book in my hand..the smell of an old book..the look of a worn cover...My hubby has a passion for old books so it couldnt be more perfect!

Barbara Anne

We are a household of three bibliophiles and are gloriously overrun with books on just about every subject under the sun. I still have my Nancy Drew and Cherry Ames books! Cookbooks? We have about 200 and we use them. My ideal home would have built-in bookcases in every room!

e-books are not for me either.


Carrie Merth

Love books! Love Barnes and Noble bargain books-- could sit on the floor and soak them up. Kiddo is just starting to enjoy books. He loves being read to at bedtime.

I think we have books in every room of our house. Now if I could just stay awake long enough to read more than a few pages at at time. :)

Barbara F

Little Women was my first real read as a child! There is nothing like a good book - and if they turn it into a movie - the movie usually pales in comparison. Don't get me started on cookbooks! I am expecting a UPS delivery today from Barnes & Noble! I had to unload a lot of books when I downsized a couple of years ago, I just don't have the space, but I manage to sneak in a new one (or two) every now and then! Have a great weekend! xoxox


I adore my books! I have them everywhere and they just make me smile! Can you ever have too many;)?! I had some stacked under my coffe table in my family room trying to find a home for them...when I couldn't decide where they should go...I satcked them very neatly...put a cute tray on top and left them there;)!

Your collection is lovely as is everything you do!


Janet  Gutierrez

Love books but am rapidly running out of room for them. Have filled all our closets with bookcases and still they spill out. I remember reading Little Women for the first time and Heidi. Then I discovered The Wizard of Oz and read the whole series which led to a life-long enjoyment of fantasy.

Susan Ramey Cleveland

I love all your books. There's something so nostalgic and homey about them.

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions

I do love my books. They don't have pretty colored covers like yours, but I do have them throughout the house. I have taken the paper covers off of most of my older hard covers. I still leave them on the brand new ones {usually because I lend those out right after reading them}.


I love books! I think I own more books than anything else in my home. I own books that I bought just because of the beautiful covers and some that I love to read over, and over, and over. Would love to see some of the ways people display or store their books!

Thanks so much for your sweet blog and the beautiful pictures you post!


I adore books too Kim especially the well read/loved ones my children had when they were little. My son had a little car book that he carried with him all the time and it just holds the sweetest memories.
Have a wonderful weekend ♥


You are a true kindred spirit! Have a blessed weekend!~Michelle

Melesa Garrison

Kim, you have some great books and they still are in such great shape.I have 2 daughters that I have read to since they were babies and they still love books and read to their children. My oldest grandchild (only granddaughter) is seven yrs old and loves reading as well. I told her that books will open a whole new world to her and she agreed. being able to read is another blessing ;) that I'm so fond of. Speaking of my girls, we all love Little Women! Thanks Again, MG


One of my best childhood memories is sitting in the neighbors apple tree reading Nancy Drew. I still have some of my copies. Love books!


Love, love, love books! Could keep my nose in one all day long and have from time to time :)
So pretty the way all your books are displayed. Your copy of The Art of French Cooking really caught my eye and I'll be on the lookout for one for myself. I am a bit more reserved with my books and keep them all neatly tucked away on shelves. Am going right now to take some off the shelf and make a little vignette somewhere in my home.

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

I treasure each and every one of my books! Call me old-fashioned, but I could never consider, even for one minute, buying a Kindle. I love the look, feel and smell of books way too much!


Wow! It's nice to see so many ladies love books as much as I do! Love your pictures, will refer back to them as I need to display more of what I have. I have instilled the love of books and reading to my daughter, too. My son, not so much! We, my daughter and I, are a dangerous pair in a bookstore! Ha! Have a great weekend!


Books are wonderful companions. I have that very same little women book.

Southern Lady's Vintage

Yes, I do! I love books and search for them whenever I can. Saturday I am having a blog hop so folks can share their vintage cookbooks! Everyone is welcome to join in!


Books.......have never seen a great decorative vignette without one:) I so love admiring your books. Have a great weekend!


You have a good selection of books and colorful too. My grandmother was a very wise woman. She said as soon as you get home from the hospital with your little one, have two sons, rock and read to them, which I did. As they got a little older, it was funny, sometimes I'd try to skip a page because I was getting sleepy and they would notice immediately. My sons and I would have a lot of them memorized, as much as I read to them. Also, read to all my grandchildren too. That's the first place I spot when am out shopping for vintage finds. My 6th grade grandson and 2nd grade grandson made the highest reading score in their grades on their reading test scores.
Cindy Okla


You have some wonderful books displayed there. I am a big lover of reading too ;)


Oh, enjoyed reading everyone's comments about favorite books, too many books, vintage books, etc.
The 2nd post made me sad, however. Our public schools don't need any more negative slams. As a reading teacher who works with the lowest 20% of first graders, I must take exception to that generalization. The vast majority of teachers work so hard to help each student become the very best learner possible. Everyone misspeaks and makes errors and I would hope that the teacher who "punished" the students rethought the message they were delivering.
Too many students choose easy entertainment today, rather than taking the time to read. My own children did not read as much as their father or I did, when we their age. Times change, but when a person discovers a really GOOD book for their own enjoyment, reading happens.
Sorry if I got a bit preachy, but teaching is a very hard job. When I help a student become a reader, I always feel so fortunate to have shared the gift of reading with them.


I read almost everyday. I can't imagine life without books.
I enjoy reading them in my bed right before I decide that it's time to go to sleep. And of course it's getting late and I'll regret it in the morning when I have to get up early for my husband and kids...
I LOVE reading books!
Have a nice weekend and a big hug ( still one week summer holiday to go!!!) XXX Nina.

Sherry Smith

Hello Kim
Oh you found me out I confess I am a Book Alcoholic
I love how they smell how they feel and what they are going to tell me aaaaah I LOve books I have a sitting room full I have a sewing room full I have to be strict with myself No More Books or 1 in 1 out time maybe
Have a very Happy Weekend Kim and enjoy a good book.. Sherry


I guess I'm cheap and go to the public library for books - at the rate I read (about i/day in summer, 3/week rest of year), I'd be broke in a month! I do collect two authors, though - Rosamund Pilcher and D. E. Stevenson. They write the kind of books I can sit down and read anytime!

Lynn Paterson

You know I am hooked for sure.....especially from my last post on my blog. And I love the touchy, feely part of a having a book in your hands. No electronic devices for me. I like the sense of accomplishment when I see how many pages I have turned. Getting lost in a book is good for the soul and body......


I love my Ipod and how easy it is to download books on it, but there is nothing like holding a book in your hand and snuggling down for a good read. I have alot of books and am always looking for more at antique stores. Technology can be good, but long live books.

Trish Rowley

Hi Kim, Oh yes I do love books my latest treasure is Mastering the Art of French Cooking by Julia Child, and speaking of books my Sister is moving and has a huge library full of thousands of books that just wont fit into her new house. It is very sad to see her try to downsize the amount of books that she can take with her (she is not doing very well parting with any of them at the moment) I can see a semi trailer loaded with my Sisters books driving up the freeway on the way to their new home. Have a great day Trish xox ')

Kimberly Padilla

Hi Kim. My husband and I love books too. We have a library, which we cherish, and need to buy a few more shelves. Books are a beautiful thing to collect! Thank you for sharing yours! Blessings.

Kitchen Witch

"Gone With the Wind", I was in love with the movie as a kid and I read the book within 3 days when I was around 11 yrs. old (if I recall correctly). Amazing! I love devouring books. A store named "Book People" in Austin, TX is awesome and "The Kitchen Witch" in New Orleans is a dream (all cookbooks) which happened to inspire the name of my blog. Well, it and the legend that goes along with kitchen witches : )

Judy Crenshaw

Love the old books!

Kathy Martin

I LOVE books. I'm always in the middle of's Little Women right now. Might just finish that one tonight. Then....who knows? Lots of great reads out there! And my new iPad gives you classics free! :)


Beautiful displays, and the lighting is great. I love my new and old books--we home educate, and the saying is, "you know you home school when your idea of redecorating is figuring out where to put the new bookshelves".
I saw some of MY favorites in YOUR collection! happy day to you!

Nancy M

My husband and I were just talking about our love of books today. We decided one reason was it lifted our boredom. My parents dominated the TV. There was not much on TV back in then anyway so I read. I could enter the story I read and could not put down until it was finished and then would be a little sad. I have read many of the books you have. I think I should toss our out TV and read them all again. Thanks for the memories.
Nancy M.


It was a year ago today my mom died. The week following her death I was searching for something happy to relieve my grief and that is when I found this blog. I have been visiting it regularily, especially on those days when things were so sad without mom. As for books, they are a joy, a glimpse into the lives of people. As I've gone through my mom's book collections it's like walking through history. Books from the 1930's until now, and they all speak of the chapters of my mom's life. Books are treasures to enjoy reading now and they are treasures left behind by those who go to heaven before us. Thanks Kim and all of you at Daisy Cottage for being a support to me when I have missed my mom so terribly.


hello kim, sure missed you and i'm not so much a book person persay - but, after seeing your books on the shelves and seeing them being used in all sorts of ways - i'm sure interested and probably going to read a few. thank you kim as always and on to your next blog. just got back from a getaway. weather is great and enjoying everybit of it.

love ya, maria - cottage feel -


LOL, I seriously need a library room in my house! I have ALWAYS been a book nut, of all kinds of subjects. When my folks would move me to college in my younger years, my dad dreaded all the books that needed to be carried!!

Marilyn Holeman

Yes! I love books! I'm visiting from The Inspired Room. The first book I remember my mom reading to me when I was a little girl is "Laddie" by Gene Stratton Porter. My girls love her books now, too, as well as Alcott, and a host of others. And my boys love to read, too--though their tastes are a little different! And have you discovered E. Nesbit?


i love my books. i am always buying them from book stores, estate sales, garage sales and thrift shops. it is hard for me to part with them (when one wants to barrow one). i read all the time. i got my love of reading from my mom. i love pollyanna. my husband calls me pollyanna :)


I have just recently read two wonderful books by the author Eva Etzioni-Halevy. The titles of the book are The Garden of Ruth and Song of Deborah. I wrote a book review of Garden of Ruth on my blog last month. I haven't gotten around to Song of Deborah yet. Both are great books and highly recommend that people pick these two up for a great read.

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