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June 21, 2010



Looks like I'm the first to comment -- does that make me the winner!!!! Just reading your blog each day a wonderful gift.

Whatever you do, have a great time. I'm going to visit my grandchildren in a few days -- they live too, too far away and I only get to see them once, maybe twice a year.

Best always,


Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions

Congratulatins and Happy Birthday! What a wonderful way to start your week! My summer consists of waiting on my first grandchild's arrival {eta 7/23} and then spending some time introducting myself to her.


Have a wonderful birthday! I love seeing your articles - I always look for them.

Special wishes for a special lady - we'll miss you!


Liz @ the Brambleberry Cottage

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, sweet Kim! Our days do indeed tend to slip by rather quickly...specially as we grow older.

Thank you so much for adding such beauty to this world with your kind spirit and your lovely, uplifting blog. May your special day be blessed beyond measure!

Liz @ the Brambleberry Cottage


Happy Birthday to you my new and yet unseen by me friend. You have become a special part of my day. I surely will miss you. I hope that your time away is both fruitful and refreshing. Your blog is soothing and encouraging. I love it. I hope that your day today is everything you want it to be and more. And I also hope to be winner of one of those things! Have a great rest of the month, and hurry home to us.
Love to you, Deidra


Happy Birthday! Enjoy this beautiful day.


Happy Birthday to you! enjoy your day! And congrats on your articles and feature!! woo hoo!! My summer consists of swimmimg lessons and making those most out of our weekends!! happy day!

chris mohnasky

Happy Birthday ! I hope your day is filled with sunshine and smiles and pretty flowers! You're such a sweet soul and you fill so many hearts with joy , I hope it is returned to you ten fold. Blessings on your special day!


happy birthday to you!
what lovely gifts, sure i want to win. :)


Happy Birthday! You have been such a delightful influence on my life since I found your blog. Thank you so much for your recent comments about freedom in designing one's own home. I loved the affirmation and encouragement! My daughter and I are busy painting my house, and designing some new gardens! What fun we are having in creating!

Much love,

Myrtle Yopp

I want to say DON'T LEAVE US! but I know that's being selfish so I'll just pout. I so enjoy reading your blog everyday and will miss you while you're gone....but I will be anticipating your return with lots of new pictures (I hope). Enjoy! (and please enter me in the giveaway)


Kim, Happy Birthday! I wish you many more with lots of blessings. Time does fly when you are having fun! Enjoy the day.


Aw, Happy Birthday, Kim!

What a great prize package. The magazines mean even more to us because YOU are in them. And a red mirror from you? Marvelous.


Happy Birthday to you!
I love your blog, you are so inspiring with your bright and happy colors. Thanks for the generous give away.


Happy Birthday to you! I enjoy reading your blog every day and love your decorating style. Enjoy your break away.


Happy, happy birthday, Kim!
Thanks for inspiring me to paint more than walls - I've moved on to furniture now.
You've even inspired me to start blogging.
Thank you, thank you!


HAPPY BIRTHDAY sweet Kim!!!! I hope you feel very celebrated today and have a wonderful birthday. I always so enjoy reading your beautiful blog! Thanks for the awesome giveaway!! I am so excited that you are featured in both magazines. That is great!! Love your red mirror and the pretty apron. Enjoy your time off from blogging. We will all miss you, but will look forward to your post when you return. Take care my friend! Love & blessings from NC!

Judith Fogt

It's pouring down rain in Ohio, but I feel like I just turned on the sun with my first-ever visit to Dear Daisy Cottage. I am in love with Miss Maggie!

The music is delicious too!

My summer is going to be largely about launching our rubber stamp business with my daughter Stephanie. We are haphazardly learning the ins and outs of computerism, sort of lurching at technology, then backing off until we get the nerve to run at it again. Not easy when you're used to thinking on the opposite side of your brain!

Thanks for this fun read and gorgeous pix. I'll be back! Enjoy your interlude until July 12 and pul-eeze enter me in the giveway drawing! Thanks a mil - Judith

Rae Lange

Happy Birthday darling daily girl!!! I love your blog and have told me sister and friends about it! Have a great vacation!


Happy Birthday! You are such a wonderful person... love your posts..:)

Barbara Anne

Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday, dear Kim!
Happy Birthday to YOU!!

Have a wonderful day and enjoy the many days away, too. You'll be missed, of course.

Thanks for the chance to win these delightful goodies! To have some of your happy colors in my home would be so much fun.



Sounds like everyone has great summer plans...... its still raining here in the NW, so our camping plans have been put on hold for another year :(
I love your blog..... you always have the cutest things !
Happy Day !

Tracie~My Petite Maison

Happy Birthday, Kim!
Congratulations on the wonderful things happening for you too. Have my RC right in front of me and will have to pick up Cottages & Cabins this week. Have fun picking those daisies, tell Maggie hi from Zeke.


May all your dreams come true. Not sure we get that mag here, but I will go and look for it when I'm in Ottawa on Friday.
I will let another lucky lady win your pretty giveaway. Good luck girls and Happy birthday dear Kim. Eat lots of cake OK?
Love You
Love Me
Love Claudie


Happy birthday! And no summer plans here, just whatever comes our way. :)

Elizabeth Marchus

Hi Kim,
Happy, Happy Birthday Day to you!
May all your dreams come true and may the new year bring you nothing but "colorful dreams". Yesterday while at Savemart I pick up a copy of Cottages&Cabins and there you were!! I was so happy for you.
Please put my name into the hat, July 11th is my daughters birthday!.
Enjoy your time away, I will miss you!
Big hugs, Elizabeth


Oh Kim, Happy Birthday to you sweet friend! Have a wonderful day of celebrating, picking daisies, eating cake, opening presents. You are pretty darn special to me too:) I will miss your wonderful posts but enjoy your time away. We will all be waiting for you when you return.


Rae Lange

I meant to say: Happy Birthday darling DAISY girl, not daily girl...good grief! I'm old...haha Anyway, have a great day!!


Happy Birthday to you...Happy Birthday to you...Happy Birthday dear sweet Kim....Happy Birthday to you. What will we all do without you until July 12th? We are all gonna miss you tremendously I guarantee. Have a great Birthday! ;-))))

Donna at Mourning Dove Cottage

Happy Birthday, and Congratulations, Kim!! Enjoy your day! You are the sweetest!


Shannon Olson

Happy Birthday, mine is in a couple weeks! I would love to win your prize. Have a great time!!


Happy Birthday! And have a wonderful time away.Looking forward to your return.


Oh wow, I'm going to miss you Kim.

I put on your blog and listen to your music in my kitchen.

It is such a good reminder for me to be more like you!

My mentor!

xoxox Jen in Boise


Happy birthday & thank yo so much for giving *us* a present! Am once again happy to see your ho me featured in a magazine. Just goes to show they have good taste!

Birthday (((hugs)))



LOADS of *G*O*L*D*E*N* stars my dear for giving us our daily dose of creative inspiration of YOU and your SWEET babies...thank YOU for being there for us!! Love and hugs, your friend Valerie up in Manitoba, Canada xo


Here is hoping your birthday is everything you could ever want it to be. I look forward to each and every blog so I can hear your wonderful words of encouragement and see the gorgeous pictures you post. You have given me more inspiration then you can possibly know. I have so much respect and admiration for you. Again, have a super-double fantastic birthday knowing what a blessing you are to all of us. You will be missed, can't wait til July 12th!


Kim, Happy Special Day to you! I wish you a wonderful day and time away. Happy trails until we can once again share in the goings on at Dear Daisy Cottage. Blessings from Joan in Michigan

Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita

Happy Birthday and Happy Summer! Enjoy!

Lynn Hand

"Oh Happy Day" to you! Also, congrats on your magnificent mag articles in Romantic Country. You have inspired me to subscribe to the magazine. Will miss you while you are away and look forward to your return. Celebrate your birthday everyday. Hugs from Lynn in NC.

Teresa Hennes

Happy Birthday. I hope the day is as special as you are. Congratuations on the magazines, you must be over the moon with joy! I would like to enter the contest also. hugs, teresa


Happy Birthday Kim! I will be looking for you in those magazines. What a great give-away package!
Happy Summertime.


Happy, Happy Birthday, Kim! Pamper yourself! You deserve it! Enjoy! Becky in Virginia

Lavender Dreams

Happy Birthday to you, sweet friend! And thank you for sharing some of your favorite things with us in a giveaway! You are always so thoughtful! I hope you enjoy some time away from the computer to do the things you love! We plan to spend the summer in the mountains of NC! Talk to you soon! Have a MOST special birthday! Eat lots of CAKE! HUGS! ♥♥♥


Happy Birthday Kim!!!! Have a most blessed day. What a great giveaway! I call my style of decorating "Campy Cottage" so I must get my hands on that "Cottages & Cabins" magazine. Would love to read your articles. Enjoy your summer. Summer means outside and in the garden for us and of course cooking and eating all of the yummy rewards right down to edible flowers:)

Pam Cummings

Happy Birthday! I hope it is filled with God's most wonderful blessings :)
I LOVE your blog. It makes me realize that I need to slow down and enjoy the beauty of life. Thank you for reminding me of that simple pleasure.
Enjoy your time away, but hurry back!

Pam in Central Texas


Happy Birthday Kim! I am singing YOU, sweet lady, my special, "Monroe" version of the birthday song. I hope your day is grand and the daisys have twice as many blooms as they usually do- just for you. Enjoy your day.

Tracy Barkett

As the Beatles would say...."They say it's your birthday!" Have a wonder full one.
Simply White Vintage


Happy birthday lovely lady!!! I hope it brings with it a year of blessings and joy!
It is winter here in Australia, but we are still enjoying a wonderful year, another grandbaby on the way in a few weeks so very excited!!!

Hugs to you! Jenxo

Amy P

Whoo Hoo! and happy birthday too! I can't wait to check out the issues :) This is a wonderful giveaway!

I'm having a giveaway on my blog too! I'd love to have you stop by and enter :)

Judi in SW Florida

Birthday Blessings to YOU! Have an awesome time away and I look forward to your return. You have been such a decorating inspiration... we are remodeling my dear daughter's condo here in SW Florida (she lives in Orlando)in "cottage style"! You have become our "go to person" for cottage decor! I simply love the bright colors and "fun" vignettes... I may even have to re-think my colonial-prim style!

Dawn Gahan

Happy Birthday to you, Kim! And thank you for bringing such joy into so many people's lives. Please enter me into the giveaway!



Blessings on your Birthday
Mmarking my calender on July 12th---Kim is back. Nice to have something to look forward to because you will be missed.
My summer will be relaxing days at home since hubby's hobby keeps most of his week-ends tied up. But that's o.k. because the Fall will bring grandbaby #6 and we will be traveling for that event.
Everyday Is A Gift

Mary Miele

I know how you feel about where does the time go! I think it goes by faster each year. I just love your is so inspiring to read each day. Love your adorable looks so relaxing and inviting.
Our summer plans are to venture to the Smokie mountains in TN.

Will miss you while you are away. Enjoy your time.
Thanks for offering such a nice giveaway!



Happy Birthday to you and congratulations on the magazine feature. I would be most honored to receive the giveaway as I have the perfect place for that mirror and the apron would find a good home in my red kitchen. And the magazines, oh well, who doesn't love a good article about their friend? Enjoy your time away. May you be blessed with many more Happy Birthdays!


Have wonderful day, and enjoy your time off. I would love to win your wonderful prize. Thanks.


Rachel from A Cupcake For Moose

Happy Birthday Kim! You are such a sweet soul! I hope you have a fabulous day and enjoy your time away!


Happy Birthday to you! I hope you enjoy your special day and I love your blog. Please count me in on the fun
giveaway too!


I hope you have the happiest of birthdays and celebrate BIG! I'd love the opportunity to win the giveaway.


Happy Birthday to you!! I hope you have a grand day!

This summer I'm focusing on making my home a bright and cheery place. Thanks for so much inspiration!


Happy birthday sweet Kim! Today is also my oldest daughters birthday. A very good day indeed!!

And my favorite magazines! What a lovely giveaway and of course RED - yumm!

Enjoy your day, enjoy your time away and hurry back - we will miss you :0)


Sharon Carstens

Happy Birthday Kim !

Seeing your lovely cottage everyday and the beautiful colors inspire me. Thank you for sharing your life and your beautiful home.

May God continue to bless you in all that you do.



WOOT!! and Woo Hoo ...what a fantastic colorful giveaway with a signature "Kim" red mirror and apron and awesome magazines for reading and being inspired. COUNT ME IN!!!
Love it. What a sweet blogger you are. I love to visit you every day. Please give the puppers a hug from me! Have fun


Happy Birthday, Kim!
Congratulations on your stories too!
Have a great time off - will miss seeing your posts.


A very happy birthday to you, Kim. I can't imagine my living without a daily post here for so long, but I'll try to manage. Congrats, too, on the article for Cottages and Cabins. I've not seen that one yet, but will be on the lookout now. Have fun with whatever you'll be up to!


We thank our lucky stars everyday for you! You bring freedom and happiness and loveliness into our lives each and everyday.

We wish you a birthday and our love and blessings to your mom and dad for bringing such brightness into this world of ours!

Love yz!

Kathleen Grace

Happy Birthday Kim! I hope it is a wonderful day for you:>) I saw Daisy Cottage in the latest issue of Cottages and Cabins and I could even see a little bit of one of the hearts I sent you in the photo of your office. I felt famous, lol! I have so much planned for this summer, repainting the kitchen, sewing, reading, and of course more school. I can't believe it is the first day of summer already. It will go fast so make sure you enjoy every last moment:>) Love you too!


It's my birthday today also. So happy birthday to us both. Love to win!!!




Congratulations and Happy Happy Birthday! My plans for the summer? Kissing and spoiling my brand new grand-baby Mae!

Ally's Corner

Happy Birthday to you!!!! Hope you have a great day. Enjoying my summer with my girls!


Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday Dear Kiiiiiimmmmmm, Happy Birthday to you! Hope you have a very special day. Thank you for another great giveaway!!

Debbie from Texas

Happy Birthday, Kim!!! Spending time with my grandchildren this summer! Hope yours is great, as well. Thanks for being such a special part of my life (if only in blog land!)


Happy Birthday Kim! I'd love to be in your giveaway! I'm having one as well!! To celebrate my 100th post! :) So come on over if you'd like to join in the fun! :)
School gets out on Thursday and we have tons of fun stuff planned this summer! Plus building the house! Lots of excitement! :)


HAPPY BIRTHDAY KIM!!!!!!!! congratulations on the magazines. thats too exciting!
i will be counting the moments until you get back-you are such a part of my everyday :)


Wow, Kim. Where to start? First, Many Happy Birthday Wishes to You. I hope you have a super-spectacular day. You always have the most generous give-a-ways. I'd be delighted to win! Congratulations on the magazine articles. YeeHaw!!!!


Have a wonderful, happy birthday Kim. I have a feeling you will! My plans for the summer include going to the Antiques Roadshow in Miami Beach on July 10th - I am beyond excited to have won tickets! And going to NYC to visit my daughter and her darling little boy. Have fun whatever you do!

Jennifer Schulz

We'll miss you too, Kim. As for summer plans....we might do some camping before I get so pregnant that I can't sleep on the ground anymore. And of course house hunting for our very first house! I'm sooo excited. :)


Happy Birthday! Hope you have a wonderful, wonderful time away but we will all miss you. Congrats on the articles! You are the best.

Susan Hames

Kim, Have a wonderful Birthday - you are a very special person!!
Love, Susan


Happy Birthday to you! I hope that it is a good one for you. What a generous way to celebrate your birthday...if you were my neighbor you would have received some birthday muffins :o). My kiddos don't get out of school until this Friday, but we plan on spending our time wisely by going to the ocean, lake, camping and enjoying each other's company. I love your are so inspiring!
Take care, Dee

Debby Messner

Thank you for celebrating your birthday with us. I love every colorful post you share with us. Happy Birthday....I hope you eat cake all day long.
I'd love your give-a-way. I can't wait to read your articles. I can't seem to find Cabins and need to win, hah. And your red mirror, I would love that as well.
So enjoy your time away....
Oh, I hope to see all my grandchildren this summer. My daughter was supposed to be here now and had to cancel due to a complicated illness I had.


Oh, Kim! What a great birthday present it would be to be feautred in a magazine! So HAPPY FOR YOU! I love you and Daisy Cottage too. Hope you are away doing super fun and exciting things!
Happy Birthday, and many more!


Happy Birthday Kim! Enjoy your time away from us, but PLEASE come back!!!


Happy Happy Birth you young "thang"!

I would love very much to win these wonderful gifts.



Happy Birthday to you! I love your blog. You are just too cute and kind for words.

The only plans we have for the summer is to take in a O's game in Baltimore and travel to Lancaster County, PA to visit college friends. We get together every summer to make applesauce.

From Virginia

Trish Rowley

Hi Kim, It was my sons birthday yesterday he turned 31. We will miss you Heaps!!!! but enjoy your time away and I do hope that you can get some time to rest and just be if you know what I mean, have a Blessed birthday Kim Heaven smiled the day you were born have a great day and break. God blesss!!!! Trish xox ;)


The happiest of Happy Birthdays to you! Thank you so much for taking the time on your special day to not only do a post but a giveaway! Congratulations on having an article on your lovely home in another magazine! Have a wonderful blog break!

Lorrie Simons

Kim, I hope you have a fantabulous birthday and get everything you wish for! If I don't win your fantastic give away, I am definitely still going to go and buy those magazines so that I can read your articles! I love every one of your posts. I love your Daisy Cottage, all of the colors you choose are so happy!

Gail K. were destined to share life-giving words full of sunshine...being born on the summer solstice! Cake for breakfast?! ;-)

Patti Dunnavant

Happy Birthday. Your blog was an inspiration for me to start my own.


Happy Birthday Kim!! You are such a sweetie and I just adore your blog and am very thankful that I found it. You are such an inspiration to me and just love ya!! Have a great special day and may you have many many more special dreams come true this new birth year. Hugs ~ Laura


Happy Birthday Kim and many more.

Fay Marie Torzsok

Congratulations, and a Very Happy Birthday to you Kim. Hope you're having a wonderful day.

Do enjoy your time away whatever you have planned. I will miss dropping in everyday to see what you're up to.

Please enter me in your wonderful give-away, I would so love to win. Take care of yourself and will be looking forward to your return on July 12.


Fay Marie

Shelly Virtue

Happy Birthday Kim!! <3
Your blog makes me smile! It confirms it is OK to matter how quirky. ;} I would truly LOVE LOVE LOVE to win one of your giveaways. Thanks for the happy thoughts....keep being wonderful YOU.


God keep you.
God bless you.
Good health to you.
Joy to you.
Love to you.
Peace to you.
Daisies to you.

All the days of your life.

Sincerely, from the heart,

Michele from Ohio


Well, first of all, Kim, happy birthday!! I hope you have a great day. :) And I'll look forward to when you get back to your blog. Congratulations on the publications, and this looks like a great giveaway! Take care and thanks!


Happy Sweet Birthday Kim! :)


happy birthday dear Kim. I hope you have a great day.

I'll have to look for those magazines. Congrats on being in a couple more magazines.


Happy Birthday Kim. Enjoy your vacation or whatever you do during these weeks away. We will miss you. I told you in another post that I saw your article in Cottages and Cabins. It is great. Hope that doesn't keep me from trying to win. :-) I want you to know you mean as much to us as we do to you. Be safe, be happy and we'll wait for your return. Alice from Arkansas


Kim, your blog is so beautiful and original, not to mention inspirational. Thank you so much for offering the chance to win your special giveaway - and HAPPY BIRTHDAY and happy first day of summer to you!!!

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