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May 02, 2010



Oh Kim what a wonderful fea market. I think just by looking at your pictures I would have had to bring a pickup to haul all the things that I would love to have. And that pink desk would have been one of them!!!


I liked the pictures that have the pale pink dresser w/the white handles. I have a dresser like that. I wonder if my hubby would mind me painting it pink.

All of the pictures were lovely. I went junking myself this weekend. It was a city-wide yard sale in Munfordville, Ky. Not as big as yours but at the end everything was a quarter :).

Kristen Smith


Oh Kim your pictures are all so fantastic, if I had to pick one it would be the photo with the old mugs, bowls and butter dish would be my favourite.


I loved each and every picture! I loved that there were so many. I loved browsing through all the antique and vintage items. I can't WAIT until flea market season begins here in Idaho. Shannon is gorgeous (and such a darling outfit on a golden, adorable, young beauty). favorite photos were of Blueberry Mike...what a cutie pie...what a smile! Thank you for ALL of the eye candy! xxoo Leslie


Oh my goodness Kim, I am in awe of your could anyone have gone home emptyhanded? I know I wouldn't have. To pick a favorite is hard but Shannon's pink dresser really caught my eye before you even said it was Shannon's and I loved that aqua mirror the lady was carrying. I would be jumping up and down if I won your giveaway.


Well, the picture of that sweet couple and baby is just pure pleasure to view:) I love the white cups and saucers with the red rims, really I love everything on that table.
Oh! Shannon is adorable!!!


Hi Kim!!! Although I was not there with all the pics you shared was just as close to being there! Thanks. My favorite has to be the wrought iron tables and chairs. I recently salvaged a set which someone had given up on it-- very old--which resembled one in your pic. I enjoyed bringing it back to life and seeing your pics brought back good memories.

Take care....

Terri Morse

Oh Kim! Your tour of the Fancy Flea was just the thing to inspire and cheer me! All of that color and sunshine just made me smile. The painted furniture is fabulous, and the blue and white transfer ware was incredible. Thanks so much for sharing this wonderful and fun event! Psst! Don't tell anyone I said this, but blueberry Mike was more beautiful than the furniture!

Nancy Hutson Maisenbach

There was one picture missing.
One of beautiful you!
Nancy M.

MJ Smith

Sure wish I could have been there! I loved all of your pictures!


Kim, I feel like I was there with all of these pictures. I hope there is something similar to this in my Village one day!

Necel from the Old House in Texas

I would have brought home a pile of jewelry to glue on a belt buckle, the curly red chairs and Blueberry Mike.

Karen Dennis

Hi Kim, I do not have a blog but I read yours almost every day. I feel like we are kindred spirits. Your decorating style and colors are me to a T. I would love to be entered in your giveaway. I wish I could have been at that flea market. It looks like it was the perfect day.God bless you. Karen Dennis

Robin LeJeune

I love your pictures. I have just started to paint furniture in my house because of your beautiful blog. Loved Blueberry Mike and the great photos of painted furniture.

Elizabeth Marchus

Hi Kim,
What a fun day! I am so ready to walk around a flea market its been for ever. Gary and I have been going to co-ops to vintage shop. So my favorite pic would be of "he" LOL. What a cutie pie!
Please drop my name into the hat.
Big hugs, Elizabeth


Wow, so many adorable things to love! How I wish I could have been there to take it all in...and to snag that beautiful yellow dresser that made its way into several of your photos! Thanks for sharing it with us!

Joyce Ackley

Great photos, Kim. I had a couple of favorites - Blueberry Mike...eye candy, all right. And I loved the picture of the big tan dog. He has such personality! Shannon is pretty, too.

The shot of the street was good. Makes me proud to be a Lakeland-er! Our city has come a long way, hasn't it?

Cassandra Clarke

My favorite picture? Blueberry Mike, of course. LOL Wish I had not made other plans for that day - I would have been there. Next time I will be.

Jenny Sumrall

Would loved to have been there. Thanks for the pictures. We always know we can depend on you to come through for us. Favorite picture? Why..Blueberry Mike, of course. (Shhhhhh........ My honey is here.) Haha. Now, go take a break. You deserve it. and hope your sinus headaches are better. Jenny--South Alabama


Kim, EVERYTHING is so gorgeous! How can anyone pick just one thing they like best. But, I must say I want that picture from Mary's booth, the one of the boat. It would go perfectly in my eclectic, vintage, country, cottagey home! The other one that would fit perfectly in my life are those red chairs with the bright red cushions...I'm going out to find fabric right now to redo my chairs. I love all your pictures, they just make ideas POP in my head. Thanks so much for your time in putting all these beautiful pictures up for the rest of us who need just a little inspiration.


You really did take alot of photos, Kim! That was so much fun, I felt like I was right alongside you. The only bad part is I couldn't buy anything!
My favorite photo-- that's a hard one, they're all great, but the one with the red metal chairs really stands out.
Thanks so much for all the great eye candy (including Blueberry Mike;))


Sweet eye candy all the way around if you know what I mean.............Furniture, dogs, baby Kate, Shannon, blueberry Mike, treasures......................Thanks for sharing! ~Cheers Kim

The Lady of the House

Hey Kim! Thanks for taking and sharing so many fun pics with us! I loved! the green mirror that had a little drawer and was holding flea chic fab etsy store business cards. So lovely! Love that color :) No need to add me to your give away since I've already won one of your lovely giveaways just wanted to say Hi! =) The Lady of the House

Tina Kay

I sure enjoy your photos. It is like I was there. My daughter who is ten, enjoys you blog as much as I do. Thanks for such a lovely place to visit.

Tina Kay


Wow that was cool....Loved the colors..The day looked bright and great. Your choice is nice and I love the finds you dig out at flea market. I have been to many but I never seem to find stuff.

Jill Horak

Oh Kim- I just saw the picture of Sean, Lisa, and Kate. You totally captured the feeling I saw in Kate when her mama was finally there (after working the Flea all morning) to hold her tight. Grandmothers are okay for a while, but a girl just wants her mama, ya know? I just loved seeing them all together! Super pictures(of course)of everything!! You are an amazing talent. I am so happy to be able to watch you work!


OK Kim, I devoured every glorious piece of eye candy here and have now gained 5 pounds...your fault!! HA! Thank you for taking us DID catch me off guard when you first posted that you'd forgotten to take pictures...good joke! Now as to my favorite: at about #10 from the top of the post, with the table of wonderful colored glass plates and mugs...and tucked into the lower left corner is what looks to be a black whale?! Do you see it? Is it a spoon rest? Very intriguing.

Also intriguing is Mike. Different kind of eye candy, but also rather stole my breath too!...sigh ;-)

xoxoxoxo to you Kim,


Thanks for taking us along on your wonderful day. My 2 favorite pictures were the one with the handbags (I make those too) and the apple picture. I collect anything with apples on it. You live in such a beautiful place and are the envy of us all.

Doni H.

Wow! What fun! And those pics were great! I really loved those rose prints you showed a few times, and of course the hot pink desk! how cute!! I'm so glad she sold it right away...
I'd love to be in your giveaway! The Rose painting is so sweet! Thanks for the opportunity!!


oh. I just realized that Thursday is my birthday!!! I hope I win!!

Linda Meziere

I love the picture with the Globe and the Vintage Suitcase. Ah the adventure!



I had to post again...I have drooled over the pics. I love the pink dresser and night stand and the blueberry item - oh yes - Mike! Cute as a button

Mom Wald

Thank you so much for sharing your colorful day with us! It is fun to have them all mixed up, because every time I was surprised again with a blue & white photo it was like a present.

Am I the only one to notice that "Blueberry Mike" and the Wiener Dog have the same expression? They both know they're cute, don't they?

Abra Riley

I couldn't possibly choose just one picture, I love them all. I did think Blueberry Guy was a hottie but I bet everyone looks good surrounded by cute doogies, gorgeous antiques, beautiful flowers and you!!!


I love love love everything about the Fancy Flea I wish I lived near by and I would have been there in a heart beat to spend all my husbands money..I love your blog your a bright spot in my day!!!!

Kelly B.


I loved everything! The dishes, the vintage clothes, the pink dresser ... love it all!


I'm not sure I can pick just one photo because they were ALL beautiful! I did kinda favor the one of the red doxie though! Thank you for taking us along. It was great fun. Oh, and I would LOVE the rose painting!


Ooooh la la, the aqua mirror caught my eye and the pink dresser and the yellow dresser. I would have been broke if I had been there because I would have had to buy everything. Loved the pics thanks for sharing. It was a beaufiful day for a flea market and lets not forget Blueberry Mike that was the best. (hehehe)

Gretchen Gerg


Thanks for sharing this great Flea Market with us. I would have loved to buy some goodies or just have been a looker.



Judi Minto

Greetings from SW Florida! Had planned to drive up to the "Fancy Flea", however, someone shared a 24 hour flu bug with me and I had to cancel my trip. We ARE attending the November "Flea"! Wonderful photos... my fav is baby Kate... what a darling little girl! Of course... Blueberry Mike is quite the cutie, too! Thanks for sharing the fun...thorougly enjoy your blog! judi


Thank you Kim for all of your beautiful photos. I would have to say my favorite photo was Erica's booth overlooking the park. There were sooo many wonderful things to look at. I especially loved the painted furniture. Blueberry Mike very interesting!


Kim, you've got to come by and look at my Goodwill curtains I posted today...I think you'll be proud! LOL...Love ya muchly, ~Robyn and Daisy Mae


HELLO HELLO....Oh I can't believe I am on...WOO HOO

Kim what fab pictures....and I was going to mentione (if i could get on) how much I loved that apple picture...until I saw Blueberry Mike LOL what a cutie bug....

All the best,
xo Kathy :)

Leslie Lockwood

I love the photo with the yellow dresser/rooster plates! Looks like it was a fun day!


Of course you know that my FAVorite picture is "Cindy's" booth, the picture with the red and yellow transferware plate!!
Thanks for sharing all the beautiful pictures!!


I loved all the photos! I think we have seen the "Fabio" of the Flea Market (if you know what I mean). ;-)

Linda Henson

It's too darn cold where I live in Oregon to be going to a Flea Market yet. I enjoyed all your pictures. Thank You so much.


hello kim - just looking again and i made up my mind the color i chose is the mustard color in lori's booth for my buffet - can't wait to get started - love ya, maria - cottage feel xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox

Brenda Turner

All of your photos are gorgeous! I can't pick just one.

Laura Lee

So much inspiration in one post! And what a sweet give-away, even if Blueberry Mike isn't part of the deal....;-)


Wow. Wish I could have been there. :)


I spotted the painted flowers by number in a dresser right away in scanning down the photos! So pretty. Several years ago I bought a new one at Michael's to paint...have I done it yet? Nope! I think the vintage PBNs are so cool, 'tho.
All the pics are so pretty and I'd love to one day visit FL as I've never fave would have to be the sidewalk with the trees and old-fashioned lamp posts...but, that sweet baby is just adorable.

Linda Huson

I would be in seventh heaven if I won those gifties!! I love every one. And I loved your pictures. All I could think was - I wish I had been there and - how many things would have been going home with me - including that hot pink desk... I would have fought anyone who tried to beat me to it!! My favorite picture was probably the one with the blue plates and the big blue dish and the blue tablecloth - reminded me of Vermeer. I also liked the one of the ladies bending over in front of the wildflowers - the way the flowers matched her shorts!!

Linda in VA


Wish I could have been there - I would have bought lots!! Love the pink dressers and end table. Now I want to paint mine. Where did Shannon get the awesome pink layered tank - I have to have one!!

D'Ann Jackson

I love the picture of the sidewalk with the vendors setup on the right and the shade trees on the left. This picture makes me feel like I'm strolling along with you. The trees are so beautiful and green. I live in Colorado Springs, and we're just starting to green up here. Very soon - it will be green here, too!

Have a wonderful evening


My favorite photo is the one with your sister's handmade bags... I am a "bag lady".... I spot them first and then look from there..... thanks for the wonderful giveaway


My favorite pic was the table full of kitchen bowls, and colorful glassware, with the little cow sticking right in the middle, reminds me of grandmas kitchen. Jackie

Pat McDonald

Thank you, thank you, thank you!! I have a lot of stress happening in my life( my sister is in stage 3 of cancer and my dad(91 years) is having major surgery and then coming to live with us.) It isn't anything we can't handle, but sometimes it seems a little over whelming. It was so relaxing and peaceful to slowly admire your pictures and daydream about the antiques!!! My favorite picture has to be of the beautiful Miss Kate! I love those chubby baby hands and face. Thanks again for your lovely pics and a few minutes of relaxation. Pat McDonald

cathy gillette

favorite photo is that of the slightly out of focus floral plates with the petite four and the orange crocheted afghan.....would love the goodies!!


I love all the photos as they have perfectly captured the essence of an American Flea Market. But I think the photo with the silver tray with rings says it all. Love your blog Kim!

Hugs from Holland ~


I think all the photos are wonderful as they capture the essence of an American Flea Market. But I think the photo of the silver tray with rings says it all. Love your blog Kim!

Hugs from Holland ~


Hi Kim! I liked several pic's but the close up of the wildflowers sticks in my mind, so beautiful! Thanks for taking us with you,and for the giveaway! Leah

Mandy Wildman Porter

Hello from beautiful Haywood County in friendly Western North Carolina!

My favorite photo (oh - SOOOO hard to choose!) was the soft pink dresser with the side table and the twin lamps. I have twin 6 year old daughters and they would LOVE something like that in their bedroom!

Thank you for such a beautiful blog!

Mandy Wildman Porter


Wow! Fabulous photos! It looks like you had a wonderful time. :-)



Loved the photos of such a beautiful day and all the wonderful flowers and such well loved things for sale. Think my favorite is the pink table/desk with the crystal knobs.


Kim I loved all of your photo's as always they are just beautiful.Thanks for taking us on a great day with you.


I loved all the pictures from The Fancy Flea especially the globe (unique colors), pink desk (fun!), the painting of the boat (loved the colors and brush strokes)and turquoise painted bamboo thingy (very interesting!). I am excited about the giveaway! I love vintage paint-by-numbers!!

Donna at Mourning Dove Cottage

I wish I could have been there!! So many fabulous things. It's hard to pick a favorite photo because I loved them all, but I'd have to say that little dachshund was pretty cute!


Cindy S

Kim, What a wonderful day you must have had! My favorite booth was Loris. I adore that yellow chest, the first one of hers and then the pink painted dresser and night table and then her red patio furniture with a huge red flower on the seats. The red patio furniture is probably my favorite. Thanks for the look and thank you for entering me in your giveaway. You are so wonderful! Hugs, cindy s


just poking my head in to say hello, and to let you know my garden is blooming and we're going to prayer nite tonight and you'll be in our prayers and so will all the cottage family and friends - love ya all - maria - cottage feel


That pink dresser for $15 had my heart racing! (so did blueberry mike) :-) Thanks for the giveaway!


Now I know what was missing from my garage sale today.....Blueberry Mike!!!! Hahahaha.....keep taking those wonderful pictures for people like me who can't make it to fabulous flea markets! Thanks Kim.



Kim, thanks for letting us tag along. Great photos! This is just the kind of place I like. :-)

Comeca Jones

Well Mrs.Kim I thought the guy selling the herbs were about some of the best photos that you took!lol I loved the pretty pink desk also.Your photos are always full of color and I feel as if I could step into them and make a purchase.Thanks for always letting us spend the day with you!


Dear Kim I have no words to describe how much fun I just had looking at all of your pictures, What a HAPPY ESCAPE daisy cottage is for me . Please enter me in this fun drawing!!! Than you! Sherry

Lana Austin

Oooh...I'd love to win all those fabulous flea finds!~ My favorite photos are the ones with the painted furniture...but that blueberry guy....yum!
Blessings, Lana


Of course, as the mama, my vote is certainly for Baby Kate! Thanks, Kim, for capturing such wonderful photos of our daughter and our booth! It was a fun day and even more enjoyable to re-live it through your beautiful pictures (in our air-conditioned home)!




wow this is amazing a blue sky vintage...wonderful..i love this....congratulations.... all perfect .
hugs from brasil

Sally Booth

My fav was Blueberry Mike!!! Not for me, of course, happily married for 32 years now...........but for my daughter, Shannon (same name as your daughter!)what a cutie he is!!!!

Lorraine Frischkorn

I like the picture with the dapple-shaded walkway and huge planter pots. Such an inviting venue for encountering the treasures you find that are more than the flea market items: people and pets to treasure as well as the beautiful day! Lorraine

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