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May 02, 2010



I should have came! Why diudnt I go?! Are they planning on doing it again that you know of?

Cindy @ Happinest

Love it , love it , love it !! It was a fun and successful sale day for all of us that took part in the Fancy Flea.A big hug to Kim for taking all of you along..maybe you can come join us in Nov for another great Flea day in downtown.
Cindy@ Happinest

Kathleen Grace

Oh how I wish I could have been there! It looks like such a wonderful way to spend the day!

Daisy Cottage

Wendy, there will be a two day show in the fall!



My favorite was the picture of the beautiful Shannon with her hot pink dresser! Next would be the glorious yellow dresser with the plates peeking out.


Oh, wow.....those Danish butterpats!... I would have bought a few of those... I wonder if they have an ebay site....


Love, love, love the pictures! I liked the picture of the sales table piled with vintage coffee cups and plates and glassware storage containers and a little cow's head peeking up through the piles. What is that anyway? I loved seeing the examples of needlework. I liked the picture featuring the chair and ottoman with needlework. Somebody has a blue and white needlework tablecloth...LOVED that! The work and love and pride that went into that! I am exhausted thinking about it! Did you pick up anything for your cottage, Kim?


How I wish I could have been at the Fancy Flea with you my friend....well, actually I would rather have been feasting my eyes on Blueberry Mike.....just yummy! All kidding aside, the Fancy Flea looked FABULOUS. What a treat to at least be there via your artful imagery. And SHANNON is GORGEOUS! Thanks dear sweet Kim for giving those of us we couldn't attend such a lovely treat.

Jennifer Schulz

I definitely loved all the flowers and those handbags were adorable. It all looks so very picturesque. Too bad I had to work yesterday. My mom, aunts and I would have had a blast.

A Cupcake For Moose

Oh, I adore your pictures! I feel like I was right smack dab in the middle of The Fancy Flea! I love the giveaway, but I really just wanted to say THANK YOU! You are inspiring and fun and such a treat to visit!

xoxo, Rachel from A Cupcake for Moose


I recently discovered your blog and introduced myself to you at the Flea. I purchased the armoire pictured below your caption, "I spy Shannon and me". I just finished lining the drawers with a beautiful red, lavendar scented paper; and then moved my things in. It was a beautiful day and a joy to meet you!


Oh, Kim, Wow, that was an absolutely stunning flea market...I can't possibly pick one photo as my favorite but Mr. Blueberry would probably be the one!!! :)
What a great giveaway...thanks for the chance!
And, thank you for sharing such gorgeous photos!
xoxo Beth


Hey Kim,

It was great to "run" into you yesterday. Paul and I really enjoyed our visit to the fancy flea and we both were able to find some treasures to bring home. Paul found a vintage sign he really liked and I purchased one of Mary's beautiful paintings. It's so hard to pick a favorite photo, because they are all so beautiful, the colors, composition and content are truly a feast for the eyes... and Blueberry Mike, well I better not comment on those photos :) Please tell Lori how nice it was and how much we appreciate her hard work. Have a great week.

Julie Harward

Gosh, that was nice...I felt like I was there! I love to go to things like this..the prices look great too! My fav. was the lady standing with her flowered pants in the flowers/...cute! Mr. Blueberry was pretty cute too! LOL Come say hi :D


Such gorgeous pretty thing. I am in love :) It's hard to say which is my favourite photo ... maybe the photo of the painting of the pear.

Debbie L.

I had so much fun at the Fancy Flea Tour!

My favorite picture had to be of Shannon and that hot pink desk! Kim she is adorable! Second would have to be the two of you in the mirror and who wouldnt forget Blueberry Guy ha. So many pretties.

Thank you for the tour and I am pleased Fancy Flea was a success!

Debbie L.

Sandy McClay

Oh Kim,
I felt like I was right there!!!! Your photos are wonderful! I think my favorite photo(s) were the painted furniture, loved the robin egg blue mirror the one lucky gal got....and the flowers! Thank you so much for this tour....I just wish I could buy the things I loved right thru your blog!!!! :)


that looks like so much fun! one of my favorites pics was the cute blue mirror- love it! everything was so pretty, though.

Black Eyed Susans Kitchen

Wow...thanks Kim, that was a wonderful tour! I am totally inspired to paint up some chairs and desks in this house now. I was wavering on painting two old wire ice cream parlor chairs to use as planters on the the porch, but I waver no more...I will paint them this week. Again...thank you for the great pictures.
♥, Susan


Kim I sure enjoyed my walk through downtown today. :) Your little town just looks heavenly. I love it when flea markets combine furniture, plants, and all the other fun things we love.

You are such a doll to take us on the tour and have a give away! I'm crossing my fingers twice this time.

Now I have a question...Does Shannon know Blueberry Mike? They are both so cute!

The Beautiful Life

Sorry I missed it -- looks great!



What fun you must of had. All of your photos were great. It felt as though I went shopping with you. I loved the hot pink desk and pink buffet with the cherub lamps. I also love your giveaway, it is so me...I hope you pick me. Have a happy rest of your Sunday!


Thanks Kim--wish I lived on that side of the state!!! I loved all the linens that I saw--I could have spend a small fortune I'm sure. I'll have to keep my eyes and ears open and see if there is anything like that over here! Favorite pic--okay since nobody else has mentioned it--Blueberry Mike wasn't too hard on the eyes! (;0)

I like the first photo - all the blues. However, Blueberry Mike wins hands down ;) Looks like a ton of fun. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.


I loved all the photos, although the vintage door knob was my favorite. I suppose living in a old mill house with the old knobs has something to do with it. How I'd loved to have been there, and all the doggies! Oh my!

marie andree

Very nice pics. I'm happy not to be there... I would spend to much... but if you can change your giveway and add the "beautiful" ... you know who!!!
Put me in for this giveaway. Fabulous, thank you


I wish I could have been there! My favorite photo was of Blueberry Mike. He is so refreshing!!

Privet and Holly

Hi Kim! So glad the weather favored all who attended the Flea! I really like the picture with the metal table and chairs and the pretty china.....although I have to agree that Blueberry Mike takes a great pic! I love cherubs and birds and flowers {oh my!} so I would LOVE to win this wonderful giveaway! And thank you for taking me along on your trip to the Flea! xx P&H

Jill F.

Thanks for the virtual tour!! How funny is it that I was drawn immediately to the painting you're giving away in the collection of photos. My fave pic is a tie between darling Kate and um, just as darling Blueberry Mike! :-)


Beautiful pictures. I love the painted furniture and or course the doggies.


Where was this? I live in Florida and would have come. Do they do this often?
I love the picture of the two oval framed flower pictures in the dresser drawer, don't know why,just drawn to it.
Thanks for sharing these lovely images.


Oh Kim, we have NOTHING like the Fancy Flee here! I could not pick one picture that I liked the best. I loved them all! It felt like I was walking along with you and drooling over all the vintage!
Looking at all the painted furniture makes me want to go out and buy some paint and start transforming!
Please include me in your special giveaway.

Melaine Thompson

Hum, favorite photo......all of them! I love them! So full of color! melaine

Quilting Chick

Loved the tour and how I would have loved to be there! My favorite picture is your beautiful Shannon. She is adorable I'm sure that is what she wants to hear. ;) Just what I would imagine your daughter to be like- You are the best always...Hugs, Marietta


This was great, Kim. I cranked up the music on your site and went shopping with you. It was wonderful to visit a flea market and NOT have to drive and NOT have angst over spending any money.

At first my favorite photo was the third one...with the blue and pink tables.

But THEN you threw those Blueberry Mike photos and I was a gonner! hahahaha, along with SEVERAL other ladies (& men???) I'm sure!

Thanks for the goodies.

Renie Cee

Hey Kim!
You are a picture taking machine. I am going to call you the "Kiminator". I enjoyed all the pictures so much. They made me almost feel I was there. The picture of baby Kate is my favorite and the next would be, of course, the doggies. I would love to win the giveaway so please sign me up. You are an inspiration to all of us who read your wonderful daily blog. Keep up the good work and we will look forward to seeing baby Kate's nursery:>)

Trish Rowley

Hi Kim, thanks for the tour I can't pick 1 photo I love them all, but I do love painted furniture and as for Blueberry Mike well as a ex Dental Nurse all I can say is what a Beautiful SMILE!!! Have a great day!!! Trish xox ')


Thank you for all the great pics Kim! I loved all the great colors! So hard to pick a favorite. All the pups seemed to be smiling!

P.S. Blueberry Mike has a nice smile too!


Wow - We definitely want more of "Blueberry Mike" :)))

Lavender Dreamer

I hope I can go next time! Photos...I went go go ga ga over the costume jewelry on the pink tray...loved the one with flowers and the lady with red shirt...and Blueberry Mike looked pretty good, too! What fun! Thanks! ♥


wow - where is this place? I wanna go! I loved the white wrought iron dining set and would like for Mr. Blueberry to sit across from me :-)... Love your pics!

Wanda in NH


I love the picture of the blue/white ware, the canisters, rolling pins and bread boards. Looks like my Grandmother's old kitchen. All your pictures are wonderful. Thanks for hosting such a great giveaway. Love & blessings from NC!


Hi Kim!
Thank you for all the beautiful photos! Looks like a good turnout! So much color with all the beautiful flowers and all the furniture!

Rita May

Thank you so much for so many great pictures. I feel like I was there! We thought about a road trip to your cute little town, but it's over 3 hours away. So we plan for your next event.

Rita May

oops! miss-keyed my contact info and couldn't go back to fix it.


How can I pick just one. I loved them all. Wish I could have been there. Thanks for sharing!!!!

Jen Q.

Hello Kim~
Loved all the photos! You did a wonderful job of showing us Fancy Flea. Giveaway? Who wouldn't want to enter?
My favorite photo is the one with the cake cover-cake saver, and the metallic pitcher and cups. It reminds me of my childhood in the 60's and brings back so very many good memories. Thank you......


What a great market. My favorite.....hmmm the cute guy (hah), the doggies, and the cute baby. But, I loved those red chairs with the sunflower cushions.


Silly girl! My favorite photo...the ones with Blueberry Mike. swoon! smile!



Oh I wish I was in Florida on vacation so I could have gone!!!! Thanks for the pictures they are all so wonderful, no way could I just pick one. They make everything so inviting.....and make me want it all!!!

Happy Day! Lisa

Kathy Charniak

Thank you for taking us along on your day of shopping. I loved all the photos but I think my favorite is the trees with the block sidewalk, tents on the side. It reminded of a perfect warm day just out and about looking for that special treasure. Love fr ILLinois, Kathy C


what a flea market! i enjoyed every picture. id say my fave is the one with the red chair with floral print and zebra print rug! what an awesome giveaway :0 i have a special place picked out for each item. oh i hope i win. fingers crossed! thank you.


The picture of Shannon was beautiful; what a lovely daughter you have. My favorite Fancy Flea photo was the blue and white one, I want that platter and the tablecloth, please!

Could you let us know when the fall show will be with maybe some advance notice? I might want to make my first trip to Florida ;)


My favorite was of the little Bentley, he looks so much like Daisy Mae...and we had 3 shelties when my sister and I were growing up...their names where Holly, Ben, and Brigett...I also loved all the flowers and dishes...awww what am I talking about I loved them all!! God bless you, Robyn

Patty O'Malley

Oh, how I would have loved to be at the Fancy Flea if I lived nearby! I love all the photos but especially the one with the rolling pins sticking out of a cannister. Thank you for offering such an awesome giveaway. I hope I win!!


What a great tour of the Flea Market. My mouth dropped open when I saw the box of Bing & Grondahl plates (first pic). I don't need anything, so pass my chance on to the next commenter. I am on a campaign to reduce & just admire others' lovelies.

Patty M

How can you choose? It's all so lovely and it looks like the weather was picture perfect, too. Thanks for sharing and taking us along with you.


Wonderful stuff at that market, wish I could go. And that Blueberry Mike looks delicious too!

Becky G.

There were so many pretty pics! I loved the flowers and the brightly painted furniture, but the little red doxie that looks like my Bailey has to be my favorite!


Amazing photos! Just love the smile on Blueberry Mikes face.


Kim, Love all the pictures you took...I really like the picture of the aqua mirror a girl had just purchased...I moved to Alabama from Lakeland last Oct...Wow I wish I was still there for the Fancy Flea....Take care.....

Rochelle Gaukel

Hi Kim! Wonderful photos of a wonderful flea! favorite photo was that of Blueberry Mike! wink! wink!

Kathleen H in Indiana

Wonderful pictures, felt I was right there at the Fancy Flea! I guess my favorite pic would be the last pear painting. Love it! Your city is gorgeous and so is Shannon.

Nancy Jane York

The two floral pictures in the pulled out drawer of the blue dresser is my favorite. There is nothing to compare with what you have there where I live here in Alaska. In fact I went to an 'antique' sale today just down the road and there was not a thing in there of interest like you have here, all these happy colors I love them. Oh my I was simply overwhelmed with your photos.

Julia Morton

Your photos reflect the "Fancy Flea" so well, all I am missing are the wonderful fragrances of the day, and the voices of treasured found! The cobalt blue dishwear steals my heart every time!

Julia M

Fay Marie Torzsok

Hi Kim

Your daughter Shannon is a beautiful girl. Thanks for sharing once again all those lovely photos of the flea market. What a gorgeous sunny day. I liked the photo of the rocker, side chair and the lovely blue dresser. I probably would of picked all those up if the price was right. Oh well, guess I can keep dreaming.

Have a good night
Fay Marie



Thank you so much for capturing the Fancy Flea perfectly! The waether was hot, but perfect....vendors were happy...sales were good....what more could we ask? The next Fancy Flea will take place on November 13th...more details to come. Happy anniversary to you and Kevin!!

Hugs & kisses,



I enjoyed the day with you, right here from my Oklahoma home. How beautiful all the pictures are, but I especially love the one with the miniature dresser (some dolls are in a drawer). I will be asking Hubby to make me one. And of course I enjoyed any and all photos with Blueberry Mike. Hee hee.

I'd love to win the paint by number and all the other lovelies in your giveaway. Consider me IN.



Oh....and one more thing ladies...Blueberry Mike will be back on November 13th!!



I knew I should have headed to Lakeland!!! Bet I don't miss it in November! Such great pics, Kim... thanks so much for sharing! My favorite was Bentley.... I have a little Gus just like him!!!! Love, love, love all the painted furniture, too. You captured the beautiful day at a lovely location!


Hi Kim ~ what gorgeous "pretties"! I was drooling over just about everything, lol. How to pick my favorite picture out of all those?? I couldn't pick just one. My eye is drawn mainly to the ones with jewelry or painted furniture. Thanks for sharing your day with us and for having another giveaway!

~Melanie in IL

Debbie Bell

Oh WOW KIM!!!! How fun was that?? I LOVED all the pics hon...its hard to pick a fav...but all the blue..& the PINK dresser..squeallll!!! Shannon is a beautiful women sweets!!!!! & talented like her mom! The turquoiose dresser & mirror made my heart stop...& the darling baby!!
And the darling four legged pets! Awwwww:) Oh & dont forget Mr. whats his name?? I wasnt looking at his name..(swoon) woo hooo wut a doll!:)
Thanks so much for your giveaway! Your such a darling that way:)


Wow, what fun! How lucky you had such a beautiful day! OH, what I would have done for that turquoise mirror. It was a real beauty.

Thank you for the chance at your give-a-way. My fingers are crossed.


Kim, Thanks for sharing the Fancy Flea with us. I love all the brightly painted furniture, the beautiful flowers and all the vintage jewelry. Shannon's desk was so pretty and I love the blue mirror in the ladies hand. Looks like a lot of fun ;-)

Debby Harreittha

WOW!!! This looks like it was such a fun day. Thanks for sharing all the gorgeous pics.


I loved the pictures from Erica's Booth and Cindy's booth and that vintage globe ... and, of course, the photo of the dachshund!

Karen Davis

Looks like it was a GREAT time, and the weather was beautiful! What an exciting giveaway... lots of great things! My favorite photo was one under "Lori's Booth" with the chalkboard sign in the background that says, "Vintage Dresses.." with the yellow dresser. that yellow dresser is candy to my eyes, and I can only see a "part" of it!


Baby Kate.

hands down.
What a Cutie-Patootie!

Cynthia K.

Hi! I so enjoyed going to the Fancy Flea with you!! Felt like I was really there through your great photos. My favorite is the very first one with all the cobalt blue, the butterpats, and fabulous blue tablecloth. Wow! Would love to win your giveaway of wonderful goodies.

What did you purchase - I want to see those items too...

Cynthia K. (Beauty and Blessings)


What fun! Too bad I'm clear across the country.

One picture did catch my eye: the white cannisters with the red design on them. I have one that belonged to my holds my flour and I cherish it.


Amy in Texas

You had me tossing my name in for the wonderful giveaway with the first picture of the roses--would be so perfect for my bedroom.

My favorite photo is the one directly above this statement: I WAS everywhere - but so was he ... The roses in the circle frame make me swoon!


Hi Kim, what a gorgeous sunny looking day for the fancy flea--I enjoyed all of the pictures, but my favorite--CuTE Baby Kate in yellow! Also loved the picture of the flowers-all the red ones under the blue awning-so pretty and cheery! Judy

Carol Adams

Hands down the photo of "Blueberry Mike"- what a cutie...


p.s. Also loved the picture of the lady in the flowered pants at the beginning and near the cute! Judy


I have to say that my favorite photo was the second one - with the wildflowers in the foreground and the woman with flowery pants beyond - there's just something so happy about it.

Janet Hill

You are my FAVORITE blog, partially because of the music, but mostly because it just makes me feel warm and fuzzy. I loved the picture of the table with all of the "Fire King" bowls, cups, mixing bowls, etc. My grandmother had a set of mixing bowls that were just passed down to my sister. I have put claims on a mixing bowl with a spout. Living with my elderly parents, taking care of them, I get to use all of the cooking utensils and dishes that my grandmother used... but I have to wait to actually own them. Anyway, that picture reminded me of my grandmother... Love all of your pictures... they inspire me as I quilt.

Thanks for all you do...

Janet Hill

Robin Carr

The pictures are wonderful. I couldn't go (being in Tn) but I told my Mom to go. She and a friend went to Vintage too and had a wonderful day. Your pictures make me feel like I was there! Unfortunately I probably won't be there again till July. I hope they are planning on having this again next year!
I like the pic of the hot pink desk.

Lynda Bee

One favorite that would be hard ! Maybe the red metal
bistro set, RED is my favorite color! The pictures
make you feel like one is there. Thank you for sharing
the many wonderful things that you capture with your lens.
Your giveaway is dreamy, thank you for thinking of us!
Glad you enjoyed your day !

Gail K.

The photos are beautiful...I could step right into them! My favorite is the first and white are my colors! Thank you for sharing...


Fabulous! Looks like a great time!

My favourite is definitely the old globe. I would LOVE to have one of those, maybe for my classroom but most likely I'd keep it at home.

Blueberry Mike was pretty cute too. :)

Stacy Morgan

Sorry that I could not have been with you today. I was at the Lodi Street Fair which is very similar to the Fancy Flea. So I was with you in spirit. Love your pictures, thank you for taking so many. Sometimes it is nice to travel thru pictures when you can't be there.
I love the pink desk! And the red iron patio table.
Fun, Fun, Fun


Kim! Thank you so much for the inside peek! Okay, about my favorite picture...Mike wasn't bad ;) but the pups were just adorable, then there was Lil' Miss Kate that was TOO precious!!! But my final favorite is definitely....ALL! You take such lovely photos. I wish I had been there in person, but this was the next best thing. Loved all that vintage girlie and pretty!

Many thank're precious too. :)


Thank you for a wonderful giveaway, I hope I win. Blueberry Mike is pretty hot lookin too. My fav table and zebra rug!

Cheryl Luckie

Oooooo...everything looks so beautiful! I think my favorite photo is one near the end of all the costume jewelry. The colors are exquisite. I know you had a fabulous time....sure wish I could have been there with you!


I think that pink desk is my favorite thing, although there are so many great pictures! I like that aqua blue mirror pic too, so pretty!
I wish I lived closer! Thank you for sharing!

Barbara Theobald

Hi Kim... I was looking forward this evening to my cup of tea and visiting with you hoping you had time to share some photos of your day at the Fancy capture such beauty through your lens.. the brightly painted furniture caught my eye..makes me want to get my paint brush out...I loved the color of Shannon's desk ...she is a beautiful young lady... Did you purchase anything for Daisy Cottage? Barbara


wow! i love it all, there is nothing i don't like about vintage/shabby chic - i like lori's - all the vibrant colors - i have yet to decide on a color to paint my project "buffet table" it'll be one of the colors shown in lori's booth. but, i like erica's booth because, it's inviting and ready to enjoy a meal and a cold glass of tea, i choose erica's - oh, our garage sale was successful and fun - i met so many great folks and spent alot of time chatting away, i bet you did too. can't wait to hear the winner - love ya all and God Bless -
thanks kim for being you - love ya - maria- cottage feel


When I saw the rose painting in your photo I thought to myself how nice that would look in your cottage. I was so excited to see it in the giveaway! It rained all day here in Pa. and your photos sure brought the sunshine in.


What a great weekend, Kim! I wish I had half your energy, and just a touch of your eye for beauty: flowers, fabrics, antiques, Blueberry Mike...

Carrie@ My Kinda Boring Life

I had so much fun looking at all those pretties. Then I saw it...the cream dresser with the yellow accents. I have that dresser in my yellow and pink room. SWEET!!

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