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May 26, 2010



I love your laundry porch. I'd like one too if it weren't for winter!


beautiful laundry porch.

My W/D aren't stacked. They are side by side and my porch has long been closed in to create an indoor laundry room. But some days... I tell ya (especially like Tuesday) a porch would have been nice...the breeze was fantastic.

love the colors on your laundry porch.

If I were your neighbor-- I'd wave back and say something like "nice day to do the laundry, huh?"
and you'd say "yes."
and I'd say " I'll bring mine right over!"
and you'd say..."sure thing."

We'd be best neighbors ...especially if you did my laundry...(giggle)

have a great day!

Florence Muma

What a lovely laundry porch you have there. Florence


The laundry room looks cozy and pretty! What a sweet little room


hi, good morning
i like the porch. seems like a fun place to seet and fold all the clean items, with a cup of morning cofee. along with music it's even better.
laundry tasks is a never ending story. i call it "the life factory".
i think the closet doors are nice as it is (and practical, too...), maybe refresh it with a nice shade of blue or green pastel color, to match the beautiful ceiling, and a plant of morning glory will make it festive...
have a nice day and smile- weekend is on his way , yeh...


What a cozy laundry porch.



Oh I wanna hear your Lucy and Ethel painting story.

Kathleen Grace

I have always thought the ida of your laundry porch was so unique and wonderful. I have never heard of having the laundry on an outside poorch, and of course it would make for some problems in Michigan in the colder months! But, if I lived somewhere warm and sunny it sounds like such a delightful way to do the laundry!

Privet and Holly

A laundry room SHOULD be a pleasing place, like THIS one! We spend so much time there, right? I've had the gamut of laundries in homes over the years, my least favorite being the scary basement ones in our older ones ~ eek! Your use of color is so uplifting and inviting. Thanks for the tour!
xx P&H

Trish Rowley

Hi Kim, I love your laundry porch, If the doors have seen better days then I would go with the curtains and if I know your style they will be amazing. Have a great day !!!!Trish xox ;)


Ah Kim, Every room in your house is so welcoming! Please tell me how someone makes their laundry porch inviting!?, we had a laundry porch in our last home and it always made me want to run for the hills!!


Ahhhh. What a lovely laundry porch. The porch and the morning sun would make it a joy to do laundry. Although I love doing laundry, especially if I can hang it out in the sunshine!
Have a great day.


Very charming. My Granny had a laundry porch on the farm. Hers had an old wringer washer, some buckets, clothes pins, a basket. I loved going out there with her to do laundry. Of course, doing anything with my Granny was fun. :)


LOVE it Kim! Lucky you can have one outside! Not a chance here in upstate NY! LOL! :)


Kim. You have a beautiful laundry porch. My laundry room is a dumpy old back shed on the back of our 1834 brick farm house and it is full of barn clothes, boots, paint, dog food, bird food and of course the washer & dryer! I do hang out what I can in the warm months, but here in Western NY it gets quite cold and blustery (LOL Buffalo weather) in the winter months. I enjoy your blog every morning - thank you for inspiring me every day ;) Shirttail


What a nice place to do laundry, drink a cup of coffee and wave to your neighbors. I like that it is not ground level.

Kathi Layfield

Kim, thank you for the wonderful pix of your laundry porch. I love it. Your decorating style is so awesome just like you are!!! And thank you for answering my email inquiry regarding your laundry porch.
Kathi xoxoxo


LOVE IT! Thanks for revealing and unveiling more views!
We can dream of a laundry porch now...out here in blog land. :-) Hugs.


I love your laundry porch. I would love to have one, but the winters are quite cold here in Ohio. You have an unique decorating style and I love coming to your blog.


It's your sweet attitude about even things like laundry that makes me love you, Kim. How sweet a place to do a chore or enjoy a passing neighbor.


I want a laundry porch, I think I would love doing laundry again....wait a minute, I never enjoyed it!!

It's adorable JUST LIKE YOU



Your laundry porch is so much better than my corner of the garage. You think that's why laundry is a chore?

Valley + Madigan

I love to do laundry! Your porch is PERFECT!! Would not work up here in the NE. I would flip for a clothes line....hubby says no! I promised not to hang HIS unmentionables....
Oh the smell of the sheets.....****sigh!

Sorry I have been away....
Happy belated birthday Miss Shannon!! She sure is stunning...

Valley + Madigan


Hi Kim,
Your porch laundry room is TDF. Mine is in the basement of my 1861 house but I have tried to make it cheery. Everything about your house makes one smile and be happy so I knew the laundry room would follow the same path. I can hear the birds singing as you enjoy your morning coffee with Miss Maggie.



I think it was me that was asking about your laundry room.
Thank you Kim!

I can't get enough of your house and your pictures and just plain ol you!

Post two a day if you want!

Love it. And I LOVE The idea of a curtain. Sooooo cute. Maybe with some rick rack? (what do i know though?:)


Jen in Boise


I love it Kim! Absolutely gorgeous! Who else could take a laundry room and make it so inviting?! Also, just wanted to say, finding your wonderful blog has totally changed the way I look at my life, my home, my are a true inspiration and have such a wonderful gift. Thank you for sharing yourself with us!

Patty M

Such a sweet site on laundry day, I'm sure. Your attitude and cheeriness have everything to do with it. Love the fun playful colors all mixed and matched. It's why we love you! Have a blessed day.


Thanks, Kim.


Love your laundry would almost make me want to do laundry....sure beats my gloomy basement area :-( I also think it would be fun to hear your Lucy and Ethel story about painting your porch. Judy

Susan Freeman

I like your laundry porch!! I have a laundry porch at my cottage too, although there are large windows instead of screens because it gets cold here in Idaho. When the weather is nice I keep the back door to the porch wide open all day because we can do that here, no bugs! Bentley likes it that way so that he can run in and out all day. I think we can both agree that doing the laundry is more fun when it's done on the porch!! Thanks for the fun tour!!

Susan and Bentley

Angela Kloss

I love your porch, and I think I mentioned before how I love the glass jar with detergent in it. Ever since I've been collecting numerous glass jars with and without lids to put items in. I like the idea of taking stuff out of the boxes and bags they come in and putting them into something else like clear glass.


How cute your laundry room is!
I like the laundry about a happy color just for them and then frame a couple pieces of wonderful fabric and hang on the doors? Or hang the framed fabric on the wall?
Just a thought.


I love the laundry porch! It reminds me of the one at the house I grew up in as a small child. I remember my mother had one of the old washing machines that you had to feed the clothes through the wringer, and then they were hung outside to dry on the clothes line. Let's hear it for the good old day's NOT! Oh my dear mother... What she endured raising five daughter's. God love her, I do!
Blessings to you,


Cute as can be, Kim!

I think you need to keep those doors and paint them RED or some other wonderful color, and they will look like shutters. Maybe blue or yellow? Keep them and give them a pop of color that will make you smile when you open them!

A close friend of mine, one with whom I walked the streets of that neighborhood time after time and who grew up about two blocks down the street from you, just died. She was the person who chaired the original survey team to get the houses recorded with the state. I know she would have loved what you did with Daisy Cottage. And in addition to her having grown up near you, her grandmother lived just around the corner, on the corner of my old street in the big two story house. So this neighborhood meant a lot to her and to me, and that forged the beginning of the bond that kept us close throughout the years. We were so close that she actually went on her honeymoon with us when we took my mother to England for her birthday! That was a couple of years before Mama died. I still smile when I think about how much fun we had. It was the best honeymoon that I had ever been on that wasn't my own. ;-)



Julie Harward

I love it! Love all the glass..looks like it would be a wonderful sitting porch in the day time too! Thanks for your visit. :D


I must admit that I've never heard of a laundry porch, but I think it is wonderful! What could be better than doing your laundry outside? It would be much more fun that in my tiny little laundry room with no windows and no decorations! I don't think a laundry porch would work in my neck of the woods - Idaho! Might get a little chilly in the snowy winter. Maybe I will live in a sunny part of the country some day, and can have a cheery, fun, laundry porch like yours! Thanks for sharing....I actually feel like doing laundry now :)

Jenny in Alabama

Lord have mercy! I'm going right now and spruce up my laundry room. My friends think I'm crazy but I enjoy ironing......It relaxes me. But I tell them that doesn't mean I'll do "their" ironing.Don't have much time to do mine. As usual, you've made another part of a ladys' everday life a beautiful place to work in.


good morning,
i love your laundry room, it's great - my cup of tea. i think if you do curtains and i would put up a heavy shear colorful or solid curtains, they come in all colors or get a solid white and dye it - , it looks like you could use one panel, maybe an 84" width and roll it up by inserting a wooden post maybe an 1" or 1- 1/2 inch round that would weigh it down at the bottom, get a shear that has the opening at the bottom - when you do laundry you would simply roll it up & back down - i've tried this and it works great - i'm a diy gal. if you would like pictures let me know - i'm sure you get the idea and look - love it! whatever you decide it will be wonderful - by the way the whole gang (ricky, lucy fred and ethal) are my all time favorites. love ya, maria -cottage feel-


Nancy Omachi it! Watch out for that quilt! It's to cute!
Just like you!!!


Hi, Kim,
I love your laundry porch! Yes! Yes! I like the idea that someone said about painting the closet door a bright color. But whatever you do, it's always with style, YOUR style, and it will be lovely.

My house is old and cottage style. I have been scrubbing and cleaning my front porch. It is long and more narrow than I like, but it will do. I love it any way. If you saw it, you would see your influence on me....I painted a little table red, and have a pretty green plant growing. Of course, it's in a yellow flower pot!!! I love it! Thanks for your inspiration!

Love & Hugs,


The word "laundry" has never exactly flooded my mind with relaxing images. "Laundry porch," on the other hand, immediately lowers my blood pressure! Your photos make me want to come over and do your laundry for you! ;)


Colorful curtains would be adorable!!! I love Lucy & Ethel moments, they are so unforgettable...Now if I can just find a Ricky! lol.

You porch is very cozy and sweet! Thanx for sharing Kim!

Have a Blessed Day :}


I really enjoyed looking at the laundry porch pictures! What a great space. I also really enjoyed seeing the pictures of your daughter. I am sure you are very proud of her. I hope you are having a wonderful Wednesday!


Comeca Jones

Very cute!


What an ideal place to do your laundry - love it!!


It looks like such a nice place to do laundry with all the windows.


Cute laundry porch. I j ust love doing laundry. Love love love the smell of clean laundry.

Sherry Smith

Oh to be able to do the laundry outside would be great,only one problem with that here is we live in the rain forest so....clothes lines are used so seldomly but when we can I do pin up the sheets cause they do smell sooo nice we do hang clothes out on the covered deck and yes they do smell nice. Have a great day on the porch and enjoy the day...Bless you, Sherry

Ashley Schott

Coming from myself who has no (you heard me NO) washer and dryer or laundry room of any kind in my tiny apartment, I can say with 100% truth that I am EXTREMELY jealous. Not only is it adorable in every way but outside?!! Could anything be better than that?!
I'm having a giveaway by that way if you wanna pop by:)


Hi Kim-

Until reading your blog I had never heard of a laundry porch at all. I am enchanted. I don't know if it would work here in rainy Washington state, but it's an intriguing idea for sure. Unfortunately my porch is much too small for doing laundry- I can barely fit a couple of chairs out there and a small table. But it is still a wonderful place to sit in the summertime, especially late at night when it's still too hot to go to bed.

Thanks for the wonderful pictures and cosy thoughts you bring to each day.


What a charming idea, and a totally enchanting completion of it. And having the shussssh of the washer and the hum of the dryer (with a lovely puff of scent from your favorite dryer sheets) just adds to the allure of a sunny morning's early outdoors.

I don't think I've ever been a primary colors person, except for combining purple and yellow, but yours are simply lovely, especially the casual drape of a quilt and the bold complexion of that fabulous aqua dresser.


Beautiful, Kim! I enjoyed the laundry porch tour very much. :) Love the colorful fabrics, and the cheerful sunshine. I'd like to share some wonderful "related" news - as of now, I have a clothesline once again!!! After a year and a half of not having one after we moved, Hubby did a nice thing (that he's been wanting to do for awhile), and had a friend weld poles, then he and older son installed them yesterday, and he and I put the lines on today. I have my 3rd load washing as I type!! LOL I'M A HAPPY GIRL - I LOVE LAUNDRY.

Barbara Anne

What a delightful space!!



What a lovely space to do such a chore! I like the idea of a bright colored door...maybe you could thrift a vintage knob to combine with the bright door!

Patty O'Malley

I never heard of a laundry porch. This is adorable!

Nancy Hutson Maisenbach

I love your world Kim! Many times a day I find myself using your attitude as inspiration in my world.
Oh my, the laundry porch is a wonderful place to be. Thanks for showing it to us. Now I must make mine more colorful.
Nancy M.

Kathy Charniak

I love the colors on your porch. I could see the doors in some kind of pink? My laundry is in basement but I just feel blessed to have them. Love the smell of clean clothes and as I hang my laundry (in the basement) I try to pray for the people I'm doing laundry for. Working on crocheting a plastic rag rug from plastic store bags - my basement sometimes gets water when we have a heavy rain. Love from ILLinois, Kathy


I adore the laundry porch-of course I am one of those women who love everything laundry-from the clothes pins to the smell of Gain-it doesn't clean well, but I am crazy about smells. Every weekend I wash my sheets and hang them out to dry. Don't you love to get in a crisp clean bed. I sleep so much better. Do you have a sleeping porch too, I'd love to have one of those?
P.S. I want to take a nap covering up in that quilt.


A laundry sweet! I love the quilt. What a lovely place to do one's wash. Thanks so much for sharing. Love you Kim!


hi kim,
i love your laundry porch. mine is a small laundry room. i thought about stacking my washer and dry but since i am only 4'9" i know i would be on a step stool fishing out socks! i am stuck on the decor of mine. i just painted my walls yellow and have yellow tile that looks like marble. i am thinking of a country french look?
i have enjoyed reading your stories and someday i am going to drive up your way from sarasota and walk your street. wave to me.

Fay Marie Torzsok

Love your laundry porch Kim.

I think that the shutter would look lovely painted in the same colour to match the dresser and like someome said a nice pair of knobs. I can just smell the laundry. Oh for a nice summer day! I live in Canada, so forget about laundry porches.

Have a good day tomorrow. I will be at work but will check in when I get home.

Fay Marie

sweet cottage dreams

You have a lovely laundry porch! I've never seen one quite like it before. Yours is adorable!!


Kimberly Padilla

Just beautiful!


Just darling Kim. I love all your colors that surround you. I to love porches. Don't have a back porch but a front one and, I'm continually changing things around. Have a wonderful holiday coming up and be safe. Alice

Marfa (Crafting Marfa)

Kim, your laundry porch is cozier than many homes I've visited. I think that your house should be part of a tour of cozy I have a little story story to share with you. When I was in 9th grade I went to school wearing red pants and a yellow shirt. I thought it was a beautiful combination. Well, one of the trashy bully girls in one of my classes started making fun of me because, apparently, red and yellow did not match. WELL, I sure wish I knew how to find her now and show her your beautiful home and make her eat her eat own words.


Dear Kim,

Your laundry porch is lovely...I truly envy your beautiful morning light which certainly makes doing laundry much more interesting! My first place at 19 was located in a historic district and was built in 1917. It had the most *wonderful* utility porch off the kitchen. It was enclosed with the back bedroom wall on one side, a wall of windows on the other side and a screen door on the end that led out to the back yard. The washer and dryer were set right below the windows. The breeze was so nice in there and the view of the walnut tree, other various fruit trees filled with singing birds and the old picket fence is a wonderful memory I recall each time I do my laundry in my current laundry room which is in a tiny, but cute little room underneath the stairway. Thanks for taking the time to share such detailed pictures of Daisy Cottage. Love, Christy


That's a gorgeous log cabin quilt!

: )

Kevin Graves

Hi! Saw your porch on Houzz! Had to come back. Hadn't been doing my design blogs enough. LOVE the pics of Maggie. Been thinking of getting another female for Sophie to be friends with, if so, she will be named Maggie.

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