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May 27, 2010



I love it! I think we have the same marriage. ;) I also love the mirror on the bottom, far right. So pretty.

I am working on keeping a little touchup paint in a babyfood jar so I can use a q-tip and touch up as I go. Unfortunately my hubby isn't quite so accommodating. You're so blessed. :) And we benefit with lovely pictures to view. Thank him please, from all of us.


I could have had that exact conversation in my own home! My husband is always so good to help and I too have one million holes in my walls from the lack of measuring. The mirrors look great!


laughed and laughed even though my husband only has had to endure 13 years of madness. Like the 2 a.m. move of the very heavy pie safe up the stairs. When I asked he said, "Now?" But he knew I would try to move it myself so he moved it. Sigh. I totally get it.

Mary Lou

You're up late...Me too.
Honestly, I think you should move that one big one just a tad to the....JUST KIDDING!!
I love it.

Cindy lane

Same conversation in this house many, many times! There is nothing so wonderful as a patient husband who really 'gets' his wife and not only puts up with the craziness but thinks it's cute!! My sweet hubs will say "I'll hold it while you take 'the stance'" I stand back with both hands on my hips and say move it 'this way or that or it's perfect'. He'll hang it and leave...2 minutes later I decide it's all wrong and redo it all. He just smiles and makes more comments about all the nailholes, but with a sweet voice...well, most of the time! Your mirrors look fabulous!! Simply love it.

pogonip @ meadowsweet cottage

Kevin sounds like a jewel. I couldn't do without my sweetie either. And he's patient with my indecision and wild ideas, bless his heart!

maternity nursing clothing

wew! i guess everyone said it already. LOL
but you know what i love this too! yay! *cheers*

sweet cottage dreams

Love willy nilly! Willy nilly is like a good pair of old jeans that sneak up to the tops of your ankles after having been washed and dried too many times. The imperfect is perfection - no matter the cost.

Your Kevin is a peach!

love you,


Too funny Kim...I just read my life here...Love the looks of them with all there REDness...I pray all is well in your world my friend...Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria


I love that. I moved my entertainment center and freed up a corner and I was just thinking today about dragging my mirrors out and painting them red. Great minds think alike.

I am not a great spray painter. Tips? Maybe your hubby could do a guest post w/tips. Yours just look so perfect.

Kimberly Padilla

It looks absolutely fantastic Kim! You sound like my husband and me. Since school has been out we have been cleaning and moving things and I have him do the same thing!


I love it Kim!! I had to laugh and out loud too as it seems that all of us have had the same conversations with our husbands :) Great job once again girl!


Fun post, Kim. Your husband sounds like a real sweetie.
Can you tell me what color red you use? And have you used that same red on all your painted stuff including the furniture?

Josephine Tale Pedder

I love the way you use colour, Kim! I know those conversations, that's for sure! xx


Thats just too funny! Our poor long suffering husbands. They are diamonds.

Josephine Tale Pedder

ps my daughter, five and a Daisy spotted these pictures and said, 'that house doesn't look real. It looks like a doll's house. It's so lovely.' She's probably one of your youngest fans. xx


PerfectO! Loving the red!

Sandi ~ A Cottage Muse

Simply perfect!


I laughed and laughed and then read your post to my husband. That conversation could have come from our house. My hubby is an awsome painter with a spray can. I leave drips everywhere!
Perfect mirror arrangement, even with the little holes in the wall (like my house)
Thanks for the chuckle

Linda Evans

LOVE it!!!!!!!!!!!! Love the red color, love all the mirrors, love everything on the table.....your choice of colors and accesories are just so pretty, fun, warm, inviting, and I just love it all....smiles, Linda


This is so me. I just rearranged some mirrors last night! And hubby ever so patiently moved to the left, to the right, just a smidgen down, etc. etc. etc. Great post!

Mary Bernhagen

Your hubby is a sweetie and he loves you very much! Give him a big hug from all of us gals out here. He's definitely a keeper. :)

Debbie L.

LOL you funny girl! Love the red mirrors.

Kevin is a keeper for sure. Tell him he did a fine job ok? I can just picture you telling him batting those big brown eyes. How can he resist... snicker:)

Debbie L.

Kathleen Grace

Our poor guys don't always get our fascination with decorating do they? LOl, they look beautiful Kim, and he is a sweetie to paint them for you! I think the holes in the wall almost physically hurt a man to see. Better get some more mirrors to cover them up:>)


Sounds like my long-suffering husband! He puts up with so much that he doesn't understand - just because he loves me. He was a math major with no creativity inclinations. So he completely doesn't "get" what I'm trying to do, but will hang in there with me until I'm happy. Anytime we hang pictures, he gets out rulers and levels and the proper hooks (reads carefully on the packages to make sure of the weight of each) and spackle to cover what I've done before. We've lived the experience you described.

Same with arranging furniture. He will help me move things around, we will declare it "perfect" and then the minute he walks out, I will move the sofa by myself.

What is it???

Kathi Layfield

You are a hoot and I love you for it. I fully understand the husband/man thing!!! Mirrors look awesome.


Beautiful! RED beautiful! Sweet hubby to paint and hang them for you. Most hubbies don't have the patience - LOL - to keep at it until it is perfect in our female minds.


Your hubby is a sweetheart:) YUP I too have the same conversations at home:) my baby always agrees with me at the end! I cant do with out him.
Oh how pretty your collections are! Luv the color, the arrangements and the Feel of it all!!! thank you for sharing! Way 2 cute:)

Barbara Anne

Lovely! You do have a knack for creating such happy arrangements for you home.



Cute post and by the way, where did you find that man??? He does good! :)
p.s. the mirrors are stunning and look great.


hahah.. Your husbnd is a sweetheart :)
I'm simply doing that so often to mine too.. first he shows no interest but later on he's just amazed how good it looks :) Right now I kind of forced him to redo our Kitchen, can't wait till its over :)


LOL! So cute, Kim. And I do love the new arrangement. XO, Sheila

Penny @ The Comforts of Home & Lavender Hill Studio

Your mirror arrangement is perfect Kim!

The universal language of husband and wife, while hanging pictures - cute. I am always the one saying - lets just do this by eying it. My husband gets out the ruler, pencil, level etc.


ha-ha poor guy :-)
seriously, the mirrors look GREAT.

Patty M

You crack me up! But oh, so true...I never have the heart to tell him while he's still in the room that I've already decided to change it. Ha...ha...He doesn't even comment now he just rolls his eyes...and I smile. Have wonderful day, oh, and I love the mirrors...just perfect!

Privet and Holly

You are both ying and yang, chocolate and vanilla, cinnamon and sugar....! Mr. P and I are the SAME way. Thank goodness he is the one with the level and is okay with me being the one with the vision. Chocolate and vanilla ~ yup! Your mirrors are really sharp against the yellow walls! xx P&H


Even when we measure meticulously we end up with things just a smidge off and then end up with holes anyway and then I readjust and there are more holes. Glad I am in such good company!!

mary-The Calico Cottage

Awww, cute story! The mirror wall looks great!

Cindy S

What a great story. You must be a hoot to live with. Your red mirrors are truly lovely!
Your laundry porch is great! I love ironing on my screened in porch, I spent a couple hours out there on Tuesday doing just that!
I love your blog, I have been busy this week and I missed two of your posts so I had to go back and read them.
Love and Hugs, Cindy S

Carrie@ My Kinda Boring Life

My husbands get frustrated because I am always tweeking things. When I am done he likes it. Gotta love husbands.


...and they say all men are dogs. Mine's a peach, too. They endure because they love us and want us to be happy...Happy Wife Happy Life. Mirrors look awesome.


This made me laugh and laugh...
IT IS JUST LIKE MY HUSBAND AND I! WE have only been married 2 years though, so I hope he hangs in there the way Kevin has!
Cam cringes when he sees all of those nail holes...but instead of mumbling he says "Oh I hate to put more nails in this wall" but I do anyway!! Love your blog! I read it every morning with my coffee! This is my first time to comment though! Couldnt resist. Happy a great day!
Lyss of Living Simple in the South

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions

Ha! Some of that sounds familiar, but only when I really need hubby's help. I usually wait until he's not home to hang something because I don't want to hear it about the holes. He's even worse now because last summer we were putting our house on the market and I took a lot of stuff down, which meant all those old holes had to be spackled.


Ha...that was supposed to say have a great day...but I guess I got all excited and made a mumble mess...anyway have a great day!


I love this! You just wrote a scene right out of the story of my marriage. :) I'll have to read this to my husband so he can realize that I'm not the only one...nor he.

I absolutlely love, love, love your style...your blog...your sense of humour....your honesty.


Yup, that exchange could have taken place at my house. I've learned not to use that word "done," because for me done means I like what we've put on the wall right now, but maybe tomorrow or next week or in a minute I'll want to move something or add something or start all over. To my husband (whose name is Kim, by the way!) done means done. Forever and ever, amen.


The mirrors look great.

I've never put an unneccessary nail hole in the wall.

My husband hates to see me with a hammer in my hand or a paint brush. Mine measures, too and lets me tell him where I want things.


Oh that's hilarious! I moved this one gigantic mirror in my dining room repeatedly. It's so big that it takes two molly bolts each time. A few weeks ago I decided the mirror had to go! Then I had to fill all of those holes...and I do mean holes...I pushed the molly bolts through the wall. I'm much happier now with my picture and multiple plates on the wall. :) We just never know what will make us happy until it's hanging there.


Ohhhhhhhh how gorgeous and what a wonderful Hubby you have! I thoroughly enjoyed that little story :) He's a keeper, but I imagine you already know that! Happy Belated Birthday to your beautiful Daughter too :)

Susan Freeman

Our sweet husbands must endure lots of decorating whims from us girls. We are so lucky don't you think???

Susan and Bentley


Oh Kim, I read this late last night and had to come back this morning to leave a comment. That is so US! Sometimes my husband goes along with it and sometimes it just ain't too pretty if you know what I mean!

I always say "It's a man's world but it's a woman's perogative to change her mind".


Shannon Olson

Love them, fabulous arrangement!!! Great color too. My husband also paints much better than I.


LOL. This scenario sounds quite familiar!

Debbie F Garrett


I too would love to know the color red you choose! The mirrors are beautiful! Your home just makes me smile! DebbieG


It seems husbands just do not like nail holes in the walls. Now my darling insists the walls look nicer without so many things hanging on them. He doesn't like to make "holes in the wall". And then there's that obsession with finding the studs. But I love him.
Your mirrors are wonderful. Post more pictures when you change them tomorrow! LOL!!!

Kelly Bergsing

I love it!! That is so funny!! My husband is the same way... I change it and he gets quiet. Haha!! That is OK though. I am sure he will get me back! LOL! ;0) I love the willy nilly imperfectness of it all. I feel uncomfortable in rooms that are too matchy-matchy and perfectly measured. Your house is perfect!! In fact, my son asked me if we could live in your house!! Too funny I, of course, agreed!! ;0)


kim, your mirrors look wonderful and i love the corks in your beautiful bowl- don't worry about the wounds on the wall, they'll heal - what a great honey you have,there hard to come by - i'm glad my honey helps me in the garden, which is my passion. let's make them something special. cheese cake!
i'll try your recipe - mmmm good. til next time.

love ya, maria - cottage feel-


Men. They REALLY don't get it do they? :)
Gotta love em' anyway.
If eye rolling was a husband would win for sure!! ;)

Glad he loves me!!


HAHAHA..... I laughed so loud that the pups came running into the kitchen to see what was wrong! That was hysterical Kim!! Of course I have NO idea what that conversation would be like.... Yeah right! ;)

Oh and I love your laundry porch! I had no idea it was up in the air. Would you believe I am jealous? Well, I am!

love you,


PS I'm so glad you found more mirrors! I missed them :)


Barb Heilig

I love your Red mirrors and their arrangement. You did good girl! Almost forgot the lamp shade and pillow. They add just the right finishing touches. Does Kevin have a Much, Much, much, much older brother, Single that is ;)

Tracy Barkett

Your house sounds like my house. You married a kind and patient man...just like me. I don't know how they put up with us.LOL!
simply white vintage


Those mirrors are AMAZING! I love that bright, shiny red on the yellow wall! LOVE!

Lavender Dreamer

When we finished lunch...I told my hubby to go to my blog, find yours in my favorites and read this post! It is a classic! I am having an emotional day and he's already said this a couple of times...but now here's his message to you...It's a FULL moon! Anything can happen! heeheehee! Enjoy your day...HAVE FUN! Laugh at the moon! ♥


You are cracking me up!! Your sweet hubby sounds like a very patient man! Your final arrangement you did on your mirrors looks lovely by the way! ;-) Have a fantastic Memorial Day weekend...can't wait to see your postings next week.....I know there will be pictures. ;-))


Tell Kevin it looks absolutely gorgeous! He sounds like my hubby who has to get out his level every time we hang something.

Bella StyleBook

Men...gotta love their non-responsiveness and simplicity of communication. Women have the gift of gab and non-verbal responses just don't cut it with us. How are we suppose to know what someone is thinking if they don't speak to us?

I love your red mirrors. They seem so you and I don't even know you, but I can feel it.

Have a wonderful day!
Jan of BellaCasa & now MavrikMarketing

Quilting Chick

kim, love those mirrors and do I ever understand nail holes. I usually try the eyeing it bit and then decide maybe I should measure after all. Sometimes I do sometimes I don't. My hubby would be measuring and leveling. You made my day with your post it is so true of so many of us. I'm one that has to see it on the wall before I know for sure if I like it or not. So lots of nail holes later I have it right where I want it.:) Have a wonderful day-
Like I always say you are the bestest!!! Hugs, Marietta

Lynn Paterson

Your husband sounds like my husband.....there are lots of no-responses at my house and store. I keep him running at both places. But deep down, I know he loves to be needed. Every man does! Your package showed up yesterday.....So love everything in it! The angels and bird plaques are hanging in my office. And I smile everytime I look at them! Thanks again!


Geez I was wondering when you said symetrical!
I love the wonky look!


I've given up on asking my husband because he just thinks I'm plain crazy. I may be crazy but things sure look pretty when I'm done! The mirrors look great! I am glad you changed them until they were "perfect."


Have you ever used monkey hooks -- they just push through wall board and hold up to 50 pounds of weight. A great find.

Love your mirrors -- I have a collection of burnished gold-framed mirrors that look gorgeous on my deep brown walls -- different colors for different folks!!!

Kevin sounds like my wonderful husband -- anything that makes me happy makes him happy. Aren't we the lucky ones.

Have a wonderful day --


Esther Sunday

Ah, Kim, as you know....this is soooo Esther & Artie. I tackle projects like this when he is not around so I can "do it my way". When putting together my craft room, he didn't think all my stuff would fit and suggested that I "draw the room to scale" (Do you remember that story?) Whadaya, nuts? People like me don't "draw things to scale - we wing it!!! Anyway, I LOVE the mirrors!!!

Jenny S

LOL! Sounds like me and my mom at the shop!

Daisy Cottage

ahhhhh I love you guys.

And Esther - "winging it" is my favorite thing to do.

We are just free birds, no?


Linda C Smith

I love the color! My husband doesn't like it when I change the arrangement of the art on our walls - we have a lot! He's a photographer and I'm an artist so our walls are full. I discovered your blog in the book "Blogging for Bliss...." it was a gift to me this Mother's Day from my older daughter.


My husband would probably kill me if I did that. It's hard enough getting him to hang something up. He hates all the little holes too.


Laugh Laugh Laugh, I am there, changing my mind all the time, I don't know what that is all about and I'm always happy with the change, glad the mirrors look great, just fantastic


Love the red and yellow with the sparkle of the mirrors!

Marfa (Crafting Marfa)

Kevin sounds like a really patient man! My boyfriend is a tiny bit that way, but it has to be when he's in the mood. We don't live together so one day he told me that every time he comes over it looks like a different His house only changes when he buys a new ornament. The furniture gets moved only when its time to paint the walls or when its time to do some serious house


Love the mirrors- in fact I love one of your mirrors so much that I have the exact same one! It is literally sitting right next to my computer, waiting to be hung after just being painted white and 'antiqued'- Isn't that wild? I love the red against the yellow wall. Fantastic!

Sherry Smith

Hi Kim
Aaah what a wonderful job you have done and couldn't have done it without his help....I think the same thing has happened in this house.... but they are soo patient with us
and their only want is to make us happy....Sherry


Cute post!! I think that we all can relate to it. Been there and done that, but thank goodness our hubby's love us for better or worse. LOL...
I love your red mirrors!!


Hi Kim! The mirrors look great! Love your display! You are so talented! Sounds just like at my house! Last paint spray project my sweet hubby, Dave did, he said hope you don't find a whole lot to paint this summer while you thrift shop because he was going to do a lot more fishing this summer than last. Then he left to walk up to his shop and work on his boat.
Cindy In Oklahoma


Oh my GOD I laughed - laughing- so hard that tears are streaming down my face.

I think that is truly one of the funniest things I have EVER read in m y whole life.

I think I peed myself, Kim, OMG hahahahaha. Oh my goodness that is hilarious.

Where's my Kleenex? I look like Alice Cooper now.

I am petitioning for Kevin for Sainthood. Whatta guy/ hugs.


hi girls. would someone please tell me what means LOL and LOI. (I'm not American...)
Thanks, Ossi ♥♥♥

Trish Rowley

Hi Kim, Love the mirrors they look amazing. I had a good laugh when I read this it sounds just like me and my very patient husband who will do anything I ask Bless his heart!! they are sooo cute, would'nt be without them for quids would we? Have a great day Trish xox ;)

Brenda Kula

I wish I could get someone to paint for me. I'm really terrible at painting. I need to find some more mirrors. Now if I could just find some more wall space to put them on...

D. @ Outside Oslo

The arrangement--and all the red--is lovely.

I adore the bowl of corks, too. I have stashes of them in two rooms of the house--while i can't remember their particular bottles and when they were enjoyed, they each represent memories with special people. I don't know if I'll ever do anything with them, say make a corkboard or any other sort of project, but they're lovely pieces of memories just as they are.


Too funny...yes the mirrors look great. As usual your perfect eye has created a wonderful arrangement.


The lady of the House

Kim! What a cute post! It was like I was there while this all unraveled sipping coffee and eating a muffin or two with ya. Making faces behind your backs... like the "oops" face and the "uh-oh" face and then there was the "awwwwww" face. What a nice husband to help you :)

Happy Day, The Lady of the House

Sandy McClay

I know I am at the bottom of the comments today, but I have to tell you, I just love these!!!! I have seen photos before on your blog of the red mirrors and I have been looking everytime I go thrifting! I have one very similar to one of yours, it is a Home Interiors that was a gosh awful gold...can I ask, ( I didn't read all 91 comments) what color is this paint from Lowes? I use a Krylon color called cherry red, and it is a bit darker....I like yours better! I hope to have a whole hallway full someday! Do you buy any of yours new or are all of them secon hand???? I so love coming to visit! Thank you for this post!!!! Sandy


hello, ossi

it means lot's of love (lol or L.O.L - maria -cottage feel-


they look great and love the red against the yellow walls!

Donna, The Decorated House

Hello Sweet Girl~
Well, you know how darn funny I would think this is.
Someday all these Sweet Husbands will be on Oprah, and will take more than just one show to tell all their stories.
That man of yours is a keeper isn't he?
Hugs, Donna

Debbie from Texas

Love the story about the mirrors! I wish my hubby would do things like that for me. He doesn't get the decorating thing....thinks things should always stay the same.:( I love to redo and then redo again!! Kevin sounds like a great guy!


You guys are so cute together!

Love it! Happy week-end to you dear!!


this sounds so much like the conversations around here--nail holes and all. i love the mirror grouping and the RED, wow! however, i am drooling over the upholstery on that wing chair.reminds me of a rocking chair that belonged to my grandmother.
happy weekend!


God bless our guys. My husband has been going through the same thing with me for almost forty years.

And, I certain you were right because they look great!

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