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May 19, 2010



:) Victoria's The House in Bloom and ...
Nell Hill's Style at Home by Mary Carol Garrity :)


Kim, You could write a book! It would sure be one of my favorites :-)

Tracy @ Comfort&Luxury

This is so cute. I just posted about my love for images of chairs with books. I hope you don't mind if I add your photo to my collection.
Love your book choices too! I have too many decor books to name faves but for cottage style I like Comforts of Home and Mary Engelbreit's Home Sweet Home.


Oh me too! I can't pick a favorite book, or magazine! I love them all. I recently bought a Romantic Homes and thorougly enjoyed the article you did! You're words paint such beautifully romantic pictures in my mind. I love it. You're such a gift to those that know you. I'm honored to be one...albeit via the internet. You're a precious addition to my everyday. :)

Toni @ The Tattered Cottage

Hi Miss Kim & Sweet Maggie -
I couldn't pick just one, I have way too many. I think the cottage decor and flea market decorating ones are my favorites. In my collection, I have 4 of the 5 you listed. I haven't seen Bazaar Style, I might have to buy it. A gal can never have too many books.
♥ Toni


I loved the Gone With The Wind movie. I've never read the book. In fact, I don't even own it. (Must add that to my list.) I think it would be fun to actually read it.
I don't have any decorating idea books, though I do have a gazzillion quilt and sewing idea books of which I adore. So I'm glad that Barbara had asked you because I do have "must acquire some decorating idea books" on my to do list. I agree with Toni that a "gal can never have too many books." When we moved I established a nice library in our loft area. It is wonderful. I've always had a lot of books, but this time they are actually on shelves.
I love that little yellow settee. I love fabrics! Have you seen Hawthorne They also have a new blog as well. They do fabric giveaways quite often. Fabrics give wonderful inspiration for decorating ideas.

A Romantic Porch

I am amazed at all you tiny little doll house totally Daisy Cottage in its own tiny way! xo rachel

A Cupcake For Moose

Love those little dollhouse books! You captured the room in such a welcome way. Of course, a welcoming spirit is definitely a gift of yours!

Have a great day!
Rachel from A Cupcake for Moose


Your doll's house is both fascinating and captivating. I love it. It's so very pretty and makes me want to be a little girl again but I can't imagine having a doll's house with a 4 year old BOY running around and wanting to put everything in his dump truck :) I do not have that many decorating books ... the one I have found really useful is called Decoratin Basica and it's by Better Homes and Gardens. I like it because it goes through a number of different styles, which is good for me because I am still searching for mine :)

Kathleen Grace

I love collecting decorating books too. I enjoy Nell Hill and Mary Engelbreit, two completely different looks and styles but both so creative. Kim, your doll house has to be my favorite of all time. Every perfect little detail is so enchanting!

Privet and Holly

My two most recent acquisitions were English Country Home by Fowler and Cabbages & Roses At Home With Country by Christina Strutt. Decorating books, to me, are a lot like potato chips or popcorn.....hard to just stop at a few!!! Sweet sweet doll house, Kim, down to the little Maisie. Enchanting! xx P&H


Your doll house is adorable. My favourite book is Gone with the Wind too! Have you ever read the sequel? It's not as good but enjoyable. I can't tell you which book is my favourite decorating book. I love all of the cottage style books.
PS Hubby is doing o.k. More tests on Friday.
Thanks for the happy pictures this morning

martha ann

I love decorating books in almost any style. Two of my current favorites are Easy Elegance by Atlanta Bartlett and Perfect English Cottage by Ros Byam Shaw . My personality, style, and reading choices are all a little split!

Sandi ~ A Cottage Muse

Hi Kim...I just love your dollhouse! It was nice to see Maisy again too!


The visit through your tiny door this morning has been just charming! I think I like the little pillow best of all---it reminds me that we can all do SOMETHING. I come from a LONG line of workers-of-exquisite-needlework, and my every effort at crochet sadly turns into a Barbie hat.

Having been such a disappointment to the dynasty, I think I can now say that I have found my calling: Dollhouse pillows!!!

And I really love your books---in neat stacks, in a tumble, in a huddle beneath the table---Books are Magic.

Daisy Cottage


That's the spirit!!!!!!!!

Thank you sweet one.



I LOVE books. I've read Gone With the Wind many times. I think I was 11 or 12 the first time I read it. Another favorite is Crescent Carnival by Francis Parkinson Keyes-it is set in New Orleans and follows 3 generations of families.

Decorating books-I have 1 or 2 or 3 (more) I have a lot of decorating magazines-Cottage Style, Victoria, Romantic Homes, etc. Just a few HB Better Homes and Gardens flea market decorating and Lowe's complete home decorating.

Most of my HB books are things like Sew it Yourself Home Decor.

Your little home looks so cute.


Too cute! I have so many different decorating books that I would have to look back through them to pick out a favorite!

Trish Rowley

Hi Kim, I love your dollhouse, I have so many mags on decorating and quilting I just can't part with any of them. They seem to come out whenever I'm sick and can't get out of bed or on cold winter weekends I love nothing better than to go through my mags one by one and dream. I am a daydreamer from wayback it was the most used word on my report cards when I was at school and I'm still the same today love to dream!!! Have a great day Trish xox ;)


I love decorating books.

For Mother's Day my daughter gave me 'Perfect English Cottage' by Ros Byam Shaw. It is fabulous.

I have been disappointed with so many magazines folding, so I have taken up reading the British Edition of Country Living. If you like to garden, you will especially enjoy it. It is much more than just homes - you actually read it instead of just looking at photos!


Carrie@ My Kinda Boring Life

Love your doll house!


I so love your doll house! Thank you for all the book idea's I have put several on my wish list.



I love the decorating book by Randy Florke! I love his style! Any book put out by Country Living is on the top of my list too! I love the pictures of your doll house! I hope you have a wonderful day!


Jenny Sumrall

Any decorating book is fine with me. I love to see how other people live. That's a favorite thing I love to do, especially with my lovee on our Harleys. Just to ride.........and ride........ and see people's homes and maybe see them outside enjoying their little piece of this world. Have a wonderful day.......And oh,,,don't forget to let Maisy back inside. Jenny in Alabama---------

Pat@Back Porch Musings

Good morning, Kim...
Thanks so much for stopping by the Back Porch. I loved your visit:-).

I've wondered how it would be to put a book together. I have no idea where to begin, though. I know it would be lots of work, but the process could certainly be enjoyable. Thank you for the lovely compliment.

As for my decorating books; I have all Mary Carol Garrity's Nell Hill's books, love them and love her. She is a delight. Charles Faundree and Bunny Williams, are two others, I enjoy. We're going to the book fair to benefit St Chas Co. Library, Friday. I always go directly to the decorating and gardening books, at the fair, to see what I can see. There are usually wonderful vintage decorating books that are fun. I may pick up a couple of those.

Judi in SW Florida

OMG... I love sitting with my fav decorating books and a cuppa coffee. Some of my favs are 'Seasons at Seven Gates Farm' (Cramer & Johnson), 'Living the Country Life' (BH&G), 'The Smart Approach to Country Decorating', & anything by Mary Emmerling, Susan Branch, and those published by Country Living or Colonial Williamsburg. Enjoy your day & happy reading!


Love decorating books -- my favorite is by Kitty Bartholemew -- probably reference it more than any other. And I'm a magazine junky -- always check for your name in the credits.

A quick note about the cookies from yesterday -- I've added a bit of finely shredded coconut to the cake mix, and some very well-drained crushed pineapple and chopped macadamia nuts to the cream cheese mixture -- so good!!!

Have you read any books by Maeve Binchy, an Irish author? "Tara Road" is my favorite.

Have a great day --



Hi Kim :) I'm afraid the majority of my books are about "quilting," but I had to comment anyway on that adorable Doll house! Would love to see more :)


I have a decorating book thing - An Affair with a House by Bunny Williams is a wonderful book full of great ideas to create a comfortable home. Perfect English and Perfect English Cottage both by Roz Byman Shaw are very good reads. I am waiting for Cabbages and Roses at Home to arrive - it looks like a goodie. Also,like Connie I love the British Edition of Country Living - it has alot of information about decorating, gardening and other home related subjects. Look for another British magazine called Period Living, it is great and don't forget the wondreful English Home magazine. Have a great day! lisa

Susan Ramey Cleveland

I have never seen a doll house as cozy and wonderful as yours. Those teeny little books as precious.


I have so many decorating books that I love but I think my favorites are those which were published by the old Victoria magazine (some of them are not actually decorating books but full of lovely rooms from places such as England and France).

My favorite decorating blogs? Yours and The Pleasures of Home with my blog friend, Manuela. Both make me happy.


one of my favorite decorating books is Kitty Bartholemew's, for sheer inspiration. I went to a talk given by her, and she is a doll. Infectious enthusiasm.


I've read GWTW but never seen the movie! But that was many years ago...I should reread it. I'm trying to get started on Wuthering Heights.

I love decorating magazines! I enjoy Country Living and Southern Living. I think the only decorating book I have is Home Sweet Home: A Journey Through Mary's Dream Home by Mary Engelbreit. It's decorated with lots of vintage finds and soft colors.

Lynn Paterson

I just recently found a cute dollhouse at our neighborhood garage sale. It needs a little cleaning up & some paint and a just a touch more tender loving care. I'll be working on it this summer and hopefully I can share some pictures with you in the Fall. Your dollhouse is so adorable! Don't collect any decorating books......I'm more dependant on decorating magazines like Romantic Country & Traditional Homes.

judy hale

Love your little doll house the little coffee mug is adorable with the name Daisy [that was my mothers name]My favorite decorating books now are the Shabby Chic Home and Laura Ashley Decorating with Fabric.I have a huge collection of country primitive decorating books but they now just sit on a shelf.


only you kim can come up with such inspiring ideas - i don't have a favorite - i love them all "cottage decor" "shabby chic" and vintage anything that brings back time. i mostly like magazines.- you must have a wonderful collection maybe, we could visit your library one day and book decor - have a wonderful and delightful day -
maria -cottage feel -


love ya kim a whole bunches
maria - cottage feel-


Kim, Just wanted you to know how my whole family enjoys your blog. Of course, you made my seven year old daughter's heart jump with joy this morning, well, her mom's What girl can't appreciate a doll house and especially yours???? Books? Awwwwww, pure joy. Decorating books and magazines make me smile. I am in love with Mary Jane Butters' Ideabook and Magazines right now....a little bit of everything special that comes from her heart:)

Barbara Anne

Oh, thank you Kim and everyone! I'm making my list and am so excited to hear of the titles you enjoy and recommend. Happy dancing here!

Kim, your doll house is so very cute and I love the small books and the Daisy mug. Maisy has so many comfy place to snuggle, too. It's wonderful!

I'll check back later for more posts and titles. Thank you again!

Hugs to all!


so so lovely!!!


Oh Kim! You've touched a soft spot with me. Of course you know my all time favorite book is Gone With The Wind too, but I love ALL kinds of books and decorating books are some of my very favorites.

I have a lot of the old ones from Victoria magazine and a lot from Country Living that I love (especially the kitchen one!), but right now I love my Bunny Williams book An Affair with a House. It's not a decorating book so much as a tribute to her home, but the images are truly inspiring and so is her story of what she did with it.

Oh and I love your dollhouse so much I wish I could shrink myself and vacation in it ;)

love you much,

Heidi - Heart and Home

Hi Kim,
Right now I'm working on refurbishing a large book case that I found at GW - because I literally have stacks and stacks of books all over my house and they need a better place to be appreciated! Most of them are decorating books, all types, all styles. Also many, many gardening books. The autobiographies and novels are in the office on proper shelves. Of the decorating books that aren't on shelves or on the floor, many are stacked up in baskets, or are used in my decorating around the house - to lift up lamps, fill in spaces under tables, and add interest to the mantel - I'm not kidding when I say we have tons of books!
We just bought 12 more at the library book sale, as we headed to the farmer's market on Sat. morn. I guess we just can't resist a good book, of any kind! I love your doll house, it makes me smile everytime I see it!
Heidi - Heart and Home
(PS. I am joining forces with Kelee Katillac for a "silent prayer, positive thoughts vigil" tonight - for the healing of the coast and to help find a solution to the oil spill. If you would like more info go to, or visit my site. Thanks Kim!)


Your dollhouse is adorable. There is a shop near me that carries the most wonderful little things for dollhouses, but no houses. I have gotten some things and put them in an old printer's box, but if I ever come across a will be moving day for all those little goodies.
I've been collecting decorating books since the mid 80's. Not sure that I have a favorite...I love to read and look at all of them. Also have a big collection of crafting books that I love too.


Hi Kim. My husband and I love books too. We also collect them, but I don't really have any decorating books right off the top of my head. I collect books on faith, philosophy and history. My husband does also, plus he likes technical books, as well. We also collect Bibles.

Have a blessed day!

Sandy McClay

I just love visits to your little house! Can I ask....who or where did you get that sweet crocheted rug???? I have a little house I am building and I need one too! Your blog is such a breath of fresh air.....thanks!


Hi Kim,

LOVE that dollhouse. Wow! It's adorable! My favorite decorating books are anything by Mary Englebreit, Cottage Living, Nell Hill, Rachel Ashwell, Tracy name a few! I also love reading Romantic Homes, Country Living, Romantic Country, Victoria, and reread my old copies of Home Companion. I could spend HOURS looking at decorating mags and books. So fun. XO Ann

ruby ♥

everyone here has such lovely taste! my personal favourite is 'Tips for Vintage style' by Cath Kidston, a lovely book for interior style.


Kim, I have so many decorating books, but my favorites are about Country English or Country French style. I just got a new one called, THE ENGLISH HOUSE, which should be arriving soon. But I keep copies of cherished magazines, too. I got a copy of the RC that had so many of your articles because YOU wrote them! And I save magazines for reference, too.

I have a present for you that is down there while I'm up here. I thought I would be down before now, but I'm kind of laid up from a fall. Just very sore... didn't break anything. PTL!

Sending you warm hugs, and I adore your doll house!


Sheila :-)


Ok first of all I'm only 4'10 1/2" do you think I could fit in your charming dollhouse? I have all the books you mentioned and I just purchased a great new one called the Comforts of Home by Caroline Clifton-mogg. Also, I have a book called Change your Home Change your life by Moll Anderson. I highly recommend it, I bought it a few years ago and it really has a lot of great ideas about not waiting until the perfect moment to decorate even on a tight budget and what our home decor says about us.


Anything by Alexandra Stoddard. She was first featured in Victoria magazine which I read 10 years ago (at least) until it stopped publication. It has since started up again. I also love the fabrics and designs of April Cornell. Blessings, Janet


Hi Kim!!
Love the doll house and the little weinie dog!!! I love all books and always have one on my night stand so I can relax and read before bed each night. I really love decorating books such as Nell Hill's, anything by Country Living and Better Homes & Gardens. You ought to be writing a book, sister, b/c you rock!!! I just love your blog, it is my absolute FAVORITE!!! And believe me, I visit a lot of blogs!! Keep up the great work, Kim! Hugs to you!


your dollhouse is super adorable! Now, if I can only get my own house to look that cute!!!

The lady of the House

Hey there!
I am an adored fan of Jane Coslick's. She is brilliant!
Her designs are bright, full of cheer and amazing coastal cottage fun!

See here:

Kim, I lof the books deary. and one word for "Maisy" - precious.

Happy Hunting Barbara, The lady of the House

Brenda Kula

I doubt I'll ever quench my thirst for decorating books. Or any other for that matter. I just got a couple from a week or so ago. But with the gardening season, I haven't even had a chance to check those out. I've sure been thinking about acquiring a dollhouse the last year!

Debbie from Texas

Love your dollhouse. I have one that I started and got frustrated so it went to the attic. I may have to get it out again this summer. You have inspired me! My favorite decorating books and magazines are the ones that I read when I am on my "throne"! Nice and private and quiet.....Ha! (Hope that wasn't too personal.)


I have soooo many books~ decorating, gardening, history and biographies~and they are everywhere that I'm afraid it looks a bit messy and scattered...but when I try to put them away I just have to leaf thru them and they still stay out~and like your little doll house books, I have to move the stacks so people can sit down!
Doll houses were my favorite thing to play with when I was a house is doll house size now!

Nancy Hutson Maisenbach

Wonderful pictures of your mini Daisy Cottage Kim! Everything is adorable but especially like the rug.
On The Porch By James Crisp is my favorite decorating book right now.
I absolutely adore porches; front or back does not matter. I love your laundry porch! I was thrilled when we bought our house for many reasons but the cherry on top was the large covered front porch. I am having a ball today looking at all favorites you and the others are sharing.
Your friend,
Nancy M.

Janet (Shabbyfufu)

Darling dollhouse my darling friend! Hmmmm, I love all of Rachel Ashwell's decorating books. Timeless in my eyes. xoxo


Oh how I used to love Mary Engelbreit's Home Companion magazine. It was only put out every 2 months so when I would get my copy in the mail, seriously, my heart would start beating fast and I couldn't think of another thing until I looked that whole issue over. I loved Mary's style and I think her magazine was the first place I ever heard that "matchy-matchy" wasn't in style. (I had always decorated that way, but was sooo proud to know I was in style for it.)

I have a lot of favorite books too, but I must say I get most of my decorating idea fixes from blogs these days.


Necel from the Old House in Texas

Tell your doll family I'm moving in...!

Favorite decorating books... Anything published by Better Homes and Gardens, House Beautiful or Country Living

1) BHG's New Decorating Book; I have three editions and the pages are falling out 2) BHG's Cottage Style 3) Country Living's 750 Great Ideas for Decorating on a Budget 4) Pottery Barn Home 5) Cabin Fever... I could go on and on.

I joined HomeStyle Books... All I can say is "awesome!"

Josephine Tale Pedder

Hello Kim, I love books and my little terrace is filled with books. I adore home decorating books as well. I see quite a few people have already mentioned Ros Byam's Shaws Perfect English Cottage. That book is so wonderful! I also love Rachel Ashwell's latest book which is sublime. I have quite a collection of home design books but would love to add a Daisy Cottage to that pile! I'm off to check out your links now! xx

Josephine Tale Pedder

Just checked them out. I love Emily Chalmers and Thrifty Chic looked great. I also liked the look of Waterside Cottages. Thanks for the links. xx


Kim, each time I visit your spot it makes me fell like a little girl again, young. I love your doll house. Favourite books, hum yesterday I spent the better part of the afternoon in our local book store and although I didn't make it past the magazines in the two hours I was there, I would have to say I read almost all the country decorating, victorian style home, and cottage style decorating ideas, as well I found a garden decorating magazine called, oh it is, think, think, think I know it had 240 decorating ideas for the yard and garden.


Kim.......I am a librarian so books are my love too. Need a good reading list??? I have one! Love your blog. Susan


Love your adorable dollhouse Kim!!!!!


Could this post be any more fun?! I don't think so. You have SUCH a clever imagination and welcoming way of writing for your blog readers! Your doll house is precious! Regarding decorating books, I like anything country, cottage (like you), and especially books with quilts in every room. I like to have quilts draped over chair backs, hanging on the walls, folded and stacked in bookshelves, and so on. Quilts help to cut down on the "echo" of our homes with the high ceilings! Keep up the good work! Love your blog -- and the color of your house!!!

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