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May 13, 2010


jennifer cox

Actually mine do too Kim. Everytime I pull one out I get a "jolt".

Its amazing what "little" things can do for my physci. Sp?

xoxoxo Jen


It's funny you ask because I was just saying that last night. I have my polka dot glasses and then I got three new big Fiesta cereal bowls in orange, blue and yellow and I bought plain yellow plates at Target and then I mix in different pieces so in answer to your question YES my dishes do make me happy. I am off to Kohls today to get one more giant cereal bowl. The men here love those babies!


Daisy Cottage

oooh.... I am hoping to get some orange ones too!!!



Actually I am very unhappy with my dishes...I need some bright cheery in yellow & green...I love the fiesta-ware...and I love how you have all the colors of soon as I recover from this reconstruction surgery I am going to start my search...hopefully I can find them second hand...have a wonderful day Kim...Robyn and Daisy Mae


I did the same "set" of Fiesta at our lakehouse.....I wanted fun and colorful!

Daisy Cottage


I have found MANY of mine second hand. I've given away alot to my children too. Feel better sweetie!!!!


Leta Robillard

I just started collecting fiestaware and I love them!!! They make me feel so happy :)



Barbara Anne

Yes, happy, but I seem to love too many patterns of dishes, from china to pottery. Sigh! So lovely and so much fun!

My quandary is where to keep the sets I've inherited or acquired on my own. Suggestions?



Fiesta Ware dishes are in my cupboard too. I just love the brightness of them. They make me smile each time I use them.
My hubby often tells me how easy I am. I guess he is right.


Well, *yours* make me happy....mine, not so much. Our set now is strictly for the purpose of not eating out of our hands. ;) I'm on the hunt for some happy ones, but it's slow going.


I said the same thing I have a dishwasher and I like to wash mine by hand sometimes in the kitchen sink so I can just look at them. I told my daughter that and she said NO WAY I would never like them that well........ I have a yellow bowl that makes me happy when I look at it.....


Oh yes! I have Fiesta Ware to. I was going only Sunshine yellow and Tourquoise but my DH got in on the act. Now I have pink, dark blue, etc. ;-) Another inspiring day Kim. Thanks. Alice


Not so much. Time to trade them in I'm thinking. My grandmother collected Fiesta Ware and I remember how cheerful and bright her table always looked. My daughter-in-law has them now so I am happy that my grands are enjoying a cheery dining experience. (I just found the most adorable Fiesta Ware yellow coffee pot...only $195!)


Absolutely! And yours are just too cute ~ love them!



Mine make me very happy! I love Fiesta! The dishes look wonderful! I can't help but smile when I see them. I hope you have a wonderful Thursday!



I know what you mean! I have a set of china that belonged to my great grandmother. They're covered in beautiful pink roses. They're too precious to use, so I've hung them over my bed so I can see them everyday.


My cabinets are full of practical ivory stoneware and white Pfaltgraf, which I have happily served many meals on BUT, I recently started collected Fiesta ware and don't know why in the world I EVER waited until now.


I'm not a Fiesta ware collector but I do *love* my dishes. They are red and have a rooster on them with a quote "good friends, good food" and really isn't that what life is all about?

Susan Freeman

Yes, my dishes make me very happy!! And ... yours make me happy too!!

Susan and Bentley


Woo hoo it's still touch and go here getting to leave a comment :(

Love my dishes....I don't have any Fiestaware son did give me a vase of theirs though....

I didn't get to comment on your beautiful dresser...LOVE it Kim...what a happy piece...and I use the I gave you birth line too....LOL I had 2 c-sections with the scar to prove it ^..^

Have a great hubby's birthday is tomorrow..we're getting into some scary numbers...but the important thing is we're still here to enjoy !!!

Kathy :)


I love dishes! I especially love floral china. I love a variety so I decided that I would use a variety on a daily basis. it's mix and match at my house.


I love Fiesta ware. When I was much younger, my favourite auntie had those dishes at her cottage and every time I see them I think of her.

Nancy Jane York

Yes my dishes make me very happy as I've had the Fiesta Ware for years now and just love it. I see your green is different than mine, mine is more of a Jadeite green but Fiesta keeps coming out with new colors over the years which makes it fun. Take Care Nan

Danielle Jones

If they are clean, I love my simple blue and yellow dishes--the very ones my husband and I picked out together for our wedding registry ten years ago. When they are dirty that's a different story...;)


I actually don't have that many dishes. We have such a small kitchen. :( One day I hope that we can move so that I can have more pretty kitchen things.


Mine don't , but yours do! I am in desperate need of dishes. mine are from 17 yrs ago my mom bought them for me for christmas from Daytons. They are full of chips and stains. But how do I part with them, since she is gone?
I do have some original fiesta ware of my grandmas, I'm thinking I need some bright fiesta ware too!

Angela Kloss

I love your fiesta ware. And yes my dishes are definitely making me happy. I have some fine china my mom bought me years ago, although I can't say I love them, I do treasure them. They will stay in a cupboard most likely on some form of display. However I have been collecting vintage china that draws my eye to actually eat on. So I have a mix of spring colored plates and saucers and a few bowls with different flowers. Yesterday I happily picked up a wonderful china oval serving bowl, it has a crack in it, but I will definitely use it.

Plus I tend to collect alot of dishes in white and cream, although I'm still searching for some in shades of pink to accent the flowers on the china. And since I'm on this tangent which I love to talk about my dishes, lol. I've been collecting random mugs and teacups that hit my fancy for many different uses between candle holders and actual kitchen use.

I do have a wonderful set of white and blue dishes that I used to love, however now they are linked to a time when I was married that is best left behind. So me thinks to simply give them away to someone who can love them as much as I did the first day I got them all those years ago.

Also I discovered a wonderful Antique Market here in Indy that is housed in an old old warehouse, I hope to get some pictures soon to post. I found a few delicious finds last night in my price range. Like a wonderful green genie style glass decanter with stopper.

karen reddan

Yes my dishes make me happy and so my bowls and glasses and pots and pans and so on. I like my beach blue dishes with the embossed shells and starfish. I always feel like I'm on vacation when I use them. Crazy right but It makes me happy.

Shelly Virtue

I love old dishes, colorful dishes and jadite dishes! I collect and mismatch the different pieces whenever I find them! I have the same Fiesta petcher pictured in your blog. My house is just a hodge podge of things I like and that makes Me HAPPY! Your dishes look beautiful.
Happy Sunny Day! XOXO Shelly


Look at how many people you have made happy with "your
dishes". They are as lovely as you! You can accomplish more with a few beautiful words and lovely scenes - I appoint you Ambassador of the World! We would all be happy
about everything! I want a part of that world!


Oh yes, I definitely do love my dishes. Every single one of them.

And, I love your dishes, too.

And, I love dishes belonging to people I know.

And, I love dishes belong to people I don't know.

I love, love, love all dishes - everywhere. Dishes make me happy, too.


I love dishes!!! They are my weakness. I have plain white dinner plates but buy colorful salad plates, bowls and serving pieces and change them out with the seasons - or my moods. If I had more room in my tiny cottage I would invest in more...I love to set a pretty table! I keep my dining table set all the time. It's too funny...I wash what we use and they go right back on the table...keeps the table from accumulating it just makes me happy! Your tablescapes are always so inspiring.

Cindy S

I adore your bright and colorful Fiestaware. I have mostly white dishes and yes, they make me happy. I love the feeling of peace and how calm I feel when I look at them. Hugs, Cindy S


I'm afraid my dishes do not make me smile, but YOUR dishes do make me smile. So colorful and cheery and nice to look at!

Marianne & Mindy

My dishes make me very happy. I've been adding Fiestaware to them too and I mix and match all the bright colours, yellow, green, blue, red. I love them!
Yours are beautiful... looking at yours makes me happy too!


Mine are kind of bland and boring right now but I plan to change that soon.

Nancy Omachi

Good question! My dishes are white, and I love them. The rest are a mix & match that I've had for a very long time. Maybe it's time to make a change! We opened a steakhouse last summer that is open in the mountains only in the summer. I purchases Fiesta wear in different colors for it. I'll be heading up the mountains to open in 2 I'll get to enjoy all the different colors of my dishes soon!


Ok, I'm oblivious, I'm going to have to google Fiestaware, cuz I have no idea what it is. My dishes don't make me happy, but looking at yours sure do. I take MOST of my inspiration from this website. THANKS! Ok, one question, what are the little round egg shaped thing a ma bobs?


Hi, Kim - I just LOVE your dishes, too!!! Fiesta is my very favorite. Your post brought back so many happy memories of visiting my dear aunt's home and the yummy meals we shared off her Fiesta ware! Sadly, I really don't have nice dishes right now - I had way too many, and gave nearly all of them away - just didn't have room enough. So Chinet is my "dishes" right now - but your post got me to thinking that maybe I could squeeze in a few pieces of Fiesta in my tiny apt. kitchen cupboards - and a store nearby sells it - so, I may just have to go shopping for some new "happy" dishes this week! Thanks for the inspiration - and have a happy, sunny day yourself!


absolutely, i have a garden theme with flowers of all sorts and lady bugs on them - but, i do like the varies colors, shapes and sizes- happy, happy, happy - what a wonderful family of dishes you have. love ya, maria- cottage feel-

Sandy McClay

I have the same colors!!!! And yes, they make me happy!!! I have the 4 basic 1940's colors in my kitchen and my whole kitchen feels "happy"! I am so glad Fiestaware came out with the colots I love!!!!! I think when I redo my kitchen one of my cupboards is going that look!

judy hale

Unfortunately my dishes don't make me all that happy anymore.I too like some others who have commented have just all of the sudden to a huge liking to Fiestaware.So I would like to start to collect it.But I will have to find it on sale or second hand.Yours definitely makes me happy.Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful day.


After reading some of the comments about Fiestaware...I got mine mostly from Macy's....they run sales ALL the time. Plus, not sure where any of you are, but there is a place in Canton, Tx., that is a discount place that only sells Fiestaware...however, Macy's sales are just about as good.


Also, that little knob looking thing that somebody asked about is the salt/pepper shakers.


oh my, I would have a different set of dishes for every day of the week. I don't have Fiestaware although I like it.

I love dishes, glasses, bowls, etc. I have some aqua and polka dot bowls from Target I love to use. I collect vintage pyrex.

dotsie (aka podso)

Yours make me happy. I love fiesta ware.


Fiesta dishes are happy dishes. I have them too!


Yes, I do love all my dishes. In fact, I just bought some more at Goodwill today. I got 6 beautiful china plates by Lenox for $1.49 each. They will mix together beautifully with my pattern, which is fairly plain. One can never have too many dishes. I also got some cute cut glass plates that are rectangular shaped. So cute and very versatile. I also scored a piece of milk glass for $1.99.
I live in NC where Replacements Ltd. is. Talk about dishes!!!! That is the dish capital of the world. Great eye candy out there!!! Any pattern you could want is out there. If you are ever in NC, you need pay it a visit. Well worth the trip. Love & blessings from NC!


Kim, this MADE MY DAY to see your beautiful Fiesta Ware! Thanks so much for sharing it. :)

Mom collected Fiesta Ware all her married life. She collected the older pieces mostly, then in the '80's, she collected some of the new colors. I was in college at the time, and a little store in that town carried the new colors. So when Mom and Dad would come up and visit me, we'd go in that store, and she'd buy a piece or two. So there ended up being several pieces of that. I wasn't able to keep all of it ... she had a LOT ... but I have a little bit to keep and enjoy. When I was growing up, we ate off of it all the time, it wasn't just for special. So any time I see Fiesta Ware at all, I have happy, happy memories!

Privet and Holly

In an alternate reality, I would have closets like Martha Stewart does for all of her dish sets, as I love so many different kinds! In the spring and summer I use my fiesta ware as our everyday dishes. In the late fall I switch to my white-on white with snowflakes on the rim, which takes us nicely through February, since we have snow on the ground at least that long! For "fancy" I have my wedding china, the Juliet pattern by Royal Dalton and a new set that I began collecting a few years ago, Botanical by Portmerion. {Gosh, I'm starting to sound a lot like Martha, sans the closets ~ YIKES!} If I had more room I'd love to have a set of transfer ware in either blue and white or brown and white.....and some chunky italian pottery. A girl can dream! Hugs to you, Kim! xx P&H

Angie Antwine

OOOOOOOOh Yeah, I loooooove fiestaware!! I threw out all my old dishes and started buying all colors of fiesta! When I open my cabinets it makes me smile! I have some new and some old. I usually get a place setting for Christmas & birthdays. My hubby can't believe that something so simple puts such a smile on his wife's face!! Thanks for sharing your pictures of your lovely fiesta!! Have a great day!


ALL dishes make me happy. I can't walk into Homegoods without leaving with more dishes!! And Fiesta ware, well it's the best!!!! Love all of yours Kim.

Trish Rowley

Hi Kim, I love your dishes they would make me smile too!!! I have a set of plates that I collected a few years ago at Wollies that I love, they are country looking with lots of flowers on them other than that it is white which I also love. I will have to check out Fiesta ware I do like it. Have a great day Trish xox ;)



maria - cottage feel-


I call my Fiestaware my Happy Plates. We have other dishes we could use, but I always call for my Happy Plates as they make me smile.

Debbie from Texas

I had forgot about fiesta ware!! My former daughter-in-law had them but they weren't my thing then and now I am thinking hmmmm......?
I do love bright colors and mine are dark and a mixture of old and new. I have inherited china and antique sets I have collected and never use except holidays. I need something bright for everyday....maybe I can start collecting fiesta ware. Hey, that would be fun!!!! (my husband is just shaking his head:))

Heidi - Heart and Home

Dear Kim,
I can see why your dishes make you happy! Mine do, too! I love to mix patterns and colors, and I just picked up a few ruffle-edged, polka-dotted bowls that make me smile whenever I put my yogurt and granola in them!
Sometimes it's the little things that bring me the most joy!
Heidi - Heart and Home

Kathleen H in Indiana

I love my Fiestaware and it makes me very happy. I buy a place setting each year in a different color. I have 16 different colors and running out of room!!!!!
Kathleen H


Your dishes make me happy the wonderful colors...blessings

Chris M.

There's nothing like Fiestaware! It makes every meal feel like a mini party. I have been collecting for several years and have a fun selection of colors - most were gifted to me by my family for birthdays and Christmas. I keep an eye out for second hand but am never so lucky as to find it. I agree with the comment above about Macy's. It is a great place to find sets and individual pieces - on sale with a coupon you can really save and build your collection. Chris M


Mine do! They have stars on the dinner plates which I collect! I LOVE THEM!!

Bringing Pretty Back

I need new dishes because mine don't make me happy. I would LOVE a set of pink dishes.

Carrie@ My Kinda Boring Life

I love the Fiestaware. My mom has a set of them in all sort of colors. I am not a dishes gal.... I am more into glasses/goblets and pretty bowls. We have white Corelle dishes and my mom's china (its white too).


Your dishes are lovely. I too collect Fiesta in four bright colors. I'm thankful every single day for the happiness I feel when I open my cupboard for a sunflower cereal bowl or turquoise luncheon plate. Scarlett and shamrock dishes beg for my attention. I'm getting ready to add lemongrass to my collection. Every meal looks beautiful on Fiesta.

My heart skipped a beat seeing yours. So glad we collect Fiesta together.



YOUR dishes make me happy!!! (:0)
I still use the butterfly gold corning ware I got for my wedding--did you know they are now considered vintage. I'm not sure how I feel about that. It's nice to have vintage dishes but if you've had them since they were new what does that indicate??? I'm not old -- I'm VINTAGE!

mary-The Calico Cottage

Yes! I'm a dish freak. I have many sets of stoneware, lots of china, and many odd vintage pieces in white. LoVe your Feistaware! LoVe LoVe LoVe it! Did you take the cupboard doors off in the kitchen? I bet it looks great!


I LOVE my dishes! got an entire set (plus all accessories) of Pfaltzgraff "Summer Breeze" dishes over the last 10 years and they match my blue, yeloow, and white kitchen perfectly! I haul them out every chance I get to show them off.

The Lady of the House

Totally. When they're clean and all put away - truly a happy moment! Happy Weekend, The Lady of the House


Yes. I also have some colorful Fiesta ware, but I need more colors (mine aren't vintage). But, I also have flowery dishes/mugs & polka dot melamine that make me happy, too. If I ever have doorless cabinets I want to put my solid color dishes out like yours.

Kathy Charniak

Love your Fiesta dishes, Kim. I have corelle dishes & the pattern is berries BUT to me they look like red geraniums so that is why I bought them. Plus they are lighweight. Question for you. What are the colorful paperweight like figures in front of your dishes? I have a turqoise one and use on mydesk but what are they really? Curious in ILLinois, Kathy C

Lynn Paterson

I love my dishes......I have some light brown scalloped ones from The Bombay Shop. And I mix them in with some blue & white ones from The Home Store. It looks so nice and homey when they don't match exactly. Makes the table more interesting. It tells a story. Have a great weekend!

Daisy Cottage

Sweet Kathy - those are the salt & pepper shakers!


Sharon Haynie

Love-Love-Love my Fiesta! I have glass doors on my cabinets and everytime I look I smile!!!!


We have navy blue Fiesta bowls that go with our Pfaltgraff Folk Art everyday dishes. I got them before I was married and my husband of 27 years loves them too---he gave me some of the originals and added special items, like a gorgeous pie plate, through the years.

They are just us and we laughed when we saw TV sitcom families use them as well---Family Ties, for instance! At Christmas we trade them out for our Pfaltzgraff Nordic pattern and use those all winter---til Valentines Day.

We just never tire of the Folk Art. I have a more recently purchased second set of Johnson Bros black and toile that I love too. We use whichever dishes seem right for the day and the table linens.

Flat Rock Creek Notebook


My mom had those dishes, Fiesta, I think they were called. I don't have them. Whew, you invoked a lot of memories - good ones. I do however, have my grandmother's gold dishes - the whole set. Blessings, Janet


My dishes definitely give me tremendous happiness...
And a look at your dishes and the wonderful photos give me equal happiness too, thats the joy and beauty of blogging and reading blogs it takes you into the lives of like minded friends and makes you be a part in their happiness too...


your dishes make me happy too! (my dishes don't really, but my silverware does!) :O)


Can I tell you a secret? Well, I have over 800 pieces of Fiestaware. Some vintage, some Post 86. The newer scarlet I adore, but also love the vintage "radioactive" red (more of an orange to me). I love, love all the turqoise shades and sunflower too. These dishes bring a smile everytime I see a mug or cereal bowl on your blog. I have some in glass fronted cabinets, some behind closed doors, that just perk me up when I open the door. Homer Laughlin - Hooray for that pottery!!


Yes, my dishes are the Pistoulet pattern from Pfaltzgraff, and they are so cheerful with the little sunflowers and cherries and whimsical animals they always make me smile. Life is too short to have dull dishes! ;-)


Yes, I do love my dishes, and yours, too. I just started collecting Fiestaware in December, and I am having a grand time. I particularly love a retired color, Persimmon, and fortunately, I've been able to find some cool pieces locally and on eBay in that color. I donated my big Pfaltzgraff set recently to make way for the Fiestaware. I love to open my cabinet doors to the many colors of Fiestaware on display. It makes me wish I had glass doors on my cabinets!

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