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April 29, 2010



The cake looks delicious. What is your favorite brew??? I have Kuerig and I love Emerils blends. And I'm always in line for good cup of Starbuck's. :)

Daisy Cottage

Good Morning Robin!

My fav is Dunkin' Donuts coffee! And my fav coffee house is Black & Brew.



Can I come live with you this summer? The cake looks de-lish and I would love to sit with Maggie. I just finished a project that bombed...*sigh*..sip,'s perfect.

Daisy Cottage


Yes you can come live with me.

And all of our doggy fur too.




good morning!
the cake looks divine and coffee is very much needed this morning!
have a wonderful day:)

Daisy Cottage

Morning Lauren!

Hope your day is gorgeous!


Mary Bernhagen

I love cake for breakfast! And Dunkin' Donuts coffee is wonderful. We make foo-foo coffee at work each day. We pour in a bit of the sweetened and flavored creamer you can find at the grocery store-like International Coffee's Vanilla creamer. Add the coffee and then top it off with whipped cream-YUM! It really helps ease the stress of the work morning! I love your blog and try to read it each morning before heading off to work. It makes each morning brighter and better. What a blessing you are! Luv~Mary :)

Daisy Cottage


Thank you!

foo-foo coffee! How cute!

and YOU are the blessing - please know that.


Carolyn Maves

Today my 13 year old granddaughter is having some serious medical tests, I am concerned, so I am praying for her and her parents (my son).

Our spring is much later of course, here in northern Wisconsin, compared to Florida. Last evening I planted my morning glory seedlings in the big pot next to the garage, I trained their baby vines up the strings. I hope they transfer to the outdoors well. This is the first time I have started morning glory seeds indoors and then transferred the seedlings later in the spring. My husband's aunt does it, so I thought I would give it a try.

I would love to come have coffee and cake because I have been hard at spring house cleaning. I could use a break with a sweet friend.

God bless,

Daisy Cottage


I hope everything will be just fine for your granddaughter.
I am sure that this is a scary time. I will keep her in my thoughts and prayers.

And you are my sweet as can be friend.


Amy R.

Yummy! I would love to have some cake! Do you ever wish you could have 2 houses to decorate? I am in a dilemma of loving two that is fun with pops of color and another that is soothing, white, and fresh. I love them both. Just trying to find a middle ground between the two and there is really not one it seems. Summer kind of puts me in the mood for color. I just love your colorful home!
I also am debating on what color to paint my front door. I am thinking green, but blue sounds dreamy too. I must get to the paint store for samples! Have a great day!


Happiness!!! I got my mom here with me! And having coffee with her is always the best! Have a wonderful day!

Karen Davis

what's on my mind is that yummy looking cake!!!

Daisy Cottage

Morning Amy! Why don't you create the many looks that you love within the rooms of your home?? Don't worry about the middle ground - have a dreamy white room and then a colorful room, etc. Remember - NO RULES. ;-)

Morning Vanessa! Please say hi to your Mom!


Daisy Cottage

Morning Karen!
Your piece is sitting right here.



Good morning Kim
The cake looks yummy. I am happy happy happy today. The sun is shining and it's getting warm here in Ontario. I am looking forward to a weekend of antiquing and thrifting with my husband. We are leaving tomorrow for the weekend. A nice little getaway.
Have fun at the fancy flea this weekend.
Off to work..

Daisy Cottage

Morning Marianne!

Oh what a wonderful weekend-to-be for you and hubby!
I'll be thinking about you...



Oh, this looks so delicious! I'd prefer your coffee cake over my bagel and low cal cream cheese spread anytime! Sipping my coffee here and reading one of my favorite blogs. This is always a way to make my day off to a good start. Hoping all is well with you Miss Kim!

I'm doing alot of praying these days. We are going through some tough times. Reading my fav blogs always helps though!

Thank you for your sweet post!


Good morning, Kim. We are having a bright sunny chilly day here in MA. It's my birthday so I'm doing exactly as I please this morning (working for a few hours this afternoon). Taking my teacup back to bed to read for a bit love love visiting you at Daisy Cottage.


Daisy Cottage

Hang in there sweetie. We are all here with you.

Happy Birthday Carla!!! Much love to you...


Kathleen H of Indiana

Good Morning Kim! I need coffee and cake. My delivery of 190 plants is arriving some time today and they need to be planted right away. I ordered them weeks ago so I do have the garden beds prepared but I'm not sure I am ready. Some are potted and some are bare root plants. Wish me luck! I love Daisy Cottage.
Hugs Kathleen in Indiana


MMMMM! Your cake looks delish--and I'm sure the coffee smells wonderful! So pretty with your yellow and white dishes and linens. Thanks for the recipe--I just might have to bake one for the Little Beach House. It's another beautiful day here in FL - especially when I get to visit you Kim!


Good Morning! A little later this morning (after a few cups of coffee) I'm on my way to visit my 100 year old great aunt. She's so fun to visit with...has many great stories to tell...still drives her car to the mall to shop...we all love her dearly. Have a great day! Judy

Daisy Cottage

Morning Kathleen!! Oh how exciting! May they bloom and bloom .... and I love that you are here with me at Daisy Cottage.

Morning Megan! It IS a beautiful day - yesterday was perfect, wasn't it? Waving hi to you my Florida sis!


Daisy Cottage

Good Morning Judy!!

Wow - that is amazing and so inspiring! What is your aunt's name?



Anyone that has plenty of coffee for me is a friend indeed.

Thanks for the scrumptious piece of cake this morning. What to talk about?

Could you please say a prayer for my hubby Randy. He's been out of work now for 20 months and well,,my precious hubby is discouraged...


I just love your morning posts, Kim. They make the day feel like it's off to a wonderful start. I am thinking of taking my two daughters for pedicures with me so we can have some girl time. They are 19 and 22. We really have good times together and I couldn't imagine life without them. I am SO blessed.

Have a wonderful day and save a piece of cake for me!!



Good morning, I'm enjoying my Dunkin Donuts coffee (delivered to me by my wonderful husband) getting ready to start my work day. A beautiful, sunny day here in MA and looking forward to warming up over the weekend. Wishing I could join you at Fancy Flea this weekend! Save a slice of cake for me too.


Penny @ The Comforts of Home and Lavender Hill Studio

Good Morning Kim!
I am really enjoying our get together this morning. That cake looks delicious!

I can't stay long though, I have to go out in the back yard and shovel wheelbarrows full of dirt into my newly made (by Mr. Comforts of Home) raised beds.


Good morning, Kim.

After giving up coffee,(don't even remember why anymore!) I'm thinking about treating myself to some starbucks to welcome it back into my life this morning!
I'm also planning on making a chocolate bundt cake for my family this weekend. I found the recipe on someone else's blog, but I believe they said they got it from you!
Small world, right? ;)

After some blues and blahs, I dove into painting my kitchen cabinets this week. Fresh, bright white with some pretty new black hardware and a vase of fresh daisies on the counter to celebrate! Chased the blues right away...

Yep. I think I'm off to starbucks then back here to sit and enjoy a cup of joe with you and your music as we admire our (yes, you helped) hard work and beautiful daisies. :)

Thank you for always being here to help brighten the day. You give more than you'll ever know.
Have a wonderful weekend!

Privet and Holly

Wish I could share it with you, Kim! Today I'm going to yoga, then having a garden consult with a local helper....and believe me, I need it! The afternoon brings me to a rehabilitation center to see my father-in-law, recuping form a broken hip. I'm bringing my little pup, Gracie Marie, who is the very BEST medicine for him! He just lights up when he sees her come in, which really makes my day, too. ENJOY the rest of your day! xx P&H

Erin Parker

Yummo, are you going to post the recipe? Looks delish. I drink Green Mtn Breakfast Blend with coconut creamer. Love my Keurig.

Kat Schultz

Good Morning!

I am hopeful... for the job opportunities that have recently presented themselves.

I am grateful... for the things I have to look forward to. A vacation in beautiful Yosemite and a 30th birthday party for my honey. :)

And I'm grateful for you! And your beautiful words and generous love, every day.



Good Morning! I have my coffee and am kicked back with the laptop for a tour of your blog. I am searching for a recipe you shared a couple of years ago for a strawberry cake with coconut... and today's post is yet another delicious temptation. How funny! Maybe I should start printing your recipes- but then I'd miss the fun of going through the archives. Have a great day.


Dear Kim,
Wish I could join you for cake and coffee. I just know you would be the kind of neighbor I would like to have. I've been enjoying some of my cousin's Wisconsin roasted Rio Lobo Coffee-Very delish! I'm looking forward to the weekend because my daughter and I are going to some city wide garage sales. I so hope we find some treasures! Have a wonderful day!

Daisy Cottage

Please tell Randy that we will be thinking about him and keeping positive thoughts that he WILL find something soon.

Morning Jane! What a great idea... you are twice blessed for sure! I know I treasure my own almost 21 year old daughter!! xoxo

Morning Amie! What a sweet hubby - mine delivers mine too.
I wish you could be with us at the Flea too BUT you will in my heart.

Morning Penny!! Oh how fun.. don't work too hard though. I will stop by and see the fruits of your labor!

Morning B!! Oh your cabs sound wonderful - I bet you are loving their new look to pieces.... and I hope right 'bout now you are sipping some coffee right along with me. Thank you for your sweetness. xoxo

Morning P&H.... what a wonderful daughter-in-law you are! And cute Gracie Marie would brighten anyone's day. So sweet.

Morning Erin! If you click on "cake" or any word that appears in red it takes you to the link or what I am referring about. I hope this helps!!



It's a beautiful morning here!
After packing so many of my things up for the 'house on the market' look...I decided I couldn't live without my lovelies around me another day...I unpacked them and I am so happy and content now. Not all got taken out of boxes, but many did and life is so good.
It will all work out okay, I simply had to have my beautiful objects around me...especially my cookbooks.
Do you know how frustrating it is to need a certain recipe and realized it's in the bottom of a box somewhere down in the basement. Ugh. Awful. Well, I solved that problem. :)
I made cake last night!! And I'm having it with my coffee this morning! :)
What's better than cake for breakfast?

Thank you Kim for your lovely, lovely spirit!

Robyn Fields

Kim, the cake looks great, however my eye went immediately to what it is displayed on...It's kinda funny because I just this morning blogged about my milk glass collection...what kind of cake did you bake? will you post the receipe for us? Thankies!! God bless you, Robyn



My great-aunt's name is Matilda but of course we all call her Tillie. Judy

Daisy Cottage

Morning Kat! Oh I am most grateful for YOU!!

Morning Jules! If you type in whatever you are searching for in that little box to the right in my sidebar under "Find It Here" you will be able to find whatever post you are looking for... xoxox

Morning Jen! Have fun with your daughter and yard saling! I bet you will find a treasure or two... and I wish you were my neighbor!

Daisy Cottage

(((Jennifer))) I am SO glad you are surrounded with your cherished things again. Phooey on the rules.. you have a life to live.

Morning Miss Robyn... click on "cake" in my post and you will land on the recipe! ;-) God Bless YOU.

Judy - MATILDA!!! I love it!!!


Good morning Kim :)

Right now I'm trying to think of what to post! So what do I do, but come over and visit my sweet friend for inspiration.

Aside from that, I'm trying to decide if I should make a cake or a pie today.... I think you helped me with that decision ;)

love you much,


Yummy-looking cake -- I'm enjoying a cup of coffee with French vanilla creamer -- my favorite.

Thanks to you, Kim, I'm getting a little more adventurous with color -- I've always been a rather beige person but I painted a backyard gazebo a dusky barn red, and accented with lime green, cobalt blue and pink pillows on the rattan furniture. Looks gorgeous!!!

Have a great day -- I'm headed to the paint store again!!!



What a beautiful cake! My mom used to surprise us once in a while with a Runny Icing Cake for breakfast. Yummy!!! I have God's bountiful blessings, upcoming family birthdays and sewing on my mind this morning. I only recently found your blog and have really been enjoying visiting here. Have a wonderful day

Daisy Cottage

Morning Rue-Rue...well you know how MUCH I love you!

Morning Patty! oh your gazebo sounds perfect! How fun..
This is how I see it - ALL of the colors in the world that we are blessed to SEE are meant to be enjoyed and even cherished. xoxoxo



You are the sunshine this morning. Your pictures will help me get the frown off my face and put a smile on it. It's been a "low" week for me and I am trying to move forward. Several people I care about are seriously ill, one passed away yesterday.
So thanks for the sunshine.

Daisy Cottage

Morning Mindy! It is so nice to meet you and I'm very glad you are here. Happy sewing!


Daisy Cottage


I'm so sorry.

Much love,


Good Morning Kim,
Thanks for the yummy piece of cake. Your yellow and white dishes are so sunny and cheerful this morning. Beautiful photographs, as always. I am stretching out my coffee time today so that I can gather some inspiration from my favorite blogs. I allow myself blog reading time until the coffee cup is empty. Of course, that varies depending on how slow I sip :-). I did just toss in a load of wash to ease the guilt a bit. What are your plans for the rest of the day?


Mary Borntreger

I have so enjoyed the home tours on your blog. How do I find out the schedule for these? I would love to check them out. I'm from Sarasota area so it's just a hop, skip and a jump to get to Lakeland! Yummy looking cake.

Jenny Sumrall (Alabama)

Good Morning! It's once again a beautiful day in South Alabama. As soon as I finish "Payroll" for work today, I'm off to "fluff" my house and play in the yard today. (Maybe make a new wreath for the front door.) I hope you and all our friends out there see God's Blessings today. So...GO ON!!!!!!!!! HAVE A WONDER-FILLED DAY.

Daisy Cottage

Good Morning Kim! Today for me? Let' see... laundry, giving Maggie a bath, trying to get caught up on email, finishing a few projects, and hoping a little sinus headache goes away. xoxox

Good Morning Mary! Our 'hood has our home tour every March..the date varies. As soon as I know when it is in 2011 I will let you know! We would love to have you!!

Good Morning Jenny!! Happy fluffing... (((hugs)))



Morning. On my second cup of Community Coffee (Louisiana). I can always go for cake. I'll take a slice please. Hmmm, good.

I am picking up Kennedy (my 4 year old granddaughter) this morning after her dance class. We spend every Thursday doing lunch after her class. She is having her first dance recital in June. What a huge thing for a 4 year old. Love spending this time with her.

You have a good day and maybe tomorrow we can have coffee at my place.

See you tomorrow.



Good morning! My coffee is brewing on the stove and I am still trying to muster up the strength to go to work. I had to sleep in the spare room last night, again, because of my husbands snoring. ARG! Does anyone else out there have this problem? I've tried earplugs, but it just sounds like muffled snoring!

Daisy Cottage

Morning Sandi!! I love the name Kennedy! And oh her first dance recital will be so precious... tiny ballerinas are the CUTEST ever! A special moment for sure. xoxo

Morning Marcia! I feel for you... many of my friends have the hubby snoring problem - maybe use a portable box fan to help drown out the noise??? Anyone else with tips??



Hi Kim, I love waking up to your blog. I am so happy because here in California we are finally going to get a sunny week(you know us spoiled ca. types have to have our sunshine). My sweet hubby and me are selling this weekend at the Alameda Antique market which should be a sellout and a beautiful day. It has a view of San Francisco and is a great place to shop for all things daisy cottage and everything else in between. This year has been a little tough for me, I'm still unemployed but optimistic and my health keeps having an issue that won't seem to go away. Sometimes I get depressed, but when I look at your blog and read your heartwarming thoughts I can't help but feel joy and optimism. Your sunny yellow house of happiness just makes me smile and realize that I am not alone in my love of cottage style and collecting and spreading it all over my home. Have a wonderful day :).


That cake looks wonderful. I think I'm making a pie for hubby today. Paula's latest magazine had pie recipes. His favorite is an old fashioned vanilla cream pie his mom made (and shared the recipe with me).

My granddaughter spent the night so we had to get up early to get her ready for school on time. She's an absolute joy to have around and helped take my mind off a difficult time for me. She's getting ready for a piano recital and so played the piano so her dad could hear her over the phone. (She cried when she realized since he wasn't coming to pick her up he wasn't going to get to hear her).

The sun is shining, I have rose bushes to plant, flowers to plant, plants to water, laundry to do, dishes to do, but I am thankful that I can do all those things.

Sandi, how fun. Isn't it great to be able to do those things with a granchild.


Here is my link where I'm going to post something today.

Barbara Anne

Good morning! Your cake looks so delicious!

We have cake, too. It's a lemon pound cake my AMIL (angel MIL) made for my birthday (yesterday) from Lady Bird Johnson's recipe. It's delicious!

Our coffee is made with the Filtron Cold Water Coffee system and no electricity. The coffee concentrate it makes from a pound of coffee lasts for weeks in the refrigerator. For a fresh cup of coffee, you pour approximately an ounce of coffee concentrate into a cup and add hot water. It's smooth, acid-free, so is kind to tummies. It's on-line if you'd like to read more. We've used this system for 25 years. AMIL bought hers 35 years ago in New Orleans and introduced us to this divine coffee. No, I don't sell 'em!

Happy day!


To Amy R., who loves two different color schemes: March yourself right out of the wasteland that is "middle ground", and repeat Kim's wise words, "Phooey on the rules!" It drives me crazy when the tasteful "experts" admonish us to be "careful with color" and "don't mix too many styles." Hogwash! YOU live in your house, and the only person who really knows what lifts your heart is YOU! And I'd much rather sit down to cake and coffee at YOUR house, or at Daisy Cottage, than in an oh-so-correctly decorated one!
P.S Kim, I've never loved you more than when I was browsing the archives and came across the post where your husband called you from the store, unsure of which shade of green to buy for your chandelier, and you told him any green would be fine. And of course, it was! Everyone out there needlessly agonizing over swatches and samples, relax! Any green will be fine!


The cake looks wonderful! It is a sunny day here too! Not a whole lot going on here! We did get a new puppy last week. she is a black Miniature Schnauzer. Her name is Paycee McLaine. She is a cutie! I hope you have a great Thursday!


Shannon Olson

mmm Thanks, Cake looks great. I see someone else has a Kuerig, love mine, I think the Dark Magic is wonderful. Today is our first spring rain, birds are singing, grass is greening up and the flowers are beginning to bloom, it is cloudy but it is lovely, especially for coffee and cake.


Morning Kim :) Tks so much for that scrumptious piece of cake! It'll go perfectly w/my daily coffee coolatta from Dunkin Donuts that I've been addicted to for years now! I am soooooo happy that today is the "29th" of April! Yesterday, the "28th" was the 3rd anniversary of our Daughter's death and I am soooooo happy that it is behind us now :) Re-living that awful day is so sad and so exhausting ... now I can go back to focusing on the fact of all the goodness she now knows in Heaven :) No more sickness ... no more doctors ... no more pain! Now that's a good thing :) Blessings on your day :)


Good Morning Sweet Kim,
You are such a breath of fresh air! I am sitting here sipping my cup of French Vanilla Dunkin Donuts coffee (my fav) and thankful it's not last garage sale day....LOL! Seriously, thank you for being who you are and helping me to learn to embrace who I am:)


Oh how I wish it was for real - real coffee and real cake - with you!!! : - )

Daisy Cottage

Morning Debra (((((hugs)))) Oh you are so NOT alone. And I'm thankful to share life and my love of cottage with you. I will think of you this weekend while you are at your market in that most gorgeous spot on earth. And I know the right job will come along for you - may your health improve and may you feel loved every single day.

Good Morning Renee! Oh I can imagine how much you love hearing your granddaughter's sweet music fill the air in your home. She will remember and cherish this time with you for the rest of her life. I'm sorry that you are having some difficult times.. it helps us when we break our life down into little moments and take deep breaths, doesn't it? I hope everything gets better for you SOON.

Good Morning Barbara Anne! And Happy Birthday to you sweet one!!! Your cake AND coffee sounds divine!!! xoxo

((((Ingrid))))) Oh I love you and your words are so wise... thank you for sharing - BIG HUGS!!!!

Morning Dan!! A new puppy??? Oh goodness..I'll be over to see - how exciting! Congratulations!

Morning Shannon!! Sounds like a heavenly day to me! I'm so happy for you.... xoxo

I love you and God bless your baby girl.



And Good Morning from the Heartland!!

I'm having my first cup of Yuban---an old-fashioned favorite, rich and smooth. My thoughts are far away down South, with our littlest one---brand new and healthy and LOUD---we've only heard him on the phone.

We'll be traveling to meet him soon, when Mom and Baby are up for a visit.

The garden is tilled, seed packets are calling my name, and the sun is bright in the cool of the morning.

No cake here, but the remains of that slumpy, rustic Queen Anne cherry pie from last night . . .

Daisy Cottage

Good Morning LeAnn! Thank YOU - embrace and CHERISH who you are - because you are pretty darn special. xoxox

Good Morning Francine! Same here - but you ARE here in my heart. Promise promise.

Daisy Cottage

Morning Rachel! Congratulations on your new little one!! You must be so excited to meet him! That is wonderful. A spring baby!!! xoxo

Julie Harward

Well...I woke up to snow this morning...the sun came out, I thought..great, it'll all melt fast and we can get on with Spring...30 min. later, I look out and it;s dark and snowing! Come say hi and bring me a piece of cake will you! LOL

Deidra Lowery

Good Morning, Kim,
I'm so glad I discovered your beautiful blog site. It makes me happy. These have been some hard days. My son is in rehab hopefully getting much needed help for alcoholism. He has two beautiful little girls who love him so much. God is good, and I'm trusting Him for victory. Thanks for the coffee and cake. I'll probably make the cake this weekend for my son-in-law to be. Have a wonderful weekend. I'll be celebrating my grandson's 8th bd with a trip to Mobile.


Good morning! That cake looks so yummy!!! Thanks.


Good Morning Kim. :) I've been tutoring a little guy in reading this morning. He's a doll!

Playing with our kitten too.


Hello Kim,
Your blog is always such a bright spot for me!
Just what I needed after an upsetting doctor visit this morning.

After a couple years of testing it looks as if Fibromyalgia might be the diagnosis I'll be getting. I've really wanted to know why my body aches all the time ~ I just didn't want Fibromyalgia to be the answer.

After my appointment I stopped at Michael's and bought some small Gerber Daisy stems. I've made five of them into pens for my desk here at work. Happy colors to brighten up my unhappy mood. They're working......

Visiting your blog is working too!! Thank you!

P.S. The coffee and cake was lovely! : )


Thanks for the coffee and cake. I'm taking a break from inputting data at my office and thinking of redecorating this little box. I've already decided on a color palette of dark brown, olive green, and sky blue with a few accents of pink and yellow. Sounds crazy, but it's based on a place-mat I found at world market. I'm going back to buy more napkins that I can sew into some covers for ugly office things!
Thanks for being an inspiration and reminding us to slow down and chat.

vicky morse

Hello Kim I look forward every day to your blog..It gets me in such a good mood..I love it ! Love Vicky

Miss Jean

Let's see....we can talk gardening or dogs or recipes or decorating or movies or books. But it doesn't really matter what we talk about, as long a we are with our friends it's all good.

Sandi ~ A Cottage Muse

Hi Kim...thank you for the cake! I am trying to keep busy today doing anything and everything to keep my mind off someone I am missing alot. Thanks for asking! Say hello to Maggie!


Hi Kim,
The cake sure looks yummy!!
Today I'm picking my granddaugther up from school and then we are having a girls day out. She has been missing her "Grandma and Josie" time since her little brother was born. So, I planned a fun day just for us...a late lunch, some shopping, and back to my house to bake cookies or make a craft.
It's going to be a great day!


I'm home sick today with a spring cold that is zapping my energy. Your blog always makes me feel better and brings a smile to my face and my heart.

You are a gem and a true blessing in my life. Enjoy your day!

Daisy Cottage

Hi Sweet Julie! Snow in the morning? I can't imagine... may spring be there for you SOON!!!

((Deidra)) May your son be healthy and whole soon, living a life filled with hope and love. Happy Birthday to your grandson! xoxoxo

Thank YOU Vanessa!!! :-)

Hi Stacey! ahhhhh a kitten.... so sweet. And how wonderful to be tutoring a little one too.

((((Marie))))) I'm so sorry that you haven't been feeling well. I pray you get the help you need and have healthier days ahead. I'm thinking about you.

Hi Vonnie! Nope, doesn't sound crazy at all. Actually sounds just right. Enjoy and have fun creating a happy work place. xoxo

Thank you Vicky!!! :-)

Dear Miss Jean... Amen. xoxoxo

((Sandi)) Hang in there kid. And Maggie sends you one of her sweetest kisses. xoxo

Hi Cindy - YOU are a wonderful grandmother! Lucky lucky Josie.


Daisy Cottage

(((Lori))) Feel better fast!! Spring colds are no fun! And thank you very much...right back at you.


Kimberly Padilla

Oh Kim, that's so sweet. Thank you. Today I am going with my mother to the doctor to see if I can talk the doctor into signing her up with hospice. After I go back to New York next Tuesday she will have no one to care for her. I wish I could stay here with her!

I hope you have a blessed day and enjoy your cake!

Kimberly ♥

Daisy Cottage

((((Kimberly)))) I know this must be SO hard. Deep breaths right? Thinking about you too.....xoxo



(xoxoxo) Kisses and hugs for all of those who need one.
Everyone is loved and smiles of love always help.



I have been watching the FL Wildlife Cam - they have a black bear Cubby that is adorable. Central FL has the best and wildest animals and they are on live cam. The people are tremendous and welcoming.
They also have a fabulous, informative website. ENJOY Blessings, Janet

Renee Lange

Hi Kim,
The cake looks y-u-m-m-y! I ordered the quilt book in your previous post, without even seeing the patterns because your quote touched me so. Today I am awaiting news on a friend who is in the final stages of her battle with cancer. Looking at your blog is cheering me up a bit. Looks like others are struggling today too, after reading some of the comments. It appears we all are leaning on our blogging friends today. Be blessed!


I am taking a little coffee break with you and the daisy cottage family. Lots of work to do around the house today but this is soooooo much more fun! That cake looks yummy Kim, thanks.

Katie Solosabal

Hi Kim,
I am new to your blog, just been following for about a week, but I LOVE it! It's so bright and cheery, and it lifts my spirits every day.
Today I am thinking of my father who passed away about six weeks ago after a valiant battle with cancer. Your playlist reminds me of him, so I have been listening to it this morning. He and my mother were wonderful "old school" dancers. What I would give to watch them dance once again!
I agree --- you're cake looks wonderful, would hit the spot right about now! I'm not much of a coffee drinker, so I can't chime in on that. I'd take a tall glass of cold milk, though!
Have a lovely day, and thanks for sharing your life with all of us :)

Daisy Cottage

(((Peg))) What a kind gesture!!

Thank you Jan for sharing that!! Wish you could be at our Flea! xoxo

((Renee)) I'm so sorry to hear about your dear friend. We have to lean on each other - we are all in this together and none of us go through this life without facing loss and sadness. Love to you..

Hi Danielle! Well I love taking my break with YOU!! xo

Hi Katie! Thank you! It is so nice to meet you! I'm sorry to hear about your father's passing. I know you must miss him so much. That really means alot to me that my playlist - which plays in honor of my Dad and Tabatha - reminds you of your own dear and precious father. (((hugs))) Thank you for sharing with us. I'm so glad you are here.


Carol Adams

Well it's afternoon now here in Indy.
I am getting my energy up to look for an facility for my aunt who is legally blind and 85 yrs. young. She has lived with my parents for 10 yrs but has had some depression issues for which she was hospitalized. During that period she determined that she did not want to live in the same town as my parents but in Indy where I live. I think she is being incredibly brave to move here.
I am rather excited for her even amid the anxiety of never doing something like this before.
I have been madly researching facilities on the internet, now it is time to go see if they measure up...
I want her to have a wonderful experience for whatever length of time she is here on earth.
She is my favorite aunt and I"m her fave too, as she never had children of her own.
Onward and upward Dear Aunt Dot... You inspire me!!
And you do, too, Kim! I had to come visit you before venturing out because you always make me happy, calm and reassured.


Hi Kim,
Happy Thursday! I am working on making my Mother's Day cards so that I can actually get them in the mail on time. Even though I'd rather be outside in the sunshine! Have a great day and enjoy the cake!

Patty O'Malley

Oh, I missed morning coffee! It's now afternoon. Cake is good anytime in my book. This looks delicious! What kind is it? I've been having some problems with palpatations and am trying to relax. I think I'm my own worst enemy--always worrying about not having enough time to get everything done. I so enjoy reading your blog. It is so soothing!

Daisy Cottage

(((Carol))) Your Aunt Dot will be happy to be near you - what a gift you will be to each other in this season of life. She sounds like a jewel - like you. xo

Oh Trish how thoughtful of you! I bet they are as sweet and as special as can be. Maybe you found some time to be in the sun? I hope so...

Hi Patty! Click on the word "cake" and it will take you to the recipe. I'm sorry you are having some palpatations...please make sure you have that checked if you can. I so enjoy YOU.



well, we've been busy gearing up for our famous garage sales in lakewood, ca - almost done and ready to go it's about a good 1 hour drive - i'll be looking for vintage and shabby chic and something for our garden - that's my weakness cake, yummy and ice cream sit me to the side, i'll be good - enjoy your weekend - love ya -
maria - cottage feel

Daisy Cottage

Have fun Maria!! I'll be thinking about you.. I bet you find something wonderful too. Love you more...


Lynn Paterson

Hi Kim, we are gearing up at the store for Mother's Day.....I just love this time of year. And, of course, the perfect weather helps bring people out to shop. Especially this year! My son is coming over for dinner tonight and that time is very special to me. He is 28 and like most boys, I don't get to see him that often. But that's ok, when I do it's really fun! Oh, the cake photo looked so devine! Makes me want to bake!


Hey Kim, I'm runnin' a little late for coffee and cake - If I get up earlier tomorrow will you save me some? I baked some bread last night so I'll share some and a cup or two of 8 o'clock hazelnut coffee! Have a blissful weekend! Lisa

Debbie L.

Good Afternoon!

Well fiddle I missed the cake and coffee. That's what I get for going shopping this morning. Did you save me some? Ha. Looks delish...Oh I hope there is a recipe for us. Yumm:)


Kim, Your cake looks so yummy, just want to eat it up. I love coffee too! Cake and coffee were just made to go together. Yours looks like a cinnamony delicious coffee cake. Yum... Years ago, I worked at this little coffee shop here in MY town and it was so much fun! I really miss the Java Stop! One of my favorite things to do was grind the espresso beans, OMG warm, toasty goodness, it doesn't get much better than that. A very close second favorite were the customers, who all became like part of my extended family. We used to make these customized lattes for people, like a snickers latte had chocolate, caramel and vanilla syrups in with the espresso and steamed milk. And we'd often name them for the customers who invented special lattes and list them on this huge white board, that never seemed big enough. We had a wall of syrups, sugar free too! Working there was fun and I miss those days so much. My friend had to sell the business, it was never the same and just a few months later it closed. I guess I've rambled on enough, but you did ask. LOL
Peace and coffee forever,

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