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April 08, 2010



My middle name is Marie after Marie Osmond. My dad's mother was named Marie and my mother was very specific that it was not after her. They never did get along.

I was originally Laurie and then Kristy but my mom changed my name to Kristen at the last minute. That makes me Kristen Marie and it fits me well. My parents still call me Kristy to this day (I'm 32) :).

Kathleen H of Indiana

Evening Kim! I am Kathleen Demetria, Demetria is my Mom's best friend. I love my name, it is unusual. I named my daughter Caroline Elizabeth, Elizabeth after my younger sister. When my sister had her daughter, she was named Emily Kathleen after me. Love you post.

Fay Marie Torzsok

Hi Kimberly, I really like that name.

My middle name is Marie and my Confirmation name is Theresa (St. Theresa Of The Roses) My first name is Fay but I prefer Fay Marie, so I go by that. My Mom named me after Fay Dunnaway. My Dad called me Fazy. I'm also called Fay Fay (now is that for short or what?) :0) So I'm Fay Marie Theresa Torzsok. Guess what! My mother-in-law's first name is Theresa. Looking forward to tomorrow when you will show the hearts. ( Jack-Of-Hearts )

Have a good night
Fay Marie

Danielle Jones

Hi Kim!
I was born Danielle Marie Gallo, but when I got married I used my maiden name as my middle name because I wanted to keep my Italian name. You see, I married a man with the last name Jones. Crazily enough, both before I got married and after, my nickname has always been my last name. So, now my name is "Jones" even though that wasn't ANY part of my name growing up.
PS: My daughter's name is Amelia Grace :0)

Suzy Miller

Well Kimberly Sarah Anne,
My name is Peggy Sue! Yes, after the granny use to wake me up by singing..pretty, pretty, pretty, Peggy Sue..over and over until I woke completely up; I miss those days.
Some how I ended up being called Suzy!
Thank you for are very sweet and you come up with some really fun...activities for all of us!
Sometimes I feel like you are one of my most favorite teachers back in know...the one who always had the FUN games to play.
Thank you,


No history on my first or middle name but my first name Dorothy does mean "gift from God" and I try hard to live up to that to my family and friends. My daughter and son-in-love have three children named Tristan Dallas after Dad Dallas, Amber Michelle after Mom Michelle and then lastly Ava Dorothy named after yours truly her Mémère. Love your blog Kimberly Sarah Anne.


My American family always had a hard time with my name, Ulrike, so they called me Ricky. It was ok when I was little, but teenage years had me changing! Most of the family calls me Ulrike now, but my grandmother stills calls me Ricky, but I don't mind I figure at almost 93 years old she can do anything!

Angela Harvey

My middle name is Wendy and my family all calls me as such. My husband calls me by my first name, Angela which is how most people know me (school, work, etc). I was terribly shy when my folks moved us to a new town and I was entering junior high at the time. I couldn't possibly muster enough courage to tell all the new students and all 8 of my class teachers that I went by my middle name. So, Angela was how I was introduced to all when I was 12 years old and it stuck. My husband jokes that only close family can call me Wendy!! I also get teased that I was named after Wendy Angela in Peter Pan & I don't mind at all!

Mom Wald

What a fun topic! My father and his brother each had two girls, and we're the last in the family. I kept my maiden name as a middle name.

Dad and Uncle never said a word to any of us about wanting sons, and loved us all to pieces. I figured it was the least I could do. (Besides, my married name is really dull.)


My middle name is Ann... Jill Ann. My nickname growing up was Jillie Bean, sometimes Jill bean, and even Jill Beaners. :) And yes, I love jelly beans!


The fist girl of each generation is named Sara. SO, I'm the fifth Sara. All of us Sara's go by our middle name - except for my mom Sara-Lyn. My name is Sara D'Ann. I do go by D'Ann. My good friends call me De and Dede which I love. One of my best friends calls me Deedle. Only he could get away with that. :-)


My middle name is Alice after my grandmother. My first name is Katherine after my mother's sister who died of cancer in her twenties. I use my maiden name as my middle name quite often - Katherine Sheehan Casey. My all time favorite name is Mary Katherine - our first born. Other specialfamilyames - Anne Marie, Maureen Allyson, Sarah Elizabeth, Patrick William Sheehan Casey.


My name is Melinda Gayle Howell Smith. I wasn't ever fond of my middle name Gayle, but I love my name Melinda. It was never shortened. I was not named after any one. These were just names that my parents liked. Enjoyed reading about everyone's names. Love & blessings from NC!

Josephine Tale Pedder

Hello Kim,
Mine is Josephine Louise which I hated when I was small as I just wanted to be called Angela. Now I love it. My daughter Daisy wishes she was called Fifi! There is no pleasing us. xx


Kim, our daughter is Sarah Ann! Not many spell the Sarah with an h on the end! Great name, Steph

Daisy Cottage



You all are the best! Always!


Aloisia Tomschin


I just read this entry today, and want to let you know my "names". Was Baptized Aloisia Anna Kern. Aloisia is a very unusal name, so I was called Louise, by my cousins I was known as Reese, and some friends call me Weezie, I have also been called Louisianna. So many names for one person, too funny!!!

Melissa Krawczyk-Stucker

Sunshine AND beautiful green grass greetings from Indiana!

I was graciously given two middle names ... Anne Marie. My first name (Melissa) was after a elderly woman my Mother (Sherian Wenona) often gave a ride to, so that she could visit her son in Fort Wayne. If I remember correctly my middle names came from my Daddy's Aunt Ana who only spoke Hungarian and had a awesome green thumb AND Aunt Mighty (Marie). Thus Melissa Anne Marie. I have always loved my name but I choose to define it rather then let it define who I am. My Daddy was a 2nd generation Lucian Clem who named my brother, Lucian Thoral Wayne who in turn named the 4th generation Lucian Isaiah ... tack on a great Polish name like Krawczyk and you have a unique mouth full!

Sidenote, I tried to get my husband to take my maiden name but I instead got stuck with STUCKER! :)

Thank you for kicking up some dusty but good memories! AND I too have a cousin named Kimberly Ann!

~Melissa Anne Marie Krawczyk-Stucker

lori lucas

We wrote the same post yesterday! How funny. The only difference is that I did not reveal my middle name! Hmmmmm....I wonder what had us both reminiscing about names?? Lori

Kate Reddan

Hi Kim,
I do have a nick name. It is the name I go by everyday. My real name is Karen but I have been known as Kate by my dad since I was very young. In school and everywhere else I was Karen. When I was in High School a friend started calling me kate and it caught on. I've been kate to everyone ever since. I like being Kate. It is so much more friendly and I feel close to my dad because he dubed me Kate.


My given name is Cynthia Lee...Lee is also my mother's middle name. No one calls me Cynthia...they have called me Cindy since the day I was born except my dad who has always called me Cindy Lee.
I do love my name and I love your name too. My oldest DD is named Kimberly.


Hello Kim!
Gayla Lynn, how I hated my name growing up. All the girls at school had cute names like Debbie, Cindy, Diane or Cathy. My father didn't help matters by calling me Gatorbait. My grandkids started calling me Gigi, for Grandma Gayla, and now that's what everyone calls me. I have grown to love my name, though. Whenever I tell someone new my name they say how pretty the name 'Gayla' is.


I think Saranwrap is so cute as a nickname.

My nicknames are: Jules, Julzsies, Doos and Questions.

Cori Niehoff

My name is Coralie, but no one calls me that. I go by Cori. My middle name is Ruth. I was named after my Aunt Cora and my Aunt Ruth. Such nice old fashioned names. My uncle always called me Corky which I pretended to hate but secretly thought it was kind of cute. My grandpa called me Little Iodine after the comic book character, maybe because I was always stirring things up. Still do! Hah!


Hi Kim,
My middle name is Olivia...after my grandmother on my father's side. I used to get kidded to DEATH in elementary school on the first few days of school each year when they would call out your full name. Then Olivia Newton John became popular and suddenly everyone LOVED my middle name. LOL All your names are beautiful! That's a cute story about your dad. :-)

Jo Johnston

My middle name is Jo which I substituted for my first name—Shaula—when I moved away from home. It seemed that grown-ups had a very difficult time pronouncing my first name (rhymes with Paula). I just gave up explaining and used Jo instead. Now, for some unknown reason, grown-ups have a difficult time spelling Jo. They keep adding an 'e' to the end. Oh well.



My middle name is Hope it's my first name that makes me wonder what in the world was my mother was thinking when she named me...
it was to be Roxana well the nurse at the hospital messed up twice once she typed Rowana and then Rowena well my mom left Rowena on my birth certificate but liked the way Rowana sounded and looked so I go by Rowana.
friends call me Row. or Rowie but i've been called Rowanda,Rowann,Rose,Ranna which means frog in spanish lol you name it I've been called it. my families nickname for me is Peanut. and Girlfriend I won't even go into my last name drama. I just know that when I married my husband and changed my name I finally felt THIS is the name I was born to have.

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