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April 08, 2010


Ruth Graham

Well Good Morning to You.... Kimberly Sarah Anne!

My middle name is Elizabeth.

As far as a nickname, not really. But I have been called Ruthie since I was a little girl and to this day, some still call me that!

When I was young, I really disliked my name... terribly! As an adult, I've absolutely enjoyed and loved it! It was my Grandmother's name.

With my married last name being Graham, my only problem has been that I can't use my name for much online. It's all taken up by Ruth Bell Graham, Billy Graham's lovely wife. Now that's quite a connection!

Have a Wonderful Day Everyone.... and Love Your Name!

Ruth ;)

Pat@Back Porch Musings

My middle name is daughter's name is Kimberly Ann...also known as Kim or Kimmy.


Hey Kim!

My middle name is Carson so I am Daniel Carson. I was named after my uncle his middle name is Carson too. I do like my middle name, never been too fond of my first name, but I guess it isn't too bad. My nickname is D.C. not a lot of people call me this, but a few special people do.

This was a great idea! I hope you have a great day!


Donna Rae Barrow

Happy day to you, Kim! I think your name is quite elegant. My middle name is Rae. All we gracious Virginia girls have middle names, and they are always included when our name is spoken or written, hence the 'Donna Rae'. I did the same thing to my daughter, 'Trista Maye'. Just rolls off the tongue when being hollered off a back porch from a screen door in the middle of a spring afternoon in Virginia!

Kimberly Baron

My name is Kimberly Yvonne. Yvonne has been passed down in my father's family for several generations. I used to hate it, but it has grown on me and come in handy at times. Once at a gas station far from home the clerk noticed that I hadnt signed the back of my new debit card, and asked for ID. I had forgotten my license. The clerk quickly asked what the Y in my name stood for. I explained a little embarrassed that Yvonne was a family name. He told me that my middle name was good enough identification, because I would have only been able to come up with a Y name that quickly if I had one. Occasionally when someone asks for a middle initial and I say Y they think I am being stubborn. As for my first name, men with a lot of charisma will usually call me Kimmy otherwise I am just Kim. It is starting to grow on me.

Kim Nichols

My middle name is Ann, too. That makes me Kimberly Ann. I only heard the full name called when I was in trouble and then turned around and did the same thing to my kids.


My middle name is also Anne -- I really like the "e" -- gives a more finished look!!! My first name is Patricia, though I've never been called by that name -- always Patty.

Glad you're back -- I missed your daily postings.



Hi Kimberly Sarah Anne my name is Kayleen Marie Katherine.
I don't know how my folks came up with Kayleen. I went to Catholic grade school and the nuns pronounced it Kathleen, which I hated and was too shy to tell them, so I shortened it to Kay when I started junior high. Marie is my middle name and Katherine is my confirmation name, & is seldom used. If you took my middle name out my intials would be KKK. So I am glad I have Marie as my middle name. My dad called me blossom when I was young, but it was knucklehead when I did something stupid or made him angry. I'd give anything to hear him call me blossom or even knucklehead again! He passed away in 1992 and I miss him a bunch! My mother died in 1975. I always wondered how they came up with Kayleen. I don't recall ever asking them.

Kay in Kansas


Maggie is my nickname. My dad called me that and I always loved it when he did. That meant I was his little girl and I had made him happy. My legal first name is Marjorie though. I hate Marjie which is what I was called by family when I was young. My middle name is Pauline. Marjorie Pauline is after my mom. Antoinette is my confirmation name when I was once a good Catholic girl. Connell is my maiden name. DeLauder is my married name. So there is quite a mouthful. Marjorie Pauline Antoinette Connell DeLauder.

Kathleen Grace

My middle name is Grace, after my favorite Aunt (so glad I wasn't named after my mean Aunt June!) I have always loved the name and I passed it on to my youngest daughter Victoria Grace. My oldest daughter is Lauren Kathleen, so they both were named after me!


My middle name is Ann "Mary Ann",my dad always called me "MaryJane" or "Suzy-Q". My daughter actually goes by her middle name "Rebeccah". I have been amazed with the Amish always, and saw a doll in the TV-guide for sale and it's name was Rebeccah, that's how I came up with her name, her first name is actually "Ana". I went to high school back in the 7o's with a girl who had that name. I thought the spelling of it was different and that Ana was the sweetest girl. And swore if I ever had a daughter I'd name her Ana, and I DID


I renamed my Cabbage Patch Kid was named Sarah Anne. :)

Penny @ The Comforts of Home and Lavender Hill Studio

Good Moring Kimberly Sarah Anne! My middle name is Suzanne...So Penny Suzanne. I used to be teased and called Penelope Sue...


Well, I'm Sandra Kay. Growing up and as an adult my family ALWAYS called me Sandra. As far as I know there is no significance to being named Sandra Kay. My Mother's first choice was Karen but a cousin was named that first. When I was in high school I wanted to be called Sandy. So I started going by my nickname with all my friends. My hubby usually calls me Sandra. And I'm ok with that - I can go by both Sandra or my nickname Sandy. The ONLY name I dislike is Sondra. You wouldn't believe the people that mispronounce my name and call me that. When anyone calls me Sondra I tell them "it's Sandra like Sandra Dee". LOL! Another great post Kim! You think of the most interesting things to ask bloggers. Have a great day!

Teacup Lane (Sandy)


Kimberly Diane...
Family calls me Kimberly.
Friends and coworkers call me Kim.
A select few call me Kimmy.
I love the name!


My given name is Lorraine, middle name is Whiting (family name). I've always been called "Amie", because when we were younger, my brothers and sisters (6!) couldn't pronounce Lorraine, so I was first Rainy, then they called me Amie which is what my mom wanted to name me anyways! I love Lorraine and wish it was what I was called. I LOVE Sarah Anne, very classic!

Elizabeth Marchus

Hi Kim,
I love this post, how fun it is to read about everyone's names.
I am Elizabeth Marie, named by my Grandma Lopez who passed away when I was just a tot. So many people have tried to call me Beth or Liz, I have never cared for either name for myself and so I have been just Elizabeth.
I gave Marie to my youngest daughter as her middle name and my oldest daughter gave Elizabeth to our grand-daughter as her middle name, I was so touched that she would want to give her first baby part of my name..
My nick name given to me by my Grandpa was "doll".
Big hugs for you, Elizabeth


Mornin! My middle name is Anne. :) My first name is Kathryn and I sometimes go by Kat. When I was little, I always wanted to marry someone whose last name began with a T so that my initials would be KAT. I haven't met my 'T' so there's still a chance! ;)


Good Morning! My middle name is Elizabeth.....first name is Suzanne. My mom called her favorite doll Suzanne and always vowed that she would name a daughter the same. As luck would have it, my dad's grandmother was named Susannah, so he was happy to go along with the choice when I was born! Mom's grandma was named Bess, so she choice Elizabeth as my middle name. I was Suzie when I was little and around 4th grade dubbed myself Sue...Arriving at college I found that there were a ZILLION Sues, so I went back to Suzanne. Unfortunately, my family never made the to them I'm forever Sue or Suzie. Thanks for the walk down memory lane! xx S.


I'm so excited that you shared this! I too have two middle names, and never knew another person who did. It always made me feel a little special. I had the middle name that the school knew, but then there was the other, more 'secret' and 'precious' name.

Jennifer Dawn Estelle....Jennifer after Jenny from Camelot. Dawn after a grandmother and Estelle after another grandmother. It means: white waves under a morning star.

Having been a child of abusive parents, this was a special secret I held onto....that secretly I was precious. Just my parents didn't know it. I've held onto that secret all my life, that each individual child is secretly precious and it was my mission to detect it and acknowledge it to him/her.

Thank you, Kimberly Sarah Anne...for bringing back to my mind a GOOD memory. I needed that. You are a lovely, precious person.


You have a lovely name with meaning behind it. I hate my name, which is why I call myself "Vee." My name is Not Vee. Well, I don't mean that my name is NotVee, but you know what I mean. ;> I don't like my name because it is a cutsie name (actually a nickname) suitable for a child, but not for an adult. Parents need to think of these things. Mine didn't. What did they name my sister? Kimberly. Sigh. So she is sometimes called "Kimberly," sometimes "Kim," and sometimes "Kimmie."


Kimberly - Ruler
Sarah - Princess
Anne - Gracious

So since I shared what my name means, I felt I should share it is so beautiful.

You, dear Kimberly Sarah Anne, are the ruler of all gracious princesses! And this is true...all of us gracious princesses are glad to come to your kingdom (blog). Thank you for allowing us. :)

And have a royal day!

dotsie (aka podso)

I wonder if Ann is the most common middle name--mine too. I took a writing class recently and the first thing she has us do was write an essay on our names. Interesting, it was!

Kimberly C.

My name is Kimberly as well. Some of my friends call me Kimmie, my longtime friend refers to me as Kimbies sometimes (because they're soft, she says.) I've been called Kimmer, as well. When I was young and in trouble, my mom called me Kimberly Patricia! I don't think I know why my middle name is Patricia. I'll have to ask! When my husband calls me by my name, it's usually Kimberly. Most often people just say Kim. My name means "ruler", or somehow a dominating figure, I think. I don't feel like a ruler, but I'll go with it.


Hello: My middle name is LOU....named by older brother. Nickname is Nena. My father calls me Nena Fena...haven't a clue why but he always does. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. Smiles your way Kim!

Susan Freeman

My middle name is Wallis and I was named after Wallis Warfield Simpson. Wallis was the woman for whom the King of England abdicated his throne to be with "the woman I love". It was England's biggest scandal prior to the current Prince Charles marrying Camilla. Wallis was twice divorced and the King's potential marriage would create a constitutional crisis, so he chose to abdicate instead. My mother thought it was a very romantic story. When I was young, I hated the name and was embarrassed about it because I didn't think it was very feminine. Now I rather like it because I have never met anyone else with it. The King's full name was
Edward Albert Christian George Andrew Patrick David. Wallis and the Abdicated King did marry and she always called him David. They were Wallis and David. My husband's name is David, so in a way we are Wallis and David too.

Susan Wallis Freeman and Bentley the Precious Peanut Freeman


Hi, my first name is Christina always called Chrissie but my dad used to call me Crisco fat in the can,now is that nice!!
He'll remind me every now and then. Funny to think of these things from the past. Too much!

Sandra Crawford

I am not named after name is Sandra Jane...and my boys names are Gregory Shane and David husband is Kenneth Ray and my daughter is Kimberly Kay. I tell you all this because they rhyme!! And I never noticed it until my daughter brought it to my attention when she was about 13!! You would think I would have noticed that sooner! Everyone has a "y" in their name except me and I have always wanted to change the "Jane" to "Jayne". I, too, hate being called Sondra.


My middle name is Louse, so it's Jean Louise. My sisters are Judy Lynn and Janice Lee. So when my folks would call me half the time it came out Ju-Jan-JEAN! I never did like to be called Jeanne. Just plain old Jean. Works for me! My favorite name, though, is Grandma!

Barbara Anne


I'm Barbara Ann and my many Virginia relatives still call me that. I always wished for the "e" so gave it to myself for on-line!!

You can well imagine the "Ba-ba-ba-ba-Ba-bara Ann" that I heard far too often.

My Mama called me Sug for Sugar and Daddy called me Sugar Pie.


My name is Debra Ann Elizabeth....Debra Ann my much older brothers picked out and Elizabeth is after my grandmother. My daughters name is Amberly Marie. Funny how we try to please someone while naming our kids. My brothers each sent my mom cute little notes asking her to name me Debra Ann when what she really wanted was a Tina. Then she put Elizabeth in there trying to please a mother in law she had trouble getting along with. Then i originally wanted to name my daughter Amber Lee. Then when she was about to be born my mother and i weren't getting along so i wanted to make her happy so i changed it to Amberly and put her name in there Marie.......Did changing our kids names help either of us??? NO. So name your kids what YOU want. LOL!


I like my name. The funny thing is that everybody calls me Linda instead of Diane. I told my mother about this once and she said "That's funny, we almost named you Linda."?????????? I think it would be nice if we could name ourselves after we see who we really are. If that was the case I would name myself Elizabeth or Buttercup!

Kathy Charniak

My name is Kathleen Frances (Frances after 2 grandparents) My initials after I got married are KFC. I get teased a lot about KFC. Fellow co workers clucked into my work voicemail until I bought them lunch, yes you guessed it a bucket of KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) Love my name Kathleen, not keen on Frances but out of respect for my grandparents, learned to appreciate it.

Lots of Kimberleys on this list - like the name, sounds soft to me when pronouncing it.


Good Morning Kimberly Sara Anne...pretty name:)
I dont have a middle name but I do love my name just the same. Just Emily..its industrious..hmmm so true. My marriage name is Maldonado but I really love my maiden name Torrales. It's unique:) but quick story for my 1st born Boy. I didn't want to name him emilio so I named him Joemis.
JO for my father's name Jose, EM for Emily and IS for his fahter's name Ismael. so there you go:)rapped all in one.
I love my name EMILY:) say hello to maggie for me:) have a beautiful creative soon


My name is Kimberly Ann, but most people call me Kim. My mom named me after Kim Novak (an actress from the 60's). When I was small I always thought I had two middle names, Berly and Ann...I really believed my name was Kim Berly

Hi Kim,
I grew up as Connie the nickname for Constance. My legal name was Constance Annella Alexander - too long to print or write when you are small. I was called Connie. My middle name was a combined name of two SIL's on my Dad's side. When I married my DH, my last name went to only four letters. LOL

What a fun post.



my name is sarita sue. my nickname use to be Punkin..only family called me that. as the members of my family have deceased no one calls me that any more - except my stinky old younger brother! and i love it when he calls me Punkin.


Middle name is Caroline, after my beloved maternal grandmother.


pogonip @ meadowsweet cottage

My middle name is Marie--after my grandma's first name and my mom's middle name. How I wish I'd had a daughter to carry on the tradition! The name I chose at Confirmation was Francisca--after my favorite story-telling funny uncle. My nickname is Rox because my husband is a geologist and the joke is that he loves his rocks/Rox:)

Black Eyed Susans Kitchen

Hi Kim, This was such a clever post! I love coming in late to read the comments. My middle name is Beth, so Susan Beth. In the Jewish tradition, we name our children for loved ones we have lost. My sister died when she was 2 and her name was Karen. I wanted to name my oldest after her, and came up with Karissa (taking the first initial) and so she is Karissa Lee. Our younger daughter was named for our grandmothers...Jenna Margaret for Jenny and Margaret.
♥, Susan

Maura (in Kansas)

Good Morning Kim! Yes I have a middle is Elizabeth and I was named after Queen Elizabeth II (most of my family is from England). My nickname which is still used by some of my family members is Pud...short for pudding...chocolate to be exact because that's what I poured over my head at around 2 years of age. My Dad stuck me with that nickname! You have a beautiful name by the way. I hope you have a wonderful Thursday! Take care


You can put me down for 5 names ... make that 6 since my first name was shortened somewhere along the way :) Middle: Marie ... Confirmation: Mary :) Then there's my maiden name and my married name. Oh and my Dad used to call me "Jo," which I adored, so I guess that brings it up to 7 :) Of course, he called my Sister "Jo" too (LOL).


Hahaha - I was born Vera Mae Pustejovsky. In first grade my parents' changed our last name to Post. It's true it was a much shorter last name, but what first grader knows how to erase a page in the Big Chief notebook w/o tearing it?

So the joke is I married the first Smith who asked me! :)

My full, unadulterated name would be, Vera Mae Pustejovsky Post Smith!

And yeah - I "still" have to spell my last name for people! :)


Only one middle name, Marie. Julie Marie. As for nicknames, my grandmother has always called me Julie-bird and others call me Jules, I don't much care for it.

Cindy S

Hi Kim, My name is really Cynthia June. I was Cindy until I reached grade 8 and there were five Cindy's and i wanted to be different so I called myself Cynthia for many years. I encourage my nieces and nephews to call me aunt Cindy, and at age 50 I decided I wanted to be Cindy again. So when I started my blog I chose to use that name on it. The June is after a favorite Aunt who never had her own biological children. So I proudly bore her name. I have my mom to thank for that. Because I was born on my granny Pearl's birthday, she insisted that I was named Pearl, but my mom vetoed that one. Thank you mom! And thank you, Kim for this very interesting post and comments that all of your "friends" left. Love ya, Cindy

Lynn Paterson

Marie Frances........that's my middle name. Marie was given to me at birth and Frances is my confirmation name.
First name is Dad always called me Lynnie. He was a great guy......I always loved when he called me that.


Another Linda Diane here..... Have always been called Diane except certain family members will call me Linda Dee. Huh?

Becky G.

Rebecca Diane. And I hate the Diane part! I won't go into reasons here other than to say there was a Diane in my childhood who I didn't like. 'nuff said! Anyway, everyone calls me Becky except for 'the girls', who call me Mama!

(And yes, the girls are 4 legged!)


My middle name is ann I was to be called Kelly Ann...but it never took for some reason..I was just Kelly...I like my name it was sister who is named Roxanna has no middle name... neither did my mother who was Elizabeth..she was all Italian and you were just given one name and my mother was givin the middle name theresa during her confirmation. So I guess I really didnt have one but made one for myself

Sami Melton

Sami Jo - my mom had a thing for double names and she named me Sami Jo, my middle sister Jodi Dawn and my little sister Casi Jean. I hated my name for many years. Sami Jo can definatly be a perfect name for kids in school who like to tease... and they called me Sloppy Joe :) I think it is funny now, and I love my name now. & my maiden name I really loved as it is Basque and it is beautiful - so I gave it to my son as his middle name.

Becky from Tennessee

Good Morning Kim! My name is Rebecca LaDell. I never liked
my name, especially LaDell! My Mama always liked the name
Rebecca and for some reason unknown to me, LaDell came from
my Daddy's oldest sister. I was teased and kids would sing
the song "The Farmer in the Dell!" Not funny! I quit telling
my middle name. I've never felt like a "Rebecca"... I guess
it sounded too formal for me. My nickname "Becky" suits me
much better. My Daddy used to call me Beckybug! I don't
think I ever asked him why....wish I could hear him call me
that now. I wish I had appreciated my name while my parents
were living. Now that they are gone, I am proud of my name
and don't mind telling you. Why is that??? I guess it's be-
cause it makes me feel closer to my dear sweet parents.

Hope you are having a great day! Give your newest "garden
ornament" a big hug from her biggest fan in Tennessee.



My middle name is Lynn. I was almost named Lynn Eileen - Eileen after my mother's sister - but I came a month early thirty six hours after my mother had her appendix out! In her grogginess Dad leaned over her to tell her that she had a girl and he asked if they should name me 'Adrienne Lynn' (one of their choices). She whispered, 'That's nice!' and went back to sleep. He was a young minister - I was born very late on Saturday night so the next morning in church he announced that there was a new member, Adrienne Lynn. I do love my name. When I was young a few of my friends called me 'Andy' because one of them couldn't say my name when she was small.

I love your name - it has such beauty. No, I don't think you look like Mona Lisa!

Julie Harward

I love your name...and the nickname is funny and cute! Mine...Julia Margaret...after my great grand mother...a little French Canadian lady. I only saw pictures of her when she was old and had a little hook nose and I thought..why did they name me after her! Later, I found a picture of her when she was young...beautiful woman with high cheek bones!
Come say Kim :D

Ressie Malone

My daugher has two middle names too, like you! Her name is Olivia Catherine Violet. My middle name is Lou, my parents are from the south--need I say more?


My first name is Mary for my grandmother (Mary Ella). She was always the grandmother I was closest to so I loved knowing I had her name. My middle name is Renee and that is what I have always gone by so it complicated every form I ever filled out. (Renee back in the day when no one else had that name but my mom had a friend and her daughter was Renee and she loved that name).

When I got married I figured out how to overcome the complication by using my maiden name as a middle name or initial. Its a great screening, too, if I answer the phone and someone asks for Mary I know they don't really know me and just want to sell me something.

The kids in my family could rarely say Renee so I've been Nay since or Aunt Nay to my family for years.

Dad's love to tease, don't they. Mine used to always tease me about my freckles. It used to bug me, til I realized they weren't going anywhere and weren't so bad.


My middle name is Ann, my daughter's middle name is Ann, and now her daughter's (my precious granddaughter) middle name is Ann :)

Love, love, LOVE your blog, and your little Maggie. We have two dachshunds, so I really enjoy hearing about her.


Almost three years ago, our oldest married daughter found out she was pregnant. Not knowing the baby's gender, my youngest daughter (Reagan, 19 yrs.old) "nicknamed" the baby "Hermoine", after the Harry Potter character. The baby was a girl, and the name stuck. "Reagan always called her Hermoine, and as soon as she could talk, Lucy (Hermoine's real name) began to call Reagan "Nommie". We thought it was cute and wondered why she chose Nommie for Reagan. One day, it dawned on us that she was calling Reagan "Hermoine", but in baby talk it came out "Nommie"! Lucy just knew Reagan as the one who said Hermoine all of the time, so she was just repeating it back to her. At two years old, she still calls Reagan "Nommie". <3

The funniest part is....Reagan's second neice (19 months old) whose name is Alethia, calls Reagan "Noona".....Reagan had nicknamed her Luna(another Potter character) when my second married daughter found out she was pregnant.


My given name is Pamela Jo. I like both because I think Pamela is pretty and and I've never met another Pamela Jo. However I am almost never called by my rightful name. If I introduce myself as Pam I am called Pat. If I introduce myself as Pamela I am called Paula. I'm not sure what's so hard about Pamela but people seem to struggle with it. I've even asked several Pat's I met "Does anyone ever call you Pam?" they've all said "No". So although I like my name I do find it frustrating to not be called by it.

And now that I am married I have a common Scottish name that begins with S, however you spell ours with a w not a u, because we were gate keepers and not royalty. The very interesting thing is that I have met many, many Pamela S's in my life time and I was recently contacted to join a Facebook group for ladies of the same name. I think our membership is up to about 40 right now.


Kim, I like your middle names! Sarah Anne is pretty! That's funny about your dad and "Saranwrap." LOL

My middle name is "Marie," and I shared that with my one grandma. She was "Vertie Marie," and I was "Rhonda Marie." Yes, I do like my middle name.

I have a cousin named "Kimberly Ann." :)

Hope you are having a nice week!


Good Morning-
I don't have a middle name because my parents didn't want me called Mary so they spelled it Marietta-Guess what as an adult a lot of people call me Mari--:) I do like my name and for the most part call myself Marietta rather then Mari-


I go by Jackie. My real name is Jacquelyn Kay. Mom name me after Jacquelyn Kennedy and Kay Gable (Clark's Wife) I mainly grew up being called Jackie Cute post Kim.


First name is Peggy, not Elizabeth or Margaret as everyone asks, just Peggy. Middle name is Ann. Last name was Miller and then I married a Miller. All of the kids birth certificates have Mother's name as Peggy Miller Miller.
Everytime a form would ask for my maiden name and I would answer Miller, the questions would begin. Is Peggy your real name or is it short for another name. Your Middle name was Miller? Isn't that funny. For 63 years that has been my "funny name ".


I have always like my name. My husband got the upper hand in choosing the names for all 4 of my older children - they all had to be named after older relatives. Then I had a 'caboose' baby many years later. I put my foot down when I found out she was a girl and got to name her myself. I gave her my middle name. She is Elizabeth Marie and I call her Libby Marie. She is the light of my life and her name makes my heart sing - isn't it a beautiful name?


First, I love your names....they suit you beautifully! I have no middle name, my father loved the actress Janet Leigh and my mom loved the name Ann...hence LeAnn....just LeAnn!


Oh what a fun post! And you lucky girls that have two middle names. I just have one, Ann. My mother's middle name was Anne with the "e". She was often teased and called "Annie" so she dropped the "e" on mine.

I had to LOL when I read "Saranwrap" ~ how sweet is that. I can't tell you what my dad nicknamed me because it references back to the diaper days :( but my darling hubby calls me Sweetpea so we will leave it at that ;)

I so enjoyed this!
Sharon Ann


My given name is Elwyn Ann, after two grandmothers. I was a teenie preemie when born and the nurses said the name was too big for me, and if you said it real fast, the sound ended with 'Nan'. So that became my nickname. It is actually a Welsh male name and even my grandmother did not use it. She was Elwyn Odessa but went by Dessa. One of my cousins is named Jane Elwyn; she goes by Janel. It is a difficult name to use and has never become trendy! Thank goodness for nicknames.


I was born with a middle name, then married and took his name and dropped my maiden surname.............then 21 years later remarried and when I did I dropped my middle name and became a last time married name hyphen new name.

Some think it is odd that I kept my first husband's name, but i was his last name much longer than I used my maiden surname..............and also all my financial documents and my work experiences and colleagues knew me as such.

So I am a hypen, though I don't use it - only for financial or business reasons.

Lol aren't you glad you asked?

Bella StyleBook

I also have two middle names...M & M.

Jan @ BellaCasa


My first name is Pauline - and I love it because it is so unique! And my favorite nickname, which my dear Daddy called me when I was little, was "Punkins"!

Patty O'Malley

My name is Patricia Ann Margaret. I'm not named after anyone in particular. I was supposed to be Lisa when born but somehow got no where near that!!
P.S. I picked up a copy of Romantic Country last week and can't put it down. Just love it!


I am Jennifer Lea & I have always liked my name. My nick was "fred" from my dad. I called him "George" Not sure where it started but it stuck.Now he calls me "Schwarz", my married name. I am also called Jen, Jenie, J, & Fer. My daughter is Kathryn Anne after both her grandmothers middle names.


Middle name is Leigh. After Vivian Leigh of Gone with the Wind fame. :-) Which happens to be my all time favorite movie, because of Scarlett ... not my name.
My Daddy called me Peanut growing up. Not sure why.


Another Patricia Ann here. My moms middle name was Anne as well. What fun it was to read all the comments. Thanks.

I love your name... Kimberly Sarah Anne. It's a name with a story which is always so special.

My middle name is Joy which makes me Jennifer Joy .... or JJ as my Uncle calls me to this day. My great-grandmother was super old and hard of hearing. When mom called to tell her I had been born and she asked my name, MaMaw thought mom said "jumping for joy!" and she said of course your "jumping for joy", but what is her name?! So for the longest I was referred to as jumping for joy.

When I married I became a Jones, so my brother calls me J-cubed. Not too fond of that name.

Cheryl Fields

Hi Kim!
My name is Cheryl Lynn. As a little girl Sonny & Cher were really popular. Oh how I wanted to be nicknamed Cher! But it never caught on...I'm glad now...But my little sister's name was Sonja Rana, after the famous ice skater, Sonja Henie. My Dad called her Sonny ???? We could have been Sonny and Cher...Any time we complained about our names our mother would say "I could have named you after your birth stones...Pearl and Opal!"


My middle name is Della, after my grandmother--both of my boys have two middle names, though! My dad used to call me "Tiggy" when I was a kid (I was in the talented and gifted program at school and he merged the two words) :-)


I'm Cynthia Louise and yes, I've heard Cindy Lou Hoo (from the Grinch) a zillion times!

Only my Mother calls me Cynthia and when she's mad or disappointed in me, it's Cynthia Louise. Thank goodness I haven't heard that in years.

I prefer Cindi and if I have a connection with you...more of a friend and not a co-worker or an acquaintance, you can call me Cyn. I once had a NEW boss that started calling me Cyn right off the bat. I HATED it! I nicely asked him not to call me that...after a while I signed notes I left on his desk with "Cyn" and he questioned me on it. I had to tell him that I wasn't too sure about him in the beginning but he was okay now. LOL! It's been 14 years since we've worked together but still keep in contact. :)

Teri Metts

I recently discovered your website and I love it! My husband and I bought an old bungalow in 2006 and your journey has inspired me. When I saw your post for today I had to comment because just this morning I was doing a study on the names of God and today's lesson asked if we knew the meaning of our name or why we we're named what we're named. My given name is Angela (after my grandmother's best friend) Teresa (after my mother's best friend), but I've always been called Teri. During my study this morning I discovered that Teresa means "gardener" and Teri means "reaper," which I thought was neat because the meanings coincide with a Bible verse I read earlier this week about sowing and reaping. :-)


Hey Kimberly Sarah Anne---you have a beautiful name, which matches you perfectly! My middle name is Mary, after Mom's Aunt Mary, who was a nurse and helped during Mom's first pregnancy(ME!) I am Donna Mary, a nun told Mom after my baptism Donna means gift. I love my name!

Tina Kay

Hello Kim,
I'm glad to see that you are back. I had a few blog free days. (Well I really don't blog on my site. I really just read others! ;-)
Well, growing up my father would call me T.K. I really didn't like it, but I was a daddy's girl, so I let him.
I was named for both of my grandmothers. The T for Tina (it was shortened for paternal grandmother, Florentina)and K for Kay (that was shortened also for my maternal grandmother Katherine. So there it is. I am very glad my parents shorten my name it would have been a mouth full with my maiden name. LOL
Though I have to say when I see my father and he calls me T.K. I always smile. Remembering the days of childhood, his face and the special bond we have.
Have a great day!
Tina Kay


well. good afternoon Kim - my full name is maria alejandra
and my "AKA" sandra - my other names are shona, huera,by very close friends and family. thought i'd share with you

God Bless you kimberly sarah anne - oh! does maggie have any other names? please share -

Kim MUrphy

Hi Kim,
My name is also Kimberly and my middle name is Aliese (Elise but with an Ahhhh on the front LOL). I have very very thick brown hair, which is probably the reason that in junior high school my nickname was squirrel. Especially when I sported the Dorothy Hammill haircut. I know, I laugh about it now too. How weird is it that we are both named Kim and both have long-haired dachshunds? I have two, a short-haired miniature black and tan buddy aptly named Groovy Grover and a long haired miniature black and white named Ozziepuddles, hence my blog name. Love your blog, by the way! It's on my way to my favorites list NOW! :)

Kim MUrphy

Whoops! I gave you the wrong blog name. Mine is

My dogs are in a slideshow on the bottom of the page.



Hi Kim,

Let's see...I was born Janet Rae Bishop and my Dad liked to call me "his cute tomato". The story goes that I never liked being called a cute tomato, but it certainly wouldn't (doesn't) bother me now when my 92 y.o. Dad calls me that. Then I got married and became Janet Bishop Lavalla. Where I come from (Vermont) girls always gave up their middle name when they married and took their maiden name as their middle name. Then, sadly, I got divorced and took my maiden name back and became Janet Rae Bishop again. Three years later I remarried and became Janet Rae Bishop Magina. Quite a mouthful and I would (and do ) eliminate the Rae. Seems like too many names. So, just call me Janet, OK?


My name is Cindy Ann. My mom called me Ciniannie. My husband and I have three children and we call them by nicknames. Our oldest is Alisha Ann. I call her Annie. One day her husband called her Annie, she told him only her mom could call her annie :). Our son is Wesley, we called him messy wessy when he was little. Our youngest daughter is Melissa and her dad calls her missy lou. Have a wonderful day and I love your blog :)

Debbie L.

I would be Deborah Lynn better known as "Little Miss Sunbeam" by my dear Daddy. He thought I looked just like the little girl on the Sunbeam Bread wrapper. I figured it was a nice compliment so I always gave Daddy a big smile when he called me that:) I was named Deborah after Deborah Kerr. Remember her in the King and I? Honestly I can say I dont feel like a Deborah so I go by Debbie most of the time but I feel honored no matter what name Mom gave me because its special that she chose it.

Kimberly Sarah Anne is beautiful name. I can just hear your Mom calling you that now:)

This has been fun Kim. Have a great day!

Debbie L.


I KNEW you were royal! Royals have multiple middle names. It's true.


Hi Kim,

I don't like my given name (Deborah)"Debbie" so I use my Dog's name whenever I can. I was named after Debbie Reynolds. I have a sister named Kim after Kim Novak and another sister named Connie after Connie Stevens.
My Mom liked names of popular 1950-60's actresses I guess?
Thanks, JolieAnne


Jennifer Holmes Foster Sellars...but people call me Jenny. When I was growing up kids called me Sherlock due to the "Holmes" middle name. It was my great grandmothers maiden name!


My middle name is Maria - a very common name where I come from.


Hi Kim, a great post, as usual. I just wanted to let you know I bought the latest copy of Rom. Homes just to see your articles. Your talent is amazing, and you add so much to the magazine, THANKS!


I was born in the second marriage of both my parents. All my brothers and sisters are much, much older... so they like to tease me.

Although my name is Brenda Kay, my older siblings called me Poochi Kay. It stuck.

Debbie from Texas

I am really a Debra but when I got in my twenties someone called me Debbie. Only my family calls me Debra now! My sister name was Beverly and my little brother couldn't say both names so he called us "Big Beber" and Little Beber". By the way, I like your name!

Trish Rowley

Hi Kim, my name is Patricia I don't have a middle name, I don't know why, my maiden name was Kennedy so I can't tell you how many times even here in Australia I have been asked are you related to the President and of course I would say yeh!! I think so. The other thing is that with my Christian name when I am sending cards to anyone I have to think about what they call me Patricia,Trish,Trisha,Pat,Patty I have been known to put the wrong name on Christmas cards and people not knowing who it is from, so I have to think before I write a name but thats ok. Have a great day Trish xo;)

Nancy Hutson Maisenbach

I was named Nancy Jean by my mother. She had no grand story to tell me to why that name was chosen. She just liked it. Reason enough. I had no nickname until I married. My husband likes to call me Nan once in a while. My name shows my age as no one names their daughters Nancy any more. It was popular in the 40's. Nancy is french. The English version is Anne and is Hannah in Hebrew.
That's all I know.
I really like Kimberly Sarah Anne. It a very nice name and I like the reason you were given those names.


My given name is Elizabeth Ann W. I'm called Betty Ann and my nickname is betts...When i married I kept my maiden name but as the children's last name was C. I called myself Ann C. for school..My friend's husband called me alias lol ps. My sis given name is Mary Louise, you guessed, she is called Mary Lou by family and Mary for work..they called us the "southern belles"...


I love that you were named after your mum and grandma. Janet Kay (I never went by Janet at work (yuk) but do now. . . I can be ME. Everyone always, always called me Sunshine. Even had a church ladies meet up named Sunshine Circle. Steve was Rainbow and when we met, we were Sunshine and Rainbow (he worked for Rainbow International) can't have a rainbow without sunshine :) Blessings, Janet

Nancy Omachi

Nancy Ellen, no reference to anyone. Nancy was from Frank Sinatra's daughter, and Ellen???? Who knows! Some of my friends call me Nanner, Nan, and mostly Nanc. My granddaughter calls me Grandma Ancy, which I love. Also, I love it when my 2 grown son's call me "mom".


My name is Bambi and it really is my given name! That usually is everyones first question! My father choose my name! My middle name is Gay, named after my aunt. And even though I'm a Grandma Bambi now, I've always enjoyed my name! I love it that you have two middle names. It's a beautiful tribute to the women of your family.

Marianne & Mindy

I have no middle name. May full name is Marianne (my mother thought that this was long enough) and she's right! However, my dad always called me "doll". My maiden name is Bergen and my brother called me "Berg" (Hated it)
I called my daughter Brittany (because I loved it) Anna-Marie (Anna for my mother and Marie for my husband's mother) - I thought it had a beautiful ring to it.
I've had a great time today reading everyone's post~!

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