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April 19, 2010



You had a very productive weekend. It was cold here so working outside was out of the question but we did get a lot accomplished inside. Beautiful photos today Kim as always....also could you send me your address via email. Have a wonderful Monday.



If all that you had accomplished was making the pie, home sweet home it would be!

ann marie

Wasn't the pollen awful this year? I love opening windows, and decided I wasn't going to do "spring cleaning" until pollen season was over! I cleaned top to bottom last weekend, and couldn't believe how bad it really was. Now my cottage smells like laundry off the line and lavender!

Privet and Holly

Last weekend we had the CLEANING BUG, too! You have to be in the MOOD....Not this weekend. We did a lot of running around and squeezed in a great deal of FUN, as estate sale, harp lessons, baseball, a book signing (Anna Quindlen!), a night at the lake by firelight. Those productive, at-home weekends are SO satisfying, though, aren't they?? xx P&H


What a great way to spend the weekend! I love waking up on Monday feeling accomplished. Hubby and I took our children to the Botanical gardens in Birmingham. While still not in full bloom, it was beautiful and such a relaxing time with the family.

Have a fabulous week!

Julie Harward

It all sounds just wonderful...especially the pie. I had, to say the least, a one of a kind'll have to come see..too hard to explain. Thanks for sharing your warmth :D


Hi - So glad I stopped by today -

The day after my daughters wedding I'm baking your apple pie and eating the whole thing.


Roseny Crisp

Aqui Estamos sem outono com cara de verão
Fui com compras AO Minha FILHA Comprei
Flores do campo n º alegrar uma casa,
como flores n MIM UM São Como alegria da néctar.
Foi UM FIM de semana maravilhoso!
Maravilhosa Semana n º voce!
¸ ¸ ¸ ¸ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
¸ ¸ ♥ ♥
Aqui estamos no outono com cara de verão
Fui fazer compras com a minha filha comprou
wildflowers para alegrar a casa,
flores para mim são como um néctar de alegria.
Foi um fim de semana maravilhoso!
semana maravilhosa para você!

Roseny Crisp

Here we are in the fall with the face of summer
I went shopping with my daughter bought
wildflowers to brighten the home,
flowers for me are like nectar of joy.
It was a wonderful week


Everything looks right and tidy at your place, and I'm drooling over that pie! We had a wonderful rain here. We needed it. Our house is still mostly a mess, been doing a little painting and refurbishing in daughter's room while she's away. She gets back tonight, so lots still to do. Happy week!



Sounds like you got a lot accomplished this weekend! You apple pie recipe sounds wonderful! I had a nice relaxing weekend! I hope you have a great Monday!


dotsie (aka podso)

I also de-pollened, but I think I'll have to do it again. But this spring like weather does give one energy to get busy!


Lots of Spring cleaning indeed....everything looks bright and cheerful...I did a little Spring cleaning and decluttering myself....blessings on your week dear Kim.....

Carrie@ My Kinda Boring Life

We were lazy all weekend... it felt great!! I knitted and knitted and knitted... my big project is done!

The apple pie look yummy. Love all of your colorful linens.

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions

You were busy this weekend! I did wind up adding some things to do that I hadn't planned on, since our Sunday was sunny rather than the rain originally forecast. Your apple pie looks delicious!


We have lots of pollen problems. We live in what used to be an old Christmas tree farm. There are actual clouds of yellow that float through the air.
I love your kitchen. I like the wood with the black and white. I like the contrast. Of course, all your pictures are beautiful. Thanks for sharing.


Wonderfully evocative, Kim, as always. And yes we DID have a lovely weekend---our pie was Lemon Chess.

Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita

Sounds wonderful Kim! We did have a wonderful weekend - we even went to the beach yesterday, and it was beautiful,.if chilly! The house needs a good clean, but the children were happy and we got some family time and a little shore-side rejuvenation. Can't ask for more than that!

Susan Freeman

I worked at the library all day Saturday. Yesterday I did my Mom's grocery shopping for her and after that we fertilized her lawn and hung her porch swing. Daddy really enjoys that swing. I hope to have some time to spend in my own yard this week. Your weekend was so full and I imagine quite satisfying. It's always comforting to fluff, clean and bake. Your pie looks scrumptious!!!

Susan and Bentley


Hi Kim, great post and I wish I could have smelled your house (love the smell of apple pie). Love your apron pix - you'll have to link up on WED. because it's all about aprons! So fun. Glad I visited today.


It sounds like you had a happy weekend, Kim! You can even make house cleaning sound fun!! And your pie looks delicious! I have to say that I relaxed all weekend, read magazines and watched movies. I made banana bread (and ate too much) and last night we had a family cook~and~eat~together. Tacos!! It was fun!



I'll have a small slice of that beautiful applie pie please! I had a productive weekend too! House cleaning, cooking, laundry, restocking the pantry and finishing up some sewing projects were top priorities. I need to do some work outside but the pollen was horrible so I focused on "inside" work.

Camila F.

What a yummy pie!!! You had a very productive weekend!


I did the same thing! I love having a clean home to start the week! We also included a trip to Farmer's Market so I have kitchen filled with fresh fruits and vegetables...I am a happy camper!

I love visiting your beautiful home and all of the contents that lie within! Such a wonderful...beautiful colorful place to reside!


Nancy Collins

Hiya Kim,
Your pics are always so beautiful!
That pie is to die for....but, alas, am watching and counting calories. Darn!
I did a little house cleaning this week end..notice little!
My daughter came to my house on Saturday and spent the day
sprucing up my yard..yeah! She's wonderful!
Have a great day and week.
Smiles and Blessings,
Nancy C


Something happened to all my hot sunny weather and I just didn't want to work in the garden in the "cold". So I cleaned my living room, fluffing a few pillows, washing a mountain of laundry and baked a cream cheese pound cake.
I'm going to put the recipe on my blog.

Your apple pie sounds delish. I'll have to copy the recipe. My husband prefers pie to cake. Hmmmm, ya think that is why when I told him to take some cake to the neighbors he took about half my cake?

Kim, would you like for me to email you the recipe or can I post it here?

Daisy Cottage

Hi Renee! You may post it here - but of course!
Thank you!



You seemed to have a fun filled and busy busy weekend...
The birdie is soo cute!!!


The best ever Cream Cheese Pound cake.

Cream together until light and fluffy

1 1/2 cups butter (don't even think about margarine)
1 8 oz block cream cheese -let the butter and cream cheese soften at room temp for a bit.

Add 3 cups sugar, beating well after each cup.
Add 6 eggs, 1 at a time, beating well after each.

Stir 1 tsp salt into 3 cups all-purpose flour and gradually add to the creamed mixture.

Pour into a greased and floured Bundt pan.

Bake at 325 degrees F for about 1h 15 min (watch for golden brown).

It smells wonderful and tastes great. I get "requests" for this cake.

Thanks Kim.

Forgot to tell you how great your pictures are.


ooops left out the 2 tsps vanilla. Sorry


I so wish I had a piece or 3 of that pie right now! :-) You had more than a busy weekend...I wish I had that much energy. I'm still unpacking from my move and pulling my hair out. Hope you have a wonderful week!

sweet cottage dreams

Yes I did! I didn't get cleaning done like you, but I did make TWO of your chocolate chip bundt cakes! Made dinner for our friends, who just had a baby, and gave them one of the cakes. BBQ'd ribs, wine on the patio, dinner with friends, some sewing tucked in, a good sermon.....a great weekend.


Jolie Anne

I love the way you photograph your home!
It always looks clean to me! I have 5 dogs to clean up after and it is a daily job but so worth it!
I think apple pie is the best! Your's looks so yummy!
Have a great week!

Bella StyleBook

Sounds like Spring Cleaning at your house last weekend. The only thing I cleaned was my screened porch 'cause I bought new furniture for it and wanted to make it welcomed there.

Jan @ BellaCasa

Rita May

home baked desserts make a weekend that says, WELCOME!

Lore D'Sa

Dear Kim,

I also did some cleaning around the house, this weekend. I finished off Sunday evening by baking a zucchini bread, and savouring the aroma of good home baking!! YUM! YUM!

Love Ya,


Nancy Omachi



thank you, i began to read kim, and when i saw the beautiful pie made i thought for a second boy, would i like the recipe and you were so kind to share - and thank you renee for sharing your recipe on the cream cheese pound cake, hey maybe we can all share a recipe or two that would be nice, so you know now what i'll be baking this week - and believe it or not both those recipes are my husbands favorite, his in for a treat - his laid up from surgery and pending another this week, please keep dave in prayer - thanks - God Bless you all - maria -

cottage feel

Nancy Hutson Maisenbach

Friday night was spent with friends in their beautiful home. It is in an avocado orchard near Fallbrook,CA. The drive there was spectacular. Saturday was busy cleaning because we had people coming interested in buying our home in California. They did so now we are a one home couple again. Sunday was spent in the place where I have made cherished friendships, Southwest Christian Church in Temecula,CA. After church a group of us went to lunch and gabbed about everything and nothing for two hours. When we got home we talked to our neighbors we will miss very much. Leaving these dear friends is hard but the friendships will remain.
Nancy M.


I love to look at your kitchen Kim - the black and white tile - the roosters - touches of red - and I just noticed it looks like you have two drawer dishwashers? How do you like them?

Teacup Lane (Sandy)

Mary Lou

There was only one problem with my weekend. It didn't include an apple pie!!!!

Mary Lou

Just wanted to tell Sandy that I have a 2 drawer dishwasher and love it. We hardly use the bottom one just for the 2 of us.

Daisy Cottage

Hi Sandy,

My dishwasher remains broken... I am the official dishwasher. ;-) And honestly, no I think I prefer the regular old kind of dishwasher, BUT I am so happy that sweet Mary Lou loves hers!!!


Maura (in Kansas)

Hello Kim, we had a wonderful weekend here of just working in the garden and yard. I'll be so happy when the dirt work is done and we can enjoy green grass and shrubs around the house. Oh MY your apple pie made my mouth water...if I close my eyes I can smell it. I think I may just have to do that soon ...I have some apples that would do nicely! I hope you have a wonderful Monday....take care. Maura


Weekends are always fabulous because I get to spend time with my loved ones.


I spend Saturday with family and we had cherry pie. On Sunday, I spend the day trying to learn a new embroidery software program...sure was stressed and wishing I could have another pie of cherry pie!! LOL...


You had a very busy weekend! Your apple pie sounds so good I will try it but I have to make my own crust!

Sandi ~ A Cottage Muse

Apple Pie...My Mom's Swedish Apple Pie was the best!!!


After my daughter's ballet class we took her for pizza and then for frozen yogurt for no apparent reason. It was delightful! A smidgen of laundry did get done, but it did not get put away!

Patty O'Malley

Oh, Kim, my mouth is watering for that apple pie!! Now, I want to bake one too! Spent some time also last week doing indepth cleaning. The pollen is terrible this year.


Hi Kim,
Sounds like you were very busy. Me too!
Love the photos!!
Have a great week.
Hope we can chat soon,

Marianne & Mindy

Your weekend was full - full of fluffing fun! I love cleaning and fluffing and making the house look welcoming. This weekend my husband and I went yard saling and found some treasures! I also did laundry. Alas I couldn't hang out - it was toooo cold. Your apple pie looks yummy. Thanks for sharing the recipe. I think I'll make one this coming weekend. We also ripped out the carpeting in the upstairs hallway and laid new floor down.
Your photos are wonderful!
Have a great week


Glad you had such a wonderful weekend. Your home is lovely and I can almost smell that delicious apple pie through the computer. Hope your week is equally as nice!! Love & blessings from NC!

Necel from the Old House in Texas

I got to go outside on Sunday. I didn't do much of anything once I got out there but the fact that the weather was nice enough for me to go, was such a blessing. It was a looooong winter.

Fern Cottage

Kim, you are such an inspiration! Thank you for the sunshine you've shared with us! Happy springtime blessings to all within your Dear Daisy Cottage!


One of my best ever- had out of state friends and in their honor hosted a very fancy pearls/hat and gloves formal and traditional English tea party.

It took all week to prepare and worth every hour.

Your apple pie looks awesome.

Patty M

Sweet have such a knack for making the ordinary look beautiful. Such a nice gift your share with us. I spent the entire weekend outside in the garden. So fulfilling but don't dare step into my house...ikes!!! Oh well, there's always next weekend.

magpie chic

You take the most beautiful photos Kim. I could just look and look at them. I especiallly love the little blue bird this time.
Can't wait for the next lot of photos.

Beki - TheRustedChain

Mmmmm, now I need apple pie!

Gilda Persons

I truly adore your pictures. Everyday I rush home to look at your charming and delightful. Thanks for sharing it with the public.



Gilda Persons

Hi, This is Gilda again. I made a mistake with my first message. I would love to share my enchanted garden with you as well.


You are so way ahead of me! I have so much spring cleaning to do, and every time I look at my windows I cringe!! The pollen is horrible this year. I sure could have used a slice of that pie when I have been working outside!

Kim.... made the pie tonight and blogged about it... Thanks for sharing the yumminess!!
Smiles.. have a great evening at your daisy cottage!!

Linda Ferguson

I really love your darling tea towel and your sweet birdies. The garden trowel is a story all it's own. I wish I could have been with you at Beth's, it was an enchanting garden and home. You asked what my favorite flower is, well it would have to be everyone one of them, because I really can't choose. God made them all too beautiful.

veronica mackinnon

I love your blog; it is my favorite. My favorite flower is hard to choose. My 2 favorites are sunflowers and hydrangeas. I guess to choose one would be hydranges. I would love to have a yard full ! Thanks for a chance to win. Veronica

Angela Harvey

Kim, your blog is such a pleasant moment in each and every day for me-sometimes I'll go grab a cup of coffee and go through your past blogs to get decorating ideas for my home and my little gift shop, Lavender. Thank you for so many ideas and inspiration on the days I really need some! As you can probably already guess, my favorite flower is Lavender! I named my shop after the lovely flower for all of the wonderful attributes it has: a wonderful color, beautiful scent and it's great for helping you sleep, getting rid of headaches and so many other good things! I try to have that feeling throughout my boutique so that when people walk in they feel relaxed and inspired! And, thanks to your beautiful blog, I'm picking up great ideas from the homes and little shops you photograph. Thanks again, Kim!

Maribel Ramos

Kim, Awesome blog photos of Beth's Beautiful garden home, and just in time for the celebration of "Earth Day" :)

Donna Meeker

favorite flowers- soooo many- gerber daisies,red geraniums,grape iris,lily of the valley

the lizard is on the frog garden ornament

thank you for sharing- i go to your blog daily- i am addicted!!! keep the good stuff coming!!!

Loretta Guzman

Just love your blog. I check it everyday. My favorite flower is red geraniums. Actually hard to pick because I love them all. Thanks for your inspiration . Loretta

Sally Booth

Just recently found your blog and oh what a treat! I also have 3 little doxies and love them so! My favorite flower (actually love them all, so hard to pick!) would have to be peony. Thanks for sharing with all of us. Sally

linda moczan

hey there kim ~
just wanted to let you know how much i enjoy your blog - your thoughts and your decorating.
you are quite an inspiration for all.....
and a pick me up on a bad day!
thank you ~ linda

I absolutely love your laundry room. Thanks for taking the time to bring us more pictures it.

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