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April 15, 2010



Looks wonderful, Kim. I love coffee, too. Something so warm and cozy about it :)

Patti VZ

I'm loving another beautiful sunrise - favorite part of the day! AND I'm loving that my taxes are long done and gone, and I can just relax and enjoy the day. Enjoy your spring day with all the new colors...just love this time of year!

Kathleen Grace

Right now the coffee in my big pink mug is making me very happy! I hope the rest of your day is just as happy as the beginning:>)

Jo Johnston

Henry, the rooster, and his 'girls' make me happy. Their cheerful chicken sounds always make me smile.


My cup of fresh ground chocolate caramel brownie coffee and a day off are making me happy. Even though it's raining, (we really need the rain) and I have cleaning to do, I'm feeling happy. Have a wonderful day everyone!


Ah! What a happy day!! I'm SO HAPPY because my mom is on her way to the US to visit me for the very first time! Ever since I moved to the country I've been to get her out here and this day has finally arrived!! I feel blessed each and every day! Blessings to you too! Ah! The coffee was delicious! Thanks! Vanessa

Daisy Cottage

That is WONDERFUL Vanessa!!!
I am so happy for you and I will be thinking about you and your Mom today!


Kathi Layfield

Reading your blog everyday makes me happy. I'm at work right now, but I'm taking a vacation day tomorrow, so that makes me really happy. I hope you have a Blessed Day today and everyday. xoxo Kathi

Trish Rowley

Hi Kim, I'm happy because in about 2 minutes I will be heading for my Beautiful Bed I can hear it calling me as I type, I am very tired had a big day but I'll be ok in the morning after a good nights sleep, but I had to visit you first so now its good night for me!! Have a great day while I'm sleeping!! I'll visit again in the morning to catch up on some reading. Trish xox ;)

Daisy Cottage

ahhh... thank you Kathi!

Night Night Trish!



My sky-blue Fiesta cup with the sweet coffee my DH just set down beside me, and the fact that our GrandBaby Girl will be here to spend the day in just a few minutes.

Smiling now!

Sandi ~ A Cottage Muse

Going to the shop today where I rent space to put a few new treasures in. Always makes me happy to re-feather my little space! Enjoy your day!

Privet and Holly

Good Morning ~ Taking my sweet Toy Fox Terrier, Gracie Marie, out first thing in the morning. Even when the sun isn't quite up, the birds chirping and the slight breezes coming from the lake are a balm to my soul. Then, I come back in and start the morning rush to get everyone out the door! But it is wonderful to have those first still moments. HAPPY. xx P&H


Knowing that my Farmboy is coming home from out of town tonight makes me very happy!

Have a beautiful day!

Penny @ The Comforts of Home and Lavender Hill Studio

My morning cup of coffee ALWAYS makes me happy :-). Your sweet tablecloth is adorable and just perfect for Daisy Cottage.

Let's see, what else is making me happy? I just planted a lilac bush. That makes me happy. And I just potted a Meyer Lemon tree in a colbalt blue pot. I can hardly wait for the yellow lemons to merge with the green leaves and the blue pot....


Your beautiful photos make me happy! A clean house, flowers in my garden, snuggling with my kitties, seeing my husband enjoy the game of golf, seeing my son in good health, having a loving family, being blessed.....these are some of the things that make me happy.


Becky G.

I'm happy that today my friend Mary Ann and I are going 'nursery hopping', looking for plants for our gardens. So much fun!!! Have a great weekend, Becky G. in GA


ice cream for breakfast !


Your post made me happy...thanks so much for sharing.....I like coffee


Seeing the spectacular sunrise, spending a few quiet minutes with the Lord, cuddling my dear kitty, and reading your lovely blog - that's the best way to start any day, and so that's what's making me happy today! Oh, and the cup of fresh brewed coffee I'm about to enjoy!

Hope the rest of your day is just as lovely!

Barbara Anne

The morning sun shining across the yard, highlighting hot pink azaleas and dandelion seed puffs.

The warmth of my coffee cup on this 44*F morning in Virginia!



What a lovely post today! I am happy today too. I don't celebrate birthdays, but today I turn forty! And to my delightful surprise, I'm so happy for it. I've always said you're only as old as you act. And I'm so honored to be on this planet with good people and a good God and his good Son for forty years, learning and becoming wiser each and every day.

So I'm sipping my coffee with you, Kim. And although not celebrating my birthday, I'm celebrating my life ... everyday. With the most lovely children I could ever imagine and the cutest pups that I could ever cuddle.

Have a happy day, my friend!

Daisy Cottage

So many things to be happy about - thank you all for sharing! I'm home writing today and these happy notes are so nice to read as I check in.

Dear Jen - HAPPY BIRTHDAY! What an awesome attitude and you are SO right. 40 is a number only. Every day that we are alive is a gift and brand NEW. And so are you!



Not feeling yet today (tooth ache) but your post made me happy and to make me think about those things that do make me happy. So I will think happy things the rest of the day.
Happy Birthday Jen. (Wow, I sure said happy alot.)


Our beautiful streak of springtime weather is making me so happy! We often miss spring and jump right into summer down here, so I'm loving my tulips and violets and all of the gorgeous birds nesting in our woods! Thanks for a lovely prompt to think of something that makes me happy!

Enjoy your day!


Just knowing that hubby and I both have good jobs and we have a wonderful family that loves and cares about each other.

Debbie Vierkant

Hi, Kim! Oh, a lot of things make me happy but #1 is my family, then coffee, color(like you), animals, sunshine, fishing on a beautiful warm calm day, a walk with my sweetie, vacation, spring time greening, your blog, etc, etc, etc. Hugs!


Good Morning! Ready your blog every day makes me happy. My daughter makes me happy! :~) My dog makes me happy and that first cup of coffee in the morning. SO much to be thankful for. Have a wonderful day!! Kelly :~)


The colors of your blog make me happy! My 9 to 5 job is in a rather dreary office and I save your blog for my morning break. Daisy Cottage and a cup of tea make for a lovely 15 minutes of happiness!

Jenny Sumrall (Alabama)

I love my cup of coffee in the mornings by the pond with my ducks. Always start the day off with a quiet moment and a talk with God and nature. Have a wonderful and blessed day. You are really great ladies out there.


The sun is shining, the flowers are blooming. The dogs are lying in the sunbeams and I'm visiting friends online. Wonderful!


Jo Anne

Animal cookies and Diet Coke at 7 a.m. make me happy.


Playing with my three wonderful children and working in the yard.


My freshly painted aqua kitchen cabinets are making me giddy:)


Babysitting my 2 month old grandson today...and that makes me very happy.


Another beautiful spring day!


The feel of the earth under my feet as I go for a run makes me so very happy. That I am healthy and still able to run and live my active life at 44 w/my two beautiful girls makes me not only happy, but very very blessed.

Your blog ALWAYS make me happy. It is a cheerful place in the world and I am grateful to you for providing happiness and spreading joy!

Life is good!


Today, the sunshine and the cool breeze is making me deliriously happy! Have a great day! Beth

Susan Freeman

There are many things that make me happy such as my husband, my little dog Bentley, my dear friends and family. One special thing that makes me happy is reading blogs. When I first discovered cottage style blogs, I felt such warm, fuzzy feelings. My Daddy had been diagnosed with Alzheimer's and within a few short months developed aspiration pneumonia and nearly died. After he recovered, he slipped and fell in the shower and cracked three ribs. He was in such pain and had to go to a rehabilitation facility under he was more stable. I went to see him every day and he would cry when I had to leave and he would beg me to take him with me. Because he no longer had a short term memory, he could not remember why he was there. It was a very difficult period in my life. I would stay up at night worrying. That's when I discovered blogs such as yours and Becky's and you both gave me a safe and happy place to go. For the time I spent at your blogs, the world seemed bright and sunny and happy. Now I visit you and Becky and other wonderful cottage blogs each day. Blog Land is a very happy place to be!!

Susan and Bentley


Right now allergy medication makes me extremely happy!


sitting in bed with a cup of fresh brewed coffee, my bible study and then visiting blogs :) the time has come for me to get out of bed, get dressed go workout, and then make the hour long drive to work. i just went over and visited leann. she did a beautiful job. thanks for sending us over.

Daisy Cottage

We are all here together and YOU make everything more beautiful.

Thank you sweet girl.


Brenda Kula

What's making me happy is the gorgeous weather and spring flowers. Oh, and every time I see ball fringe, I think of you.


I think I am with you...color, coffee and ball fringe! Who could ask for anything more...well not much more;)!



What makes me happy? My daughter's cancer is in remission! Yay!, I am in a happy wonderful marriage, I love life... God is good!

sweet cottage dreams

Lots of things make me happy - my family, my pets, my friends...having the warm sun on my in my yard...and a piece of chocolate to go with my morning coffee. I am also happy that you like your tablecloth. Had a hunch it would go with those adorable chairs that Shannon found for you!!

love ya,

Maura (in Kansas)

Good Morning Kim! What makes me happy today is checking my bloging friends to see how they are doing. I'm so glad that I decided to start a blog and I'm so very glad to have 'met' such wonderful people as yourself. I hope you have a wonderful day. Best Wishes...Maura:)


My taxes are done and filed and surprise I get a refund.
I pick up my granddaughter from school and we are going to the park today.
The sun is shining, the skies are blue and the redbuds and dogwoods are in bloom.

Shelly Virtue

This beautiful Sunshine we are having in Indiana! My plants are all coming up, hanging laundry on the line......Life is Good! Now that you mention it, I think I'll make me some coffee and join you Kim! Have a joyful day! <3 Shelly

Tracy Barkett

Today my sister made me happy. I just laughed so hard at her today. She really makes me laugh!
Simply White Vintage


Hi, Kim,
Reading your blog makes me Happy always.

Today I am extra Happy because I have sweet relatives coming all the way from PA to visit me for the weekend. They are enroute right now!

A friend came over and finished mowing my yard after my mower died. Friends make me happy. Oh, yes!

Happy Day to you,
Love & Hugs,


I am happy the Lord brought DH and I safely back from Florida. I am happy that I get to read your wonderful blog each day and see your world of color through your awesome photos. The weather is beautiful here in Indiana and the trees are blooming, birds are singing, the bunnies are running around, the sunrise is beautiful in the early morning and late at night with the moon and stars sparkling like diamonds.

This is the day that the Lord has made; Rejoice and be glad in it.


PS: Forgot to tell you how I enjoyed LeAnn's site. Her kitchen is awesome and I asked for the aqua color because I have been looking for a shade. I am going back to see some more. Thanks for another wonderful site to visit

C. Pregler

Breath of fresh in the AM...Sun on my face...Oohhh the blessings that make me happy! Thanks for the uplifting pics and cup of coffee.


HI Kim...loved your post today! I too lurk on your blog more than commenting but I just wanted to say I enjoy your sparkle...that you are everything real and what I enjoy about blogging. I enjoy your "every dayness" ....yes that is a word...I just made it up! Hshahahaha...anyhoo. I've noticed alot of directions blogging has taken and I guess I enjoy the visiting...the decorating and discussing what is on the agenda this week...that is why I keep coming back for a visit. are food for the soul. And I think your beautiful blog represents the beauty inside....not fake or phony....that part I appreciate very much.
Have a very blessed day!

the domestic fringe

Having the windows open today makes me VERY happy! Love the turquoise and red.


Well, visiting YOU of course!

Aside from that? Getting an unexpected visit from Rich during his work day ;)

love you,


Your beautiful pix make ME happy! And for the color lovin gal in you...I am having a great giveaway heralding this beautiful weather we are get to pick your own colors!

Daisy Cottage

That is WONDERFUL!!!!!!!

Connie promise me that you WILL come over when you come back down.... I'm so glad you are home safe and sound.
Much love to you.

Dear Debbie - Thank YOU so much. You made me teary. Thank you for being so sweet. THANK YOU.

Love you all...

back to work,


Diane Price

I'm happy because today I figured out, it is enough! My small, cozy home, food in the fridge, a beautful garden in progress and a healthy family, not to mention two dogs at my feet. It is enough, I have it all. I am bombarded with tv advertisements and the abundant offerings in all the stores and I think to myself, I don't need it. I have enough.


what my hubby and i are reading and sharing right now and experiencing in reading our bible together is the bible is alive for one and speaking to us - for our circumstance-it's just amazing - i just have to share because, this is who we are as one - well, after this understanding on scripture
romans chapter 6:21 - i'am delighted in Our Lord that there is hope for us all - love you all, so yeah, Our Lord made us very happy today- thank you kim


Hi! The warm spring sun and hopes of afternoon gardening are making me very happy (and a clean kitchen!)


I am not having a very happy day but you can guarantee that my little one and dark chocolate will work wonders on my mood. It's funny but I have just done a post on happiness about 2 days ago.


The warm weather we are having makes me happy. Sitting out on my back patio with my knitting project soaking up some sun after a long winter bring me pure joy today.


Your blog and the color red make me happy! I hope you are having a great day!



Hi Kim, as soon as I saw the picture of the tablecloth with the pom poms, I got happy. I always get happy when I read your blog, and that's why yours is the first I read in my google blogger list. You make me happy! Wish we were neighbors.


What made me really happy today was to be able to visit the Norton Museum in West Palm Beach and see FOUR wonderful, new exhibits. Picasso said "Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life" and I believe he was so right. And just one of the other things making me happy are my two dogs!


Woke up sick in the middle of the night. I've been bored all day and happy to have an iphone to distract me. At the end of his hard work day, my sweet hubby brought me just what I was craving, a cherry limeade fro sonic. That makes me happy!


Hi Sweet Kim,
I just came over tonight to say thank you for mentioning me on your blog and sending so many people over. You have touched my heart so much. I adore you too:)



Oh I needed this today... what is making me happy... I did not think that anything did since my daughter has Mono, the gallery where I sell my art just shut its doors and my husband is working himself to death... Then I visit your blog and I will say it again. That red and yellow mellow feeling comes over me and I don't feel so bad anymore. You are truly amazing with your words and photos. I think I need to come and stay with you for a week so I can get back on the ground =)

Daisy Cottage

Are you feeling better now? I hope so!

LeAnn - it was MY pleasure. xoxo

Come on down. Hang in there sweet girl. It will get better. Thank you so much for your kind words.



You make us happy too!

What makes me happy today is that I lost some weight this week. Had a weight loss mtg tonight and down by a bit (yeah!)

Blessings and hugs,

Necel from the Old House in Texas

I am happy that the work day is over, that it is not snowing and that there is a hint of green grass in the yard. I am grateful to the Good Lord above that everything is A-OK.

Nancy Hutson Maisenbach

I am a happy woman. I work at remaining generally happy (content) no matter what is happening around me. I am not always jumping up and down happy but there is always something to be happy about. Today it would be.... there are so many things to be happy about. I will pick having clean teeth. I had my teeth cleaned at the dentist today and they feel great.
Thanks again Kim for making me think.
Nancy M.


Today is tax day - not much made me happy today, haha.
Tomorrow will be different.


I really love ball fringe, and it looks so sweet on that tablecloth. What's making me happy today is the weather, and the beauty of everything around here in bloom, and sweet smiles and hugs from my sweet grandchildren.


What made me happy was listing a batch of fresh cupcake earrings on my Etsy site...they are so cute! Click on my name and you'll see some of them. Can't have them with your cup of coffee, but I can wear them while I DRINK my cup of coffee!

Briana P.

what makes me happy is that our taxes are finally done and filed. My son is over his stomach virus. I sat outside and watched it rain.


What makes me happy... God, my family that includes 2 beautiful daughters, being a cancer survivor (7 years), quilts, knitting, a sunny day, beautiful flowers, milk glass, my girlfriends, baking, anything sweet, our pets, going on a trip, the beach, the mountains, a good book, fresh sheets, the smell of baked bread,a card/letter in the mail, taking a walk, good music, helping others, enjoying nature, snow, etc. etc. I could go on and on.
It doesn't take much to make me happy. I am so thankful for each and every day and the many blessings that God puts in my life each day.


YOU! You and your blissful blog, dear lass, make me happy. I found you a couple days ago and just want to say THANK YOU for sharing your talents with us.

Love, Bree

pogonip @ meadowsweet cottage

Leann's kitchen makes me happy! She did an amazing job on her reno.


The sunshine and warm weather here in Northern California made me very happy today. Also, reading your Blog and listing to your beautiful music that is always there, quaranteed. Thank you for this one constant in my life.


Your home is so beautiful! I've been browsing through you blog and sighing with happiness the whole time. It's so lovely here.


Today I am SO happy to have a quiet day at home. It has been cloudy and rainy all day in CO Springs which is actually a treat, because we don't get many cloudy days. It's been a cozy day.

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