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April 21, 2010


Bridal registry

It's absolutely delicious but I prefer to eat it during breakfast.


I do love my Special K in the morning--it's what gets me out of bed in order to drink all that coffee I crave. But once in a while on nights where everyone does their own dinner thing because we are flying off in 100 different directions, I will eat a bowl of cereal--usually Honey Nut Cheerios.

I have found it to be a special kind of comfort food. However, I'm not quite sure I've been able to make the cereal look quite as appetizing as you have here!

Flat Rock Creek Notebook

Tonya in England

I'm not usually hungry in the morning but I usually can manage a bowl of cereal as it is light, or a piece of toast. I've made cinnamon granola, totally gorgeous!

martha ann

I do love breakfast. Most mornings it's two cups of coffee and whatever, but some days it's the works. Those are the mornings when I have time for a leisurely meal. My favorite? Grits, ham, and eggs.

While I'm visiting, I want to thank you for Stranger On The Shore. Such beautiful music.
Have a great day. Martha


I'd be happy just to have your darling cereal bowl!

Daisy Cottage

I found this one at Goodwill and I love it because it is chipped!!!


Lisa Mc.

Any meal would taste good coming out of that adorable kitchen! Good morning! Getting caught up on the Jack letter, and hearts. WOW. I am not sure words can describe the compassion I feel for the universe, and your blog, and all the great women out there, but you sure have given my mornings joy as I sip my coffee with vanilla creamer, and read your blog. We are so lucky to have such a positive, joyful start (or sometimes end) to the day. I was in your neck of the woods over spring break, and visited Micanopy, Mt. Dora, and thought of you in your cottage, and just thanked God for your daily words, reflections, and pretty pictures that reach into our hearts and homes. Thanks for doing this, and please know you are appreciated, and I would dare say NEEDED!! Fom one of the newer Daisy Cottage Addicts, Lisa in SC.


I am a creature of habit, soooo I have my cereal, hot and wheat toast every morning, while I am blogging and usually watching QVC or an old tv show on DVD, usually Mary Tyler Moore, Bob Newhart, etc.
I like multi grain Cherios :)

Privet and Holly

I LOVE breakfast {and lunch....and dinner....oh dear!} because there is such a variety of goodies to choose from. I am always excited about what I'm going to fix to eat in the morning....French toast? Waffles? Huevos Rancheros? Toast with marmalade? Yogurt and berries? English muffin with butter and honey? Well, you get the drift. OH, and I DO enjoy GRANOLA, too! Happy Wednesday! xx P&H


Kashi granola is so good in the morning, just not too awful early! Your bowl does look quite appetizing!

Happy Wednesday!

I Love Pretty Little Things

The only thing that I am "Hungry" for in the morning is COFFEE. Otherwise...everyone around me is in danger. :)


I love my cereal any time of the day, but especially at night! Yours look very good - think I'll go get some for me! ~Adrienne~

Ruth Graham

Well... I'm not really a breakfast "person", but they (who are they anyway?) say it's the most important meal of the day.

Just love cereal for an evening snack. Nummy, the best.
It's also so fun to have that special bowl. Seem to taste even better.

Hugs and Blessings...... Ruth ;)


I eat breakfast but not first thing. I have my coffee, read my scriptures and talk to God. Then after a couple hours I have a bowl of cereal with fruit. AND....I can never wait to see what you have posted Kim. You just make my day!!!!!

karen reddan

That is my all time favorite cereal! I had it this morning with pinapple yogurt,frozen bluberries,pinapple and some of that delicious crunchy granola. Yummy!!! and healthy. I'm off to a good start. I will think of you whenever I eat my granola.

anne marie kortze

Good Morning Kim,

I am in Disney World right now, with my beautiful daughter Melissa. She is sleeping and I am enjoying a banana nut muffin from the Boardwalk Bakery, a wonderful cup of coffee and reading your blog. Pure bliss, quiet, relaxing. Yes, Disney can be relaxing:) We have not gone in a single park. Just enjoying the beautiful gardens, plantings, hotel lobbies, spa and of course food!

But my all time favorite is granola mixed with peach probiotic yogurt,
yummy....around 11am and I am good to in my favorite bowls. Yellow flower shaped plastic bowls from Target!!

(Even on vacation, I cannot be with out my blogs!! Hugs to you and Maggie)

Becky G.

Yeah, I'm not much of an 'early morning eater' myself! I like to get up, move around, get something done and THEN! when my tummy starts grumbling, get something to eat. And I love corn flakes for dinner - a special treat!


My first moments are spent groping for the coffee that DH has set down right here on the desk, then soaking in the warm waking-up and the bright images from other people's lives.

It's almost my meditation time, now, to see Molly's flowers or Janie's scenery, the bright, laughing children of another friend, the travels and friendships so easily shared by Jeanne, the images of scenes from Back Home captured with Marty's magical lens, and the bright, childhood-hued sunny scenes at Dear Daisy Cottage, almost impossibly-beautiful in that faraway, eternal sunshine.

Something about looking AWAY from life for a moment makes it the richer and more colorful when I return to bake some muffins, sizzle a bit of bacon, have a third warm cup.

We sit down together in the pool of light at the breakfast table, talk softly, eat a bite to take us into the morning, and are ready to take on whatever the day offers.

Today, we hope it's news of our NEW LITTLE ONE!!


Cereal is the best late night snack for me:)


I usually have toast with peanutbutter but your cereal does look the bowl too. Judy


I have to eat shortly after I awaken. And it's usually oatmeal. I always tell my husband what a "cheap" wife I am! You can do so many things with it, but I usually have it with cinnamon, and some flaxseed - yummers! I could live on oatmeal!!!!


I make breakfast for dinner once every 3-4 weeks for the entire family. It's been a looong time and I just did it Sunday night. My family squealed with excitement at the special surprise. Breakfast for dinner is always the best. And cereal before bed is like a healthy version of icecream. So yummy.


I am not a big breakfast person either. I never seem to be hungry in the morning. It is the most important meal of the day...I guess we should it it!

I hope you have a wonderful Wednesday!



I am with you on this one, and that looks like my kind of breakfast, lunch, dinner, or snack!
After many years of eating whatever kind of cereal that was in the house for the kids, (they're all off to college now) I have finally started buying the kind I like, that is also good for me. I've come to enjoy the kind that is full of fiber and good for me!! Oh the wisdom that comes with years.

Kelee Katillac


This post proves(as if we ever had a doubt) that there really is some magic between us!
I have been obsessed lately with eating granola with bananas! I even eat it for a snack mid-afternoon!!!!!!!!!

Little Maggie's image below is so precious. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO precious.
Oliver will be in heart-quivers when he sees it!

Your blog looks beautiful as ever Kim! I love you!

kelee & oliver

Brenda Kula

Oh, I'm hungry in the morning and have my typical Kashi with blueberries and sliced strawberries. I can't drink coffee until I have something in my stomach. But I love to eat breakfast at any time of day.

Robyn Fields

Kim, you have no idea what it meant to me to open my blog and find that little Daisy icon on my followers list! And thank you for your sweet comment! Enjoy your cereal...I'm a bad girl, I like Cinnamon Toast Crunch...LOL Love, Robyn and Daisy Mae

Susan Freeman

Your granola and sliced bananas looks yummy. I usually eat a late breakfast after I do my aerobics or strength training first. Then I have hot tea with lemon and usually steel cut oatmeal and blueberries. Sometimes I have toast with butter and cinnamon sugar, but not too often because its not all that healthy. On Sunday mornings we always have coffee first and then I make pancakes or scrambled eggs with chives, toast and jelly. Bentley likes scrambled eggs too, so I make some for him on Sunday mornings.

Susan and Bentley


What a bizarre coincidence............I just ate cereal for the first time in probably a year this morning. My hubs was running to the store and OH how I wanted ice cream, but thought- no I will get a sweetened cereal instead, then decided against having it too late or I wouldn't sleep.

So, this morning I ate it, and I hardly ever eat breakfas, and certainly NEVER a sugar cereal!

Haha, kindred spirits with cereal today, haha.

Love the daisey bowl, Kim.

Carrie@ My Kinda Boring Life

I am an oatmeal kinda gal with a bacon and egg sandwich. Breakfast is a must with diabetes.

You cereal looks yummy.


What do you know? I love that cereal, too, although today I indulged and got into the kids' Fruit Loops! Love that sugar rush!


We had BLTs for breakfast. If hubby is around I usually cook something. I like oatmeal and some times force him to eat it cause its healthy.

I work 12 hour shifts (or more) and a lot of evenings I have a bowl of cereal for supper.

I'm weird about cereal, I will eat the same kind for weeks, then I'm on to something new. That one looks great.

My faves right now are Honey Nut Cheerios or Special K with red berries.

Barbara Anne

Your bowl is charming!

My usual breakfast is:
cup of orange juice
small bowl of Special K (with bananas or blueberries, etc, in season)
mini bagel (with homemade jam sometimes)
1 cup of coffee



I love cereal for a late-night supper:)

Nancy Omachi

The raisin's in your cereal come from my town, Fresno,CA. We are the raisin capital of the world! Glad you like them!


i love to have my oatmeal - i could eat it for breakfast, lunch or dinner - i sure love your cereal bowl - it sure is nice to try to keep that greasy food out sometimes and try to eat healthy - have a great and blessed week! love you all - maria
xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox cottage feel

Tracy Barkett

I eat cereal for breakfast lunch and dinner! I also love to curl up in bed and watch T.V and night and have a bowl as a snack. Friends and family think I'm crazy...if I am ..I am glad I am not the only one!
Simply White Vintage


Hmmm, first thing, gotta grind the beans to make da coffee. that seems to take the edge off. do not want to eat first thing, usually eat at work, with a kid to my left, as I teach the wonders of reading to a first grader. For a while it was yogurt every morning, with fruit, especially vanilla yogurt with frozen raspberries, as close to having ice cream for breakfast as you can get. have been into DD breakfast wraps, oh my cholesterol, cheese and egg, sometimes bacon! had cereal this morning...though, oatmeal is the best for stick to the ribs goodness. Alton Brown on Food Network has a great granola recipe. When I make it, it turns to snack food all too quickly. Love ya, Kim, you a nice-ah gal (said with an Italian accent, like my Nuni)


Hi Kim,
I have two cups of strong coffee about as soon as my feet hit the floor. However, it takes me several hours to work up to breakfast which is usually cereal.


That looks really good! I am going to have to try it... for my midnight snack :) I too hardly ever eat cereal for breakfast... usually the hubby and I will have a bowl while we watch TV after the kids are in bed :) I just have coffee for breakfast :)


Oh, I love that cereal also....bedtime snak!

Miss Jean

Cereal is best eaten for dinner or an evening snack!

Suzy Miller

Well, I do love yummy cereal, especially if it has a little chocolate taste to it...but as for breakfast, I prefer to eat dinner time :)-
As I approach the mid century mark, I find that I lean more toward yogurt and bananas in the morning and of course the best part of it!

Thank you once again Daisy Cottage...this was fun.


judy hale

I love my cup of hot tea first thing when i get out of bed then take my cup out side sit on my swing by my little pond and listen to the birds chirp while I sip.Then about 10:30am I go for my oatmeal with brown sugar after that I am ready for what ever the day brings me well only if it brings me lots of good things that is lol.Your bowl of cereal looked delicious.I too loved your little bowl.Pretty dishes and settings just make the food taste better don't cha think.Have a great day!!


I love cereal for lunch. Its a yummy easy lunch. Good with an afternoon cup of coffee. That bowl is adorable by the way!


I'm not much of a cereal girl more into cereal bars and orange juice.


I always eat cereal at night either for dinner or sweet snack...for breakfast it is usually oatmeal or toast. My new favorite is "Strawberry Fields" by kashi (other favorites: Trader Joe's honey cheerios, Life, Shredded Wheat...although, I do love all the bad kid stuff like Cocoa Puffs, Cap'n Crunch I try not to buy these.)


I love cereal any time of day!

Trish Rowley

Hi Kim, I swap and change what I eat for brekky, sometimes toast or porridge it depends what I feel like on the day I also love bagels with cream cheese and jam. What a great little bowl. Have a great day!! Trish xox ;)


I love most any cereal. At any meal. It's my middle of the night snack. We had a little dog who loved cereal as much as I do. I always had to put a couple pieces in her bowl. My husband knows if he buys cereal he has to buy the largest box due to the cereal bandit that hits in the middle of the night LOL


My favorite is Post Raisen Bran and Sugar Smacks, but the Post Raisen Bran has way way too much salt and the Sugar Smacks...well it has way way to much sugar. Otherwise, it is the granola/bran flake/dried fruit and nut mixture from some national brand of which I can't remember unless I see it. It fills me up and it is low in sugar and salt. Oh and it tastes yummy. My honey is the cereal king around here. He could eat cereal for breakfast, lunch, dinner and inbetween as well. As long as it is not tasting like cardboard and it's kind of the granola/bran flake kind of mixture.


P.S. I adore hot cereal as well....especially oat meal AND cream of wheat....YUM!

Cindy S

What a pretty bowl. I eat Bran Cereal for breakfast most mornings, I had hot oatmeal for breakfast this morning. I always eat breakfast. Hugs, Cindy S


I don't exactly feel proud about admitting this, but I know I am among friends....

in "my South" we have Coke and/or Diet Coke for breakfast..cold on ice usually as soon as we can pour it. The formula for Coke was designed in Columbus, Georgia where I live by a "Dr. Pemberton" as a stomach/nerve tonic for everyone but especially ladies....nervous Southern belles!

The formula was sold to Atlanta folks and bottled in Atlanta-the rest is history! Dr. Pemberton's home is still in Columbus and makes an interesting side trip when in town.

So-Diet Coke/Coke at 6:30 AM and then food enters the picture about 9:00 AM. I think it might have contributed to us losing the War Between the States! Sheila

mary-The Calico Cottage

Diet Coke is my caffeine drink of choice, too! After that wakes me up, I have two pieces of low calorie toast spread with some low fat peanut butter and slices of banana on top. It's filling and healthy.
Kim, I love your daisy bowl, too. You find the neatest things thrifting! Speaking of thrifting, I haven't been lately. I think I'll put that on the list for tomorrow! Have a great night!

Fay Marie Torzsok

Well, I usually have orange juice and bran cereal with dried cranberries or oatmeal and a mug of ovaltine before heading out to work.

I used to drink coffee but no longer do, doctor's orders that I should give up caffiene. I still love the smell though. I need something warm so that's why I have ovaltine. I know.....boring! It's actually quite good once you get used to it. :0)

Your cereal looks good Kim with the banana slices on top.

Fay Marie

Necel from the Old House in Texas

Breakfast=Diet coke. Dinner=cereal.

Marianne & Mindy

Well, I'm not a breakfast eater...but looking at the pictures I'm sure I could bcome one. That looks yummy and if I could find a cute bowl like that, it would make me eat breakfast!
I usually eat cereal at night watching a movie. Othen than that - never touch the stuff.
I'm going to have to try it
Have a great day

Kim Hancock

I prefer to have breakfast & lunch, then cereal for dinner...


I mix my cereal in my bowl with a little of each of 4 of my favorites - Rice Chex, Puffed Rice, Corn Flakes and Rice Krispies for breakfast. On occasion I eat pancakes for breakfast or dinner with Dole diced peaches in them. Yummy.


The cereal does look tasty, but that little flower bowl looks even tastier! ;-)


I like cereal and fruit for breakfast in the summer and in the winter I eat oatmeal. I love to eat a big breakfast every now and then with eggs, bacon, toast, etc. Or waffles, pancakes or French toast. Love & blessings from NC!

Kimberly Padilla

My favorite cereal is Special K Fruit and Yogurt, but that looks delicious, as I am fond of Raisin Bran too. Have a blessed day!

Shelly Virtue

My favorite flower changes daily!!! I'm thinkin big orange-red poppy today! XO Shelly


I'm a cereal nut amongst meat-and-potato guys! LOL I like cereal any time of day .... for breakfast, as a snack, before bed. And I like about any kind! Sometimes healthy with fruit and/or nuts, or sometimes choco puffs. And I like to add some half-and-half to make it richer sometimes. :)

I really like your cereal bowl!!


I love Whole Foods house brand granola. It is simply delicious and doesn't have as much sugar as other brands but is chock full of nuts and dried fruit. I also love Cinnamon Puffins and add a couple tablespoons of slivered almonds to my bowl with milk. Love your cereal bowl!

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