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April 13, 2010


Sandi ~ A Cottage Muse

I am not one to go out and meet for coffee. However I do enjoy a cup every morning at home, in front of my computer meeting lots of new people in blogland!


I love Starbuck's.Although I enjoy small quaint establishments! Great post Kim! Happy Tuesday!

Marianne & Mindy

I live in a little Town in the Country. We don't have any coffee houses here, just little restaurants.... My husband and I love making a coffee and sipping it on the front porch listening to the birds in the morning. A great way to start your day!

hip chick

This reminds me of the the Gilmore Girls town.
I do not have a favorite coffee house. But, yours looks like so much fun that I think I'm going to have to get me one.


Loved this post. Thanks for sharing. YES! I have a favorote coffee place. It is in the town I work part-time, and called "Common Grounds." I have been going there for over ten years, as that is the town I also play tennis in. They have fresh baked muffins, too, and great lunch salads, etc. I can take the computer, sip coffee and relax. It's great. I also like a good cup of Starbucks, as well.

Privet and Holly

A chain of coffee stores called Caribou Coffee is headquartered in my state, so I like to choose them when I'm out and about and want to swing in for a java jolt! Each location is similar, yet has its own vibe, too....Warm pine walls and sort of a lodge-y feel....many have fireplaces, cozy couches and chairs in addition to tables. My favorite Caribou is located on the main street of my suburban little town, across from a lake. It is connected to a sweet local book shop, and the proprietor doesn't mind if you browse and sip. Doesn't happen often for me, but when it does....heaven!


Wow great menu I am ready for lunch and its only 7.25am I did not realise you lived or are close by to Lakeland I have two sons that go to southeastern in Lakeland is that close to you? Love the pictures. Have a great day Englishteacup(Lynne)

Daisy Cottage

Good Morning Lynne!

Southeastern students are in Black & Brew all the time!




Very nice. I love coffee...but the only coffee house we have is are lucky to have such a nice place to sip coffee.




Oh I almost forgot..the chocolate chip muffins look amazing! YUM! My favorite kind of [email protected] C:

A Cupcake For Moose

Oh my goodness Black & Brew looks delightful! What a fitting post to read over my morning coffee. :) Love your photos Kim!

Have a wonderful day!

I Love Pretty Little Things

That looks like a wonderful place to spend lots of time with people you love or by yourself! What a beautiful downtown you have!
Miss Maggie is SOOOOO cute!

Trish Rowley

Hi Kim, you live in a pretty place the photos are lovely. Well I Love going for coffee and do it every chance I get. I love to go into the Blue Mountains, the foot of the mountains are about 10 minutes from me but to Katoomba it is about 1 hour by car I have lunch or even just morning tea or afternoon tea depending when I am up there it is such a Beautiful place. I usually go to either Leura or Katoomba and I spend quite a few hours walking in and out of quaint little specialty shops I just love it, they have alot of little coffee shops so I try a new one every time. When I'm home I usually go to Gloria Jeans I don't know if you have them in America they have good coffee it's a nice place to meet friends. Have a great day Trish xox')


Oh Miss Kim, Yes I do!, they have wonderful coffee too , but I am a tea girl. This little shop has become my new hang!! Located in beautiful historic downtown Smithfield. Many more wonderful times to come there!


Good morning Miss Kim! I have a favorite coffee shop in the Village. It's not as nice as yours but it's cozy like your favorite old pair of slippers. I'm headed there Weds morning before my haircut appointment to sit and play on my laptop and have a cinnamon roll and to just soak in the feeling of community. Thanks for the tour of your coffee shop. It's lovely!


Just found your lovely blog. What a wonderful way to unwind and view your posts. I found it from reading "Blogging for Bliss" which a co-worker gave me. Kudos.

Your coffee shop sounds just perfect. My favorite is just up the street in Minneapolis MN, it's called Cuppa Java. They not only have coffee, but also beer and they're a perfect stop for any occasion with friends. :)

Looking forward to following your blog Kim!



That looks like a beautiful place to be! Thank you for sharing with us. My hubby and I just discovered a local place for breakfast. It isn't all that pretty but they make the best pork roll, egg and cheese on a bagel that you ever had. And a huge assortment of coffee and flavored creamers. I have to look past the bad decor but the food is great. The kids love when we go there, my oldest loves their blueberry muffins.

I love finding a new favorite spot and supporting a local business is the icing on the cake!


Your favorite Cafe looks like a really comfy place :) I love the pictures.. and I love seeing a bit of your town :)
My favorite Cafe is called "The Green Porch" I also posted few pictures from it. Its exactly as you wrote.. thats a place where I feel like home and always welcomed :)


i forgot the www :) :

A Romantic Porch

I don't have a favorite coffee house, BUT I do love living in our historical downtown! Your coffee house is darling...just like you! xo rachel


I have never been in there, I might have to stop in one day.


We have a relatively new coffee house located right across the street from the no matter where you sit, you have a view of the lake. They also sell brownies to die for :-) Judy


I LOVE coffee!!!! McDonalds $1 coffee always hits the spot when I am on the go. I also love black and brew.... :)


Oh my live in the town i grew up in!! I dont know how I found your blog(i think a week or so ago) but your cottage intrigued me so I started following...then I look today and I see Munn Park and about jumped out of my chair! Its so bizarre that a world of bloggers and you find one right in your home town. =) my family still lives there(i wonder if you know them...hmmm) Anyway, very interesting!
take care,


What a delightful looking town you have!
One of my favorite places is a European bistro called La Misha on our square. The owner makes cappuccions like they taste in Italy... pure heaven.

Cindy S

Black and Brew does look wonderful and so do those muffins, I say as I eat my dry boiled egg and oatmeal.
No, I don't have a favorite coffee place unless you can count Tim Hortons. That is a great Canadian institution! It is usually a loud, crowded, happy place to be. There is no place for creative thought there, though, much too loud and busy.
I would love to find the kind of place that you describe B & B as being.
Hugs, Cindy S

Heather Guzman

Kim, you make me long for Lakeland! We lived there for 3 years! I love it sooo and didnt want to move back to Texas. Thanks for taking me there today! As soon as I found your blog, I recognized your house. We had a similar yellow one by Lake Hollingsworth... love me some Lakeland!

Renee Lange

This looks like a delightful place to live. So very bright and happy, yet peaceful too! Have a blessed day today doing something you love!

The Beautiful Life

LOVE Black & Brew -- it's been so long since we've been.

Lakeland is so awesome... You make it look, through your photos, even better than ever. Their Chamber of Commerce should hire you, girl! :)

Take care!



Don't have one---I've never even been to Starbucks, but almost all our Borders and B&N's have a coffee bar---even our own local branch of the city library. Those big comfy chairs and inviting little corners for a little reading and sipping---lovely.

My favorite named one is "Jitter Beans." They're getting almost as cutesy as the million names including "hair" and "shear" have come to represent salons.

And that muffin---Oh. My. I wouldn't presume to ask for a bite, but could I just take one little pinch, right off the top?



It sounds like a great place to go and visit with people. I hate to say that I do not care for coffee...don't kick me off the! I have tried it several times, but just can't quite get used to it. Maybe I am not trying the right coffee. I would love their chocolate chip muffins though.

I hope you have a great day. As always, the pictures are great!


Shannon Olson

Lovely post! Nothing like coffee, a treat and green trees. My favorite place here in Fargo is Dunn Bros. you can watch and smell them roasting the beans! Staff is wonderful, it is cozy and lots of windows and every Thurs eve a jazz ensamble.


We're very fortunate. In this town which insists on trying to hold onto the cowboy image we have two excellent coffee houses - Starbucks and Over the Moon. I don't get to either of them often because my husband isn't well. But I love to go to either when I can. I love to go to Starbucks and pick up a brew and a package of used grounds for my little gardens. MMMMMM I can smell the coffee now.

That looks like a very inspiring place to go, I love the black front and the flowers are so beautiful. Diane


I love seeing your town. We live out in the country so I
have a big yard which I love. My favorite coffee place is in Barnes and Noble to sit and chat or read and sip coffee-
ah that is the best-Hugs-Marietta :)


I love discovering coffee houses! In fact, I dream of having my own one day! A quaint, sweet setting, the aroma of coffee, and a menu full of delectible hand baked (from scratch of course :)) goodies.

Thanks for the tour :)


Sadly enough in my failure of slowing down I'd have to say Starbucks is my coffee house, although I would MUCH rather find a dainty and adorable coffee house like yours! How cute!! You live in the cutest little town. :) Enjoy!

Julie Harward

I don't drink coffee..hope we can still be friends...but i would meet you there to chat it up and have goodies. That area and your home...remind me of something out of a story it! Come say hi sometime, I promise, I'm a nice person! :D

Mary Lou

We have a coffee house that I love named Aromas. A lot of college students hang out there and it's always busy, which is a good sign. I don't drink coffee but they make a wonderful mango smoothie. I get it with tea instead of milk. They also have a great lemon/poppyseed cookie! Sugar overload but in a good way! They also feature different artists works so the wall is always different.
Here's to you..


Hi sweet Kim :)

hmmmmm...... my favorite coffee house is.... my kitchen, where I drink 8 o'clock coffee with Vanilla creamer and laugh at my silly pups. Not very original is it? LOL

I live pretty close to downtown too and can walk there, but it's not as beautiful as your town. It will be soon though (I hope), because they have started redoing it.

Oh how I have missed visiting you here! I didn't realize how long I had been gone until I logged on and heard your daddy's sweet song.

Anyway, I'm back :)

Love you much,


Thanks for walk down a lovely street with flowers, and I could almost smell the aroma of coffee! I'd like a bit of your muffin though...


Enjoyed this, Kim! And the chocolate chip muffins looked DELICIOUS. I either drink coffee at home, or maybe at a restaurant if I'm in the mood. We do have a new "sweets" place here in town where you can get coffee, something to nibble on, etc., but I haven't been in there yet.

Shelley G

Kim!! Let's go there! I LOVE Black and Brew, they have a fantastic almond joy Frappe and there has not been anything there that I have had that I do not like! Love it!

Terri Morse

I really love our B&N cafe. They have wonderful sandwiches and Godiva Chocolate cheesecake from the cheesecake Factory. I love going there to find the latest magazines and perusing them in the cafe.


I wish I was closer I would love to run into you. It would be like meeting a celebrity :).

I don't have a favorite place. I'm in Louisville right now and I can't wait to move to a smaller town.


My husband and I meet friends at a local coffee shop several times a week. Although I love coffee, we always had coffee just for breakfast or special company. Our coffee spot, the Java Loft, has great friendly service, free wifi, newspapers, and even keeps books and games on hand for it's customers to enjoy! ( Not to mention the soups, sandwiches, muffin, bagel, and desserts!)

Thanks for sharing your coffee spot. It was lovely!

Necel from the Old House in Texas

Two doors down from my office is Coffee Friends. I go there with my laptop a couple of times a week on my lunch hour and catch up on reading blogs. I always order half a turkey ranch sandwich on focaccia bread, a cup of soup, usually something cheesy, and a hot tea. If they had muffins that looked like the ones at your coffee shop, I'd have one of those as well.


Hi Kim,
My favorite coffee place is whichever one is located in the book store I am shopping in :) There's nothing like cruising the book aisles with a coffee in hand.


I've never lived in town, nor do I have neighbors and I have to say I can't imagine living any other way! I am VERY particular about my coffee though and usually brew Starbucks Cafe Verona and sit and sip it starting around 5 am.

Susan Freeman

I am embarrassed to admit it, but I must be one of the few people living in the Pacific Northwest who does not go to coffee shops. We have scads of them, but I never visit them. I drink hot tea with lemon and equal five mornings a week. On weekends we grind our beans, Starbucks of course, and brew a pot or two. Every once in a while I will get a cafe mocha in the afternoon and that's usually if I am spending some fun time shopping with David. Your spot looks charming. Now I am thinking that I should frequent some of ours.

Susan and Bentley

Mabel Tirado

En Puerto Rico disfrutamos del rico café de Starbucks. I like the turkey sandwich too.


What a sweet spot to sit and write Kim! I used to have a favorite little coffee shop that was owned by a brother and sister. They had nightly chess games and poetry readings. It was very artistic and I loved to go and relax there. Unfortunately they closed their doors a few years ago now. These days I linger closer to my Mr. Coffee machine, but I do try to make time to linger at the library:) One must find artistic spots to feed the spirit and pen.


PS - thank you so much for your sweet words, they meant the WORLD to me! XOXO


what a quaint area. i laughed when i read the coffee shop name. that is just too cute. i love my coffee, but i dont have a fave coffee shop. i do have a few fave sandwich shops i like to visit. in fact i just told my husband for posting reasons i need to visit them so i can blog about it :) i told him i have to do it for blogging purposes. hmmm.... think i can write it off :) its so tough being a blogger lol.


I love my Starbucks in downtown Franklin, TN. It feels like an old coffee shop. And since I was born and raised in Seattle, of course I LOVE Starbucks! Your coffee shop is the cutest! Blessings, Victoria Lynn


i don't sip coffee but, my hubby does and i make for him - he enjoys it in the morning at it seems his taken up residency with the birds all around him and in the evening when his day is done - i love the smell but, was never a coffee drinker - now give me tea, i'll take it - i love the places you visit and like the pictures you take, it makes me feel as though i'm visiting and taking a stroll wherever you go. enjoy your sip of coffee- lot's of love kim - your friend - maria - cottage feel


I LOVE coffee! I usually make it at home, but we love us some Dunkin Donuts here! We have a special place we go on Sunday's called Bagel and Bakes, I need to blog about them soon.
How TIMELY you post this because tomorrow mornings blog post is about our favorite little resturaunt!!! Please visit because I think you will love it! Very Vintage and very fun :)


What a pretty town. Looks like a nice place.

I don't drink coffee but love tea, iced and hot.

I like to sit at Barnes and Nobles with a new magazine and a hot tea.

Nancy Hutson Maisenbach

Oh boy, does that muffin look good!
I love my hot coffee in the morning in my kitchen. I rarely drink it anywhere else or any time other than morning. It smells so good as it brews and the aroma wakes me up.
Lakeland is so homey, well planned and attractive. I am glad you took us there.
Nancy M.

Kimberly Padilla

Oh Kim, I don't drink coffee, but there is a place in Manhattan my husband and I love to go to called Eisenberg's Sandwich Shop. They don't have a website, but here is a feature on them. It's just a nice, quaint old fashioned place in the city... so nice. You're coffee house is adorable though! Thank you for showing us!

sweet cottage dreams

I love the name...Black and Brew. If I lived in Lakeland, I'd be there all of the time, too. Nothing beats a great hangout that has energy within the walls. We have a bakery here that is a nice place to go for coffee and pastries. A popular spot - and I usually don't escape after induldging in a tasty treat, too.

I love your downtown! Spen and I sure enjoyed ourselves when we came for a visit!!


The Decorated House

Hello Sweet Kim~
The weather has been so great and the out of doors has kept me from blog visiting, so I have missed you.

I love this area of your downtown. That coffee shop is darling.

Hugs, Donna


Munn Park...many years ago, I had the pleasure of knowing Mrs. Munn and visiting in her home. I use to take my children on walks around the lake feeding the ducks and swans and walking to the library...such a wonderful neighborhood for walking.


My favorite is called Zanzibar's Coffee Adventure, or Z's for short. It was the first place I ever ordered a coffee drink ... it was 1993 ... and they serve something called Mocha Mex. Several months ago I became unable to tolerate coffee, but after whining for a few days, I discovered Z's can make the most delicious Mocha Mex Hot Chocolate. Life is good!

Jennifer S

My favorite coffee house is also Black and Brew! I like to go there and just be. But most recently, I took my 2 1/2 year old and she got a bagel and sat with me while we "read" the paper. It is never too young to teach them about coffee houses!

small garden ideas

Been to one of these stores here and believe me the garden outside of the place are really something nice to look at.

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