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April 22, 2010


Lore D'Sa

Dear Kim,

My favorite flower is the lilac! Especially, love the way the lilac bush sways in the wind and exudes a delicate fragrance of days gone by, exclaiming,"Welcome Spring"!
Hoping and wishing you have a beautiful Spring, and enjoying all of your lovely flowers in your garden.

Hugs and kisses xoxoxo


Kori Weeks

Hi Kim! What fun to run into someone and have so much to uncover regarding your past...and chatting about the present too, it makes going out an adventure! I had to smile at your giveaway because I just bought the same sweet birdy S&P shakers a few days ago! :) You can see the simple display I added them to on my blog.

Thanks so much for your posts...they are indeed a fun part of my day.

Take Care


I love Beth's garden. What a beautiful job she has done. Simply Gorgeous!

Trish Rowley

Hi Kim, Beth's garden is beautiful. I love gardens I tend to be drawn to them when I'm not well or feeling down about something or need to think gardens are beautiful. I love the old bike with the flowers in the basket that is something I've been going to do for a while but not yet got around to it. I spotted the little lizard on top of the frog how cute!!!! my favorite flower would be hmmmm I love sooo many but if I had to pick 1 or 2 it would be the peonie and roses. Have a great day Trish ;) xox

Lynda Bee

Thanks for the lovely pictures of Beth's outdoor space!
I just love any flower that blooms ! When you see flowers
blooming , it is so calming ! As always your give-a-way
is dazzling. Have a great weekend.


My favorite flower is a daisy! I do love most any kind of mum similar to a daisy. They last for such a long time, simple yet beautiful. Jackie


As I drool over the gorgeous porch setting I have to wonder - do you not get rain and wind where you live? All of my pillows would be in the next county if I left them out! My favorite flower is zinnias - always so bright and cheery and they bloom all summer!


Such beautiful pictures of such a beautiful home. Lucky for you both!

The daisy is my favorite, too. We had them at our wedding and I just love the sweet & simple beauty of a daisy.

Love, Bree


LOVE those pictures! The colors are amazing. I think I love her cosy screened porch the very best......and loved that outdoor double wooden adirondack rocker - awesome.

Indeed, a very small world.

Favorite flower above all others is definately lavender, though that is more an herb than flower, if a regular flower I would say jasmine. Or bluebells. I don't know, love them all!


Thank you so much for sharing Beth's beautiful garden and her "get together" places:) So inspiring, I must start stacking cool glass stuff at My favorite flower is anything that will withstand an Oklahoma summer:) Oh, found the lizard!!!!

Patty O'Malley

What a beautiful home and grounds Beth has! I must say I was under the misconception that Florida was somewhat bare and dry! After seeing Daisy Cottage and Beth's home, I see how wrong I was! My favorite flower is the sunflower. Thank you for the chance to win this lovely giveaway.


Kim, Beth's home is so pretty and her gardens delightful! Thank you for sharing the pictures. Hmmm, didn't spot that lizard but I will have to take a closer look. My favorite flower is the peony followed by hydrangeas. Peonies have such huge, luscious blooms and smell so heavenly! My peonies will be blooming soon, mid to late May. Have a wonderful evening!


Thank you for the inspirational garden photos! My favorite flowers at the moment are red snapdragons!:)

Jill F.

WOW, Beth's garden is just so beautiful and whimsical and fun! (And apparently little lizards think so too!) My absolute favorite flower is the ranunculus. I didn't even know their "real" name until about 2 years ago when I finally asked a florist. (Up until then I had always just called them cottage roses). Thanks for the great pictures and chance to win the giveaway (fingers crossed!)


My absolute favourite flower is the crocus. Fleeting, and already gone here, but I love that purple poking up in the spring, and opening up when the sun touches it. Its very hopeful to me! Thanks!

Fay Marie Torzsok

What a gorgeous garden you have Beth. Thanks for allowing Kim to share with us. Thanks Kim for thinking of us once again.

I love so many flowers but I would have to say Pansies. They remind me of little faces peeking out to welcome Spring.

Fay Marie


I have so many flowers that I love and since I have to pick just one it would have to be "Lily of the Valley". So delicate and simple yet beautiful. I love your post, again! Always inspiring! Please enter me, thank you.

Necel from the Old House in Texas

Okay, where is that darned lizard?!! This is a really nice post. I like the story about how ya'll met. I have a couple of stories like that of my own. My favorite flower depends on my mood but I love hydrangeas... azaleas... dogwood... magnolias... redbud... Oh, heck, I just love them all so much.

Blessings from Wyoming!


Sunflowers because they follow the sun... smart, eh? And because they are truly cheering to me, personally. And so many kinds... and now you can get those dark burgundy ones, too, for the autumn... sigh.
Found your site through Charlotte! And am I ever glad I did! Gorgeous photos and such sweet inspiration. Isn't it great when you find a new friend who is actually an old friend?
That happened to me last year. Fun! Plain and simple.
Take care.

Barbara Theobald

Kim, I was so excited I found the lizard... he's on top of the rusty frog.. didn't get to read everyone's comments yet to see if someone else spotted him.. Thank you Kim for taking us along to Beth's garden... it was a wonderful visit... what a breathtaking garden...your photography captures it all... it was meant for you and Beth to meet again... one of my favorite flowers would be the gerber daisy.. I would love to be part of your generous giveaway.. you're so thoughtful..
Love, Barbara


If I could climb into my monitor ... I would love to sit and have a cup of tea in that cute garden! Hope mine will look half as nice this summer! Waiting for it to warm UP! Thanks for the lovely blog ... it is always a treat! I just put the stakes around my favorite flower: the peony. They are an old fashioned staple in my cottage garden!


What beautiful pictures! I am inspired by all of them!!! I have MANY favorite flowers, but at this moment my favorite is the rose. They remind me of my parents house. My parents are over 2,000 miles away an I miss them so. My parents both garden and can just imagine what flowers are blooming and which vegetables are being planted. Lots of memories to make me smile! Thank you for bringing back those sweet memories!

Kathy Charniak

I want to live in Florida :) Beautiful gardens. My favorite flower is the red geranium. My kitchen has 1 red wall and a geranium wallborder. I love all things geranium. Love from ILLinois, Kathy C

My favorite flower is the pink ruffled peony. The fluffiness and ruffle-like qualities of this flower remind me of the summer dresses with petticoats my Mom made for me when I was young. I felt like a princess. In Wisconsin peonies announce that summer is finally just around the corner.



It is really hard to pick a favorite flower- I think right now it must be geraniums. I planted some in an old milk can and they just make my day everytime I see them. Thank you for sharing your lives with us!


I love all flowers. I guess my favorites are roses. I had white roses with black tips at my wedding. They were a surprise. I just loved those.

Kristen Smith

P.S. I love that house, gorgeous !


Kim: I truly look forward to reading your blog. Thanks for all you write and the pics. My favorite flower is a Lilac..I can smell them, close my eyes and it takes me back when I was a child. When life was innocent, easy and my mom made everything seem so positive and that we could do anything we set our hearts to do. (sigh) If only we could go back to those

Take care...


The gardens are so beautiful! I love this time of year. My favorite flowers are geraniums! I have them in every color in my garden!

Renee Lange

Hi Kim, lovely pictures as always. So fun to come and visit you. My favorite flower is the beautiful Peony (ants and all!) Be blessed!

Marfa (crafting marfa)

Your friend's garden is lovely! I love flowers and pretty gardens as well. In fact, I'm trying to do something with a little patch of land that I have in my backyard. Your photos are beautiful as well. You have a good eye for photography. Have you thought about taking a professional course? I'd bet you'd be fantastic at it.


What a lovely garden. I enjoyed the tour. So nice of Beth to share with all of us. Thanks Beth! And thank you Kim for the great photo's!
My favorite flower hmmmm, I love them all, but a rose is a rose : )

Courtney Wagner

Beautiful pictures! What inspirational photos. So many great ideas! I think my favorite flowers for the garden are either lavender or cosmos. Or maybe lilac. I can't decide! Anyway, cute hand towel and I'd love to win.


Carol Wolfington

What a lovely garden tour, and I so enjoyed your story of a renewed friendship. I adore the reds in this garden and in your home as well. The tea towel is a jewel and paired with the bird and garden tool a prize of a giveaway. It's hard to choose just one flower that I love, but gladiolus remind me of my grandma's garden, and I grow them now as well.

Love your blog. Thank you! Carol

Kathleen H of Indiana

Such lovely gardens! I guess my favorite is Gerbera daisies...but I love Lilacs, Sweet peas, Cosmos, Sweet William, it goes on and on. I love flowers. Spring makes me happy.
Thank you Kim for the wonderful photos and your blog. It makes me happy too.

Debbie Bell

Wow is all I can say..her garden & home are gorgeous!! Loved all her red & darling pots & pillows!!
What a lovely post & so glad you shared with us:) Your so good that way! Also so generous..the giveaway is darling & so are you sweet Kim!
My favorite flower is the pansy! My grannie had them & I think of her each time I plant them! And of course I LOVE anything pink...& wisteria makes me think of times gone by:)


I am enjoying all of the flowers blooming in the yard of our new home.

Jeanne from Ohio


Cathy Tyson

My favorite flower is the rose. I tried many years to grow beautiful roses like my Dad's with no luck. One day I was at Beth's house and she showed me her beautiful knockout roses and her beautiful garden. It was fantastic and thanks to her my yard has beautiful knock-out roses in it now. Thanks Beth.


Hi Kim, I JUST LOVE your blog--so cheery, inspirational and HAPPY! It is a joy I look forward to every day.....That tea towel is DARLING! Would love to win your give away :)


I love flowers....all flowers!! Can't pick out a favorite, it just wouldn't be fair.


Hi Kim - please enter my name in your giveaway. Beth's house is gorgeous - love her garden. Can't wait to start working in mine. Too cold to plant yet - but after Mother's Day I will be in my garden any chance I get. Have a nice weekend.

Julia @ Hooked on Houses

What a wonderful story of you running into each other like that! And what a cheery and welcoming home she has. I really enjoyed these photos. Thanks for the inspiration! :)

Val Linn

LOVED this post..Her garden is lovely and your photography does such a wonderful job of documenting that..You two are very much alike in your likes and lives..Val

Beth Kreider

Beautiful garden pictures, Kim! My favorite Spring flower is the hardy but delicately featured white narcissus. It has such a feeling of freshness and purity, like my favorite Summer flower, the "Becky" daisy. Now that I'm dreaming of Summer I would really miss my colorful zinnias,too! Oh, the beauty of flowers! That Happy Day tea towel is so cheery! I'd put it out on my stove every time my grandsons come for a visit---always a Happy Day!Beth K.


Gorgeous photos Kim! Her outdoor gardens are absolutely beautiful.

My favorite flower is the alstroemeria. I love my knock out roses too.

I'd love to win your giveaway!


Sarah Mattingly

i loved looking at all of the of all kinds make me happy :) I really like hydrangea bushes, and am going to try my hand at planting them...someday!

Beth Kreider

I cannot omit another most "favorite" sentimental flower is my old fashioned red tulip given to my mother from my grandma and then given to me by my mom. It is ancient, beautiful, healthy and loved! It is so special to me!

Robin Carr

The pictures are beautiful. Being a native Floridian living in Tn I love to look at your blog. I grew up within a couple of miles of Lake Morton and your blog always makes me feel like I am home. Boring as it is my favorite flower is the Rose.


What a wonderful garden Beth has. I really love the outdoor fireplace! So nice of you and her to share her little piece of heaven with us! Oh and I'm Pink Tulips all the way!!


What a wonderful tour of Beth's garden... she reflects a very warm and gentle welcome. Thank you for taking me with you to visit!

I must confess that yesterday while I was working in my sewing room on a new pattern that I have coming out... I left your blog on the entire day ~ I wanted to sew with your music playing in the background. My oldest son stopped by for a visit... heard the music... paused to listen as well...his heart took a deep breath.

I love roses... my sweet grandmother, who greatly influenced my life was named "Lydia Rose"... what a dear who was my hero.

Josephine Tale Pedder

What a treat. Beth's garden is magical. I can't pick just one flower Kim! It has to be two. Daisies and yellow roses. I named my daughter Daisy so that has to be my favourite. It is sweet, lovely and simple but perfect the daisy. And yellow roses because they are romantic and old worlde. I carried them on my wedding. Enjoy your weekend! xx

Mitzi Cleveland

Wow,I'm inspired by those beautiful pictures and by your blog. I love red! Love the cute little lizard. My favorite flower of all time is the lady slipper. They just look so delicate and feminine. I love your blog.


Beth's garden made me smile! Thank you for the beautiful photos. I love pansies...I used to plant dozens of them every spring with my grandfather.


Lovely pictures of Beth's garden Kim. Isn't it beautiful when our great big world becomes small. I'm happy for you both that you have the opportunity to reconnect. Relationships are a gift :-) My favorite garden flowers are red geraniums. They were my mom's favorite!


I love all of her outdoor spaces and her use of color. She's a girl after my own heart:)



what a wonderful day you two had! her house is amazing. i love to garden and have so many favorites. this year my fave is the iris. i have a 4 varities that came up this year that bloomed for the first time in 6 years! what an adorable giveaway. thank you!


Hi Kim,

Love Beth's garden-my favority flower is a rose and favorite color red.


Pat McDonald

Hi Kim, Your posts are always interesting....and relaxing! Thank you. My favorite flowers are Hollyhocks for their height and color, and sweep peas for their color and fragrance. But my very favorite are zinnias. They are easy to grow, bloom in my hot summer climate, and are beautiful cut or just enjoying in the yard. So far, with our wet winter and spring, my flowers are doing their best ever. Thanks again for sharing the beauty around your town! Pat


Dear Kim,

I enjoy reading all of your posts ! The most wonderful blog ever ! It always touches me greatly ! You know us so well, it sounds like I live around the corner..So THANK YOU !
Well, my favorite flowers are -not in order- the roses and all kinds of wild flowers ! Yes they work well together !
A kiss to Miss Maggie !
marie christine


Hi Kim, what a lovely garden!
I like roses for their beauty and hydrangeas for their colour.But for their scent I love freesias and honeysuckle!
Have a nice and sunny day,Nina.


What a beautiful garden! I love wild wisteria, Carolina jasmine, the perfect rust and pumpkin colored mums for fall and especially yellow roses, which have a special meaning for me.
Your blog always makes me smile. Please give Miss Maggie a kiss for me! I always love seeing what she is up to...

Chris M.

Thanks for sharing Beth's beautiful gardens with us. They are truly inspiring. I'm still waiting for my garden to dry out enough to get out in it, we've had one rain storm after another here in the northeast and the ground is totally saturated. I was itching to get out there before I saw Beth's garden but now I may be willing to sink up to my knees in mud to get my gardening fix. For me my favorite flower is whatever is blooming in season, tulips, forget me nots and bleeding hearts are my favorite this week. Later it will be peonies, roses, and foxglove. But probably my favorite of all time is the hydrangea. I love their clear blue blossoms which seem to last forever and how they dry on the bush in shades of green and purple-which can then be collected and brought inside to last forever or at least until next summer. Chris M

Laura Lee

So gorgeous! Now I'm super inspired to get busy perking up my deck and backyard. Favorite flower? Definitely roses!! Oh, and I found the little lizard, too. He's darting between the slats on the picnic table. Please enter me in the give-away. Thanks, Kim!


Just ONE favorite??? Iris....but they dont grow where I live.


My favorite flower is any flower I get as a surprise!
Cause really, what is better than a surprise?!


Hello Kim, I can't say how much your blog has inspired me creatively and emotionally. You truly have a giving spirit and are a wonderful friend to all. I must say that my favorite flowers are the irises that I inherited from my Grandmother. When she needed to move from her beloved home, she made sure we took them with us. Now, as they are in full bloom and lush beauty, they are a constant reminder of her and what a loving and special person(and artist)she was. They make me very happy! @}-;-'---


this post inspired me....I'm going to make some funky pillows like Beth's. Great pics!

Please have a look at my post about Fiestaware...


what a beautiful blog you have--so welcoming and bright. the music is lovely. glad i found you through charlotte's blog!
enjoyed the garden tour--a lizard playing leapfrog? too funny. we are fond of our many lizards in our borders-i encourage them to hide from the cat!
hope you have a happy day!


Cute and Adorable!!! As always, you and your pictures give inspiration and love to all!!! My favorite flower, poppy's in bright red/orange. Happy Week-end to all!!! Polly


It is a small world! It sounds like you guys had a great time! I love the pictures of her garden. They are wonderful! I hope you have a great weekend!


Deborah Downing

Thank you for the give away, Kim. The tea towel is precious! It's so hard to pick a favorite flower, isn't it? Mine would have to be the hydrangea for it's amazing color. Also, my mother grew them around our Mississippi home when I was growing up, which is a lovely memory. I've even named a room in my house The Hydrangea Room and glazed it the most gorgeous color!

Rhonda McKennon

Love the pictures of Beth's home and garden. Loved, loved the red touches. It's a place where you want to go and relax and enjoy the outdoors. My favorite flower of the moment is red geraniums. Thanks for the pictures.


What a beautiful garden and fun towel giveaway. My favorite flower are peonies.

Deb at Rabbit Hill

What a lovely and inspiring garden-full of my favorite flower-geranium. Must be an inherited love from my grandmother. I remember her porch was always full of them.
The cute little lizard peeking over the froggy head gave me my morning chuckle! So adorable!


My favorite flower is yellow roses, my wedding flowers. Thanks for the great blog and giveaway!

Deborah in Michigan


What a beautiful place to spend an afternnon. I absolutely love all the pictures you shared of Beth's garden. Thanks you! I don't think I can pick just one favorite flower. I have to go with peonies and tulips. Thank you for your wonderful blog. I look forward to reading it every day. Have a blessed day and a happy weekend! Kelly :~)


Beth's garden is just glorious! I love to garden but have a hard time knowing which plant to place where. These pics are so great that I am saving them to try to visualize Beth's talent in my backyard.

I'd have to say that my fave flower would have to be the tulip. The more the merrier. They just always make me smile. :)

Nancy Collins

Kim, these photos are gorgeous! Beth spends a lot of time in her yard and is all so beautiful, just
breathtaking. I feel sad when I think of my poor garden!
I love her screened porch. I have one, but it doesn't look like hers! Guess I'll get busy.
Thanks for sharing all the lovelies.
Smiles and Blessings,

Nancy Collins

Kim...I was so excited about the beautiful pics I forgot to mention that I love geraniums, but actually I love all
And please include me in your sweet give away! Thanks.


Lovely post, Kim! Thank you for giving me a taste of Spring:)

My favorite flower? Tulips. They come in so many colors and kinds, heralding the arrival of spring.


Ab fab garden---and post as usual! My favorite flower is the peony, but followed closely by lilac and the hearty pansy. Happy Friday!!!


What amazing gardens! You have inspired me to get moving as soon as the weather permits here in Ohio!

My favorite flower hands down is the Gerber Daisy. Sadly, I have the hardest time getting them to bloom. Sadness for such a flower to deprive me of so much joy!


Hi Kim, Beth's home and her gardens are just beautiful. I love all her colorful accents, it just makes me feel good looking at it. I decorate with colorful garden furniture, pillows etc... I even made a table for my back porch that has bright green doors just like yours. It just spoke to me and inspired me. All I get is compliments on it. Thanks for all the color you share. Love the giveaway goodies, count me in. Thanks!

Cindy Bellamy

My favorite garden flowers are pansies.
Love their sweet faces.
Thanks for the give away.
Charlotte's towel would look great in my vintage kitchen!

Rachel Folden

Hi Kim, found the little lizard peeking over the frog's head. My favorite flower is Gardenia. So beautiful and delicate and the smell is to die for! Thanks for the beautiful photos. I'm jealous of people's homes with front porches and porch swings. Your blog always takes me away to a wonderful, bright world! Thank you again. Have a great weekend!



Zinnias! A whole bed full, ready to make beautiful bouquets for the entire house.

Katie Solosabal

Hi Kim, I just found your blog and I love it! My favorite flower is a gerbera(sp?) daisy. I had them at my wedding, and my husband sends me bouquets in them on our anniversary. They're so happy! Glad I found you! Katie

Diane S.

I adore these pictures, and the giveaway! My favorite flower is the rose. Roses are intoxicating! I almost fall into them when I smell their fragrance and feel their soft petals. Swoon!
I used to grow so many roses and perennials, but, alas, don't have working limbs now. I so enjoy visiting gardens and homes with you, Kim!


Wonderful post. Can't wait til it's blooming time here. I'd have to say my favorite flower is a peony but I also love lilacs, roses and lavender. Thanks for sharing Beth's lovely home.


Lovely pics! Mine is the buttercup, reminds me that spring is here!

Katherine Ann

What a happy post!! So sunny and bright...thank you for sharing :)


I love Cosmos which I see in one of the photos...I saw the lizard too! I love your the sun is shining and it is truly a Happy Day!


Forgot to say hello to Miss Maggie. I bet you can find that lizard on that frog!


Kim, thank you for the tour of Beth's beautiful gardens! There are 2 flowers that I favor at this time of year. The oriental poppy and the old fashioned bleeding heart. The poppy plant was given to me by a kind stranger after I had admired them in her yard about 29 yrs. ago. The bleeding heart came from my Mom's yard. She had beautiful gardens! These flowers bring such sweet memories to mind!


I am not that much into gardening but my hubby is. But this spring I thought that I am going learn to love gardening.
And then I see this giveaway and I am like "That is for me".

PS: Love your blog. Love the colors....


Hi Kim,
Beautiful pics!! Not sure I could pic a favorite flower, but I do love the lily in all its beautiful forms.
Thanks for the contest!


Daffodils! Peonies! Lavender! Can't choose!



oh Kim!! how fun to be in Beth's garden-its just lovely. My favorite flowers are peonies and hydrangas but i also love red geraniums because they remind me of my grandmas garden


Cute catch on the lizard! And the one above it has a wasp, I think. Love the glass vase thing in her garden. Very, very cute towel!

Barbara Stillman

I love your website! One of my favorite flowers are zinnias. I grow them from seed every year. Please enter my name for your wonderful, generous give away. Have a pleasant day.

Barbara from Cumming, Georgia

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Thank You Betty Jo!

  • "You truly inspire me to do whatever I can in my own little nest. I've always been an artistic dreamer, but you've enlarged my dreams with your way of seeing." ~ Betty Jo
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