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March 11, 2010


Patty M

Wow, Kim...what beautiful places you got to visit. Can't wait to see the magazine. Thanks for the chance to win your beautiful giveaway!


Kim, I'm so happy for you and it's so much fun watching your dreams come true. I've been following your blog for over two years now and you have just blossomed! Congratulations and best to you in the future. I love your pics of Maggie! Hugs, Victoria Lynn


Such a wonderful givaway by such a lovely lady. I so am inspired each day when I read your blog. Please enter my name. I would love to win. Thanks


Oh Kim, you are so fun.
Count me in.
May the one who can benefit the most from the giveaway win.



Well, how about that, KM? congrats on a JOB WELL DONE!!!

I cannot wait to see this magazine! You do the best work!

This could not have happened to a better lady.

My very best to you - and to Fifi, for knowing a good thing when she meets her : - )

WOW, so awesome!



Barbara Watkins

Oh my goodness! What a wonderful and generous give away. I love your blog Kim, I have a shortcut on my desktop and enjoy it every day. Please put my name in the hat, and please draw it for the winner. LOL...........


Congrats on doing all those wonderful stories! I'm sure it was so much fun to meet with other creative ladies like yourself.

What a generous giveaway, please put my name in. Have a great night!


Congratulations Kim on being published in Romantic Country (one of my favorite magazines)! I am happy for YOU! I would also like to enter your drawing.

Julie Harward

WOWZA....Kim, I had no idea that you were a big-wig...a very important lady...I just thought you were a cute little blogger and I loved your love for color and being who you are. I must say, I am blown away and...I don't know what to say. I used to take this I'll have to go find one...I am amazed and very proud to know you and I even dare to still say...Come say hi and I hoe you will :D

Tracie~My Petite Maison

So glad to see you as writer, photographer, stylist in that glorious magazine Kim! Couldn't agree more... never, ever, ever give up on dreams. Fifi holds a special place in my heart too much more than I can say here. I do have to say to you good things happen to good people (((Kim))).


All of your treasures are simply divine!


Dear Kim, Your dreams have certainly taken you to some amazing places and the sweetest part is that we get to come along for the ride. Whee!!!*~*~*~*~*
With love and gratitude for the one and only you. . .

Kelly Howard

Even though you are a big important and talented lady, I will always think of you as the precious person with the dreamiest blog and the biggest heart! LOVE all those pretty treasures!

pogonip @ meadowsweet cottage

Kim, your amazing photography captured the spirit of both the Vintage Soul shop and Laura's creations. I'm glad we Daisy Cottage fans got to enjoy more photos than the magazine was able to display.

Don't you just love cheery little forget-me-nots like the ones on your Italian tray. Those little blue flowers seem to have crept onto my new little cottage sign too!

What a sweet giveaway--lots of treasures and a chance for some lucky soul to revel in a spending spree.


Wow - how exciting! I can't wait to see this issue! Please enter me in your giveaway; all the treasures look so great!


Wow. I have been enjoying your photography so much over the past few weeks, and this is wonderful. What a gift and inspiration to see you able to do truly amazing things with your talents and passions.


Debbie from Vancouver Island Canada

You are an inspiration Kim and so so generous.This is an amazing GiveAway...everything so beautiful!!Is that lovely glass dish a fan?...fabulous.
I have been following your beautiful blog for some time introduce us to such beautiful homes, and inspiring women....Thank you!!
I'll be getting myself a copy of the magazine if I don't by chance looks gorgeous.
Cheers :)


Congratulations on being published. What a wonderful opportunity, to photograph, write, and style. I am looking forward to reading your articles! And thank you for the offer of such a wonderful give-away. Please enter me. All the best to you in your future ventures!

LaTeaDah from Gracious Hospitality


Kim,nothing could be as exciting as seeing your name in print - well done. Please, please count me in for the giveaway - I can't find "Romantic Country" in Australia but would truly love to get my hands on a copy.


Hello Kim! I am delighted to visit you each day on your blog. I find peace, comfort, simplicity and love each time I'm here. Thank you for those gifts :-)


Kim, I am so happy for you!! Seeing your dreams come true is just . . . well, priceless! I was blown away by your article, and will be back to re-read it over the next few days. You are one talented gal! And please enter me in your lovely give-a-way, too. And if I don't happen to win, I will definitely buy a copy of "Romantic Country" magazine!

I look forward to reading your blog every day - and just want to say "thank you" so much for adding such fun, beauty, and inspiration to my life!


Oh Kim. I would so love to win. Your photos are wonderful and I would love to read the stories that go with them. These ladies have so many wonderful things in their shops. I wish I could visit in person. Maybe one day ...

Karen Davis

What an amazing giveaway to go along with an amazing post! Congrats on all that you have accomplished, you're by far one of my favorite blogs to read, so keep it up!!

hugs, Karen


You have no idea how very proud I am of YOU! Congratulations, Kim, and it couldn't have happened to a nicer, more talented person! Love you and love that this happened FOR you!


Sheila :-)


What wonderful accomplishments! Your pictures are so lovely. I would love to be included in your giveaway. I do not attend flea markets but I do like the thrift shops and I want to visit antique stores more. I enjoy the beauty and simplicity of your blog and visit it often. Joan


Congratulations!! I love all the pics and can't wait for the magazine.
Please enter me in your wonderful giveaway!
Your blog is just delightful.

Jill F.

What a great message about NEVER giving up on your dreams! You provide so much inspiration on a daily basis through your blog...thank you for sharing your beautiful soul with us!

I would love a chance to win your great giveaway!


what an inspirational post - long may you continue

dot oliver

I enjoy reading your blog everyday. I would love to win and read more text and see more pictures by you Kim.

Tina @ Enchanted Rose Studio

How exciting, Kim! I'm so thrilled for you! I received my issue in the mail yesterday! I cannot put it down! I had to leave a comment at Fifi's blog to let her know how much I was enjoying (and drooling over) ever page, and that this was the best issues ever!

To be honest, I didn't connect the dots! The more I read your post, the bigger my eyes grew...then my jaw dropped. OMGosh the Kimberly in the issue is YOU! How absolutely wonderful! I'm tickled pink for you! Congratulations! And thank you for your inspirational features! I look forward to seeing more!


Marcia Persson

Congratulations!!! You deserve it. You bring talent, enjoyment and kindness to your blog daily and I thank you for that. Here's to another 50 years :) Please enter me into your giveaway. Thank you.



Congratulations! Your blog is so uplifting and inspring. I am looking forward to reading your article! I am having a giveaway, too! Drop by and enter if you can. ;-)


I just discovered your blog yesterday and have read the postings for the past four months. I am looking forward to following you in the future as well as continuing to read old posts. The feature on Romantic Country is amazing. Congratulations on a job well done!

Alison Gibbs

Kim sounds like you have worked on some fabulous articles for the magazine. Count me in for your giveaway

Ruth Ann Adler

Warmest wishes! I certainly enjoy your blog and this entry is no exception. What wonderful news. You are certainly an inspiration to all of us:)


I have oohed and aaahed over your photos for ages now, and this post was chock full of the most gorgeous pics. You really have an amazing talent.I would love love love to hold a copy of the magazine in my hands and read your articles.


When I visited Daisy Cottage this morning my heart was filled with happiness!
I love these shops and places you visited and most of all I love the pictures of Vintage Soul. Soooo(!) romantic. They remind me of my youth when I visited my grandparents.
I also like to visit our local flee markets and thrift shops.When I find a new treasure I give it a new home (mine) and a new life by painting it in a new,fresh colour.
So I do what you do and what all your friends do and it's fun!
When I saw your giveaway, I thought: I would be delighted to find such a serving tray with the little forget-me-nots bouquet! Because it would be perfect for my kitchen-table.
Just the right colours!
And I love the egg because its message warms my heart!
Do you know the music of Josh Groban? He sings a song that's called: You Are Loved(Don't Give Up). It's a song of hope for those who feel lonely and think no one cares.
Kim, you gave us a wonderfull story today and I just needed your most important message: that we never ever give up on our own dreams! So I'm going to make serious plans to start selling my handmade creations! THANK YOU and LOVE,Nina.


Kim, your photography is beautiful..and your subject matter superb! A real visual treat! Please include me in your giveaway!


Oh Kim! I am so happy and thrilled and proud of you! You are so deserving. I see a lot more of this stuff in your future. Congrats!!!! And big hugs!


Carolyn Maves

Dear Kim,

I found your blog about a month ago, I love it! The bright colors, the upbeat attitude, thanks so much. It is wonderful to be encouraged by creative people.

I would like to be entered into your giveway.



How lucky you are to be doing something you love!

Debbie P.

Oh boy, seems you've pulled me out of lurkdom for this! Congratulations on all the "press"! That is terrific and you are certainly deserving of it - your pix are some of the most beautiful I've seen and your writing & styling are so uplifting and positive! Even if I don't win the giveaway, I'll still go buy the magazine! (and I've never purchased one before; it's all your fault! teehee!)


Kim ~ Beautiful work from a beautiful lady. Thank you! In the past 8 months a few dreams have come true for me and I'm not done dreaming yet!!

Debbie Vignelle

Wow! Just now getting the blog bug and love yours. My friend, Rhoda, from Southern Hospitality, put me on to you. I'm the Debbie she talks about and is actually posting my bedroom on Friday. Congrats!!


Congratulations to you on you "Romantic" accomplishments! I can't wait to read the magazine. Isn't Mt. Dora just so much fun to go to? I have many things in my home that I have gotten there over the years. Keep up your wonderful work, Kim. Oh yes, please include me in your giveaway. ;-)


Congratulations Kim on your dream coming go girl
oh those pics are so wonderful wish I could go see the places in real life...and what a sweet giveaway love all the goodies you are gifting away...please enter me in your wonderful giveaway....I just love reading your blog....
Thanks and have a Blessed day...
Sweet Blessings...

Patti VZ

Kim, what fun you are to read and visit with....I so enjoy reading your blog! And now you have become famous??? WOOOO HOOOO We are all SO proud of you! And sharing that wealth of information, pictures, AND a give away? Life is good!



How wonderful for you to fulfill your dreams. No one deserves it more. I can't wait to open Romantic Home and visit those places through your camera lens. As for your giveaway--WOW--and since today is my last day of the 9-5 routine I am gearing up to hit the local thrift stores in the next few weeks. I've been so inspired by you and ready to view my world through new eyes. Luv Ya!


Love your blog, gives me lots of ideas for my own Teacup Cottage. please enter me for your giveaway I would love to win all those lovely things. Have a great day Lynne


Wow what a lovely post!
I love Fifi's blog site!
That settee in the shop window is just what I've been looking for.
I love that blue floral tray as well.
Those photos lifted my mood. I've been blue and gloomy here. We've had snow and rain. I can't wait for the sunshine. I want to sit on my front porch, but it's just too cold.


Kim, congratulations! The magazine is one of my favorites and I always like seeing your name in the credits. Looks like I'll see it a lot this issue!


laura venosa dellaporta

Kim... That special someone is YOU! Meeting & spending time with you was a blessing from above. Some people just shine such a bright light on this Earth and you truly are one of them. Thank You for your beautiful article... and thank the heavens for Fifi!!!

Jeanne from Ohio

Please enter me in your give-a-way! I love your home and blog!

Betty Jo

Oh my goodness Kim what an incredible magazine and I can't wait to get my hands on it to read your articles. And such an amazing giveaway. Please count me in your drawing. Now I'm off to follow all the wonderful links from this post. ♥

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions

My goodness, Kim, you were certainly very busy! The pictures look wonderful and I can't wait to read the articles. Looking through your post my thought was I am making sure I pick this magazine up as soon as I see it, so, of course, I'd love a chance to win it! Your additional treasures are beautiful and the thrift store shopping for me would be for a headboard for our bed.


You have been a busy bee! Congratulations! I want to gas up the jet and come to Florida with my piggy bank under my arm and visit those darling shops!


Your blog is soooooooooo beautiful today Kim. You are such a talented and gifted photographer and writer and obviously these wonderful magazines think so too!

I haven't found a copy of the newest Romantic Country as of yet, but I know it will be around here soon. All of the magazines that you featured and work for, are my favorites.

It's a pleasure to know someone like you.




PLease enter me in the giveaway, and congratulations on your recent writing/photography!! How wonderful!!


Congratulations...I am so happy for you! It's so exciting to watch someone's dreams come true, especially when that someone is sweet you!

Becky Schultea

Sweet Kim,

Your wonderful features look like a feast of joy, creativity, and beauty - congratulations on your dream-come-true assignments for Romantic Country (one of my all time favorites!). What a delight it is to be one of the kindred spirits who gather here daily at Daisy Cottage and celebrate life in living color! Thank you for encouraging and inspiring all of us to be free to be ourselves by living it out yourself then sharing the experience with us!

Your generous giveaway is beautiful and so thoughtful - thank you for the opportunity to participate!

Hugs & Blessings,


Thank you for all the wonderful pictures, I am going to hunt down the magazine tomorrow when I go to the city. I can't wait.
I have to say I think you are a natural and have found your calling. Congratulations, great job!


Such a wonderful giveaway. I am so inspired with every visit I make to your blog. Your photographs are stunning.

Niesz Vintage Home

Wow! Such gorgeous, gorgeous photos!
The store in Florida is a "Must See" on my next visit to the area.
And congrats on having such a large contributing part in one of my favorite magazines. :-)
Great job! And thanks for the eye candy post!



I am thrilled for you Kim. You are one talented lady! Of course I'd love to win!


What an awesome job you have. And how sweet of you to have so many treasures in a giveaway. Please add me to the list, and thank you very much for your generosity.


Congrats Kim! you give so much joy,I am glad it is your turn! Gee I would love to enjoy the magazine,but I am thinking a name change...Romantic Country by Kim,or Kim's Romantic Views of Florida,or Kim writes about the best of Florida,or Visit Florida now,or Dreams Come True by Kim..I could go on........

I will be on my way to St Cloud.......


Wow, you have been busy!!! What a great story and and an honor that you were able to do that piece for the magazine. I love your blog, and wish I could just move into your home, it looks so inviting and comfortable.
Your give a way is very generous. I am redoing my guest room, and your blog has given me ideas to do it in the vintage style. It's been a lot of fun going to "treasure" stores and finding that perfect piece. I needed a small dresser with legs, and trying to find things on Craig's list, and just when I was going to give up for this next company's visit, I found the perfect one in a little second hand shop. My only problem now it's made of oak, in sorta good shape, it would look good painted white, but it's made of oak, and I think it would break my heart to paint oak, it's such a good wood. I have gone out and bought drawer pulls three times now trying to pull in colors. Well, I guess the hunt is the adventure!!!!

Stephenie M

You have been busy! Please do add me to the drawing..

chris mohnasky

What a generous giveaway! The mag looks delightful-can't wait to see it. If I don't win it I'll definitely have to pick one up. You're so sweet.


Your pictures are beautiful! I would love to win your giveaway! Gosh - I'd have fun looking for treasures! Almost time for the "treasure" season to start-up here in Wisconsin! Francine

Kim Nichols

Kim, how wonderful that you were able to have your work published in that magazine. I will have to go and get a copy of that. I don't think I can wait for the drawing. If I have two I will share one with my sister. She would love it, too. I hope someday I can go to that shop. It has some of the prettiest things. Thanks for sharing!


How lucky you are to be doing something that you so obviously love....the photos are beautiful. I'm going out to get the magazine today for sure. I'm hoping to be a lucky winner of one of your great give-aways!! Now I'm going back to look at the photos again :-)


I love the Romantic Country magazine! I buy every issue.

What a generous giveaway! Please4 enter me in the drawing. :)


Good Morning Kim,
Once again you have started my morning off with sunshine! I absolutely adore you and your blog. What an amazing time you must have had visiting all of these heavenly spaces. Fifi is one smart woman to have hired you, I can't think of anyone more suited for the job! I would love to win a copy, that is if I don't rush out and buy it first.

Have a wonderful day.


Sharon Avinger

You are one lucky duck to visit so many dreamy places! I'd love to win your giveaway!

Ressie Malone

You never cease to amaze me with your beautiful photos! Count me in for the giveaway! When you get to do something that you love, the beauty always shines forth!

Peggy in TN

Congratulations on so many of your dreams coming true. No one deserves it more than you. You truly are an inspiration to all of us. Thank you for making me feel like I am not too old to accomplish new things. :) ~Peggy


Oh to be lucky enough to have you visit and photograph their house for the day. Plus be featured in a magazine in an article written by you? I would be in heaven. Your giveaway is just beautiful. What a lovely gift for some lucky blogger. I think I will have to run out and get this magazine just for your articles. I don't seem to have much luck with giveaways. I think they are very lucky to have someone as talented as you on their magazine team!

Erika Holmes


How blessed you are to be a part of such a great magazine! Fifi is amazing and I can imagine a fabulous friend and inspiration. You should be so proud of yourself, I can't wait to see the magazine myself. I would lvoe to win your giveaway but I will be purchasing this copy even if I don't! Much love adn keep doing what you are doing, because you are FABULOUS!

Love, Erika

Becky G.

Oh, Kim! Congratulations! You are such an inspiration to all of us - thank you!

And what a great giveaway! Everything is so pretty, and special to know you hand picked each piece just for us!

Blessings, Becky G in GA

Donna Rae Barrow

Thanks for always sharing your 'dreams-come-true' with us ...and for holding such an exciting giveaway!

Janet (Shabbyfufu)

All good things to you sweet Kim! I could literally move into that store in St. Cloud, but then again my family may wonder where I am:-). Continued best of luck in all of your projects....xoxo, Janet
(p.s. I never win anything, but on the off may pass it forward to someone else. Just wanted to pop over & say HEY!)

Laura @ Sahm I Am

Wow, Kim! That is a lovely and very genrous giveaway! Win or not, Thanks.

Thanks for your sweetness. Thanks for the inspiration you provide. I read lots and lots of cottage-y blogs, and most of them like lots of beige and white and not much color. I love that look and admire their stuff very much, but I need COLOR! You are one of the few that just dives right in and paints red, yellow, aqua...not just heirloom white. Thanks so much.

Marty Whitney

What an inspiration to visit all the places you've been. I love when you visit old souls...they are beautiful and so creative. I'm on my way to buy "Romantic Country" right now. Can't wait to see the photos. Especially love "Old Florida" - treasures waiting in just about every town.


I am addicted!!! Thanks for your inspiration! I have been to MY local thrift shops and antique stores recently!!! You are wonderful and inspirational!

Cindy H

I can't wait to win so I am running to the nearest store to buy a copy so I can curl up in a chair with a cup of tes and read about my favorite writer, photographer, stylist and most talented friend. Oh Kim , I am so very proud of you and your acccomplishments. Thank you for such wonderful moments. You are the BEST.
Cindy H @ Happinest

Erica Smith

What a fun post this morning! I am stuck at work and staring at the heart I made for Jack that needs to be delivered! Keeping my fingers crossed!


Hi Kim,

Thanks for the opportunity to win this beautiful giveaway! Sadly, I cannot find that magazine in atlantic Canada so I hope I win!

Katherine Ann

You are the best :) Thanks for always inspiring us!!!


Please enter me. Thanks Kim.


Congratulations Kim! You are an inspiration to everyone! I love your blog, but had no idea of all your talents. Your giveaway looks absolutely fantastic! I live in the north and I am so ready for garage sales and flea markets!
Please enter me in the drawing. Thanks, and again-CONGRATULATIONS!!!


Kim, how beautiful everything you touch seems to be, congratulations on being published!! Have a wonderful day, Diana

Frances Landrum

As always----a wonderful job. Great story and great photos. A great giveaway also.....please enter my name for this wonderful chance to win. Have a blessed day!!


Your photography and writing (both blog and magazine) are beautiful. Such an inspiration!


Loved the pictures and congratulations on being published! You live in a wonderful area that must have the best yard sales. Cold weather makes our shopping strictly a summertime event. We used to have several great flea markets but the economy has closed nearly all of them. It makes me sad to see this happen. I would love to be entered in the giveaway and I already know dishes or silver would be on my to buy list!

black eyed susans kitchen

Kim, I am thrilled to see that you are involved with my favorite magazines! You have such an artistic eye for everything that I like. Congratulations. This post is full of eye candy and now I will go back and look at all of the pictures again.
♥, Susan


I'm going shopping later this morning and hope to find the magazine with your always-wonderful articles -- thanks so much for sharing such beautiful places.

I'm moving soon to a small house -- we're senior citizens and are down-sizing -- I get so many lovely ideas from you, the places you visit -- my style is a little more minimal than you but I do love the warmth and charm of all that you do.

Thanks for being you --



Wow, I love the perfume bottle!! So adorable!! I'm a new reader and look forward to your posts now every morning! Thank you so much for what you do!


Debbie L.

Kim, I am not surprised that you are fullfilling your dreams:) You like FiFi are incredibly talented and with your personality you will reach the stars!

I would be honored to participate in this giveaway:)

Please count me in!!!

Debbie L.


Dreams can come true! You did a marvelous job on all of it! I will have to check out the shop if we pass by that way the next time we go to Florida. Your giveaway is fantastic, who could resist?

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