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March 22, 2010



Beautiful photos! I just love porches! That kitchen is great, almost from another time. Beautiful home! Thanks for the tour!


so beautiful i lived those bookshelves with lots of old books :)


*i meant i loved

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

I always love it when you take us inside other peoples' homes! Mary and Gary's home is just gorgeous, and I especially love that kitchen, with the vintage stove. You can get so many decorating ideas from these tours, and I admire anyone who is brave enough to let strangers come through their home!
Happy Monday!

Kim Nichols

Kim, what a warm and inviting home. I love going on home tours. Especially older homes with so much history. They are so charming to me. Every December in a little town not far from me they put five homes on tour that are mostly older renovated homes much like the one you showed. Twelve homes is a big tour. How fun. I wish they would do on in the warmer weather here. Thanks so much for sharing this with us.




Their house is adorable, and I love the tile in the kitchen! The porches were really cute, makes me want to take a peak inside! I especially like the porch with the mirror and the topiary. Thanks for the pics, marcia


Loved the tour! I always see things that I put on my "list" to search for...


Beautiful home. Lovely porches. Thanks for sharing.


Thanks for showing us such a lovely home, as well as the azaleas and other flowers! They're such a treat to see this morning as we're emerging from a spring snowstorm we had over the weekend. Nothing like a fresh 12" of snow to remind you of who's still boss around here!


Love the tour of their home! That is exactly what I hope to do in our house. Love the look and feel of everything. It just looks like a comfortable place to live.

I hope that you got my email with my address. I sent it from my husband's account. If not, let me know and I can resend it. Thank you again for choosing me for your giveaway! I can't wait to get it!

Daisy Cottage

Good Morning Maggie!

No, I didn't get it - please send it again. :-)
I am going to try to get all caught up with emails today.



She really is a talented artist, those swans are precious! Thank you for taking us with you, her home is lovely.



So lovely! What a treat to get a tour! I know you had a great time!!
Have a joyful week!

mary-The Calico Cottage

LOVE it all! Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos!


Thanks for sharing.....loved the house and especially loved to look at all the porches.....always wanted a house with a porch!!

Susan Freeman

A lovely house. I especially like the kitchen and am glad to see that it has not been "modernized" and is more age appropriate. The kitchen counter and sink are wonderful. From the appearance of the tiles, I suspect they are new, yet are a perfect copy. It must have been a wonderful tour. Your photos as always are spectacular!

Susan and Bentley


What a warm and inviting home. Really lovely. I love the warmth of the wood colours.

Brenda Kula

Love the unusual picket fence toward the top. And all the porches, of course. I always wanted a nice table perched right underneath a window in a kitchen to sit down and stare out while I drank my morning coffee. Mary has that, and it's so cozy and appealing. Her whole home is, in fact. And you photographed it to perfection, Kim!

Julie Harward

Great photo's! I like your home better though! I'll be gone for a few days (see post)...catch back up with you as soon as I can! :D


What a cozy home....

Her art is awesome Kim !!!

All the best,
Kathy :)

Cindy S

What a gorgeous house, I love the old houses. The owners have done a wonderful furnishing and decorating it. Thank you for the chance to see it! Hugs, Cindy S.


Kim, thanks for sharing these beautiful photos! Loved the various porches, and loved the beautiful home. That's so gracious for folks to open their homes for others to enjoy. I'm sure that was a fun day for you!

I LOVED the screened-in porch on the home you showed. It reminded me somewhat of my grandparents' screened-in porch, though their's wasn't that big, or "furnished." I think it had a porch swing, and maybe some chairs, and that was it. LOL But that porch surely saw it's share of happy family get-togethers and visiting. :) It's interesting to see a porch treated as another room - very inspiring!

Our "porch" is a 3' X 5' cement slab, more of just a big "step" to the front door, and a small overhang above. Not much room for furnishing! And any sitting has to be done in the yard. LOL But I do have a rock collection arranged on it for interest, plus a wooden dog cutout that my cousin made for my dad once. :)

Thanks again for sharing the gorgeous pictures. Have a great week!

Fay Marie Torzsok

Love those porches Kim as well as Mary & Gary's home.

Thanks for doing all the hard work while all we do is sit back and enjoy. Each persons home is one of a kind and it is just a thrill to pick out little ideas for our own homes when you do these tours.

Thanks again, it is appreciated. I hope you have a good rest of the day.

Fay Marie


I always enjoy the house tours! I get so many idea's and always love each and every house.


Oh my word I love her house SO MUCH! WOW.

The original cupboards in 1920's kitchen are to do for.

TY for this eye candy, your photo taking talent is amazing.


Marianne & Mindy


Thank you for sharing your beautiful photos of Mary & Gary's lovely home. The kitchen is to die for and the house is so warm and inviting. Sounds like just an all around great day. We should be having a home tour in the next couple of months and I can't wait. Love the porches.
have a great day

Jane Carter

Fantastic! A beautiful home....thank you for sharing the photos.



Thank you for sharing the wonderful pictures of the beautiful home. I really enjoyed looking at them. It looks like the weather was wonderful! I hope you have a great day!



That was fantastic! I loved the bead board and green and yellow in their kitchen. Believe it or not, that's exactly what I want to do in mine! Now, I have a picture to show my husband and say, "See, this is what I was talking about." Thanks for sharing with us, Kim! And a big THANK YOU to Mary and Gary for letting you share!


A lovely and warm home. I really enjoyed seeing Mary's artwork and have a special fondness for the swans. Thank you for sharing this home with us. It proves that each and every home is a unique represention of the souls who live there. Oh, I also loved the sign over the kitchen range.

pogonip @ meadowsweet cottage

Charming home from end to end! I appreciated the wonderful bookcases (and the pears).


Thanks Kim for taking us on the tour of Mary and Gary's lovely home. From the screened in porch, to the entry, through the living room, to the bedrooms and then that fantastic kitchen with the vintage stove. I loved it all! Every Christmas hubby and I go to a neighboring community for a tour of historic homes in Chadds Ford, PA. That tour usually is composed of three to four homes plus some historic non-home buildings. I just love homes and I love seeing other folks homes. Nothing is nicer than a well kept home.

Teacup Lane (Sandy)

Florence Muma

Looks like a beautiful home tour, it is so nice to see homes restored to their original beginnings. Florence


Simply love it! Thanks for sharing!


Hello Kim.....I loved the photos' of Gary and Mary's home. I especially loved their corner china love that!! Thanks so much for sharing. All of your photo's always make me long for an older home in Florida with a white picket fence. Wish I could have been there to take the tour!

Renie Cee

Dear Kim,
I loved the tour of the Mary and Gary's home and enjoyed the pictures of the porch. I also want to compliment you on the articles in the newest Romantic Country magazine. I Heart that magazine! Yours and Madame FiFi's blogs are my favorites to read. Keep the home tours coming! Give Maggie a hug from me and my french poodle Beau:>)

Nancy Omachi

Thanks for the pictures Kim...I really enjoyed them!

judy hale

Kim I loved the tour thank you so much for taking us along.I found you thru Dan and I have absolutely fallen in love with all the things you share with all of us. I knew I would because of the name Daisy was my mothers name and all the music you play she played on her first big wood stero I remember all the tunes like Last Date by Floyd Cramer one of her favorites.The houses that you have shown are really neat alot of the things I remember people having in their own homes when I was growing up I am 58.The weather looked great for the tour and the flowers were so beautiful can't wait to plant some flowers here in Illinois hopefully it won't be long.Have a great day Kim.


Love the Tour! You captured the warmth of the home so sweetly:)thank you for sharing.....


Home tours are so much fun!! Thanks for sharing Mary and Gary's home with looks so warm, cozy, and inviting.


Thank you for the wonderful tour of Mary's home. My grandmother's name was Mary and it it my first name:) So I immediately thought of my grandmother.

The porches are wonderful. Mary's house and art is so lovely. I collect bowls, too. My parents had a fan like that. (The one by the bowls). There are so many things to comment on, but just want to say thank you so much for sharing.

I'm jealous because the azeleas are blooming there already. I can't wait until mine start blooming.

Your blog and pictures are always so inspiring.

Now I've got to get busy with a few projects of my own.


I forgot to mention, my daughter lives in a historic district (St. Elmo) of Chattangooa in a home that has so much character. One of the front porches reminds me of hers. When I drive to her house I'm always so busy looking at all the beautiful old homes in her area.

Tracy Barkett

Thank you for sharing those beautiful pictures! The kitchen was my absolute favorite!
simply White Vintage

Maura (in Kansas)

Kim thank you for taking us on the tour of your friends home..what a beautiful home it is! Love your photography...I hope one day the photo's on my own blog will be half as good as yours. You have an artists eye! Have a wonderful Monday! Maura

Kathleen Grace

What a darling home, I adore her black and white counter tops! Everything looks so warm and homey:>)

Jean Eakin

Kim , thanks so much for the home tour and making this Monday afternoon so enjoyable. Nothing i love anymore than seeing in someone elses home and finding ideas to use in mine.
Have a wonderful Monday,
Jean in Virginia


Thank you for sharing your day. I love where you live. My style of a home in my dreams, but in your photos. Looks like a beautiful neighborhood and wonderful neighbors. Your photos are all exquisite, with your new camera. I am in awe of what you are able to capture. What a special Blog you have. I am so glad you continue on sharing. A very special gift to all.


wonderful...they made a lovely classic old look in their home.It was truly beautiful. I have to mention...I too have the same corner hutch that is in their dining room.( right before your pictures enter their kitchen) It belonged to my Great Grandma...I love it so. Thanks for sharing. Mica

Lynn Paterson

Sounds like such a fun time.....nothing like a home tour to get you motivated to fix your home up! Thanks for sharing your lovely experience with all of us. I felt like I was there with you. What a great weekend!


What a beautiful home, you can tell that happy people live there. Thanks so much for sharing.

Bella StyleBook

Thank you for sharing this day with me. I love house tours.



Thank you for bringing us along truly is a beautiful home and Mary is one amazing artist...


Kim, thank you so much for taking us on the tour. Mary & Gary's home is absolutely beautiful. They have done a wonderful job decorating and maintaining the character of their home. You are an awesome tour guide, thanks again.


Pam R

I love the swan paintings!


Gorgeous porches and gorgeous home. Thank you to you, Mary and Gary for sharing with us. I have a Mary and Gary living next door to me.


Thanks for the wonderful tour -- I almost felt as though I were there. I just adore the old Craftsman style -- does the whole neighborhood look that way? And when I got to the kitchen -- well, I had done those same tiles in my last house! I was so sad to leave them.

Thanks again for sharing.


Debbie from Texas

Beautiful photography!! Wish I could have been there!:)

Diane Price

Kim, I finally got a copy of your magazine. It was fabulous, you are very gifted. Loved the writing and photography. Great magazine!

Trish Rowley

Hi Kim, thankyou for the tour of Mary and Gary's home it is just beautiful, over here in Australia I have never heard of home tours only open gardens but what a great idea. I loved all of the furniture and that bed is to die for just beautiful, so thanks Kim I feel like I've just walked through a piece of American history and may I say it is Beautiful!!!! have a great day! Trish') xox
P.S The cyclone passed without event just very strong winds praise God!!!!

Kate Reddan

Beautiful House, Beautiful Art. Lakeland Florida is a very beautiful place. I would love to visit the area someday.
I would also love to go to the Fancy Flea. Maybe someday but for now thank you for taking me there through blogland.
Love Kate

Peggy in TN

Thank you for all the tours you so kindly share with us, especially since they are in my old neighborhood!


Oh, Kim, thank you so much for that tour of Mary and Gary's beautiful home. Love that front porch. I could spend lots of time there! And all those other front porches were just delightful. Thanks for sharing your day!

Pamela Thompson

GORGEOUS~ I just like to come and look at your photos.. what an amazing place~


Thanks for the great tour, Kim. Very warm and comfortable home. For some reason I just love the shot of the stove, spices and sign. And I wondered if she painted the rooster. I really like that. I love your home tours. I always get inspired to do different things in my own home. Diane


Thanks for the tour. Cozy was the first word that came to my mind. I love the home. I even saw a book on their shelf that sits on a shelf in my home.....Tales of Old Florida.......a great book! Great photos Kim! Thanks for sharing.

Kimberly Padilla

What a delightful home. Thank you for sharing. Mary is a wonderful artist, indeed. I really liked the swans. So glad you had a great day for the tour!


Oh how fun! Mary and Gary's home is gorgeous. Thanks for sharing photos.



such beautiful rooms, decorations and artwork!

Alison Gibbs

Kim thanks for sharing Mary and Gary's lovely family home with us. Such an inviting atmosphere.



Dear Kim
Please tell them thank you for letting tour there beautiful Home! Thank you for the beautiful Photos!


Oh my - Mary and Gary - your home is charming - charming and delightful. Thank you for sharing your home with us and Mary your art is fabulous and perfect for your home. Kim your photographs are wonderful.
Have a lovely week.
Erin and Bentley


Mary and Gary's home tour, what a lovely place! A breath of sunshine and a mini vacation for the spirit. As always, thanks for sharing Kim!


Lovely pictures of a lovely home.

I remember so well when mom and dad bought a stove exactly like Mary's. We kids were fascinated with the colored push-button lights for each unit. On Sundays, mom would use the timed baking oven to have dinner waiting for us after church, and quite often it was our favorite: Scalloped corn, scalloped potatoes and scalloped salmon. Yum!

Elizabeth Marchus

HI Kim,
How fun to take photo's of your dear friends home. It's as lovely as can be. I love the green tile on the fireplace and the rugs are fab. I'm a big fan of area rugs. The kitchen black and white tile is so charming, I really love it!
I always enjoy seeing how other gals decorate their homes. It's so much fun to share ideas with each other. Stop by if you have a chance, I am having my first 100th post give a way!..
Hugs, Elizabeth

black eyed susans kitchen

This is just a wonderful home! Kim, you have a way of finding all of the beauty and capturing it for us. There were so many things to like about the decor and style of this house...but you knew that...and I thank you for taking me on this tour.
♥, Susan


Oh man, I surely hope I get to live in a neighborhood one day. Or that I at least get to tour one! Those white linens make my little heart sing.


Your many photos are beautiful Kim. You did a great job capturing the peace and grace of Mary and Gary's home. I found some tips for art placement. I will return to look again and again.
My heart is on it's way. Thanks again for organizing hearts for Jack!
Yours truly,
Nancy M.



i love the glass knobs on the kitchen cabinets and on one of the doors, the little details make such a big impact, thank you Gary and Mary and Kim for sharing. love ya,

xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo - cottage feel -

Ashley Schott

Oh my goodness this was such a great post! Great photographs, and beautiful home. I am obsessed with that sign in their kitchen!


Hi Kim,
I am hoping to make my first trip to Florida next year for this tour. Is it always the third weekend in March? Maybe I can convince some other blogger friends to meet there too...wouldn't that be fun??

Janet@ Housepeepers

Patty O'Malley

What a beautiful neighborhood!

Barbara Anne

Lovely, lovely, lovely!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you for taking so many photos so we could enjoy the serenity and beauty of this wonderful older home. These are spaces meant for people to live in from the time it was built as is typical of Craftsman homes. The owners have furnished each room so graciously.

It's wonderful!!

Denise Walden

Makes me want to go and decorate my house....... Such beautiful pictures......... Goodness...... such simple beauty......... Thanks for sharing and thanks for becoming a member of my followers.........

Lynda Baker

Dear Kim:
I just read Romantic Country for the first time ! I
loved the magazine and your great articles! You are truly
gifted, whatever you do ,you do well ! Congratulations !
You are truly an inspiration. I did a re-do on my laundry
room this past weekend. The only expense was for paint!
Everything was a garage sale find or flea market item that
I had on hand ! I adore your blog and music. Thanks for sharing your heart and soul. Keep up the great work!
Lynda Bee


oh how I love the kitchen!! Love it all! Thanks Kim for sharing.... hugs to you dear!!

sweet cottage dreams

Oh my goodness!

Where do I begin?

I so enjoyed touring Mary's beautiful Craftsman home. There is such a love the exudes in the warmth of the woods, cozy niches and personal touches. The paintings are amazing - LOVE the chicken! The bowls, the glider, Mary's paintings, the books, the stove and that little cottage pillow are my favs.

What a fun day and a delightful post!



I haven't read all the comments so I hope I'm not repeating what someone else said, but I think what struck me the most in their home is the beautiful rugs that bring each room together. Those rugs are stunning and the furnishings are unique and beautiful, but simple at the same time. Mary's paintings are wonderful too. I really enjoyed that tour!


I haven't been reading your blog for very long but already I find myself talking to myself when I'm at one of MY many Goodwill's. I'll find an item and think oh Kim would love this, especially when it's red. And today I found a fellow thrifter at my new Goodwill. She was very inspiring since she wears what she likes and doesn't care how many stares she'll get. And her taste is as eclectic as mine. Thank you so much for inspiring me, although I am living with a friend and can't decorate, I slowly collect items. Since coming back from Iraq back in 2008, my spouse and I are getting divorced and I want to make sure that my children and I have a home be it rented or otherwise that feels like our own. With nary a reminder of my previous life except for pics for the kids benefit.

Angela Harvey

You have made my days so much brighter-thank you!! I am a new business owner of a quaint little gift shop in Wyoming and the first year has been difficult & stressful. On days when I don't think I'll last a minute more, I visit your blog and it takes me away and helps me find peace in my day. March was a very, very slow month, taking my stress to unbearable levels and you saved me!! I know how very silly that sounds, but your photography and loving words help me appreciate the simple blessings in my life and to be thankful for little things. I have been able to step away from the bad and look more at the good in my life. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Susan Minor

Really pretty pictures. The first time I've seen your blog. Thank you.

Susie Q

This is beautiful Kim! Please thank Mary for alowing all of us to peek into her lovely and warm home! I adored every nook and cranny!!
Happy Easter to you dear heart...

Love always,


I am a new reader of your blog and find it absolutely charming. Thanks for sharing this beautiful home on your tour. Any idea of the paint color used in the master bedroom. I know I can while away alot of hours looking through your site.

Regina M.

Dear Kim,
I love your blog, your house and your garden. It´s always a pleasure see all the beautifull things you post.

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