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March 06, 2010



What a wonderful post! I love to cook and I find that when I cook with things used by my Mom or my grandmother it just brings their sweet presence to mind.

I have a notebook that my mother wrote all her favorite recipes in and gave to me. She has one identical to mine. My grandmother (my mom's mom) had one as well.

I have a very worn, beaten tin 1 cup measuring cup that belonged to my great-grandmother (same side of the family still).

I come from a long line of great cooks. I am reminded of my heritage through these treasures in my kitchen and only hope I live up to these small hand-me-downs that I love so much.


I do enjoy cooking but my mother never did. We joke about how I don't have any childhood memories of cookies baking in the oven. She recently gave me a sugar cookie scented candle as a silly gift. I do remember weekends at Grandmas baking cookies and making fondue (my sis and I thought that was really fancy). I have some of Grandma's recipes some in her own handwriting which I treasure.


I love your post! I have my grandmother's iron skillet too! I baked cornbread in it today! I remember helping my Maw Maw make cornbread in it when I was a little girl. I hope to pass the skillet on to my daughter one day :)

pogonip @ meadowsweet cottage

My green-handled rolling pin was a neighbor's before she moved into a retirement home. Between the two of us it's rolled out many a pie crust over the years and I think of her each time I continue her tradition of homemade pie.


my momma's skillet made the best hash browns ever and the best chili verde, i still lick that pan, hmmmm gooood, per my husband dave, that loves your music and your site, i'm glad we're of one heart. as a matter of fact my son laz is 12 years old and loves your music as well, thank you for touching our family kim, love ya, dave, maria and our son lazarus

Rebecca Henry

Love the post. Tucked in the corner of my kitchen counter is a vintage Shawnee Smiley Pig cookie jar. It sat for as long as I can remember in the corner of my grandmothers kitchen. My grandmother was a real grandma. Full bodied, cooking, gardening, apron wearing sort. Not like my mom who is a "Glam ma". A nice thing is, I can still revisit the house as a friend actually bought it.


Julie Harward

I feel some of the same feeling when I cook, remembering how mama taught me to do it all. I have a big orange pot that my mama passed on to it and I love to make big pots of soup or chili in it! Now, my son is day, he would love to have that! :D


What a great post! Grandparents are so precious. The most nostalgic thing in my kitchen is my shortbread recipe that my great-great grandma brought over from Scotland. Five generations of women in my family have made it with love. I make it every Christmas and it makes me feel so connected.


I have a wooden maple rolling pin that my grandfather made. Every time I use it, I think of him and the wonderful pies my mother and grandmother made with it. I also have my mother's family cookbook. She made one for each of the women in my family. It was typed on a typewriter and she added little family sayings here and there. My favorites are - "if I never get started, I'll never get done!" "Be kind to one another." and "He who does not work, shall not eat!" :D
Thanks for the memories this morning!


I have a recipe file that was a wedding gift that contains handwritten recipes from all my great aunts. My favorite is not actually a recipe, but a note and it says "Since I'm not a great baker, the best recipe I can give you is to go to the store and buy a Sara Lee"..Love Aunt Anna.
I keep that one clipped in the front and it makes me smile everytime I see it!


I too have my Mother's cast iron skillets! My most favorite is all her hand written recipes...makes me feel a little closer to her everytime I read them. Thank you for sharing...brought back alot of memories!

Becky G.

I have several things in my kitchen that remind me of my dad's mom "Mama Cliffie". One is a depression glass bowl that she always used to make her cranberry congealed salad at holidays, and I use it for the very same. I also have a cabinet or cupboard that was hers. I don't know the history, but t's obviously very old. She had 'antiqued' it avocado green, but when I got it I re-antiqued it to a mustardy yellow. It now stands in my breakfast room as a place to store my cookbooks, etc. It has three holes in one of the bottom doors that look like bullet holes, but I guess I will never know as everyone who would have known are now long gone. I love having things around me that remind me of loved ones. They bring them closer in a way!

Have a great weekend! Becky in GA


I have a blue enamelware pot that my mom used to strain her coffee in. She never liked clutter (as she called it)so her kitchen was always white and bear, but that coffee pot was always out. The only punch of color in it! LOLOL Thanks for the memory...I can still smell the coffee.


Chris M.

Dear Kim
Your post almost made me cry. I don't have a skillet but I do have a beautiful hand painted plate my grandma gave me when she had to sell her house. It always hung in her kitchen. I have it in my china cabinet but you can bet today I'm hanging it in my kitchen. Oops, here come the tears I MISS my puppa so much. How can so many years go by and still we have such a hole in our hearts where these wonderful people used to be. Actually they're still there, it's our world that has the hole. I think I'll go cook up some bacon. Puppa used to make breakfast every weekend. He'd let me help with the bacon as I stood on a chair near the stove. It drove my grandma crazy but he would always let me do what I wanted - I guess that's what puppas are for! Aren't we lucky to have had them? Chris M


Loved your story! My favorite thing in my kitchen is a yellow McCoy flower pot that belonged to my grandmother. She had a window in her kitchen where she had glass shelves for her African Violet plants. This pot was from her collection and I have an African Violet plant in it as well. I had two pots - one that I gave to my sister. They never bloomed until the day my sister passed away 3 years ago...and mine has bloomed almost constantly since that day. The tiny pot of African violets on my windowsill makes me smile everyday...


Oh this one struck home! Yes, and she remains a strong memory even though she's been gone over 30 years now. I also inherited much from her but the things that mean the most revolve around her kitchen. She loved to cook for friends and family and made the most delicious biscuits and cornbread in those cast iron skillets. If they could only talk...


Oh Kim, I just KNEW there was something (something special) about you that I liked! And now I know it's your West Virginia roots! We go by Spencer to return to my hometown of Clay, WVa. I love traveling the winding roads there and breathing in the sweet smell of wild honeysuckle from the surrounding hills--it's like being in a perfume shop in the middle of nature!

Like you, I too, have my Mother's cast iron skillet. It was her only thing of her Mother's; so it's very special. I've just recently begun to use it when making biscuits and apple cake. Cast iron skillets are wonderful for baking in addition to frying and for connecting us with all the wonderful women who've gone on before us.
Great post!


I have some recipes from family members that I am going to put together in some format for my son and daughter. I think I would like to add a comment about each of the people I got the recipe from to help my kids know about each of these people who were part of my life. Some of the favorites will be the handwritten ones I received at my wedding shower over 40 years ago.

Marianne & Mindy

Your post today brought tears to my eyes. I lost my mother to breast cancer when I was 27 years old. My mother and I were very close. I have all of her aprons (which my grandmother lovingly made), I have the first thing my dad bought my mom, a cookie jar!, I have my mother's dutch oven and the most precious thing that I have is her hand written recipe for german rum cake (with the special pan she made it in). I wouldn't trade any of these things for a million dollars. Every time I use the dutch oven or put an apron on or make her famous rum cake, I smile and feel close to her. I miss her so.... I am now 52 years old and have a daughter of my own. She even loves the cookie jar..what a lovely post.
Have a great day Kim...I'm going to have another cup of coffee and remember.
Thank you


Kim, what a lovely thing to have, not the skillet necessarily, though that is lovely, but the wonderful memories you have of them. Sadly, I cannot say I have those. I pray my children and grandchildren will have those to cherish.

I live in a very old house, built in 1850. I love my kitchen, though it is not original, the original smoke house is out back! :) We used to eat in there, (the kitchen, not the smoke house):) but around Christmas time I did a little re-arranging. (that seems to happen a lot around here) Anyway, we seem to spend so much time in there that I set up a sitting area in front of the fireplace. It's warm and cozy. Our dining room is just a few steps away, so I figured we would eat there. We really like the arrangement, and I like using the dining room more.

Oh, my favorite thing in my kitchen, well it's new. My fiestaware!!!

Rebecca Cook

I have my grandmother's canning book, my mother's recipe box with her recipes and her favorite apron. It isn't pretty but she made it herself and she wore it almost daily. I feel wrapped in her love when I am wearing it. I own several cast iron skillets. There is not another pan that bakes corn bread as good. Loved your post!


I love your and of my favorite color combinations...I have an iron skillet that was my dear MIL's and her mama's before her..old iron skillets..they are wonderful aren't they? Most especially when they were used and cherished by loved ones before us...blessings to you and your


I have my husbands's 99 year old grandmother's apron that she made when she was a child. It hangs in my pantry from tiny little wooden clothes pins. She's still living on the farm all by herself and is an amazing woman.


Why, yes, I do. It is cast iron, too, but it is a dutch oven, a little deeper than a skillet and with its own cast iron lid. It belonged to my Daddy's Mother. I enjoyed many meals in my youth from that fine dutch oven, and my family and I enjoy many meals from it now. It is precious. I loved my grandmother dearly and this is a steady reminder of the love she always gave me in return.


I grew up learning to cook with a cast iron skillet. It actually took me years to learn how to use anything else. I love that you are authentic to yourself and therefore surround yourself with all the things that you love and make your heart sing. I wish more people had the courage to do that. Have a beautiful weekend.


Love this blog posting....what did you do for your "worldly" job before now? I sure hope it was involving journalism. You have an intuition for linking to the reader's heart. I am a writer of educational administration "stuff" and I admire another fellow wordsmith! Sheila


Kim, very lovely post. I love your country eclectic kitchen. The skillet is the bast though, my mom has always used an iron skillet and hers is perfect. I have one too and I use it all the time, but mom's skillet is the best. Thanks for sharing. Marla

Daisy Cottage

ahhhh thank you VERY MUCH dear Sheila!

I was a Mommy. Still am.



A wonderful place to visit, Daisy Cottage. Glad I stopped by! I had a wonderful mother-in-law...more like a grandmother, as she was 50 years my senior. She was a cherry rancher and prolific canner. I now have her canning equipment and cherry stoners/pitters. The one that I display in my kitchen looks like a lid for a Mason Jar. Attached to this lid is a spring-loaded "nail" that pushes the pit of the cherry through a small hole, down into the jar. My husband, now 67, remembers that it was his job to help pit the cherries. Lucky for him that cherry season and summer vacations began at the same time:)


Dear Sweet Kim,

I had a mamaw and papaw too and they lived in a white farmhouse, with a great big pasture behind it that led straight to the bayou. A long dirt road led you to their home and opposite of the road were cotton fields as far as the eye could see. Most of my passion for collecting came from things in their precious home; milk glass, patch quilts, rag rugs and other bits fill my memories and inspire my gathering. Thank you for sharing your memories because they brought back mine (cozy scents and all). Oh and I too have a cast iron skillet! It belonged to my mommy :)


I have an old pot that was my MIL's. She gave it to DH and I when we first set up housekeeping together. Actually she gave me a pot, a pan, a colander and a "boy" with a packed suitcase! (;0)
I still have the pot and the "boy" and they've both stood the test of time. I do have iron cookware that I use everyday. I love my skillets and hopefully will pass them down to my grandchildren, who hopefully will have fond memories of me.
Love the pictures Kim--you make everything look and sound so wonderful and homey.


Oh, yes, Kim. You described it perfectly. I'm fortunate enough to have a couple of my Grandma and Grandpa's things and when I use them I feel the same way. My sister says I live in the past sometimes. However I feel we're connected to it in ways that we don't have in the present. What a beautiful post, it almost made me cry. If you have don't mind me copying you I think I'll post about that today. Diane

jennifer d

Kim this is such a pretty post, so heart warming and the music is making me feel all mushy inside.
Nearly everyday I use the cast iron skillet that my family used on camping trips. My mom didn't use it for everyday cooking, she thought it was too heavy... more of a non-stick kinda lady. I will keep it forever and ever.

P.S. do you speak with a southern accent? Just wonderin'

Jessica G.

I have my maternal grandmothers multi-sized and multi-colored mixing bowls and her pyrex covered food savers (the precursors to Tupperware) that she used from the 40s onward. My mom can remember specifically things that were mixed up in each bowl, which was selected for mixing pancake batter, which held potato salad and so on. I use them almost every day and I love that not only do they have a rich history it is MY family's history and memories that they hold.

I'm a first time poster, just found your blog a few days ago and I love it!


I have to tell you how happy I am I found your blog a couple weeks ago. I love the music and can relate to so much.
I've been thinking about doing a blog of my own about some things I have. Last year my mom let me search through the shed for some dishes that were my Mam maw's. They are gold (yellow?) and came from a movie theater in the 1940s. I brought them home and lovingly cleaned them up and gave them a spot of honor in my built in hutch in my dining room.
She also gave me my Pa paw's (my mam maw and pa paw were divorced) silver. I looked it up from the markings on the back and found the pattern. I polished it and we have used it at special family dinners for the past 2 years now. I have a dutch oven that was his, too, that I use often.

My dad is gone too, but I have things that he and my mom have given me that I think of them each time I use them.
I am a grandmother and I realized the other day I am making so many memories with my grandchild. She is so like me in some of the things she likes to do. I've been putting her favorite recipes in a cookbook that will be hers some day. Some are things I've made up.

Memories are wonderful, aren't they, and things you can hold that bring back those memories are even better.


OH I love the skillet!
I don't have anybody's skillet but my own. But my hubby bought it for me right after we married brand new at a Flea Market. We had no business at that Flea Market- we were broke. He spent his last bit of cash on that skillet. It was an investment he said. It's huge! I love it... and I cooked many a meal in that skillet for my family when the kiddos were young, I still use it to this day.
But it makes way too much food! "Who does it remind you of?" ,you ask? My Honey and my kiddos. You can see my skillet here


I have an armoire, which holds all the linens and dishes for setting my table. I love it because it belonged to my grandmother and grandfather. I don't see them very often, but it reminds me of how much they love me.

I also have some white and red crocheted pot holders from Opa's cousin, Gerda. I never personally knew her, but I have read a little of her history and have heard many stories about her. I would have liked to have known her.

The curtains in all three of my kitchen windows were lovingly sewn by my sister. She found the roll of fabric at a yard sale and snatched it up because it reminded her of me. Then she drove three hours, to our house, and stitched the curtains up right there. The bright red and yellow floral fabric reminded her of me. The curtains remind me of her.


Meant to say I love reading everyone's comments.

And my kitchen has yellow and red in it.


Thank you for that beautiful post, Kim! I love cast iron skillets anyway, and I loved what you said about yours and precious family memories. Though I don't have it, my one Grandma used to cook in one, which was interesting for certain reasons! I do have Mom's, though she didn't use it much. We have 3 sizes of skillets, a round griddle, and an oblong griddle (cast iron)! LOVE to cook with it.

As far as my own kitchen goes, I'm so happy to be able to treasure a lot of things from my Mom's kitchen. Her recipe box, rolling pin, saucepans, metal mixing bowls, etc. One thing, though, that never fails to make me think of our baking projects is a canister set on a carousel, heavy "plastic," and it's avocado green and white. I know that's terribly outdated, but like you and your skillet, I wouldn't trade it for anything! I've even still got the same tupperware sugar scoop in it. :) I also have an apron that my other Grandma had - calico print and full-length. But I don't really wear it, as she was petite, and I'm very tall! LOL So I just keep it and enjoy it that way. :)


Ah, I had to comment just once more - I couldn't help but think of a few more treasures! Mom's Betty Crocker cookbook from the '50's. (The "chocolate cake" page has decades-old spatters on it!) I have Mom's cookie jar that she got when we were expecting our first baby - it says "Grandma's Cookie Jar," and it used to have a lid. But the lid broke, so she just used a small saucer as a lid. Though I'm not a grandma, I love having that cookie jar and knowing how happy she was at the time to become a grandma!

Then, my one Grandma who had the calico apron - she was born in 1877, and I got to know her for 10 years before she passed away at age 94. She was old-fashioned and I loved her dearly and still do. I'll mention this one more thing, then I promise I'll quit! LOL I have an old-fashioned red-and-white heavy cotton tablecloth that was hers. Once in a great while I'll put it on a table for awhile. It looks like she made it herself (hemming, etc.), and has patches she put on. It also has a hole or two, and I'm so afraid to wear it out! But I put it out anyway, and just love to see it on my table with an oil lamp, or whatever. Thanks for letting me get all these comments out of my system! Have a great day, Kim. :)


I have a cookie jar my mom made when I was little in ceramics. Her name is gramma cookie and she has been glued together a few times but I couldn't part with her, she sits atop my antique Hoosier cupboard and watches over my kitchen. She is a little gray haired lady with glasses and a yellow dress with a cute apron. I love her.

My husband's grandmother is also from Spencer WV, he calls her grammie. She has told us many stories about living in an old farm house in Spencer. Her maiden name is Webb.

By the way I love Daisy Cottage!


I have this little blue and white pottery slipper on my window sill that used to belong to my Nanna (Grandma). It used to sit on her window sill in her little kitchen. I lok at it every day when I am washing the dishes and I think of her. It's one of my most-loved possessions.

Jolie Anne

Love your skillet story, Kim. I wish I had one of those and I remember seeing my grammy's on her antique stove, in Omaha,NEBRASKA!
I have a painting from a friend of the Jupiter Lighthouse in Jupiter, Florida. It is right above the chair that my Yorkie-Bebe claims as her bed. Sometimes the sunlight comes through the skylight and lands right on her. She loves the sun and it's warmth.
I wish I had some old things from my Grammy's kitchen. I don't so I buy them at thrift stores!
Love, JolieAnne


I never had a cast iron pan till I moved in this house. And I love it and wonder how I cooked all these yrs. without one lol. But its not a family heirloom, perhaps tho one day it will be.

I have my grammas lusterware canisters.....there were only two left. I also have her turkey roaster. Its nice when I pull it out at the holidays to use, makes me think shes still around.

Ashley Schott

I don't have a cast iron skillet, but the family I work for has one and I love using it! It is clearly very old, but it cleans so well. My stainless steel skillet makes me want to pull my hair out!
Where was your Papa and Mama's farmhouse? My mom's parents live in a little town in Arkansas and I just love to go there. I haven't been in about 10 years, but I want to try to go next Christmas and take my husband. I miss it there. Life is so much slower, friendlier and simpler than here in California. We call them Memaw and Papaw:) And their house has that distinctive smell, the one that makes you feel so warm and wonderful while you are there, the one you miss terribly when you leave. I miss sitting on their porch swing and drinking sweet tea and listening to my Memaw tell stories about what God has done in her life. She has a pretty accent that sounds like a lullaby and makes you more relaxed than anything in the world when she talks:)


What a lovely post! I have a cast-iron skillet that belonged to my grandmother but the thing which holds the most meaning for me is a metal colander that belonged to my mother. My parents divorced when I was 4 and I never really saw my mom again until I was grown. I don't remember her using the colander but I do have memories of her in the kitchen so it's nice to have something that was hers.

I wonder if she knows about this? I'll have to ask.

Necel from the Old House in Texas


I have a skillet too and it belonged to my mum. She gave it to me 29 years ago when I got married and I never fail to think about her when I use it. She passed away a year and a half ago and I love having her things around me.


I have an orange bowl, which my mum gave me when I moved away, she has had it since she moved out form her parent. It is not fancy or anything, it is a very common orange plastic bowl, but it is the history, right? I love things with a history:-)

Maura (in Kansas)

Hello Kim, I love this brings back such happy warm memories of my Nana. She and Grandpa are the ones who raised me. She was from Newcastle Upon Tyne in the north of England and everyone loved my her. I still have her old potato masher and muffin tins and note book where she wrote all her recipes. It's wondeful to see her handwriting, Grandpas, and my Aunts and recipes that were from their neighbours and friends from the neighbourhood. Some date back to the 1930's! Thank you for making my day.

Barbara Anne

My mother's family kept everything, so I have two sets of the primary colored Pyrex mixing bowls from my mother and my grandmother, and have several pieces of cast iron cookware as well as furniture. I love it all.

May I share an idea I had a few years ago that was probably the best idea possible? My dear MIL had used up her 1950s edition of "Joy of Cooking" and had even lost many pages after the book fell to pieces. My first thought was to get my MIL a new "Joy of Cooking" but, happily, it came to me that I should look for a duplicate of her 1950s book, but one that hadn't been used up. I knew what the cover of her book looked like, and sure enough, I found one on eBay that was all but new, though nearly 50 years old.
When MIL opened the package and saw the very book edition that she all but knew by heart, she burst into happy tears. The "new" old book has seen a lot of use in the 4 or so years since she's had it. I am so thankful for that idea.

Thanks Kim!


How nice to be transported back by a cast iron pan to love and sweet memories! When my folks moved from Massachusetts to Florida full time, they had an entire house of furniture and mementos to share with me and my two brothers. So I feel very fortunate to have things I used as a child in my home now.
My Dad who made heirloom quality furniture passed away last January and so every time I pass his cherry drop leaf table that sits in my living room I remember him. Bittersweet memories because I miss him so much.
Great post! Thanks, Donna

Mary Lou

I have a skillet just like yours that was my mother's along with some old wooden spoons that I love to use. I wish I had her biscuit cutter but that one got away. My mom has been gone 3 yrs this month. She fried many a piece of chicken in that skillet...


I have a receipe box that used to belong to my mother. It has all of her hand written receipes in it. I wouldn't take a million bucks for it. I also have many of her dishes and baking pans. Those things mean so much to me, and some folks wouldn't think an old beat up pan would be worth anything...but to me it means the world. Also, I almost forgot the most important thing. I have her coffee scoop. Every morning when I fix coffee I use her scoop to make it...kinda makes me feel like she's having a cup of coffee with me...She passed away with breast cancer on Feb 24, 2009...6 yrs have came and gone and I miss her more everyday...Robyn and Daisy Mae


I made a typo...she passed away Feb 24, 2006...sorry...Robyn

Kelee Katillac

Hi Kim!

I have a pink Roseville dish that reminds me of grandma "Maema". She used to fill it full of beads and glitter tubes as it sat on the kitchen table. She would make Easter eggs there at the table for hours. And, she always had rose oil around. The smell of roses and this dish remind me of her!

Thanks for the sweet post and sharing your skillet!

love, kelee

Kate Reddan

I have my mother in law's potato masher. She told me she used it every day of my husbans childhood. I also have a yellow bowl of hers. I love having these things because they are a part of my hubbys past and present. I don't have anything of my mom's. She was not a cook but she loved, loved, loved dishes. She had an english cottage teapot and sugar and creamer I remember having tea parties with her and my sister from that teapot. My dear sister is the keeper of Mom's dishes and some of her teapots but I can see them anytime I want because she lives just around the corner from me and she is my best friend in this world. Thanks for reminding me how special these treasures are.


I loved this post Kim! I love those things that bring back memories everytime you use them. I lived with my Grandma from the time I was 3-11 yrs. I was fortunate enough to get a carving knife and fork set with bone handles from her kitchen. Unfortunately the knife broke years ago and only the fork is left but we use it everytime we carve up a chunk of meat. My Grandma didn't have a window over her kitchen sink but she did have a shelf ordained with two little english bone china flower baskets and a set of little dutch boy and girl salt and pepper shakers (made in Japan)...they are proudly displayed in my china cabinet (which is in our kitchen) and whenever I dust them, I hold them fondly like I did when I was a child through to my twenties. My Grandma lived across the street from my highschool and I pretty much daily went over for lunch and would do up the dishes during those years. Even into my twenties when I'd moved away whenever I was in town it was a must (in my mind) to go visit Grandma and we would do up the dishes and I would admire these little treasures. I loved those little ornaments and they were specifically set aside for me when Grandma passed. I was so touched by that because I didn't know she knew how much I loved them...but she did! My Grandma was a rock in my life and I miss her still!
Thanks for stirring up fond memories of dearly loved lady!


Oh Kim,

I have my grandmother's Sunday plate on which she always served her fried chicken. It is so old and has a burgundy edge and some gold and a design in the center. The center is an antiqued greige- from the grease from the fried chickens she would fix. She has been gone for almost 43 years but I have the chicken plate that sits proudly on a shelf in a plate holder. It is a special plate and Miss Chicken Plate doesn't have to work any more. She is just honored as a very good memory. It would also be used when she made her yeast donuts with the potato water saved from the day before. Oh my goodness! Yum!

Cindy S

The only thing I have in my kitchen that belonged to someone I knew is an old crock, it says "Red Wing Union Stoneware Co." on it and there is the number 3 with a red wing under it. It is from Red Wing, Minn. This came from my husband's family, who all came out of Saskatchewan, Canada.
Thank you so much for your comment on my blog yesterday! You made me day!!! You are the Queen of Uniqueness and you wear your crown so regally.
Love and Hugs, Cindy S

Elisa Guthrie

I have lots of things from my parents and grandparents that have been handed down. A 200 year old spinning wheel, a 75 year old Singer sewing machine and other odds and ends antiques that I love and remind me of them. I have just got an old picture of my Mom's family sitting in their front yard on a Sunday afternoon with neighbors talking. I love it, it reminds me so much of My Grandmother's house that I loved to spend time at. I am having it enlarged to an 8 by 10. I can't wait. Also a question in the last pic that wooden box sitting by the apples, is that a butter mold. My mother has one that looks just like that and it is a butter mold? Just wondering.


Beautiful post, Kim. It brings back memories of my own grandma and my mother, seeing them working together in Grandma's kitchen. I have a couple of the spice jars from her kitchen. I keep them near my stove. They are white milk glass with faded metal tops. I think of her and how she cooked for so many years, first for her 7 children and then for the 20+ grandkids that would come visit her.

I love chickens and roosters, too:), and they "flock" all around my kitchen! I think it's because they remind me of Grandma and PopPop's place, a home in the country with large vegetable and flower gardens, lots of chickens and a pony or two for the grandkids.


I have my aunt's blue willow that was handed down to her by her mother in law. It was shipped from England during the war to my mother-in-law by her daughter who was stationed there. Once my my aunt and uncle acquired it they began hosting our family Thanksgivings and did so for decades, always served on their beloved blue willow. She and her husband cherished that blue willow and loved hosting the family and bringing out the blue willow. They prepared for days. Just before she passed I bought it all from her estate and she was able to attend Thanksgiving at my house just one year and now I'm keeping the tradition alive by having Thanksgiving for everyone (35) using the same blue willow. Though I use the blue willow often and display it in my kitchen and dining room and every SINGLE time I look at it or use it I think of my aunt and all the family memories that spill from those Thanksgivings. I stop and touch it, even clutch it to my heart occasionally as I think of my aunt, her life, her laughter, she and my uncle --devoted to each other and devoted to having that annual family Thanksgiving dinner, and the tenderness and fondness they had for all of us and for the dishes they used to serve us. I too get lost in my thoughts of her gently handling the same dishes I now hold, going through her day, getting ready, setting the table, excited her family was coming for the holiday and I too am grateful to have a tangible piece of her still with me that evokes the intangible, and I'm grateful I am able to provide the same memory making for the generations that are following.


Sweet post. My two precious grandchildren call my husband and I, Mama and Papa, pronounced the very same way you describe. My home is a gathering place of things from my grandparents, parents, and treasures that my two girls have made over the years. I have a plate hanging on the wall by the kitchen table that belonged to my grandmother and copper molds that my father gave us. My sweetest and dearest treasure in the kitchen is a little plaque my youngest daughter made in kindergarten--3 inches in diameter, chipped and faded blue with raised red letters, I Love You. It's on my kitchen window sill and I see it every day and remember those sweet times and smile.


I love my kitchen. It's my favorite room in the house. It is an eclectic cottage style of red and white and black and white. My favorite thing about is I did it on a nothing budget. Most everything I found curbside ! My china cabinet, dining set, dry sink and almost everything else was free.

I love to be in there with my boys. I always think that we are creating memories that will last them a lifetime.

Debbie from Texas

Kim this post brings so many memories to mind. I still use my grandmother Nanny's pressure cooker! I also have and use daily my Mother's old recipes. My brother always said that you could tell the good ones by how soiled the card was! I have kept them that way for the next generation. I have my grandmother's salt and pepper collection, too! I also have her apron hanging in my pantry. I am not a gourmet cook but a country cook. I learned how to cook from my grandmother and my Mother who is still cooking at 87! The kitchen is the heart of our home . Friends and family like to gather there and create new memories. Thank you for sharing and making me thankful for the memories of happy times.


I have my grandmother's (Gran) iron skillet also! I inherited it several years ago when she went into a nursing home. Somehow everything I make in it just tastes sooo good! I also was lucky enough to get eight place settings of her ironstone that I use and display in my home now. I always think about the Sunday dinners and Holiday dinners eaten at her home over the years on these same plates. I feel very blessed to have such precious memories in my home.

Rose - The Center of My Self

Love the story and family history. We continue to embrace those we've loved and have been part of our journey through things like your Mama's skillet. Lovely ...


I loved your post today! I have so many things in my kitchen that reminds me of the past. I think my favorite is an old water cooler that belonged to my great-grandma. I often think of how she used it and how many parties and picnics it has been on over the years. Our kitchens are truly the heart of our homes. Everyone gathers there. Thank you for letting us gather in your today! ~Dan~

mary-The Calico Cottage

This is a wonderful post! Kim, you are such a thoughtful writer. I love looking at Daisy Cottage's kitchen photos. Love the color and composition of everything. Everything is so well appointed.
I have a great kitchen. It's cozy and warm. I have my mom's cookie sheets, a rolling pin, some cookbooks and her recipe box. She did not enjoy cooking like I do, but she sure did like to decorate and she had a darling kitchen! I have another old rolling pin and some pie pans from my husbands grandmother. And this year for my birthday, my mother in law gave me an entire set of white with blue stoneware that was her mothers. Love it. I have a lot of heirlooms through the house but the things in the kitchen are so special, so many memories attached. Thanks for this touching post.


Hi Kim,
In my kitchen, I have a little framed print that my mom gave me of a little brown haired girl and below her are the words "Be Strong." My mom had actually bought it for my daughter. Ironically, my mom gave it to me the day she found out she had cancer. I hung the little print in my kitchen. I have found strength in those two little words many times over the last tough couple of years. My momma passed away last October. She read your blog everyday. Her name was Carol and I believe she sent you a little daisy hat one time. You will never know the joy that your blog brought to her. (And to me.) She absolutely adored you. Thank you for sharing your world with us. You truly have a gift. I love your skillet...and it's story. Jill

Daisy Cottage

Dear Jill,

I can't even see my keyboard right now for the tears. I am SO incredibly sorry and sad to hear that your Mom, Carol, passed away. The daisy hat that she gave me is on my special memory bulletin board right behind me in my office. It is one of my MOST favorite and treasured things in my home. She gifted that hat to me early on in my blogging days. I am SO SO sad to hear this. She was a love - a truly delightful person - and her emails were always so kind and encouraging. Her card that she sent me is also saved on my board. I am so so sorry to hear about her passing.

God bless you Jill and your precious Mother - Carol. There are no words - please know how much SHE meant to ME.


Sheri and Sophee~a

I do not have anything yet....My mom has my Grandma's biscuit pan...and my Mom says she has never messed up a batch using that pan.

One day...I too will own that biscuit pan and I will say the same thing to my daughter.

Gotta love those biscuits and gravy!


This post was so heart-warming, Kim! One of the most precious things in my kitchen is a painting of a colorful rooster, perched on a fencepost, crowing as the sun rises. It is so special to me because my Grandpa painted it *especially* for me! It is the only painting he ever did for me, and it is beautifully done, and I fondly remember him every time I look at it. Oh, and he also made my pretty yellow kitchen table and matching chairs - and I treasure all of them! When I was very little, my cousins and I sat around the table enjoying the special cookies or candy my Grandma always had for us when she babysat us - happy times!!!


This past summer my mom gave me her pyrex mixing bowl set, you know the ones that are yellow, blue, red and green. She received them as a wedding gift and I can remember her making a big batch of potato salad in the yellow one and now they are mine and I treasure them!


Congratulations on your write up in Flea Market Style magazine....wonderful! I finally got my hands on a copy!



Kori Weeks

Dear Kim,
It's like you read my mind across many miles. I just got back from a road trip to visit my great aunt. On that trip is the farm where my great grandparents lived when I was little. Little Mama and Granddaddy. Although I can't remember how to get to that road anymore, as the landscape has changed immensely, I can remember everything about that house! Especially the smell of the enclosed porch where all manner of canned foods was kept and the way the old wooden screen door sounded and felt. I could never describe the smell...even if my life depended on it!! But I can conjure up those memories anytime I want and go back in time.
My aunt is giving me a china cabinet that Little Mama had and I can't wait to go back and pick it up and fill it up with precious goodies. As of right now, the only thing I really have of Little Mama's is a set of hand embroidered dish towels given to me by my grandma. They sit in a wire basket next to a set embroidered by grandma. Family heirlooms are so special and I am so happy to be handed down such a wonderful piece .

I love, love, love reading your blog and hope you continue for a long time!


Oh Kim, you made me cry. What a well written story that blog post is. WOW. How awesome.

My kitchen is newer, not filled with old memories.......but my favorite thing in it is a sugar bowl my daughter made me. I love it. She lives 2000 miles away now, but every morning when I use it for my coffee I think of her and how many wonderful hot "cuppas" we shared together, and I miss her and love her and it makes me all warm and fuzzy inside.

She is coming for a visit in 8 days and I almost can't stand it I am so excited. Because I adore her.

So we'll get out that sugar bowl and hang about and make new memories. For one glorious week!!!


Oh Kim, I have so many blessed things that are from my families history. I have my Grandmother's recipes that she cut of of magazines and some hand written. I have my great grandmothers butchers apron and butter paddle. Cookbooks, tiny things of my daughters when she was little. Many, many things........but they are all packed up because our house is on the market (cause it makes the room look larger...sigh) and I am sooooo lonesome for all of them. I'm out of sorts, longing to have them in my little kitchen.
That's why I love blogs like yours that show your warm and homey kitchen with all your beloved things. I can't wait to unpack all of my things again and make a new nest.


iron skillets bring back fond memories of my childhood too -- my mom used to use it for everything -- from hash browns to fried chicken -- and I really miss cooking with one now that I live on my own!


I smiled when I read your story about the cast iron pan. I have my Mom's old soup ladle, potato masher, etc. I think of her hands on them every time I use them. It amazes me how they endure.

I often wonder about old 'things' in the thrift stores or antique stores and wonder if someone somewhere remembers them....and misses them. Who could imagine that an humble old pan or soup ladle could hold so many precious memories?

The Lady of the House

I have a china hutch that was my Grandma Great's (She was my Great Grandma but some how one of the kids decided she would be Grandma Great - because they got it mixed up... and it stuck. She was so precious and dear to my heart. I love her forever. & Your story reminded me of her. Thank you and Happy Day! xoxo, The Lady

Kelly McMaster

Hi Kim
I loved this post. You think of the sweetest, most meaningful things and have such a way with words! I have a tiny little wooden doll dressed in a red polka dot dress that my Mom gave to me in 1983 when I had my first "married girl" kitchen. I also have a small, beat up red glass bowl that makes me giggle. She and I went downtown in my hometown on a trip home maybe 8 years ago. We were so hoping that an antique store was open on Sundays but it wasn't. But out by the front door was a "giveaway" to a good home the sign said. Well, we needed "stuff" like a hole in the head but there happened to be this cute little red bowl for me and a small plate with an apple on it-her newest kitchen theme. We felt like guilty vagabonds but we giggled all the way to the car. We both enjoyed our finds for many years! Now that she is gone my doll and bowl mean even more to me!
Thanks Kim for reminding me to remember!


My grandkids call me Mama in the same way :).
Yours would be happy to know you love her skillet.
I treasure so many things as I inherited so much of my mother's kitchen and I love my aprons! But most especially there is a little rooster embellished sign that says
"In my kitchen bright and cheery, Daily chores I'll never shirk. So bless this little kitchen Lord, and bless me as I work".


I only had my mother parents while growing up. They were the best grandparents a child could ask for. I was my grandfathers little shadow. I learn to fish, garden, work with tools from him. He could also cook. But my Grandmother with the best in the kitchen. She would take the fruit and veggie he had grown and we would feast!! My mother is one of 5 children so the table was full at family gatherings. Twice a year all of us would gather for goodies out of the garden. We would have Strawberries and Waffles for dinner in early Summer and then Late Summer we would make another feast of fresh corn and garden rippen tomatoes! My grandfather passed in 1982 and Grandma moved into a retirement home. At that time I receive two special gifts. His cookbook and her cookbook.
I have found many little treasures in each book. Handwritten notes next to recipes, newspaper clippings and handwritten recipe cards. I miss them both very much and am sad our son never had the chance to know his greatgrandfather. But I am happy that they were such a large part of my life.


I am very lucky..I have many "reminding" things from Grannie..crossed-stitch pictures and tablecloths....bread bowls and best of all memories of cooking and baking with her..She was only 47 when I was born and she lived to 95..very blessed am I..Thanks for helping me go down memory lane...


Oh yes....I have many thing that remind me of my mom actually....and my grandmother. My mother passed two years ago but she was the best baker ever and everyone came to town asking for her pies and buns. I sadly have none of that talent...but I do love to entertain...and so it goes. I have my mom's old mix master in my kitchen. She gave it to me years ago when she moved into the senior's lodge. It was by no means her first...this one sort of an 80's avocado green...grin. I still love it....even tho it's broken now. It stands lopsided and still with flour caked in cracks here and there from when she used to use it. I shan't be disposing of


I have my great-grandmothers biscuit cutter. When I knew her, she was too old to cook like she did when my mother was a girl. BUT, I hear she was a heck of a cook and baker! So, using that biscuit cutter always reminds me of her..and I feel like a good cook when I use it :-)


Great post! I love to fill my home with things that remind me of the giver. In the kitchen I have a compote bowl from my paternal grandma. It has red white & blue daisies on it. I have some cookbooks & a rolling pin from my maternal grandma. I have a set of rooster salt & pepper shakers from my husbands grandma. With my kitchen being completly restructured & the new cabinets still being installed I am looking forward to finding all the places they will fit. I wish I still had my iron skillets. They were a wedding gift & without anyone to tell me how to "work" them I just never felt they were clean & gave them away the first year we were married.


Hi sweet Kim :)

How wonderful to have something like that skillet from your Mama. I love that you still use it.

I don't have anything that I can cook with, but I do have my Papa's (pronounced pop-pa) cereal bowl from when he was a little boy. It has a little girl with her goose on the inside and says goosey gander and around the lip it has the alphabet. It's one of my most treasures things from my family and every time we move I hold it instead of packing it, just to be sure it doesn't break. It is on a shelf on display in the kitchen. I should do a post on it sometime ;)

love you,


Your post brought tears to my eyes. What a beautiful memory to share. When you expressed the love between your Dad and his Mother, the same was true of my Granny and her three little boys, one of which is my Dad, who is now 80. I have Granny's hoosier cabinet posted on my blog with the story. Please drop by and take a look. Thanks for sharing.

Jane Carter

Although it is packed away right now because I have NO KITCHEN due to remodeling, my grandmother's cast iron skillet is the most prized possession in my kitchen. So many wonderful meals she prepared using that skillet...meals cooked with love. And now I am honored to be able to continue that tradition in preparing meals for my family. What a wonderful post...encouraging me to see the beauty in the simple...thank you for the reminder.


While making banana bread I may have had a bit of an epiphany. I think I may have discovered why some people dislike cooking/baking: could it be because they have the latest/greatest of cookware & utensils?

It's almost meditative when you're using stuff from people you know/knew & love.

My old flour & sugar canisters come from my paternal grandmother, as well as little orange bowl that I stir the egg in. Eggs are from my hubby's happy hens. Stainless steel measuring cups were a wedding gift from boyfriend I was dating when I met hubby 42 years ago. Pastry blender from my MIL as well as crocheted potholders. Other potholder crocheted by youngest son.

Very well-worn wooden spoon from my mother; yellow Pyrex mixing bowl from my husband's aunt & I got the vanilla years ago from a friend whose husband used to go fishing once a year in Mexico ( BTW - 32 oz bottle sells for $2.50)!

The apron I wear is my mom's that she made from my grandmothers' pattern.

Well, you get the idea!

There's lots to think about while using these things...memories to recount...prayers spoken for the sorrowing...considering how we really connect to one another. It's amazing how 4 mini loaves of bread, baked in order to not waste the bananas, can transport one to another time, while at the same time cause us to appreciate the "now".

I think that may be why some folks don't like cooking...there's no connection to the stuff they're using. . .

Maybe I'll include a well-worn kitchen something or the other the next time I'm invited to a wedding. ;)

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to share my thoughts about my "old kitchen stuff"!


Oh my, I hope these comments get emailed since I'm commenting on a very old post but I just saw that your mama and papa lived in Spencer WV. My grandma and grandpa (actually both maternal and paternal) lived in Lizemores, WV which is just a hop, skip and a jump. I have a lot of my maternal grandma's things in my kitchen; a breadbox (which I recently shared on my blog), some aprons, potholders, recipes. I wouldn't trade them for anything in the world.

Thank you for sharing, well, everything you share! I love coming here.

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