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March 25, 2010



Oh yes, I really DO understand this post, Kim. My laundry room is dark and dingy, in the basement, and I share it with the cat (and his litterbox - ewwww). How nice to enjoy the sunlight when doing chores.

But I am grateful for clean laundry. There's nothing better than going to bed in clean sheets. Mmmmm.


My goodness! That is so true. I've often thought that, too. Great post. Thanks!



That's lovely! I so enjoy doing laundry at my mom's house when I'm visiting her, we hang out side and chat while getting some laundry done. Love the smell of the laundry detergent that comes from the clothes when hanging on the lines...ah...

Jane Carter

So, Kim, is your laundry area on your back porch? How lovely that would be, especially if you live in a warmer climate. As it stands now, my washer & dryer are in a walled-off section in back of the garage, so I have to go out across the back patio to get to them. (Thank you, Jesus, the patio is covered!) The room is unfinished, dark and creepy. There is a small window a/c in there, facing west. I am so begging the hubby to tear out the a/c unit and put a window in there right above the appliances. And I figure if we sheetrock the room and add lots of pretty shelving it will be much more pleasant. But, oh, to be able to do laundry in the fresh air....what a wonderful blessing! Lucky you!


Kim, I definitely can relate to this post. I have been feeling the same way. It is the little things. Living in the moment. Thank you for sharing such beautiful photos to capture this feeling.


pogonip @ meadowsweet cottage

Yes! We are blessed by the ordinary in our lives, if only we notice those simple home-ly times. Life can shift so quickly. You put it much more eloquently than I ever could, Kim :)

Laundry is my favorite household chore. So favorite that I feel guilty even calling it a chore. Today I went out and bought fabric for a new ironing board cover--green with white daisies and fat red ladybugs. Now who wouldn't want to iron with a cover that cute!


Kim,I believe the first time I found did a post on laundry detergent. I loved my visit then and every visit since then. I am glad that I stopped by because each time I am inspired by your talents. Thank you for sharing...whether its about no laundry room, Miss Maggie, or what ever is on your mind.

Laundry isn't my favorite homemaking duty but you are showing me that I too should be very grateful for it... I'm counting blessings!


So true about the little things in life. When life gets turned upside down, it's the little things we miss.


Precious words Kim. Wishing you many more spring days and lots of laundry ;)


I love to hang washed clothing out in the sun,but being in India and in a metropolis city we have very small houses in apartments and we do have to sundry or hang our clothes out but they are usually on our window sill where steel rods are put up .I dont like that clothes have to hang on window sills but we have no options..
Thanks for sharing your thoughts....


Dear Kim, this post made me smile! yes, the joy of everyday things...
I Love the smell of fresh laundry as I hand it on the line outside!


True words! Those little things make us the most happy of all! Have a wonderful day Kim :)

I wonder If you got my package allready?


Blessing every task,no matter the size,is living the attitude of Gratitude


Laundry on the line is a sure sign of spring in New England. I just did a little corner of my booth with some vintage laundry cute!

Debbie L.

Kim, I am thankful for your words of wisdom this morning as I start my day.

There is something very calming about spending time at Daisy Cottage. Seems I learn something new everyday to embrace. I am blessed to be able to do my laundry and next time I will look at this simple task in a whole different light.

Blessings and sunshine to you!
Debbie L.

Debbie L.


Good Morning Kim....
I love your post on laundry it made me smile :)
I love the smell of the detergents and fabric softners too...
My laundry room is in the garage but thats ok, I don't mind. But I do have a fabulous cloths line that I love to use. Please take pictures of your laundry room so we can all see and enjoy!!!

Have A Great Day!!!


Your story made me think of doing the laundry at my Granny's farm on the old screened in back porch. She had an old wringer washer and the fresh air would roll in, while we would do the wash and then hang it out on the line. It was wonderful!

Kathleen Grace

My laundry room is in the dungeon, er, I mean basement, but I will soon be hanging my sheets on the line under a flowering pear tree, listening to the birds and enjoying the sunshine. It's pure bliss:>)

Chris M.

Kim, I think everything is better at Daisy Cottage! Even the mundane becomes an act of wonder. I can't get too excited about laundry at my house - there is just TOO much of it and I can never keep up with it but I like your message about finding the little things to celebrate in our ordinary days. Now that spring is here that positive attitude is easier to adopt. I'm trying to be more mindful of all of the blessings I do have and one of them is YOU. Thank you for the reminder that life is what happens while you're waiting for your real life to start. Carpe Diem! Chris M


Beautiful post. It's so ironic that for the past few days I've noticed posts on laundry. I did It's About Time and Homeward Bound posts on Tuesday and Wednesday sharing my laundry room,,lol.

I am VERY grateful for laundry too.

I remember when I was NOT feeling the gratefulness. Than I stopped myself and realized I WAS grateful. For clean clothes, for the smell of the clean clothes, that we had clothes, that I had a washer, a as I folded those clothes, I looked at laundry differently....

blessings to you and yours this day sweet Kim.

Trish Rowley

Hi Kim, yes it is so true it is the little things. I love crisp clean sunsoaked laundry nothing better, and I praise God for these simple little things everyday. Have a great day Trish xox ;) PS Love the dolly pegs my mum told me that she used boiled dolly pegs as my teething ring when I was a baby how things have changed!!lol.


There is just nothing better than the sweet smell of sunshine and fresh air when you get into bed with those clean sheets :-) I'm waiting patiently for warmer weather so I can hang my sheets on the line. Have a nice day!


Such a lovely post, Kim. Thank you for the reminders to be grateful. Sometimes it is easy to forget.


Oh, how we can take for granted, at times, the ability to even do the little things? You are so right though, Kim. When we start to whine about "having" to do things like laundry, we need to be thankful we have laundry to do. Especially when it consist of pretties like your sheets. ;)

Liz @ the Brambleberry Cottage


I don't think I would like to do laundry outside. We have over a foot of snow in winter. I do love to open the windows on sunny days and iron away in the breeze. The dog has decided that clothes on the clothesline are really tug toys for her amusement.

Please let me know if you got my email regarding the giveaway. I am afraid it might have gone to your spam box.


Those sheets look so soft. Do you buy vintage sheets? I see them in thrift stores all the time, they remind me of my grandmother's house. She had a clothes line and hung them in the sun and breeze to dry. I do the same in the summer, nothing like clean sheets dried in the sun :-)

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions

Yes, even laundry can remind us to be thankful!

Susan Freeman

Now that the weather is warming up, I start hanging the laundry up on the clothesline in my backyard. While I am, I can hear the birds sing, hear the chickens clucking and scratching next door and watch dear little Bentley chase the squirrels. Precious moments!

Susan and Bentley


Where oh where did you learn to write like you do? Kim, I adore you.


Patty M

Don't you think that's one of the wonderful things about blogging? It causes you to slow down and enjoy the little moments...the little blessings. I just spent 15 minutes on Tuesday watching my husband and grandson play with a rollie pollie ( pill bug) and then reliving the joy on my blog. Life can get so busy we forget to stop and take notice. Beautiful post.

ann marie

I love my laundry room! When we bought our home almost 2 years ago, it was an unfinished room behind the garage. Concrete floor, exposed studs and wood and not a place I wanted to spend time in. We converted the old garage into a family room, and my laundry room was insulated and sheetrocked also. The morning sun brightens this room almost every morning. It just doesn't get much better than this.


I wish I could hang sheets to dry outside. It's against the subdivision rules. I do hang some of our clothes in the gazebo, but only small items that can't be seen. I try to live in daily blessing and gratitude. That's why I don't complain about dirty dishes, means we have food. Thanks for your topics, you share great insights and gives me ideas to think about!


Yesterday was my laundry day. I do not have a clothesline so it was sooo beautiful outside and we had a nice breeze so my mind got to turning. Hmmmm... I love the smell of fresh sheets coming off the line so I rigged me up one and my sheets smell wonderful! Of course, I dried my towels in the not like them stiff! Thanks for sharing and have a blessed day!


I can actually feel that glorious sun and smell the fresh laundry!

Kim @ BlueGrass and GreenTomatoes


I love doing laundry. I normally complete this chore in the morning, and as you described, there is something so rewarding about completing a chore while the sun rushes in (through the windows for me).

The smells, the warmth, the satisfaction when I put the linens back on the fresh bed!



yes, this is my second comment, but I wanted to share a story with you. After I submitted my post to you, I was talking to my son who lives in Hong Kong and I was telling him about your blog post, and how at our last home we could hang laundry outside and I loved how the linens smelled fresh, and I asked him about his laundry. He is 28 years old and he told me his favorite thing to do is ironing, because it is instant gratification. You take a wrinkled thing and with a little time, presto, smooth and wearable. What makes this funny is he is a lawyer and could well afford to send things like this out, but prefers to do this for himself.
So, consider this, he is half way around the world, 12 hours away timezone wise, 18 hours flight time,and you stimulated a discussion. It's a very small world, thanks for all you do :-)


Amen! Grateful to be able to do the little things, grateful to have my home, my bed, clean sheets laundered from my washer and dryer...........oh, the blessings are infinite!

I am refreshed. Thanks Kim, I needed that shot in the arm to remember how lucky and blessed I am.

It's grey and dismal today and I am feeling blue- or rather WAS, till I came in here for your sunshine and love.

You are the BEST!

Lynn Paterson

Thank you for your inspirational post today. And for reminding us to take the time to find joy in the simple things in life. I do believe that it will make you a very peaceful person inside, if you appreciate those things. Now I've had my daily fix and I'm off to make it a fantastic day!

judy hale

Again I loved your post now I am going to put a small clothes line in my yard.My yard is not very big and I have alot of flowers but I will figure out away to have a clothes line.The fresh smell of linens drying on the clothes line you know is a big hit because they make candles and air fresheners and oils of just that very fragrance.Have a great day.

Betty Jo

While growing up in Florida, my mother did her laundry in an outdoor utility room off the carport. It was wonderful! Where is yours located? Due to a big Goof I now have a new blog called Cottage Palette!! Come see and please update your link for me. ♥


You really ARE lucky that you can do your laundry outside. Here in Wyoming we have to have them inside, especially the washer, even then it can get so cold it freezes the washer through the walls. Mine are in the kitchen and I like that, too. They really are handy there. I miss having an outside line, fresh dried sheets are wonderful. Diane


I remember my mama doing laundry on a porch with a wringer machine. Wow, that is an old memory. Also remember her ironing and using a Coca Cola Bottle with a "sprinkler" thing on the top.

I can't convince hubby we need a clothes line again. I love hanging sheets and blankets out.

I agree with you about the little things. The kind of work I do (I'm a Pediatric oncology nurse) make me appreciate so many things that so many just take for granted. I took an extra day off this week and did all sorts of things around my house (your blog has inspired me to move things around, etc).

sweet cottage dreams

Those sweet vintage sheets would make me happy to do laundry, too.


Nancy Omachi

My favorite is "Clean Sheets" night! I love crawling in bed with clean sheets. They feel sooooo good! I am blessed and thankful that I can wash anytime I choose! Hugs to you Kim.


That is so true! Thank you for reminding all of us this important lesson. I hope you have a wonderful day! ~Dan~

Sares @ Loveleigh Treasures

Hello Kim! You cannot possible imagine my surprise when I discovered you had been by to visit and left me a comment. Your blog never fails to delight and enthrall me! I check every day to see if you have a new post. Daisy Cottage was one of the first blogs I ever read and helped me make the decision to begin my own blog last year.
Kim you have a style that is uniquely your own and so many of us are thrilled to be immersed into it each and every time you hit POST! Thank you for creating such a world of beauty and comfort for us all and Please have the loveleighest of Spring days!

Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita

You make even laundry pretty and fresh! I can nearly smell the sunshine on those sheets!

Diane Price

Love the laundry post and the thought behind it. It reminded me of a book I read recently and I think you and some of your fans would enjoy. It's called The Gift of and Ordinary Day, by Katrina Kenison. Check it out, it is lovely.

Diane Price

Sorry about the above typo. The book is called The Gift of an ordinary day.

Lindsey@ Mama Sews

while I LOVE my tiny laundry room, it's super cute and oh so girly, I LOVE hanging my clothes on the line. Something about seeing everything blowing in the breeze just makes me feel so satisfied.

Nancy Jane York

I always love to visit your blog and see the world through your eyes, it give me much pleasure thank you. Nan

Marianne & Mindy

Thank you so much for reminding us bloggers to take time to appreciate the little things in life. It is indeed these little things that may feel mundane but are a blessing. I love doing laundry. I love the sound of sheets snapping in the wind and there is nothing like falling into bed at night on sheets dried outside in the sun. I can smell them now mmmmmmmmmm. It is a little bit of heaven on earth.

Kimberly Padilla

Oh Kim, you are very blessed to be alive to do those chores! I use to take doing laundry for granted... hated it!! Now, I live in New York in an apartment, and must attend a laundry mat to do my laundry. Actually, I have a kind husband who does it for me (as I have asthma and can't carry it up and down the stair - the laundry mat is right below my apartment) but, oh how I miss doing laundry in my home liberally at my own timing! Look at that washer and cherish it!! The things we look at with dread sometimes, and often, are a blessing. :) Have a wonderful day and please hug Maggie for me.

Shelly Virtue

I hang my laundry on the line every chance I get! It smells soooo fresh and it makes the house smell fresh as well. I wash up my sheets every weekend and there is nothing better than going to bed on sheets hung out on the line and snuggling under a wonderful quilt! I use flannel sheets year round! To me they are PERFECT! I live in Indiana and our weather is just turning slightly warm........aaaahhhhhh.

I love you blog. So refreshing to read every day.
Thank you Kim!

<3 Shelly


Hi, Kim, A grateful heart is a happy heart. Your laundry room on the back porch sounds ideal.
I have a little laundry closet just off my kitchen. And I am as happy as can be! Thankful, thankful! It is pretty. I think of my mother....she used to gather up the family laundry and us kids, go down in the hollow, build a fire under the wash kettle, wash the clothes on a rub board and hang to dry. And you know what? I remember her singing hymns as she was washing. She was happy, too. I know she would love my having this little laundry closet.


Love fresh sheets.


Oh your pictures just look so happy, I'd be much happier doing laundry if my laundry room was as bright ;)

Nancy Hutson Maisenbach

After I read your posts I can visualize you. It's a lovely view.
Nancy M.


Seems to me, that everything I have tried to achieve in my laundry room is what you've got! I painted it yellow so I would feel like I am out in the sun. Hung an old window so I could pretend I am looking out. Put pots of geraniums and birdhouses here and there. Yep, I was trying to feel like I was outside. Lucky you, it is so charming!


Hi Kim,
Your post today inspired my post!
I'd love for you to check it out. I linked back to you, of course, and gave you inspirational credit ;)


Cindy S

Thank you for reminding me of how the little things add so much sweet happiness to a single moment. Added up those moments make up a joy filled day. I have felt so down lately, I think it's my hormones, it just doesn't make sense otherwise. So I needed this today. Love you lots, Cindy S.

Debbie from Texas

Thank you , Kim for reminding me to be grateful for the small things.....I find myself complaining alot. God says not to worry (fret) over things. My Mother always hung our laundry out to dry when I was growing up and it was always my chore to bring them in. I can still smell them. I also remember how stiff some things were so I am thankful I have a dryer now!


Kim, from now on I will treasure walking across the apartment complex courtyard to do my laundry - thanks to your lovely reminder of the blessing of being outdoors! And please give Miss Maggie a hug from me, too! :-)


You're right, Kim, it's the little things that usually make up the fabric of our days. I find most of my "routine" to be comforting in a way, and I enjoy it. Laundry is one of my favorites! Thanks for the cheery photo reminders, too. :)

Right now I'm without both a dryer and a clothesline, I just have 2 drying racks to use. But even so, I like arranging things on the drying racks. But I especially love a clothesline, and hope I can get one SOON. I just love seeing clothes and things floating on the lines in the breeze. Or in our case in Oklahoma, usually FLAPPING WILDLY IN THE HURRICANE-LIKE WIND. LOL


Kim, your words took me back to my younger years, when my mom would hang out our clothes to dry. (in the summer since we get snow in the winter) I close my eyes and I can go back in time and remember the smell. I treasure the thought since my mom is no longer with me yet I know she looks down and is smiling.

Thanks Kim....hugs.


Kim, love the post as always-I have memories of years of hanging clothes on the clothes line and that fresh air smell. I would still do it but living in the Northwest there's lots of rain which I have learned to appreciate too. By the way I just sent the heart for Jack your way hopefully it will be there by the 31st. Just know you are the best-:) Love, Marietta


I love your vintage sheets and your post was great! Such a reminder of how blessed we are to have laundry to do each day and that we have our health and are able to do the "everyday" things in our lives with such joy!!! I love the simple things in life and like you, laundry is one of those things that I enjoy. Love & blessings from NC!

Vickie Snow

I can't wait for the weather to warm up in Utah so I can hang the laundry out again. I love when the sheets are crisp. I'm blessed to have sheets to wash and many changes of clothes. Some people don't even have a change of clothes for laundry day. Work is a blessing. My drawings, "Hanging Out and Work Happy" reflect my attitude toward work. Work is a happy thing.

The Garden Bell - Kate

I too, love, love fresh laundry. Especially, sheet out on the line in the sun and breeze drying. Your's are perfectly charming.

Now, you can have a chore free weekend.


Kathy (AuntiqueK)

Kim, you have such a wonderful way of experiencing joy in everything. Thank you for making me realize that it is so important to appreciate the little things. I appreciate the sweet call of a bird in the morning. Why shouldn't I appreciate the smell of fresh laundry, methodically folding it and placing it back in its place?

I would like to read more of your thoughts. Please share!

Kathy (AuntiqueK)


I have just been introduced to your site. You won't believe what I have been doing today! .... Laundry! We are in Italy for 3 months, so when I read your post today, I could completely relate. The Italians do not have dryers and so they do their laundry in a completely different way than most Americans. I am learning! I have even blogged about it on my site. ... complete with pictures! LOL! But not as nice as your beautiful pictures. I very much enjoyed your blog as I sat resting after a hardwork day of Spring Cleaning. Thank you!


Very true about the 'little things' we do everyday. I sometimes look back on my day and it seems as if I didn't accomplish much, but then I remember it was filled with making the bed, laundry, grocery shopping, cooking, cleaning, running errands, doing small jobs that are often overlooked, and yes, it does fill my day. They might be somewhat mundane, but like you, I stop and think how grateful I am that God has given me the physical strength, sound mind, and resources to accomplish my tasks. Good thoughts! Have a sun-filled day! Oh, and I liked your vintage sheets, remined me of my aunt's home where 'time stands still'. Bye!

Barbara Anne

Ah, as Sue Bender alluded to in "Plain and Simple", it's taking 'pleasure in the process' that enriches life and satisfaction.

Thanks, Kim!


Kate @ Bungalowagogo

Dear Auntie Kim,

When are you coming over to photograph my nursery? My parents need a deadline to finally get it ready for me. They are so close.

Miss you,

Baby Kate


I love line-dried linen!


I love hanging laundry outside even if the weather is 34! As long as it is not freezing I'm out there! Now with warmer weather there is always something there on the line. You pay much attention to things outside too!


yes kim, there is alot to be grateful for - the moment we open our eyes and can feel and see the sunshine/day. i'am also grateful - thanks for the thought - love ya, maria-


Just found your site and OMG, it's beautiful. Haven't searched it all but will when I have time. Just wanted to post and tell you that I love your textiles. Where do you find such pretty ones? I flea market, yard sales, etc. and only find a few. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful site for all of us to enjoy. Alice


P.S. I forgot to tell you; love, love, love your music. Some of my favorites.

Lu Tapp

Beautiful post and special images! Happy Birthday to your Mom! Happy Easter to you and your family! ~lulu


you're so right - it is the little things that matter. Thanks for the import reminder :)



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