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  • What I hope for my readers and for all keepers of the nest, is that they embrace their homes with their heart and all of the passion that it holds. I want them to know that they can decorate on a limited budget by seeing things in new ways; by rescuing the broken and transforming the ugly. I hope that they flaunt their favorite color and decorate their life with it. I hope that their homes feel like one giant hug that welcomes them each and every time they walk through their front door. More than anything I want everyone to have their own home-sweet-home dream come true! xo, Kim

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March 15, 2010



Wow, just wow!

My family, my husband, my mother, and my children come first to mind. They define me, and my love for all of them, is all that is me.

Besides that, are my mini creations. I'm pretty much a simple gal, with simple wants and needs. (don't ask my husband)

This is all that I am, me, family, minis. For right now, it's all I can handle in my situation at present, but, it's mostly all that I am.

And, for the most part, it all makes me very happy. :)

pogonip @ meadowsweet cottage

Kim, you're so right to tell Diane about paying attention to her own instinctive reactions. Finding Daisy Cottage was like a homecoming for me.

I have a pile of favorite pages torn from decorating magazines with little arrows pointing to an item that makes my heart pitter-pat. Over time, I've found consistent themes emerge, although I stay open to new ideas.

Right now I'm challenging myself to put my style into just five words. So far I have: cottage, farmhouse, and colorful. ("Country" keeps trying to weasel her way in, and won't listen when I explain that "farmhouse" includes her too.)

Now I'm off to Maggie's White Farmhouse to say "congrats!)


I too am still trying to find myself. Sometimes itis not easy. We let others cloud our vision of who we really are. But I think that I am finally starting to discover myself, especially with Kin's help. This blog has been a revelation for me. Kim is like a mentor from across the ocean and I always look forward to her posts and encouraging words.


I think too like in the past you have mentioned thrifting, and yard sales. I love finding one of a kind things that are unique. Things that can be renewed with a little TLC and things that are handmade. Especially by someone we love. Nothing bores me more than walking into a show home and it is the latest colour on the walls and everything has been purchased from the closest outlet mall. In my mind decorating should be an ongoing process of adding things as we travel, inherit, and just live our lives. Congrats to Maggie on your win! See you really do have luck! Have a great Monday! Sherri : )


Dear Diane, just listen to your heart and you'll find what lightens up your life! And that's the REAL YOU!!!


I listened to my heart when we recently purchased a new couch and I ordered a white one! My heart skips a beat when I see one in a magazine, 5 more weeks and I'll have one of my own! And yes, everyone can sit on it!!! Diane, make note of what you love in'll find the theme very quickly!


After 11 moves in 14 years, I am for the most part still trying to find my style as well. The one thing I am learning is to not be afraid.
The last year and a half is the first time we have really ever owned our own house and not had to rent. One thing that I have learned is to be patient and to "play" house. I don't think finding your special style is going to happen overnight, especially when you share your home with others. You may think you love something until you try it out, and then you relaize it is not "you". Have fun trying to find your style and don't stress over it, or you may never really enjoy your home.

Chris M.

Kim,thank you for the lovely post. I was hoping for a pick me up before I went off to work and you delivered. You always do and I am so very grateful for the time you put into thinking about your readers. You are a shining vision of kindness in a sometimes (often) cloudy world. XO

Diane, don't feel bad that you don't know what you like yet! Like Kim said, NOW is the time to find out. I love spending time in the garden. It always refreshes my soul and the time outside inspires my creativity. I tear out pictures from magazines that speak to me. Then I look at them and try to decide what exactly it is that I am drawn to. Sometimes it's a color or fabric, usually its gorgeous flowers and candles. Once I started to realize that it wasn't the whole picture that appealed to me I was able to start replicating the things I loved into my life. Flowers and candles always make me happy so I now make sure I always have some. Pick a corner of a room if you have one and make it your own. Fill it colors and little treasures that make your heart sing. When that corner or room is done, pick another...and another...and another, until your whole house is a beautiful reflection of you. Good luck! It's a wonderful and exciting journey finding out what makes our own souls happy! Chris M


You really do have to listen to your inner self.....I recently got new kitchen cabinets and counter top for my tiny kitchen....a good friend reminded me to get what I really wanted...not what others thought would look nice...I'm so glad I did. Also, my "style" keeps changing as I discover new things I like. That's the great thing about being a woman....we can always change our minds :-) Judy

Kim Nichols

You have to decorate your surroundings in what makes you feel good and happy. I love color so my house is filled with it. I like looking at rooms that are in the new neutrals and pale grays, but color suits me best. When my rooms were on rate my space I had a lot of positive comments, but there were some rude hurtful ones, too about having too much stuff or too much this or that. They don't live here, I do. I let that get to me when I shouldn't have. I finally pulled my spaces off of that negative site and started my blog because I needed a creative outlet. Blog land is super!

Kate Reddan

I think we fall in love over and over again. I knew when I met my husband for the first time that he was the one. I knew the first time I laid eyes on each of my four children that I was in love aaa over again with each one of them. I knew the first time I walked into my house that I was "home", and I know when I see a pillow or a chair or a table that makes my heart skip a beat that it must be part of my life. Sometimes these items look shabby and in disrepair but I always like to think that is just camaflouge. They are hiding in plain sight, waiting for me to find them. When something makes me HAPPY, really HAPPY I know it is more than just a thing, but rather another layer in my life. Not that I can't part with these things. I can give them away with no problem to the people I love because they have served their purpose in my life. Sharing is part of the magic. You will find the real you Diane. She's right there under the surface waiting to peek through. Just listen to your heart.


Diane--I'm just like you. In my 50's, newly retired and wondering exactly what is my style. For years I looked at those glossy "perfect room" magazines and knew I could never acheive that in my little beach house and so I didn't even really try. But then I met Kim and started visiting Daisy Cottage. Thru my visits here I have met and visited so many other wonderful homes out there in Blogland. And one theme runs through them all--there is no perfect style. There is no "this year's style", no "so last year style". Everyone is unique and so are thier homes. Use what you have, buy what you like, and decorate to make you happy. That's your style.

Jolie Anne

HI Kim,

I am sure we have all felt what Diane is some point in our lives, I know I have. I think you have to look at the room(s) like a book and take it one chapter at a time. I really like to layer the things in a room and keep adding and subtracting what looks good and finally you start to like it more and more. I always add real plants to finish it...but then again I am never finished!
I may find something at a thrift store or a yard sale that just works so I'll add that. Although my Living room is the least "decorated" now. I am going through a need for change in that room. I started with a solid color Sofa-a nice green and added pillows. I removed my blue sofa and could start a new design with new colors. It is a work in progress, no doubt. I get so much inspiration from the decorating blogs I read. Especially your's many great colors! No, I haven't been adding as many colors as your lovely home but I am in the experimenting stage with COLOR! It is so much fun! Have Fun with it Diane, that's what I am doing. I love all the suggestions I am reading on your blog Kim, I hope Diane will enjoy the fun of decorating and find what makes her the happiest!
Thanks, JolieAnne


Very inspiring and encouraging comments today. Kim, you have started a revolution for women in their 50's! I agree with what so many of you have said. If you want your house to look like the pages of a magazine, I don't think you'll ever be truly happy because it's not who you are! Once I got free of HGTV design rooms and magazine pages, it's a whole new world! I'm having a ball! Once you realize there are no rules, the sky is the limit, it's invigorating. All I can say is thank you, thank you, thank you sweet Kim.


P.S. You inspired me so much I even changed my blog name:)

Marianne & Mindy

Good morning:

Thank you for that lovely post Kim :)


I am going to be 52 in May and I just discovered myself recently. I started with my favourite colour and added from there. When I go thrifting, I buy anything that really grabs me. I may not know where I will put it, but eventually, it finds a home in our home. Kim is a great inspiration to me, in that she encourages all of us to be kind to ourselves and only from there can you be kind to others. She has also helped me discover even more of myself.
Have a great time discovering yourself. Listen to your inner voice. There is someone truly amazing and unique inside. You won't find another like YOU

Becky G.

I guess I found 'me' in stages. The first was when I realized that I am a child a loving God, and He made me and loves me beyond measure. And if He loves me that much, I must be okay! Then at the age of 32 I met, and at 33 married my sweet hubby of now 25 years. Having someone love me that much gave me an incredible boost! But as far as 'what I like' happened a few years ago. Hubby always wanted to just get a roomful of furniture from a store. He wanted our home to look like a showroom floor, and that didn't work for me, so one time I finally convinced him to let me do my thing, and it worked. I got what I liked, and it was good - real good! And I had a blast tweeking and fixing and fluffing. Now, hubby says 'just do it your way, that always looks best anyway', so I do! Go for it Diane! Get out there, buy a bunch of magazines, go to fabric stores and get samples (usually free) of what you like most, compile a book or a collage, and study it and decide what YOU like! You will be glad you did! Becky


"Congratulations" to Maggie! :)

Kim, thanks so much for your comments about finding your real self, and not just reflecting what the world throws out. I understand somewhat where Diane is. I know that when I'm being true to myself, whether it's what I'm thinking and believing, or some project I'm doing, or if it has to do with people I REALLY love .... my heart is FULL. The joy and happiness spills over! Thanks for your encouragement, and I hope Diane is encouraged, too.

Those blonde brownies look delicious!!! I'll take sugar and cream, please. :)

Patty M

Isn't funny how we women can be influenced by others and loose sight of ourselves. You are so right, Kim...we spend the majority of our lives giving a little piece, (joyfully) here..a little piece there..but then we hit our 40's and 50's and say, "Who am I?" At the ripe old age of 48, I have been in the process of remembering what I love to do, what brings me sunshine creatively and now I have a whole new life to look forward to. My advice...make note of what makes you smile, and begin to live it out. Thanks for your wonderful blog, it has helped me, remember me.


I don't think that magazine pages and what's in or out should define who we are. You are the one who lives inside you and you know how that feels. What's inside is so much more important than what we find at the thrift store or in a magazine. The way to find yourself is to know what makes you happy and what doesn't. Say NO more, to things you don't want to do, or have, or be. Get rid of things that are meaningless, decide to do what you want and not what someone else says you should do. I was a late bloomer and now I can say no, or yes, without guilt or second guessing. FEEL who you are and you'll find her. BE happy and give yourself a break......

Kathy (AuntiqueK)

Diane, I found my style by going through magazines and cutting out anything that pleases you, makes you feel warm and fuzzy. Don't try to figure it out now. Just cut cups, borders, anything that you like. After you have done all your cuttings take a look at what you have. Do you see a pattern or a certain style coming through? I did this and found out I love cottage style! It has just a smidgen of country, a pinch of Victorian and a good measure of English/French style. Good Luck and have fun!

Kathy (AuntiqueK)

Fay Marie Torzsok

Congratulations Maggie!

You finally made it, and it has nothing to do with luck, as we all claim it to be. I think it was just your time. We all have a time for everything in life. Enjoy!


I will be 60 in May, and just bought a new couch & love-seat for my living room.
I am very excited about the change. I had a colourful pattern one before, and a plain rug, now I have decided to switch things around with the plain cough & colourful rug, because I thing it is easier to fill in colour with accessaries, and also replace these easier when needed that the big items. You can start at any age and get just as excited and motivated. Let today be the first day that you will listen to your heart. You can do it one step at a time.

Kim, thanks so much for all the encouragement you place in our lives through your beautiful blogg. Appreciated

Fay Marie


Miss Kim,
This post is exactly why I love your blog. You are so real.. so sincere. You are a treasure Miss Kim! That is why I felt the need to share with you an idea I had that I thought you might want to take part in.. In your post you talk about Diane wanting to find herself, being 21 myself I am also on that journey. I have found through reading your blog and listening to my heart I am a lover of all things that come with a story... That is why my advice to Diane is to write down her story and to dream in words what she wants the plot to be! be honest on that page and you began to see yourself in your words! And that is also why I want to invite you, Kim, to be a part of a project I wish to start. "The Pen, Ink and Postage Society" If you have any interest in finding out more I would love to tell you! Just email me and let me know. In the mean time we are all thinking about you too dear one and love you too! ~ Sarahlynn


I think you have to be true to your house, it will lead you in the right direction. I live in an almost 100 year old farmhouse, when I got married in the 70's I tried to make it "hip", you know that wonderful (gag) 70's style? We removed the beautiful old wood trim, put down shag carpeting, you get the picture. MAJOR MISTAKE. Last summer we pulled up the carpets (no, not still shag) and had the hardwood floors refinished. For several years we have been replicating the old woodwork and replacing that. It now has the more simple look that an old farmhouse should!


Oh, Kim, isn't it wonderful to work out in the yard again! I am so happy to be in spring!!

Debbie L.

Congratulations Maggie:) So happy for you! Kim has the best giveaways doesn't she?

Dianne, I am still on my journey to finding my real self too. Kim has inspired me so much to take those steps to reach happiness in life.

I am in my 50's also and often have wondered why I was always trying to fit in and please others by decorating with the current style. 10 years ago I desired a cream colored sofa that would go with everything but I let a friend talk me right out of it and I have been miserable with the paisley designed sofa ever since. I cant afford to buy a brand new one at the moment so I have been searching the thrift stores and garage sales and also considering reupholstering the one I have.

The first time I found Kim's blog and saw her darling cottage of color my heart skipped a beat! I saw myself in this quaint home that oozed with happiness and ever since then I knew deep down in my heart I was a "cottage girl".

So Dianne follow your heart and I hope you find true happiness:) Have fun on your journey!

Thanks again Kim. You are a treasure!!

Debbie L.


Kim, this is the most heartfelt, beautiful post. I love the way you encourage trueness to one's self.

At the end, it will be better to say "I did it my way".

Deborah in NC


I think that sometimes it is so easy to base our decorating decisions on what other people would like, I used to get caught up in that thought but I really don't worry about that anymore. After all, I live here not them. I want to surround myself with things that mean something to me and things that I love and enjoy. Decorating my home will always be an ongoing process. It is never done. I switch things around frequently and I love it. Discovering your "style" is an ongoing process too. I guess my advice to Diane is to enjoy the process and don't worry what others may think!

Julie Harward

Love you to Kim...I have this recipe it!
Diane...Always listen to your gut feeling, it's always right...right for you. All the advise in so many magazines is just that and it changes from month to month and year to year, just like fashions. Listen to YOU. :D

Lynn Paterson

Looking thru magazines has always helped me.......but decorate with your feelings. Whatever warms your heart is the way you should go as far as decorating. Surround yourself with what you love and everything else will fall into place. Afterall, we only go around once in this lifetime!

Susan Freeman

As an interior designer I have helped many clients to express their OWN personalities in their homes. Your home is your nest, your refuge from an often cold and harsh world. Walking into your home should make you feel happy and secure. Never follow the pack or the trend out of fear that you will be wrong. Think of Katherine Hepburn. She had her own sense of style and was greatly admired for it. Choose colors, textures, styles you like. Trends come and go, so be true to your own style and you will be never be sorry.

Susan and Bentley


Free to be me really got me thinking! I am at home with a husband who had a stroke 11 years ago. I can't have "alot" of extras around my house because I have to keep it clear for him, so he can get around. But I do try to keep it as cozy and cute as I can, since I spend so much time at home. On top of that, since I'm home anyway, I watch my 9 month old granddaughter who was born with a cleft lip and palate - I don't think anyone in daycare would have taken the time to learn to feed her anyway - and as much as I love them both.....I wonder if there will ever come a time when I can be free to be me??

Nancy Omachi

Hello Darling Kim & Maggie! I was hoping for a "good morning" blog from you this morning!
I'll be 59 next month! Woo Hoo!Over the years, my decorating taste has changed, but I've always purchased items that called out my name! 3 years ago we bought a new house and I love it because I feel so comfortable here! I have fallen in love with yellow and red, so now I am drawn to items that are those colors! I love searching blogs to see how others have decorated their homes too. Sadly, flee markets and such are few and far between where I live...darn! I'm stick to hunting for goodies at HomeGoods!
Just fill your home with lots of stuff that makes your heart jump for joy!!!!

Kimberly Padilla

Oh Kim,

You're brownies look delightful! Thank you for being so kind to offer us one. I think about you, when I am not reading your blog, as well. I even mentioned you to a friend yesterday. You have created a special place in my life, and I look for you everyday.

I have to say that I found myself when I became a member of the family of our Father. Until that moment, I was totally lost, but now I have an objective, and in knowing what my objective in life is, is created and urgency to learn other things, as well, like history, and like things.

Of course, I like decorating and shopping and all the fun things, as well, but my identity is really in the Lord.


Kim, this is such a warm and loving post. You always make me feel so welcome here! I think I only really, truly began to find myself somewhere around fifty. Before that I was busy being someone's daughter, someone's wife, someone's mother, someone's friend. While I am still all of those, one day I 'woke up' and realized that I am a person created by God just to be ME. He created me with things that are unique to me and, while I share them with so many of you, they are really all part of who I am! And when I began to recognize what I like, what I enjoy doing, what I love being surrounded with I found myself. That process continues and keeps changing as time goes by but now I know - and like - who I am. My home is slowly reflecting that because we are constantly working at updating and upgrading and making 'ours' the little ranch-style home we love. Thank you for the brownies - they reminded me of my dear mother's aunt who often made them, too. I have her recipe and love making them. Of course the ones you shared on your blog are sugar-free, I'm sure!


Hi Kim, YOU ARE AN INSPIRATION!! You encourage me . My daughter just started her blog and needs encouragement.Would you please look in at her kitchen make over at My Cottage Charm And give her a thumbs up!! plus her kitchen is a cottage dream. Keep posting and we will keepreading .P.s. I LOVE BLONDE BROWNIES!!!


I struggled with finding what my style is vs. choosing someone else's style that I saw on HGTV, on blogs, or in magazines. So, now, everytime I get a magazine, I tear out all the pages that show rooms or things I really love. I bought a cheap binder and clear page covers from Walmart and I take those pages that I love and insert them in my binder. After awhile, it becomes like a big book full of stuff you love. You can flip through and get a really good idea of what your style is. Worked for me. Best wishes!

Nancy Hutson Maisenbach

Wow!!! Where should I start. At the being I think. The pot of daisies is sooo inviting. I am about to go into our garden with my Mr Wonderful but I stopped here first and I am so glad I did. What a wonderful thing we have going here at Daisy Cottage with support, inspiration and friendship to name a few reasons why we come.
Maggie, congrats! I agree wholeheartedly with Kim and the others that you are sweet. You are a winner!
Diane, I say amen to Kim's advise. Don't worry about pleasing anyone except you and any people you share your home with. If you like it most likly they will like any changes you make too. When I want a fresh start I enmty the room with everything except the furniture and if I don't like it the furniture goes too. I clean real good then I move the furniture around. Stand back and look. When satisfied start decorating. Sometimes I paint the room. Go thrifting at this point and find things you like. It is not always perfect the first time. You have to play with it. All of this takes time but the rewards are so satisfing. Don't keep something in the room just because it has sentimental value. If it does not improve the place where it sits find it a new home. Many thift stores in my area have discount days sometimes.
Last but not least are those blond brownies. Wow they look great Kim.
Cream please!
Nancy M. :)

Debbie from Texas

Congrats, Maggie, on the giveaway! I am soon to be 59. Kim is gradually teaching me through her blog to be myself in decorating. My house looks like a museum with nice dark furniture and antiques but not me.......I am learning to go with what makes my heart sing and brings me joy when I see it. I decided several days ago that I love the sea/blue/aqua so much (I have it in my bedroom and bath) why not bring the color into my den!!! I am so excited now to start looking for a new rug and accessories. It will certainly lighten things up.(I can't get rid of the dark leather, Kim, at least not until my son finishes building his house.)You are such an inspiration to me, Kim. I feel like there are several kindred spirits out there who feel the same way that I do! And we all like those brownies!!!

Bella StyleBook

There is such beauty in being grateful.
Your flowers are so beautiful.
I just came from the bookstore where I purchased the Romantic Country magazine. Awesome! What a thrill it must be to be so famous!



Catching up on missed posts. Congratulations on the magazine. I'll be picking up a copy as soon as possible. Also, this is such a sweet is so nice to "come home" to Daisy Cottage. You are such an encouragement to me and to so many. I think you gave the perfect advice in regards to "figuring out who you are".

Trish Rowley

Congratulations to Maggie!!!!!
Hi Kim, I am in my 50's as well, over the years when I was first married I had all the you beaut furniture but you know what it did'nt make me happy, it was'nt me these days I can say that everything in my house comes with a memory of something or someone that I love. So Dian I would say just surround yourself with LOVE what ever makes you fuzzy and smile this is who you are and where you will feel at home,peaceful,yourself,and there is nothing better than to feel,smell,and see Home. God Bless!!!!!!!!
Trish xox ')


Hi Kim,
I love this post, especially your blond brownies. My meds are acting a bit strong to read and comprehend writing right now. I have to ask if you will post your recipe for your blond brownies and when I feel better I will make some for me and my family or maybe there is a way to send it to me via e-mail. Love your lovely daisies. You always brighten my day.
Thank you for that.
Hugs from Darlene in California


Kim, I'd like cream please. Warm blonde brownies, coffee and a chat with you in Daisy Cottage, sweet bliss! Thank you for inviting me.

Diane, The best advice I can give you is to look around your home with an eye for items that make your heart skip with delight. Do these things have anything in common, like color, texture, or specific style. You may be able to discover your personal style by looking at what you already have. I also find it helpful to have quiet time in order to hear what my spirit really wants. Often times we are overwhelmed with too much "outside" input, so much so that we cannot hear ourselves. Good luck in your 50th year and Happy Birthday! Donna


Kim~ What a beautiful post. I have to admit I was feeling a little blue this afternoon. Something that doesn't happen very often, but when it does...I hate it. Thanks to your kind words I feel better. Coming to your blog is like visiting the beach on a sunny day. The winding is blowing, but not enough to matter. The waves are crashing on the shore, but not too loudly. We are siting on our comfortable chairs soaking up the sun, breathing in the salty air, and are at peace with who we are. That is what visiting your blog feels to me.

Diane~ What can I say that Kim and the others haven't said. I guess I will try. Who cares what everyone else thinks. Be who you are, love yourself, celebrate your uniqueness, and never forget how valuable you are. If you want to paint your walls three shades of yellow do it if it makes you happy. If you want to carpet your entire house in astroturf, do it. Do whatever makes you happy. Because in the end when you are drawing your last breath, the last thing on your mind will be did so-and-so like my decorations? I hope that your last thought will be, I lived my life to the fullest and found happiness and peace within myself.

For someone who said they didn't have much to say, I said! I hope you have a great weekend. Thank you again for your inspirational words.



To Dianne, I am 53 and feel like a late bloomer. I decided to toss away all those stupid thoughts and feelings that got in my way and do my "own thing". My house is not designer perfect or in style - it is naturally imperfect and just my style. The same goes for my appearance. Be yourself - look at books, magazines and blogs to get ideas on what you like. I love mission style furniture and am probably one of the few in my area who does. I saw a home filled with the Arts and Crafts sytle furniture 20 years ago and knew I'd found something I love. Something in the style spoke to me. Go for it! You only go around once. Lisa


Yeah for you Maggie! Excellent advice Kim. I remember a difficult time when I was in my 20s with 3 small kids and no money and a husband out of town working alot. I called a friend of my mom's and she gave me some advice I'll never forget. She told my I was a "changeling" right now and nothing would make sense for a while then quite suddenly a light bulb would go off and I'd know just what to do. And she was right. I'm currently going through another "Changeling" stage as my last baby is getting ready to graduate. I'm lost but I wait and listen and have faith that I'll find myself again. I guess what I'm saying is be patient with yourself and listen to your small voice and if something makes you sing, then sing, sister, sing!

Patty O'Malley

I'm in my 50's and feel the same as Dianne. I had a major health scare a few years ago and have allowed it to cloud my days too much! Finding Daisy Cottage has been a source of positive inspiration for me. You are absolutely right, Kim, life isn't a dress rehearsal. Grasping onto the positive is important. Although it's not easy, being true to yourself is a must.


hello diane,

your already one of a kind and that's what makes you so special. just look around and feel what beauty surrounds you with and go from there, it's when you take a breath of fresh air and you sigh about someting you really like or ever wanted in your home that you would like to be surrounded with let your mind wonder, what colors and fabrics make you feel cozy? go from there, just keep trying. cottage feel


Kim, excellent heartfelt advice to Diane.
I would add, you need to play and feel when your heart goes pitter patter. That's what my Dad advised me when I was trying to decide about a marriage proposal- My hard-nosed Dad actually said "Does he make your heart go pitter-patter?"
So, Diane, order a book I just did by Keri Smith called "Wreck this Journal" and go hog wild (in a safe way) and let her rip. How much joy can you stand? Have a little fun before you make any more commitments, to colors, endeavors, or people. Live a little, and notice what makes you sing. Saralynn who commented above, is a very wise 21 yr old. Find your story, decide on your plot, visualize your dreams....And Anna, the Changeling is such a good term. We often fear the unknown but the fun is always in the journey, not the destination. Enjoy your thrill of the hunt! You will find what you need. Trust yourself.
Kim, fabulous work on the Romantic Country Magazine! Got it today, and am still devouring it. Best wishes to all....
Kim, fab

Daisy Cottage


Hopefully Diane will stop back by to see YOUR words of wisdom. How encouraging you all are and how VERY wise.
You are all simply the best.


Barbara Theobald

As I visit with all of you I'm thinking of Kim's advice "give yourself your undivided attention" just as we have with our loved ones... I am 53 and reading all of your advice to Diane (taking away pieces from each of you) and it has brought tears! I'm trying to discover myself again as a woman and in my times it is hard...but I'm getting there. Diane together we can do this.... Kim you and your blog have been a blessing!!


Congrats to Maggie!!

Diane...We are at a wonderful age in our life (I'm about to turn 51)and it is ok for us to listen to that little voice in our heart and follow matter what others might think. Surround yourself with things that you love and make you feel cozy. And when you do will have a style that you love and is all our own!!

Oh Kim...I love blonde brownies. Haven't had them in a long time and I know what I'll be making tomorrow. Yum!!


Daisy Cottage


You just hold our hands and we'll get there together, okay?


Diane Price

Dear Kim and everyone who wrote in this blog will never know how much it meant to me to read your kind, heartfelt, and very insightful thoughts on finding myself. When I first began to read the blog, I couldn't believe it was about me. I felt like I had won the lottery and when I finished reading, I knew that I had. You have all touched my heart to think that you would take time out to help someone you don't even know. But, then again I do feel we are all a family, Kim's family. Thank you Kim, Please know that you did something for me that I will never forget and I will keep the loving thoughts in my heart always. I find myself looking at things in a whole other way. Thank you all so very much.


Oh, silly me...when I first saw the photo of your beautiful cottage, inside and out, I naturally assumed this was another decorating blog. But this one has, at its core, a loving heart as big as this wonderful world, a heart that belongs to our Kim. And she shares it with us! How lucky are we? So no...this blog isn't really all about decorating (but don't you dare stop posting those gorgeous photos!!). It's about love, pure and simple. Thank you, Kim, thank you.

sweet cottage dreams

First of all...cream, please - oh yes! And just one brownie will do as I am on a "spring diet" dontchaknow! :)

Secondly, congrats to Maggie! She is going to have fun with her LOOT!!

Lastly - for Diane - I completely understand. I am 49 and I believe I know your heart. Like Kim said, do what feels best for you. For me, I tend to decorate with the colors I wear - that is, what feels comfie to me. Decorating your home is like wrapping yourself in THE MOST comfortable sweater you have. For me, I love cottage things - browns, greens, reds, white, blue - it all works together. Things don't have to be matchy matchy or trendy. My mantra is "if it is old and has a history" and I have a spot in my home for it, then it goes home. I lean towards the cute, charming, chippy and well loved. Seldom to I buy new things (albeit underwear :)....). Our homes should be the most comfortable place for us. Reflective of our personality and interests. Don't let the magazines influence your style. Now don't get me wrong, there are TONS of great ideas, beautiful homes, etc - but just do what YOUR heart loves. What makes your heart skip a beat? Follow that rhythmn and you will be in perfect harmony! As my mom always told me, "your home is your canvas - now go and paint a beautiful picture!"



Thank you, Kim.
I guess you taught me to be more ME by teaching me over and over again that we are the ones behind our own camera. I can zoom in on the clutter or I can zoom in on the first blossom of spring and capture that moment. I can zoom in on the positive encouraging words and actions of others and ignore the rest. This is not escapism. This is me building a beautiful life for my family. There is so much cruelty and ugliness out there. I am the gate-keeper of what comes into my home: the safe haven I can provide, where love, peace and joy have a chance to flourish, with God's Blessing.
physical beauty becomes an expression of this, through gratefulness.


Dear Diane
You are not alone. All of us have struggled with finding
"the real me" at some time in our lives and it is often whenwe hit our 50s. We spend so much time looking after others that somehow we just lose ourselves and forget who we once were. Here are a couple of suggestions that may help. Go around your home and notice anything you LOVE and ask yourself why you love it. Another thing to do is imagine how you would decorate if the house was just for you and no one would ever see it. Would you paint a wall purple,have it all girlie, use sequins, get rid of all the leather, save some of the furniture, get rid of everything? Just imagine it as silly or as outrageous as you want, no one will see it. Another idea, go to Homegoods or a flea market or Pier One, any store that isn't just your basic furniture store. Don't think about your present home, but just walk around and notice what you like. If money didn't matter, what would you buy just because you liked it?
Maybe these ideas will start you on the road to finding your style.
The real you is in there somewhere just waiting to say "Here I am!"
Hugs, Rhondi


what a great and difficult question! i just turned 59(march 11). my husband died 9months ago. Now i am relearning who i am as a woman. i'm not longer a wife. I still AM a mom to two wonderful grown men,i'm a mother in law to two lovely young ladies and i'm a grandmother to two terrific sweet young boys. After my husband died i decided to make small changes in our house. Like new lacy shower curtain in the bathroom,and flowery curtains in that window. My son just changed some paint colors in the house, now i have three walls painted different colors! WOW!! what a concept. I also bought a beautiful flowery bedspread and pillow shams. In re doing some things in the house i have discovered that i like having "girly" things in my house. so - for me - in making these small changes i am learning about myself. i've been a stay at home mom for 26 years ( very lucky me.). Now i have a volunteer job (to do at home)with the hospice we had for my husband. Another way that i'm learning who i am is through my card making. I'm learning that like the shabby chic style and enjoy making cards for others. So - in the short 9 months i've come a long way baby. thank YOU kim for this blog..


I am still searching for the real me - when I know she's been here all along. I have to admit that I'm always searching for 'my style' and what I want to be when I grow up even though I'm 43 years old. I like so many things that I have no "one" style. I like vintage, I like Oriental, I like cabin chic, I like Victorian. So, I mix them. Sometimes I'll do one room one way and another room amy be completely different. I don't care what people think any more. Some of my 'friends' would critique my house. Now, I don't care if they do. It's their loss not to enjoy the fun!

I've taken alot of classes to see if I like photography, mah jong, jewelry making, card making. I haven't found one great passion but have enjoyed all of these experiences. And, I've met some nice people along the way.

So, I say wing it, and don't worry too much about it. And, have fun - seriously.


Dear "Free to Be Me"! I can sympathize and empathize with you.

You have received very good suggestion from the other ladies.

I too thought I should like things because they were the current trend, or because my best friend (who has impeccable & artistic taste) like a certain look.

Several ways I discovered the real "me". 1) I asked myself what did I like to do when I was a child? In my case I loved reading, tree-climbing & hiking through the nearby woods. You know what? I have tons and tons of books! Some are vintage, many are paperbacks. Guess what places a sizable role in my home interior? Yes, of course - books!

I still love nature & have a wonderful collection of rocks, nests, pine cones, shells, etc. Yep - - - they became an integral part of my decorating scheme.

My favorite childhood places were the farmhouses my aunt & grand dad lived in. Yep - - - a farmhouse look works for me.

But I discovered I didn't like the cluttered look of some farmhouses . . . I'm not at all "frou frou". . .

I went to fickr, a free photography website & found groups devoted to interior decorating. I searched for cottage, farmhouse, and other photos about homemaking, nesting, etc.

The ones that truly took my breath away, I saved in my "gallery". These are other peoples' photos, I cannot print them or claim them as my own . . . but I ended up with 4 galleries. I went through them, looking for a common denominator & what did I find out? About 98% were fairly neutral with a lot of nature & photography themes! (Since childhood I've fallen in love w/digital photog). There were a few w/a very "tschoke" look about them. And I discovered what "I" really love.

And you know what? Most of my house (an 80 year old TX farmhouse) is very neutral w/lots of nature-themed decor. And my kitchen is very 1950's tschoke.

Hoping and praying you find the real you. I know you'll like her, whatever that ends up being.

Please share w/this blog what you find out about yourself!

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