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  • What I hope for my readers and for all keepers of the nest, is that they embrace their homes with their heart and all of the passion that it holds. I want them to know that they can decorate on a limited budget by seeing things in new ways; by rescuing the broken and transforming the ugly. I hope that they flaunt their favorite color and decorate their life with it. I hope that their homes feel like one giant hug that welcomes them each and every time they walk through their front door. More than anything I want everyone to have their own home-sweet-home dream come true! xo, Kim

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March 03, 2010



I could NOT agree more!!! I'm doing a decorating segment for my MOPS group next month and have MANY of the same things written down that you have here! I did a "green living" segment today and had SO much fun!
They all complemented me on my outfit, then I told them EVERYTHING I was wearing was from either Goodwill or Salvation Army! They loved it :)

Patty M

Hello, Kim. Thanks for the inspriration to decorate my home for me...not my sister or my mom or my friend with great taste...but for me. I will be thrifting this Friday with my SIL who loves to repurpose thrift store finds, after we visit a friend who loves all things pink and who will spoil us with delectables and flavored coffee. It's wonderful to be have reminded me of this once again...I think it slipped my mind for a while. Silly me.

Julie Harward

You are just having too much fun! Love it! I like your good pointers too..guess maybe I'll go a looking too! :D

Jody Smith

That's too funny! I have My Salvation Army....guess what while I was at MY store....My husband bumped into me!!! He was just "killing time". I told him to stop following me to MY store! He bought an orange beach cruiser at My store! Anyways I can't wait till they make the old Circuit City building into My Goodwill Store!!!! Open, Open, Open!

I am glad you know your ladies at Your store! My ladies are very nice to me and will sometimes give me a good deal!
Thanks for sharing,


Way too cold to be outside this weekend, instead of Rennigers, I think we are going back to Patchwork Pig Saturday - YAY. My favorite quilt shop and it's in Lakeland. Friday we go to Mt. Dora to the quilt show. Here I am out and about away from home and the horoscope says I will meet the love of my life this weekend!!!!!??? And do pigs fly? But she's been 99 percent right since 1999. Go figure! As cold as it is to be, and as layered as I'll be, I'll look like an Big Bear walking!!! Attractive - NOT! Blessings, Janet

Cynthia Kutra

Hi! I love the shower curtain!! I agree with your pointers - most of what I pick up I have no idea where I will put, but it tickles me and delights my eye, so it's mine.

Only problem is, there are so very many items that beg me to rescue them...

Cynthia K. (Beauty and Blessings)


great tips. gems :) i dont have a my store, but i do enjoy estate sales. i enjoy the story the treasures in the home tells about the people who lived there.


I love your white candlestick. Having no thrift stores or Goodwill on this little island ... I just dream about treasure I might find on Ebay. It makes it more pricey though :(

cathy gillette

I love Goodwill,and got to two of them religiously every Fri am unless my husband and I have a date day (he loves day trips!) I have been searching the net and finding other secondhand shops in the area that are new to me, so I will have others to add to my list! Each community has a different feel,and different sorts of merchandise.


I could not agree more! I have MY own thrift shop too. I'm glad that you don't know where it is because we love the same things! :D


Hello...I just love the way you tell a story! You are so inspiring and do it all in such an encouraging way. Thank you...


I love your house (at least what I have seen here). Everything is so colorful and happy. The yellow "shower curtain" and white candlestick are wonderful finds. Try not to blow away today.

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions

Great tips, Kim! I never even went into MY Goodwill until I read about it from blogging. When I go in, I go in with an open mind. That ugly wood tray can be painted. Those frames don't need to have that picture in them. That curtain panel can be fabric for a pillow.


You and I are definitely sisters. My goodwill...hahaha. I hear you! It's only 5 minutes from my house so of course it's MY goodwill. but I like to visit the others a little further out when I'm in their area. I know the gals by name too. And the Habitat Re-Store is only 8-9 minutes away as is the Salvation Army, and my favorite tiny little thrift is only 7-8 min. also! wow, thinking about it now, I'm pretty blessed!!! Saw you in the FMS mag. so cool.
Love to visit every day. And bless your heart for taking all the hearts out yesterday. love your finds!! Have a superb and outstanding day having fun with your new stuff.
See you tomorrow.

Valley + Madigan

I just can't get enough of you!!

Debbie L.

Morning Kim:)

I have to say that your words of wisdom about decorating your home have spoken volumes of wisdom to me. I am looking at everything in a NEW perspective and about life too.

What I love about your home is that it is a reflection of who YOU are and there isnt a copycat version of it. Every item is chosen carefully because you love it and dont let style dictate to you.

You have been a blessing to me and have refreshed my life.

Thank You for sharing:)
Debbie L.


O, without MY Goodwills here in our town, my house would be nekked !! :O)

Penny @ The Comforts of Home and Lavender Hill Studio

Great advice Kim!

Susan Freeman

Thrift stores, yard sales, estate sales, are fabulous. I also love the "renewal" shops. It is all great fun!

Susan and Bentley


Good Morning Kim:

You are a breath of fresh air every a.m. for me. Your house puts me over the moon!! Thank you so much for your kind words on my blog the other day. You have taught me so much!

Luv ya,


Thanks Kim for the great insite to thrifting. I have found a terrific local thrift store and I do believe I will start calling it my own!
I've been laboring over where and what when something tugs at me..... If I love it that much, I'll find a place and use.

Ruth ;)


This post reminds me that my daughter tells everyone her mom (moi') trained both she and her brother in the fine art of thrift and garage sale shopping.

You are SO right, one can become very skilled at looking for the colors and styles so they jump out at you.

You have inspired me to decorate with my love of yellow and red, even if only in my kitchen. :)

Marianne & Mindy


Love your decorating pearls of wisdom. I identify completely. My hubby and I love thrifting, antiquing etc., When I see something I like, I get it. He occasionally looks at me and says "What are you going to do with that?" I just smile, give him a kiss and tell him to guess. It could and does end up everywhere including the garden. I have my St. Vincent De Paul store and frequent it often... Love it ;) *Love Love Love* the Shower curtain/table cloth and the candle holder. Have fun playing

Thanks Kim for posting a picture of your Goodwill. I found the right one. LOL I almost asked the girls at the desk if they knew Kim from Daisy Cottage. LOL

They have wonderful stuff there. I hope to go back again. I found the great consignment shop across the street too.

I love Lakeland. Haven't got in touch with you due to DH and I were sick over three weeks with the bug going around and its been cold.

Hope to see you one day soon.


Daisy Cottage

Connie, I would LOVE that!

I'm so sorry you have been sick too. I hope you are all better now. I'm still really only @ 50%. I hear this virus does take the full three weeks to get over.

I think Pat is the only one who has visited my blog and she knows me as Kimberly. Isn't that cute?




Thanks for sharing your thrifting tips -- I've always been a very beige/brown person but am in the process of buying a new house -- a cozy little bungalow -- and I'm branching out to colors -- a lime green front door with the same color on a hall wall that's visible from the doorway -- soft aqua in my bedroom which is just off the front hall. Baby steps but I'm really ready for them. Thanks for the inspiration.


Teresa, St. Paul, TX

Kim, I couldn't agree with you more. I have lots of "my" stores. It seems you even buy books in "your" colors! No?! Your house is adorable. Thanks for sharing.

Lee Laurie

I thought that I was the only one that called it "My Thrift Store". LOL Sometimes I sound like a spoiled brat when I catch myself saying...My cottage, My kichen, My thrift store...

Oh well...

Lee Laurie

The Lady of the House

Love the chunky candlestick! I will start doing that... "My thriftstore..." I like it! Happy Day, The Lady


I learned a few things today. Thank you!

Mary Lou

Thank you, Kim, for those pointers. After all my years of thrifting, I honestly didn't think in terms of the color tip. That is one I really need to remember - even in regards to clothing. This will come in handy really soon as I'm heading to FL to visit my daughter and sil.....and there is definitely thrift shopping on the agenda.
As always, Daisy Cottage always looks so happy, and that shower curtain fits right in.


Thank you those are some good tips!


I can tell you are feeling better in the strength of your writing. Yeah!!!

Right now, I cannot buy anything. We are in the 7th month of trying to sell our Ga. home and move to Tenn. near the only grandbaby. I have a $90 a month storage unit with much of my treasure and every bed has more of my treasures stored in big ziplock bags under it! You are supposed to declutter and "stage" the house by depersonalizing it. Oh, I am in withdrawal! I have even buried a St. Joseph status (plastic) in the front yard to help with the sale! I miss collecting, thrifting so much!!! Sheila

Debbie from Texas

Ahh...what does a Debbie look like?? I hope she is nice, sweet, and attractive like me! Ha! I do have a favorite store and an antique mall here. Everyone knows me so I can't just sneak in anymore! I have found some wonderful things there, too. Tuesday is a good day to go because weekends are so busy and no stocking of shelves is done. Love ya,

Kimberly Padilla

How beautiful! I love what you did with the shower curtain! It looks brilliant on the table! Thanks for all the tips! Have a great day.


Ok, don't freak out, but today I am pretending I am you. I said, don't freak out!!! I just love your cozy little home and can just picture myself relaxing there. I would pick up that cute basket with the colorful yarn in it and pretend I know how to knit. Thanks for sharing your life with us!

Lavender Dreamer

If you drive a little north to my part of Florida...I'll take you to my thrift store! It is BIG...CHEAP...and has a fast turnover. It's a Christian thrift store and things come in fast and go out fast! Something different every day! Clothes are a NICKLE each! (I don't buy the clothes because I am always looking at everything else! lol) I love it! ♥


BINGO! If I may add a tip,remember that you are in a Thrift store,some times the surroundings can confuse "your eye",Home stores are designed to sell you items with displays,some thrift store do have displays,but ya gotta think out of the box,so to speak....


Kim, I love your Blog. I wish I could drive and go to the many thrift and Goodwill stores that we have close to home. My husband does not like to go to them, so I come here to enjoy what you are buying and enjoying. Thank you for sharing your adventure out and the wonderful things that you purchased. You have a beautiful home and a wonderful style about you. Takes me in each time I visit. Take care. Hugs from California.

Bella StyleBook

Good points made. Does thrifting always mean that you bought something that was on sale or from a thrift store? Oh well, your very-yellow shower curtain is YOU!

I have also found that I tend to gravitate to my favorite colors when shopping for my home. Funny how that works. Never been, but this week I'm gonna go to a Goodwill store to see what all the excitement is all about. I'll let you know when I find my colors.

Esther Sunday

Funny comment you got from the Goodwill gal! Made me remember very clearly how I used to think of thrift stores/"cast offs". My parents are both from Britain and came to the US with NO money. They shopped thrift stores for EVERYTHING! When I was a teen, I was disgusted with "the junk" in our house, I used to say! I longed for wall to wall carpet and modern type furniture - like a Brady Bunch house! I have done a huge 180 - and my parents and I still laugh about it to this day - usually while we are on our into a thrift store!!!


I totally agree with all of this. While I wasn't too fond of the Goodwill where I moved from, right next door was a womans shelter thrift shop that I haunted. I always found awesome things there. The prices were a bit higher there compared to Good will but the quality of things there was also. So it was worth it.

Now I have a Goodwill down the street here. I havent found any other shops yet except antique shops. But this Goodwill seems to be THE PLACE to be in this town. Any time I go there people are always standing around talking to others they met there. I love it. Except that because so many go there........gotta grab it when you see it.

But Ive been lucky so far....found awesome glass blue plates I blogged about on my own blog. And this last time I bought a gorgeous pink glass vase shaped a bit like a ginger jar. I left it behind on the last visit but then kept thinking about it. So I had to go back and I prayed it was still there. Now its here and it makes me smile.

Ashley Schott

I don't know why but that little tiny candle pushed my giggle button and I am totally laughing right now haha:) I loooovvvee Goodwill! There are many many treasures burried away there!

Nancy Hutson Maisenbach

You are going right up my alley today Kim.
When something grabs me and I am not sure if it is right I ask myself, "self, if I don't purchase the item will it haunt me"? I have been haunted in the past and I don't like it. I call those item "haunters". Donating and purchasing from thrift shops is a great benefit to the charites sponsored and the planet not to mention our pocketbooks.
How great is that!
Nancy M.


I love your idea of being able to pass items along to just the right people. Sometimes I become bored with what I have brought home with me!

Cheryl Fields

Dearest Kim,
I love love love to share too, but I love things to be mine.You know, like "my friend Kim." My friends and family hear me mention you often. I will say "My friend Kim has a Dachshund named Maggie" or "My friend Kim loves red and yellow just like me!”. They probably think you are my "imaginary" friend.
Your friend always,

Brenda Kula

You are so special, Kim. Of course one man's trash is always another man's treasure. I have always admired your eye for "beauty" and your way with color. You are daily inspiration to us all!

Donna Hurlbut

Yesterday I stopped into "my" Savers (raising money for Big Brothers Big Sisters) and bought the cutest valance for my over-the-sink kitchen window; it has sunflowers just above the ruffle. It is gorgeous and makes me happy by warming up a dreary spot. On the window I lined up a few small clear vases awaiting the coming of Spring wildflowers. Your advice is priceless. Who else would we decorate our homes for but ourselves?
As always thanks,

Kathleen Grace

Great advice on thrifting Kim. SOmetimes I come out with gret finds and sometimes I go in and can't seem to focus. I havent thought of looking for favorite colors!

Fay Marie Torzsok

Thanks Kim for all the good advice.

I'm one of those people who say. "I like this very much , but where would I put it". Next time, I'll buy it, and then worry later where I'll put it. Makes sense.

Fay Marie


Kimberly Dear,
You are amazing!
My husband used to always ask "where are you going to put that" or "what are you going to do with that" in an exasperated tone. I finally started replying " I love it, I'll figure something out." Now he says "Kathy, can you figure out something to do with this...whatever...I picked up at the auction today? You're the best at repurposing,honey!" :-)


HI Kim! Because of you I am loving turquoise, adding it here and there....changing our bedroom around to include it....all because of you. And I am SO EXCITED! I just saw that they are revamping a building in town and the marquee sign went up and said GOODWILL. i let out a wee woop in the car! mom laughed because she gets me! is a good day today!


Thanks so much for your inspiration and words of wisdom. You have me painting furniture and doing lots of colors, making me fall in love with this house that I appreciate but don't love. This grandma's gone wild!!!

Kate Reddan

I think I will just put myself to the head of the class right now. I spent and hour at MY favorite thrift store today. I go as often as I can and even called my sister the other day when I was in there to tell her I think I need a support group! It is just not normal to drive all that way 3 to 5 times a week to thrift. And best of all I do all the things you taught us in Thrifting class. So I am noninating myself star student in Thrifting 101.
Thanks for all the great stuff you teach us. I think I speak for all your students when I say We love you!!!!!


What very good advice! And yes, things really do call out to you (or at least they do to me) as you go by. Some of the things I love most in our little home have belonged to someone else before us.


I loves my thrift store too. I always find something I didn't know I needed there. I must admit I felt superiorly thrifty when I used a 25% off coupon there!


Well stated. I haven't been to MY thrift store since before the holidays. It is time. Perhaps tomorrow. It stopped snowing, so I am feeling the urge. had coupons, haha.

Melissa Thorn

Kim, for the record, I think you buy lovely things. :) You can tell Debbie I said so. lol
I just wanted to invite you to my blog for a party! I'm hosting my first ever Treasure Trove Thursday and thought you might like to hook up something you love! :)
HOpe you can join me! Have a blessed day!


Pat is wonderful and so are Gail and Helen at the jewelry counter. I go on Friday nights. When do you go? I love our Goodwill here in Lakeland. Pat says the one that just opened in Spring Hill is realy nice too. I don't like the one in Brandon. The shower curtain looks really nice and love the candlesticks. Wonder how I missed those? Really ripe juicy pears are good. Maube you don't like the texture.

Daisy Cottage

YES Becky! You are so right! Gail and Helen are dolls. Love them too.

I am random. I pop in when I head down there to get my mail or pick up my Mom. Like everything I do - I pretty much wing it. No real schedule. BUT maybe I'll see you one Friday night at MY Goodwill. ;-) I would love that.



Dear Kim,
I just love my Dear Daisy Cottage!
Thank you for all you do!


boy, do i understand totally, when i thrift shop thats exactly what i'll do. i tend to move my little treasures around the house and they give a different feel altogether, like you said you may use them for this or that. i have lot's of fun thrifting it just makes my day.

your the bomb, love ya, cottage feel

Meredith from Penelope Loves Lists

I've been "lurking" for a while now and wanted to dip in and tell you how much I enjoy your blog. It's my little 'end of day' treat.

sweet cottage dreams

....and YOUR, Miss Kim, Goodwill is one of the nicest that I have been to. I could not believe how large it was and how many wonderful things were there to lay claim to. LOL - YOUR Goodwill.....I have a few favs of my own, too.

Nothing beats finding a "deal" to make your home glitter.

a fellow thrift store enthusiast

Daisy Cottage

Hi Meredith! I'm SO glad you "dipped" in. ;-)
It is wonderful to meet YOU.


Chris M.

What a great post! Thanks for the tips. Although I can't help but think that your Goodwill is better than my Goodwill. You definitely seem to be finding better things. How often do you go? Have you noticed that there is a better time of day or better day to shop? Do you always come home with something? I'm not as consistent as I should be, but I'm starting to think that maybe here in New England, there are a lot of good old fashioned yankees who like to use it up, wear it out, make do or do without. Leaving very little to give to the Goodwill :) Chris M.

laurie eller

such wonderful ideas! love love! thank you.

i love MY Goodwill(s) too. I need to get there more often, but for now i seem to go once a week. probably not good enough? i dunno. :)

we live in a small town right outside lexington, kentucky (in Versailles) and it all the downtown charm that you can imagine. everytime i read your blog it makes me so thankful that i live in a town where bikes stand outside Debbie's Cafe, where girls giggle outside the library in the center of town, and where i'll be selling girl scout cookies at my one grocery store later today.

thank you for that. Mama's skillet's post was enough to bring tears to my eyes.

love love.
laurie eller


such lovely finds! the yellow curtain is so yummy..

totally with you here (in Italy, where buying previously loved things is not as common, unless it's real antiques!)

I've also been told that I buy ugly things (namely by a client of a consignment shop that hated the painting I was buying and gifted to my parents that loved it!)

anyway, you're an inspiration and I'm starting to add colour in my home and loving it!

Jane Carter

I was so inspired by your posts sharing your Goodwill treasures that I traipsed out to explore on of the local thrift shops yesterday. Actually, Goodwill has three little retail shops here in the town where I live. I was only able to hit one, but was pleased to find something to bring home with me. Although this little shop had only a very small area of housewares/decorative items and I initially felt a pang of disappointment about that, they had tons of clothing. So, I browsed through some of the racks and discovered a pair of practically new Levi capri pants...the tags evidence that they have barely been washed. And only $3.49! I got so excited when they actually fit. They have a new home in my closet! And I have a renewed resolve to explore the remaining two Goodwill stores this next week...and on a regular basis.

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