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February 25, 2010



Glad your doing a little better, Kim.
My first real crush? Hmmm... Jeffrey Coles. 4th grade. He was adorable. Carrot orange hair and freckles galore. He made me week in the knees too. After awhile, he got word of my crush. And lucky me, I found out he had a crush on me too!
And yep, we took a bet from all our friends, and kissed each other at recess-- behind the baseball bleachers! He gave me a gumball machine ring, and we arranged to meet and go roller skating once too. Funny thing is, I don't remember when the romance ended? That's weird.
Thanks for the trip down memory lane. Gilbert, you blew it.
Get well, and don't stay up too late reading the blogs;)Lots of love, Kelly


Mine was in 3rd grade through 8th grade. His name was Kenneth Bolar. He never had a crush on me though. I can still remember him. I heard he has been married several times.

I guess I am the one that lucked out and found my one true love who I have been married to for over 33 years. Funny thing is that my Husband went to the same school as we went to, but was about two grades below us.



Hi Kim ~ Hope you feel all better real soon!

Oh ~ my first crush....his name was Randy. He was 17 to my 12. It was the summer of 67. He lived across the street and two houses down.....

He was beautiful. Brown hair, brown eyes and cut off denim shorts and tank tops! He used to wash his car a lot. I watched him as often as I could. I even washed my mom's car so he'd notice that we had the same interests!

Once I bought him a box of Hostess Ding Dongs (some cream filled chocolate cake thing). I wrapped it and gave it to him along with a note that said.....are you ready for this......"I'm ding dong over you"! No comment on the note, but he ate two of the cakes in my presence...he was such a neat eater. : )
Randy had two older brothers and three younger ones. One was about my age and I struck up a friendship with him so I could be near Randy. He tolerated my presence, but only as his brother's friend.

Summer time ended, school started up again, and I met Nick (or Mr Thomsen as he preferred to be called). He was my new PE teacher...he was so handsome. But that's a whole different story!

Have a joy-filled day!


Feel weel, sweetie!

My first love...I married after praying to every single night....

I would love for you to come by and visit. Stay awhile.


Mary Lou

What a trooper you are!!
I think my first crush was on Roy Rogers. I watched him every Sat and thought he was so handsome. I was probably about 7. I liked Dale Evans too so didn't care that they were married! I actually saw Dale in a store in Victorville, CA one day in 1974! Say it ain't so! I had a baby in a shopping cart and so did she. I spoke and called her by name and she smiled that "mother to mother" smile and said hi. I didn't tell her how I felt about Roy, me being married with children and all..My baby is now 35.


My first crush......Joey Sack. He lived right next door to me and we were joined at the hip for many years. We did everything together!
I will never forget, we had been playing together and I had to go visit my grandparents. I had left my doll at his house and when I get home, he had colored a paper grocery bag and decorated it for me, then put my doll in there. I remember, I kept that bag for a long time!
He moved away to Oregon when we were in junior high. He kept on hinting around about kissing me goodbye before he left and I thought he was joking (went right over my head)and we never did. I have not seen or spoken to him since he moved away. But after typing this, I think I may snoop around on facebook, etc. and see if I can find him.
I hope you are feeling better very soon.

Susan Freeman

If you go onto my blog you will see a pic of me and my best friend Barbie on our birthdays. We shared the same birthday, but Barbie was 2 years older. My first "crush" was on her brother Eddie. I thought the seas parted when Eddie was born. Anyway, Eddie I'm quite sure only thought of me as a little kid (which I was) but I worshipped him. There was a bully in the neighborhood. Her name was Gayle. She pushed me around. My Daddy told me to stand up to her. So I did, well, sort of. I had Eddie hold her hands behind her back while I punched her in the nose. The result, Eddie was my hero. And the bully .... well we became the best of friends. Gayle became a pediatrician when she grew up. One of the nicest people you'd ever want to meet. What happened to Eddie? Well, he probably became someone else's prince charming. I went on to meet my own.

End of story. Nighty night. And feel better soon Kim and don't go scaring the neighbors anymore.
Susan and Bentley


Hi Kim, my first crush was my next neighbor, too. His name was Danny H. He was so cute and also 3 or 4 years older than me. I always thought I would name my son Danny if I ever had a boy. Well, I married a Dan and we did have a son and named him Danny, but I tell everyone I named him after Danny H., not my husband ;) I can really relate to your crush story. Hope you are feeling all well soon. Mona


Hey Kim, sorry your still feeling under the weather. Fell better soon. I don't like hot tea either, I feel bad because so many of the girls like it, but I'm surely a coffee drinker too. I can drink herbal tea, but reg. tea YUCK..sorry girls.. oh this was about a crush.
My first crush was orange, cold and slippery like glass.....OH you mean BOY CRUSH.
I thought you meant my first Orange Fanta crush lol
Seriously, I've had so many : )
I think my first one was in grade 1. His name was Gilles Parent. It was actually cute because when the teacher would ask us to stand and tell the class our name he would say " Gilles Paent" He couldn't pronounce his "r's". You would have to hear me say's a French thing. He was so cute. He likesd me too, so that was easy peasy. I don't think you have an hour here to listen to me really. I've had good one!!!
Feel better soon and get Maggie to fetch your comfy slippers.
Love ya

Julie Harward

Oh boy...We had just moved off the farm and into the city. I was the good little worker at home while mom worked downtown. I was in the house ironing when my little (wild) sister came in and got me to.." come out and meet the neighbor kids!" So I went out..not too excited about it...and there across the road, mowing the church house lawn was a bronze.. muscled..shirtless young man! I felt like I passed out and went straight to Heaven! I couldn't take my eyes off him or get my mouth to shut! For all that summer, We hung out at his house, he was a handsome Tongon and so popular...he asked me to go to the beginning of school dance in September and my mom wouldn't let me go because I couldn't date til 16... he was 16 and I was 15. It made him feel bad and it broke my heart! A few years later, in college, we went to a dance together but it was took me years to stop dreaming about him and get over having that catch in my throat every time I caught a glimpse of him. It finally happened though when I met my husband, and from then on, my dreams were about him instead. (How's that? True story!) :D


My first real crush was on Kirk in the ninth grade. I was shy and so was he. We were friends first but then something happened to make my heart go all a flutter. I flirted and waited for him to ask me out but nothing.... But I had a plan..... The Christmas dance was coming up and I really wanted him to ask me. I told him that my girlfriend and I were going rollerskating would he like to come along? I figured that would give him the opportunity to ask me to go with him to the dance And....It worked! We dated through high school and just celebrated 25 years of marriage. I still have that crush on him that makes my heart go all a flutter! Feel better Kim!


Hi Kim, my first love was a young man called simon, who I met at work. He was going to University in the Autumn so didn't want to get into a relationship. I was so disappointed but we remained good friends until the end of the holidays then he went to University. Jane x


You know Kim, I can't remember my first crush!!! LOL!! But I DID find my first KISS on facebook recently!!! Can you stand it? LOL!! He was the first boy I ever kissed, I was in 8th grade and he was in 7th. Cradle robber I was! :)
Anyway, we stayed friendly until a year or two after high school. Then life happened. Nice to reconnect with him on FB even though I'm VERY happily married with 3 kiddos!


My first serious cruch was a boy named Jean Pierre (no, he was not French :)). He lived close to my great aunt and sometimes I do run errands for her and go the long way to pass by his house. How funny, thinking about it, he had a brother named Gilbert. I later found out his parents and my parents were friends and used to be in the same group as teenagers. Anyway, JP dated my cousin for a while and I was very jealous and then he asked me out but I decided to say no in a 'cut your nose to spite your face' moment and regretted it for a while until someone else caught my eye. Weird teenage stuff. LOL
Hope you're better soon.


Hi Kim, glad to hear you're feeling a bit better:)
Ohh geez.. my first crush that would've been when I was about 8 or 9, his name was Martin and we were classmates, he had the most amazing light blue eyes i've ever seen.

But that was not the crush i remember the most, that one will have to be my first boyfriend, i was 14 when we met during summer break while i visited my aount in Germany, he was a soccerplayer and i remember sitting and watching him playing for hours, he noticed me looking (well,actually probably it was staring;p) at him after few days, and just came to me and said "HI".. we dated the whole summer.. over the next year we were writing letters, calling eachother.. but we were so young, and long distance relationships when you're 14 is not exactly a normal thing :) So we simply stoped writing.. when i saw him the next summer i told him it will be better we stay friends.. and actually we did for a few years, then i met my real first true love and the friendship fell apart.. I think he's married now with 2 kids and i really do hope he's happy:)

Becky G.

My first crush - wow, does that go back a while! Well, I guess I was in 6th or 7th grade. His name was Ray, and I don't remember why I liked him so much, only that I did. Problem was, my best friend liked him, too, and the feelings were returned, so for what seemed like years (but in reality was maybe a few weeks) I was the go between for those two passing notes to each other. I was crushed, but neither of them ever knew how I felt. {sigh}


My first crush was named Charles. We went to the same church and I thought he was cute and funny. He had a crew cut and was the first boy who ever kissed me. I was in sixth grade and thought I would die from happiness.

On another note: if you are drinking hot tea and are not a big fan of hot tea, you might want to try Yogi Ginger and Lemon tea. It is really soothing and really good...should make your throat feel a lot better. Have a good day Kim.



You've really made me think this morning. My first crush (besides Ricky Nelson, whom I would swoon over during the Ozzie & Harriet shows), was Stephen. We were in grade two. We would hold hands in the school yard and walk around together feeling very grown up. He kissed me on the cheek in the school yard and I would go to his house after school and we would play in his back yard. In the summer between grades 2 and 3, he moved away and I never saw him again. I was over him by then. I had more important things to do like school work. How Fickle.

Thanks for making me chuckle this morning.

Feel better Kim, take care and drink that hot tea
Hugs xo

Jennifer @ Fiddle Dee Dee

Sweet Kim....I am glad that you are feeling better! Colds & virus' can really knock you for a loop, especially when they just linger on and on...

My first crush....I was in Junior High and we lived in this great subdivision just outside of Atlanta. There was this boy that lved in the upper part of our neighborhood who I had it bad for. Tim. He had blonde hair bleached out by the sun, blue eyes, and freckles. He also had a dirt bike. Tim would ride his bike through the neighborhood on pretty days and I would sit in our front porch swing and dream of Tim picking me up and we would ride off on that dirt bike. Instead he would stop and tease me about one thing or another or ask for help with his homework. Oh, but I had it bad for this boy. I would pretend to be cold at school so that I could wear his jacket during the day. hehe. Tim and I were acted more like brother and sister than anything, and by the time he noticed me as anything but a sister, I was 16 and we were moving away from Atlanta to Tennessee.

To say my heart was broken was an understatement.

I hope you are feeling fully like yourself again soon.



My first awareness of boys was a crush on an English movie star. I was in the 3rd grade, and his name is Mark Lester from Lionel Bart's musical version of Oliver Twist called Oliver!

I was so crushy for him it lasted for years.........funny I looked him up online about a year ago and he is still cute.

My first REAL boy crush was a boy named Dennis Mitchen (I know, just like the comic book character, boy how awful.) He had big sad brown puppy eyes, curly brown hair and the longest most incredible eyelashes I ever saw. He used to call and we'd talk and talk.........he gave me my first special Valentine. It had a blond girl on it (I am blond) and it said I LOVE YOU. You know, I just threw that away about a year ago? I had it all this time.

I only had my heart broken once - in my 30s - and it is enough for one lifetime. Those who experience it younger and better off, because that one blindsided me. Never hurt so much in my life. BUT, as God works in mysterious ways, He had better plans for me............and I went through that to be where I am today- with the man God wanted me to find.

So, anyway, Dennis Mitchell...........haven't thought about him in years and years.

Thanks Kim. I wonder if he still lives in my sweeet little home town?

Get better hon!


Well, you did ask!! :) You have lots of reads today!

I don't think this was my first crush, but it was a funny story. I was in junior high, I was over at a friends house sitting cross legged on the edge of her bed listening to her adorable older brother playing and singing "Sweet Caroline" on his guitar. I was smitten, looking dreamily at him, and fell off the bed!!!!! Yep, just slipped off the bed, still sitting Indian style!!!! How mortifying for a 13 year old trying to look cool!!!! :)

Hope you feel better soon!!

Daisy Cottage

Oh no Mary!!!!



Trish Rowley

Hi Kim, Hope your feeling better for my first crush I have to go back to Kindy 1964 his name was Phillip and I thought he was the greatest thing since sliced bread so every day at school I would get one of my friends to give him all of my lunch money. This went on for some time until my sister realised that I was like a huricane in the fridge every afternoon after school so she decided that I would get no more money for lunch and she would bring it up to me everyday and made sure that I ate as for Phillip well it was a case of unrequired love wonder where he is now? Trish ;)xox

Kim Nichols

Kim, sorry you haven't been feeling well. I have had several crushes in my past. I think mine started as early as nine. There was a boy named George that lived down the street from me when we lived in Fla. He had the prettiest blue eyes! Wonder where he is now, too. Thought you might want to take a look at my post. I think you will like the colors...Kim

Daisy Cottage

I'm on my way Kim...



Mine was Paul isn't that an impressive name! He had thick blonde hair and was "movie star" handsome. He too lived next door, to the right of us...what's up with that? He was always kind to me but because he was 2 years older I was just a tot to him. I don't remember when the crush started it was always just there. We moved away when I was 11 and I don't know what ever became of Paul. I haven't thought about that silly old crush in a long time!


...and just to add another little twist as to how the crush effected me...I have a son named Paul...just always loved that name! Hope you feel better soon!


My first crush turned into 40 years of wedded bliss! I saw him across the room when I was only 15 and when our eyes met, I knew he was the "one!"
*Kim, buy some Sambazon Acai Juice, it helped me so much when I had the flu! Read about it here...


Oh Oh. I might be too old to remember my first "crush." I am thinking...thinking....maybe it was in 2nd grade or maybe it was in 8th grade...not sure what qualifies as a crush. What I Know for sure is that they were both unrequited, lol! Anyway hope you are feeling better and better everyday!



Hope you are better soon! Take care! It´s important to stay warm and drink a lot!

Mine was Toby. He lived near my best friend, was one or two years older than we and he had a skateboard and was so cool in his skater clothes! He had trousers with one green and one purple leg and I wanted a pair of these, too! :-) (but never got them - thanks god!)
Then another girl from our class became his girlfriend and I was so sad and jealous. :-)

Lisa Mc.

Jimmy in 4th grade. Rode bikes with him, and I had an older model, very vintage and huge to me bike; he nicknamed my bike Tank and his dad had an older Pontiac. Well, 'Tank' and 'Pontiac' had a crush on each other so it started with us visiting the bike to the car. We (shock, don't' tell) Eskimo kissed, and then it fizzled as most 4th grade things do! He later had a very serious relationship with a friend of mine in HS. Those 2 reconnected on Facebook, and he found me through her friend list. We enjoyed finding each other, both now happy with others; it is so fun to see pictures, etc. and look back at a more innocent time. Feel better soon!

Lisa Mc.

Jimmy in 4th grade. Rode bikes with him, and I had an older model, very vintage and huge to me bike; he nicknamed my bike Tank and his dad had an older Pontiac. Well, 'Tank' and 'Pontiac' had a crush on each other so it started with us visiting the bike to the car. We (shock, don't' tell) Eskimo kissed, and then it fizzled as most 4th grade things do! He later had a very serious relationship with a friend of mine in HS. Those 2 reconnected on Facebook, and he found me through her friend list. We enjoyed finding each other, both now happy with others; it is so fun to see pictures, etc. and look back at a more innocent time. Feel better soon!


My first crush was a boy named Keith, in kindergarten. I don't even remember another crush until 4th grade, so he must've really broke my heart!

I hope you're feeling better and better by the minute!

Melissa Thorn

The first crush I remember was on a boy named Michael Weeks. He had dark wavy hair, dreamy blue eyes and the cutest freckles just across his nose and under his eyes. :) He had the boy next door look, only better. Such a cutie pie!
Sure hope you're feeling better now....being sick stinks!
Hey, thanks for visiting my blog, I have only been blogging for about three weeks, but think I have found my niche....having a ball doing it too! :) Need to figure out how to get more followers though. I'm trying to do the McLinky blog hops etc, so any tips would be appreciated! :)
Have a blessed day, and try not to sneeze too much! :D

sandra dias



I'm 65 and how well I remember my crushes and broken hearts to this day. My first was Carl - I was 12, he was 13. We dated in our late teens. I still know him and may well have still been with him had I not discovered my one true love whom I married.

Like you, I am sick as a dog - no offense, Maggie! Haven't had a cold in years! Don't know where this beast came from!

Deborah in NC


G'Day~I am glad you stopped by my blog and said Hello! Thanks :-) Is that your Adorable Yellow Cottage? How Sweet I am a fan of Yellow and white since I was a young Girl.My Mom's friend had a yellow and white kitchen and it was darling and bright and cheery.

Sorry you are sick Yuk! I am a tea lover, as well as coffee.If I am sick I can't drink coffee.Hope you feel better soon.Vit~C lots of it.

I did have a Crush or first Love.It had a sad ending though.It was like third grade Ricky Lais he had dark hair, blue eyes and a very Sweet boy to boot.He lived with his dad and my Mother's friend would keep him when his dad was out of town so I saw him often.I don't think he ever knew that I had a crush on him due to I was kinda mean to him just so he wouldn't find out.He then asked my friend in High School to go with him and broke my heart.It didn't last long due to the fact that he always spent his time with me and made her mad.LOL So I realized being his best friend might be forever and a Girlfriend comes and goes.After being friends for over 8 years I moved away and I couldn't say goodbye.Months after I moved he died in a car crash, he wasn't even old enough to drive, 15, drinking and a dark country road.A friend gave him his car to drive a girl home.I then came home to say Goodbye forever.

The Happy side of my Sad Story is that I loved him forever and to this day I believe he has been my Guardian Angel and that's a whole nother story.I think of him often, He lives on in my heart.

Though I did marry my true crush Rick, Richard just a different one later in life.~Kim


Kim, firstly, hope you feel better really soon...colds are such a drag.
My first crush lived next door but one. His name was, and probably still is, Ian. He was drop dead gorgeous. My best friend and I used to follow him around on Saturday and we would sing, "I will follow him"... quietly, so he wouldn't hear us!!!! I would get all hyper and my knees would buckle. We actually had one date. He took me to his school dance, and later I found out our mothers had made him ask me!!! We did not say one word to eachother, the whole night. We walked to the dance in silence, we stood in silence and when he walked me home he just left me at the door. HOW embarassing! This was in England, and when I went back with my first born, he was there visiting his mother and we had a brief encounter one afternoon,when my mother insisted he come in for tea!! and he remembered being as embarassed as I was. He was still gorgeous, but I found the one for me, over here, and we'll have our 38th this year!!!
WOW, hadn't thought of that for ever....


hi kim,

you're so cute. gosh, i made a big pot of chicken soup and no one here will have any but me. i wish i could beam it to you!

my very first crush was on a neighbor. i was only 4 or 5! all i remember is his name. my next big crush was in 1st grade and i would lure him to sit with me at lunch by packing 2 of each hostess treats. my best crush of all: that tall, smart guy in poetry class who i am now happily married to.

feel better.



What a sweet story! Mine was kindergarten--his name was Sean and he had long hair and looked just like Shaun Cassiday (and had the same name) to five-year old me (this was 1977). We sat together at circle time and I still remember the exact moment when he told me he liked me (during art--we were making coil pots) :-)


Your talent for selecting subjects we can all relate to is genius!

Look at all your responses this early in the day....and you are not even at your best with the cold! Pat yourself on the back after you get done blowing your nose.

My first crush-Paul McCartney of the Beatles. I just knew he was going to marry me....however, it did not work out as I planned. You never know, he is still available even though I am not. I have been married 36 years to "my Beatle". Sheila

Debbie from Texas

My that was a long time ago!! I always had a summer romance. I visited my older sister each summer and always fell in love with some boy! Then we would write back and forth - see each other once a year then it was over! It was usually me who liked the boy the most and pined away for him! I did name my first son with part of his name because I liked it! (No one knows that!) I think I always liked to be in love with love........lots of boyfriends later (and one husband when 18) I met my husband and we have been married 37 years and very happily!

Chris@Cats on my Quilts

My first crush must have been Steven S. I went to parochial school and in second grade one day we were all lined up 2 by 2 to go somewhere and Steven was standing next to me. He was so cute I just leaned over and kissed him. Well, I guess he didn't like it because he told his mother who told the nun who made me stand up in front of class the next day and say "I will never kiss a boy again.!! Obviously I never did what she said!


So sorry you're still having to recuperate. I know it can get old after awhile.

In 1969 I was in Fanny Bliss' kindergarten (didn't have public kindergarten back then). Richard was the Maypole king with big brown eyes. In my small town, the same kids that went to kindergarten together ended up graduating from high school together, so not much dating amongst one another. Fast forward to college. We went out. It was cool.

black eyed susans kitchen

Oh, Kim, I hope you are feeling a bit better today. My first crush was in 4th grade...a boy named Carl used to walk around on the playground while I played hopscotch and double dutch and sing I Want to Hold Your Hand to was embarrassing, but secretly, I loved it!
♥, Susan

Mom Wald

You poor gal. Hubby can tell when I'm under the weather before he even sees me, because there will be a stack of tea boxes on the counter. Glad you're stocked up. Take care!


Kim, you are so cute, begging us for entertainment while you are cooped up.

The first major crush for me was a "beyond beautiful" boy named Robert. We shared a French class in 7th grade. I had spent 6 years at Catholic school which was a confusing and kind of scary place for me because the nuns were so rigid and seemingly non human and not compassionate. Discipline was their focus.

I switched to public school in 7th grade and my oh my it was a whole other world. Just the cursing that took place among the kids blew my mind. That represented freedom to me.

Then, I walked into French class...and there was Robert. Tall, slender, lanky and fitting the bill of tall, dark & handsome. He was quietly confident and his crisply angled face went against the fabulous side "swoop" of dark, shiny brown hair that crossed his forehead. Just imagine that beauty attempting to speak French...sighhhhh.

I was terrible at French, but you KNOW I took it a second year once I heard HE'd be there! I don't ever recall even speaking to him since he was more like a dream than a real person. I do, however, recall being amazed that he knew who I was...of course, to him, I was probably just one more girl that he caught staring dreamingly at him more than once.

Ahhhh, Robert. Still dreamy in my mind!

Cheryl Fields

Hope you are feeling better soon. My first crush was on a boy named Gil Chapel, his dad was a preacher! (Reverend Chapel) We were in the 4th grade and he was the class rebel/clown. He could lean back in his chair and balance it on one leg!!!! Wow, how cool was he? Did you ever have a milk break at school? We could bring a dime to school and get a little carton of chocolate milk when we came in all hot and sweaty from recess. There is nothing like a refreshing semi- cold carton of milk after a hard day on the playground. Our teacher would pair us up to go get the milk from the cafeteria. She must have known that I was smitten by Gil because she would always pair us up. I don't remember what ever happened to Gil but I'm sure he is a character. I did marry a man that makes me laugh...loves chocolate milk...and can balance himself in a.......... recliner! Hope you are feeling better soon! They say laughter is the best medicine…after reading all these funny “crush” stories you will be on the road to recovery!


Sorry you are feeling under the weather.

My first crush was in first grade, his name was Mark. He had curly hair and beautiful brown eyes, he liked me too until we went into the 6th grade and a new girl came to school. He didnt tell me he just started ignoring me and sitting her at lunch. I was heartbroken.

I find my prince charming though when I was 15, we married right out of high school, had 2 kids and very sadly he passd away--its been 16 years.

Jan DeBellis

Billy. I was in 1st grade and he was 'new' to the neighborhood (lived a block away). Short, dark, and handsome he was. Oh, my little heart be still! I laughed at EVERYTHING he said, walked by his house ALOT, and just thought he was the best-est. One day at school, he gave me a box and inside was a ring. Oh, my, I was besotted! When I got home, I proudly showed it to my mother...who ran to the phone and called Billy's mother to ask her if she was missing her wedding ring!!!!!!!! Yes, and Billy was in deep! The end of THAT romance unfortunately! Wonder what happened to Billy and if he still has that old romantic streak inside?
That was my 1st crush. My last one has been going on for over 40 years now and it's definately the real thing! And he's romantic and funny and my friend since I was 17. Who could want anything more?
Feel better, Kim. Hope these little bits of our lives are perking you up!


What a fun blog to read! Great idea, Kim, and I love your music too!
My first crush was Ron S. In 6th grade we hung our coats next to each other outside the classroom, which meant we were a couple. We did date later our junior year, but nothing materialized. I was too smitten with Jim A. from a neighboring town who drove a Trans Am. We went out a couple of times and it crushed me when I found out he liked someone else!


Oh, how I crushed for Jason Jones! But I couldn't quite muster up the courage to tell him so. Instead I told my friend Kathy during a note-passing session in tenth grade Biology. I told Kathy because I knew she was a big mouth and my secret crushing would not be a secret for long. Kathy told Amy and Amy told Jason during lunch. Jason called me that evening and asked me to go see a movie. About five years after that he asked me to marry him. Now we have a little girl Amelia, plus a doggie, a fish, two frogs, and we remain crushed on each other.
PS: Get well soon!!!

Jolie Anne

Hi Kim,

My first BOY crush was a beautiful golden Retriever pup that I named POGO. My parents raised Golden Retrievers
where we lived in Omaha, NE. I loved having those puppies
in our home...I think I will always be a dog lover. I have had a number of crushes since. As for a real BOY crush...I fell for a surfer when I moved to Florida at age 13! He was my first boyfriend!
Feel better soon!
Thanks, JolieAnne


Bill McGee.....I loved him so much! It started in 3rd grade. I was a chubby girl with hair far too short (Mom loved to give me Toni home perms only after she cut my hair to the length of one and one-half inches overall with the razor she got free from the Adorn hairspray can) and dresses that I picked for myself that Mom would sew from cotton fabric from TG&Y. Bill was the playground Romeo and I was not the only one to swoon everytime he played kickball. Scotty A.(name withheld to protect the innocent) was my arch rival. She made it clear to me that Bill would be hers. She could do flips from the jungle gym and backflips on the pavement. I just knew that as long as she was able to use her feminine whiles, I was sunk! I managed to form a possee of girls on "my side" from the class. At recess, Scotty and I would send notes to Bill via our respective cohorts. He would send back a "maybe" to each, depending on the day or mood. One day, much to my surprise, he asked to walk home with me. About halfway there, he reached into his pocket and presented me with the gift that would change my life. In his outstretched hand was the most beautiful monkey on a tricycle pin and plastic ring (removed from his sister's jewelery box). He told me that he didn't like Scotty because she was a show-off. From that moment on, I was a changed woman! I am now 52 years old but still vividly remember those days and my first conquest. I found that the strong, silent type is always best! love to you, Kim. Get better soon.

Kathleen Grace

My first crush was the bad boy who lived down the road. I can't even remember his name, but he played the guitar and I thought he was dreamy. He, of course, was unaware of my devotion. I got smarter as I got older and ended up with the good boy:>)


Dear Kim, Thanks for giving me a chance to talk about my first crush - Si. I was around 11 and our parents were friends, they lived in a small town around 18 miles from us. We'd drive down there and I would wait anxiously for a sign from Si that he liked me, too. One day I found a pink pocket knife (I wish I had that thing now!) and I knew Si collected knives. I gave it to him. He reached in his pocket and I quickly said "Oh, don't pay me for it." "I wasn't" he said "I was going to show you one I just got." I wanted to die, just die right there on the spot. Another time he was at our house with his parents and I was peeling potatoes. You know, with a knife kind of thick. He told me he would never marry me because I was too wasteful with potatoes. The crush eventually fizzled out and I'm still kind of wasteful when I peel potatoes. Get well soon, I hope our stories help you heal. Diane


My first crush was on a guy named Mark. I was probably in about the 6th grade. We used to swim in the canal right by his house and then we would go into his garage and he would play his electric guitar. The only song he knew was "house of the rising sun". I had the biggest crush because he was totally cool...but he was clueless! Ha...Marcia
feel better and drink more water!


My first crush was Bobby Walker in 1st or 2nd grade. We were both carrot tops and it just seemed destined. I kissed him once on the playground. We played together until we started middle school and he found a girl who was NOT a carrot top. The next major crush was in 10th grade-he walked into geometry class the first day after Christmas break and I leaned over to my best friend and said "That's the guy I'm gonna marry" and I did.

The End.
Drink your tea and rest.



Mine was the boy next door as well. His name was Mark and he was a few years older than I. He had brown curly hair and could drive a car ... unlike me who wasn't in high school quite yet. He treated me like a kid sister and had no clue I was thinking how cute he was when we played kick ball or some other game with all the neighborhood kids. Then life went on and I grew out of my crush. Soon I had graduated from high school and he was near the end of college and he finally noticed me. He saw me as a young woman and not a sister figure. He began persuing me and it was a while before I really took notice of him. As time passed we grew closer and were going to movies and dinner and making up any old excuse to "hang out." Then it happened, we kissed and a romantic fling began. We certainly enjoyed eachothers company and my mom saw through the just friends bit we were telling everyone. His mom saw it too but from her view point it was ME in love with him and he was told not to lead me on. She insisted that I was not the girl for him ... that he was deemed for someone of a higher caliper. He never knew this, but she also approached my mom and insisted that she stop me from invading her sons life. I was hurt. Our relationship had grown far more serious than our parents knew. We stole moments to be together every chance we could. We would meet in the driveway to kiss good night when no one was looking and spent hours in each others arms whenever our parents were away. We were in love.

As it happened, HE was in love with me even more than I knew, but I was to learn it the hard way. You see I knew myself well enough at that young age that I could not be with a guy whose mother did not like me. I knew she and he were close and I cringed at the thought of comimg between a mom and her son in a way that could tear their relationship apart. She had made things clear to my mom that she didn't approve of me and never would ... and that she would make my life a challenge should I continue to persue him. I knew I could not stand to live a life in that chaos. I began seeing someone else when he took a short trip out of town and broke the news to him upon his return. He cried and told me of his love {I knew he cared but hadn't realized how much} I never expected the tears, and yet I also know his mom totally disliked me, so I insisted that I wasn't the gal for him. He pleaded and told me of his plans to ask for my hand in marriage. I was shocked and taken aback and yet I still broke it off with him and I never told him of his mom's doings. I cried and cried for weeks.

We both grew up and both met others and married and began families. I still think of him and remember him with fondness and kindness in my heart. One day I'd like to talk to him ... just he and I ... and apologize for my behavior that confused him so. But even if I never get that chance I am blessed to know he is happy.

As for his mom ... she and his dad moved away several years ago but they stay in touch. She has softened and even sends me and my family a Christmas card each year and always tells me what a special person I am, how lovely my family is and what a beautiful woman I have turned out to be. I surprised her I guess. I bet she sometimes regrets the aweful stuff she said and the way she butted in to her sons life. {At least that's what I tell myself.} LOL But truly God knows best and HE led me down a path where I met my husband so all is good with me.

Stacy Morgan

I read you blog daily. Sorry that you are not feeling well and hope that you are feeling better soon.

David James! He was my first crush. I remember going to watch him play little league and would wish he would look my way. We dated in 9th grade and he was very close with my family, even after I married and had children. He was going to be my daughters god father. We stayed close until his early death. I miss him every day.

Thanks for bring up such a fond memory!!!

The Lady of the House

I'm totally a coffee girl too. Gag me - hot tea ick! BUT I love ice tea. I live on it in the summer! Okay... first crush Danny Waddoups. Totally! We met in 4-H at the county fair and then did the whole holding hands stuff. I think I was probably aroudn the same age as you. I can remember we climbed up ontop of the sheds where all the steers and lambs were in their pens and held under the stars. tee hee. Then we got tickets to Patty Loveless at the State Fair and mom said I could invite him. So we went to the State Fair... then he broke up with me - in a note :(


Kim, I hope you feel better soon. I didn't really even like boys until I was around 14. My first boyfriend was Scott. He was 17 and he asked me to the football homecoming dance. I still remember when he called my house to ask me to the dance and my dad answered and said "it's a boy!" He was a perfect gentleman and he was also my first kiss. We still live in the same town and our sons grew up together. We are still close friends to this day.


Oh gee...his name was Robby and he lived across the street from me in Tampa on Arawanna St. He was hitting golf balls in his front yard and one flew across the street and knocked me in the head...ouch! His mom had a big black standard poodle named Clyde. Robby and I were such good friends. We spent the night at each others house (we were only 7)and had such a good time together. Then Clyde bit my grandmother thru her girdle and that was the end of my romance. Robby and his mom moved away and I have always wondered what happened to him!! Anyway, Kim feel better cause I need help with my blog!!

Cindy S

Hi Kim, I am enjoying just reading all of the wonderful stories. My first crush was on Andy. His dad and my dad were both Pastors and he was very nice, blonde and sooo cute. I was 10 and he was 11, we had just moved from the US into Canada and so he asked me to write to him. We wrote back and forth a couple of times and it died a natural death. But, later he married a sweet girl and moved to Canada and we have been able to be friends of a sort for many years now. He is now a pastor and so is my husband, so we run in the same circles, which is nice. He is still a very nice guy and I adore his wife.
Get well sweet Kim!
Hugs, Cindy S.


I was hoping you'd be all better.

I was a military kid and we shared a (military) townhouse duplex with a Greek family. I had a crush on the boy who was my age. He barely spoke English and I was a bit frightened of his mom. She used to shave lambs and hang them on the clothesline in our (shared) yard. They moved and I have no idea where he is now. Oh well, I don't care for lamb anyway :).


My first real crush was a boy who lived across the street from my cousin. I would stay the night at her house just so I could be around him. It was 5th grade and his name was Howie. So cute and we would wrestle in the front yard. Wow...I forgot all about him until now. I wonder what happened to him?


My first real crush was a boy my age in the 7th grade named Peter Merdinger. What a name! The crush was mutual. We'd look at eachother all starry-eyed and smile. We were too young and shy. He did get up the nerve to ask me to dance one night at a school dance. WOW! He moved away the following year. I didn't see him again until he visited a friend and came to my school during the 9th grade. He was still cute, probably still is today. I'll always wonder where life took him and hope that he found real love and had a wonderful family life.
Hope that you are feeling better soon.


I hope you're feeling better real soon.
My first crush, oh so long ago. I was in 3rd grade. His name was Randy, auburn hair and freckles. So cute! But he was a little rascal, forever getting in trouble. He was a bit of a class clown. So cute! I said that already didn't I. lol, I wonder where Randy is today, is he still as cute as ever. I just bet he is. And oh yes I also had a big crush on a boy by the name of Gilbert in the 6th grade. He was a blonde with deep dark brown eyes. And he never knew I existed either. Sweet memories brought a smile to my face. Thank you Kim! Now go rest and get plenty of fluids.


Heidi - Heart and Home

Hi Kim,
wow, you've got it bad. Hope you're up and feeling much better real soon.
I read all the stories, how fun! I'm trying to remember my first crush on a "real" boy, I can relate to the Mark Lester crush cause we were going to get married. I had pictures of him all over the walls in my bedroom. I watched all his movies and even wrote him letters. Oh brother, how silly!
But the first time I really had a deep crush was in middle school, and I can't remember the boys name! I do remember he was blonde, had blue eyes, was kind of dreamy and wore all the cool clothes. I know I was always "accidentally" in the same place as him, sent him a homecoming flower anonymously ( the cheerleaders sold them - you could buy one and have them delivered, it was a cute way to show your affection and SUPPORT THE TEAM, YAY!!!) I'm embarassed now when I think about the things I did to get him to notice me, and none of them worked. He didn't know I was alive!! After that, I always had crushes on guys with blonde hair, but you know I never dated anyone blonde! Funny.
When I went back to my 20th highschool reunion (class of '76) I was surprised to discover guys from my class who told me that they once had crushes on me. All that time I thought no-one liked me and I could have had a "relationship" with someone else, but no, I wanted that guy whose name I can't even remember!! Funny how this story reminds me of so many other things from that time, some good, and some, experienced I guess for the lessons learned!! I'm watching my 13 year old go through some of this stuff, interesting how they think they are so modern, yet -aside from the texting - do the same things we did back in the dark ages!!
Okay, that's enough.
Feel better real soon. Come by for a visit sometime!
Heidi - Heart and Home


Well, my first crush was on a much, much older Brad. He was a friend of my oldest brother and he was very nice to me (unlike my brothers!) I must've been about 6 or 7 yrs. old and he was 10 yrs older. I remember he would give us rides on his motorcycle and I'd hold on extra tight. I also remember once when I was sick in bed and upset that he was there getting ready to go out with my brother & I couldn't visit...he came in to say "hi" and chat with me. Yep, I was in love. But, as happens, friends drift off and you never hear from them it was with Brad. I can't even picture what he looked like now, he must've been cute, but I do remember the smile and his paying attention to me, a little kid sister. Oh, and I remember he lived on Love Street! :)


When I was 7 there was this little red-headed boy who I would see at the park behind my house. He would push me on the merry go round and the swings. I didn't see him for a few years then we went to the same jr high. We were friends and sometimes boyfriend-girlfriend, but always friends. In high school we dated off and on. Sometimes he had a different girlfriend and I had a different boyfriend, but we were always good friends. We graduated and went our separate ways.When I married a few years later, I got a letter from him saying that he always thought we would end up together. Fast forward 40 years. We both were divorced, met each other again and are now happily married. We should have been together all this time, but he was right. We did end up together and it is good.


Jeff was his name (can't remember the last name) and he lived 5 houses down from me when we were both 5 years old. he loved to watch the jets fly over our houses and would often stand on the swing from my swingset and sing the Air Force anthem ("off we go into the wild blue yonder...") he kissed me once on that swingset. then I moved away and that was the end... but wait - years later, I was in a lecture hall in college with 299 other students. the professor gave us a quiz and when it was done, asked us to hand our papers to the person behind us to grade. I saw the name on the paper and almost dropped over - it was HIM! after the class, I talked with him - now sporting a full beard, Afro (1975, you know), and funky glasses. guess he changed his mind about the Air Force! he was nice, but not my type anymore. guess that's why crushes never seem to last.


I know I am late with this...but I have to tell my first crush. His name was Louie. I was in 4th grade. He was Italian and dark eyes and dark hair. He was a little short guy. Oh my goodness. I loved him as much as I knew how to love anything at that point. If he would even just say hi, I would melt. We used to play tag on the playground, so I convinced myself that he must have liked me some!! That was 45 years ago. Honestly, I think a part of me still has that childlike crush. Have no idea what happened to him....but it is fun to remember! Hope you are feeling much better today!


His name was Hank. We were in first grade and our teacher was Sarah Fox Johnson. (I remember being fascinated that she went by all 3 names!) We were put in the same reading group and we always sat beside one another and held hands.
I remember he had short dark hair and big dark eyes, was what they termed "husky" and was very smart and sweet. That whole year we were best friends and I just loved him dearly. Wow, it's been 40+ years and now just thinking about him, I'm transported back to that little classroom with the chairs in a circle and get such a warm fuzzy feeling. I remember every little detail except this one - what WAS his last name??


Hudson Elliot... or Hud as we called him. He lived next door to my grandparents and I would do everything to impress him to no avail. He was an 'older' man (two years older) and was way too busy for my little girl self.

I don't miss ol' Hud, but I do miss my grandparents.


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