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February 17, 2010



Well I always wanted to have my own shop with Vintage inspired Home-Decorations and other cute stuff. (Of course it wasn't my childhood dream- that would've been a Barbie doll ;p) I started wanting the Shop when I was about 14, now i'm almost 30.

Well I don't have the Shop but I still have Time, and I supose dreams do come true if you really try hard. I sell few of my own sewed stuff at a friends shop.. and thats a big step for me, so I do hope one day I'll become where and who i wanted to be :)

PS. Your breakfast looks so delicious Kim :) Much Love xoxox

Marianne Robinson

Well, I always wanted to be a wife, mother and good friend..I am a wife to the most wonderful man in the world. I am a mother to a very intelligent young woman attending University. I am, I think a good friend to my few best girls. We love your blog and visit it daily. I would love to stay home and open my own antique vintage inspired shop. I work full time right now, but some day I will open that shop...The plans are in the works...stay tuned.
The strawberries look scrumptious.
Off to work!


Good morning Kim :-)
I wanted to be so many things! A nun, a veterinarian, a mommy and wife, gosh, so many more things. What I am is a wife and mother, and a caregiver. We do have many pets and I do think I'm spiritual more than religious.

What I would love to do is own a bed and breakfast with a little organic garden, chickens, and have my family and a dear friend help me run it.

Blessings to you Kim. Loving pets to Maggie!

Jayme/The Coop Keeper

I never wanted to be anything other than a homemaker, and that is what I am...and thrilled to be it!

Lavender Dreamer

I always said I wanted to be a Princess or a ballerina. I feel like a Princess in my wonderful life and I still love to dance so I am happy with my life choices! heehee! I had peach slices on my cereal this yummy! Have a fun day, Kim! ♥


I have always been a little envious of people who always knew what they wanted to be... I never have! I'm in my 50's and have tried all kinds of different jobs over the course of many years. Most of my jobs have been in the food industry however, I think that's why I am happiest now being the cook at a preschool with my best friend since second grade as my boss! Marcia


I do HR for a local company and I just kind of grew up into this job. I've worked for them pretty much my whole life. So no it isn't what I want to do when I grow up. My dream is to open a yarn shop close to my home and I'm thinking about more each day. I'm just not quite brave enough yet but I think I'm getting closer.

Janet (Shabbyfufu)

Hi sweets, I think that we talked about this when we met? For me I have accomplished so many of my dreams and am a content lady in my fifties:-). Doors have closed, other ones have opened and frankly I am looking for what comes next at the moment. Much love to you...may all of your dreams come true~ xo~ Janet


Oh, Kim. I don't think my brain can muddle through this question so early in the morning!! I never gave a thought to what I wanted to be when I was a young girl. I am the sort who just floats through life and by the grace of God, I have a wonderful family of my own now. Now that my youngest is 18, it is a perfect time to think about what I want to do. If I could pull something away from my loves; gardening, cooking, antiques, books, living on the lake...well I'd be happy. Happier if I could combine it all!!

Have a great day, Kim. Lovely breakfast!!


Amand Farmer

When I was little, I wanted to be a teacher. Then in highschool I decided to become a nurse and thats what I am now. I like it but...I'm 27 now and I've decided that I would like to have babies and be a stay at home. Along with this I want to sell homemade things whether it's at craft shows or an Etsy shop. My plans seem to be changing about every 10 years. I'm still working on the husband for this last plan. ;)

dotsie (aka podso)

I always wanted to be a nurse, and that I have been since college. I've always wanted to run a bed and breakfast--at least for a month (!) and have done that in another country, but it wasn't like I would have liked it to be!


I've always had trouble answering that question. After viewing your last post, I think I grew up to be a Nester and didn't even realize it. I don't think a day goes by that I don't think of adjusting my twigs or adding new ones. I bet you understand ;-) It's all so connected to nurturing, and belonging, and family, and beauty, and......well, you know.

Maggie, forgive your mommy. She is wild crazy about you. All of us love you, but none of us could substitute for her.

Kim, XOXO to you!

Laura @ Sahm I Am

I longed for motherhood my whole life. I always knew that I wanted to be a mother, more than any other important thing. As I went through college, I watched all my friends around me get married and start building families, and I started to wonder. Then in my late twenties, my new group of single friends all paired off and married, but not me. Again in my early thirties. When I was 36 I found out I was pregnant. SINGLE, but pregnant. Not exactly what I had planned.

Then, I met him. My best friend and sweet man. I was 9 weeks pregnant, and that only made him admire me more. He married me and adopted my daughter, and then we had a son together. Now I am a stay at home mom. I volunteer at school and drive car-pool. I kiss boo-boos and sing lullabies. This is what I wanted to be, and I am. It's exhausting and wonderful. The hardest and best thing I have ever done.

Jill McDonald

I wanted to be an astronomer, but instead I have five kids and make a great living sewing Renaissance corsets with my husband. We are both able to be home and care for the kids every day.

Not what I expected to be doing at 31, but awesome just the same. I love your house colors!

Cindy S

I always knew what I would be and I wanted to be a Pastor's Wife and yes, I did become a Pastor's wife. I still am. Sometimes I think I was crazy for wanting it. I have found it to be a very difficult job. I love people and I find that very few people love me back for being ME, they see me as a Pastor's wife. So when they want to avoid church, they avoid me, it really hurts. I have made very few forever friends. In fact I only have one really close truly forever friend. Thankfully I have my two sisters, they are wonderful and love me for me. I love being me, I just wish that people saw ME. That is why I love blogging, I can just show who I am inside and I have made some wonderful friends, like you, sweet Kim.
Hugs, Cindy S.


Well now, I've just come directly from Suzanne's (The Farmer's Wife) where a discussion of this sort is going on today. I have no idea what I want to be. Maybe I just want to BE, if you know what I mean. What a great-looking bowl of cereal!

Jo Anne

That was a motivating question to ask. Good job!
I wanted to own a quaint book shop like Shop Around the Corner in "You've Got Mail." (actually I want to be Meg Ryan's character in that movie in my real life.)
I also wanted to be a profiler or criminologist dealing with serial killers.
Not similar at all, eh! But there you have it.I just noticed that I used the past tense in all these longings. Does that mean that I figure I'll never make it? I probably won't...have to be satisfied being a retired English teacher. Not what I really wanted to do, but...


I just wanted to be a Mom and wife with an education so I went to college, met my sweetheart, graduated, had 7 kids and now I have 14 grand kids with 2 more on the way. I am the luckiest person ever.


When I was little I just dreamed of being married and taking care of my home. I am that but I also work in the fast paced telecommunications world. One of these days I will retire and get to stay home and "feather my nest" as much as I want to. I love to sew and smock baby things. I sell a few, as time permits, to friends and through a local shop in town.

Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita

I'm not sure I am totally grown up yet - yikes, at 41! - but I do like who I am and where I am, and I adore my family and puppy. Can't ask for more than that! And I appreciate the time to reflect on how grateful I am. (Thanks too, for the kind comments on my sweet grandmother. I told her what people said about her on my page, and she was so pleased.)

Twice Remembered Cottage

Good morning, Kim:) I just want to finally get in a position to craft "for a living"...otherwise, I'm enjoying being a homebody, wife, and mom. There's no place I'd rather be! I wanted to tell you that I thought of you when I was putting my little girls' room together the other day and made a little mention of you in my most recent post.:) Thank you for being so inspiring:)

For one red lover to another! ~Kim


I wantned to study opera singing professionally, lol - and I also wanted to be a "Betty Crocker" housewife and good mother. WELL, I never left my tiny hometown due to circumstances too big to get ignore...............and ended up getting a successful business degree executive. How ironic.

THEN many years later was able to take early retirement (very early) and become that "Martha Stewart" housewife after all. (And was/am a good momma, they grew up to make me very proud of their accomplishments, and, thanksfully are doing what THEY dreamed of doing!)

And how days I sing in church and in the shower.

Dreams really DO (kinda, eventually) come true.


I want to be just like you...LOL! Seriously, I love being a wife, mother, homemaker, though I have had many jobs along the way, homemaker is by far the best!


Julie Harward

Been there..done that...I always wanted to be a stay at home, as I grow up, I just want to be a loving it so is the best! Come say hi :D

Miss Jean

I'll let you know when, and if, I indeed ever grow up!

Lynn Paterson

A novelist, but I'm not there yet......always been working fulltime. Someday, when I retire, I might be adventurous and start that novel! Right now I have a gift shop and love every minute of it. We're in the northeast burbs of Atlanta and enjoy the local flavor! Lynn

Sharon Avinger

I always wanted to be a teacher and I fulfilled my dream! I am now retired. I always wanted to be married and have children and we are blessed with 38 years of marriage and three beautiful adult daughters. God is good!


Depending on the age, I wanted to be a teacher, a mom or an owner of a fabric store. I have a degree in education. Because of my husband's job, I chose to be a stay at home mom...which has been my best position ever! I had a home-based business to sell fabric & laces for children's clothing for 12 yrs. (smocking & heirloom type) I have taught ladies how to sew, smock & help them design their children's clothes. So, here I am at almost 60 yrs old & can honestly say that I have enjoyed all the different stages in my life.
Beckie in Brentwood, TN

pogonip @ meadowsweet cottage

I think I've been teaching ever since I can remember--and I"m lucky enough now to spend my days with sweet kindergartners and get paid for it. I always played house as a kid and although I don't get paid for that, it's another joy in my life!

Good question. I wanted to be an airline stewardess - that's what they were called when I was young. My eyes prevented that dream and contacts weren't invented yet. LOL I married my high-school sweetheart and we have two children, two grandsons and been married 50 years this August. I was a late bloomer. My goals were to write some poems, paint a picture and write a short story. I have written the poems, took painting lessons and painted two pictures, but havn't written my story. Time is running out so I need to get busy. I will turned 69 this year. Gads that's old.
Kim's blog has helped me to be me and not worry what others think. She has turned me on to the sunny colors that makes me happy all year round. She is such an inspiration to all of us.

Tracie~My Petite Maison

Morning, Kim
I do now! My world changed one day when I picked up a pretty magazine called Romantic Living and decided to follow my heart and listen to that voice. I always say Fifi changed my life and it's true. Now I do what I dreamed of all my life and have the support of my family. Best of all, I am great, great friends with my grown daughter who accompanies me to flea mkts, antique shows & actually wants to travel with me now. Life is good and I am so thankful.


I always wanted to be a wife and mother, have a happy home like I did growing up and I wanted to create,paint, and make things. God has blessed me with all of these.

Jan DeBellis

hmmmmm....growing up is so serious! I try to avoid it at all cost (smile snicker chuckle)
From the time I was a teenager, my dream was to be happily married, raise a family, travel, and be happy. And I did. My art has come along as I grew, my marriage is all I could have ever hoped for, and I'm a happy woman. But I still refuse to grow up!

Donna Warrignton

I wanted to be the first woman in space but Sally Ride beat me to it...then, I wanted to be the first woman President....could happen....NOT!!!!!
I want to be rich enough to quit work and spend all my time with my husband and reading the over 90 blogs that I follow.

Thanks for asking,
What did you want to be?

Donna from Maryland

Mary Beth

What a yummy question! When I was little, I so badly wanted to be a princess-ballarina-school teaching-stewardess-married-mommy. Yes, I'm serious. Today, I'm in my 50's and I am happily married to a sweet hubby who has always treated me like a princes. I have three (almost) grown fun and bee-you-tee-full children. I taught school for a bit... even receiving the "Teacher of the Year" award. I LOVE to travel. anywhere. and I get to with my family and on mission trips with my church. I am very blessed, indeed.

Betty Jo

Actually I don't want to ever grow up! LOL If I did, I'd just want to be a professional photographer. ♥

Susan Freeman

First of all, I don't think I will ever be "all grown up". After all, I am STILL playing with dollhouse furniture. When I was a child I was a bit like Jethro Bodine from the old "Beverly Hillbillies" show. He wanted to be a double naught spy and a scientist. Come to think of it I am still like Jethro. I have wanted to be an actress, a cowgirl, a writer, an artist, an interior designer and an astronomer. The world is such a fascinating place, it's just hard to pick one thing, at least that's the way it's always been for me. I have actually worked as an interior designer and artist. I rode in horse shows for years. English though, not western, so I was never really a cowgirl. I taught first grade in Bahrain. I am writing a book. I never became an actress, but who knows, I may try. And while I still gaze at the stars, I have yet to become an astronomer. The wonderful thing is that we are so very fortunate to live in a country where we can make choices and live out our dreams, whatever the may be. For that I am so very thankful.

Susan and Bentley

Odette Bragg

My earliest thoughts were to be an astronaut. But then I found out how much math you needed to know. Scratch that.
Then I went to Europe and thought I might become a stewardess (yes, that era) for PanAm. They bit the dust.
Then I went to college and decided I'd be the next Barbara Walters. Nobody can fill her shoes.
Finished college and just wanted to support my family, whatever it took.
Now, in my mid-50s, I just want to retire. To Key West where I'd never need another pair of shoes other than flip-flops.
I, too, envy people who have always known what they wanted to be. I guess I just want to be...myself.

Susan Freeman

PS: Obviously I never aspired to be an editor, because I notice an error in my last sentence. Note to myself, add editor to the list.

Love again,
Susan and Bentley

Diane Price

When I grow up I want to be a little girl.


I don't wanna grow up! :-) Chronologically, I have but not mentally. I'd love to be another Ina Garten and live in Carmel, CA. Have a jillion adopted dogs, great friends and lots of laughter all around me.



I've been thinking about this a lot lately and wrote out a very long answer to your question. But don't want to post a whole chapter here so suffice it to say yes, I grew up to be what I wanted to be and now I look forward to trying on some new hats.


I was, ironically, just thinking about this very thing this morning. I have been given, by God, everything I have ever wanted. The only thing that I remember wanting as a child was to be a mother. God blessed me with the best husband in the world and five incredible sons. They have grown to be men (like their father). Two have married wonderful women, who have allowed me to know the love of a daughter. They have given to us four grandchildren, two of whom I sit with four days a week. I love my home and garden, family photos, antiques, sewing, reading,baking bread, loving my family, yorkie named Sadie and cairn terrier named Sophie. I cannot imagine a life any more perfect to me than mine! much love to all!!!!

Rochelle Gaukel

Hello Kim!
I always wanted to be an interior decorator. Never got around to any schooling for it but have given friends and family advise on their homes. And, I have been able to decorate my home all by my wee self!
It's funny how our goals and aspirations change with our age, and now I am just happy being home and creating in my studio at my O*W*N* pace. Little by little things will get into my etsy my own pace!
Have a great day!

Teacup Lane (Sandy)

Hi Kim,
I didn't know what I wanted to do so I worked full-time for two years after high school and that is when I decided I wanted more so I returned to college to get my degree. That was my dream - it took me six years working and going to school but I finally graduated. And I met the man of my dreams at college. We married and worked the next 34 years until our dream of retiring came true. Our dream was to have our house paid off and retire while we were still in good health so we could travel around the USA in our RV. Now we are having the time of our life!

Teacup Lane (Sandy)

Valley + Madigan

Oh you always make me stop and think.......
I went to school for Nursing and then decided to continue on in Psychology, hoped to be a school nurse....guidance counselor, really anything with children.
I ended up a single mom with two fab babes and worked in an operating room, good money but not many children, horrible hours on call. I lived very unhappy (lonely) for many years as a single mom, just working to make my mortage, car + kids activities etc. Dreams faded quickly!!

7 years ago my best friend asked me to go away for a weekend, long story, while on the Hudson River, wind blowing by he asked me to marry him. We had never kissed, I know right!!! A perfect gentleman! We have more fun laughing and being kids ourselves. Shortly after we married he asked me to stay home and give my babies (now his too)the attention they deserved. He knew I longed to be an available mom. Making cookies for lunches and home cooked meals. I love him so!!
Four years ago we added a bright beautiful addition to our family. She was born with a spinal deformity. I am so fortunate that I can stay home with her.
I was already right where I needed to be.
Kim you asked and I stopped to ponder....I am working with children (check), using my nursing background (check) and that leads me to my psychology degree lol, I have two teens and a beautiful husband-psychology being used (check)!!
There are always dreams, I love photography and sewing. Maybe when my littlest is grown up I will find new dreams. Ones that give my beautiful husband the reward he deserves!! But right now, I have the PERFECT career!!
Silly how I ramble so, thank you for making me stop and think!
Sorry for such a lengthy reply


I wanted to be a teacher and a stay at home mom. Did the teaching thing now doing the mom thing. Loving it. I have to tell you I am loving your site. When I come here my heart races and my knees get weak. Thank you for the inspirtation. The kitchen is getting a fresh coat of green paint, white bead board, and new 40's inspired covers for the chars. Pure happiness!


I can't honestly say I am grown up yet, though I'm certainly old enough to be. :) But I have become a person who is happy in her own skin, and that's a good place to be!


I should be grown up by now and I still don't know what I want to do!

Marla Maertin

yes, I became a musician and that is all I ever wanted to be! grown-up - never!


Even though I'm already grown up, I'm still trying to figure out what it is I want to be when I grow up!

Nita Stacy

I loved reading everyone's dreams and realities. I always wanted to be an artist. And I've been a working artist/designer since my junior year of college. It hasn't been easy. Many job changes. The advertising/design field can be an unstable one. Today, I work as Creative Director for a group of television and radio stations. Although I've achieved my dream to be a working 50 I hoped to be the creative director for a Decor Magazine. I think I get to fullfill this part of my dream by having my blog. Someday I hope to retire and paint portraits of people and dogs for a living. I'll always be doing something creative.


I haven't grown up yet..when I was little I wanted to be a nurse and a dancer...maybe the trick is to always dream..


My children would tell me I haven't grown up. However...

I wanted to be an astronaut even though I have claustrophobia and I'm afraid of heights. I loved science and design.

I find it interesting that my daughter received a degree in interior design (pre-architecture) although she is a full time mom now, she uses her design skills every day.

My son is studying to be a computer scientists and may work with NASA someday.

I guess they inherited the genes or were touched by my influence. :)


I can't imagine ever being ALL grown up but I have achieved and am still achieving my biggest goal which was and is to have a good marriage. My husband just left home where we shared a sandwich for lunch and just made each other laugh several times. Man, that feels good! And we do that a LOT.


I wanted to be a fashion designer or just work in fashion. I studied Textiles and Clothing in college and have a BS degree in HEc. I worked as an assitant Mgr. at several clothing stores but gave up retail when I started my family. I never wanted to be a teacher, but for the past 9 years I have been employed as a Nutrition Program Associate- visiting elementary classrooms and teaching children about eating healthy foods (MyPyramid) and the importance of physical activity. I enjoy my job,but someday I would love to do something that allows me to be more creative!


All I ever wanted to be was a wife and a mother and after that happened, I had a wild notion to write. To my surprise, that became a reality, as well. And now, I'm living out a life-long goal and dream of traveling around the country with my now-retired husband. God is good. I am blessed.

Love your blog.

Nancy Omachi

What a powerful question! I never knew what I wanted to be, nor did I want kids. I ended up with 2 boys, now grown and I adore them! I have had many businesses of my own, and now I own a mountain resort that I run with my husband and dog Shep! We have a lot of great staff too, but what a fabulous place to work...the beautiful Sierra Nevada mountains at Huntington Lake.


Sorta-kinda-not yet-maybe? Does that all count? I accomplished what I set out to do in my twenties: be a guidance counselor and teacher. For nearly five years I have been a mommy too. Now I would like to add artist/writer to the list and perhaps shave down the hours spent on teacher/counselor and boost up the hours spent as mommy. Eesh! Working on it a little every day...

Trish Rowley

Hi Kim, Funny that you asked this question because I am very excited I will try to keep it short and explain why. I just turned 50 in Dec. I never knew what I wanted to do I have worked in offices and was a dental nurse for about 12 years then I had a nasty fall which resulted in 3 spinal ops which has stopped me from working for the last 10 years due to pain. Praise God that I have a wonderful family and Church I have been a volunteer at my church for about 7 years now once a week in the community welfare side. Well as of next Tuesday I will be starting a Diploma of Community Services at Uni via Flexible delivery (from home on the internet) I am so Blessed and so looking forward to what God has for me because I know He has taken me by the hand and led me to this I feel that I will be working with children. Sorry tried to make it short. Brekky looks great luv strawberries Trish xox ;)

Marilyn Snow

I am 55 years young and still don't know what I want to be when I grow up some day I will figure it out. I have fun everyday happy when I am with kids of all ages, I am one of them. I live up in Michigan near L ake Michigan its cold and windy did I mention snow lots of it my last name is snow has been for 29 years .

Kathleen Grace

I don't know if I'll ever be completely grown up Kim, that doesn't sound like any fun at all! I do finally know what I want to be:>) I'm going back to school for graphic design this spring.


So many exciting things have happened to me in the past year. I've always wanted to own a shop...not quite there yet but I rent space in a antique, gift, thrift style shop and when I work there one day a week I sort of "own" the place. I just started a blog, with much inspiration from you so thank you!! But along the way I have raised 2 great kids and keep my nest feathered as well as living each day with my best friend. So, so far so good, and the future is looking even brighter! Maybe one day I'll be in one of my favorite magazines too!

Nancy Hutson Maisenbach

I have enjoyed reading all the comment today. I am of the same mind with many others who don't think we ever achieve the state of grown up. Each day I live I hope to continue to grow. I do wish I could be more athletic but RA and age is not on my side in that wish. So I will be content to be upright each morning. In taking a backward look at my life I have to say all I have ever wanted is to stay married to my first and only lover and to have children together. We have done that well. We worked together to make the dream happen against all odds. So, as we celebrate our 47th year as married lovers I will say yes, thank God I
am exactly what I wanted to be and more.
Bless your heart for asking!
Nancy M.

Debbie from Texas

My husband says that when I decide to like coffee then I will be grown up!! (I am a hot tea drinker!)I always wanted to be a good mom and housewife. I have been that (I think) and now I am at lose ends with all the boys grown and on their own. I was just thinking about this question the other day!! It isn't too late, is it? I am almost 60 now and I need to get busy-I love antiques and decorating-something fast paced and creative to do. I get bored easily. I told my husband that I was buying him a swing set for his birthday since he is the most grown up "kid" I know. He makes me laugh! I will give this alot of thought-thanks for bringing this subject up-glad to see I am not alone in fulfilling all my dreams someday! Love to you, Kim.

Frenchy chick

I just had to get some cereal with strawberries... You did it!
What a lovely blog you have!! Come see mine, i would love to be friends!!!

Frenchy chick For some reason i became what i wanted to be. All my dreams...I think it is because i believed in it enough to do everything for them to become true.


As I was growing up, I wanted to be whatever my mom was. When she cooked at the school cafeteria, that's what I wanted to do. When she worked at J. C. Penney's, that was my dream too. Eventually I came up with my own dream, which was to be a teacher. I love teaching children, but have dreams of doing a few more things when my teaching gig is over (like 18 years from now). Hey, maybe I could even do two gigs at once! On my mind right now...interior redesign, using the client's treasures that are stuck in cubbies, drawers and hidey holes. I love that idea.

Jolie Anne

That is an easy one! I would be an art teacher or a writer...I didn't end up teaching but that's okay I still find time to create! I do love kids and have always enjoyed creating things, too many hobbies to list. So now I am using my creativity at work! I work with my long time friend and we enjoy our work. That to me is what it's all about! I think you have the best job, Kim!
I used to be a stay-at-home Mom but the boys are growing up and I can be away from home...working! I have 3 days off a week so it's not all work and no play!
I would love to have my own Bakery that also offered baked dog treats!
Thanks, JolieAnne


Hi Kim,

All I have ever wanted to do is write. I want to be an author when I grow up! It has always been my dream to see my name on a binding in a bookstore :) Until then I'll keep writing and dreaming.


Jennifer Hayslip

Wow! This is a popular post! hee! hee! When I was little I always wanted to be a glamourous flight attendent and travel the world. Now...they dont seem too glamourous. tee! hee! Im loving what I doing now! Being a Mom and assemblage artist! Life is good!!! Lots of love,Jenn


You are simply too cute, Miss Kim. Your posts make me smile. :-)



I always wanted to be a writer. I wanted to live in Paris and pound out wonderful novels on my typewriter while sipping cafe au lait and eating croissants.

I am a high school teacher, a mother and a wife. None of these were high on my life to-do list, but this is where my path led me and here I am.

This summer, I am going to Paris for a month. I may just get that novel written after all (but on my laptop instead of an old typewriter - it is the 21st century, after all).


Dern tootin' I became what I wanted to become! Pat's wife!


I thought I knew then, I dont now! I WANTED to be an artist, an archaeologist & a veterinarian. Really, I want to be a stay at home mom. But it will never happen, so Ive decided to go back to school for radiography. I would love to make a living doing something creative, but it just doesnt seem realistic.


I've always been a creative person and wanted my own business from the time I was in high school...also wanted to be a mother and wife. I married my high school sweetheart...then became the mother of two wonderful girls, also a grandma of two grandkids and have had my own business for 26 years now.
My dreams came true and I wouldn't change a thing!!


A child play therapist. Since young children don't have the same ability to express themselves in words, they communicate through play. They act out what they see, what they think about, and what they feel. It has been my pleasure to create an atmosphere for severely abused children to join me in play, and find healing in the process. I look at it, like I am inviting them into my home. Into a safe, caring, and nurturing place, where they can throw up (act out) all the crap that happened to them, and I get to nurse them back to health. We have a "play therapy room." Where I've decorated, sprayed lavender in the air, and put on a CD with soothing music. Even some of the songs from your blog sometimes. Can you believe it? I get paid to play.


I wanted to be a dress designer. I never dreamed of what I have come to be a doll designer and maker. I never thought I would be alone, but I am. I do have girlfriends that are so close they are sisters, I would not have had them had I not been alone. I do not have a pups. . . that is the saddest part of all. But I'm looking for that cottage by the water and soon I will have that pups :) BELIEVE! Blessings, Janet


PS: Here Maggie, Here Maggie :)


Well when I was about 12 I was sure I was going to be a "Hullabaloo" girl that danced in those cages. I loved my go go boots and loved to dance so I thought maybe that's what I was meant to be. NOT...Wanted to be an airline stewardess also. Had my interview with Air Canada, but they wanted me to be on stand by 24/7 NOT. I was hired in Vancouver where the Olympics are right now...for Expo to run a part of the Canada Pavilion. You had to be bilingual, so being French got me the position. Met Randy and bang bang bang, 3 babies within 6 years. Is that what I wanted then...maybe but was it my passion? NO. I have been a good mom and a good wife, but my heart truly is with the animals. I believe from a very young age God wanted me to help the little fur babies in need, and that's what I LOVE TO DO. At 54 I'm content, happy, more childish than ever. I couldn't care less what people think of my boldness, pink being my favourite color and having 7 dogs, 2 cats, bird and degus live in my humble little cottage. As long as Randy loves me for who I am and my friends love me the same, I'm ok with it all. Could I have been more, heck yeah, but I'll let the other fine ladies work their buns off. I'm very fortunate to be able to still stay home and take care of things.
WOW that a long one and it's 1 AM... gotta get this girl and her dogs to bed. I bet Miss Maggie is snoring right now : )
Love Ya Kim
Love Claudie
P.S. Loved reading everyones thoughts. I think I'm on song 8 lol

Jennifer @ Fiddle Dee Dee

Hi Kim! I had this same discussion with a girlfriend of mine just a couple of weeks ago! It's funny, but my mom stayed at home with me, both of my grandmothers stayed at home with their families, and women definitely did not work out of the home before then. So, with the legacy of wives, moms, and homemakers in my family, I always only want to be a wife and mom! And, I have been for nearly fifteen years. I love this life more than any thing. =)


When I was 3, I had a childrens' book, something like, "When I Grow Up, I Want to Be." It was full of occupations such as a fireman and an a nurse... you get the picture. Well, I wanted to be the homemaker. I had no idea what that meant, and I hate cooking and cleaning today. All I knew was that the lady on the page had a little white house with yellow polka dot curtains. I have been obsessed with houses and decorating for as long as I remember and my grandmother always pushed me to become an interior decorator. So, no, I did not become what I wanted to be when I grew up... But it's not over yet...

Alison Gibbs

I wanted to be a wife/mother and that's what I am plus a Grandma - special times.
Now I think I would love to just be happy with who I have become.. maybe someday I will


When I was really little, I wanted to be a doctor and a cheerleader. Yes - both at the same time.

When I was older, I dreamed of (and still do) having a little shop where I would sell antiques and vintage clothes and jewelry. Cute and odd and girly and quirky things. I'm hanging onto my dream.

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