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February 23, 2010



Feel better soon Kim


Feel better, Kim! Any kind of chicken soup is good for you! Last time I was sick, my dad told me to get some Emergen-C - for the placebo effect. It was good advice, so I'm passing it on to you!

Kim Nichols

Kim, do get better soon. It is amazing how you even make the food you are trying to eat so pretty...Kim


awww feel better Kim! being sick stinks!!

Nancy Lynne Shirley

I am a firm believer in hot tea! Have it with tea and honey if you have it in the house. Feel better soon!


Hope you feel better soon, and no canned soup is not as good unless you add a little hot sauce to it to kick it up a bit. It also makes the sinus open up. Take care and feel well soon.

Nancy Lynne Shirley

I am a firm believer in hot tea! Have it with lemon and honey if you have it in the house. Feel better soon!


Bless your heart! Keep warm, eat that soup and xtra vitamin C and soon you'll be up and at 'em!


The soup actually looks good! Gotta love the magazines to browse in when not feeling well. Take care!


I do hope you feel better soon. I think any kind of liquid is good for you but I promise not to turn into my mother on you. Get well, sweetie!



I hope you'll get well soon :) The soup does look delicious :)


I do hope you feel better soon! And, umm, sure, canned soup is just as good for you! Keep drinking your water, I like to squeeze in a little fresh lemon. Your $10.00 couch is cool, I hadn't seen it before. I bought mine for $30 at my favorite thrift store, but it's a hide a bed. You should have seen us trying to bring it through the front door as it "sprung open" and we couldn't get it closed until we actually got it in the door! It was a hoot! take care! Marcia

Jo Anne

Yes, your soup looks great in that cute, blue cup. It wouldn't be good for you to cook from scratch when your sick. (That brand of soup is ever better than the kind that has the twiggy noodles and the watery broth with one sliver of chicken hidden in there somewhere.) Are we not to use brand names on blogs? I'm new to the blogosphere.
Love everything about your house. So cheerful. Add my wishes to the others for you to feel better.

Cass at That Old House

My mother, who normally home-made EVERYTHING, gave us canned chicken noodle soup and Saltines when we got sick, and that's what I did with my own kids, and for myself. It works just as well -- it is the heat from the steam and the saltiness that are so important, so canned works just fine!

I have one daughter who hated chicken soup, and I gave her canned cream of tomato when she was sick -- worked just as well believe it or not.

Now -- REST, and get better. You heal when you sleep!


hi kim,

sorry to hear that you're not feeling well. there's nothing quite like hot chicken soup when you need it, even if it's from a can.

hope you are feeling like your cheery self again soon!



How can that soup not be good served in the lovely blue fiestaware cup and saucer!!

I have just begun my collection!! I love it!!
I'm gonna be on the lookout for McCoy Pottery too I think.

Hoping you feel better soon!


The soup sounds good! I hope you feel better really soon! The pictures are great! ~Dan~


Hope you feel better soon. Surely your beautiful surroundings give you peace of mind and soul. Try some honey & lemon tea!


The soup looks really good so I'm sure that it is good for you! Take care and get well soon!


Feel better soon.


Dear Kim, get well soon!! water, water, liquid, liquid and rest, soon you will be back to your busy routine!! But it is not fun in the meantime is it!! Hang in there sweetie!

Oh, the hot tea makes you feel like you are doing something special for yourself. Especially if it is a spice blend!!
And I too love magazines and catalogs when I am home alone!

Terri Morse

Oh Kim, I can only imagine how hard it is for you to lay low when your sick! As someone who was born with "ants in the pants" I understand. I can't ever just do nothing! I see that even the most rotten flu can't keep you away from your blog though. Now that's dedication! If I lived closer, I'd make you chicken soup myself! Oh well, I'll bet Maggie is enjoying the chance to cuddle with you. I'm sending good thoughts! Hugs, Terri


Hey!! You cannot go wrong with anthropologie on your lap...that will cure everything!!!
wish I lived closer, I'd bring you some homemade veggie soup that I'm making today.....but instead, I'll send you some warm mojo vibes and hope for sneeze-free days!!


Hugs and Well Wishes Kim.... I've been sick for 8 days now. Much better today!

Take Care

Ruth ;0)


I see the Publix water and didn't know they had Publix in CA. My FAVORITE EVER soup in the world is a Publix recipe...chicken risoto soup....check it out. easy to make and EVERYONE loves it. Feel better!


Hope you're feeling better soon, Kim.



Yes canned soup is just as good as homemade when it comes to the sniffles..Get lots of rest, vitamin c and hot tea with lemon and honey and lots of water.
Hope you feel, relax and dream about what you will do when you feel better. Next thing you know you'll be up and about.
Oh yes, and cuddle with Maggie - that will make you feel much better

Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita

Feel better, Sweetie! And the soup is just right!

Tracie~My Petite Maison

Oh Kim,
I hope you feel better very soon. I know exactly what you mean about not wanting to miss a thing. I eat the same soup when I am sick and there was one time I didn't even have that in the cupboard, so it's a good thing you have that can of soup but yes, homemade would be the comfort you need. (Sorry about that super long sentence up there too!) Take care, remember baby steps is a good way to get back into great big, healthy steps!
Ahh, there's my dad's Moon River playing... THANK YOU ((Kim))

Miss Jean

The key to drinking water is to make it ice cold. Lots of ice. Now I'm used to it - use to hate it. Also, have hubby go down and get you some AirBorne and take it about four times a day. I don't care what the government says, it works. One final thing, rest assured that we are all praying for a speedy recovery. Oh, one more thing. Maggie kisses!

Susan Freeman

I think I caught what you have. I woke up this morning with no voice. I don't have any homemade chicken soup either. I'll have to settle for tea with lemon and some Pottery Barn catalogs. I love Anthropologie too. Let's get better soon. We are missing out on all the fun. Bentley is curled up with me. Is Maggie by your side too?

Susan and Bentley


Sending a huge get well wish to you. If you were close by, I would bring you my homemade chicken noodle soup and a box of pretty tissues.

Big Hugs,


Hope that you are feeling better soon, Kim!

I honestly have to say that for canned soup it doesn't actually look that bad! That is compared to what comes out of a can of British soup anyhow! x

Ann at the Handley Bungalow

Get well soon, sweet Kim!


So sorry to hear that you are sick. Take care of yourself and yes plenty of rest, soup, and liquids.



Hope you feel better soon.
Hugs, Rhondi

pogonip @ meadowsweet cottage

Campbell's always makes me feel better! My secret--it's easy to add goodies to make it seem homemade--bits of leftover chicken, more pasta, curry powder, sometimes frozen corn. Mmmm good. I hope you feel better SOON!

Nancy Omachi

An, so sorry you are sick. I was sick last week and I also had chicken soup from a can. Oh well, it was better than none at all.
Get well!

Peg Gilham

Just rest and enjoy the soup - canned or not it does help.
You are such a blessing~ so glad I happened to find you



I hope you feel better soon. My husband loves canned soup. I do not, but I know it is good for you when you do not feel well. Lots of water however you can drink it. Cold, room temp, with Crystal Light in it, tea. Water in one hand and another beverage in the other hand. I do this all of the time to get my water intake. You can float a slice of lemon, some raspberries, and orange slice or strawberries in it to give it a good and natural flavor. Take care and get lots of rest.


Feel better soon, and take good care of yourself!



Well I had a cold about 3 weeks ago...and yes "soup" which I recognize from your good..believe me it was a constant companion for

Rose, my chi-terrier was my most favorite source of cozy heat...hubby coming in at 1st place of course...oddly enough he never caught what I had...

Heres hoping that you feel better soon..



Kim, Hope you feel better soon! And yes, chicken soup is good for you, even if from a can.


Feel better soon! :)

PS - LOVE Anthropologie!!!


Feel better Kim! And enjoy your Anthropologie ♥

Kate Reddan

Chicken soup is good for the body,and soul. Hot tea with honey and lemon is good too! Rest up Kim, This will be behind you soon and you will be back in the swing of things. Even when you're sick you bring a smile to my face.
Feel better soon!

Julie Harward

Get well soon...the soup does look good though! Spring is coming right..I don't want to miss a thing either! :D


Add these three items for today.
Toss your old toothbrush and get a new one.
Eat an orange.
Snuggle with Miss Maggie.

Brenda Kula

Hope you feel better soon, Kim. So many people are sick right now. I've never been to an Anthropologie. So if they have a catalog, I'm just going to see about getting one! It's snowing here (in Texas!) and the birds are swooping all over my yard eating.

Esther Sunday

Get well soon, dear Kim!


Do you have any "airborne?" It always helps me. Get well!

Kim, I hope you're feeling better soon! Someone else said to eat an orange and I've read that eating citrus will really kick a cold's butt!

I'm sure Maggie is keeping you company too! Whenever I'm sick my Izzy never leaves my side.

Take care,



Awww, feel better. And that soup? My husband is really clever at taking canned soup and adding herbs, spices and a few crunched tortilla chips to make it taste like homemade...doesn't take much, just SOMEthing beyond what's already in the can.

Nancy Hutson Maisenbach

Thank you Kim for posting when you feel crummy! Your spirit is an inspiration even when you are sick. Everyday I am hoping (and praying) you feel better. I have not heard of Anthropologie before. I am looking into it right now.
Love, Love ,Love you Kim,
Your friend,
Nancy M.

Elizabeth Marchus

Hi Kim,
Feel better soon! Nothing like a cup-a hot soup for what ales ya and a good dreamy magazine!
I love Anthropologie I just bought some hardware and candles from them.
Hugs, Elizabeth~Home is Where the Heart is

Lore D'Sa

Hope you feel better soon, Kim! I also am trying to get over stubborn chest congestion, that has been running on for about four weeks now. What's kept me going is watching the 2010 Olympics in our home city of Beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia!

Hugs and kisses xoxoxo



You are not alone...I too have been home with a very bad flu for over a week. I am taking a moment to visit with you and your cottage as it always makes me feel better! Thank you. I am sorry you are also ill - if you have the energy (or someone willing to make it) peel and grate some fresh ginger and let it steep in boiled water for about 10 minutes and then strain and add lemon and something to sweeten it and drink it very hot- the ginger tea is very healing!
Get well soon!

Tina Kay

I am so sorry to hear tha you are sick. Feel better soon! And drink your water! ;-)

Tina Kay

Donna Hurlbut

Being sick is no fun at all. Wish I could make a batch of chicken noodle soup for you! Got this great recipe, my whole family loves it, well except my 15 year old daughter who is now a vegetarian, she never tried it! Hoping you're better soon! Donna xoxox


Hope you are better soon Kim!

Renee Lange

I hope you feel better soon. I must tell you, I saw your Publix bottle of water and it made me think of our vacation last April in Siesta Key. We don't have Publix here in Michigan. Thank you for the reminder of a wonderful time, even though it came in such a round-a-bout way!
Be blessed!

Kathy Charniak

A speedy recovery is wished and prayed for you. Is little Maggie keeping you warm? My animals always would cuddle when I was feeling sick. Love from ILLinois Kathy C

Jolie Anne


I hope you feel better very soon!!!

Your sofa is unique, I love the scallops on the skirt.
I had my eye on a sofa that got away, so sad about that!
It went down to $60 and it needed to be recovered but it had these great old claw feet. I imagined it in a
beautiful dark celery green fabric from Calico Fabric store. I have a NEW Jade green sofa that works well but it has a lot less Va-voom quality that I really desired.
It looks really nice with my brown leather chair that I got from a consignment store! I have to add one more chair to make it cozier. No, I don't have a story about the chair that got away! My fireplace is in my kitchen-and I love that! I hope you have fun with your catalogs.
Thanks, JolieAnne

Kathleen Grace

I hope you feel better very soon sweetie. Yes the canned stuff will do the trick but I wish I could make you some of my special homemade Chicken soup. Made from roasted chicken, homemade broth. Onion, carrot, celery, and a touch of garlic. My mother-in-law begs for it when she's sick and we drove for two hours to take my baby some when she got sick this fall at college. It did the trick:>) I would make it for you if I could. (((Hugs))) feel better soon!

Cindy S

Ahh, Kim, I'm so sorry you are still feeling bad. The soup is good for you, sweetie, and you will soon be up and singing with the birds again!
I am taking care of me, as soon as I got over my cold I was back walking again. It was -14 Celcius today, but I went out anyway, I think I kind of froze my face, I had it covered, but not my cheeks. Oh well, it isn't the first time. When I was a little girl I walked to school in the Winter and it was a lot colder than that.
Enjoy having an excuse to lay around, because soon you will have to be up and at it again.
Big hugs, Cindy S.


I hope you get to feeling better, Kim. And ... is that a Fiesta Ware cup?? :) My Mom collected that, and I still have and enjoy some of it, both older pieces, and some new ones that came out in the '80's. I can spot it a mile away! Love it! I hope you have a good evening, and are back to doing things you enjoy soon. :)


So sorry to hear you are sick. Tell Maggie you need to cuddle. I'm sure she will understand. There's nothing like a warm puppy to make you feel better. Somehow they know just what to do... or not do! Take care. Hope you are well soon.


I'm sorry you are sick. I hate being sick. I'm not good at resting at all.

I made chicken soup a few days ago and didn't like it all. I was dissapointed. Oh well, I'll scratch that recipe off and find another.

Feel better .


Get well soon, Kim. On the bright side, you have Maggie to keep you company... and Anthropolgie catalogs are good too.



It really is hard to slow down and take care of yourself, Kim. But you deserve it. I hope you get well soon. Diane

Fay Marie Torzsok

Hi Kim

Just dropping in to say that I hope you feel well soon.
I don't think I can add any more suggestions for you as you have so many already, and they're all good advice.

Take care. Will drop in again tomorrow.

Fay Marie

Bella StyleBook

Well it appears from the number of comments I see here, that you have a great number of readers that wish you well and a speedy recovery. That includes me. I do hope the soup works. I'm starting to sneeze my head off...can't get sick, can't get sick is my mantra today. For you, I'm sure it is your followers that keep you going. You are loyal and that's why you have them...they depend on you. What a wonderfully, warm place to be.

The Decorated House

Hello Sweet Kim~
I'm so sorry to hear you are not feeling well.
I hope the family is spoiling you.
Surely the beauty of today made you almost all better!
It was incredible after a soggy morning wasn't it?
Lots of Hugs, Donna

Patty Boyd

Please get well soon. I'm a firm believer in Vicks VapoRub on the chest and on the bottoms of your feet. It works sister!


Feel better soon sweetie!


well, for canned soup, that looks pretty good! I made homemade chicken soup a couple of weeks ago because we were all "under the weather" here. I semi-cheated too... I bought rotisserie chicken from publix instead of boiling my own!!! (added an extra umpf of flavor too.
Hope you're feeling better really soon!

Pendant lighting

Everybody needs a soup in a can day once in a while.


Canned soup will definitely make you feel better! The Saltines are a good touch too. The post about your $10 couch is one of my most favorite posts in all of blogland! It's so colorful and just makes me happy!

I hope you feel all better very soon.

Patty M

You make even canned soup look delectable. Take your time and get better. We will be waiting for you when you get back.


Keep doing what you're doing. Get well soon!


Hope you're feeling better. Water is always good for you. I will not comment on the chicken soup :) I have not been feeling so good myself these past 2 weeks but it will pass and I can be my old chirpy self again.

Trish Rowley

Hi Kim, Just popped in to say Hi and have a bit of a rest from my uni work I'm in information overload at the moment. I'm sorry to hear that you are still not feeling very well they say that it takes about 3 weeks to get over the flu and I know that you are doing everything right lots of rest and fluids and let the body do the rest and in no time at all you will be feeling 100% again thats what I'm praying for. Have the best day that you can. Trish;)xox

Hi Kim,
I caught that bug while here in Florida too! Took me about three weeks to get over it BUT I'am little older than you. LOL Sending you good vibes for a speedy recovery.

Have you ever shared your $10.00 sofa find on your blog? Only you could find a sofa for $10.00 that would be fit to bring home. LOL



Psychological or real, I have no idea, but chicken noodle soup (in a can the old fashioned soup) always works for me. . . Always. Be aware - another 'cold' front is coming!! Be warm. Blessings, Janet


Get well very soon, Kim! I hope Maggy is being a good nurse...


So sorry you are sick.....hope you feel better very soon! (((HUGS)))


hi daisy...buen provecho!!!


Sticker book and new Crayons!
They do wonders at any age!

Feel better!

Ramona Owen

Get well soon. Your blog makes me feel great everyday!

And...I agree with the sticker book and new Crayons!

Smiles ~ Ramona


Hope you feel better soon :)


So sorry you're feeling icky. Don't forget the juice and the vitamins too! Take good care and bounce back quickly to your sweet bubbly self!


Feel better just do not read the label on teh can. LOL.

Mary Lou

I approve of Anthro catalogs when sick....or anytime. Hope you feel better soon.


Fell better soon, dear Kim. We're all cheering for you.

I am just back to work this week. It had been so long since I felt like visiting, and I missed everyone.



I hope you are soon feeling back to your energetic self. Take some vitamin D everyday
-- it is the miracle vitamin and supports the immune system.
When you are sick it's like a cloudy day -- no sunshine!

I am hosting my first exchange and hope you stop by:



Dear Daisy Lady (one of my nicknames for my mom who is not with us anymore but is smiling down at us.. I know she loves your blog!)

Hope you feel better soon

God Bless


Get better soon Kim. We miss you!!!!!!!!!!!


Mary Lou

You must really be sick since you haven't blogged in a day or two...I'm so sorry. We miss you.
My only hint for something yummy is to put saltines on a cookie sheet, brush with melted butter and toast in the oven...Especially if you have a sick stomach..

The Style Sisters

Oh gosh I hate being sick. Feel better quick...come one over and take a peek at my pretty green and blue tablescape and enter to win a set of pretty napkin rings. Maybe that will make you feel better :)



Take Care Kim...... Feel better soon and cuddle up with Maggie. She will make it all good!

Ruth ;)

p.s. Been updating my blog. Found a button of yours on another site. I've used that for my link to Daisy Cottage instead of just text.

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