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  • What I hope for my readers and for all keepers of the nest, is that they embrace their homes with their heart and all of the passion that it holds. I want them to know that they can decorate on a limited budget by seeing things in new ways; by rescuing the broken and transforming the ugly. I hope that they flaunt their favorite color and decorate their life with it. I hope that their homes feel like one giant hug that welcomes them each and every time they walk through their front door. More than anything I want everyone to have their own home-sweet-home dream come true! xo, Kim

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February 27, 2010



Amen, sister.


Oh! how true, how true. Thanks for sharing.


So true, so true!!


Amen! I am so tired of "experts" saying you shouldn't have fake should only be arranged this way...the rug has to be a certain size...this or that color is out of style...on & on. I agree with you, Kim. Decorate however you want to. It's your house & your stuff. There are no decorating police!

Julie Harward

I totally one lives here but me and my family! No designers or decorators, just us and we are ok with all that WE love! (I like your chicken pic there in the back ground!) come say hi :D

Donna Rae Barrow

Thank you, thank you, thank you for encouraging all of us to fulfill our own dream of what 'home' is, and inspiring us daily with your photos bursting with color and style!

Kim Nichols

So true, so true. You hit the nail on the head, Kim.

Barbara @ Southern Lady's Vintage

I agree! And Daisy Cottage is such a joy to visit! I'm glad that you do it your way!


You are so right. My daughter happened to ask me why I had bunnies and starfish on my window ledge today and I said, "Because I like all of them!" No further explanation necessary!! Thanks, Kim!



Thanks again for confirming my day. I played all day rearranging and moving things. What fun! You are so right, be true to yourself and what you love and your home will always welcome you with open arms and hug you while you're there.
Thanks again

annalea @ our hartbeat

so true.

A Cupcake For Moose

Perfect and lovely post. Definitely a reminder I needed to hear. I am sure I'm not alone, either. ;). Kim, you are a real doll! Cheers for all of us being (& decorating) just who God made us to be! Hope you're weekend is going superbly!
xoxo, Rachel



I fall in that category- of wondering what other's think about my home.

Is it too small?
Is it too dark? too light?
Is it too mixy-matchy?
Is there too much on the walls, or not enough.

I for one need to be reminded to just do it how we like it. I say "we" because I have a hubby to consider; sadly too many women decorate giving no thought to the man of the house. That is sad.
I want my hubby to love it here. He should be the only one that matters.

thanks for the reminder. Love your place by the way.
feels just like home.
glad your doing better.

Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita

It is true Kim! William Morris said to have nothing in your home that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful. A house full of people and things you love is more valuable than anything trendy you might put in it!


Is that not the truth...I never do whats hot or not in my house...I just do me...Hope you have a GREAT weekend my friend...Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

pogonip @ meadowsweet cottage

I know many of my favorite things could be considered outdated but I prefer to think of myself as being twenty years ahead of the curve! Now off to finish my latest project... :)

Lorrie Simons

I started thinking that way after my divorce and I love feeling free to paint a room any color I want. My living room is the brightest, happy shade of yellow and in my bathroom each wall is a different color and I love it! I think I have always loved the cheery, eclectic, shabby chic look, just didn't know it was a style. Thanks so much for your inspiration to just be me!

Mary Lou

I always appreciate when you say this. Thank you. Lately I have been really enjoying my home more, and I think it's because I have finally made peace with decorating. I want our home to fit us, and be an expression of what's comfortable and nice to us. I've tried to incorporate styles that are more contemporary, but my little mish-mash of traditional, Colonial, eclecticism, Autumn colors, and country seems to fit US the best. Keep saying this.


Amen! Do what you love and forget the trends!


HI Kim,

Better words could not have been spoken my sweet friend!

Hugs, Cynthia xox

Jan DeBellis

100% backatcha.........


Thank you Kim for sharing. We bought our home 5 years ago and now, two kids later, we are STILL renovating and decorating. I sometimes get confused by what I see in magazines and on the internet about what my style really is!


This is something I learned a long time ago, but sometimes I catch myself worrying what others think of my home. It's so nice to have this reminder! Thank you!!


Absolutely true! Thanks again Kim for helping me make my little rental house feel like HOME! :)


Hi Kim,
Hope you are feeling much better by now! I love this post because for the longest time I have had a very different style from any of my friends and I used to think that maybe I wasn't stylish enough but you know what, ever since I have followed the desires of my heart in decorating I have never been happier. Today my husband and I went out antiquing and we came home with some of the greatest vintage stuff that a lot of people would probably go "what??" but we picked it out together and had so much fun. Also I ordered a crocheted granny square afghan on ebay, my daughter thinks I'm nuts!!

Thanks for reminding us to be true to ourselves.


Dear Kim,
As one who grew up as a "people pleaser" - your blog has finally set me free to just decorate to please me and not every one else. I have also learned to enjoy bright cheerful colors that make me happy.

Thank you for starting your blog and bringing so much happiness to the rest of us.

Florence Muma

I totally agree with you, you need to follow your heart and do what calls to you, not to just follow the fab for the moment. Florence


I am so guilty of following trends and you are so right, I am never happy with the results!!! I was planning a fall junk show last year at my house and I was so obsessed with having my house look "cool" that I was positively having anxiety attacks!! Right then, I decided never again and I've been redoing the house little by little. Thanks Kim for the affirmation.

Brenda Kula

I never listen to what's "in" and what's "out." Not in clothing, decor, or anything else. I just like what I like. And that's good enough for me.

Lynn Paterson

I like the way you think! Your home is your castle! And it tells your story......


I think you're preaching to the choir here :)

Becky G.

Hubs and I went to an antique auction today. We got some treasures (and bargains), but what was amazing was how my/our tastes have changed, AND how well my hubs has learned my tastes. They were selling some hanging hand made lights, and he couldn't see where they were. I finally got him to look far enough right, and he (incredulously) said "You like THEM???" and I said no, I just wanted you to see how ugly they were! We actually got to the point where would look at each other and just laugh. A great way to spend a Saturday with your favorite person!

And as for my treasures, I'd love to hear from anyone who knows anything about Limoges porcelain or porcelain from Prussia! :o}


Oh so true, why it took me years to realize this I'll never know. This house we are building now is made 100% by us for us. No real estate agent in mind, no neighbor, no friends etc. just us. And as we build we discover that people fall in love with our little farm. Thanks for sharing. loving your blog

Kim McLaughlin

Holla! I'm right with ya on this one!!


So true and you do it better than anyone ;)


Your post is just what I needed today. I've been thinking alot about my decorating and realized that I'm unhappy with it. I've been decorating with the thinking that I had to pick a style and was not following what my heart was telling me that I loved. Also worrying what others would think because they are all decorating with what is the in thing right now.
You are so right that if we decorate our homes with the things we need to worry about what is the new in style or what is not in style anymore, because our home is about us and our story!!

D. @ Outside Oslo

Love it! That's some of the best interior decorating advice I've ever heard. Keep up the great work!

Carmelina Lounsbury

I fully, absolutely, and blissfully concur!!!! 100%

a home should reflect our unique personalities! it should showcase our interests, our travels, our memories....our favourite colours, not what's "IN"...

beautiful and thought provoking post!
ciao bella
have a wonderful night!


I so agree! Don't you love it when some of your friends come over and they just don't get it...They will almost always say "wow you have a lot of stuff to dust". I just smile and say "I do but I enjoy every bit of it!"

Kathleen Grace

You are so right if I could just make up my mind once and for all what style and colors I like best!

Lavender Dreamer

Very good advice! I hope you're feeling better today! And we can also hope for some warm Florida sunshine for tomorrow! ♥


Thank you!


Amen to that- but sometimes it sure helps knowing what color paint is recommended, lol.

This was a good reminder to just be ourselves, Kim.

Smehow you make it all seem right.





The woman we bought our house from was a minimalist---as in, I thought they had done the absolute best job of smoothing over nail holes and picture-hanging spots and any other mars or dings that might have come from day-to-day LIVING.

I DID wonder that there were NO light fixtures anywhere in the house---every single room was lit by a bulb behind translucent glass in a little recessed square in the ceiling, and the only one different was a sort of box effect over the dining table, which contained two plain old fluorescent tubes, with no cover whatever.

She came to our first party we gave in our home, looked around and said, "Well, it's not to MY taste, but if YOU like it."

Then she went on to explain that anything on walls or tabletops made her nervous, and so she liked no decor whatsoever. One bonus is a second kitchen downstairs, so that they could entertain down here without the cooking and company ruining the aura upstairs.

She had it like SHE liked it, and now we have it like WE like it. Happy all around.


I agree with you completely! Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us! ~Dan~


I love you! Thank you. That is just what I needed to hear today. I will sit and be happy in my skittles house and forget the waspish comments by those that don't share my love for color on the walls.

I am so glad you posted this... because burlap is in.... I have none! The new color is Turquoise... I have none! Pastels and blues are back... I have none!! But what I do have I love ... black - white with a splash of red and that is always in to me! sMILEs to ya!

marissa polk

I could not agree more ! I do this and am happy of not falling into the trap of decorating for other people !! Be yourself its more fun :)


Oh Kim, great post. Words I sure need to live by :)
Thanks, Tracy


How true! Our homes definitely should reflect who we are. I have often thought that if someone who didn't know me came in my house and looked around they would learn a lot about me just by how I decorate and what little collections I have.

I wanted to congratulate you too, on your mention in the new Flea Market Style magazine. I got my first copy today and there was the Daisy Cottage! Your home is like a little charm!

Have a great weekend!


Trish Rowley

Hi Kim I totally agree with you. Hope your feeling better have a great day Trish xox ;)


So very true!


Alison Gibbs

Great post Kim. I have been reorganising my home and if it doesn't make me smile or bring back wonderful memories of family or loved ones then it is out.


I saw one of these design programmes on tv last year and the designer was saying how he couldn't understand why the British insisted on having all their lounge furniture against the wall. 'Bring it out into the room', he cried. Well Mr. Designer, most houses in Britain have lounges the size of a pocket handkerchief and putting furniture anywhere BUT against the wall would mean we'd be constantly tripping over it or having to push our way past it.
So your wonderful advice doesn't only apply to decorating and colour. Your home is your castle and what you do with it is nobody's beeswax but your own. Great post. You should start a campaign! xx


Why care about what's in or out if you decorate your house with things that make you happy and in the colours you like?!Our living room is filled with a lot of green and a bit red. The kitchen is white and blue. Every room has its own character! Well,it makes me happy! Use your own imagination ladies! Still love your house Kim!Love,Nina.


well said my dear friend ... home IS where my "ever-lovin'- do -it- my- way heart" is ... thanks for this genteel reminder ...

let's catch up
I have new news for thou!

Chris M.

Kim, you're so wise! I wish your blog had been around 15 years ago! That's when we bought the cookie cutter house in a brand spanking new keep up with the Jones neighborhood. I didn't realize this was the case because I had never lived in such a neighborhood before - but it was pure MISERY. I actually had a neighbor who used binoculars and would call whenever I went shopping, got a delivery or planted something outside. She wanted to know what I got and how much it cost. The pressure was just too much, so my family and I moved to a sweet old red saltbox which was in need of some love. She won't fit in any decorating mags but we love her! We moved 10 years ago and while I am still judged for what is perceived as a lapse in judgment. I love my quirky old home and the quirky old stuff I put in it.


Amen, Kim AMEN!


Hope you are feeling better!!! Great post, thank you!

The Pleasures of Homemaking

I so agree! I used to have a friend who would always ask me what the "in" colors were when re-painting her rooms. I just couldn't imagine painting a room a color just because it was "in" (who decides these things anyway) or changing a color just becaue it was "out".

Hope Kathy's chicken soup did the trick and you're feeling better!



I agree! I remember when my "friend" came over to see my newly painted house. She said are you calling the painters back? I said why? and she said, to repaint this awful red bathroom! (Which I happen to love). She also told me the house should flow - you shouldn't have different colors in every room! They should all be shades of the same. Need I tell you, I'm happy with the way my home looks, and we aren't freinds anymore. Of course there is more to it as to why our friendship ended!

Miss Jean

Such good advise. I have my home the way I want it, not how I want others to see me. I think when you are comfortable with your surroundings, others are comfortable in your home too.


I just found your blog and I love it! I love all the beautiful pics- I feel like I'm in your home. Thanks for sharing your little piece of heaven in this huge blogoshpere!

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

Such excellent advice Kim! Now if only I can talk my family into letting me paint a certain piece of furniture, I'll be ecstatic!
Happy Sunday!


I couldn't agree more! Making a home for what "others say or think" is not truly YOU. I'm glad you shared this!


Terri Morse

My feeling is this: if you have to clean it, take care of it, live in it, and pay for it, you are the only one who should have anything to say about how you decorate it :) I'm such a rebel!

Betty Jo

Kim truer words have never been spoken! So glad your back and feeling better. ♥

Rose - The Center of My Self

I love that you not only say it, but you live it, Kim! Your home makes ME happy, but that's really and truly of no matter; what matters is that it makes YOU happy. A good friend who I hadn't seen for a few years came by last night and when he walked in he exclaimed (really, he exclaimed) "Your home is gorgeous!" Made me happy that he could see what it is about my home that makes me happy to be in this space.
Love and hugs and all good wishes for you, dear Kim.


Wonderful wisdom from one of the decorating greats in the country today. I mean it!


Amen, sista!
I graduated with an interior design degree from college. We were drilled with rules, standards, what constituted good taste, and to never use fake flowers. I still hear my professors voice in my head sometimes-- but I really don't listen to her voice anymore! And there are some fake flowers from time to time around here:)

My home is a mishmash. Our kitchen family room area is yellow and red and country sweet like yours. We painted our bedroom metallic gold, it's rather country elegant. There are modern paintings and mirrors. And English accessories. I'm still working to bring it all together, but you have to find what resonates with YOU and your life, or it will never be anything but someone else's idea of design. It will be a showplace, but it won't be a home. And what is the point of that?
Thanks for telling people this, and giving them the freedom to make a house a home-- that means love, and filling a house with what you love is the beginning of creating a place where a family can dwell in love! ~Kelly

Deborah Downing

I am the only person I know who decorates with orange--that's right--Orange! People make all kinds of funny remarks, but it works for me & I love it. Be brave! Go forth & use color!


Amen to this!!! I draw lots of ideas and inspiration from blogs for our home, but when it's all said and done, it's all mine and ours. Done the way we want it to look. I had rather our house look like a HOME than a picture perfect from a magazine.


That is so true, Kim! We've done that for a long time now, more out of necessity than a great desire for individuality, but it worked out the same. We love our home, even though it would definitely never make it into a decorating magazine spread.


Thanks for the sweet reminder, Kim! Since I started reading your blog, I started doing that in my little apartment - and it's making me smile! It finally feels like "home". I got brave, and started using all my favorite colors - especially RED!

I just love checking in here daily and seeing what new inspiration you've come up with!


Great advice, Kim!


I totally agree, Kim!!!!!
Love & Hugs

Ashley Schott

Amen Kim! That's how I try to be anyways:) Being 25, a lot of my friends find my style a little "old lady" but I love old lady! I think that when you love everything around you it inspires you and motivates you and gives you a sunny outlook. And then sometimes you find other people who like the same stuff you do and then their homes make you smile too!

Oh, I also wanted to let you know I'm having my first giveaway ! I hope you can come check it out:) Have a beautiful rest of your Sunday!


Couldn't have said it better myself!


thank you, i use to think what's in what's out, not anymore. the finds that make you happy is who you are, praise God were not all the same and thats the beauty we can all share. love ya, cottage feel xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox


Well, since the previous 79 commenters have said everything I was going to say, I will only add this: I agree with your sentiments wholeheartedly! This attitude is the reason my heart was never into the business end of interior design -- when people would ask 'what color should I use in here?' my answer was always, "Whatever you like!" This seemed to confuse most people.

Finally, I concluded that although I have a real passion for design, I do not live in a Show Home and most other people do not either. Who cares if the place is not up to Architectural Digest standards? If it makes you and your loved ones happy to be there, then that is all that matters! Naturally, since this philosophy is not at all conducive to getting rich, I decided that perhaps it was a waste of time.

The cool thing about Blogging is the opportunity to connect with like-minded people. It is nice to know that I was not so far off-base after all.


Kate Reddan

That is so true!!! I was thinking as I cleaned the kitchen this morning, The rug on the floor is there because I picked it out. The Color on the wall is there because I picked it. The curtians, dishes, pot rack, etc. all are there because I loved them and wanted them to be part of my home. How lucky that I have the privelge of making a lovely home for my family. And they love it just the way it is. And I love each and everything I have picked up and added to our nest. It is all what makes our little house HOME SWEET HOME!!!!


Grace, you may have been diagnosed but, you have a great redemer that has healed you just believe, your are in my prayers. Amen! love ya, cottage feel

p.s.s. anyone out there that needs prayer let me know, we have prayer WORRIES, let's come together, your not alone.

thank you Kim for this comment box, your a blessing.


So, true! Decorate with what you love. The only thing that matters to me about what others think about my home is that they feel "welcome"...that's it. And I believe the more comfortable you are in your own home, well, the more comfortable others will feel in your home too.

Debbie from Texas

I would like to be true to my real self, I would! But what do I do with a decorating mistake I made a few years ago, when I bought a dark , dark leather couch and loveseat? It is so not me and never will be!! I think that I am stuck with it for a long time unless one of my kids really, really needs it!:) I have tried bright pillows, throws, etc. Nothing works-there it is every day. I hate it! Any suggestions would be so appreciated...please!


Amen, sister. If you please your own eye and I'll never be unhappy with the result.

Daisy Cottage


Why don't you consign your furniture or list it on Craig's list, etc? Then go get something that you love because in my very humble opinion - life is too short to live with something every day that you hate IF you can do something about it. And you can. ;-) Don't look backwards. Onward and upward girlfriend. You can do it.

And make sure you come back and tell us what you found! Have fun!



Several years ago my husband and I attended the Parade of Homes in Grand Rapids, MI which showcased many newly built homes. We always make sure to walk through the high-end homes so we checked our programs and picked out several to tour. So many of them were Pottery Barn imitators. Many were absolutely gigantic. Lots of granite, stone, top of the line appliances, etc. But none of them were memorable...except one. A husband and wife building team had built and decorated this home for a retired business couple. Yes the materials used were expensive...but the colors were bright and beautiful reds, yellows, blues, turquoise, greens, oranges...the furniture was cozy...the rooms friendly and filled with pictures, flowers, and "junk" treasures. Turns out this was the most popular house on the tour and the builder/decorators had broken most of the "rules"!

I am always thrilled to go into somebody's home and find that they have "danced to their own tune". I have also been in homes where I can tell that the owners have struggled to make it be "in style". My girlfriend just put down very dark hardwood flooring because it had been featured on many of the HGTV design shows. She also purchased several short-backed slipper chairs with very deep seats...very hip. Well the dark floor shows every piece of fuzz, dog hair, and scratches. The slipper chairs are without arms, the low back hits you wrong and the seats are so deep that your legs stick straight when you are fully seated in them.


Amen, sister! Preach it!

I'm singing in the "Amen" Choir on this note, Kim...


Sheila :-)


That is so true Kim :) Have a wonderfull day xoxo Anna





Janet (Shabbyfufu)

Hi sweetie! So true. I'll never forget when we first bought this home 20 yrs ago and a friend of hubby's (who is a hootsy tootsy high end decorator) came over to see what we were doing. She said "too much white, you need more color in here!" Pish posh, my style is pale colors and white and that's just how it is! ~xoxo~


I've always done my own thing in my home. It reflects me and I can't help it!


Was this meant for me? ;)


LOVE IT!!!! Perhaps I'll send this to my husband so he can agree, too ;) lol.

Bella StyleBook

It appears you definitely struck a nerve here based on the number and length of some comments. Let me just say...I agree 100% with you about decorating for yourself. Your pleasure will shine through {as it surely must in your home} because you have given your home "personality"...a piece of your individuality. So the light is new? Are you adding any yellow or red to it?

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