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January 21, 2010



How true. How true.


And like all of the suffering we are going through right now things will rebound and come back stronger and more beautiful! Hope springs eternal!


Sorry about your flowers. Thank you (and Mr. Swan) for your wise reminder.



Mr.Swan is a pretty smart bird! I was feeling the same way about my yard. Thanks for a good reminder.

Welcome back!



In Utah we have this happen every first snow fall...all our pretties gone until spring bringing us hope that once again the beautiful gardens will return (with our help of course!).
Mr. Swan is right...there are worse things and it's in our face right now.


We could all do with a Mr. Swan occasionally.

black eyed susans kitchen

Swans are such beautiful and graceful creatures. You knew just where to look when the garden let you down. Now you can look forward to replanting!
♥, Susan

Jennifer @ Fiddle Dee Dee

Maybe I need to take a walk and meet Mr. Swan. Thank you for the reminder.


Cindy S

Aah, Kim, Haiti certainly puts our petty little problems and disappointments into perspective, doesn't it. We are so RiChLy BlEsSeD!!! My oldest nephew is headed for Aphganistan very shortly, he is a Chaplain in the US Armed Forces, and I have been thinking about what he will face. I realize how safe and calm our lives are here in North America. Mr Swan is very wise indeed. Hugs, Cindy S.

Daisy Cottage



Sea Witch

Mr. Swan is insightful. You will always have more flowers. Your heart is what is most important. Blessings and kindness to you Kim. Sea Witch


Mr. Swan is so wise. may just be amazed at the rebirth of these crispy freezedried plants! I have seen it time and time again!


A Wise Mr Swan,I am also very sad about my garden. Like Mr Swan said there are bigger problems in the world! A positive note,think how all us Floridians will help stimulate the economy of the Garden Centers and Landscapers!



How very true, you can always plant new flowers for Spring time. Remember to plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow.

All things nice...


Mr Swan is pretty intuitive. And the garden...mine looks like that every winter. Re-birth in the Spring makes it all the sweeter!


How true. Sometimes I moan and groan over things and I have to stop and think it could all be worse. Spring will come when its ready and new life will begin.

Mary Lou

We so easily loose our perspective. I love your counselor!

Teacup Lane (Sandy)

Hi Kim,
Some of your garden may come back to life this spring. I had some purchased flowers in a plastic pot and didn't throw the pot out but left the pot sitting out over winter and last year it spouted some flowers again. I was so surprised. Your garden may surprise you this spring too.

Teacup Lane (Sandy)


I'm sorry about your garden Kim. I guess we folks farther north just take it for granted, that stuff is "going" to die. Every year. No matter. Unless you get perennials (which is what we do up here). Lots of bulbs. Lots and lots of bulbs and hardy perennials.

I know that this was the cold snap of the decade, likely, but it may be something to keep in mind the next time--just in case... ;-)

Mr Swan is very wise, btw. Please pass along my regards.


That Mr. Swan is one smart bird. I think I'll take some of his advice myself.



What a smart little bird...

So sorry about your garden Kim...My birdies are suffering with the cold up here in Wisconsin...just can't get out there to feed them with 2 feet of snow!



I am a newbie follower of yours... I leave in Tarpon Springs, Florida. Love your blog and relating to your garden. Mine looks like what might be Cerynobl. (Spelling... I am half Russian but don't know a word of it!)A few weeks and we can be planting again! Not like the folks in the north.


It's all about perspective, isn't it beautiful Mr. Swan?


Mr swan is so wise, and very cute!! Hugs to you sweet Kim xo


Thank you for reminding us...((((hugs))))


Very true! When you don't have a safe & warm home, food to eat, fresh water to drink, clothes that are clean and precious fur babies, the world is very different.


My garden looks about the same. And I'm not happy about it either. But the sun is shining, it's warm again. Spring is in the air. And we ARE so blessed. Especially when you look at so many other places in the world. Good reminder!


Hi Kim, we lost some things very sad. I am in the Orlando area. It certainly made me soooo thankful for the sunshine.

Barb ♥


Mr. Swan certainly has his feathers on straight! We *lost* most of our garden also. But, that's okay ... I get to plant different things and plan an even better garden!

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality

Hi, my dear sweet Kim, I'm SO sorry you lost those beautiful plants. I know you were so excited to have a garden finally. AWwww, they can be replanted, nothing is irreplaceable, except people & pets. Hugs, my friend! Mr. Swan is right, I'm afraid.

You are taking some snazzy pics with that new camera. I'd just like to have one like your "old" one. Maybe I'll upgrade this year.

Terri Morse

I'm sorry you lost your flowers. On the bright side, it looks like you're really getting the hang of your new camera. Your swan photos are lovely. Have a great day!

Lore D'Sa

Dear Kim,

Yes, I can so empathize on the loss of your garden plants, as I was when we had a ton of snow from November 2008 through till early March 2009, and had lost alot of our beautiful perinnials. But the garden is very much like life is; it is fragile and needs to be tended with loving care, just like people! In the wake of all the devastation in the world, especially the earthquake that hit Haiti, let us keep in mind how very much we as humans are interconnected and need to help and do our part,in aiding our suffering brothers and sisters. May God bless each and everyone!



Kathleen Grace

I think Mr. Swan was really just a good listener. Good listeners get us to realize things for ourselves as we talk things out:>) Having said tht, I do feel your pain. I love flowers, and really, there is nothing wrong with loving beauty.


Thank you for putting things into perspective. Sometimes when we think we are having a bad day in our own little world, nothing can compare to what is going on in the rest of the world. And I am sure your garden is going to be beautiful once again by spring!

:) Kerri


Sure looks as though Miss Kim is getting the hang of her new camera- wow those are postcard perfect, lady! What a beautiful creature that swan is.

Don't worry about your garden, you aren't used to it dying and coming back, but I sure will, do not fear. You will get the true meaning of new spring life this time, because it is an amazing feeling!


Brenda Kula

So true. But Kim, if those were perennials, they will probably come back once cut back. I probably should have waited through February, but I already cut mine all back. Couldn't stand to look out the window at dead things!

Danielle Jones

Fellow Floridian, our flowers are also in a terrible state. Thanks for sharing such a wise swan with us!


Your flowers are suffering but you have sunshine!



Mom Wald

Nothing like a little swan tail to set you straight.

Aren't you glad that you don't live in Wisconsin? You wrestle with dirt and bugs to make something beautiful and then BAM, it's all dead. Then you live surrounded by barren frigid death for months.

THAT'S why blogging and focusing on the positive are so important to me through these bleak months. Thank YOU for making such a lovely blog to visit, and thanks for those cupcakes.

Josephine Tale Pedder

I needed that reminder today. thanks Kim. xx

Nancy Hutson Maisenbach

All is relative is what I tried to teach my children when they were coming up.
I am thankful you are back! What would we do without your gentle reminders and inspiration Kim.
Nancy M.


I am sorry about your flowers but it is true s ometimes we forget about the greater tragedies around us. Mr Swan is just beautiful. He looks so regal.


Nothing like a swan to set our thoughts straight. Thank you, Mr. Swan. My yard woes are small indeed in light of Haiti's devastation.

Kim, don't pull any plants out yet (depending on what they are). Your perennials may come back. I have a large Gardenia bush I hope will survive, and a large bottle brush tree.


It is weird to see the grass brown in winter (here), it is usually lush and full. 20s in So. FL doesn't bode well with us or our vegetation. Think of the fun of redesigning a new garden and maybe getting some plants you had thought about, but now you can :) I need to get out of a condo and back into my own place. Blessings, Janet

Kate Reddan

When my daughter Jen was about 3 years old I used to take her to a lovely lake not far from our house. We would sit and I would tell her all kinds stories, teaching her life lessons through these two beautiful swans. I named them Matilda and Arthur.(I don't know where those names came from. Just a spur of the moment choice.) Wise old Matilda just had a way of explaining everything. Sometimes Jen would say when times got difficult, "Mommy, What do you think Matilda would say about this?" and we would take a walk, and I would pray for inspiration, and it would come. Jenny is now 23 and still remembers wise old Matilda and her beloved Arthur.
Thank you for reminding me of that happy time and those two beautifu swans.

cindy h

I learned one thing being new to central I know what plants NOT to plant !!! LOL!
Cindy H


Thanks again for Daisy Cottage. So many are uplifted by your delightful hospitality. As an experienced gardener, this is just part of the experience. If your plants are biennials the seeds that drop may sprout in Spring. The garden is ever-changing. You can never just plant it and have it stay the same. Actually, designers often think of the outdoor rooms as the ultimate decorating challenge, mainly because the same design techniques apply BUT, you are dealing with living vessels.

Alison Gibbs

Oh Kim that puts it all in perspective.
At least you'll get your garden back again

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