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January 30, 2010


Debbie from Texas

My heart goes out to Tabatha's family. I, too, lost my dear brother to cancer at 56 years of age. Praying for you, Jack.


Kim, You seem to be shocked that you touch people that way...silly girl. So many of us love to visit Daily Cottage, where we receive a warm welcome every time!

To Jack, I hope you are still reading comments. There are so many. I just wanted to say that I will pray for your peace of mind and healing heart every day. Tabatha was a lucky woman to manage to find someone who loves her that much in only 41 years. Love never fades...

Don't cry because she is gone, Jack, celebrate that she was (and always will be) in your life!

God Bless,
Jan in PA


We never know how a simple word can touch someone's heart. Thank-you Kim and Jack for sharing Tabatha's story. My thoughts and a prayer will be for Jack each time I visit Daisy Cottage. Kim, your wonderful blog is a shining light for so many of us. I'm glad Tabatha found happiness here at Daisy Cottage. God Bless.

Fay Marie Torzsok

Dear Kim,

There is no doubt in my mind that God has placed you hear on this blog for a very good reason. He knew that you will touch lives in many different ways. This is only one way, but can you imagine all the unspoken ones.

Jack, I am deeply sorry to hear of the loss of your beautiful wife. Thanks for sharing this with us. May you feel God's presence at this very difficult time of your life. Eternal rest grant unto Tabatha oh Lord. May she rest in peace. Amen

Love to all
Fay Marie

Sweet Daisy Mae

Kim, your blog has brought much joy, inspiration and contentment to so many. You have a special gift! Thank you for opening up your life and sharing your time with all of us. You are a blessing in so many ways....THANK YOU!

(And thank you Mr. Benke, for sharing such a touching story. Losing Tabatha is so very difficult and sad, and though the pain will never go becomes easier to bear with thoughts and prayers are with you.)

Nancy Omachi

Kim, God has given you a gift of encouragement and hospitality which we receive with deep gratitude. This was a beautiful tribute to a sister that will be missed by many. Thank you for sharing.


That's so sweet. I'm glad she found joy here.

My mother in law had a heart attack this weekend. Things are stressful and I find myself here for a break from every day life. I'm never dissapointed.

May God's peace surround the family in this time of loss.


I know that I'm a kid but I'm so very emotional and I'm literally crying right now. That story is so touching and I am so thankful that you could share that with us!


This shows how most of us will NEVER know how much we influence others by our actions, good or bad.

This is a great reminder to us to be a positive moment in the lives of others.


Dear Jack, my thoughts and prayers will be with you.


Fern Cottage

...there are simply no words...


Prayers for strength for this fine, fine husband who was so sweet to share his sweet Tabitha with all of us.
It is comforting to know that her love for your blog is now allowing all of us to comfort her family.
Sweet Dreams Tabitha.....Rest Now.


Kim, You never know who you touch or in what way when you have a blog and share yourself with others.
It can have profound effect on people.
It is a very important thing, though I think few realize just how important it is to give of our time ...and blogging takes time.... to others.

Cindy lane

I, too receive great comfort from your wonderful blog. I discovered it a few months ago. I listen to that soul calming music every night as I sit in the bedroom with my teen son as he is falling asleep to monitor him for the seizures he will have in his sleep. It is so scary and I pray every night it won't happen. While waiting and watching I read your blog. My son has fallen asleep many nights to the sound of that music that soothes my soul and makes me cry, also. It is so peaceful and takes me to another time. I also sit here and research the web for articles that may help me with a life threatening medical issue of my own and amid the tears I always find myself returning to your blog and your music. THANK YOU for the peace you bring to my nights. It is a wonderful medicine for the mind and the soul. My prayers tonight will be for Jack and his loss. I will think of Tabatha every time I visit this site. I truly relate to her love of the music here and the wonderful blog. Soul comforting.


Dear Jack

The love you expressed for your dear wife is so heartwarming. Tabatha was fortunate to have your love. I am sorry that she is no longer by your side but I believe a piece of her will reside in your heart forever. Take care of yourself.

Dear Kim

Thank you so much for the good you do.


Jack, I am so sorry for the loss of your beautiful wife Tabatha. Thank you for sharing her beautiful picture with us. I can only imagine how hard this is for you. I have also lost two very young people in my life over the past few years. I'm glad we are here to support each other. :)
Kim, you have a wonderful family here. Thank you for bringing us all together!


Oh that is so sad but it is wonderful how blogging has built up a community of people who reach out to each other in times of need. Your blog is always a cheerful, peaceful place to visit.

Kate Reddan

I feel such a loss, I did not know Tabatha but she was one of us. If I met her on line in the supermarket and happened to talk to her about Daisy Cottage I would have felt like I found a friend, a sister. We are all so connected through your blog. My prayers are with Jack. He was so in touch with what made his wife happy. That is a beautiful thing. She would be so touched to know that he made contact with you and now is part of our community.I feel like I made two new friends today, one in heaven and one here on earth. God bless you Jack. You and Tabatha and all of the loved ones who are feeling the pain of her passing are in my thoughts and prayers.
Kate Reddan


Such a beautiful, heartbreaking post. I completely understand the comfort Tabatha felt in visiting here Kim. This is truly a wonderful blog. Rest in peace Tabatha.


What a beautiful woman!!! We all share the love of your blog!


Oh my goodness...there are just no words.


My sympathy for another life taken too soon by Cancer. I am sitting here with heavy tears. Your Blog will remain the wonderful Blog it has been but with a change that has effected all of your followers forever. How can one not listen to the wonderful music you play here without thinking of Tabatha.
To Jack, may you find comfort in this wonderful Blog, the music that is played here and continue to follow your wife, Tabatha's legacy one day at a time.



May the warm memories and love shared with your beloved Tabitha live in your heart always!

Thank you so very much for sharing your beautiful wife with us. You are in my thoughts and prayers...


You continue to inspire goodness, kindness and love in all of your faithful readers. May God bless you as he has us - with you!



Wow, what an incredible story/post. It just goes to show that we may never truly know just how much even a small amout of kindness really touches others. Thank you for sharing.
I found your blog a few months ago and it is a daily stop for inspiration and uplifting. Thank you for taking the time to share your life and ideas.

black eyed susans kitchen

Kim, There is nothing like the sister hood that this blogging world has become. It has given us glimpses into other women's lives, and sadly now their deaths as well. So many friendships have come out of our willingness to try the new technology and just be ourselves.
♥, Susan


ohh my, this brings tears to my eyes, what a beautiful woman and what a strong man to send this letter to you Kim. It is amazing what blogging can do, you must feel very special knowing that you were a part of this woman's life, that you made her happy despite what she was going through...thank you for sharing.

Trish Rowley

Kim,It always makes me smile when God connects people with the things they need it reminds me that he is busy making a tapestry of our lives with all the colours of the rainbow reds purples greens yellows blues each colour represents seasons or people in our life. I know for me that this blog and you are the Sunshine Yellow in mine and I would say in Tabatha's aswell. Everything about this blog is Beautiful to the core and it amazes me that even though I live on the other side of the world in Australia I can be part of this so thankyou Kim. Jack thankyou!!! I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers and everyday when I visit Daisy Cottage or see the colour yellow I will think of Tabatha God Bless and keep her. xox Trish

Vicki B

Kim, Thank you for sharing.
Jack I am so sorry for your loss and my thoughts and prayers go out to you. Thank you for sharing with Kim so that we might all know Tabatha's story.


Oh my. Jack you are a wonderful man, thank you so much for sharing Tabatha with us.

And thank you Kim for being so inpsiring.


Oh Kim, I am so touched. What a sweet man. Jack our prayers are with you and your family.
Kim, Thanks so much for sharing this.

Nancy Hutson Maisenbach

Dear Sweet Kim, You are a gift and I thank God for you!
Jack my friend,
My prayer is that you are comforted by our Lord God with the same tender care you gave to your sweet beautiful Tabatha. Lord bless Jack with your strength. "Blessed are they who mourn for they shall be comforted" is what you promised Father in heaven. Peace be with you Jack.
Nancy M.

Joyce Ackley

Thank you, Jack, for sharing this beautiful story. It has touched so many hearts. And Thank You, Kim, for posting Jack's emails. It has blessed your readers with the opportunity to pray for Jack and for Tabatha's family, loved ones, and friends.

Donna, The Decorated House

Hello My Dearest Friend, and to Jack who I think might stop by sometimes, too.

The last time we talked a wondered why some of us keep on blogging. I never wonder why you do. But in all of the words people have bestowed on you, and there have been so many beautiful and well deserved ones, this letter from Jack tells it all. It emcompasses so much that others have said to you many times. You Sweet Kim touch lives and make a difference with your blog. It's a rose among many ordinary flowers. How joyful that you continue to give to those who seek this little spot of peace.

Dear Jack.. my heart aches for what you have gone through. Words are so helpless when we really wish we could help ease this kind of pain. But thank you so much for sharing Tabatha and your love with us.
Lots of Hugs, Donna

sweet cottage dreams

....tears along with a heavy chest.....

A beautiful post for Jack and for Tabatha. God Bless Jack...and Jack, if you are reading this, please know that the Holy Spirit will bless you with comfort in your loss. But remember, we will be with our loved ones again soon. Just keep the Faith....

Kim, beautiful - just beautiful.


Sustainable Living

Its really nice to know that our blogging lifts peoples spirits during some of the toughest times in their lives..

Cindy lane

I came for my nightly dose of Daisy Cottage and I am already comforted by the music but my thoughts are of Jack and his Tabatha. I will be praying for you again tonight, Jack and I hope you have found some form of comfort from so many that are touched by you and your precious wife. God Bless you.

Janette Ingram

What a wonderful, touching story. I, too, follow your Daisy Cottage daily. Such an inspiration. God has a place for all of us. None of us are just placed accidently. You have certainly touched many hearts and consoled and fed so many with troubles and worries in their walk here. May you continue on this path God has placed before you to inspire,motivate,and lend sunshine on those paths that are so hard for some to travel. May God bless you, Kim. I will think of Tabatha whenever I hear this sweet music also.


Jack - I am so very sorry for your loss. May you find peace and comfort in your memories, and may Tabatha rest in peace.

Kim - I too know what joy your blog brings into our lives. As I have dealt with my own scary medical issues and my husband's cancer diagnosis over the past year, sometimes I just had to go visit that cute yellow cottage - knowing your pictures of dishes, aprons, flowers, and of course MAGGIE would give me a moment to smile and escape.

Much love to you, to Jack, and to Tabatha, who is no doubt smiling down on all.



Let's light a candle in our hearts for Tabatha, she shared time here with us, a lovely lady gone too soon.


Jack, I am so, so sorry about your great loss. Your beautiful Tabitha, how well loved she was and is, such a gift you gave her with your love.
Kim thank you for letting us know about this, we are all one family holding hands across many oceans.
I too have been confined to bed with c.f.s. for many years now and love to switch on my computer and see what is happening at Daisy Cottage, many a day, when things have been tough, you have thrown me a lifeline, with your caring, loving blog. Thank you so very much.

Dawn Gahan

Kim, continue touching. You have a hug that spans many a mile.



God Bless You, Tabitha. You and your family.
I am thankful that you are no longer in pain. You have moved from this world to the next. May your spirit continue to soar.

Sheila Potter

For Jack,
Thank you for allowing Kim to share this touching story of your lovely wife. God Bless You!
And many thanks to you Kim for making all our days so much brighter. I can't help but think of a line in one of my favorite movies "It's A Wonderful Life" when Clarence the angel tells George how each man's life touches so many other lives. How very true. Or you might say each women, that would be you.
God bless you!



OMG I have goose bumps all over me....that is one of the most amazing things I've come across in blogging. Oh Kim thank you and Jack for sharing this !!! I am so sorry for your loss Jack !!

I will say it again...I am so happy I came to this world of blogging...I love the feel of community and the know that you and Donna/Dec House were the first places I landed....I am so honored to be a part of Daisy Cottage....and this wonderful caring community...

God Bless,
Kathy :)

Susie Heinz

Thank you so much for what you do, you are definitely an inspiration to many.
I would also like to thank you for posting Jack's letters, you see, I am honored to have been Tabatha's friend as well as being Jacks friend. Theirs was a very special love in my eyes. I saw them dance back in November and you could see the love they lit up the entire room, I'll never forget that day. The way they looked at each other, savoring each moment.
I love you both Tab and Jack. And again, I am so thankful that you both are my friends. Thank you again Kim.


Bonnie Jean Boyd

Kim. thank you so much for posting this touching memorial to Tabatha. My prayers go out to Jack and their familiy. He can certainly rely on one thing, and that is that he will be reunited with Tabatha one day. What a glorious time that will be! Thanks Kim for making our lives so much brighter.


to Jack...I'm so sorry to hear about your beloved Tabatha..she is so beautiful. What kind of cancer did she have? I'm in the process of battling breast cancer...and I too understand that Kim's blog is such a wonderful place to be, she is such a genuine, positive, loving makes our troubles disapper if but for a moment. I send you big "hugs".......of comfort.


Kim.. It has taken me awhile to be able to come to this wonderful site. When Jack told me all the wonderful things being said for, my niece, Tabatha, I had to. Tabatha is an exceptional person..she brought much into our lives. She and Jack were a true love story. He is an exceptional kind, gentle and loving to Tabatha in every way. Anyone who share a love like they shared is blessed and very fortunate. We will always miss her, but she is now pain free, so how can we continue to cry for her to still be with us. Denise


Oh, my heart goes out to Jack & their family. I can't help but feel that Daisy Cottage is a continuing warm embrace...the comfort and solace Tabatha received from visiting here is here for Jack now - she knew this in her wisdom. If there is anything that makes sense in this world it is that love is greater than all and never ceases to exist.


Kim, I've been MIA this week, so I'm late responding to this post. This has got to be the most profound post to ever appear on your blog. What a testimony to the power of love and joy that are sewn between bloggers, and you truly do so much to make other people feel loved and appreciated. Thank you, dear one, from all of us! XO

And Jack must be a super guy! I cried when I read the beautiful testimony of love he shared with you (and us) for his lovely, lovely wife. I'm so sorry that she lost her battle here on earth, but I'm thankful that she is just ahead, waiting for him. In the mean time, my heart goes out to Jack in his loss.

Sending love to you, to Jack, and to the other fans of Daisy Cottage and remembering Tabatha, her courage, and the love she shared with Jack. Remembering her today and every time I visit here


Sheila :-)

Susan Ramey Cleveland

Of course, now I'm crying after reading this post. I lost my dear sweet husband to cancer in September, so I know what Jack is feeling. And I know just what drew Tabatha to your blog and your music, Kim. I come here for peace and comfort all the time. Thank you for an inspiration to us all.

Kelly McMaster

With tears flowing, I will pray for peace, comfort and healing for Jack and all who loved Tabatha. We lost my Mom to cancer 18 months ago and -sigh-one day at a time dear Jack.May God hold you in His hands always.
And to our lovely Kim--NO surprise at all to any of us that you are a such a blessing! xoxo


Oh Kim! This post is a real tear jerker! What a precious husband to share this with you (and us). What joy you bring to so many people. You are so loved!

May Tabatha rest in peace and may her husband continue to find comfort in your blog and all the things Tabatha loved. Grief shared is grief lessened.

"To the world you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world".


I lost my love at the tender age of 34. My heart goes out to you Jack.

julie vercruysse

I can hardly read these posts as my eyes are filling up with tears. What a beautiful presence Tabitha touches this blog with. Thank you for allowing us to share in her memory. I pray her dear husband and family find peace and comfort knowing she is up in Heaven right now for eternity in God's loving arms.

God Bless Everyone,


Ciao carissimo Jack mi unisco al tuo tremendo dolore per la perdita della tua dolcissima moglie ma sono sicura come tu dici che lei adesso vive in un posto luminoso e senza dolore
Da lì ti protegge e protegge coloro che lei ha amato e l'hanno amata
Il tuo dolore mi ha toccato e piango mentre scrivo questo messaggio per te
E' bellissima e rimarrà così per sempre perchè lei vive nel tuo cuore nei ricordi e sopratutto nell'amore che avrai per lei per sempre
Grazie per aver condiviso questo tuo momento così personale con tutti coloro che leggono la tua storia in questo splendido blog
Mi scuso per aver scritto in italiano ma non conosco l'inglese
Un abbraccio di cuore


Thank you Jack for writing to Kim, and thank you Kim for sharing with all of us. The love expressed in this beautiful post, and all of the comments, is like a big group hug felt around the world.
My very deepest condolences to you Jack for the loss of your beloved Tabatha. When ever I hear any of the beautiful songs on your playlist Kim I will think of the love between Jack & Tabatha and you Kim.
Big Warm Hugs To All,

Screaming Meme

Dear Jack,

You don't know me...But your love story has touched my heart and left an imprint...I read your letter this morning to Daisy and the tears instantly poured out...I know you are in so much pain and grief...I know that she is with you...I want to share my story with you....

I lost my first love, which was my beautiful mother, at the age of 18...She was only 46...She died suddenly from a massive heart attack...I was lost and confused...I couldn't function...I stayed with my sisters for a week...To help with the funeral services and to go through her things...

The night before she died...She saw a ladybug crawling on her leg...She was on medication for her little heart...She was a little out of it...I guess you could say...She was meamerized by that little bug, my sisters told me...She passed away that morning...And within 10 minutes the house was full of ladybugs...On the celing, on the furniture...everywhere...

I didn't want to believe that it was a sign...I was young and angry...I wanted my Momma to come home...The day after her funeral, my siblings and I, all six of us were beside ourselves...We were lost without her there to be able to guide us through our young adult lives...

We did everything she loved to be able to feel closer to her...We held things close to our hearts, we smelled them too...:) We even went to Walmart because it was her favorite place to go(lol)...I went to the baby section by myself, as my siblings all went in other directions...I looked at the comforter set I knew my baby would love...And there on top of that set sat a little red ladybug...I knew it was her...I instantly started to cry...I ran with the set in hand through that store to showed my siblings...We all just sobbed...(I'm sure now we look a little off but when you are going through something like that you don't care...All the small things don't matter anymore)

The day I was flying home, We were all outside saying goodbye...It began snowing...We looked back at her house and around the whole house was a MASSIVE swarm of ladybugs...You could bearly say through the swarm...The rest of the street had no ladybugs, just that little house on the hill...It was her trying to tell us that she was okay...that she was happy and free from pain...

We still get ladybugs, from time to time...Usually on our front doors...The door will be covered in ladybugs...

Just last night, I was arriving at my sons track meet...I forgot to lock the door of the car...I went back and sure enough there were ladybugs...I tear up when I see them because I know she is there...I miss her still...

She is my first real love...I wanted to share that story because Tabatha is still here with you...I promise you that...My heart and prayers are with you as you begin the healing process...

Sincerely, Meme

patti cargill

Tabatha is beautiful, and now an Angel...


My heart goes out to this family. Seems these days saddness is everywhere but if we have faith in GOD, all will be ok. I have a daughter her age and, I know how I would feel if she left earth. My prayers are with you during this time.

Thanks to you Kim for all you do in lifting up people with your kind words, pictures, and your blogg. I go to it daily. God has given you a special gift and you are using it wisely. God bless!!!


Suzanne Harmon

I love this little place in the universe. It always inspires me and lifts my spirit. It's a safe haven for kinder, gentler, people that appreciate simplicity and beauty. Were all kindred spirits! No wonder Tabatha loved it here so much. God Bless you, Jack. We love you.

Big Hugs,


What an honour it is for you Kim to receive Jack's letter, to know in his wife's last days your blog brought her comfort and peace. I cried reading Jack's letters to you, I looked at her beautiful photo, how lovely and sweet you are Tabatha and we all through this blog can think of you and your husband. I now will listen to your music Kim as this is the first time I have visited your blog. Ann ~ Australia


What a beautiful glad that I did not miss it......I celebrate Tabatha...

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