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January 20, 2010



Oh my oh my...Now you've gone and made me KNOW I am going to have to make some cupcakes. These look so yummy, and your camera shots made me feel like I could just reach out and take it right off the computer screen!!!!!! Missed your posts (and of course Maggie!) while you were busy busy!
Thanks for the delicious post. Oh,...and I've been busy scrubbing the kitchen.


CUTE cupcakes! And love the daisy cookies. :) Missed you - glad you got caught up with stuff. Sometimes you just have to let things go and do what you gotta do.

Susan G

Daisy Cottage

Julie & Susan -
I missed YOU too!!!



Sounds like you had a busy few days but fun at the same time. Oh the car, yes I need to do that too. Those cupcakes are making me hungry, great pics.


What sweet treats you're sharing with us. I love the daisy cookies...just perfect for Daisy Cottage. I know it feels good to get a few projects under your belt. It is going to be a very rainy day in TN so pass the cupcakes please...that will brighten my day!

Dena Pickle

You're back! and as sweet as ever I see!


Missed you...and those treats look absolutely delish!

I really need to get in my truck and clean it out too...some pretty awful garbage in the back seat...ewww!



Helo Kim, first of all Happy New Year :)
Those Cupcakes look soo delicious i wouldright away eat a gazillion too myself! You totaly remindet me that i should clean my car also, i'm sure i can find there a lot of missing stuff :) Meanwhile the sun is not at all shining here in Poland - but well, lets face it- It is not Florida :) :p

Have a nice and lovely day :)


yay your back! well its clouding up here but that gives me time to work on my entry wall bench. While you were gone I made a built in desk for my reading room out of the old canning selves that were left around this old place :) will be posting about it soon! have a lovely day miss kim!

Bobbie Lynn

Look at all those pretty cupcakes. The daisy cookies are very pretty too. Good to hear about the nice gatherings you had with your family and friends.
Wishing a nice day. Hope your keeping warm.

Cindy S

Dearest Kim, I missed you too. What is new with me? We have had unseasonable WARM weather, our snow is melting, even our river is beginning to melt a little around the edges and somebody near our city spotted Robins in their yard! Wierd. It has been above freezing then just below freezing. I love the cold and the snow, so I am not thrilled with this. Not complaining, just stating a fact.:0) I love your cupcakes, I can almost taste them, and I love rich dark coffee with creamo, please. Thanks, Cindy


Welcome Back Kim!
The sun is not shining in VA, but a cupcake with sprinkles will make it better! Have a great Wednesday.


Like living in a black and white movie here in Massachusetts. Your site brings color and sunshine to my day.


Hi, Kim -
I'm so glad you're back. I missed you like crazy!!! And thank you for the cupcakes - I enjoyed having them with you. Your photos are gorgeous and those cupcakes are a work of art. What have I been doing? Well my last post shared that in detail. There is a lot going on in my world. Please stop by for a visit and a chat - I'd love that.


Missed you too, thanks for the goodies I knew you would bring us something back. xoxoxo



Sun shining? Sun? I'm not sure that I remember what it is...

Beautiful cupcakes and cookies...thanks for the respite.


I have been wondering where you have been!! The cupcakes look delicious. I have always wanted to frost with a pastry bag to get that professional look but I am as bad with those as I am with a glue gun! Love the 'daisy' cookies too!!

When does your story come out? I will be looking for it, sweet lady!



Welcome Back! Can't wait to read you in RC -which issue? And why is your glue gun in your trunk? :)
I'm having fun in blogland - thanks for being such an inspiration!


Love those cookies and cupcakes! I bought a new sewing machine and I am making pillows and hearts. It is rainy here, but I love the soft rain.

Daisy Cottage

Michelle, Patty, Dena, Michele, Anna, Sarahlynn, Bobbie Lynn, Cindy S, Trish, Carla, Adrienne(I just visited you), Lucy, Vee, Jane, Sarah, and Lori....




Missed you too Kim! Please don't tempt me with those yummy looking sweet cupcakes.... I'm doing so good on my diet. You always put a smile on my face. :-)
Love, Danielle


I love that your car was messy; makes you more "real", if you know what I mean. I usually only clean my trunk when I get a new car. It gives me a chance to relive the many years that I have had the car. Sort of like an archealogical (sp) dig!

Janet Caldwell

Oh, those look so good! I love the way the icing looks like ruffles.

Rachel Miller

HOLY HEAVEN!!! I now have to go wash the drool off of my laptop.. and thanks for adding a few inches to my hips, because I am now heading to the kitchen to bake.. :)


It is cold, wet and yucky here in California, but you are a bright spot in my day. So glad you are back, I missed you!



Hi Kim, welcome back!! I have to bake some cupcakes today too!! The sun is not shining but it will be a glorious 70 degree day in this great state of Texas!! Maybe sun tomorrow??

Aren't baby showers fun?? Way back when(?)I can remember when I had my own very first one!

Have a great day!


Thank you! That beautiful sugary sweetness was just what I needed this morning. :)

It's a cloudy day here, but warm - expecting rain later. I've got lots of seed started in flats. Spring is on its way!

Toni @ The Tattered Cottage

Hi Kim and Miss Maggie -
Oh those cupcakes and cookies look so sinfully delish!! We are having wonderful sunshine, but rain and snow are due tomorrow. Thanks for the reminder...I need to clean out my car too, maybe today, it is a nice day..........maybe not....I would hate to wate a good day :)

The Lady of the House

Here in Idaho it is warm and sunny... I actually wish it would snow. I LOVE SNOW! Thanks for sharing those awesome cupcakes with us. They look delish! Welcome back Kim! Hugs, The Lady


You had me at hello. Or rather, your title.

Chris@Cats on my Quilts

We had snow for 2 straight days here in NH and got more than a foot. Today the sun is finally out and it is so pretty! Wish you could see it.

Sew Create It - Jane

Love those pictures of the yummy cakes...I'm feeling so hungry now :o)


Hi sweet Kim! I'm so glad you're back :)

Now I'm in the mood to ruin what was left of my diet LOL

Here? It's cloudy, 31 degrees with rain in the forecast. What a perfect day to visit a friend (you) and get a little sunshine ;)

love you,


Today is my birthday so I will gladly accept your cupcake offer. It's a little colder here today but the sun is shining which makes a huge difference. ***cupcake cheers*** here's to halfway through the week!

Kimberly Padilla

Welcome back Kim!! We missed you! Thank you for the cupcakes. I am raw fooding now, so all I can do is look at the eye candy. It looks delicious!! :)


It's raining in W. Tennessee for the next couple days, but your post has brightened my day. Gald your back!


As a new follower of your lovely blog, let me say that visitng is like a warm fuzzy puppy (kinda like Maggie). Your photos, the music, your art. Ah, comfort!
AND CUPCAKES? How pretty...too pretty to eat! Nah, I'd sit down for a cuppa and cupcake with you any day!
Thanks for being here and I'm glad you found your glue gun!


yippee you are and sunny here on the west coast of, love cupcakes..please don't tempt me..have a great day..


Welcome Back! You WERE MISSED!!!
I love the cupcakes! Now, my tummy is rumbling. We WONT even discuss my car and what could be lurking in there! lol

Have a wondeful week Kim & Miss Maggie!

Penny @ Lavender Hill Studio & The Comforts of Home

Those cupcakes look almost too pretty to eat! Almost :-).

I have been finishing fixing up my new studio...I just did a post on it...the most pics are on my Comforts of Home blog...

And since my studio is finished, I am starting on a birdhouse for someone very special....and she has wanted one since she saw the one I made for you!


Those are the best kinds of cupcakes to indulge in, the ones where you can enjoy the beauty of their colors, imagine their sweet scent and pretend to eat (calorie free!)
Weather is beautiful here, been in the 60's. Sun has been shinning and we've been taking walks once again. I've been busy blogging and creating - one in the same I suppose.
Welcome Back!


Wow! Looks like you and your new camera have become very best friends! :D

Miss Jean

Just cream in my coffee, please. And I'll take a yellow cupcake. Sunshine!?! It's raining and it's so windy right now it is scary. I think I just saw Dorothy's house go by!!

Bugs & Sunshine

You are such a sweetheart! Hope you had a good week. Cleaning out your car, that is impressive!!! Isn't that the best feeling ever? At least, it seems like I remember that being a good feeling long ago :).


Missed you, dearie! I really would like a cupcake. Come to think of it, I guess I need a cupcake. Indeed. Thank you for helping me realize that. See why I've missed you?
No sunshine here today, but it's okay because the cardinals and bluejays are at the feeder, and I'd get snowblind watching the birds with sunshine and snow. Sparrows too, and I know their feathers aren't as pretty, but they dance so prettily you can't stop watching.


Fabulous Camera Work! You have been practicing!


I am sure I could have eaten a gazillion with you! I love the doily your java cup sits on. come on over and say Hi!


I missed you too and many others. I was busy moving and now Ive landed in my new house. Im up in Oregon now. BTW those cupcakes look yummy....I might just have to sneak one or two :)


Hi, Kim, You're a ray of sunshine on this rainy day in Middle TN. Welcome, back. The cupcakes all look yummy. Which one shall I choose? I think one with pink sprinkles and one daisy cookie. Thank you. And the good hot coffee will hit the spot on a day like this.

Do let us know when your story will be out in RC. We will all be waiting.

Now I guess I'll go clean out the inside of my car. Washing it will have to wait for a better day.

Again, WELCOME back.


Mary Lou

Hey! Glad you're back.....and found your glue gun! Those cupcakes are so pretty, but those cookies are the best! I'm sipping a cup of tea as I type-no goodies, though. :(
I've been trying to stay on target with my housekeeping schedule, but this weeks has been twiwacky so it's been a challenge. Instead I've started two new projects - one knitting something for CraftHope and another a quick sewing project.
I'm so glad you're getting sunshine. I'm counting the weeks until I go visit my daughter down your way - AND the Sunshine!!!

Melissa Miller

Precious cupcakes Kim! They look soooo delish. I will join you for nibble. *Smiles*

Welcome Back!! I hope this finds you and Miss Maggie happy and in good health!! I hope you are warm again, I sent all of our warm weather to you. Now it is cold here but that's o.k. we are used to it not like in FL.



Well Hello There!! Missed you so...Glad your back...Hope Miss Maggie is sassy as ever! Thank you for the sweet treats and coffee. :)

Kate Reddan

I have missed you too Kim, and Maggie! I know sometimes I have to just go to work cleaning out too. And this is a new year and a great time to do it. How did you live without your glue gun??? If mine was lost I don't know what I would do. I use it all the time, and when I'm not using it, it is just good to know it is there waiting for me.
The cupcakes look great and a cup of coffee is a great idea so lets sit and sip coffee and enjoy all those great pictures of Daisy Cottage.

Kate Reddan

It is a beautiful sunny day here in Long Beach New York!!!!



I love the cupcakes!

Hi Kim,

Glad you're back! I love reading your blog. Your cupcakes look delicious and inspired me to go have a donut. There went my diet for the day!



You're back! You were missed! I am throwing a baby shower myself on Sunday. We're also having cupcakes ; )

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

I grabbed a pink cupcake AND one of those daisy cookies! Hope that's ok. Glad you're back! It's so gloomy here, that I need your kind of sunshine!


KIM KIM KIM!!!! Do you know how bad I've been craving cupcakes??? I even dreamt of them while driving home from work today. And look at the ones you've got. OMG they are delish looking. And those daisy cookies. Can I tell you, sugar cookies are my all time favorite cookie. Why oh why did I stop by here?? lolol


I am so hungry now. I would go make some cupcakes but unfortunately our $4,000 Thermador oven is BROKEN AGAIN!

Anyway, now that I have that off my chest
I feel much better.

Be sure and go to my blog and sign up for my giveaway. I think you'll like it.

Welcome back. Tell Maggie hello.



Glad you're back ! I think I will have a cupcake.

It is cold, icy rain here in Louisville.

It needs to clear up. I go every Wednesday and see what people have put by the curb for Thursday pick up. My sis and I find great stuff.

carey christiano

Hi Kim,

Missed your daily eye candy.You are welcome to stop by my new blog - htt:// Thanks for the photo advice.


I would love to have the one with pink sprinkles on it! :)

Debbie from Texas

Sadly, it isn't sunny today-drizzle rain and clouds..........but it is always sunny when I am reading your blog! Glad you are back :)

lea helmerich

i almost didn't leave a comments...because soooooo many,
but had to tell you how gorgeous your cupcakes and cookies

also, we experienced some of your floridian cold front last week.
happy for you that temps are getting back to normal!


Kim, sooo happy you're back, I missed you! Another foot of snow here in Maine a perfect day to share a cup of coffee and cupcakes with a friend! Thank you for bringing sunshine to my day!


Kim, I've missed you! We're getting actual rain in Phoenix, holy cow! My darling hubby planted a lemon tree in the back yard on Sunday. Hugs to you and Miss Maggie :-)

Alison Gibbs

Welcome back Kim. Mmmm... beautiful and warm here in Australia - another wonderful Summer.
Wish my cup cakes turned out like that - beautiful.


It is always such a pleasure to visit your site. Your warm greetings like an old friend just make my day. Best wishes to you and your family.

Donna, The Decorated House

Hello Sweet Kim~
Cookies..... that's about all I've been up to. Cooking and eating them, and chasing Cody of course.
Lovely pictures.
Hugs, Donna

Kelly McMaster

HI Kim!
I missed you too!
Can you come clean out my trunk? It's a fiasco in there!
I love the cupcakes and gorgeous cookies! I'd love to snarf a few, or three or four!
We have weird, scary weather here in Orange County, CA...lots of pelting rain, fierce winds and even 2 tornadoes within 10 miles of where we live/work!
Enjoy your clean trunk!

sweet cottage dreams

Oh and how I missed you, too.

Now tell me, sweeeeeeet friend, how do you eat a gazillion cupcakes and keep your adorable figure?

LOVE your pictures....
you rock, totally rock!
I can tell you are getting adjusted to your
new camera.

I'd love a cupcake ... but do they go with Zinfandel? ....little snicker.....

Stormy, wet, wild winds here....
Duhgall's new name is Toto.....
are we in Kansas anymore?

sending you a hug,


Those look DELICIOUS!!! YUMMY!!! I cleaned the OUTSIDE of my truck today. The inside is a little scary right now, LOL! Can't wait to see or read what you have been working on! :)


Thank you :) Those cupcakes were delish and doubly appreciated since it's my birthday :)


I'm glad you're back, Kim! And thanks for the lovely cupcake! Here, that is in Austria, it's snowing today! Big white snowflakes are dancing in front of my window.

Lyn Ford

Glad your back, I did miss you
My boot needs clearing out too, would you
like to help
I live on the east coast of Australia it wouldn't to far to come would it

Daisy Cottage

Danielle, Janet, Janet, Rachel, Dena, Texas Gal, Elaine, Toni, The Lady of the House, Kim, Chris, Jane, Rue, Megan, Kimberly, Rita, Jan, Bettyann, Jackie, Penny, Jamie, Kathi, Miss Jean, Bugs & Sunshine, Wendy, Vicki, Gwen, Seanymph, Hattie, Mary Lou, Melissa, Loretta, Tabatha, Kate, Terry, Ann, Danielle, Carol, Sharon, Sissie, Kristen, Carrie, Michelle, Debbie, Lea, Barbara, Tracy, Alison, WeirdRed, Donna, Kelly, Becky, Kristi, Loree, Brigitte, and Lyn.......

THANK YOU! Yes, the cupcakes and cookies are deliciously sweet but each of YOU are the sweetest. I MISSED ALL OF YOU!!!!


Gail Muse

It's been a mixture of rain, overcast, windy, and the sun gets to peak at us a bit every once in a while. I love the dark bare trees against the dull grey sky. It is beautifully full of its own magic. I have bunches of snowdrops popping up and the paperwhites have started to bloom very early.
Thank you for sharing the cupcakes.

Mermaid Debbie

Kim, thank you for sharing your delightful cupcakes. Yummy! Your post made me smile and feel a bit better and hopeful on a day when I am feeling the loss of my sweet Grandma Mila. Thank you for sharing your gift of this beautiful blog.


those cupcakes look delish!!!

Terri Morse

Hi Kim! I missed you too! I didn't realize just how much I looked forward to visiting you until you were away for a few days! That was brave of you cleaning your car. I'm afraid to look under the seats of mine! Your cupcakes look yummy. It's a beautiful day here, too. I just couldn't resist going out to the thrift shop, and I found the most wonderful chandelier crystals - bags full of them! Now I just have to figure out what to do with them! Hug Maggie for me.

Lady prism

I live sooooo far from you but I'm streeetching my arms and reaching out for one of those cupcakes! They look like flowers!

* Thank You!! *


The Cookies are too cute! We are getting a new kitchen so for the past three months we have been washing our dishes in the tub! The cabinets are coming by the end of the month & it is going to be so great!!!

Fay Marie Torzsok

Welcome back! Hope you had fun, even though it has been a busy time for you.
Those cup cakes look oh so yummy.

Fay Marie

hena tayeb

oh the cupcakes look divine.

Truth About Abs

Those look soooooo good! Thank you for sharing! =)

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