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January 27, 2010


Fanning Flashes

Doubt raced through her head as she flew down the shaded stone path to the lake. It was crazy to think that her life would be any different...maybe Paul was wrong!


She was determined, yet, afraid. Hope was all she had. Paul had to be wrong, he just had to.


But could she admit that? To herself? To him? Oh, she really didn't want to believe it!


Fern walked slowly around the bend. She could see the lake now, glistening in the mid day sunlight. It was a very magical spot, and Fern knew of the magic the lake held. Glad that she had taken her trusty broom along with her, as she reached the shore of the lake, broom in hand, she......


thought about it long and hard. What difference would it really make. She would love him forever wanted to share her life with him. . . . .


She closed her eyes and made a silent wish. To her surprise her broom ...

The Lady of the House

She ran down path and the grasses caught her dress as she raced by them. Her heart lept when she caught sight of Paul on the top of the grassy hill. His sweet smile graced his face as he turned around to the sound of her voice. He dropped his fishing pole and gear just in time to catch her in his arms. Her arms wrapped tight around his neck and his strong body held her tight. She took a moment to catch her breath and whispered..."I forgive you." Forgiveness, not something Paul Overby could of ever imagined. Fern Whiting was, without a doubt, the love of his life and he had promised her that nothing would ever come between them ever again, but the fact that she had believed him and chose to love him. This was an act of unconditional love - something Paul was far too unfamiliar with. He knew then and there that this love, their love, would stand all tests that time could ever bring.


Her thoughts became cloudy then. The heat was playing with her head. As she heard her name being called from inside the house, she opened her eyes and woke from her sweet daydream, broom in hand, apron still tied around her waist. She breathed deep the air and .....

Becky G.

The sun was warm, the grass was soft and cool. They sat there for what seemed like forever, reminding themselves of why they had loved each other to start with, and sharing with each other their dreams for the rest of their lives. And with a love like theirs, forever wouldn't be long enough to make their dreams come true. Together they sat there, watching the sun get higher and higher in the crisp blue sky, and somehow Fern knew this was the time. Her time. Their time. Without him, there was no . . .


The morning sun began to rise as Fern sat on the front porch swing, coffee in hand, re-living Pauls loving embrace at the lake. Can this really be happening, she thought. Nothing, just nothing could possibly come between us now.
As she did every morning, Fern headed down the long driveway to the mailbox, which usually contained nothing more than the usual junk mail and today seemed to be no different, except for a letter.... a letter from


...Paul's brother, postmarked U.S. Military. The last she heard about him he had been waiting for his orders to go to ...

marina mott

and she put on her best dress and went to the lake. Oh, what was that?? Why??


Fern sat down on the bench overlooking the lake and carefully opened the letter. As she read, a smile came upon her face...


Why? Why? must a yard sale be going on at this moment? Fern could never resist a yard sale. She tried hard to resist but then it caught her eye. The most beautiful bright red...


...cowboy boots and vintage purse, for $1 each! How unbelievable! Fern tried so hard to hurry, but then she spied a blue birdcage and some books from the 1940's calling her name. Fern....Fern...

She gathered up her treasures to pay and standing next to her...


...was the postman that had delivered the letter. He too loved yard sales and had his own stash of books. One of them was of the same set she was about to buy. Then she looked in his beautiful blue eyes and realized for the first time.....


She hurried down the path to the barn, opened the door, got in the car, backed the car down the path, and turned toward town. This time she was ...


not going to take it anymore. The first time was enough. She promised herself she wouldn't allow anyone to...

Susan Freeman

(I'm following Annie's post- where Annie left off: "She gathered up her treasures to pay and standing next to her ...)

Was a man carrying a fairly new laptop that he wanted to sell. When she asked how much he wanted for it he said "I'll take whatever you have just to get rid of it. I can't seem to use it." Fern looked in her purse, "All I have left is $5.00", she said sadly. "Sold for $5.00! Hope you can make the thing work". "Oh, I will, I will", Fern shouted with glee.

Fern ran to her car with the blue birdcage, the books from the 1940's and the laptop. "What do you plan to do with the laptop?" the man called.

Fern happily replied "I'll start a blog!" Although the man just scratched his head replying "Women!", Fern knew that her new treasure would bring her new friends from all over the world. She smiled as she started her car for home....


...she suddenly remembered Paul. Paul and his phobia of all things electrical, which is why she was sweeping with a broom instead of using the leaf blower like she used to. Why her apron was stained when she could have used the washing machine to Shout it out.

Why was it so important to make up with Paul? Was her life better now that she had to tip-toe around his idiosyncransies? The fact that he had to go to that damn lake everyday and search for fresh fish because they weren't allowed a refrigerator?

It was suddenly clear. It was Paul or her blog!

Miss Jean

Then she heard her name being called angrily and all hope vanished...

Daisy Cottage

pardon the story interruption, but


WooHoo! You all are soooooooooo good!!

Carry on.....


Susan Freeman

At least she thought that all hope had vanished until she remembered Kim over at Daisy Cottage. She knew that Kim would have exactly the right answer to her situation. And even if Kim would not have the right answer, her Dear Daisy Cottage blog would certainly cheer up!

Susan and Bentley


picking up where Miss Jean left off...

However, the hope vanished for only a moment...then Fern realized what she had to do...she had to tell Paul that her blog was more important to her than anything he could ever offer her and...


she had to tell Paul that her blog was more important to her than anything he could ever offer her and... suddenly a loud bang - her ears suddenly started to ring. Her eyes stung as she looked down at the gun her hand.

Comeca Jones

She looked up and saw a lady across the field from where she stood removing a for sale sign in her yard and smiling in spite of herself.I can do that too she thought and I will for Paul and for us.While walking back to the little cottage where Paul was waiting.She thought of the sadness he must feel because of her reaction,he had not thought she would take the news quite so hard.He knew just how much she loved the cottage but still the move would be.And leaving the place where she and Paul had lived the first few years of their marriage was hard. Why now must they go? Away from her home the one place that she felt safest.Her stomach fluttered and her heart was sad.But the memory of the lady and the sign reminded her that she would again have that peace and feeling of safety in a new home and a new beginning with Paul by her side.She turned and walked away.Not looking back this time at the lake as she usually did but forward towards the cottage and Paul to their life yet to be.

Nancy Omachi

She drove home with her yard sale treasures, almost better than a day at Homegoods, got out of the car and ran upstairs to her bedroom. She couldn't wait to slip on her new red boots and a pair of faded blue jeans, or maybe a skirt, and admire them in her mirror! Just as she reached the bedroom, the phone rang...


Should she answer it? Her day had been so peaceful and filled with such wonder. Ring, ring, ring! Oh, dear, who could it be? Maybe it was her dear friend Martha..but, no, she was out at the apple orchard today picking. Could it be Nellie? Oh wait, I think she said she was headed to the spa. Ring, ring, ring! Ok! HELLO?..............


It was Paul's brother on the phone. "Oh my goodness," she thought. With all the distractions, she had completely forgotten about the letter she had received just that morning...

Donna Warrignton

She wanted to hear a familiar voice so she answered the phone....the news was...

chris mohnasky

Paul's voice was very soft. He spoke about what had happened in the past, and now that he was about to leave, he couldn't stand it any longer; he couldn't keep the secret any more. His heart sank ,as he reached out to her. "I can't leave without knowing" he said, "tell me how you feel"....


"Read my blog," she replied. "Oh, wait... you don't have electricity..."


"Hungry! Yes Hungry! And very hungry." We'd better cook up that fish real fast or.....


Deep inside, she knew long before now. I suppose that explains her nice little savings account. An account she had been building the last few years.

Fern had always been a dreamer, and her biggest dream was to live in Paris. Paris, the city of love and beauty. She was an excellent artist, self taught, and she could play the piano rather well.

She walked back inside, made her airline reservation, googled a few apartments, packed, withdrew her savings and never looked back.

She paints by day, and her paintings are in quaint little shops all over Paris. She plays her music in a wonderful French cafe at night.

When she walks into her small, but very French apartment, it's beauty and peace speak to her soul. Fresh flowers are on the table, the lamp glow is golden and soft, and her cat greets her with unconditional love.

As one door closed, another one opened and it took her exactly where she was suppose to be.

Surrounded in beauty and peace.



Kim rose from her favorite, comfy chair, set her pen and notebook on the red table and stretched. It had been a very successful day of writing. She was pleased with her latest chapter in the life of Fern and Paul, but now she really wanted to make some new curtains for her little cottage dollhouse.


But as she walked into the kitchen to get a cold drink, she saw the cloth on the table move. What could be under there? Was it a lizard? Please, not a mouse. No it was Miss Maggie, looking quite guilty....
What have you done, Miss Maggie....what?


Should she use the new red check fabric or go to Goodwill to see what they have on hand?

Terri Morse

The telltale signs clung to her wiskers: pink evidence of the valentines cupcakes she had devoured. Kim had just put the finishing touches on them before she began work on her latest novel. "Oh Maggie, you naughty girl..." That was as far as the scolding went. The sight of her sweet little girl, looking like a rabid alien, covered in pink frothy frosting was too much. She struggled to turn on her camera as she giggled uncontrollably. She knew she had found the perfect subject for her next post.

A Romantic Porch

Oakie doakie...I really don't have anything to add to the story, but y'all have definitely kept the suspense going...keep it up! I'll keep reading!


Fern headed out the back door, called to her dog Eiggam (Maggie spelt backwards) :-) and went for a long walk, knowing that would put everything into perspective ♥

Debbie from Texas

Paul always said that when the sun hit the lake just the right way, He could see a "heart". It was always there at a certain time of day to show his love for her was never ending. She had forgotten until this minute about what he said.
He was long gone now having died suddenly later on that same hot day in August. She could never forget him and today with the sun so hot and the day so clear, she felt the urge to find out if what he said was true so long ago.To her amazement, there it was........a perfect "heart", a reflection from the trees when they blew in the hot breeze! Oh, Paul, I will love you forever, too!

Fay Marie Torzsok


You actually used Eiggam, the name I had chosen for Maisy when Kim was looking for a name. I thought this was sooo funny! I really enjoyed the story by the way.

Fay Marie


Just as Fern uttered those fateful words, a handsome stranger came into view. The stranger ambled over to Fern with a panther-like gait, towering over her like a mighty oak, tall and handsome, and shading her from the sun's bright light. Fern's heart, a heart that had all but been buried with Paul, suddenly embraced feelings it had not felt since that fateful day in August. The stranger had the bluest eyes Fern had ever seen. His eyes were the color of robin's eggs, and Fern stood transfixed by them, unable to speak or even to move. Could it be that life was renewing itself? Could she find love in this season of life? The eyes -- confident, beautiful, and wise -- made her think that, indeed, anything was possible.

Daisy Cottage


You guys are awesome!

That was so fun!

Thank you for playing..and may I say we have some talented writers among us! Keep writing everyone!



I just finished listening to the President...than I turned on my PC & checked to see what D.D.C. had to share today ...
What a fun surprise...and a good laugh !!!
Laughter is good medicine !!!


Fern knew that she had held those memories of yesterday and what might have been for far too long. The last five years she had been longing for what never could be. Knowing that to move forward she had to say goodbye to the past. The time was now.


She met the strangers eyes - and yet somehow they were familiar. "Hello fern" the tall stranger said with a smile playing at his lips. "Do I know you?" asked Fern, a little anxious at the familiarity this man was showing her. "Well not exactly" replied the stranger. "My name is Caleb. I am Paul's brother." Fern gasped and took a step backwards....


Caleb caught her hands in his. "Don't be afraid of me, Fern. You have nothing to fear, no matter what my older brother might have told you." But Fern was already looking around....looking for a way out.


Seeing the obvious terror in her eyes,Caleb allowed her now-trembling hand to slip from his. His eyes dropped to the ground and stayed there for a brief moment before he allowed himself to look back up at her. "I'm sorry, I meant to surprise you but not in this way . . . I guess I thought that after you'd gotten my letter, my coming here would be okay. I thought you might even . . . "

Fern's heart seemed to stop beating for a second . . . she'd become so distracted, and ultimately distraught, by the events of that long-ago day that she'd completely forgotten about the letter's arrival. (Dead men and early menopause can do that to a woman, you know.)



This was wonderful. I know you ended the story and some people kept it going because it was such a great thing happening. It was funny when there were 2 story lines for a while.

You couldn't have dreamed this idea of yours would blossom so fully. Great idea.

Thank you for the entertainment. What a big batch of writers you have!

Terri Morse

How could she express what she felt to this man- this stranger? Oh, she was terrified to be sure, but not in the way that Caleb presumed. She had hidden her heart well since Paul's death. Written on her soul was an unspoken vow to never be swept away by love's tempest again. Now, before her, stood the one man who could shake her resolve. He was the embodiment of all that she desperately wanted to shield herself from. Slowly, she raised her eyes to meet his...


OK, ladies, now this is definitely worthy of publication, at least most of it. YAY Kim. You have the grandest ideas. Blessings, Janet


and they lived happily ever after!


Or so she would have hoped...she had no idea his disease had progressed this far. But she could see the shaking of his broad masculine shoulders. Could she handle any more heartache? Any more waiting for true love to fulfill? How her heart ached in mere anticipation of how her dreams could his questioning eyes searched hers, she...


(following emily) She quickly looked away...shifting her thoughts once again toward Paul.... as she so often did, when the mere thought of loving another man came across her mind..... a sinking feeling came into her chest... she felt a tinge of guilt, for having been attracted to Paul's brother. She had to admit that seeing Caleb, only made her miss Paul even more, the resemblence was uncanny....she knew that he could never replace Paul, no matter how handsome he was or how much they looked alike. Her heart would always belong to Paul... her first love, the man she'd always loved since the moment she'd first looked into his hazel blue eyes... he was her soul mate. Her thoughts continued to wander...Oh If only the reports were untrue, if only Paul were really still alive. She would never let him leave on a trip so far away from home again. She would never never never let him go. Her thoughts then went back to the day of the news, of the mudslide in the village...."Maybe if the rescuers could have found Paul's body after the mudslide crumbled upon the village he was working in, then maybe she could move on", she thought. As her eyes met Calebs once again, he was still trembling, and tears began to fill his eyes. She could tell something was very wrong, and She began to think that it wasn't his disease that were causing him to tremble... It was something more....something much more. He then began pulling out of his pocket, what appeared to be documents, or letters....


His voice trembeled with emotion. "Fern I should have told you long ago. But I didn't - my heart wouldn't allow me to, but now I see the pain in your eyes and I know I should have done this long ago. These letters" his voice was now just a choked whisper, "these letters Fern, they...."

Daisy Cottage


feel free to keep adding to this as long as you wish.

Do you see how much talent you have?


sweet cottage dreams

....and she went over to her best friend Ruth's house. Ruth and Fern have been friends since childhood. Ruth was more of a sister to Fern than her own two sisters. Fern found comfort knowing that Ruth was always there to just sit and listen to her. Ruth poured them both a glass of icey cold sweet Southern tea and they took a rest on the old porch swing. For hours they rocked back and fourth; sometimes talking, sometimes crying, sometimes sitting in a comfortable silence. The sound of the rickity swing seemed to soothe the hurt inside - even if it was momentarily. The afternoon was slipping away and Fern knew she had supper to tend to. Before Fern left, Ruth removed her stained apron and wiped her best friend's tears with it. As Fern walked away, Ruth recalled the pain in her own heart and mindlessly reached for her own broom and swept the front porch where Fern had just been. Like Fern, she got lost in thought with the repitition of each stroke of the broom.



as Fern watched out the window day turned to dusk and then dawn again.Fern had not slept any simply stared out the window and into the garden.The morning dew kissed the red roses that Paul had planted for her, on that long ago warm spring day.They had laughed and danced in the water that sprayed from the hose Paul was using to water the newly planted flowers.

They would always be a reminder to her of Pauls love.Fern wondered if she could remain here.In this place that held so many memories both good and bad.Perhaps another life and another cottage or even adventure awaited her just down the lane.How would she say goodbye to dear sweet Ruth.Fern needed a change but what conclusion would a single act of sadness bring? Fern didn't have the answer but knew in her heart it was time to say goodbye to this life and

Debbie from Texas

..this place that she loved so much. Paul was never coming home and now she knew for sure. Caleb had told her that. "I know, I will move to Florida where I can have a beautiful garden and it is always warm". She smiled just thinking about her new adventure. Yes, it was time to move on. "I will call my home "Daisy Cottage". She suddenly was full of anticipation and eager to start a new life. "Life will be good again and Paul will always be with me, if only, in my heart!"

Michelle Johnson

Hello Kim!!! Your website has certainly evolved into a lovely place to visit! That recent entry really hit hard!! She was TOO young and it reminds me it can happen to any of us - Cancer is not picky. I love your pictures - I will have to get some pointers from you! Don't you wish we were more experinced like this when our children were young? Imagine what we could have done! Have a great week and congrats on your success here!!! Michelle Johnson

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