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December 29, 2009


Patti VZ

I'm right here with you in Florida and TOTALLY agree with you that it is too stinking cold out there! And it is supposed to get colder yet this weekend. YUCK!

Our Red House

Oh poor you! We are at the opposite extreme; it's extremely hot here in Adelaide. I hope you manage to stay warm and cosy.



Is she snuggled up somewhere under a soft blanket? That's where I am......


I lived in Florida for most of my life.... 30 years (California for the other part)....I am now in St. Louis (going on 3 years)'s not cold there.....its either hot or hotter.....I believe it's just hot right now and all relative! lol

I ran three miles today and it was 24 degrees....I believe my left ear is out on the road somewhere....I still can not feel it! hahahaha! Love your blog and miss my Florida!

hello to Mags!


I'm in Georgia and we have been cold as well. Tonight it may dip down into the 20's in Atlanta. I kinda feel like I'm back in New England where I was born and raised and I don't like the cold anymore. I have on knit socks, cozy fleece pants and a sweater in the house with the heat on. YIKES. I lived in Florida (Jacksonville) for 3 years and can get nippy. At least it won't stay cold for weeks on end. Have nice cup of tea or warm apple cider to help knock the chill off your bones : )


Kim, I'm wondering, what is "cold" in Florida? :)

Janet (Shabbyfufu)

Ummmm, with ya on this one girlfriend! Don't laugh at we Floridians ladies, it was 48 degrees here in Miami this morning. Brrrrrr, to us anyway:-) xoxo


Hello Kim
I LOVE your black and white picture of you up there. So cuuuuute!
Oh and Maggie is looking adorable as usual.
Well, did you hear the news? Mrs. Magpie is having a little "pink party" for my Birthday in March and your invited! Yes you are. i hope you can make it. I have a couple "sweet" things for you... no no no more sugar treats, these will be for next Christmas. I'm sooo excited. Julie, my BFF is flying in from Van. and away we go. Stopping at all the cool places along the way is a must, along the way to Fla. that is.
Hopefully it won't be brrrrrrrrr when we get there. It's been very very cold here in Ontario. So cold today it actually takes your breath away : 0
Give Maggie a little pat on that pretty little head of hers.
Love Claudie


Um, Yeah. Cold. No, I didn't know that it gets cold in Florida. Do tell. Do tell this Maine girl all about how cold it gets in Florida. And next summer, I'll tell you all about how hot it gets here. :)
Go drink some tea with honey.

Daisy Cottage

LOL Wendy!!!
And dear Claudie - I hope so much to be around to meet you!!!!

Teresa...Blooming on Bainbridge

Stay Warm Kim!
I am sitting here shivering as I type.
Can't seem to get warm out here in the Northwest...I'm a SOUTHERN GIRL at heart!
I use to prance around in my flipflops year I'm decked out in all kinds of layers...tights under sweats...smartwool socks...wool long cardigans! Anything I can find to take the chill away I layer it on!
Shhhh! Don't tell anybody! I actually have on my flipflops at this very moment! No wonder I'm shakin'!


I have drifts in my garden that would swallow my two yr olds. And we got more snow tonight!

Yeah...I feel reaaaaalllll sorry for you folks in Florida right

I've got on a pair of DH's wool socks, a long knit shirt, a long knit skirt, and a thick cardigan. The fireplace is roaring (we've got a good blower), and I have three quilts on my bed--on top of the flannels.

Yep. You are cold.



Glad Miss Maggie has been spotted. Please put the camera down so she'll come out...lure her into a sense of contentment, and then snatch the camera up and get some more pics of her--she's so pretty! LOL

Daisy Cottage

Oh Teresa I used to be such a flipflop girl...but now I'm definitely a boots girl - my favorite being my red ones of course!! Get warm soon!!!


Daisy Cottage

But Rachel I sware (or is it SWEAR) that it IS cold!!!!
Right my Florida sisters???

I hope your fire keeps you nice and warm.



Kim, I'm sitting just west of you in Clearwater with thermal underwear on under my pjs! Believe me people - it's cold to us Florida girls! I just wish we had a fireplace like you do, it would be going non-stop for sure!

Keep warm!!!

Kathy from Chilly Clearwater


I am freezing right along with you, Kim! It is sooooooooo cold. Brrrrr is right! I am going to take a steaming hot shower before bed so that I can survive the night. LOL!


Sheila :-)


Cold? Okay, I will give you this one, but....there is still ice on the steps here and we thought today was warm. It is all relative I guess. Cuddle up. ~Kelly

unDeniably Domestic


Hahahahaha!!! Brrrrrr??? Hon, you don't know what COLD is until you live in Chicago!!

Michelle @ Rosebudquilting

Cold, umm, this morning driving to work was only 7 degrees for me, Buffalo, NY...I am smiling, Kim! Grab a quilt, some tea and settled down by the fire. This to shall pass.


Oh I am with you Kim, my toes feel frozen...California cold don'tcha know ;)

Snuggle in my friend!



Try Utah cold today, and over 200 accidents just in salt lake city with like only 2" snow. We are getting walloped tomorrow. Took me triple time to get home from work...


I hope you soon get warm again, our temperature at the moment is 3-4 celsius, for two weeks before Crhistmas it was below zero and we had snow. (unusual for us before Christmas) Today it is just very wet and there are flood warnings on the news. Your fire looks lovely I wish I had one too. Jane x


Hey Maggie
I bet you are curled up on your own fleece blanket like me next to the fire! I was reading those coments about you in the night when my people were sleeping. (Don't tell them,I always get on the computer when they are sleeping!) Those Other people don't realize how cold it is! We had 33 this morning in our part of Florida!
I love sleeping by the fire!
Good Luck with that new Camera! ugh!


Nugget and Dylan are rejoicing with Mommy's Christmas gift! An electric blanket!! Maybe Maggie needs one too?


I too live in Florida and yes indeed, it has been cold. I have had ice every morning this week on the roof, on the grass, and on the truck. I want you to know how much I love your blog and appreciate having it available. It brings beauty into my life everyday. Happy New Year to you Kim and give that little Maggie a big kiss for me.

Mary Lou

I'm sorry, but I am laughing. I'm trying to stay warm with temps in the 20's and 30's here in VA. No matter how many layers I put on, something is always cold.....and we've had this wind, which just pushes the cold air through our 20+ year old windows. Brrrrr
Stay warm!


I agree! I'm in Georgia and it's frigid! We can't help it that our blood is a little thinner than those up North. Brrrrr.......

Happy New Year!


kelly~rose vine cottage

Hey Kim, don't ya love the cold weather and I agree Florida cold is cold especially when one day we have 80's then it drops to the 40's, no wonder our FL bodies are freezing what a shock!! Happy New Year (;

Cindy S

It's cold? What is the temperature? It is 7.7 dgrees here in Fahrenheit. Is it that cold? I am teasing you, dear Florida flower. Hugs, Cindy S.


I'll humor you, Kim! We just moved to Arizona after living in Florida and Georgia previously, and it DOES get cold here, too! Your fireplace is so cute it warms my heart, even without a tiny log burning inside.


It's cold in the West Palm Beach area too!! Those northerners just cannot understand the Florida-cold. I'm originally from NJ so I know cold. Been here in FL for 20 years now and when your body is used to 90 degrees, this is COLD!! I just loved reading everyone's comments. They have no compassion for us!! HeHe


I love this Florida "cold", lived here all my life and it's a nice change to the brutal heat - the good thing about Florida cold is that tomorrow it will be hot again.


Today it's 27 degrees, with 2 inches of snow. I was talking on Skype to my son who lives in Hong Kong and it's in the 60's and this is the first Christmas he did not make it home, and he was telling me how much he missed the snow! I would trade places with either one of you. Least in Florida you know that it's warms up by 2 pm.


How cold? ;D

Miss Jean

I live in "sunny" California and it's freezing outside. I think the entire country is cold. Glad you found little Maggie. She's such a sweet heart.

Where did you get the picture done in your previous post? I'd love one of my Maggie.



We were in central Florida last week and only had two short-sleevable days out of ten! But we were with family, which made it all worth it!


Cold is RIGHT!!
I LOVE it, too!

A wonderful, happy, healthy and prosperous New Year to you, Kim!!


Trade ya, we are snow covered completely.

You thin bloods!!

Well, enjoy that fire! Looks nice, Kim!

Do you have a fireplace in your mini cottage?



Hi KIM!!! It's been a while since I've stopped by, w our new baby girl and all it's been a-little-too-hectic. Can you believe she is days from turning ONE?!!! Time flies...
Anyway, I BELIEVE when you say is cold in Florida because I am in Miami and it IS freezing!!! lol

Wishing you the New Year bring you health and happiness and May God continue to bless you, your family and your talent for making things more beautiful.
Dayami :)


Hi Kim,

After reading these comments, I'm not finding much sympathy for your cold weather plight! Maybe it's because we know it will probably be in the 70's next week and it won't be in the 70's here til May! So glad that little imp Maggie showed up.

Jennifer @ Fiddle Dee Dee

Keep warm dear Kim! It is super cold in Alabama also.



OK Kim, you need to define cold for us Northerners. Because on my thermometer today it read 8 degrees. That's cold. I really want to know how "cold" it actually was. Because if it was 30's or 40's us notherners would be in our capris and sandals.

Penny @ Lavender Hill Studio & The Comforts of Home

I remember living in Florida and thinking how that cold seems just to go right through you! It is about 29 degrees here in NC today...


What a pretty picture! Have a Happy and Healthy New Years!

Mom Wald

Sorry, no pity from anyone in the frozen barren wasteland that is Wisconsin. I wish I was with YOU. I would bring you both a sweater!


No sympathy here was 7 that's right 7 here this morning....NOW THAT IS C O L D !!! I have had my fanny right near the woodstove all day !!!

Stay warm,
Kathy :)


Isn't it nice to sit by your fire and enjoy a cold day, though? Or piddle? It's messy here in Oklahoma and I so love being inside, piddling, glancing out at the yuck from time to time. I get a lot accomplished on a day like today.



As I try not to giggle, it was all of 1 degree here overnight...but I will humor you and say, "stay warm Kim!" :)


OK I think I believe you,,, but will check the weather channel to make sure...... lol giggle,,
we are having some cold days here too,,, and lots of rain,,,,, glad that Maggie has been spotted,,, have a great New Year.... stay warm..



Well, I guess if you are not used to it, and you dont have a furnace, and living in a notoriously warm place where you expect it to be warm...then you could consider the upper 40s cold. But if it was 48 here I would be outside in just a jacket doing something in the garden.
The weatherman was saying it was 10 degrees when I stepped out of the shower this morning, and it snowed for the 5th day since Christmas Eve. Thats cold.


That is sooooooo funny. If it were 48 degrees here we would think it was Spring! Probably be outside playing Frisbee. It is in the low 20's tonight and snow! Nancy from OHIO


30's and 40's are cold esp if it's damp,windy and dark!Any lower temp is freez'in lol! It's around 40 now in IN. I have a jog suit on am sitting under a heat vent that's blowing and I have the chills!Everyone just try to keep warm. Leah


Oh Girlfriend, I agree! cold in my part of Florida too. And wet too. What is the deal?! Our weather here in the sunshine state has sure changed since we had all the hurricanes a few years ago.

I hope your Christmas was a good one.

Happy New Year sweet friend!

Hugs from the beach!


I had to come back after giving you a teasing about the "cold" tonight- because I wanted to let you know that I nominated you for an award tonight.
Your blog was one of the first two blogs that I read, when I started reading blogs this past year.
Your blog is so cheerful, original and fun. I love your home, your style, and Maggie too. Seeing her in her Santa hat last week really gave me a bit of Christmas Cheer. I would be honored if you could stop by and accept the award.

Teacup Lane (Sandy)

Hi Kim,
Your blood has thinned out living down in Florida. The same thing happened to my Dad (who could go out side up North in the winter without a coat). After a few years of retirement in Florida he complained about the cold in the winter down there. Here in SE PA we got a light dusting of snow here - hubby and I shoveled a little path for the "Merry Maids" this morning. I love having a cleaning service after all those years of working outside the home and cleaning the house. The snow is still coming down but I don't think we are suppose to get that much in accumulation. It's cold out here 30 degrees now. Best wishes for a Happy 2010 for you and your family dear friend! PS - Should we put an APB (All Points Bulletin) for Ms. Maggie?

Love, Teacup Lane (Sandy)


Here in north Georgia we are having a cold, foggy, wet rain, too cold, especially if we can't have the snow to go with it!

Melissa Miller

Happy New Year & Many Blessings! ;)


Yikes, you have a fireplace. . . . . I have none and no heater, well, oven, but that doesn't last. I think it is b/c we are surrounded by water, it 'feels' a lot colder. In St. Louis, yep, I'm originally from IL, 24 was a HEAT WAVE! It's all relative. You are the Best Kim. Planning to be in Mt. Dora the first weekend in March, trying to talk them all in going to Renningers :) Have a Happy and Healthy New Year. None of us told on pups :) We love her. Blessings, Janet


It might be cold there, but it's FREEZING here, LOL!!! Actually we are having a little warm up from last weeks temps of 10 and 15 degrees! BBBBRRRRRR!!!!!

Barbara @ Southern Lady's Vintage

It's cold here in Georgia too Kim. And suppose to be down to 17 or so next week. I might have to get out a jacket!


We just finished a 2 day storm that gave us Bostonian's 12 inches of snow, and 19 degrees for a high with a wind chill factor of minus 12 degrees. At 49 degrees I would have my flip flops on!!!! Kim, I was thinking of the beautiful shots you would get of the fresh fallen snow. You do have to come up here sometime! It was nice seeing you at Scott's graduation. Wish we could have talked more!!!

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