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November 12, 2009


Fifi Flowers

Rue's house is looking FAB!!!


I've always been a fan of hers. It's so nice to see her appreciated on your blog.


Loved the before and after home tour. How fun...many ideas too! Happy Birthday to Rue!

Stay Cozy,


beautiful transformation, happy birthday Rue


What a great way to discover new blogs! What a transformation! I can relate to Rue's purchase of her home. My husband picked ours out of the MLS and when we pulled up I asked the realtor why we were there not knowing Joe had picked it. After 75 homes it ended up being the one! Love the birdhouse too. Our house has become all about the birds inside and out!


Hi, I am a follower of Rue's for sometime. She has a great blog and I have been learning some things from her post about house repairs.
Would love to be in the giveaway.


Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions

Happy Birthday to Rue! Your house turned out lovely. I remember feeling that way about houses I looked at with my hubby and him loving what I hated. I absolutely love your stairway.


Rue your house is beautiful. I can certainly see why you wanted to buy it after you stepped inside. I am dreaming of my cottage one day, with a screened in porch, painted bright happy colors with flowers everywhere. Happy Birthday!


This is a wonderful way to find new blogs, I found you yesterday and Miss Rue today, I'm so excited! you and her and women after my own heart. yay! -Sarahlynn


Hi Kim and Rue! What a lovely home you've made Rue. Love all the little details inside. Esp love the window over the bed! The bird house with the C'mas scene is sweet,too! Leah


A beautiful home..I love the room /porch with all the windows! We have a similiar room and we have birdhouses that hang from the ceiling in it! Your birdhouse would be a perfect addition! :)


I love Rue's blog and read it on a regular basis. The story of her home is such a lovely one! Thanks for writing about her, Kim.

Mary Lou

Thank you Kim and Rue for this post! I really enjoyed reading it, and the transformation is wonderful! Good luck, Rue, with the ongoing process.
Mary Lou

Mary Lou

Oops! Happy Birthday, Rue!
Mary Lou


What a wonderful post! And such an adorable birdhouse!!!!

Laura Lee

How I can relate to your post. I'd LOVE to own an old house one day. For now, I'll keep dreaming. Please enter me in the drawing. And Happy Birthday to you!!

Erika Holmes

Kim and Rue! What an inspiration! I too have a love for old things and had to talk my husband out of a brand new construction to live in a 1942 bungalow! We have had some catastrophies but it is our home and it feels so lived in!!! Thanks for all of your thoughts, ideas and sharing your dreams!!!

Love, E


I've been following Rue for a bit now...loved her kitchen makeover. Thanks for such a nice give-a-way. I've visited your site in the past...but am now a follower!!!


Tears in my eyes... fanning eyes.... Thank you so much sweet friend. I don't think anyone could have given me a better gift for my birthday.

Love you very much,

Kelly~Rose Vine Cottage

She is sooooo sweet and I'm so happy they found their dream home!! Thanks for sharing with us (;

Lynn Cliburn

Hi Kim and Birthday Girl Rue!!
This is so great to have 2 of my fav girls here together!
Rue, I LOVE your blog, your house and the sweet story behind it a fairytale!
Have a fabulous birthday!

Hugs, to you both~~

Julia @ Hooked on Houses

Happy birthday, Rue! How find to find you here today. I just love your home--I think it was worth the wait. :-)


Cute, cute, cute. Please sign me up!


Happy Birthday, Rue! Many happy and healthy returns of the day!

I am a fan of your blog and love your "can do" attitude. It inspires me to believe in myself.

Celebrate and enjoy YOUR day!


When I grow up, I want to be just like Rue and Kim!!! Seriously, you both rock!! It would be so cool to have us all meet each other someday wouldn't it?? I would love to win that birdhouse cuz my house is yellow with a red door.



Thank you all so much! Kim made me feel like a star today :)



Happy Birthday Rue!
Thank you for sharing the lovely transformation of your home. It is always fun to see someone's personality reflected in their surroundings.


Happy Birthday Rue!
Love your old home and what you did.
Thanks for sharing with all of us.
The birdhouse is TDF.
Wish I could win it. LOL

black eyed susans kitchen

Rue has been one of my favorite bloggers since she and I started blogging. Kim, this was a wonderful choice for a guest blogger and a wonderful way to say Happy Birthday to Rue one extra time.
♥, Susan

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

Thank you Kim, for introducing me to Rue! I enjoyed her story, and the pictures of her lovely home. I'm off to check out her blog, and please enter me to win that sweet, sweet birdhouse!
Have a great day!

cindy~my romantic home

Happy Birthday Rue! I hope you have a wonderful birthday!


What a wonderful post and how very special for Rue to be your guest blogger on her birthday! It has been such fun watching the progression being made on Rue's beautiful home. She is a genuine delight!

Janet Caldwell

I've been reading Rue's blog too. I love old houses and really enjoy everyone's posts.


What an amazing house! She's right that the picture of the outside wasn't much, but I did see the cool glass in the windows!


Hi Kim
We all love Rue! I'll be sure to pop over there and say happy birthday. Once again you have an adorable giveaway for us!
Hugs, Rhondi


Wow! What a wonderful story. I was pretty sure I had browsed back through most of Dear Daisy Cottage, but I'm on a mission now to find that letter! You ladies never cease to amaze and inspire me. Blessings.


What a great story! The house looks wonderful. The brick around the fireplace in our 1930's house was painted also. We haven't tackled that job, so I am looking forward to being motivated by yours!

SusanG/[email protected]

Suzann from The Olive Cottage

This is the BEST post post ever!!! I love Rue (yup, she kinda knows I do too - LOL) but for some reason I didn't know this story. Maybe I did and it never struck me as it did today. Given my current state of mind, I cannot tell you what this means to me today.
Thank you BOTH!!!!
Okay, this give-away is just precious too.


Happy Birthday Rue!

Gloria J W

Why is it that anything Rue touches turns to gold....she has the Midas touch...that's why!! Rainbow smiles....Gloria


stopping by again I am just so inspired! I am working on an idea I would like to propose to you and some other ladies. I hope to have it up on my blog later today or this weekend. I know I just found ya but I have a wonderful feeling about this!

Esther Mangini

Happy Birthday Rue! What a charming house! My story is similar - and now I LOVE my old house that I didn't think was the one I wanted!!!
The birdhouse is adorable!


You're touching many lives, ms daisy!
Makes my heart warm..

Happy Birthday Rue!!


What a great story! I guess it goes to show, you'll never know when you'll find true love...especially when it comes to real estate love.


I have to say I was with you Rue, it would have been on the bottom of my list or not even on it. But when I saw the picture of the after shot of the front and the way the colors just made it pop, I had to keep looking at before and after to pin point the changes. They really were not huge but they sure were powerful. I love your home!! Thank you for sharing it. It is just beautiful.

Dena Pickle

Wow! Rue has been busy, busy, busy! Love all the changes you've made and the cute Christmas birdhouse, adorable!

Happy Birthday Rue!


Rue's home is so pretty, but still so warm and inviting. I love the little yellow birdhouse! Wish I was a bird, I'd move right in.

Linda Johansen

Happy, happy birthday to you Rue. I loved reading your story. I too, much prefer the older homes than new. Both you and Kim are such an inspiration. Adorable birdhouse.


What a fabulous story. Thank you so much for sharing Rue. I too love all things vintage....we built a new house a few years ago and I did all that I could to make it look old, even have a 100 year old door on the front of it.....I love my "new" old house but do hope that one day I can live in the real thing. Congrats on realizing your dream and on your house, it is BEAUTIFUL!


Happy Birthday, Rue! I loved the tour of your beautiful home. I, too, love the old buildings and feel sad when the are left neglected and falling down. I don't think I will ever be as luck as you to actually live in one. My husband and I think differently on such things.

I would love to win the birdhouse. It is adorable.


Sheila Pearson

I love the story of your house. Unfortunately, I never got to choose my house. My husband is a grain farmer and the house came with the land; the week after we bought it, I got to see the house for the first time. It was a super small, ugly '50s ranch. I cried about it for a week,then decided to make the best of it. Over the years we slowly made it our home, built an addition, and raised our four children in it. It isn't perfect, but I like to think that most any place can be home and that we added the history to our house.

I will be visiting your blog, Rue. Thank you Daisy Cottage for introducing us!


Happy Birthday Rue. I have been following her journey since the beginning and she is truly an inspiration to many of us.

Dawn Gahan

My oh my. Darling house (both human and bird versions!). Please count me in on the giveaway.


Gabriela (Gabi With An Eye)

...and a VERY happy birthday to sweet Rue! What a marvelous post and exquisite photos of her house transformation. That little birdhouse would be a most welcome addition at my home and would receive a place of honor for all to admire!

Laura V.

Happy Birthday Rue. I enjoyed your story. Thanks for the giveaway!


Thanks, Kim, for having sweet Rue as a guest blogger today. I never tire of her story and it was nice to read it again.
That birdhouse would be right at home here at my own yellow house! :)


What a great post...

Happy Birthday dear are doing a wonderful job on your home !!!

Kim it's always a pleasure to visit. I think having a guest blogger is an awesome idea !!!

I would love to win that adorable birdhouse !!

I hope you both have a wonderful day,
xo Kathy :)


I loved looking at all of Rue's before and after photos. What a great decorator she is. Happy Birthday Rue. What a lovely blog you have here, Kimberly. Thank you so much for all the great creative ideas you have. Kathi


Happy Birthday Rue! I so enjoy visiting your Peanutbutter and Jelly posts and Kim your Daisy Cottage inspires me to clean my house everyday and move Everything around! Which makes me very happy :) Rue love the kitchen redo posts! Gorgeous! xo


Thank you Kim for sharing Rue's story with us. I related to her in so many ways for we are also refurbishing an old hous which is our dream come true.

MJ Smith

Happy Birthday, Rue!! I love your cottage!!!!


HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!!! You found a home for your hearts - yay!!!

Elizabeth Marchus

Hi Kim,
Rue has a lovely home, I really love the hard wood floors and stair case. A home is not a home until its filled with love and this home is full of love.
Happy Birthday Rue. I will be over to visit you at your place soon.
Please put my name in the hat to win Rue's bird-home.
Elizabeth-"Home is Where the Heart is".

kim Ananian

Hi Kim and Rue: Happy Birthday Rue! Your home is beautiful and I love that staircase. My dream is to one day live in a home like yours or Daisy Cottage, but for now I enjoy reading your blogs and am inspired by them to make a warm and happy home.

Thanks for sharing and that birdhouse is adorable. Kim


Thank you for introducing me to Rue! What a beautiful story and I loved the before and after photo's. I feel like I'm just visiting friends down the street. Isn't blog-land great be able to visit with so many wonderful friends.

I love the little yellow house and would love to be entered in the giveaway. I'll keep my fingers crossed that my name will come up first!


Tracie~My Petite Maison

Oh Rue,
Your guest post made me cry. I am so happy you're living your dream in that beautiful, old house with Rich and your family!

That farmhouse picture brings back many memories, I think my folding chairs are still in the back of my car from the camp out there! Have a beautiful birthday and know YOU are in so many people's hearts today (and always). And thank you, Kim for this sweet as pie guest blogger.


It is very nice to meet you, Rue. HAPPY BIRTHDAY. I think your home is lovely.
A big thank you for your hospitality. I feel as though I was your personal guest.

Danette Nickell

Happy Birthday Rue! I have only followed you for a few months but felt like I have a friend (even though I never leave comments) and found Kim of Daisy Cottage through you as well.... I have to have my "fix" each day and can't wait until either of you have posted. We live on "Fox Hill" and we have a revolving door of guests thus I have named it affectionatly given "Fox Hill Inn". I don't have a blog, but so enjoy reading yours! Danette Nickell


Thanks for introducing us to Rue!


oh I love Rue, she is as sweet as can be! her home is fabulous!!! what a cute little bird house, love the color and the little christmas tree inside looks amazing!! :)


What a treat. The birdhouse is perfect and charming. Thank you to Kim and Rue for sharing your lives and homes with all of us. I am always inspired after reading your blogs. I look around my home and see things I didn't see before and make little changes here and there and feel so pleased. Your happiness is contagious. Thank you! Thank you!


Happy Birthday Rue! Your home is much 'soul' in it, that's for sure. I don't have a house but when I do, I hope it is a home with soul.


Happy Birthday Rue! Such a beautiful home ~ I love the Doggie Bench ♥ And the hand painted bird house is adorable :-)

Katie in California

I love what you've done to your home; it's so inviting and rich with character. My kids will love the birdhouse! So clever!

stacy watson

i love rue's blog. read it everyday-right after daisy cottage
love love love the birdhouse, its so happy


I discovered Rue's blog just this past week. Your transformation of your home is beautiful. Please enter me in your give a way. Happy Birthday too!!!

Hattie Ligon

Dearest Kim
Once more you have shared a sweet friend with us. Now I have another blog to read.
I loved Rue's story and loved her house. My heart is full of love and thanksgiving for you and the blessing you bring so many.
Thank you, Thank you! And I LOVE that yellow birdhouse, too!!

RHoda @ Southern Hospitality

I adore Rue and you, Kim! Rue, I love your house story & really applaud those of you who buy older houses. I wish my hubby was handier & I would love to live in an older house. They have so much charm. You are bringing this old girl back to life!


How wonderful to meet Rue and have another blog to follow! (Thank you, Kim ... I think!!!!) I do love bird houses. There is a shop in Old Town Spring that I like to visit during the holidays -- all homemade bird houses -- the best kind. I'd love if this house came to live with me!

Thanks Rue and Kim. Happy Thanksgiving!


Rue's home is beautiful. Would love to win the cute birdhouse


Great post. You are both very special ladies to all of us in "blogland".

Thank you for sharing your positive spirits and your joy of life with all of us.

Pauline in Oklahoma ;-)

Hi Kim....Thanks for introducing all of us to Rue and a big Happy Birthday to RUE!!! I absolutely love both of your cottages. You have both done a great job. Makes me long for one. I love the Birdhouse you did also.....very cute. It would look lovely at my house!! LOL!! I check in daily on Kim just to see what all she is up to and it is fun to see all the pictures she post for us all to enjoy. Keep making us all happy out here!! ;-)
Thanks so much and Happy Thanksgiving to each of you and your families.


Sigh and sigh again... how can you ladies be so talented with making your homes so beautiful I wonder?? Thank you for sharing this beautiful home with us... and the birdhouse is adorable!!


Wow! What a neat journey... and a lovely home: thanks for sharing!! The birdhouse is charming, too!


Awww.... thank you so much everyone!!



Happy...Happy...Happy Birthday Rue! Your home is gorgeous! Thanks for sharing. The birdhouse is precious, too!


Thanks Kim, for introducing us to Rue! And thanks for the great giveaway - I LOVE the birdhouse!


I've been following Rue for a few months now and I think she's done a beautiful job on her new/old home. Thanks Kim!

Rita May

That's the cutest birdhouse I've ever seen!!!


Love the birdhouse! Love Rue...Happy birthday girl!
And great blog...
Please pop my name in to win the birdhouse too!

Jena Simms

Thanks to the lettered cottage I have found this adorable blog... I will be back tomorrow and the next and the next....

Andrea Keith

Happy Birthday Rue!
Your home is beautiful, you and your husband have done such a wonderful job; all the hard work & love you've put into it shows.
I follow both of your blogs, Kim & Rue, you're great inspirations. Love the birdhouse it's cutest and would be a wonderful reminder of yall's blogs.


Nice to see Rue here, I enjoy both of your blogs.


LOVED Rue's story and her passion for home. She has a great talent for both writing and decorating!

Please enter me in the drawing - I love and collect birdhouses!
[email protected]

sheila whitworth

Wow, her house is beautiful. I love the transformation of the front yard. She decorates with such charm. Please enter me for the drawing of that adorable birdhouse. I collect them, and I love that it is in a winter mode.
[email protected]


Happy Birthday Rue! Your home is so beautiful. I am just oohing and awing over here :) I would be very honored to be included in the drawing.


Pat H

I've always been a fan of Rue's! Following her journey from back on "RMS" love the adorable birdhouse....HAPPY BIRTHDAY RUE!!!!
Pat H
[email protected]

Katherine Ann

LOVE it!! If I don't win it can I but one :) Thanks Rue...what an inspiration!!


I too LOVE old houses, my dream is to buy on old one and fix it up.My favorite show is IF Walls Could Talk! My husband loves new homes. It's hard to compromise, so far he's winning! I loved the wooden stairs. Too beautiful! And I love that birdhouse. I would love to be entered into this giveaway! Thanks so much!-April


very inspirational

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