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October 26, 2009



Oh, Kim, your little house is so cute. I'm puttering and picking up and cleaning around my house today - my big one, not anything so teeny, tiny as yours. Your dollhouse doggy is so sweet. Poor Maggie! She must be afraid she's being replaced! I have to think about names. Be back with my thoughts.


Your little dollhouse is too sweet and so much like your real dollhouse that it is amazing!
I think that sweet li'l pup should be named Daisy!
Have a Blessed week!


I am so ready to move in to this dollhouse!! I guess we girls just never grow up when it comes to something like this!!

The new family pup is adorable. I am terrible with names. I had an alphabetical list of names whne I went to the hospital to deliver my girls. One is named Abigail and the other is Emily...which goes to show you just how far I got on the list before saying, "Okay. This will do!!" lol!!

Have a happy day, Kim!



I think Daisy is the perfect name for such a cute dog in such a cute dollhouse!


After following your blog (my Very favorite)for about 5 months now, I finally had to speak up. I am mom to two sweet doxies, Betsy (15 yrs)& Mandy (4 yrs), both short-haired red minis. And speaking of "minis", I think Minnie is the perfect name for your new puppy! (Get it?..."mini"...I knew you would!)

Kelly McMaster

Hi Kim!
I adore your dollhouse! Cute beyond words!
I like the other gals' suggestions of Daisy or Minnie,too! OR how about Blossom? or Minnie Mags?

Rita May

My friend's doxie is named Daisy. That would be my first choice.
then I like Dolly (for doll house).

Ashley Schott

This just makes me so happy:) I would love love love to have a dollhouse like this one day. I would love to live in a house that looked just like this one day too hahaha.


How cute to have a dollhouse doggie! Maybe Doxie Darling? I do like Blossom and Dolly, as were previously mentioned, also.


Your dollhouse just keeps getting sweeter and sweeter.
How about Marigold for your new puppy? It's our Maltipoo's first name, but she goes by her middle name-- Greta.
Have a great week, Kim.
Love, Kelly


Hmmm how about Deb(utante) of Debby..of the dollhouse..

Sheri and Sophee~a Daisey would be the choice of most of us....I would spell it Dazee cause I am in to double ee's~lol

But Doxie...or Doxee was the first choice that came to my mind :)

How cute is your little mascot....and I agree with Maggie~she is one of a kind and looks nothing like her new little friend :)


You have added so many sweet things to your little dollhouse! I think your new friend should be named "Petals" because although there will only be one true Daisy Cottage, through your inspirational blog-you sprinkle daisy petals into our homes!
Have a great week!

Kimberly Padilla

Your dollhouse is adorable! I have always wanted one. You have it decorated so nicely, and the little dachshund is adorable as well. I just got a new hamster [I live in an apartment and can't have dogs]and I named her Simcha, which is Hebrew for happiness or joyful. You might like that name, because I know that she will bring you lots of joy as you indulge in your miniature home!


Adorable doll house....and dog. I suggest the following:

I had a Maggie and a Brandi. Friends/family had the others. Such wonderful dachsunds!


Oh my goodness Kim! Your little dollhouse looks JUST like Daisy Cottage! Just so cute! I love your little Maggie dog too.
I know the REAL Miss Maggie won't have it but I think "Mini Mags" is a great name!
Now I want a mini daschund for MY dollhouse!

Karla Nathan

How about Dolly?

Pat@Back Porch Musings

Molly has a doxie next door friend, whose name just happens to be Daisy. So I will throw the name, Daisy in the hat.


How about Miss Mia...


Your doll house is just so adorable.
All the little details are what make it so special.
And now, a new pup!
My suggestion is Maisy, kind of a mix of Daisy and Maggie.
Surely, Maggie won't object to that!

Chris@Cats on my Quilts

So everyone seems to be picking girl names but I immediately thought, "That's a boy dog" so he needs a boy name. And as a grandmother of two grandsons I love my boys! So Miss Maggie, you need a brother. So here's my 2 suggestions; Maxx(it sounds good with Maggie), or Reuben(I have a friend with a doxie with that name).


I'd name her "Preciosa"--for precious!



Kelly~Rose Vine Cottage

Ok well how about Sunny for all the sunshine you bring to us every day and that could be a girl or boy!

Brenda Kula

I immediately thought of Daisy as well!

Fay Marie

Hi KIm,

Love your dollhouse and all it's furniture. Everything is so colourful and cute. Love also those knitted centres, and cushion covers.

Now I'm sure you're confused with all the names, and good ones for all different reasons. May I suggest Eiggam, which is Maggie spelt backwards. Just a thought.

Fay Marie


First name I thought of was "May" in "Maggie May". I'm a Rod Stewart fan.

: )

Love that sweet dollhouse!!

Anna McD

I just love your dollhouse and the teeny tiny doxie. I have Maggie's twin I think and her name is Dixie Belle.

Daisy Cottage

pssst Marie....
"May" is Maggie's middle name! After the Rod Stewart song! ;-)


Joanna Peck

Hi Kim, How about MADDIE? Madeline. Then you would have cute matchy names. Sweet dollhouse....I think we are all still children inside. I am! ;0)

Susan Ramey Cleveland

My suggestion for a name for the mini-doxie is Minnie.


Hi Kim,
How about Dilly, Milly, Molly or Winnie! Good luck!

Daisy Cottage

You all are sooooooo cute....

Love these!!!!!!



Kim, I want to move right in your dollhouse! Oh, how adorable! I'm still trying to furnish mine, oops, I mean Cecelia's, and I found the cutest pink check sofa... but Mr. Magpie said it looked like it came out of a frat house and had beer and other things on it! ;-) So, I passed it by.

Okay, name? What about Bridgette? I think that's a cute German name for that little Doxie. Bridgette of Daisy Cottage. Or what about Daisy the Doxie??? I like that a LOT.

Love to you...


Sheila :-)


daisy mae

Kathleen Grace

Oh stop! I can't believe how cute and perfect this doll house is! the teeny mug that says "Daisy", the little basket of roses, the cross stitch towels! The teeny glass chicken, O my gosh! Where on earth do you find these things? And to top it all off, you have a mini maggie (kind of like mini-me?) lol, maybe thats what her name should be:>)

Jenny The Red Bulletin Board

How about Maisy??? A cross between Daisy Cottage and Maggie? Maisy?? I like it!! hehehe!

Rita Larson

My Doxie would be delighted if she had a mini named after her...She is a 10 year old black and tan short haired and her name is Schatzie, that's German for "Little" darling...I love your doll house so much I have convinced my darling hubby to build one for me..Of course I'm waiting...


Maggie may not like it, but the dog dolly DOES remind me of her except with a haircut. Maggie DID get a haircut on one of your posts, and if I remember correctly, Maggie didn't like the haircut. No wonder she says, "No way--it's NOT me." That's understandable. I would vote, therefore, based on this premise, and call the dolly--"Mini May Buzzed"


Your dollhouse is every bit as pretty and sunny as your real house! I'm looking forward to seeing more of it.
Dust is an eternal problem in my dollhouse...and the real house!


This is easy, she's "Little Maggie". Mickie agrees, so there you go, Mickie is Never Wrong, just ask her!


You make me want to take out a dollhouse and decorate..I have both our daughters:) they went on to have 4 boys:) So cute! I love your music too.
It's a very cute place here:)


Mickie didn't realize that Maggie was in a snit over the name thing, we read way too fast. Still, tell Maggie we wish that she would re-think her position, after all, imitation is the greatest form of flattery. And if ever there was a doxie girl who deserved flattery, it is our own Miss Maggie...

Katherine Ann

I think you should name that sweet little pup Lucky...because all your readers know she's the luckiest little dollhouse pup in the world :O)

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

My first thought was Daisy, like alot of others! How about Daffodil, Daffy for short? That was our neighbor's dog's name, when I was a little girl, and I just loved it!


I think "Minnie" or "Daisy" would be cute! Your little house is looking so sweet-- I LOVE the aqua oven mit and hot pad. Soooo cute! I love that little apron too!

Becky G.

Well, I also have two doxies! Bailey is 6 and a red shorthair mini. Bessie is 4 and a shorthair as well, but she's a white with black spots piebald. And she's supposed to be a mini, but . . . well . . . not so much! Anyway, everyone took my names, except I was thinking about types of daisies, and Shasta is my favorite, and Gloriosa daisies are pretty, so Gloria or Glory would be pretty, too. Love your dollhouse! Becky

Janet K..

Hey Miss Kim, I love your doll house!!! It is such a sweet little reflection of you. The name I thought of was Miss Margarita which is spanish for daisy. I love your blog and all you share. HTH Janet


I love how everything looks scale sized in the dollhouse.

And believe it or not, the moment I saw the new doggie, I totally thought it looked like a Daisy.....and I'm sure I'm not the first one with THAT idea!


How about a male friend....Winston is the first that comes to mind....quite


Very cute pictures, Kim. Oh, you missed a tiny, tiny spot over there. Name suggestion for the little daschund - what about Lacey? Do you think Maggie would like that?


Well Kim,

I agree- Daisey would be the perfect name! (Second only to Lil Maggie, though. I agree also Imitation is the most sincerest form of flattery!

Glad you like the tiny towels, they look great in your sweet wee house. One of these days I need to come over and play!!!!

Debbie from Vancouver Island Canada

Oh that little puppy is so cute...perfect for the doll house.I think her name should be Dear Daisy or Daisy Dear.
She'll be needing a little cozy doggie bed.
All so cute.


Too cute! I love the house Kim...I have one in the attic that I should "dust" and add a pup to. I love the names that have already been suggested, especially Daisy and Max.

Have fun naming you not so furry friend.

Ciao bella,


Well, my first thought was Minnie... And then, I also like Tinker and Dixie.


Love your little house; but, are we sure it's a little girl dog... because, the name Duke came to me when I read this little story... it might not upset Maggie as much if it is a boy dog... but; after you recheck to see if it really is a little girl... how about Lucy?? I like Daisy; but, we want her to have her own identity, right... ??

Jennifer @ Fiddle Dee Dee

Oh Kim, what a fabulous doolhouse! It takes me back in time to the days when I could sit and play. Now there is a real house to keep and it's just not as charming. Hope all is well.
xo, Jennifer

Donna, The Decorated House

What a fun name ideas!
Put them in a hat and let Maggie pick one.
After all, as we say around here, it's all about the dog. :)
Hugs, Donna

Mary Bernhagen

Hi Kim-I was thinking "Maisy" too. I love that name and it is a tribute to Daisy and Maggie. Maisy Sue, Maisy Lou or Maisy Jane-LOL! What ever you come up with will be perfect. Love the dollhouse and everything Daisy Cottage. Luv~Mary


How about Maisey?

Maggie + Daisey = Maisey


I do love Daisy was also thinking Valentina (she's such a sweetheart). I know need to get a life lolol.


Well, it's been a joy to see your post and to read all of the comments.

I think you should name the new pup darling, as you are one for sure. :)

Toni from NC

So CUTE. How about naming the doggie Dottie?


Just like the big Daisy cottage - so neat. I think you tiny dog could be a Maisie.... (a mix of Maggie and Daisy ..) or maybe Mags - because Maggie is right... the tiny one isn't wholly like her... just a bit

Layla Palmer

Hi Kim!

Your post was darling as usual! I love your photography SO MUCH! As for a name for your little dachschund...I'm thinking "Dollie", since she does live in the cutest doll house EVER!



I vote for "Minnie!"


Cupid :D

christina slocum

I adore your sweet doghouse!
Daisy in French is Margherite, which is cute! But Daisy Belle is adorable!


Home Sweet Home! Absolutely adorable and charming little dollhouse! How about Dolly or Blossom or Tiny for the little doggie? Of course Daisy is sweet too.

Josephine Tale Pedder

Hello Kim,
I vote for Alfie as that is my dog's name! I also like the other suggestions of Lucky, Minnie and Sunny as well. I adore all your dollshouse posts! I did try to comment yesterday on your beautiful blooms post but for some reason it wouldn't work. It kept dropping out. I wanted to say a very big thank you for visiting me at my Blog and leaving a comment and following me you darling thing. I was so thrilled as I know how busy you are and what an enormous following you have. It means the world to me that you cared enough to pop in. Thanks again, you and Daisy Cottage are my inspiration. I showed my Daisy this post and she said, 'but big girls don't have dollshouses!' Tee, hee. I think all big girls should have dollshouses! xx

Aloisia Tomschin

I think the "little" doggie should be named Mitzi!!!!


I vote for Maisy, too. The dollhouse is looking adorable. I hope to see it again, decorated for Christmas.((hugs))

Lavender Dreams

I name everyone LuLu right now! I think it's such a sweet name! But Petals, Daisy and Maisy are all cute! What fun you are having! Wish I could come and play!

Hi Kim,
Oh my I do adore your doll house. Its a sweet little dream of a cottage and the crocheted pillows are just so perfect and the red wing back chair is just a cute as a button.!
(I want one too).
Enjoy your day and keep creating,

Dena Pickle

I nominated you for a Kreativ Blogger award. Check here for rules and instructions.


I have just stumbled upon your blog and love it! Your home is tdf!!! I am so excited to keep up with your new posts. :O)

Audrie  from Mi

Gretchen (our Yorkie)and I think you should name your doll house dogie Ms Flower.
Smiles from MI


A tiny dog needs a tiny name, so I suggest "Meg". What do you think? Weill if not then I suggest Daisy after your blog, but she simply must were a collar with a daisy on it!

Jennifer Schwarz

I love love love the doll house. I had one as a little girl & now I want to do one for my little girl.
My suggestion for the sweet tiny doggie is Maisie Dobbs. Masie is a pet name for the name Margaret. See the connection? ;)

I'm in love with your little house (and bigger house). I lost my little doxie a couple of years ago. Her name was Emma. I would be so honored for you to name your little doxie after her. My stepdaughter has 2 doxies... Hershey and Coco... Thanks for your sweet, sweet blog.


Darling Kim, I think your dollshouse dachshund just has to be 'ZOE' - after, of course, the very first lover of Daisy Cottage.
Completely off the subject and as, a by- the-way comment, did you know that they have just brought out a new perfume called, "Daisy". Had a free 'poof' at a beautiful new dress shop here in Nelson and ............... it is............ divine!!! Hugs, Francesca


Your doll house is adorable as usual. I would have to name her Daisy's Mini Mavin. Daisy, Mavin or m&m for short.

Red Pepper Quilts

Omgosh! That is super dooper cute!


Ressie Malone

I differ in popular opinion. I think the new sweet Daisy pup should be named Sunshine.


How about Marguerite - it means daisy and goes with Maggie. Id call her Margee for short -

Love your dollhouse, your cottage and Maggie May and especially your positive blog - brightens my day.

Catherine dee Auvil

Very cute, thanks for posting those pics : )

sweet cottage dreams

goodness gracious, me-oh-my....that doll house is cuter than my big girl house!!!

love the towels...little Maisy (cute name!)
...and all of the teeny tiny little pillows.

.....heavy sigh....
always such cuteness when i visit.....



Hi Kim,
I love your new addition to your dollhouse...what a sweetie! What is it about doll houses that just make our hearts sing?! :-) Love visiting here...the sunshiny atmosphere of your home and words always brightens my day...inspires me in so many ways! Happy Sunday!

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