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October 21, 2009



so excited to see fifi guest blogging. her new guest house is just incredible!!

Melissa Miller

Fifi your home is incredible! I just adore your gorgeous creations as well. What a beautifully made heart and nice giveaway.

Thank you for sharing this wonderful guest blogger with us Kim. It was a treat!

Many Blessings Ladies, ~Melissa :)

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions

Fifi's cottage is enchanting ~ a lovely hideaway! Great for an office, too.


Love it! The decor is beautiful, I love giving old things new life and purpose. Thanks for sharing!


You are both amazing people. Your blogs are so inspiring, your homes are just gorgeous and I love reading about them and your fabulous projects.

Kelly McMaster

Oh my goodness! What a lovely little retreat!
Can I come live there?! (smile)
Thank you for sharing your sweet friend with us Kim! I am now going to be "stalking" Fifi's blog for more incredible ideas and inspiration!


Fifi, did a wonderful job with the cottage! Simply enchanting. And I loved seeing the tour and appreciate her sharing the renovation process with us. That makes me want to work on my garage here!

I would be delighted to put my name in the hat for that precious little heart. Thanks to you and Fifi for this fun giveaway.


Sheila :-)


What a wonderful post. The cottage is absolutely beautiful and I enjoyed seeing it so much!

Thank you for the chance to win the heart.

PS. I hope Maggie enjoyed her walk yesterday!

Lavender Dreams

What an amazing lady and wonderful post full of photos and info to inspire! I enjoyed her blog, too! WOW! So much to see and do! I can't wait to see the makeovers! Please enter me! How perfect for my new home! I would love it!


What fun! You both are amazing and giving and we all love it! I love hearts and metal signs and I'm thinking I have just the spot!

Jenny The Red Bulletin Board

Everything is beautiful!!


I love Fifi. It's all so beautiful.

I think I would faint if I won but I want to enter anyway :).

[email protected]


Darling Fifi and Kim - you are given me the inspiration to go out and try and tackle the ancient, decrepit sheds we have on our property. I was feeling they were beyond repair - but - hey - look what you have achieved! You are two darling girls x

Elizabeth Marchus

Hi Kim,
I just love Fifi's home and blog too! I enjoyed the peek into her new space. How funny you are having a giveaway of one of Fifi's hearts,because just yesterday I emailed her asking her about purchasing one. You must have been reading my mind (scary).
Please enter my name, maybe I'll be lucky.
Enjoy your day and keep creating,


I adore her cottage. It is like a playhouse for an adult. How fabulous!


That was certainly inspirational..Fifi makes me tired just thinking about all she does, plus her mind must be going a mile a minute to think of all the clever ideas. I sure would love to win one of her hearts!


Kelli Hansen

I want a cute Shed to fix up like FIFI's. SOOOOO CUTE!!!! I always LOVE strolling her blog. Thanx for sharing with us.Kelli Hansen

Ann at the Handley Bungalow

Okay, I want to move into that cottage! How sweet! She is sooo creative. I also want one of those signs for my house! Hope I win! :-) Thanks for another wonderful post.


I was really impressed with the things Fifi did to make over her furniture, curtains, etc. Those are great ideas!
Thank you, Fifi and Kim!

Tracie~My Petite Maison

Oh Kim,
I can't tell you how happy I am to read your guest blogger's post here and view all the gorgeous photos. Wonderfully sweet Fifi changed my life and I'm now doing something I thoroughly enjoy each day. The only way I can tell you how I feel about Fifi is the way I believe Rue feels about you, dear Kim. I believe the sun rises and sets with Fifi and her compassionate, giving heart that gives back to all.
You two made my day!


Oh my! I love that! What a nice opportunity to own it! Thank you and Thank FiFi!


What a neat friendship you two have. And I love the sound of that pumpkin spice coffee.... not something we get here in the sth pacific!
A very inspiring transformation - I can only dream of being that talented!
I love the unhemmed look of the burlap curtain... :)

Thanks for the tour!


love what you have done with the garage...thank you for the giveaway..


Fifi's cottage is divine--I wish I had the talent to create something that beautiful. You two have a wonderful friendship, which is a special gift. Thank you Fifi and Kim for sharing and for the giveaway.


how charming!

Janet (Shabbyfufu)

I love both of you girls Kim. I have had the pleasure of spending some time with the darling Fifi, but haven't met you in person yet. Someday we shall.......xoxo to you and thanks for the lovely post! ~Janet~


I am in awe of Fifi's remodel! She would be a good friend to have. Please enter me in your giveaway. [email protected]


Hi Kim~ I enjoyed seeing Fifi as your guest blogger! Her guest cottage is inspiring! I'd love to win one of her beautiful hearts! ~Mandy


Amazing transformation. What a lovely space it will be to work in.
Thanks for all the pictures.


Oh Fifi your little cottage is adorable! It just goes to show you what a person with creativity and vision can accomplish. This is quite inspiring. :)

Thanks Kim for sharing this interview.

Keeping my fingers crossed for the give away.


je amie FiFi!


Oh my! I'm trying to cook dinner and read your post at the same time LOL Sweet Tracie emailed me and let me know about this post (blushing after her mention of little ol' me, but it's true!) and I rushed over to see :)

Kim you know I love you and well, Fifi, you have no idea who the heck I am, I'm sure, but this was such a fabulous post!!

Fifi, your remodel is absolutely and undeniably charming. I love every inch of it, even unfinished. Thank you for sharing it and all the hard work you put into it.

Kim, thank you for having Fifi as a guest blogger. She inspires so many! As do YOU ;)

Love to you sweet friend,


FiFi is amazing! She did a great job as always!


This is just the kind of thing I love to see! Repurposed items that have been made wonderful! Your re-do is beatiful Fifi:>) I love the grey burlap and the cabinets you have salvaged and redone. Beautiful!


What a beautiful, inspiring post! Thank you, Fifi, for sharing your hard work with us all! I can always count on being blessed when I visit Dear Daisy Cottage - lovely music, pictures and words.


Amazing - that she has a 2-car garage in FL. I love that she just goes and does. The results are over, above and beyond me and I admire her for that. She is a very talented and beautiful lady. Blessings, Janet

Rochelle Gaukel

Wow! What a transformation! It is such a cute and cozy place now...ready to move right in!

Rita May

Love Fifi, her heart and her art!



I want to move into Fifi's guest cottage! What a sweet, tranquil getaway. I also want to win that beautiful heart. sigh. Thanks!

p.s. did you know that Fifi (or fifille in French) means 'little girl'?

Amy P

I love all the white on white, gorgeous! TFS


Amazing what a woman with a hammer can accomplish, isn't it? I'm not a women's libber but after reading this blog I can't see that there's anything a creative woman can't do! It all just depends on how big is your "want to". Thanks for the inspiration. Love your blog. Hope I win the heart!!!


Fifi is a French energizer bunny! I have told her several times to slow down, rest and take care of herself. I think that is impossible for her, she just has too much that she wants to do!! Love you both!


Absolutely beautiful!!


How nice and thoughtful is that Tracie?

She alerted me also to this beautiful Fifilicious post:)
I am grateful..what a makeover.I wish we could do my sunroom together Fifi:)

And not only did I get to see so many favorite things and all your ingenuity:) But I have a new blog to discover here that looks so inviting!Not to mention friendly and inspiring~

Thanks Tracie..Kim and Fifi~

Southern Lady's Vintage

What an AMAZING transformation!! Adorable little cottage! Unbelieveable the difference when you look at the before's!! Great job FIFI!!

Josephine Tale Pedder

Thank heavens for Twitter so I could post before you get hundreds! Love Fifi. She is the best and the thought of her doing all that trade work warms my heart. Fingers crossed for this giveaway. I have already ordered a heart from Fifi but she is a busy lady! I would love to see you two work together on a book! xx

ps Glad I finally spotted Google Friends on your site, Kim. It will make it easier for me to keep up with you.


I love Fifi! What a fun post...I would love her to come over and help me do my house! I love it when she does her DIY projects and this included so many!
2 wonderful people on one blog...we are so lucky! karen....


What a wonderful space - it's truly amazing! Fabulous job Fifi!!


I am woman hear me ROAR...Fifi is adorable !!! Love what she has created, in my next life I am going to paint and use power tools......

LOVED this post....

I would love one of her hearts...

Thanks for the chance...(I am a glutton for punishment)

Off to bed but i will be replaying this post in my head....

Kathy :)

Patty Boyd

My, my, that Fifi is a worker! I love the transformation of the garage. And I'd love to win that precious heart!

Elena G

I "heart" you and your adorable blog, and I "heart" Fifi and her adorable hearts.

Sherri S

Wow! What a wonderful guest post. I wish I had that little cottage! It's adorable! And how sweet of ya'll to do a giveaway. I could see that beautiful heart hanging right beside my bed. Kim, you are such a sweetie! Always always kind words. You shine my dear!


Oh Fifi, What a darling space this is turning out to be for you!

I *especially* can't wait to see your completed private courtyard. Talk about OOh La La!!!!!

Thank you for sharing of yourself for us as a guest Blogger at Kim's - and thanks Kim for the great guest!



Hi Fifi and Kim, I am literally on the floor cracking up with Fifi on a ladder on top of an armoir! Sounds like something I would do! I did climb a tree once and cut it down the firemen went by (I back a busy street) and actually waved at me! This past weekend I cut ALL the honeysuckle from one very long block wall on one side of my backyard, what the heck was I thinking! No long sleeve shirt for me so I told everyong I had a fight with a bunch of kittens, my arms are a mess! haha Oh well, women with POWER TOOLS! I LOVE IT! Fifi your home and Kim's has been a huge inspiration to me to get my stuff done, organizing and generally cleaning up,and I am taking more pictures now than ever, I love to do that too, but how can you possibly have a garage sale and let your beautiful things go....I guess to share with others, I must do the same thing soon! The heart is beautiful and I love the patina. You truly are a do-it-yourselfer! I keep telling myself who needs a man when I have electricity and my own power tools! Talking to myself helps, haha, especially down from a tall ladder!! Love the pics, please keep them coming, I LOVE your new office and guest cottage! I am wishing I had one too! :) Luv to both of you great ladies! Keep the pics comin! Kat =^.^=

MJ Smith

Love Fifi's new office!! :-)


What a fun post! I enjoyed seeing Fifi's photos of her beautiful redo.


Fifi is so inspiring. Love all the things she does. Love her redo. A wonderful little getaway. Mimi

Vicky Elias

Oh you are both so talented! I have a run down cottage with a tight budget and every time I check out your blog Kim, you inspire me to bring out the creativity! Thank you for bringing in your guest blogger Fifi. Incredible transformation!


Wow! What a treat to have a post from Fifi and see all those wonderful pictures! Very inspiring!


Unbelievable transformation! Thanks for the post from Miss Fifi!


Both Fifi and yourself are the most lovely genuine people with a brilliant talent for home style! I love both of your blogs and eagerly await new posts! x

Little Wren

What a gorgeous little retreat Fifi has created,wish I could transform everyday goods to such beauties.Very talented.


Love Fifi's re-do. She has such amazing, unusual treasures.

Roseny Crisp

Bom...simplesmente:adorável!Encantador esse post.Fifi é explendida,criatividade e talentosa.Sou sua fã.
Good .. simply adorable! Enchanting post.Fifi this is splendid, very creative and talento. Your fan.
(Sorry my English)

Roseny Crisp

Good .. simply adorable! Enchanting post.Fifi this is splendid, very creative and talented.Your fan.
(Sorry my English)


Wowsers Kim, Fifi has done an amazing job on her guest cottage. What a treat to see it and thanks to you for sharing your friend with us. I WANT to win the heart! lolol.

christy donoho

I love everything Fifi did--so calming and inviting. Love your blog in general.


I've been following Fifi's redo on her blog. She is amazing and I stand in awe of her skill and creativity! It has been so nice to read her guest blog here at Daisy Cottage. I have family in Florida and have a little dream that someday I can visit both you, Kim, and Fifi!



Totally enjoyed visiting FiFi's shed makeover. Very inspiring to those of us with projects that are overwhelming, but with some sweat and imagination look what we can achieve.Please enter me in the giveaway. I know exactly where the heart will go!
Rhonda M.

SusanG's all so wonderful and I am so impressed with all the work!! That dresser in the bathroom - I have the same one in my house. It was all chippy green when I bought it, but I love the white look! And the grey burlap is gourgeous!!

Thanks Kim and Fifi,



Love the post. It's just plain FUN to read.
And I love to visit yours. In my Favorite Blogs spot. Enter me in for the drawing. Love the heart.
AND I love Miss Maggie. :-)
I love makeovers and repurposing things and places. Have a great day.


What a great makeover! Can't wait to see it all finished! I love visiting both of your blogs. So many cute things to look at (including Miss Maggie!
Please put my name in the hat for the drawing and I hope you have a wonderful weekend!


What an amazing transformation!

Andrea @ Big Creek Cottage

Fifi's cottage is magical...Fifi you are an inspiration.


Wooowwww... I love Fifi's blog!
The makeover it's wonderful!
And I love the heart... I want it !!!!

Henriëtte KB

Love, love the makeover, it is so beautiful, just amazing!
Thank you both so much for sharing your gorgeous homes with us!

Henriëtte KB

Diane Adame

I loved the photos! I use to always buy Romantic homes mag's. They are the only mag's I never threw away. After meeting Fifi and seeing all the photos's, I want to run out and start buying those again. Great Blog!


Fantastic post! I enjoyed the makeover. It looks like it was a lot of work, but well worth it. Thanks for the giveaway.


Beautiful! I always love your blog.



Kim D.

Love Fifi's makeover, I enjoyed the tour. Another fun post. Thanks and have a wonderful day!


Hi Kim,
I was at Fifi's blog earlier this morning and watched her movie. So fun to come here and see the progress of her guest house that is so adorable. I'm loving those grey died curtains in her kitchen. We are looking at a delapatated house near Stuart, Fl that will need lots of fixing up so I'm enjoying Fifi's remodeling ideas for inspiration.
It is good to be back blogging after a bit of a break. I enjoyed my visit today very much.

Sheri and Sophee~a

Though I recently discovered FIFI..(less then a year ago)what I have seen, is TRULY AMAZING.

Some people just have "IT" and she is one of those people(like you).

Her energy,drive and creativity....take my breath away and I am not just saying that because I want the heart~LOL

I wish she would sell them on Etsy....I have been coveting each one she creates.

Thanks for having such a lovely guest~Sheri


Oh my gosh- that's a garage? I love it. It's totally cute and functional.
And how fabulous that Fifi did most of the work herself. Power girl, but still feminine. Gotta love it!


Fifi's cottage is sooo pretty. I have been wanting my own cottage space for so long. Maybe someday............sigh I cannot believe that she did most of the work. Wow! What a woman!!


Amazing! I love seeing all the about inspiration. Both of you are creative and down to earth. Thanks so much for allowing all of us to observe you in action.

I'd love to win the heart...I collect them!

Catherine Randall

Thanks for the lovely post! Love your style Fifi! Will definitely follow your blog!


Okay... whoa... you have been busy!!! Way busy :)

Ginny Sass

That was awesome, thank you for sharing. Love the mantle, why don't you buy or acquire an electric fireplace or electric stove and then the mantle would be functional. Those electric fireplaces are cute and charming. Makes my bedroom more of a haven.

That heart would be perfect in my cottage.


Fifi's house is charming! What a delightful visit.

I'd be thrilled to be the owner of the heart. It would be perfect at my house!

Lady Dorothy

What an absolutely wonderful makeover! Gorgeous!

And how exciting it would be to have a heart made by Fifi!

Mary Lou

Wow! Good for you, Fifi, for doing so much yourself! It is looking so nice! Here's a suggestion - would you think of leaving a little unfinished edge on that burlap? I kind of liked it in the photo you had here.
Thanks, Kim, for having Fifi over to show us all her work.
Mary Lou

Dawn Gahan

How fun to see two of my favorite blog gals in one place! Please enter me in the giveaway!


Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

Fifi's home is so enchanting! That's the only word I can think of to describe it! I would love to have one of Fifi's hearts hanging in my home. It would be the crowning touch!

Donna, The Decorated House

Hello Sweet Kim & Fifi~
Although I have visited Fifi's blog a couple of times when she first began blogging, somehow through this garage makeover I got to know her a lot better. Maybe it was the sawdust in the bra part, or it was looking up at the beams missing the sheathing and roofing! Whatever, this was such a true reflection of an amazing woman told in her own words, and by a special friend.
Thanks to you both.
Hugs, Donna

Katherine Ann

How inspiring!! Thank you, thank you!

Fay Marie

What a wonderful job Fifi's done on the garage. I love her style. Everything looks so fresh. Thanks Kim for sharing. Would love to win that heart.

Fay Marie


Adorable... I always tell my husband that I want a little place (a play house) in our yard where I can go and just be surrounded by things I love and fill it with lovely things and it would be a place just for me... I love FiFi's little cottage getaway .... what a beautiful place to land.. thanks for your inspiration


Kim and Fifi it is truely special to have a friend that you can share your desires and talents with. The guest house is beautiful and know it is a passion for you. You can just see the happy in your eyes. Great Job!!!


I love reading your blog & Fifi's..this was a really great post today..I will be reading it over & over..wish I had even half as much talent as the two of you...

[email protected]

Kaylee Gotreau

Love it all, FiFi is such an inspiration!!

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