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September 06, 2009






Oh Kim - yet another amazingly beautiful house!! I love so many things about it - but the kitchen ceiling might be the single bert part!

Thank you and Lori for sharing it with us.



Oh - my goodness gracious - another beautiful home tour. Lori's home is adorable and I love everything - especially her garden room with all of her wonderful garden treasurers. Daisy Cottage is certainly in good company with all of the wonderful cottage homes you have shown us.
Thank you Lori and everyone for opening your homes to us and thank you dear Kim for sharing and for your lovely photograhs.

Happy Labor Day to you and your family.
Bentley sends a big kiss to Miss Maggie.
Blessings, Erin


OMG - again! I would never leave the front porch or the garden room or the kitchen! I usually don't like wallpaper but the red toile is to die for! Where in the world did she find all those GORGEOUS chandliers? She has done an amazing job of displaying all of her beautiful collections and treasures. I love all of her suitcases. That's my next collection! What an absolutely beautiful home. It really feels like a loved home.

btw - because I value your decorating and thrifting eye . . .perhaps you could take a look at my home on RMS (countryrosegal) and give me your thoughts. It is no where near as decorated (YET :) as yours and your friends but I have been collecting all my thrifting treasures and just need to find them the right place in my home.
Thanks for all the tours - I'm speechless really at how beautiful they all are.


Lori's house is one glammed up cottage! All of the attention to detail and use of color is wonderful. My favorite has to be the garden room.

Daisy Cottage

You are SO welcome Sarah and thank you! I will try to find you on RMS, but I get lost over there! ;-) You can always email me a photo and I can "play" that way.



Lori's house is absolutely gorgeous! I love it all! Thank you so much for the tours of your friends homes, they are all stunning.
Please thank them all for me.

Kelly McMaster

My goodness lady! You and all of your lovely, talented friends have the most gorgeous homes! I love Lori's cheery color scheme and her wonderful 'layering'--so many great ideas to steal! Thank you and all of your gal pals for the inspiration! Have a wonderful holiday weekend!


Absolutely lovely! I am really enjoying these amazing tours :) Such inspiration and sweet eye candy!


Julia @ Drawn to the  Sea

What a pretty home to welcome the day, or to welcome you home. All that & banana pudding too... sigh.

The Beautiful Life

STUNNING. Just like Lori herself. I wouldn't have expected to see anything less from sweet Lori. Lori: your home is a beautiful reflection of the beauty that YOU are! :)

Just breath-taking... truly.

Thanks Kim & Lori!



The pudding was delicious *wink* and so was the house! Thank you for sharing both.

Mary Bernhagen

How lovely! Thank you for the treat to the eyes and the 'nana puddin'!


Absolutely gorgeous...every single spot! Your house tours are wonderful. Thanks for taking us along.



Hi Lim
Make sure you thank Lori so muchfor letting us all peek inside her home. It is so charming! I see why it's a favorite of yours because you like the same colors. It looks like Lori has the same red yellow and green that Daisy Cottage has. I love all the French provincial style furniture she has and the colors she chose to paint it.
Thank Lori fo rthe banana pudding too!
Hope you'r ehaving an enjoyable labor day weekend.
((hugs)) Rhondi


Me again
I'm really not illiterate but my last comment would lead you to believe that maybe I am! I pushed "post" before I checked the spelling :)

Daisy Cottage

No Rhondi, you are not illiterate - but you ARE cute! ;-)



Oh my Kim, I didn't know you were coming to AR to photograph my home. HA HA. I love these home tours. Such gorgeous homes.

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality

Oh, what a fun tour! I can see why you and Lori are friends, two peas in a pod. Thanks for taking us for the tour, sweet Kim.

The Pleasures of Homemaking

I got excited just looking at the front door area! All my favorite colors are there! Then the cheery yellow walls and the red toile bathroom....oh my! You know I LovE that room! I love how she uses color on her walls...I'm thinking I might paint my hallway green now like my kitchen! Her whole house is just gorgeous! Little Dog and the kitty are so adorable too! Thank you Lori! I really enjoyed the tour of your house and can't wait to see your gardens!Thanks Kim - I'm so enjoying these tours!


Wendy McDonagh-Valentine

You had me at the first picture!! I am truly speechless!! Thank you for the incredible pictures and to your friend, Lori, for opening her home to all of us!!

~ Wendy

Daisy Cottage

I am SO happy that you are enjoying my friends' homes - believe me, I take YOU along with me when I photograph their houses... hoping to capture what you would like to see!


Lavender Dreams

I'm going back to spend more time in the garden room...and the kitchen! I would love to have some 'nana pudding but I'm not sure I will be able to sit still long enough! The most interesting things after my first time her use of books. I want to stack books high on the coffee like she does and I would love to make a wall of framed art and photos. The touches of red and the fabrics she has on pieces of furniture is perfect! Thanks so much for giving us a tour, Kim and I appreciate seeing photos of her beautiful home!


What another wonderful tour of one of your freind's homes...Lori's home is so pretty!! Hard to pick what I like best. Loved the front door area, the living room, the dining room...and oh my, the kitchen and the garden room!! Guess you could say that I just loved it all!! Thanks to Lori and you for sharing it with all of us.


Hi Kim,
Oh wow wee! You made my day again. I loved the tour and was so inspired. I have already went onto to ebay and won a Martini and Rossi poster to frame. Love the reds too. I will go back and study the details alot slower. Thank you so much for your dedicatiion to all your fans~you always make me smile inside! Luv ya, Rosemary~


What eye candy! Such a beautiful home!

Alison Gibbs

OMG!! What a beautiful and welcoming home Lori has. So special

Southern Lady's Vintage

At first photo I was hooked! I love this home!! I too love roosters and chickens in my home decor so this place just feels like home to me. The reds, yellows and greens in her decorating style are very welcoming and warm!

Donna, The Decorated House

Hello Sweet Kim~
Oh, another wonderful tour! Beautiful!!
Driving through the area you just want to knock on some doors and say hi!...what's your house like inside?! LOL
And now you are letting us see some of your fabulous neighbor's homes via your skilled photography.
Thank you Lori for sharing your lovely and artful home with us.
Hugs! Donna


This home is absolutely *GORGEOUS* and I love everything about it! Thank You Both so much for sharing it, it's fabulous! :)

Patty Boyd

What a lovely home. So much to look at. I'll have to come back again and again to look at the photos! And Little Dog is precious! Thanks for sharing and the banana pudding was devine! ;-)

Lori Powell

Hello everyone! Thank you for your warm comments about my home. Kim and I are indeed kindred spirits with our love of color!! Isn't she the most fabulous photographer? It is truly a gift to be that talented. I'm honored that she chose my home to put on her blog.

Melissa Miller

~WOW! Kim another stunning home in every single detail. I adore it!

I just added red shaded buffet lamps to my kitchen dinette area. They feel so cozy.

~Blessings, ~Melissa :)

Mary Ann

Makes me want to start all over with my home!!! No words to say how wonderful Lori's home really is!!! It just took my breath away.
I think the thing that impresses me the most is that the painted furniture is not all the same colors. I have seen this in all of your tours and I think it is wonderful! So many are painting everything white or black, yes it is pretty but the colored pieces are just fabulous!
Thanks for the tours!! Mary Ann

i am loving the inside tour of these homes... feel like i need to send a baked good to the gal's - Thanks for hosting! You can come see me in Texas anytime!

The Antiques Diva

How utterly and completely charming!!! What a delight to have discovered your blog!!! I recently saw a re-tweet of yours on twitter and signed up to follow you, and now as a result of following you on twitter discovered your blog!! Beautiful site!!!


Love, love, love the red chair that Moby kitty was sitting on! Oh, and that metal bench on the porch! Ah, and the chandeliers! (sigh) Such a lovely home...

Cindy Meguiar

Lovely home. Enjoyed the tours and LOVED the green hall with all the art work!!!

Betty @ She's Sew Pretty

I wonder if sales on red and that pretty gold paint will jump this weekend. I am dying to go get some red paint and paint something! I thought I was going to paint my china cabinet powder blue but now I need red paint!


so pretty and cozy! love it!

i have a question.. how often do you (lori) dust? you have "a lot" of beautiful things but you must be dusting around the clock! would love to know if you have any secrets.. i hate dusting and feel like its a never ending job!

love these tours!!! so fun to go through others homes!



Daisy Cottage

Good Morning Everyone!
Thank you so much for your Lori-house-love!!

And Antonella - I LOVE that word "bellissima!"

That's going to be my new word! ;-)


Rachel Going

Kim, Lori's home is so totally gorgeous. It would be such grand fun to have you stop by and take pictures. I can only imagine the fun the two of you had arranging and chatting as you worked.

You are a darling and I hope your Labor Day is filled with wonderful end of summer fun.

xo rachel


Kim, you have the sweetest friends with the most beautiful homes! Each time we are invited into their homes, I find inspiration galore for mine. Thank you so much! Now I want to make banana pudding and paint something!

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

Wow! You sure do have talented friends! I love Lori's home, especially her garden room. I could live quite happily in just that one room!


What a lovely home and it just looks so comfortable.
This is so fun I just love looking at other peoples ideas.



Please thank Lori for sharing her home with your readers. It is a delight to see the many details that she has incorporated into her rooms that make them special. You and your friends must be a constant inspiration to each other.

Karen W

Kim and Lori - What a tour of such a lovely home - so warm and welcoming and homey, I love it! Thank you both for sharing! =]

 sheri howard

You know a lot of people with GREAT houses! I love red and yellow that bathroom, love the painted ceilings! Thanks for taking the timet to shoot all those photos and share them with us!~~Sheri

Lori Powell

Dust? If I could figure out how to do it, I could weave a quilt out of the dust in my home. I followed Kim around saying, oh no...don't shoot this, don't shoot that! She promised me it wouldn't show up in the pictures...and it didn't, thank goodness!!


So pretty! I would love to learn more about the Fancy Flea since Im close enough to go!


OMG! All of the homes you have visited are amazing. I will be back to look, look and look again. I think you are so lucky to have all of these talented and creative gals as your friends and neighbors.....I just wonder where everyone gets the time and energy "to do it all"?

Your photography is beautiful, Kim. Thanks for another beautiful tour. Love, Debbi


What a wonderful home! I love how she has incorporated so much storage in her decor! makes me want to get out all of my little treasures and put them all over my home!

Thank you for the home tours! You are so blessed to have such wonderful friends living nearby!


I'm speechless! The detail,the paint,furniture and accessories!!! And the kitchen~wow! Tell Lori her home is Over The Moon Exquisite and her talent Sky High!
Thanks so much for sharing~

chris mohnasky

Love her home , thanks for sharing! There's another home with yellow walls! I just have to try it. My mother always had a painting in her living room above the couch of a lady in a red dress playing the piano - just like the one in Lori's living room! I couldn't believe my eyes. What memories it brought back. Thanks again for sharing.


Another beautiful and colourful house. So much inspiration...yikes...I don't know where to start!


Stunning. My favorite house yet.
But that is a lot of things to dust. I am the less is more person. Thanks to your friend for
sharing. Her home should be in a

Pamela in NE OH


So many beautiful vignettes she has created..really makes interesting touring..this is what I love. The home tour in my town this year says that they are only selecting bungalows focusing less on interior design and more on historical significance. :-( Doesn't interior design enhance the architecture? How much historical significance can a 19th century bungalow and a more modern 1951 design have? I think they meant architectural significance. Too bad..we know every one goes to see the decorating! It's fun and inspiring...Thank you for sharing these charmingly decorated homes with us!


Oh my, Kim, you have certainly outdone yourself this time. This cottage is the perfect companion to Daisy Cottage. You know how you can sometimes tell that people are related? Well, this must be Daisy Cottage's sister. Sooooo beautiful, there are no words to describe it. I have taken the "tour" MANY times today, and each time I see something new. Every little detail is perfect. You and Lori should DEFINITELY do a decorating book, with your great design sense and photography. Wonder-filled!!!!


Lisa's home is 2die4 gorgeous! It looks like such a happy home with all the beautiful colors! I love all the details in each room. Her beautiful furniture, especially the painted pieces and her sofa & chairs, are just perfect. I love the picture of the little kitty on the chair, too!lol I just love this home!!


Oh, I'm so sorry...I was commenting on Lori's home & I accidentally typed Lisa.


Kim, you've done it yet again. You have a real flair for photography, wow.

Lori your house is amazing, so much to see, what a talent for design!

Kim, you simply have the best pals!

Little Moby kitten was so itty bitty and cute, and Little Dog, well, just adorable.

Thank you both very much for sharing this lovely home with us.


Wonderful, warm, and welcoming home, Kim. You certainly have a marvelous talent to capture it all so beautifully. I stopped up short in your friend's kitchen. The windows and window treatments over and beside her sink are amazing.


What a beautiful home! Decorating must be an innate talent! Nobody can learn decorate as beautiful as's just something you do! Thank you Lori for sharing your home with us. I am going to "steal" a few ideas. I hope you don't mind. I love how you placed those two chairs behind the sofa. How clever! I never thought of doing that. I also love how you mixed picture frames with little mirrors. And I especially love how you decorated with all the little suite cases. I see cute suite cases all the time at my thriftshop but I never buy them because I wouldn't know what to do with them. Thanks for the great ideas. Your mosaic top was absolutely gorgeous...okay I'm going to stop now. I can go on and on and on!

Lori Powell


Thanks to you and eveyone else for the warm comments about my home. I truly love this little place (1700 SF) and I like to look at all my "stuff" all the time! Yes, it is a lot to dust, but that comes with having so many "treasures." Nearly everything in my home has been found at a yard sale or thrift store. I have a wonderful guy who does my reupholstery and I paint everything I can get my hands on. Kim, thank you again for capturing my home in such a delightful way.


OMG!!! Do they need an adopted granny? Those are my colors but I don't have near the cool accessories! Love it because it looks like someone actually lives there and loves it.

Christine Drevo

Such a beautiful home....I need to know two things what the name is of the green, yellow and red paint and where did she find that beautiful dinning room tablecloth. OMG, there is so much to comment on but I have to admit one of my favorites was the yellow china cabinet and the Grace Kellyish painting above it. Another beautiful home and thank your friend, Lori!



Wow! Do I ever get some wonderful ideas from these posts. I love this house. It's so inviting and inspirational. Thanks a lot.


Hi sweet Kim :)

What a beautiful home Lori has! I love a home with lots and lots of family pictures, because it shows how much love she has for her them. Oh and that bathroom.... wow! Gorgeous is right :)

This is so much fun!

love you,


Oh! I think this one is my favorite, only because I'm partial to lots of STUFF! ;-) She has it displayed so creatively! It just makes you want to walk thru and pause everywhere you turn to take in all the goodness of the vignettes! Great job!
Keep 'em coming! Can't wait to see her garden!!

Diana Thompson

I love all of the colors that you and your friends use in your homes...i am soooo neutral and I am loving all of the colors!!! I love all of your home tours!!

Carole Carroll

Oh my goodness what a magnificent tour!! Each tour has been fabulous, each home unique in style and personal taste. Lori, thank you so much for letting us explore and dream through artistic and creative style.

So much eye-candy I can hardly scan fast enough. All the chests in various hues are stunning, especially the white one with red toile inserts. The rooster pillow, rooster figures and dinnerware are divine. I love the fancy sugar & creamer, the lady's bust in the bedroom is darling as well as the lovely bed cover & shams. And, Chanel No. 5 is my favorite. You decorated the bathroom in elegance it's unbelievably amazing to look at. I love, love the kitchen with that striking wallpaper and unique mosaic countertop.

The garden room is cozy and outdoorsy and oh there's more yet to come with the gardens and mosaic wall.

Lori, how blessed you are to live in such a beautiful home you created. Little Dog is precious too.

Kim, you did it again... fabulous photos!!

xoxox Carole

Daisy Cottage

Thank you EVERYONE for your wonderful comments and thoughts! I love my friends .. and their homes are TRULY a reflection of them - and they are decorated with love and so VERY cherished.

I am SO glad that you are enjoying the tours.


Lori Powell


With regards to the paint, True Red by Valspar and I'll have to find the can of yellow paint (it's in the garage somewhere), but the green was trial & error...I mixed a bunch of paints together to finally get this color! Thank you everyone for your comments...they mean so much to all of us!


Lori Powell


Sorry, I forgot to mention that the tablecloth is from William-Sonoma.


Jeannine Wayman

Beautiful home. I love all the different colors of painted furniture. I think the garden room is my favorite. Very restful.

I feel like I just view "a little slice of heaven." I could live there in a minute. Every color, detail, fabrics, etc., even Little Dog - takes my breath away. What a special place to come every night. There aren't enough words to express how I feel about this house. Thank you for sharing Lori's house with us. I would love to see it in person.


I am so excited that I can't even get the words written correctly - should read "viewed" not view.


Lori Powell


You are welcome anytime...and I'll have banana pudding waiting!!


Suzy Pierce

Oh my! I must say you girls know how to live!! So refreshing to see a dreamy lifestyle! Your blog is amazing. Thank you so much for sharing everything! Suzy


I am just catching up and oh my gosh! Your home tours are spectacular and full of fun, and doable ideas for one of a kind decorating:>) Thanks to all your friends so kindly shared their beautiful homes!

cindy~my romantic home

Wow! I LOVE LOVE LOVE her home! Sometimes I think I have too much stuff in my home and I need to simplify but now I see this and I LOVE the coziness that all her beautiful "stuff" creates!!! I want toile wallpaper now! This home needs to be in a magazine!!! GORGEOUS!!!

Jennifer Schwarz

Sounds redundant but....A beautiful home & beautiful photograpy.
Since imitation is the sincerest form of flattery my cottage is not getting a mudroom but a garden room. ;) I think I would spend the most time there at your home. Books are my best friends & I loved the way they are everwhere. I felt "welcome" eminating from every photo. Thank you, Kim & Lori, so very much for sharing.

Roseny Crisp

Daisy amo seu blog.
Essas lindas casa nos da inspira e da bem estar
juntamente com a sua bela casa.


Daisy love your blog.
These beautiful home in the inspired and well-being
along with their beautiful home.
(Sorry my English)

Dearest Lori,
I simply can got stop thinking of your beautiful house. All the details keep running in my head. I have a very old house in Indiana which is up for sale. I want to paint my ceiling in the kitchen green and the counters in black/white. I want red toile wallpaper. LOL

Kim's house always spoke to my soul and so does yours. Must be those wonderful warm colors and those beautiful 1920's cottages. Thanks again for sharing with all of us.


Ps: I love banana pudding. LOL

Barbara Anne

Lori and Dave, your home is wonderful, charming, and SO delightfully decorated. Love your bold use of color, the striking kitchen, and the green wall with the art!

My mother's favorite color was red and she would have loved your home, too.


Tami Black

I just found this site 2 days ago. I CAN NOT pull myself away! Lori's home is so wonderful! I feel like I am right at home. Please Kim show us more!


I think I have looked at your house at least a dozen times and everytime I see something I hadn't seen before. I think my favorite piece is the yellow piece with the table cloth over it. Love the yellow color. I have tried several yellows but they seem to be not exactly what I am looking for. You have the "touch". Thanks for sharing your home with us. All the homes Kim has shown us are absolutely beautiful and I really appreciate them being shared with us.


I would love to get the name of the person who does your upholstery projects. I had a woman do some things for me, however, she retired a while back. I just bought a great chair at Good Will and would love to get it recovered in a red fabric. Again, your house is beautiful. Hopefully I will get to meet you and Lori at the Fancy Flea this year!!

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