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September 03, 2009



OMG!!! I couldn't sleep so I logged on "just in case" there was another tour! And to my surprise and delight . . . I LOVE Lisa's house also. What is going on down there in Florida ~ you all have the most beautiful homes! Lisa and Sean have the decorating art down - I absolutely love all of their unique furniture pieces and accessories - a little vintage, a little Florida with some Spanish traditional -LOVE LOVE LOVE. I adore everything in the study/nursery, the oranges in the kitchen, the colors, the hinges on the kitchen cabinets but I really really LOVE everything about the laundry room. That is my dream laundry room. I just can't say enough ~ their home has such personality and charm. You and your friends have such amazing thrifting talent! If only all your homes were shops, I'd be in heaven . . .and broke! Thanks for the great tour.
Sarah - I just told my husband today that I wanted to start collecting globes and I want a vintage typewriter and look . . .they're all right there in the study.


Oh, Kim! This was such a treat! I didn't just see Lisa & Sean's home, I ingested it!! It is so colorful and sweet. A little vintage and a bit retro. Might she let you come back to photograph the nursery? That would be great!!

Thanks for stopping by recenly. You made my day. I've so enjoyed visiting your blog (at the recommendation of a mutual friend, the beautiful and quintessentially sweet, Mrs. Magpie!). I always leave with a smile, sometimes a tear or two. Thanks, Kim :-)


Daisy Cottage

Thank you Sarah & Jane for stopping by!! Lisa & Sean will so appreciate your comments!


Kim who is wide awake & now can't sleep!


Kim, Thank you for once again sharing your friends with us. Thank you to Lisa and Sean for sharing their lovely home.
I always look forward to your blog, checking often to see if there's a new post.
Your posts always leave me uplifted and happy.
Love & Hugs,


Ahhhhhhh! I'm so relaxed now after seeing that beautiful tour and listening to the beautiful music to go along with it. Darling house! Thanks, Kim.



I love it!!

It's all magazine perfect, without being stuffy. Just perfectly wonderful and cozy.


Yippee, another tour! I loved Lisa's and Sean's darlin' home. So many "things" to stop and look at. I even loved her paper towels all stacked up. I think I spent the most time in the dining room. Loved that! Found I was looking at so many of their finds. Oh, and I love the lamps with the red shades. Beautiful! And those 3 litle tiles spaced between the windows in the Florida room. Perfect place they chose!

Thank you Kim!


Daisy Cottage

You all are sooo welcome..
Now how to fall asleep???





What a beautiful house! indeed it's their labour of love and it looks like one of those house feature in the magazine. Love the front door and yes, love the sunny lively kitchen.
Thank you for inviting us.

Jan in PA

Oh! Come and do my house next! Oh, not that it's all that photo worthy, and it's clear up in PA...I just want you to come for coffee!

What a great job you are doing on these house tours!


Kim, I have loved all of the tours!!! You are very lucky to have such wonderful friends and neighbors that have the same interests as you. Please, please do more tours for us. It is a lot of fun. Debbi


I absolutely love your blog, your home, the vibrant colours and all the great house tours. Such beautiful houses. I can't thank you ladies enough for being a source of inspiration to me and showing me that it can be done - I mean using thrifty finds for a comfy home. I am so excited about changing things around in our home that sometimes I can't sleep and am driving hubby mad :) We've had a mjor yard project going on all summer and we are almost done which will give me the time I need to start on my own project. Thanks again for such a wonderful friendly blog. And keep those house tours going ;) Greetings from the small island of Malta :)


What a GORGEOUS house!
I could live there ;).

a bg hug from the Netherlands,


Love it! So charming! I noticed as I strolled through the rooms, I have the same peacock lamp that she has in the dining room!
(if not the same, cause it's far away, very similar!) LOVE my peacock lamp! :) And I have a mirror just like the one over her chest of was my Grandfather's and it hung in his beloved workshop.
What a beautiful home and so warm and friendly. Thank you for sharing it with us!!


Thanks so much to all of your friends and neighbors for sharing their homes with us!
I love this bungalow! That dining room furniture is gorgeous and perfect for this home! Again, your photography rocks!
Can't wait to see the next tour!


Thanks so much for these lovely tours, Kim! It is such fun to see how others decorate. Each one is so unique. They've done such a lovely job with their bungalow. I wish them all the best as they get ready for their baby!

I, for one, would love more tours! They are a real treat.



Lisa's house is just well as her lawn. I can tell she must be a kindred spirit and I haven't even met her. I am really loving these house tours Kim...I wait in anticipation for the next one!


Kim you have the best neighbors and friends! Please thank Lisa and Sean for sharing their beautiful home with us! What a charming place to call home. I love all the outdoor stuff as much as the inside. The kitchen is my favorite room too. Can't wait for the next tour.


What an amazing house!! They certainly have a wondeful eye for beauty!! And please - I hope they let you share the nursery with us when it's done. :)

And, as always, your pictures make it all perfect. Thank you Kim, and thank you Lisa and Sean.



Hi Kim
Please thank Lisa and Sean for letting us tour their home. It is wonderful. Touring these homes with you is better than reading a magazine and it's free!
Thanks for tour and have a happy weekend.
((hugs)) Rhondi

Mary Lou

Hi, Kim! This is so fun! Lisa and Sean's home is so cute. They have done a wonderful job, and how great that they share that love of the hunt for thrifty finds. I do hope the nursery will be featured in the future. Thanks to all of you for this peek.
Mary Lou


Oh my word...what a gorgeous home. What a talented couple and that baby will be very blessed having parents that have made such a loving nest to come to. Congrats to them and you for having such wonderful friends. Thanks again!

Fay Marie

Lisa & Sean you have a lovely home. Thanks for allowing Kim to share it with us. Kim, thanks for all the time you spend taking photos of your friends homes to share with us. We do appreciate it.

I love the carvings on the furniture, and the cosy inviting look. I have a piano stool like that. Lisa & Sean, your casa is beautiful inside and out. I can't say I like any room better than another because they are all so unique and I love them all. Looking forward to your next tour Kim. Have a good day.

Fay Marie <3

Lavender Dreams

The white shelves in the bath...the globes on top of the bookcases...the kitchen cabinets with glass doors...the old book case with glass doors...the aqua lamp on the desk...the round mirror above the chest....and the list goes on! Her house makes me think of the islands with the dark woods and carved chairs. What a beautiful home for Florida! Love it! The aqua lamp is my favorite!


Another adorable home. You gals are so talented. Keep em coming. I enjoy the home tours so much.


GAHHHHHH!! Simply gorgeous! Every photo was breathtaking!!


What a charming house. You must live in the cutest neighborhood!
I have that same bench that is in their yard. Actually, I have the whole set. I like that they painted theirs blue. Hmm...


I felt like I was looking through a decorating magazine! What a beautiful home! I just love how the owners decorated. Everything goes together so well. I can't decide which room is my favorite because they are all so heavenly! Thank you Lisa and Sean for sharing your home with us!


Good morning......... I was so excited to see another tour this morning and much to my surprise I saw my mirror above her dresser. I have an identical one. My parents received it for a wedding gift back in the 40's. Now since it looks so nice where she has hers Iam going to put mine above my dresser. May I have another muffin please????......JAN

Mary Ann

What a wonderful vintage, retro, ecelectic home!! If you keep this up I'm just canceling all my magazine subscriptions!!!!
LOVE IT!! Mary Ann


I love, love the kitchen with those gorgeous glass front cabinets...they look similar to ones I grew up with. The flower painting in the bedroom is adorable and the quilt is very pretty (again, similar to my blue toile quilt). I recognize the 7-up water bottle (we used a coke bottle) with the cap thingy to sprinkle clothes when ironing (another childhood flashback). Every home should adorn the self-serve laundry sign :)
Sebastian is a gem, the leather sofa, the painting over the piano, the globe collection and the front door are absolutely stunning. Congratulations to Lisa and Sean what a great job conveying a lovely, charming, and classy vintage home with touches of days-gone-by.

Please thank them for allowing us to peek into their private domain.

As always Kim, the photos make me feel like I'm actually knocking on their gracious front door.

Be safe... have a great weekend!!



Thank you Lisa and Sean ( and Kim) for showing us your beautiful home. I don't know why I am so shocked that you have such gorgeous older homes in Florida. I guess we Northerners ( at least me) think of Florida as a land of sunny condos and new construction. What a pleasant surprise these tours have been. Keep them up please.



I was so excited when I saw you had posted another house tour! I love all the houses, keep them coming!!

Esther Sunday

Lisa and Sean - stunning home! Well done, you 2 1/2!

Fabulous!! The blue bathroom -- loved it! Can't wait to see the nursery! ((you take the best photo's)))


This has been so fun! What a wonderful house I love all the 1940's decor.


What a fabulous house! I love the originality of the decor~it makes it so warm and homey! THANK YOU for sharing these wonderful homes, Kim, and looking forward to more!!
p.s. be sure to show the nursery when it's done! ;-)


Good Grief, of course we have pretty homes, we live in Paradise :) Lisa and Sean's home is beautiful. The peacock is extraordinary, and it looks like we need to have a Flamingo run (everyone show their Flamingos day), and the wood floors are the best in all the homes you have shown. Two things I grew up with - the lamp shade with the sewn plastic/leather around the top and bottom and the Oval mirror with the engraving - good memories. Oh My, the car pulling the little trailer - YIKES, Love it. Thank you Kim and Lisa & Sean. Yes, I vote Yes for a monthly house picture blog. Blessings, Janet


thank you for sharing your home with us it is beautiful.I loved it all!!


Love, love LOVE Lisa and Sean's home! It is awesome!

You took such great photos featuring it, too, Kim. Thank you all so much for sharing!!

Sebastion is the cutest thing EVER- I am a cat gal- so my Romeo says hello to him.

Such eye candy, I love this blog site!!!!!

Julia @ Drawn to the Sea

Beyond charming...
what a lovely, comfortable place to be.
Your vintage tunes complement it perfectly.

Diana Thompson

I love the home tours that you have been doing lately....keep them coming, very inspiring!!!


The tours have certainly brought a smile to my face. In fact, your blog always brings a smile to my face no matter what you're posting about! I love it! Thanks for being you.

Have a wonderful day!


What a beautiful and peaceful home sweet home - particuarly love the picture of the row boat above the piano/organ?. From the view here in New Zealand I am very much enjoying the cottage style... if only you could come over here for muffins and tea! :)
Please may we see Lisa and Sean's nursery once they have welcomed their newest family member. Blessings to them - and to you!!


thank you Lisa and Sean for letting us visit your house. i love the little owl pillow on your bed! too cute!
thank you Kim for taking us for a visit. Wish that we could have shared a muffin and OJ with you.

take care

Daisy Cottage

Thank you EVERYONE for your SO sweet comments - I KNOW Lisa & Sean will be thrilled. And YES, I promise to share their nursery - oh I guess I need to ask them first. ;-)



I forgot to tell you something when I wrote my earlier comment so I'm back! You may already know, but in case you don't, there's a new magazine coming out and I think it's right up your alley. I know I'm very excited about it! It's called Flea Market Style. The link to the blog is:

I'm looking forward to it and maybe you will be too.


This is such a great blog idea and I've enjoyed it very much! Maybe you can do a holiday version?


Do you have any ugly homes in your neighborhood....LOL? Seriously, this home has a very unique style and I thought it had a lot of really interesting touches. It is a very warm home. Thanks for another great tour.



Another wonderful tour - I so enjoyed the vintage finds that make their house a home. Many thanks to Lisa and Sean for their generosity in sharing their home.



Thank so much for the wonderful pictures of Lisa and Sean's house. As soon as I saw that fabulous front door I realized that I've been in that house! It was on the home tour this year, and boy oh boy is it a beautiful home. It was definitely one of my favorites on the tour.

Kathy from Clearwater


I LOVE this home! I really enjoyed the little touches that said "Florida" to me, for example....the orange juice pitcher and cups, the flamingos, and that beautiful photo that looked like a replica of an old Florida postcard! There is just SO much to take in.....I will be revisiting these photos. I have loved the tours and hope that you will do more.

By the way, I thought of you today.....I finally made it to "Back in the Day Bakery".
YUM!!! I am not so sure that it is a good thing that you helped me to "discover" this place in my own least not good for my waist line.

Have a great weekend.

Renie Cee

Dear Kim,
I absolutely love your home tours! I look and look and get so many ideas. I say to myself, "I have that but never thought to display it that way." LOL! I love Daisy Cottage and your precious little four legged friend, Miss Maggie. I am so looking forward to more of your home tours. Thank you for a job well done.

Southern Lady's Vintage

Kim, Lisa and Sean thank you so much for sharing Lisa and Sean's beautiful home with us all!! I love the kitchen and was crazy over the bathtub! Beautiful home! Warm and welcoming!!


Keep the home tours coming~they are so enjoyable and yes you have very great friends and neighbors! Thank them all for their hospitality!


Hello Kim,

What a fabulous place! Thanks so much for sharing this photos.

~ Gabriela ~

Elma Riedstra

WOW!!!! The house is beautiful!!! I love the kitchen and the bathroom! The sink and bathtub way to nice and the faucets oh my. They sure made beautiful things back then. I know the baby's room is going to be soooo beautiful.I hope you post the baby's room and a picture of your neighbore:) Thanks for sharing!!!

Patty Boyd

Thanks for letting me tag along to Lisa's house too! I just love the tours. Lisa is so kind to invite us over. Be sure to tell her I said thanks. I love her home. I just gotta find a vintage fan now and that round mirror is just like one I had in my bedroom as a girl. You Florida gals have got it going're the best decorators in the country!

Cathy G

wow! I just found your blog and I love it! It is so neat to be able to see other peoples' houses and how they are decorated. I am going to go through it all again, and look at all your other house tours. Thank you!!


What a charming home. Everything in Lisa's home is thoughtful and selective. All the treasures from paintings to furniture to a little bird ceramic. Lots of attention to detail. Very inspiring. Thanks for the tours.


Photo by photo you are teaching us how to create lovely spaces in our own homes. The joy of your personality is so evident in all that you share. Elizabeth

Jean Eakin

The tour was wonderful. Lisa's home is full of personality just like Daisy cottage. They have some wonderful and fun collections. Thank you so much for doing the tours. I will look forward to the next one.Have a wonderful weekend.
Jean in virginia

Melissa Miller

~WOW!!!! This is one stunning and gorgeous home! I just adore every single charming and beautiful detail. Thank you very much for sharing it with us Kim.

Blessings to you all this Labor Day.
~Melissa :)


I love your home tours Kim. So many beautiful places that really show the owners personality and love for "nesting". Sean and Lisa have done a wonderful job of making their house a real home.


Donna, The Decorated House

Hello Sweet Kim~
YOU make "old" Florida so special with these fabulous home tours. Of course it is taking a lot of work to bring us such wonderful treasures.... your love of decorating & your great photography, as well the amazing talents of the homeowners at creating their own nests!
This is my favorite style of home, and it was the best treat to visit Lisa & Sean. Truly a labor of love to make such a welcoming and beautiful home.
Thank you so much for sharing it with us.
Hugs! Donna

Brenda Kula

Kim, you should do a book on photos of all these neighbors' houses. The photos are beautiful!


Lisa and Sean have exquisite taste. Their home is beautiful and they are great neighbors for letting you give us a tour of their home. You do such a lovely job of that. Thanks! to you and them both.

sweet cottage dreams

Kim, your love of your friends just shines in the glorious photos that you take of their homes. I would love to know what kind of camera that you use. The photos are like looking through a good decorating book. I have so enjoyed your tours!!!! I feel like I am back in Lakeland again.

Sean and Lisa, thank you for opening your door to us and sharing your darling home with all of us. It is so hip and I love your surfboard table. That is a surfboard that I see? Your collections are fabulous - from the flamingos to the oranges.

sending hugs from sunny California,


Another beauty! Lisa and Sean's kitchen is darling, as is every room in their home and the dining room is incredible with that table and those chairs. Just beautiful!

Every tour is amazing Kim! Each one is different, but all of them are so beautiful and cozy. I think your magic has rubbed off on your neighborhood or is it the neighborhood that has rubbed off on all of you?? Either way, it looks like a wonderful place to live :)

Thank you and Lisa and Sean for the tour!

love you,

Becky @ Farmgirl Paints

She just has a knack doesn't she:) Loved the mirror over the buffet, the outside light, her backsplash in the kitchen, subway tile in the bathroom. She just perfectly meshes all her spaces. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful space. So cool that you are neighbors. You must have such a charming neighborhood.


I always enjoy seeing what's going in your house, and now I get to see your neighbor's house, too! How pretty, and it's so relaxing listening to your music and drooling; well not physically drooling, lol, but....emotionally??? Thanks so much for taking all the pictures and sharing them with us! Karen

The Pleasures of Homemaking

Baby #1! What an exciting time for them! Lisa and Sean have a absolutely charming home! I loved the bathroom and their furniture is just amazing! Especially those dining room chairs! Oh and I love the painted concrete planters out front. I painted mine white but now they've inspired me to do a color! Thank you Lisa and Sean! I so enjoyed seening your home!


Daisy Cottage


Kimberly McCole

Alison Gibbs

What a beautiful family home Lisa and Sean have. How exciting for them to be expecting baby No.1.


Lisa's house reminds me of things in the house I grew up with. I love it.... so comfortable and relaxing. I love the citrus colors in the kitchen. Thank you so much and to them also for sharing this.


I have only just discovered your lovely blog. I was reading through Tara Feys new book and there you were. I am new to blogging and can't reisit a recommendation.
How beautifully you capture these precious homes. You are a true artist!
x Suzi

donna grams

O! please do more home tours! what inspiration I have received by visiting these lovely homes!! and the best part?? you can go visiting anytime you wish and not disturb the occupants.
I just discovered this wonderful sight, purely by accident, looking for that chocolate cake recipe, which by the way was wonderful!!
what a treat this has been and greetings from the great state of Texas!!

Comeca Jones

I have loved a cottage house and mourned its loss and now I am holding things close to me that I am learning here. The soft wonderful emotions I get win I exsplore others.My partner and I are currently lookin for a cute cottage to live in.I are so inspired with all the blogs and cute yellow homes;)so u are to be congratulated ur hobby became my inspiration.*sniffle* I got cottage love *sigh*!And the tour of Lisas' house was by far the sweetest.

Barbara Anne

Well done Sean and Lisa! The fun and Florida style is charming!

Have a nice baby!!


OMG!! What a beautiful home. Thanks for sharing.

Angela Kloss

Wow, I just perused the pictures from Sean and Lisa's home, it is amazing to say the least. There is always something to be said about a home that really reflects the people who live in it. And using items that are vintage or older as compared to new in some respects speaks to me so much more. It's as if all the wonderful emotions from the previous owners just vibrate off of them. This is the feeling I get looking at their home.


LISA'S HOME IS WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It looks just out of a book , so well maintained and each piece of furniture and artifact looks as though its been made for the place that its kept in , great and thanks for the efforts taken by you to share this fabulous home with us....

Melesa Garrison

Just a precious little doll house! I love the bright kitchen and that laundry room is ADORABLE! These sweet people know how to put it together and THANK YOU for sharing and allowing us to visit your home! I would love to come back for a viewing of the nursery ;-) MG

sue silva

Beautiful home and so unique!


vicki patton


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